BlackBerry 10.1 update confirmed to fix random reboots on affected Z10 devices

BlackBerry Z10 rebooting
By Simon Sage on 27 Jun 2013 03:53 pm EDT


Earlier in the BlackBerry Z10 launch we had heard from some of our community members that they were experiencing odd random reboots. These have been isolated incidents for the most part, but for those affected, you'll be happy to hear about a recent Knowledge Base article that confirms the issue should be fixed with an update to BlackBerry 10.1.2050 or higher. Apparently this can be an issue for folks running,, and Of course, the roll-out across some U.S. carriers has been delayed for a few reasons, but if you're still experiencing a problem, you should be getting a fix soon enough. 

Can't wait? Well, there are always the leaks, which sound like they've been doing good things for our members so far. Quick show of hands, how many of you have experienced an unexpected reboot? Are they really serious or frequent? More importantly, how many of you haven't experienced any reboots at all on your Z10? 

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BlackBerry 10.1 update confirmed to fix random reboots on affected Z10 devices


I'm not searching cause I really don't care, but there is a thread on here and I'm pretty sure the maj of people responded they don't have a problem (reboot).. other than the states there is not many with the problem

I have Verizon in the US and have never had a random reboot. When I first got the phone, I used to check the boot log every day, based on these forums - now i'm just happy.

I'm in Germany on T-Mobile, Version
It's the second update to a 10.1 version. The first 10.1 made the issue worse, 3-4 reboots per day, no kidding. Now I have about 1-2 unexpected reboots. Device is on BES.

I am on Bhell (Canada) and I experience these random reboots. But oddly enough did not start until a few weeks ago...

Isolated incidents? Really?
I had 5 friends all affected on different carriers in the UK - those carriers confirmed that BlackBerry knew the cause of the issue.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions ;)

I certainly never had this problem. In over 4 months not one Z10 has been rock solid...and I mean ROCK solid.

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Yeah. This kinda pisses me off. The CB survey on this issue indicated that 30% of us CB Z10 owners have experienced, unscheduled reboots, random and otherwise. That is not a trivial number in my book.

I've suffered with it for months. It's almost a game now to see if I can make it more than 24 hrs without a reboot (I can track reboot events using Batery Guru) But I will b e happy when it Is fixed. (So long as it does not come at the price of reduced battery life, as some 10.1 leak reviews indicate. That would piss me off even more.)

The biggest problem with this random reboot is the fact that I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this otherwise awesome phone to anybody. It's just too embarrassing when talking to friends and colleagues that swear by their iPhone and Android phones. So when asked all I can say is "Yeah, I like my Z10. But it is not for everyone. ". I wish I could just gush about it. ("Best touch keypad, bar none!") But I cannot until this random reboot crap is fixed.


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I think what sucks more is just how vastly improved everything is with 10.1, random reboots aside. Not to mention you can't install certain Apps like SoundHound. I feel for you pre-v10.1ers!

Sorry, but without more "exact" data from various sources, I cannot "blanket-accept" those numbers OR the conclusions they may have lead to. Because "Statistics" (principles AND analysis) was so thoroughly pounded into my psyche by my university profs, I MUST throw a little cold water on this parade AND create some 'reasonable doubt' as to the number's accuracy AND implications.
IF there's more information, explanation and data, I may be inclined to reconsider the position. First, tho' ... here goes:

FIRST, we (or, maybe, "just me") don't know enough about the "CB survey" and HOW the data was collected as well as by what criteria.
i) "could people vote more than once, even by clearing their browser cache and re-logging-in,"
ii) "did they have to provide their personal info to limit their response to 1"...
iii) "could we be assured that ONLY Z10 users (vs. 's#*tdisturbers & trolls') answered the survey?" ... etc., etc.

Since I haven't "seen" the survey criteria and reviewed its results, I would say that I might be more inclided to consider its results even remotely acceptable IF more than 1000 responses were received AND there was a criteria preventing someone from completing it more than once. Again, I did not see or participate in the survey, nor did I review its results, so I just do not know enough to "agree" or even "disagree" with the data or its conclusion/s (either way).

SECOND, I/we don't know that ALL BB10 - and specifically Z10 -users are, both,: 1) members of the CB Website and 2) CB 'Reboot-Survey' participants.

