BlackBerry 10.2 bringing standard unicode Emoji support, return of Level 1 notifications and more!

By Bla1ze on 23 May 2013 01:54 am EDT

While a lot of folks are still waiting to get their hands on BlackBerry 10.1, BlackBerry 10.2 is already in the works. That's never really been a secret, it's just a plain fact at this point. Creating a little bit of excitement through his BBM Channel, BlackBerry Product Manager, Michael Clewley, shared some of the smaller details about what exactly BlackBerry 10.2 will be bringing along with it in short list of changes:

  • Setting a time to remember item - I can confirm this will be supported 10.2
  • Standard Unicode Emojis - I can confirm this will be supported 10.2. More details as available
  • Multiple Alarms - I can confirm this will be supported 10.2. More details as it becomes available
  • Level 1 Notifications - I can confirm we'll bring this feature to BlackBerry 10 for 10.2. As details come available, I'll keep you updated

Additionally, Michael Clewley once again reiterated the fact that the first BlackBerry 10.2 beta SDK will be coming in June and that the 10.2 OS update will be arriving within this calendar year. Needless to say, if you're not already is his BBM Channel, you might want to hop in there. You can add the channel through PIN C00014277. Also, can I just point out how cool this is? Sharing of information like this never would have happened at the 'old BlackBerry' and the fact that the info is being passed through BBM Channels makes it all even cooler.

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Multiple alarms! Makes a happier Z10 user!


Finally because this is the only thing i miss so far on my Z10


I'm holding they. Add more to the alarm, as it is right now it dismisses in a heart beat. I've dismissed my phone a few times and not even remember.

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I hope they also bring Bedside Mode to full life again. I still miss the ability that all connections are disabled while in this mode. At the moment it is useless to me. Kevin is already happy that Phone Calls are muted here but that's not enough for me. It affects the battery during the night, if every connection is still up and running. Bring back the OS 7 functionality, please! :)


Awesome! I'd settle for the 10.1 update in the US, but 10.2 is already sounding great.

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So I suppose while Canada is on 10.2 you guys in the states will finally get 10.1.

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Ouch! Lol

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We don't even have the BlackBerry 10.1 (Officially) here in the Philippines
Anyway, I hope the Delivery and Read Receipt find their way to this upgrade. I miss the email features in 7.1 in my Bold 9900.

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Albert Patterson

the OS updates is only available in Canada, z10 os updates suck


Might I suggest then that you don't update?

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Mohamad Nasser

In the uae and other countries than the us, we get the updates the first day :P

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I love evenings with lots to read. Keep it up Blaze!


Also what are level 1 notifications?


PINs are defaulted as Level One notifications. The sound by default and vibration is different from anything else.

You can customize ring tones for a specific person, email, led and vibration count or pattern. Even right down from a pin message from a specific person.

This was the ultimate power of BlackBerry's in the business world, and a handful of real power pro users as well!

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Wow that sounds great, can't wait! Thanks for explaining it to me.


Channels are up and running in test mode.
Be a part of them. They are awesome.


Bring it on BlackBerry - ( as well as the leaks ) he he!

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Need a random reboot fix, that's for sure. I hope you'll let us know when you get any more info on that. So many users would be so pleased. We appreciate CB escalating the issue to the blogs though.



I'm sure BlackBerry will fix it soon enough. We can already see how quickly the OS is maturing.


Issue with that is the cause of the reboots is largely unknown.


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Mine seem to occur only when it is on the charger, never noticed a random reboot when it wasn't.


Same here, I knida like them, the reset my phone which i dont mind

jpvj should fix (some) reboot issues.
Still waiting for customer feedback on the test users we have.
One user still has reboot issues - BB is looking into this at dev. level.


Is this issue connected to a specific version, or carrier. I have Rogers and 10.1 with zero issues.

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Multiple alarms will be good. What's this about unicode emoji?

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Basically, there will be an emoji font installed so that shit doesn't have black fugly boxes in twitter, instagram etc.

Just Me

Thanks for the answer. What exactly does emoji mean? I didn't even know I was missing out.


