BlackBerry 10.2 shown in action on video!

By Simon Sage on 4 Jul 2013 10:46 am EDT

A quick video of BlackBerry 10.2 in action has surfaced, showing the much-anticipated actionable toast notifications, marking contacts and groups as high priority, dark theme in settings, and many more nice little tweaks. Apparently level 1 notifications will be easily accessible with a pinch gesture. 

Lock screen previews aren't working just yet, but this is still very much still a work in progress. We've also seen some shots of the stand-alone Evernote app, settings for Wi-Fi direct, multiple alarms, and a few other features. All in all, BlackBerry 10.2 is shaping up to be pretty solid.

What would you like to see in the next BlackBerry 10 update? Personally, I'd love to get my U keyboard shortcut back in the hub.

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BlackBerry 10.2 shown in action on video!


For sure Verizon will be the last to push it out, probably be waiting for 10.1 yet on the Z10. Slowest Company in the world!

Lol. Was thinking the same. They launch 10.2. We Verizon will get 10.1. Oct. Maybe. Luckily I installed a leak. Loving it.

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I wonder how long before the guy is fired from wherever he works. I doubt BlackBerry will be very happy about them giving away their trade secrets.

These things have been leaked for a little while now. Read the blogs. BlackBerry has no input in what another company does with its employees.

Blackberry is happy to get something like this out... the way their stock is doing they need a miracle to stay in business.

Wait. Dark Theme in settings? Please tell me this applied to the Z10 to!

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Not gonna happen. LCD likes white. Amoled likes black!

It's optimized this way for a reason

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A dark theme for the z10 will not affect battery life. Whether the screen is white or black it will use up the same amount of power off the battery because the screen is a LCD. The only power savings you get from a dark theme will be on the q10 because it uses AMOLED. That's why the q10 has the dark theme it helps with battery life. Dark uses less power, whites use more power.

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Many of us know the benefits of the dark theme and AMOLEDs but why can't the Z10 get the dark theme for consistency across BlackBerry 10, even as an option?

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I completely agree with you, I would love to have the black theme as well. I really like it. But from what someone commented below they said the LCD on z10 eats more juice than white theme. So maybe thats why I guess its no available. But I wish they did as an added option for those who want it, like myself as well.

The way I understand it, LCDs use the most power displaying black and the least power displaying white. They don't draw a constant amount.

Interesting, I didn't know that I thought it was the same. So if that is the case then it makes sense to have the z10 on a white theme rather than black. BB world is all black so I guess we use a lot of battery juice for that. lol!

LCD's consume the same amount of energy regardless of the colour being displayed. AMOLED, on the other hand, consumes minimal energy when displaying black and maximum energy when displaying white.

A dark theme would do nothing for energy consumption on the Z10, however, the theme looks better and is easier on the eyes (for some), so I see no reason not to give users the option.


Why can't we just be given a choice. I for one don't care of helps my battery or not. It's better on my eyes and it's looks so much better

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Seriously? They need to majorly pick up the pace of development of this OS. This is another minor release from what was shown.

Exactly. Where or where is landscape mode so that the desktop cradles can be properly used? Perhaps we'll see a leak of that in 6 mths with a release in about a year.

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I'll have a video out soon for the new weather app, and few other findings that I've found since making the video

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The last major update was not even two months ago...relax, they can't be throwing out major updates that often. it's a lot of work and this is just a beta to show what is being worked on right now. I feel happy to have the insight but i understand that a lot of work is still on the way for BlackBerry

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although I cant say I like that habs flag in your icon, I do agree with you, people need to be realistic, it takes time to develop and prove out these updates, if they released with all kinds of bugs guess who would be whining...

Those toast notifications resemble the way a text message pops up at the top of the screen in iOS

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This style and concept predates what iOS is doing. We saw it in the leaked slides for BB10 from way back when. Had they released earlier, people would have said iOS is copying BlackBerry, which would have been amazing to hear people say, lol.

At least they will have a +1 on iOS by allowing you to action the notification right from the popup.

Agreed, but if thats the best spot they should do it. However I wonder if they should consider the bottom of the screen just like the address bar in the browser. It is easier to access with one hand. I have an iPhone for work and hate the notifications at the top. I do like how blackberry lets you respond in the same screen. I never respond on my iPhone because I know it will leave what I am doing. Needs BB flow.