Non-English readers & writers in other countries certainly aren't expected to be participants in the CB Website as well as in the survey - though they "might" have a Z10 AND also experience the reboots.
Still, IF 'around' 1 million distinctly individual responses were received, I would be more inclined to consider the possibility of a moderately thorough and complete user-survey.

THIRD, everyone KNOWS it's a fact that DISSatisfied customers ALWAYS speak up proportionately more and more vigorously than their "moderately pleased" counterparts.
"VERY Satisfied" customers will also tend to speak up, but to a lesser extent than their equally-weighted "DISSatisfied" counterparts.

FOURTH, we have strong indicators that "predominantly" US-based Verizon Z10s were affected by the issue, although other carrier-users in other places (like the UK, Netherlands, etc.) also claimed to have had it happen.

WHAT ALL THIS MEANS is that the ONLY conclusion "I" - personally - feel comfortable coming to is that:

30% of
1) CB-members who
2) completed the survey ("honestly" IS presumed), AND
3) are Z10 (vs Q10) users have experienced the problem according to the survey question.

THIS Does NOT "prove," nor does it mean, suggest or imply by ANY stretch that 30% of ALL Z10 users everywhere were affected by the issue.

Based on ALL that I (believe to) know about these factors, I will "suggest" that - maybe - 5-10% of ALL (and ONLY!) Z10 users have been affected "to varying degree."

This isn't to trivialize the problem, especially to those users who had to put up with it, even just once.
YOUR only conclusion should be A) to question the validity and accuracy of the numbers presented from the survey and B) recognize that the "30%" number may not tell the whole, or an accurate, story and could, in fact; be SO far off that it just isn't even worth reading.

Just some "food for thought" ... <going to fridge> "mmmm, blackberries"

Cheers & Keep Moving!

Surveys like that are ABSOLUTELY NOT an accurate indicator of the entire community of users.

They are heavily self-selected towards people who have whatever problem they are polling about.

This is a well-known phenomenon in an online fora devoted to product support.

I have the same problem, I can't make it through 24 hours without it re-booting, no joke at least 30x a day. my battery will be fully charged, and deaf within 3 hours, with many re-boots! I want to smash it to smithereens! can't wait to get out of my contract. I was always a BlackBerry user, but once thus contract is up, I'll never get another! every BlackBerry I've owned had been nothing but a headache! as I send this message I have to sit here with it plugged in so it won't re-boot in the middle of this message! if anyone knows how to fix this issue I sure would like to know!

Lol... I know eh.... also I hope this fixes the keyboard freeze. I had to re install the software twice already, loosing all my content to avoid another problem.

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My Z10 was rebooting daily until I installed the update from Telus. Reboots have been eliminated and I couldn't be happier.

Had the random reboots, but after the 2354 leak, I've been reboot free for over a week :)

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Same here. The leaked version I'm running has been bullet proof. I dare say the rebooting issue has been fixed.

Well done, BlackBerry for fixing this issue.


With several carriers rolling out, I wonder how long it will be until a maintenance release becomes available.

Yeah, I was wondering about this as well. I was averaging a few random reboots per week, but managed to grab this build last week before AT&T pulled it and haven't had one since. So, hopefully that's a good sign!

Come on, update! The whole reason I left android was because I wanted a stable platform with product support. It'll be nice to finally have it.

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I had a reboot problem I got a new device from T-Mobile and so far I had 1 reboot since I received the new z10 I hope it gets resolved

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1 reboot for the first time since release the same day i got the update (1 hour before it installed). That's good timing i guess. Was holding my phone.

Posted from my Z10

I can't say that the information is totally correct. I am still having random reboots with my Z10 despite I have the latest updated version (10.1) via Bell Canada.

The reboots are not as much since the 10.0, they still present itself. I noticed it while charging and standing alone. I hope with the 10.2, it is fully corrected.

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The latest version of 10.1 available in Canada doesn't include the reboot fix. It has to be greater than for it to include the reboot fix.

Are you on or higher? I still had reboots (mostly overnight on charger) on the earlier 10.1.0.xxxx builds until I got on

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I'm in the same boat still not 100% fixed mostly reboots on the charger am on 10.1 but it's not the latest version. 2050+

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Had a handful of reboots on my VZ 100-4, but none so far running w/ radio 2355. It was never a huge issue for me like it has been for some.