When you're thread spawns a front page story from Blaze....Ma I made it! :)

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Congrats on the achievement man!


Lol I know that feeling, congrats man!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!


Here comes the spelling nazi!

You're = contraction of you are: "You're certain that's right?"
Your = Adjective - Belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing: "what is your name?".

Grammar Grump


I actually like what you're doing. One thing I hope to see corrected is use of the word "what" instead of "which". It's not just laymen who make that mistake, but a lot of professional organizations as well.


Here's one to think about for the Grammar Nazi's amongst us - did it occur that some people don't have English as a first language possibly? Or perhaps don't have the benefit of the education that some people seem so determined to parade in front of everyone?

Correcting other people's grammar when you are not engaged as an English teacher is quite presumptuous, not to mention quite bad manners. But no doubt we can all agree we feel the world is a better place now that you have dotted every 'i' and crossed every 't' ......


Or maybe it's educational. English is my second language, and if I didn't have people correcting me, I would never have improved. TimJW did it very classily actually.
I would love to see "it's" and "its" understood properly, as well as "affect" and "effect". Lots of people have trouble with those two as well.


The Effect that the Affect of Your using You're to say its Yours is It's own thing and Its not too uncommon for it to be mistakenly placed so that Your sentence makes Sense. Just my two Cents.


You're use of capitalization is off, but other than that its spot on. Except I think you meant too say "my two sense".

Edit: "my to sense"


Pretty sure he meant "my two cents" as that is the common phrase to indicate you have given your opinion "for what's worth":


I know, I was just kidding. Because the confusion in all these errors (it's vs its etc) comes from having the same pronunciation, so if everyone spells purely phonetically, things could get ugly... Thanks for the link though!


This comment made me smile. Spot on! :)

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It's the difference between knowing your sh1t versus knowing you're sh1t!


Brilliant! Love it! I'll be using this one...


I don't recall stating I'm not an English teacher. Did someone say something about the word "presumptuous"?


I suggest you read my comment in context. Firstly, I don't recall saying you were an english teacher, or that you were not, that appears to be your assumption of my meaning. I gave a condition - 'WHEN you are not engaged as an english teacher'. Are you engaged as an English teacher on this board? I missed that memo, forgive me. So yes, I did say something about presumptuous for the record.

My point is are there not better things to discuss on this board than grammar? I work regularly with outsourced IT staff in places where for example, due to English not being the first language, grammar is atrocious. Would I disregard the opinions of those highly skilled people? No. I don't judge a book by a cover, and I don't make presumptions about people based on their ability to confirm to how some think they should write a sentence. Nor do I make presumptions about their career - but I do feel on safe ground saying that I didn't appoint you my english teacher when I signed up on this forum, nor did anyone else. Snippy posts about grammar speak volumes about the community spirit that is being engendered on this site, which is a shame as it is still the best place for blackberry enthusiasts to discuss their interests. What a pity.

I am not seeking an argument with anyone. I simply suggest that it is remembered that this is a public site that anybody has access to in the world, regardless of location or educational background. What people have to say is far more important than how they say it.


+1000 totally agree with you on this one. But they should do something about the people who make post confusing "than" with "then". This one really grinds my gears esp when it's done by site admins.


Many people who speak English as their first and possibly only language have terrible grammar. I like it when someone calls them out because it is much more informative to read something that is written properly, and it conveys so much more meaning.


PS: James Richardson's "Mireo navigation..." post title is quite funny by the way! He should have read the comments here...

And no, no one has bothered with the word "presumptuous" yet...


Which r u talkin bout? i carnt understand which u meen sir??


Pick'd the wrong week to quit smoking. Well you wood if you fingured it haute before and red it all. After haul it's justified if it's esl, butt oderwise you downt have an exquse. Supercalifrajalististicespiallidoshous. Peak'd the wrong day to quit drinkin. Anyone sawn my kilt?

Four yu dumbarses ... I just... err...I mean jest. None of this will change the price of rice in China.