Nice! Yes dark theme for z10! Kris: any idea if they added or will be adding separate notifications for bbm groups?i know I can remove it from the hub but I'd like to just have the red light notification when a group received a message. Thanks for the vid!

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I hope they make the notification thing that drops down from the top easier to use. Buttons to reply or dismiss are clunky.

They should allow you to swipe it down to reply or swipe it up to dismiss (or timeout)

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So far I don't see much on 10.2 to get me that excited. I hope to see more and hopefully BlackBerry corrected all the things we complained about.

Still only see minimal options on the settings swipe down. What about quick access to network connection, mobile hotspot, wifi direct, etc????

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So BlackBerry now has a feature that the other OS has had for a while now. But just curious, does the other platforms allow you to message right there when you receive messages?

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Yes. But, in the other OS you click on it and it takes you to said app, it does not allow you to reply right from the drop down notification.

It's also pertified and baked in. Jailbreak versions were just awfully designed and buggy.

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We had similar functionality with the Leave It On app for BlackBerry. I loved that app since Storm 1 and was hoping it would make it's way to BB10.

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Not sure I like the "Toasts". I guess it depends on how it's implemented and what options there are. I would find it annoying with these popping up all the time in front of your screen.

Yup. And from the sound of this video, you can enable it only for "priority notifications/contacts" and let everything else work how it does in 10.1. I am excited, this looks awesome.

I know the z10 didn't sell well, but should BlackBerry really focus on consumer features right now?
Delivering actionable notifications so that they can say that they're among the first to do it?
I'm really hoping that the business and productivity features are just taking longer and that we will see them land in August.

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

I'm pretty sure on the other platforms it doesn't allow you to reply, that's a first for BlackBerry,
Keep moving and it's time to keep believing

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What's a U board? This is my 1st BlackBerry phone I had a temp one before but didn't have it long enough to know all the functions.

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Linking my contacts to BBM an Whatsapp in an easier fashion like we had on BlackBerry OS 7.1. If they do have it I still haven't been able to figure out how to do it!!!!!

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Can't wait for this and I'm eager to see how this will get emulated on the lock screen...but unfortunately I'm still waiting for AT&T to deliver 10.1 smh the struggle

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Any info about android runtime 4.2.2? Believe me its very crucial for BB10, i am true supporter of BlackBerry apps, i have 39 BBW app on my z10, most of them are not free apps. And only 6 converted from android, would like to install direct from BBW or even will buy if its not free.. but?? i saw some users switch back to other brand when they realize BB10 lacks of gimmick apps or even no chance to convert it because of lower android runtime version.

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How about allowing the text box to scroll down as you type so you can see what your typing or when you get multiple hits on the same contact first name and they fill the screen you can scroll to the the bottom most contact and access it.... ON a Q10.

+1 to bad they didn't execute in time all those great things from the legacy os. Just needed to get ride of the spinning clock and all would have been fine on legacy os


Using the Batman black color in the wallpapers app and really like it. Makes the icons MUCH more presentable!

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The new features are nice and all, but what about the default music player not showing album art after sync from iTunes to BB Link. How about multiple alarms? What about not being able to specifically look at phone storage use and clear up phone memory? Hopefully android jellybean support will be available or people are going to be outraged.

Hanging in there

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I would like to see a stabilizing feature to the video camera! I would also like to see some censor features added to the swipe gesture! Come on BlackBerry let not just keep it moving but let start moving faster!

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What really annoys me is when you adjust the volume when watching a YouTube video and the box pops up over the video. I want to be able to change the volume without that annoying box popping up over what I'm doing.

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Real multitasking like the PlayBook. I still have several apps that freezes when I peak at the hub. I love BB10 But it's not real multitasking like the PlayBook. Please implement this.

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I would love the apps they've been flashing at all the events like Citrix Receiver and SiriusXM to finally be available. I'd take all of that before these tweaks.

As well: Distribution Lists (Outlook) to Contact Groups (device), keyboard shortcut for ending a phone call as I constantly close the app and it doesn't end my call, Data monitoring app which includes ROAMING (no apps do it), Disabling the ALT Lock (when I use the Alt for uppercase/#s it sticks and end up typing a whole bunch of symbols that I have to go and backspace, Time Shift pictures don't save unless you manually pic the best shot then click save (who has time to do that between every shot) and why is there no flash with Time Shift?

That's my vent for the day.