I had reboots at least twice a day and freezes at least once a day on my original AT&T OS. Once I loaded my leaked OS more than 3 weeks ago I have not had a single reboot or freeze. I am happy with my leak.

Don't wait for VZW. I recommend the leak, which has been great on my Verizon random reboots since I loaded it, plus it's stable and faster than the stock OS. With all the reboots you're getting, seems like you have little to lose.

Just my 2 cents. Regardless what you do, I hope this gets resolved for you soon. I went through multiple reboots a day until I started using the leaks, so I know how frustrating it is.

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No reboots for me on rogers. In fact i dont think ive ever even had to do a battery pull at all on my z10.

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Rogers Z10's (including mine) seem to have had pretty much no rebooting issues.

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Good to hear something official about this. I was about to send my phone in under warranty think it was a bad battery.

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Also STL-2 on Vodafone-NL and had both overnight while charging and 2/3 times daily random reboots..
Almost dissapeared with .1916 leak, and fully gone after official .2354 release by Vodafone NL

Had intensive contact with Vodafone NL Tech support etc on this, they recognised the issue, as well did BlackBerry. Also indicated it was upto BlackBerry to fix this with an OS update, which took a while, but finally happened

Indeed a pitty CB editors still "orange-glaze" this issue, rarely write about it and play it down, even after the front page article and poll which got >3500 votes (and did show this >30% result..) of course, such poll is biased, so a 5-10% of all Z10 users (worldwide, and not US Verizon only!!) affected is a conservative estimate, but a HUGE problem for BlackBerry, which took months to resolve.. (and no compensation..)

I gave up on waiting for AT&T and loaded the 2062 leak on my husband's Z10. I'd converted him from an iPhone5, and it started off rebooting once every few days, but had increased in frequency to a couple of times a day. I'd never used the legacy leaks, but after the AT&T now-you-see-it-now-you-don't event, I was backed into a corner. No reboots since the leak, and battery life up at least 50%.

The 10.1 leak fixed it for me last week. Haven't gotten a random reboot since I installed
On 10.0 I would experience them about 4 times a week.

On AT&T.

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No reboots on my STL100-1. Only my BlackBerry shutdowns at 20-30% battery level .

Posted via CB10

Perhaps your battery is bad and your battery calibration is off.

If the calibration is off then the device may wrongly think there is 30% more juice left when in fact it may have almost none left.

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I'm on Z10STL100-2/ and I have to say I don't have random reboots anymore!

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Stl100-01 no reboots since day one. But still pissed we weren't informed that the -02 lte model was coming to my carrier. Wondering maybe CB should do survey regarding which carrier, model maybe there is a common link between the two?

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I haven't Experienced any random reboot since the first time I bought the z10... and it was running 10.0.8### I guess

Posted Via the Incredible Z10

Isolated? Puh-leeze. Reboots are a #1 complaint at my local AT&T store.

First device rebooted frequently. I exchanged it on day 14 and haven't had a reboot since. Same software o. Both devices.


Posted via CB10

It was isolated... two Verizon phones. only ONE rebooted randomly the other never did. AFTER we need both upgraded to what some of you call "leaks", the other doesn't reboot anymore either.

Posted via CB10

The T-Mobile update not only fix the re booting issue, it also improved the battery life.

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I never had a problem with reboots... until I installed 10.02.93 now I have reboots... im not complaining cause I knew what i was getting into by installing this leak...

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I have not had an issue with my Verizon 100-4. Ever. Still loaded Loving it.

Simon. Love you lots. Be careful with headline reading "confirmed ". And then saying it's " confirmed -should be " fixed. Sends a mixed message. I'd stick with the latter. So we don't eat you alive when it still happens. To that one. Lol.


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No reboot since update I was about to give up my first BlackBerry mobile because of frequent reboots. Sometimes twice a day. There were no days without reboot. Now happily planning to buy Q10 for my wife. The fix made me the happiest man in the World. Now I can finally suggest my frens n colleagues to buy n use BlackBerry. However I am afraid the FIX will not remain in upcoming new 10.2 version because I don't know whether BlackBerry fixed it knowingly. If it is fixed knowingly, then I would be happy to know: what exactly the problem was?

