Setting Up Wifi On Your BlackBerry Smartphone

By John Yester on 17 Feb 2010 09:49 am EST

As most newer devices have Wifi, more and more questions are popping up on just how to get up and running with Wifi. Its fairly simple, but for new BlackBerry users, some of it may be a bit confusing. Wifi is arguably one of the best features on new devices, so for a quick look at some on the available Wifi settings, check out the video above. We'll take a look at how to add a new connection automatically or manually, connecting to the network, and some of the features you can tweak to get your settings just right.

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Setting Up Wifi On Your BlackBerry Smartphone


That is not normal as when you use 3G you are using more power to pull info from cell towers and at a greater distance. When using WiFi you use far less power and the info is pulled from the router in close proximity. As least from what I have read and experienced.

It's not normal, a Wifi connection will actually increase your battery life if you get a lot of emails, access the web, etc.

I get better battery life at home on my personal wifi network, but if I stay connected to the wifi at my work, my BB won't even last through the whole day. I'm guessing a lot has to do with brand of router, distance, and what the signal's trying to penetrate. Work's a steel and concrete box with computers everywhere, so lots of EM interference, at home we're the only router on the block and we're wood and drywall construction. I'd guess that makes a huge difference.

If you're on a wi-fi connection, the extra drain won't be much, if anything. As someone posted, it may even improve battery life. If you're moving around, and it's constantly seeking wi-fi connections, then it will drain a bit more than just the regular mobile network connection. I keep my wi-fi on at home, but try to turn it off when I'm out and about.

The strength of your wifi signal will affect your battery life. If you have a weak signal, the connection may go in and out. This causes more stress on the battery as more power is needed to search and reconnect to the wifi network. I've left by blackberry 9700 sitting on a desk at work for 6 hours with a weak wifi signal and the battery was drained completely. When I disabled that particular wifi connection, battery life was normal again. provide a BlackBerry without a connection to the mobile network everything necessary to have wireless sync and e-mail functioning?

I'm interested in deploying BlackBerry smartphones in my own small business and the devices are going to be primarily used as PDA devices. It would be awesome to have e-mail function natively through WiFi. I can host my own BES (Express) router, but is this at all possible? Thanks much.

P.S. Good video, but any chance to have a higher quality microphone in upcoming one-oh-one videos?

I wish this video would cover VPN access to Openvpn servers.
It's very unsafe to use Wifi on your device on an open Network.

When using wifi with UMA it doesn't use up your minutes and data, it saves battery when connected to wifi, and it is faster imo

While using Wi-Fi on my Bold 9700, the battery life increases for me. I am going to assume it's because a wi-fi connection doesn't require as much power to receive and transmit data as 3G coverage. Also, if your area doesn't have the best cell coverage the wi-fi seems to take the dominant role if it's signal is better thus increasing battery life. Sometimes when I am at home, I will turn my mobile network off and just go UMA which is faster and doesn't drop calls like it does on 3G when I go into bad reception areas of my house.

I rode the MegaBus from Detroit to Chicago and was on my phone non-stop while using just their wi-fi connection. The trip is 5 hours, and my battery only went down to 50% while on Twitter, BBM, and using Pandora.

So, I guess it depends on your phone or your wi-fi/ mobile network coverage.

I have a 9700 and my wifi connection at home works perfectly. No sooner have I walked through the door than it lights up white and is ready to use.

However, at the office, it only works if I restart the router. Otherwise it stays grey and with a line in the connection. Restarting the router usually causes it to connect straight away without any other action from me.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the video. However, you glossed over mention of options such as "enable single profile scanning" and what it does. In fact, you didn't explain it at all. Can you elaborate on what this does?

My BB 8900 running no longer AUTOMATICALLY connects to saved WiFi networks or networks it has previously connected with (ie. work and home). I have to manually switch between the networks manually.

Is there an option that allows auto connection to known networks?

Single Profile Scanning stays locked to a particular profile when you are in an area where there is multiple coverage areas and prevents your phone from automatically switching to your other saved profiles in the same range.

That's what I've been told about the function of single profile scanning. However, if I turn off this feature, then my BB WiFi does not automatically connect with any previously saved networks.

In other words, I would like it to automatically connect to my home and work WiFi networks. Currently, my BB doesn't do this whether the "single profile scanning" feature is turned on or off.

i have a blackberry pearl, with the BBM application already in it. I am on a prepaid , not a contract. can you still use BBM? or is it only if you have a contract? and also, when i went to manage connections like it says in the video above to switch on the Wifi , it doesnt even have a Wifi box to tick :S only mobile network and bluetooth...anybody?

I am at the end of the rope. I am trying to use wifi WITHOUT data services (ATT). I have a 8820 and I am next to a router.
I can connect to the router and the router sees the BB. But the BB says "cannot adquire IP address", therefore I cannot use the browser or Google maps. Any suggestions ? One ATT rep said "it should work". Another said "no, you need data services enabled".

I have the Tour via Verizon and there isn't a wifi option in the Manage Connections folder. Is this an option that's not available thru Verizon?

This is my first smartphone. I've been living as an Urban Amish and avoiding your digital revolution as much as I could. But I finally caved. I don't even know how to set up wifi or how to use it. What! Damn kids and your damn new-fangled gadgets!

I had tried everything, and over the last three days, the only thing that fixed my problems was a 'Security Wipe' on my brand new BB Bold 9000. After that wipe, I did have to follow the instructions about the TCP/IP and Browser, but it did work after that! I now have a web browser, but not email.

Thanks to all those who posted here.

I go to scan for networks.... my network comes up, then i click on it and it says "this wireless router supports WIFI protected setup" then it provides me with a PIN to enter in my router... how do i do that????

I got a blackberry curve 8520 yesterday . I had the bold before that but it broke i had the same problem with my bold. I set up the wifi connection in my house and all goes perfect the receptions good its connected but when i go to go on the internet it wont let me on it says things like try later or no credit .I don't want to go on through my service provider i want to use my free wifi at my home .how can i get this working?

Hi I can't use my blackberry curve 9360 to download from the internet I keep seing the message that browsing over the cellular network is not allowed as my data plan and that I'm using an unregognised browser PLEASE what can I do to enjoy this service ?