My Z10 has NEVER rebooted or restarted unless I pushed the top button to make it do so. Not a single time.

What OS and carrier are you using?

So True must feel like Russia down in the USA or a Apple / Samsung conspiracy, with no OS update and all my reboots. Being honest my Z10 has been super smooth fast and efficient.

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A very simple AUTO CC email function.... evidently not so simple if there is no trace of it after so many updates

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I hope 10.2 improves my battery consumption to a level that is comparable to what I was getting prior to upgrading from 10.0 to 10.1.

From what most are saying, unless you are on AT&T or Verizon and still waiting for 10.1 that is supposedly all but gone

I would like an (optional) semi-transparent display that can show time/date on every screen. This feature would keep me moving!

Sent from the future on my Z10.

I still want to be able to clear the " recently played" in videos, pictures,and music apps without deleting them from the phone or the sd card. Pleaaaseee...

Let's work on a better battery for the Z10. Seidio had a great battery for my 9900 maybe they can work on a Z10.

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I would like to see certain apps like be able to run in the background like be buzz and color id, silent foto without it being open in a Window or allow for more than 8 apps to be open in a Window at anyone point in time,also I would like to be able to phone call to someone directly from my bbm list who is stored in my contact list.... without my having to go to my phone book to make the call this feature accessible in the legacy devices, and I would also like to select a certain categories in my bbm contact list without having to manually select each and every contact

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1- camera needs some serious work asap!!
2- music app needs shortcut to go to last song !!
3- volume box needs to go !!
4- private browsing needs to stay on until manually turn off!!

Really happy to see toast update !

Z10 is the best phone out there!!

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Love to see the text selecting marker given a bigger picture, its hard to select text with the small icon, and the draging is also way slow and painfull

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Any news on whether apps will be able to run 'headless' and the option to customise toggles in the drop down menu from the home screen. These are two things I feel are really missing!

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I want auto power on/off back. So that my BlackBerry shuts itself off around midnight Sunday to Thursday and wakes itself back up to set my alarm off in the morning. Of all the BlackBerry OS features, how did they miss this one!

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I would like it if i could be able to have different sounds or music for each of my contacts for text messages. Not just BBM because i dont use BBM because i cannot afford the package i need to use it

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I dont care what crap people say about BB.. new stuff is always exciting. BlackBerry.. Keep up the good work for those of us who still love you. :-)

I'd like to see more options for Holster users. Like automatic vibration setting when used. Also, fix the texting issue of typing words off the screen.

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I hope they add back the option of "Report Spam" to emails as in BBOS and perhaps even go further this time and add "Report Phishing" in BB10. I really miss the option of reporting spam as now I don't delete spam and fraud emails on my Z10 and wait till I open the Gmail or my Outlook email in my PC or laptop and report them spam and phishing there as deleting th on device just erases them and I keep getting spam and fraudulent emails from the same addresses again and again. Comon BlackBerry team, please add the basic option of reporting spam in emails again and improve it with report phishing option! Thanks a bunch in advance!

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Can we please show BlackBerry with big screens please.

I know people here love keyboard like myself. But, guys, if BlackBerry continues tie itself on small screen all of us would soon lose the only vendor that makes descent smartphones.


Pretty sure I saw that BBM messages will allow for a new line by hitting the return key. Nice. Missed that...

I like the notifications appearing regardless of what screen you're on. Nice to see enhancements coming along.

Still no notification bar or icons for missed or waiting events like legacy bbos! Why oh why. Its been asked for since bb10 launch. I am losing patience with bb and being a test dummy for them since feburary. They delayed bb10 for almost a year sighting that the os was not ready and they wont release a half baked os. It is still half baked four months after launch, no wonder it only sold so few. Blackberry shape up or ship out!

Great post, and thank you! I'd love to see groups for SMS and email and the ability to chose whether to go into bedside mode when charging (the 9900 gives the option). I'm glad to know that multiple alarms are expected because I used that daily with my 9900. Also looking forward to being able to set timed reminders in Remember.

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Being able to change the background wallpaper in BBM chat like the new what's app would be awesome!!

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Nice I can't wait for the update! So are we finally having the dark theme for the Z10 on this update?

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10.2 looks great. I really can't wait until this goes live. My Q10 is already the ultimate messaging device. 10.2 will make it even better. Can't wait!