Z10 STL100-2 without branding. Bought in Germany at Media Markt.

Am I the only one that lost the 5GHz support on my wireless band? I was wondering if it was an isolated incident; being my phone, or anyone else out there also having this issue?

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I've never had reboots. He's not really playing it down since people who have issues would be logging on to complain about them. No one would log on just to say their phone works normally.

I've had a few.. but it's been a while now. It'll take more than a few reboots to make me think twice about my Z10.

How do know, you have no reboots? I also haven't mentioned lately , but I can miss the timing. In About -Hardware - Boot time it says "No Information available".

Go to "file:///var/boottime.txt" in the browser. That will tell you when the phone last rebooted.

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Mine has rebooted a few times. It is a pain to reboot right when I'm getting started doing something with my phone an then it happens at the worst moment. I'm looking forward to a fix for the restart problem.

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I have not had any reboots lately since I have been using the latest leaks. I previously had daily reboots while charging overnight.

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Well at least BlackBerry has acknowledged and fixed it. I wasn't aware of a random rebooting problem in 10.0.10 and higher. Mine and others I know have been rather stable, so it is nice to hear that those who have had this issue now have a fix. And, yes, zten, it does appear to be isolated, perhaps by Z10 model or by carrier.

I was experiencing 3/5 reboots a day, now with the 10.1 leaked os 2342 no reboots since. Thank You for everything. Keep moving!

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I experienced random reboots when I first got my Z10. I took it back to BestBuy and got it exchanged and I haven't had an issue since.

Via CB10 with my Z10

Anyone who believes its just isolated go to settings, up your brightness all the way and play modern combat 4. Or any game loft, or union game. No one noticed that the brightness is at half by default huh.

Posted via CB10

It's frustrating that the solution is to wait or download and install a leak. I got rid of my PC and have happily been able to survive with my Playbook and Z10. Unless there's an OTA way to install that leak- I have no way to get it.

And I don't want to borrow someone else's just for this purpose.

Two isolated reboots. One when an app (Score) froze. The other time it just rebooted just as I put it on the charger when the battery was down to 15%. I eliminated Score, Upgraded to, reloaded Score and haven't had a problem with rebooting since.

Occasional reboots with 10.0 now almost twice a day minimum with

When is Rogers going to release the fix update???

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Haven't had a reboot since I installed a 10.1 leak. But my boot time stoll says unavailable and I have to use the browser to check my boot time.

Posted via CB10

I haven't ever had an unexpected reboot with either 10.0 or 10.1. I’ve really enjoyed the stability of the OS so far.

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Had 1 to 4 random reboot / day with last version.
Now I'm running (mobistar carrier, Belgium) on a Z10 STL 100-2 and since the update, I had no reboot ... thanks BB. (I wouldn't have sold my Z10 but it was really annoying at some times)

It's happened to me at least 6-7 times mostly random, I'd pull my phone out of my pocket and it would be on loading screen, not sure what causes it

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No problem with Bell since launch... except one odd reboot so I can't call it a random reboot problem. it could be because the top button was against something... who knows... the phone was sitting on my desk and it's a mess

Posted via CB10

10.1 is NOT solving the issue.

here is my OS pedigree :

SIM free device, stl100-2, used on o2 network in Germany.

with first start I have updated the os to no reboots at all.

few weeks later I got an official update to 10.1: the Disaster for me. random reboots, mainly when charging.

Since 3 weeks I have the official Reboot issue solved, everything is smooth and no problems at all.

side comment : I NEVER installed a leak, always used the official OS from my carrier.

now I'm happy, reboots are gone. there is hope guys for you as well.

Z10 : Black is back

I have had the phone for 5 months. Nothing for the first 3, and then I was getting 4-5 a day. Last random reboot was the June 23rd. (Telus)

Posted via CB10

On VZW Z10STL100-4/ I experienced reboots every once in a while. My wife's Z10 also experienced random reboots. We noticed the majority of the incidents happened the first few weeks since we got the phones on May 17th. The last 3-4 weeks I haven't noticed any and my wife hasn't complained of any. It's like it cleared up on its own.

Posted via CB10

I've experienced random reboots quite a number of times. It mostly occurred while using the browser. I have on my z10.

