BlackBerry 10.2 SDK goes gold, available to download now

BlackBerry 10.2 SDK
By Simon Sage on 14 Aug 2013 01:58 pm EDT

As expected, the BlackBerry 10.2 Gold SDK was launched today, and is currently available for developers to download. There are a lot of new capabilities included here, such as headless apps, Android 4.2 runtime support, BlackBerry ID access, and lots more. There are a few new things for Cascades too. 

Starting at 2 PM EST, BlackBerry's holding a virtual event where devs can get their hands dirty with some code, and follow along with experts from BlackBerry. Devs, what do you think so far? Have any of you been playing around with the beta at all?

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BlackBerry 10.2 SDK goes gold, available to download now


message to any of the devs frequenting crackberry. Which is most I think.

Lets run some beta programs for anybody running leaked OS 10.2 on there devices. I want headless apps asap! Assuming our current 10.2 leak goes along with this 10.2 sdk, I have no idea how this all works lol


damn! wasn't first. what does this sdk mean? are we expecting a lot more android apps be converted into native bb10 apps?

SDK: Software Development Kit, basically more tools to help apps be produced. I can't wait for a headless Wallpaper Changer HD :D

SDK is a abbreviation for "some dumb skank". General term for a vapid, almost completely interchangeable, b!*(h.

ex. That sdk is printing off 400 front phone books for the pledges in her sorority.

SDK is a tool that helps developers to make app using the available options on this version, like Android 4.2.2.

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Hope we get the rest once the official one drops. i.e. HDR Camera and WiFi direct as the didn't have them.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Probably not. Correct me if I'm wrong, but since it is a developer build it is most likely missing some files. But you can always install the leaked it's pretty Damn good!

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a headless app is aka an uncircumcised wiener.

ex. George was thinking about getting circumcised as he had heard headless apps were unsanitary.

I yes can't wait for headless apps let's keep moving blackberry

Using the Crackberry app for my BlackPantherZ10

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Hoping Vijik will chime in with his take on the new SDK as it may apply to ShortCutMe 10.

There is a good number of us looking forward to BlackBerry providing the necessary developers' tools to enable Vijik to tweak the latest version of our beloved application to its former powerful and flexible glory.

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Does anybody know whether they have they fixed email address caching issues yet or with this release?

My first go around with the Z10 left a lot to be desired when I discovered email caching was seemingly non-existent, and the only time I could get auto-fill to work on an email address was if the person was in my contacts (and there are a lot of people I email back and forth with whom I do not wish to have in my contact lists). I was quite shocked to discover at the time that in my opinion, iOS handled email 10 times better than BB10......

I'm interested to see what the UI looks like for closing a headless running app. I'm enjoying 48 hours of battery on my Z10 and I want it to stay that way.

A lot of essential apps should have had the background running capability from the beginning of BB10, so please hurry up with the official release or at least its closest leaks.

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Vpn? We need a vpn, old bbs Internet is uncensored and the new bbs is censored to fk.. it's so annoying, I'm in the middle east so you can only imagine the limitations of the Internet here.

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