BlackBerry 10.2 SDK now available for developers

By James Richardson on 13 Jun 2013 10:46 am EDT

BlackBerry have come true to their word and released the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK for developers. This is a trimmed down version of the OS for testing purposes only but should give devs the extra tools they need to make their games/apps even more awesome.

The updates include additions to the BB10 native SDK plus Android and Adobe Air run times. Adobe AIR 3.5 brings with it Stage3D for accelerated OpenGL graphics and the Android run-time upgrade brings it up to Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) compatibility.

There are also BlackBerry 10.2 SDK OS updates for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B and C testing devices as well as the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK OS updates available for those who have BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones. All updates can be performed via the autoloader tool.

This all sounds a bit too complicated for my 'non dev' brain but the thousands of you out there can hit up the links below and grab your betas.

Download the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK beta

Update your Dev Alpha device

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BlackBerry 10.2 SDK now available for developers


I'm also very eager to hear feedback on any difference to UX with currently available (from BB World) Android ports running on 10.2 / A4.2JB.

This is how you CB10, son!

in the blog it stated this isn't the full OS -- just enough for devs work on -- but the runtimes are all updated :)

It's not a full OS. Usually missing video, music, photo, facebook, etc apps. So basic, basic functionality. You can take photos, but you have to view from camera app. No alarm, no clock.

This is from my last dev OS version. Might have more/less stuff this time around.

It's not recommended for daily use, but I'll probably do it anyways. Though I am a dev.

Before many android phones do! Ok, well, some of you will. I am on Verizon so I might see 10.1 by the time you guys hit 10.3

Fantastic news!! A promised release where they realistically had total control and one of many I hope they will keep to their word publicly. Now only if the all important U.S. carriers could be as fast with their testing, that would be quite the day for the general public and the various tech blogs who think they know better than BlackBerry...

Judging from the file size the 10.2 seems to be a very stripped down version of the OS. 228 mb vs 783 mb. I guess I will just have to wait for a leak.

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Personally can't see why everyone is so desperate for the Android upgrade, if you need Android apps that badly then go and buy an android phone!

That's a little ignorant. BBRY has made it so many people don't need to make that choice at all. And that's a good thing!

This is how you CB10, son!

I think it has more to do with people wanting the apps that aren't in App World that don't run correctly right now. I for one would really like my US Bank app. I'm sure everyone would prefer native apps but that's just not possible at the moment.

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I second that. The most important thing for me is how much smoother the apps will run. 2.3 Android apps are considered ancient. And what's not to love about an OS that can run two different platforms.

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A good sign this came out in the middle of the month as opposed to the end. I expected it to come out in conjunction with the earnings release on the 28th

Im downloading the simulator. Hope Jelly Bean is what its pumped out to be, and the OGL support will make the apps a little smoother.

+1 I also hope Jelly Bean turns out to be what we all hoped and waited patiently for!!!

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What exactly mean compatibility with android 4.2.2? Will BlackBerry automatically transform apk to bar?

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No. What it does mean is that a wider range of Android apps will now work on BB10. It also means that newer versions of stuff like Skype and Netflix should theoretically work, and work better.

Currently BB10.1 supports up to Android 2.3.3. By supporting up to Android 4.2.2, we'll get access to most of the Android apps which are designed for higher than 2.3, which are a lot of them, and they should run a lot more smoothly as Android greatly improved its efficiency starting at 4.0.

No automatic conversion on-device, but there are tools to do that super-easily, even a website that you just upload the apk and download the bar it gives you:

The amount of apps available to BB10 users might become the highest now :D

BlackBerry World + Google Store = Everybody is happy !!

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If we could install play store and have BlackBerry world, that would be amazing, and then just install from apps from either!

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Per BBRY Product Manager Michael Clewley, there will be a 10.1 MR before a 10.2 release.

Of course depends on your carrier unfortunately, as always, so YMMV.

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Hey I feel your pain no better on AT&T. I have been saying they might as well go with 10.2 they are already behind the curve

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Wow, if people make it down this far, this is not a device OS this is the platform Software Development Kit for Blackberry 10.2 OS so that developers can have their apps updated or ported and ready to go when Blackberry rolls it out. I guess RTFA is too much for some people.

Lots of comments say that.
People are still excited that the 10.2 goodies are now this much further down the pipeline to full public access.

This is how you CB10, son!

Just tried some of the still known not working apps on the 10.2 simulator

Vine doesn't work, crashes. :(

Not sure what else didn't work in bb10 and does work now, anyone want me to test -- link me to the bar.


So in another word,we can get all of the android apps in BB10???wow you guys just turned my eyes off the s4.

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Definitely good news. Just sad to see the lack of UI support for PlayBook screen resolution = (
Looks like we may still have some more eternal waiting to do...smh

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So if I. Have bar files that were created using 10.1 I just need to load them into 10.2 and then put on device?

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Good Question it could be that the old SDK converted it incorrectly which caused the crash in the first place. Im downloading momentics right now. Im going to try converting using my keys and then sideloading.

Wowzers looks like blackberry is tryna get this to roll out as soon as possible

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One thing I would like to see in the 10.2 update is when your using the peak feature to view what msg you got that it automatically resets to view the entire hub instead of where you left off in one of your emails accounts or etc.

It's fine if your just swiping from the left from the menu or active frames to get back into where you left off in the hub. Using the peak feature should reset so you can view the entire hub.

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xscha mentioned that it has all range of screen support on the native platform. Hopefully that means Q10 will have mass effect as well :-)

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WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! Android 4.2?

Shocked! I was convinced we wouldn't see that until December or 2014.

I guess we'll have to see when 10.2 gets released to users to dowload.

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