I still get it once a day. Am still waiting for att's 10.1 update.

And yes I tried installing a leak but can't do it without a windows run PC.

Posted via CB10

I have 10.1 on Rogers network, and still get random reboots. However my bedside mode reboots stopped.

Posted via CB10

i have been on 10.1 in canada for a while and my reboots continue to get worse. it happens at least once daily and on one occasion 5 times in a day. i would also would like to add that i turn my phone off when i go to bed to charge it and sometimes in the mourning when i go to turn it on, its some how is already on.. haunted Z10? if anyone has any tips im all ears, i may just go to Bell and exchange for a new one

Yep, I get at least 1 reboot every day. Whenever I wake up in the morning I need to enter the sim unlock as it's rebooted during the night. Also every few days I'll get a freeze reboot while I'm working on something. Oh yeah, I'm in Aus so not an US issue only. And I'm running the latest update.

Posted via CB10

No reboots since day one (February 6). Telus in Canada.

Glad to hear the problem seems to be getting fixed for those who are.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10

I've had the z10 for like 5 months and only had like 2 random reboots but both times I was late for work

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Bell Mobility 3 unexplained reboots in first three months, none since 10.1 update.

Phone is very stable not bug free but close enough and I know it will get better.

Posted via CB10

No random boots for me just one massive bricking. Currently using a loaner from Koodo until they figure out they can't fix it either. :)

Posted via CB10

I'm with Bell, latest updates and i still get those random reboots... getting very annoying, especially when chatting in bbm.

Posted via CB10

it restarts for most i'm sure. But they probably don't notice it!!! It a 1 1/2 min restart and you wont know it happened unless you leave an app open. I bet non of you can keep an app or a song paused and minimized for a week and still see it there!

Interesting as TMO 10.1 is 2006 and that is lower than 2050 version. However, since that update came out on day 1, my Z10 has been free of random rebooting issue with

Now I look forward to TMO to release 10.2 as quick as they as did whenever the official OS becomes available.

Started getting reboots AFTER getting 10.1, reloaded OS and it still happens at least once per night (overnight charging almost guarantees a reboot)

Posted via CB10

Mine's never had the issue.

Too me, isolated issue

To the guy who had reboots, not an isolated issue.

But who really knows the percentage of issue to no issues. I would think if it was significant enough of an issue would have been in the media. Instead we have some reports of issues in the forums. Even if 50000 people had this issue. It's not that big in the overall picture.

Posted via CB10

I'm using Z10 STL100-1 with O/S. Not a single random reboot since day one.

I'm just a man of few words & lots of works

The problem is NOT isolated. It is wide spread and at least for me not fixed by 10.1. What a joke.

Posted via CB10

I am running on Verizon and have experienced at least one reboot per day.

By the way, is version exclusive to Verizon?

DAILY reboots on my first Z10 that had to be returned because it was defective in other ways and DAILY reboots on my replacement. Verizon.

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My reboots are on 10.1 but I am pretty sure they're the result of a faulty battery. Any jarring seems to cause it to reboot.

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I'm running on an unlocked STL100-3 on wind mobile in Canada and I'm still getting random reboots about once per week.

I have a tmobile q10 and this is a huge problem for me. I'm on the newest software too so I already know this won't fix it. -.-

Posted via CB10

I've had very random rebooting, few crashes/lockups/battery pulls. Annoying as it can be, not enough to make me hate. I love this phone. Any time anything looks or feels out of the norm, i re boot the phone myself. I have never owned an electronic device that has any sort of OS that "worked perfectly ". My Sony, Apple, LG, Playbook , and my many Microsoft devices (horrible crash history) all did odd things at times. My sympathy for those who are experiencing an exorbitant amount of re boots. It makes you feel like you bought a lemon and ruins the experience of the phone.

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My buddy was having half a dozen reboots a day on the latest Bell/Virgin release of 10.1, so I told him I'd fix it. I installed the latest leak and he's going on 2 weeks with no issues.

Posted via CB10

How to believe BlackBerry on this issue, my device's PIN is 24d25659 with OS still reboot itself.

Posted via CB10

I have only experienced a random reboot once, but the majority of people at my work place experience it regularly.