I'm with you on the grammar front. If people only knew that poor grammar reduces the strength of whatever argument they are making; it's hard to take someone seriously when their spelling and grammar are at a grade-school level. Enough about grammar for now, on to more Crackberry!


My bad on the "you're". I do know the difference and it's a legitimate typo. Lol. I make a lot of these lately when typing from my zed. :)

I overlooked this one.

Posted from my ZED10


I know the feeling! I love my Z10, and it's predictive text input, however from time to time it leads to the odd typographical error. Additionally, I'm glad you took the comment in jest!

Case closed?


Absolutely. No issues here :)

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Good, I saw your thread before this article.


It seems by the time I'm ready to buy the Aristo, a lot of legacy BB and other wanted features will be implemented. Like emoji which is awesome!



Set the time in Remember application has been one of my priority request. And multiple alarm also would be nice.

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I'm with you on that! Setting the time for an alarm is what I think is most lacking in Remember right now. There are items I want to be reminded of in the morning, others in the afternoon, some in the evening.


Any mention about Wi Fi Direct?

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That's already been covered. I swear no one reads or clicks links in articles. lol.


Lmao pwn

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Did you offer to hold their hands and read it to them? Of course not.


You shouldn't expect people to read. Some see the headline and just start typing.


Headline: balidfjaoijsgojodha;knhkahdfk like that.


Thanks Bla1ze, I did read that and hence my question.

What I thought was that the features mentioned in this article were the only features and crossed out the features in the previous one.

Any chance we could get a consolidated list of new features in 10.2?

Thanks anyway for clearing that up

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Read the headline. "...and more" haha.

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They can't read, nor write according to the comments above!

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Hells! Yeah!

Return of Level 1 messages is prime!

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Rage Riley


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You can filter your categories at least just swipe down from the top


Posted via my amazing Z10 running10.1.0.1720


I want fudge!

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Agustin Aleman

Grr, I haven't even got the 10.1 update for T-Mobile. Then there's talks about 10.2 c'mon guys "/

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R Field

Complain to your carrier for being so slow

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


Load up the leaks cmon man

Sent from my WhiteBerry Z10

Agustin Aleman

I'm trying to be patient enough to get the actual update lol

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Hey, I got T-Mobile too, and I just got tired of waiting. The update was the first leak I have ever installed and I'm glad I did! It sucks having to reload all the apps and stuff, but it's well worth it!

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Good to see Reminders getting a time notification.
And glad to be able to send and receive Emoji's to my iPhone friends and family!

R Field

Michael is awesome always takes feedback on BlackBerry 10 and responds. Exactly the type of person BlackBerry needs.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


I know!
The fact that emoji suppport is being added excites me, because that wasn't going to be available until the users asked for it via twitter!


It's het same with astroid (android).
When they release 5.0 the most people still waiting for there 4.0 update

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awesome 10.2 aready in the works for this year...


Great info. 10.2 seems to be getting more and more and more.... and more features included. Can't wait to see the entire changelog.


Hope it brings PlayBook ability to swipe between apps as opposed to having to minimise first.

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That would be awesome.


Tough to implement though as swiping from the side within some apps is already being used for menus etc.

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I'm waiting form10.1 upgrade, come on now ATT


What are level one notifications?

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They are like priority emails over everything else. If anything click on the link on the phrase 'level 1 notifications' in the article and read about ten comments down, sorry I don't have the link for it, but yea.

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Thanks :)

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lol I'm stuck OS 10..

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Take the plunge like the rest of us and instal a leak.


Headless apps were included in 10.1?


No, that comes in 10.2.

This is how you CB10, son!


Thank you. So "this calendar year" means probably November or so, and with carrier testing, we're looking at early 2014 for 10.2 probably... That's a long time without headless apps, and without the newer android runtime. I hope this timetable is wrong...


It's really cool that we're getting this kind of info, love hearing what's planned.

But... it's imperative that they follow through with it. If they say one thing and do another, BlackBerry will be acting just like The RIM of old and that's what got them down in the first place.

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Greatness. BlackBerry is just awesome, like I don't understand how non blackberry users don't see this?! Lol. BBM channels is a success!