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This actually looks amazing.
I am VERY seriously considering upgrading to BB10 now.

Actionable toast notifications are everything I want in a phone.

U keyboard shortcut yes, or an equivalent way of jumping to a unread email on the z10
Better integration with Google Apps Accounts that support participants in meetting requests using ActiveSync

Have anyone realized that this may have shaped a path to "THEME-ABLE BLACKBERRY 10"???

STL 100-1

2 months with my Q10...would I go bk to my 9900? not a chance!

But pls BBry, get rid of that audio popup box..we all know what those buttons are for! For those beotchin 'bout a music app really need to try NEUTRON - simply phenomenal! And a native BB app to boot.!

I simply am asking for: option to - bold or colour or both, the title name in a as to seperate them from each other. Also to make the app way simpler (if we choose). I could care less about someones LinkedIn profile/education...that has no place in "contacts"...Thats what LinkedIn is for!!

Bitumen Pwrd Q10

you COULDN'T care less....if you COULD care less, then it means you still care some, and have not yet completely exhausted your ability to care, which is the context of the saying

what I would like in 10.2:
1. Better Maps (view modes, alternative routes, more useful functions)
2. Better Email service (slow on sending emails and receiving emails)
3. The call functionality should be a built-in thing not an app coz its annoying that I have to open an app to make a call. Also Search functionality should be built-in so that I wouldn't need to open an app.
4. Better standby time so that the battery would be much better.
5. Better Music Player with the option to play from locked screen and no need for opening musics app
6. Ability to open the app that i'm using straight from the HUB.

Heres one: how about having the option of leaving ones music app stay active and ON screen? For in the vehicle I use NEutron and a VM 605 BT
Unit. I dont want to have to grab my phone-enter my password to access my music app should the need arise.

Bitumen Pwrd Q10

I want custom profiles for my contacts....would also like to see the "Remember" app get the ability to set a reminder...with date and time. What is the purpose of a remember app that can't help you to remember? Another one of those "I can't believe they missed that" things where I feel like I have DOWNgraded from my 9850 to a Z10

I would like to see speed dials using the keys, ability to request delivery confirmations and read receipts

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This guy didn't block his pin either. Anyway. I can't wait until the leak is released. It'd be loads better to have pop-up notifications. Especially when you can set certain contacts as priorities. That's a huge plus for me.

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The options of remote mail search. User wise alert tones and led. The green led. The lock option

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Sadly, when seen from a competitive perspective, this update is minor and will be late-to-arrive. It's not the timely blockbuster BB needs.

Agreed! But that's a different problem BlackBerry has to solve. They need to bypass the carriers and get it done. Like BBM Voice & Video, they need to take ownership of THEIR OWN FUTURE and not leave it in the hands of carriers.

Yeah, but when are we going to get it. Blackberry has to stop letting the carriers push them around and require that updates get approved before being made available.

Good to see progress being made :) Keep it coming, BlackBerry. Keep pushing, and don't pay attention to the idiots on Wall Street.

I also want a dark theme on my Z10!! Sun Cellular in the Philippines! Pls release your 10.1sss updates soon! It's a shame that Globe has been generous in releasing updates earlier than your company...

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What if we can post 15 seconds voice bbm statuses on bbm or post-update our bbm status for the next day at a particular time?

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BlackBerry, please please please make quick access to turn on/off location and data services like you did with wifi and bluetooth! Also please make option for numeric battery level! A lot of Android users will be happy to see this features.

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BlackBerry NEEDS to fix the Hub. It is SOOO annoying that it does not reset into Hub, and stays in text, email, etc. A few times I've had to restrain myself from throwing this thing simply because of this simple problem.

BLACKBERRY : You've stepped upto the plate, now its time to hit the ball out of the park. You CAN do this.

It would make much more sense to give us the option to merge contacts details into one final contact.

For example, for every contact source such as yahoo, gmail, outlook, or z10 you should be able to see a merge screen and be able to consolidate each contact detail into one single contact on z10. We should be able to select the data flow source and direction. So for example if I update a contact field on bb10 or on my outlook or for example gmail the field will propagate both directions.

But if a facebook contact updates details it could (through the link feature), let the data flow through to the bb10 contact but not the other direction because I do not have ownership of my facebook friend's data.

But in all cases what I want is a complete, updated, single bb10 contact. One contact per person.

The crazy linking system we have now NEEDS to be corrected!!!

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