BlackBerry 10.2 Gold SDK launches tomorrow - Join the BB Jam Direct Virtual Event for all the details

By Adam Zeis on 13 Aug 2013 09:43 am EDT

Developers looking to be in the know for the 10.2 SDK will be happy to know that BlackBerry is holding a virtual event tomorrow in conjunction with the release of the 10.2 Gold SDK. The event takes place tomorrow, August 14th from 2pm to 5pm EDT and will show off some of what's new in the latest SDK. Developers can get info on all of the new features of the SDK to start developing apps for the upcoming OS 10.2 release. 

In addition, the 10.2 Gold SDK will be made available for developers. The SDK should include the features outlined in the Cascades and Native roadmaps including headless apps, BlackBerry ID functions, smart card, altimeter and more. 

To register for the event, head to the link below. 

Register now for the BlackBerry Jam Direct Virtual Conference

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BlackBerry 10.2 Gold SDK launches tomorrow - Join the BB Jam Direct Virtual Event for all the details


We can likely only hope for a hybrid... these versions are usually crippled (like no phone).

I wish they would seed a much more complete OS like Apple does. I'm game to load it up!

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Actuality, the leak from 2 weeks ago (1047) was fully functional. Plenty of bugs, sure, but it was a working phone.

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His point was that new SDKs come with new developer releases, which are severely restricted. There's no reason to think a SDK update will mean a new leak.

The fact that Miracast support is one of the highlights, I hope they speak to whether or not the Z10 will get this feature. Really hope the speculation isn't true about its chip not being able to handle it!

Something we've needed since day 1. Finally true use for these utility apps developers have spent so much time making.

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Headless apps can run since 10.00 but api's are restricted for various reasons. Battery life and security being the important ones.

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YES! This is what I want to see :D Fingers crossed it will be hitting my Q10 in the near future, I have avoided the leaks so really looking forward to finally taking advantage of 10.2, this is the best most exciting update to BB10. If the point releases are going to be THIS good, im already looking forward to seeing what 10.3 brings!

Hopefully they release an update which includes it (for those of us who have a leaked 10.2 version on your phones) to support the code [;

SDKs go through several stages before they are released: the gold version is the completed version of the software developer kit meaning that it has been tested and is ready for developers to use for the creation of applications.

Would be a few months but it's also carrier dependent... people have been throwing out October as a viable month to expect something

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Now that the sdk is gold... how long to release?

The Z10 needs to be out yesterday! The Moto x is about to be released, there's the sept 10th iphone announcement (cheap iphone et al)...

Good thing BlackBerry is moving... move faster!

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Looking forward to it as well!

BlackBerry is keeping a great pace releasing their SDK revisions what they need todo now is to open the PlayBook OS to the developer community and make it open source.

As the PlayBook no longer has commercial value, they should resolve that sore point by opening the hardware and the PlayBook OS to the community so we can resolve all the negglected issues. It's sad to see a company neglect their legacy products - and thus their customers - simply because of resources.

Hello BlackBerry! I love you guys and I know you did researched a OS10Lite solution for the PlayBook. I also know, the only reason that project didn't took off was because of manpower and funds for developement time. Well, here you have it: a community eager to spend their free time to make one of your products the very best.

And if you guys see anything of interest, you can always port it over to the OS10 side.

Thank you!

Love BlackBerry and I know why and how your products can be so much more :)

If AT&T and V don't put out 10.2 when Canadian carriers do I hope BB has the balls to put up full versions on line. If they are scared to do that them just shut the doors. We know no support until it's official but we want it. If it's a full BB version I will be updating.

I wonder if Verizon would drop BB as a partner if they did this though.. Not really sure it's about having balls.. It would actually be an insanely risky gesture lol

On the flip side I wonder if Verizon even cares about Blackberry... What I'm really saying is just make a leak of the full official build available. Only Crackberry nerds would download it so I don't think V or AT&T would really care.

