Using Profiles on Your BlackBerry Smartphone

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2010 02:23 pm EST

Way back when (nearly two years ago) we posted a BlackBerry 101 article on creating and editing sound profiles on your BlackBerry. Well as the OS has progressed, so have the profile options and we figured it was time to take another look at just how to get your profiles setup. Seasoned BlackBerry vets will most likely already know all about using profiles, but new users still constantly have questions on just how to get all their notifications and alerts up and running. Take a look at the video above to get yourself on the right track.

For older OS versions (which vary slightly), you can still check out our original article on Creating and Editing Profiles and Notifications. If you're a Tour or Storm user on OS 4.7, you will be missing some of the newer options, but can take a look at this post to see how to get the most out of your profile settings.

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Using Profiles on Your BlackBerry Smartphone


This is a really great feature to use. Not only can you change your notifications to something other than the default, but you can get creative.

My company created human voice notifications... a product impossible to exist without the capability to change your profile sounds! Real people are telling "you have a new e-mail" or BBM alert, etc, instead of the original sounds.

My notifications product is, of course, available in the CrackBerry store:

Have to remember that while many users are absolutely CrackBerry Abusers, we all had to start someplace, and we get new BlackBerry users that come to the site every day to learn how to use their device, so we try to cater to everyone the best we can.

I'm sorry, but I'm relatively new to the whole blackberry/smart phone universe. I find these articles to be helpful in getting the most use out of my phone as well as learning what all my phone is capable of. I never received a written manual for my phone. All I received was a disk and a cheapy quick look manual. My computer is virtually useless to pull the manual up on so I'm sorry if I can't just "read the goddamn manual" as you so eloquently put it.
Thank you for posting these articles. I find them to be useful and informative. I think y'all have a really great site. Thank you for making this information accessible.

what twitter app are you using? and i left a comment on the pandora vid post, but i'll post it here. what was the app that has a logo with a "T" in that video, if you pause that vid at the 2 min mark, in the bottom row you'll see it

I'm not sure if it is just me, but every time he goes to breathe i can hear him smacking his lips. At points it can be louder than others, but ,all in all, it can be very distracting. Maybe, the solution to this is to hold the camera farther away from your mouth.

i'm with you!! Do something! it's almost so annoying I won't watch anymore videos.. i spend more time listening for the lip smacking than anything else.

I wish they would add the option like the Storm 1 had at the begining to Automatically go into Vibrate when in the holster - no matter what sound profile you have selected. Does anyone know how to do this besides going in and changing EVERY single profile?

How come all of my new contacts are added with a different profile then my active profile? I have to keep going into Set Contact Alerts and deleting them. Any help would be great, sorry if this is not the place but the subject fit.

i dont get why this option exists. seems like if you have your normal profile set to in holster to have sounds for that, how do you then set the options for out of holster to be different?

Not sure if this is just an AT&T thing or a Bold thing, but he doesn't have a Medium sound profile on his phone. I know that Storms and Tours have it, but is there a reason for why a brand spankin new Bold wouldn't have a Medium profile? I like using it at work so I don't annoy the h**l out of my co-workers quite as much with all my random e-mails, texts, BBMs, etc. all day long.

The device had the Medium profile, but I deleted it since I never used it. Probably should have stated that in the video - sorry!

I am looking for an app for my curve 8330 that is simply a checkbook ledger. I'm not looking to transfer funds or anything, I just want to eliminate my paper ledger.


Could you please tell me how you got those MOTOROLA ringers on your BlackBerry? I have been looking for those for a long time.