Posted via CB10

I'm on AT&T. First 3 weeks, no reboots, then started randomly, only like twice off the charger. Then progressed to nightly reboots while charging. Since going with the 2354 leak not a single reboot...

Posted via CB10

So far the 10.1 update appears to have corrected my random reboot issue. Z10 user on T-Mobile.

Posted via CB10

have 3 , Z10 with ATT and they all random reboot. One was updated to the .2006 build before they pulled it. Now that one doesn't reboot, but the battery life is horrendous. Worse then before update. Now z10 gets hot, takes forever to charge and the battery is done in 4 to 5 hours. No new apps, usage the same as before the update. This putting out different builds for different carriers is crazy.. just push the updates and screw them

I beg to differ, I am only now experiencing random reboots after I upgraded to on the Rogers network. Was there ever a problem pinpointed?

Posted via CB10

I had them before and after the Virgin/Bell update to Reboots happened some where between 12-36 hours almost every day. I have the Z10 STL100-3. Battery life is also worse after the update. I may look into pushing onto my device.......

Posted via CB10

I have experienced the sudden unexpected reboots - happens mostly when I'm into an app and it just dies. I'm on the Bell network in Canada.

Posted via CB10

Z10 on Rogers in Canada, Z10STL100-3/ bought device in early April and have had random reboots anywhere from multiple times a day to once or twice a week since day 1, especially overnight on charger, so I lose "bedside mode" during the course of the night, which can be pretty annoying if I forget to set notifications to silent before bed! Hoping the update really does fix it.

Posted via CB10

Honestly look into loading the 10.2 leak, I have the same build z10 on rogers. Had the multiple reboots a day, once I loaded the new update the problem went away.

Posted via CB10

I'll check it out! Reboot frequency has reduced but now I'm sensitive to it. I don't want a reason to put a disclaimer on recommending BlackBerry. Other than this BB10 has been stellar!

Posted via CB10

The NSA is eavesdropping on our blackberries. After all the metadata has been lifted the phone will crash. All kidding aside eh? Up here in Canada my z10 and q10 brethren have all had random crashes. I think it's a thermal thing. These phones get way too hot. 99 degrees.

please also fix the q10 blackberry hub bugs , i don't get notifications from my facebook and text messaging i need to restart the hub everytime , I hope BB can fix this in the next update for the q10 - at&t user bbq10

Posted via CB10

Happened all the time for me, every day often multiple times a day. Last week however I loaded the 10.2 leak and the problem stopped. Z10 on the rogers network build STL100-3

Posted via CB10

I am Verizon and I have at least two, maybe three reboots a week! But guess what???? I still love my Z10! BlackBerry for me! Read my message...MNO IPHONE EVER 4 ME!

Posted via CB10

No battery pulls nor unintended reboots for me. I'm sporting a Z10 on the Rogers LTE network in Ontario, Canada.

Posted via CB10

I had posted this earlier on another thread.

Please, please someone tell BlackBerry to solve the reboot issue. It has not been corrected at all.

Am on SaskTel with the latest update. Last week I went to Edmonton, AB travelling from Saskatchewan. With GPS on to to take me to hotel. Just at critical time to get to an important turn to the hotel my Z10 went into reboot. Had to miss the turn. Stop and wait to restart GPS.

On my way home while streaming music My Z10 rebooted 2 times within a space of 2hrs.

Posted via CB10

For a long time I said exactly that. Never seem a reboot. Then one day in the office, I caught the word "blackberry" on the black screen. Then the black screen completely, then the red starry light, then the BlackBerry logo......then icons!?!

I actually caught the Z10 in the act of restarting. Them I knew I was not immune.

Your phone may be restarting without your knowledge.

Posted via CB10

I have had a few when I first got my Verizon Z10 and my fiancé as well. But I have both of ours running OS and haven't had any problems since.

Posted From My Amazing Z10 via CB10

I had my first random reboot today. Telus 10.1, i have had my Z since launch week, changed my SD card and it rebooted itself about 3 hrs later. Battery was over 20%.

Posted via CB10

i experience from 2 -5 random reboots a day, its kind of annoying Z10 STL100-1 software ver.