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Aditya Bhimrajka

Looking forth to this. Thrilled.

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All I want is the ability to set and speed dial a contact from the dial pad on my Z10. Is that too much to ask?!?!?!

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All I need is a speed dial for Q10.
... I returned the Q10 .


Do you think the new Android runtime will be available ?


It is confirmed it will be available in 10.2.


What about BB10 for the Playbook....come on


+1 to that.

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That's great news. Thanks for the Info. It's good that they are finally implementing those features in the BB10 platform.

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Omg that's it?....... so many times need to add!!!! at least to "phone". Hard to use it like phone I'm forced to use "flow dialer"..... can't calories person straight from sms and many more....((((

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You can call from a Text Messages chat in 2 taps.

Tap the blue bar header, then tap number to call.

This is how you CB10, son!


Lool "can't calories" gotta love the z10!

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Awesome news.

Great OS with a load of potential, keep it coming BlackBerry!!

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I cannot find the option to add a channel on BBM. I have a z10.. am I missing something?

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Are you on the beta? It isn't fully supported yet.


Can we PLEASE get support to switch between MORE THAN 2 sound profiles, SPEED DIAL, and PROPER highlighting for multiple email items? These should have been included. Otherwise, great OS.


How do I get the BBM channel by using the pin code in this announcement

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Gotta load the beta from the BlackBerry beta zone to get BBM Channels. It's easy.

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You have to have the BBM Channels loaded on you phone first You can get it by signing up at the Blackberry beta zone site. Accept all the agreements then download the exe file (Windows only) and follow the instructions. To enter a BBM Channel PIN, open BBM Channels within BBM select browse channels from the overflow menu (three dots) enter the PIN in the search box, hit the + button and you are done.

Maxim Kostikov

And how about plain text e-mails? We are need it so much


EMOJIS! So excited for 10.2!


You're all missing the biggest point of all! There's a tablet in the picture. Maybe that means 10.2 will come to the PlayBook as well *crosses fingers*

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Asyrul Idzham

I feel like the 10.1 version is quite laggy compared to 10.0 ..anyway,I am truly happy that 10.2 is coming which shows that blackberry is doing their best to satisfy their customers.good job blackberry!

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Hope they release this gast. Everything is needed and I hope they have more coming this summer. Finally emoji.

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And im still waiting for the 10.1......


I am sooo waiting for Android runtime 4.2.2 with 10.2


Hopefully the update they told Kevin about adding one button speed dialing from the home screen back to the phone will also be in 10.2 or maybe earlier in one of the 10.1 builds...


Great to hear, the more I learn about 10.2 the more excited I am to get it...Now they just need it to bring profiles, Auto bedside mode when plugged in, improve SMS, oh & release a charging pod & all my main minor BB10 complaints / annoyances will have been addressed :)

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Oh & bring BB10 to Korea for my BlackBerry loving friend who keeps complaining to me daily that he needs to upgrade his dying BlackBerry Bold, but doesn't have anything BB to replace it with

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lol i want to see support for animated wallpaper

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Peaceful world

App loker for note, hub, 10.2?

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Keep up the good work.. always planning ahead is a good thing we ( BlackBerry) does not want to become stagnant..

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Right now if the Z10 can handle my contacts between phone calls and texts properly with smart dialing, it would just be perfect for me!

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It's great that a time could be assigned to a Remember item... but now, for Evernote Remember items, not even a date can be set. Evernot items can't be made into "todos" with a checkbox. Will this be allowed in 10.2, with day/time as well??


They need to bring back the vibrating ping.

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Is there jelly bean suport?

Thank you and Welcome


I'm allergic to jellybeans.

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Theo Groenevelt

Is it just me? When I use BBM, seems I have to touch the typing box first before I write my reply..never an issue in prev OS. Can we get it so that as soon as I reply, I can start writing my next comment without touching the box?? If I'm missing something here, kindly let me know. As well, pls bring back Native MEMO - so usefull!

On my Q10...

On my Q10 to CB10


I can't wait, do we have an estimated day of release?

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+1 for the emoji finally no more boxes soon

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Multiple alarms nice, it will make my life much easier.