I can see some carrier testing on official versions because the company itself is backing it, but if I download 10.2 even from Balckberry and I'm not happy I don't see that I'd contact Verizon. Remember you need some sophistication to do your own install.

You realize though.. That this already happens.. Right..? 10.1 was leaked on the CB forums since before it was even released in Canada.. Just as 10.2 is as well, and the "official 10.2 build" will be available as a 'leak' on the CB forums for everyone before it comes out officially in Canada again, etc. Not totally sure what you are trying to get at here :P

My point is, BlackBerry would never publicly release a full OS update on their site for US users n people to download as they would be shooting themselves in the foot with carriers.. And carriers own BlackBerry at this point.. and this would be a sh*tty time for BlackBerry to go behind their only support system's back n just push it on their own.

And more people than you would think would go to Verizon about problems with their phone if it was made public on the actual BlackBerry site and people like my mom downloaded it (as it's really not that difficult to install a leak lol).

Sort of. Problem is there are so many leaks. I just want to be sure I'm putting on the official official version, i.e., "this is the one we hand off to AT&T so they can fuck it up before they release it."

Just because it's sent off to Verizon/AT&T doesn't mean its the best/most stable version out.. If you read through the forums it's easy to see which leaks are stable, and even some people speculated what version Verizon had.. But nonetheless, my current leak is a lot more stable than my mom's phone who is on the official Verizon version, so it doesn't even really matter..

I think it's perfectly fine the way it is in terms of leaks and BlackBerry not being on the fontlines with it, just don't be afraid to read through the forums a little bit. Until carriers push them out quicker, there is really nothing BlackBerry will do, or can do without risking their relationship with the carriers. The way it is now is how it will stand, and works quite well honestly.

They should have began releasing their own software updates back in BBOS it would be the norm now. probably even be like apple. But they waited too long. now blackberry is technically irrelevant to the carriers. they're only worried about android and ios customers.

Curious as to when applications will begin utilizing these tools.

Sad that they chose not to implement a full Android run time. Bluetooth, hardware accelerated graphics, video recording and a whole host of items purposely left off. Makes no sense! Either open the door or close the door - no respect for doing anything half way.

If the app doesn't need the new functionality, then it won't use them. However, the 10.2 OS will most likely fix other issues that might improve existing app performance. So, when the new 10.2 OS hits your device, then the Android ported apps already on your phone may run better. Of course, it all depends on how well the developer made the app in the first place.

When do apps utilize the new features in 10.2? As soon as they are written, but existing apps may not need the new features. This is the API release.

10.2 updates the Android runtime engine.

Nothing changes for the apps on your device until the OS 10.2 is released to the device.

What is the difference between Cascades and Native??? I thought Cascades was Native... So they are different??

Yes, pretty much any game that is Built for BlackBerry Certified :P Cascades is the framework, most games don't use the Cascading Framework.

Hmm... not sure off the top of my head. PlayBook does not support cascades, though, so if there's any apps that look very similar on PlayBook as well as the Z10, they are likely written native, without cascades.

So you're essentially saying that Adobe AIR and Webworks apps are considered native? Right?

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Sadly, yes.. I personally do not consider them native, but they are technically /:

I consider Cascades & C++ only native.. But hey, I mean the native BB10 Browser is built in WebWorks.. (sure, they have a ton of help from stuff we don't have access to as developers, but hey)

So WebWorks and Adobe AIR apps are considered native as well? What is an example of a native app that isn't Cascades?

Oh great so a Alex Saunders is actually doing developer interest work, his job for once but only on a quarterly basis?

He's been wasting the fans, developers time and company money travelling to eat, drink beer, and brag about if over twitter and Foursquare.

What a joke. He should be considered for the chopping block or an income slash.

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They are apps that don't need to be running in an active frame to work. I'm not the most tech savvy person on this site but I believe that's it in a nutshell. I'm sure someone will have more info.