Posted via CB10

I've had random reboots on 10.1 and over heating. You could feel the heat dissipate from the screen. All of a sudden you would be typing and the screen would freeze. Or you get the swipe of death and it just doesn't happen and within a minute your BlackBerry restarts with or without power button intervention. Had it exchanged since it was acting weird all over and the replacement is behaving much better. If your phone is too buggy and too hot get that lemon exchanged.

The most culprit for overheating on my Z10 happens when it is constantly trying to connect to Wifi in an area where it can't connect or I have no password.

In this case turning off Wifi solves the problem and my Z10 quickly cools down- becomes very cold.

Posted via CB10

I had daily random reboots for a few weeks. Seriously annoying. They disappeared later without any reason.

(Tele2 in The Netherlands)

Posted via CB10

I had reboots since day one. I even got my device replaced (for a different issue) and still experience reboots. My brother, however, has never experienced this. Looking forward to Verizon releasing this update. I may try a leak soon since I also want the other enhancements that come with it.

Posted via CB10

Verizon. Sometimes reboots 5-6 times a day. Shuts off at night wake to a dead phone in need of a battery pull. Hoping this helps.

Posted via CB10

Guaranteed once at night and possible 1-3 more tomes during the day is annoying enough.

Posted via CB10

I'm in Canada, on official, with a stn100-3, White Z10, and still experiencing random reboots.

Since 10.1 allows the alarm to still go off after rebooting (even if not in bedside mode), it hasn't affected me too much, aside from not having my hub++ working (as it needs to be in active frames) and waking up to notifications (Mine usually reboots a few times a week and mostly overnight).

So, I don't fit their demographics above (location, software version), but will be much happier if 10.2 fixes this.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Had the Z10 since February and in have never ever experienced this rebooting problem. Even before the 10.1 update

Posted via CB10

I downloaded the new 10.1 but don't have the dark theme of the q10 and was really hoping for that. Is there a way for me to change that or was that not part of the update

Posted via CB10

I average 3-6 reboots per week. Sometimes it's when I'm not doing anything, sometimes it's when I'm doing something important like using the GPS. I'm running

Posted via CB10

I'm with Bell in Canada using the Z10 and the random reboots have been an almost daily occurrence since I got it in Feb. What's most annoying is having the phone in bedside mode, it reboots, no longer in bedside mode, then starts dinging with incoming email waking me up. I'll be happy to see an update that fixes this.

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I've had my Z10 for about 2 weeks now, and mine reboots every night overnight. I'm sure of this because I use the clock bedside mode, but by the time I wake up it's beeping notifications and the clock is off. I'm on ... I hope the next update helps!

As for me, I never experienced a reboot at all. Using Z10 for over 2 months now here in Singapore. Tried different OS including leaks. Didn't replicate such issue.

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Experience it once or twice daily (that I actually notice). Looking forward to having this fixed. It occurred while I was using the phone the other day.

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BlackBerry is so bad at pushing updates out. Why can't they push out updates from their own servers instead of asking carriers to push out updates. Learn from Apple how to do it please. I'm sick of backing up my fone and then install the leaks. Even Windows PC backup doesn't take that long.

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Since updating to 10.1 three weeks ago, I now have these "random" reboots. To date, I count at least 10 reboots and at least one lockup since I've updated. I do like the new features and useability upgrades. But the stability issues caused by these random reboots makes me concerned for the quality of this Z10. It would be nice if the next update actually does fix the random reboot problems 10.1 was suppose to solve. When will that be?

Not only did ALL my text messages get erased, I am now experiencing random reboots after updating the OS on my Z10. I am not very happy at all with this phone after changing from an iphone5.

I have been using my z10 for about 1 month now. I like it. My z10 started randomly rebooting itself 2 days ago. It started with just a couple of reboots per day. Today I have counted 16 reboots. I have the following additional apps; navita translator, whatsapp, sports tracker, skyscanner, code muncher, and bbve. I am using os 10.1. What I have noticed is that when I move my phone in a funny way or when I move the back panel, it reboots. so it could very well be that it is a loose battery issue, Although I find it funny that I have had it for 1 month and it is only happening now.
I realize that most people don't seem to have this issue, but for those of us that do, it is getting a little frustrating. Hopefully the fix will come soon

i just got the latest 10.2 update on tmobile and it still reboots, only when using the wifi!! works perfectly when charger is plugged in, why ? any suggestions on what to do ?