BlackBerry Smartphone User Guide for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Now Available

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2009 11:43 am EDT
BlackBerry Storm2 101 Userguide

In digging around the RIM website, LaBlackBerry has found RIM has posted the online userguide for the BlackBerry Storm2. The interactive userguide walks you through all the basic functions of the device and digs a little deeper by covering some more advanced options as well. In addition to the walkthrough, you can get a look at OS 5.0 if you have never installed it before, although visual doesn't really compare to having it in your hands. Right Verizon?

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BlackBerry Smartphone User Guide for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Now Available


Next Verizon is going to start selling "I own the Storm2 9550" t-shirts. Then every possible thing can be out for this phone except the phone itself.

The site is in Spanish so is it possible someone can post the link to the information, that way I don't have to stop the gardeners and have them

Never mind.... I got it...

Just makes me more anxious to get my hands on the actual phone itself. I was up for 2-year renewal two months ago, but I put it off because I wanted to wait for the Storm2. Verizon isn't playing very nice right now with these delays.

In light of the posting about the plastic demo now on display at Best But...I stopped by to check and see and it is! They also confirmed that it will be for sale on 10/23!!!

Here is my take...for what its worth:

1) I think VZW HAS given TA to the Storm2. I think VZW has a scheduled release date. I think VZW is playing a game and are going to suddenly announce the phone and say it will be on sale the day after the announcement...sending all of us running to stores to pick the phone up!

2) BB is being foolish. The dummy units would have been created back as soon as VZW gave BB the thumbs up for visual appearance. BB should not put out the dummy units or be saying anything about when it will go on sale because it is still ultimately VZW's decision.

Whatever is going on, it is not long until we get our hands on the phone. If Vodafone has it already, we are not going to be stuck waiting until Black Friday. I think it will be out by Halloween!

i think it's interesting that there have been no recent verizon leaks regarding the storm2. is this a sign that they are getting serious about getting out to stores. Also how many units does one store usually get at a time (i.e. what place in line do i need to ensure i get one when the fateful day comes to fruition?)

Not coming out until black friday November 27th 2009 mark my words, not even getting into stores until The 7th of November.