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About Damn time!

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.


I just want text to speech to read texts aloud while Im driving. a specific car mode.


use bluetooth to connect your phone to your car, you can make it as loud as you want. if your car doesn't have bluetooth like mine, get a bluetooth FM transmitter


Emojis baked into the OS? I'm down for that!

Posted with a flick of my thumb via CB10


Let's call this update, bringing back the good features that we stripped off.

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I hope it's just a small bit of what's coming.
Custom (any language) dictionaries for predictive keyboard seems also simple but very wanted thing to make.


As someone else stated Michael Clewley said it's something to do with rendering so we will only be able to see Emojis everywhere but not use them, that is being left to third party developers, looking at the lack of support from developers I doubt we would even get an app to use Emojis...


I wish BlackBerry would just make updates available through BlackBerry Link for everyone at the same time. This waiting is kinda painful. I haven't even got 10.1 yet I'm hearing about 10.2. Teasing teasing, can I have 10.1 please? Thanks to Verizon my sister wants to sell her Z10, this is not a good look. I convinced my brother my sis and my other friend to get Z10's, and they are all on Verizon. The rebooting issue is a plague because they aren't die hard BlackBerry fans as I am. I'm on T-Mobile and haven't had the issues so I can't help them, again not a good look. Address this quickly BlackBerry, I hope you are already working on it.

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Oh my good god, look how you've all gone off topic!!!

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Not off topic. It's still about baking a turducken.

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Im still waiting for the official 10.1 and now 10.2.

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I notice the infogrpahic has a tablet like image behind the phone. This brings hope for BB10 on the Playbook. At the same time, the original playbook adverts showed a skype app...oh so confused.


Yayyy, Level 1 messages are back and remember time for remember items!



Those ass-hats take their sweet time with non-Apple updates.


Multiple alarms! That's the only reason I got my phone! Otherwise I could live one more day.


Multiple alarms!? Also randomly like the reboots? Fix the bugs, dudes!!!!!


How about Contact Groups? That would sure make my life easier. I have searched and couldnt find anything about groups, so hopefully that hasnt already been talked about.


Wonderful!!! I can't wait. Just these few tweaks will make my Z10 even BETTER.

@HectorBusyBee Posted via CB10

John Gee

Reminder times! Can we just skip 10.1?

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This may have been talked about but where do I get BBM channels and how do I add this channel to follow it?

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register your ID at blackberrry beta zone, download the BBM channel loader, open it, paste in the code BB sent you during the process, and find the channel option within BBM

Luis Torres2

Multiple alarms yeah, I like how the blackberry 7 support it.

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Why are they (blackberry) still posting pictures of that widescreen tablet. I thougth the blackberry tablet story was dead.


It's like the drunk uncle at the family reunion.

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within this calendar year.........


Still waiting on 10.1 so I can change my APN. :(

Otherwise I'm happy with mah Z10.

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Gurek Deol

What about auto on/off ????


10.2 needs to fix the "Other Data" issue. No, I didn't read every single comment before this one to see if it was mentioned already. I got lazy.

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Hmmm it's great that BlackBerry are continually updating the OS. But "Multiple Alarms" isn't quite a killer feature is it. I noticed that a lot of people on this thread have been praising that! Lol.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) -


One button speed dialling in this 10.2 update please BlackBerry.


So when it's been releasing....eagerly waiting for android games will work such as temple run oz and subway surfer

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Eagerly waitin for 10.2 update

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At last! Timed alarms in Remember. I can't believe no-one is excited about this. It has to be the biggest deficiency of BB10

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Hello all know what happen with this problem???? Boot information , charging led notification , and battery not write if 100% when fully charge....some of this problem came when I update 10.1 version.... I like to know what happen is this OS 10.1 version or what .. did some people having this problem? ?? If got solution for this please inform me.....Thank you


Emoji yay. I'm a happy user lol

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RayRay Hebert

Where and how do we get the emoji app?


When are we going to have VIBER???

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Looking forward to it. Will keep rocking my 9900 until probably 10.3 hits. :)