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A Quick Look at Using Bedside Mode on your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 4 Jan 2010 12:57 pm EST

One of the most forgotten features in the BlackBerry OS has to be Bedside Mode. This feature was first introduced on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and is on all devices featuring version 4.6 > software. Many users swear by it, while others don't even know it exists. There really isn't much to setting it up, but it can come in handy if you're like me and use your device as an alarm clock or don't turn it off when you go to sleep (but let's be honest, what BlackBerry addict does?). Bedside Mode is a great way to tweak your device with some quick settings that will activate when the device is charging. You can choose to disable the LED, turn off radio, dim the screen and more. The device will automatically enter Bedside Mode when a charger is attached, and if you're at your desk or in a car or anywhere you don't want to activate the feature, you can easily exit simply by pressing the back button. Check out the video above for a quick look at setting up and using Bedside Mode on your BlackBerry Smartphone.



One of the best BlackBerry features ever.
I've got mine set to let thru calls only; silences all other alerts and LEDs.
And a nice feature of OS 5 is that you can also set a time range for bedside mode so you don't miss any emails & alerts during the daytime if the phone is plugged in (i.e., only goes into bedside mode during certain hours you set).


How do you set the time range for bedside mode? Thanks.


@mbs - tell us where that setting is for the time range thing you mention. I've looked around on my Storm 2 and can't find anything.

And yes I too love Bedside Mode. So awesome.


under options look at clock then when charging. set that to enter bedside mode then tell to restrict to certain hours...thats it folks!


Wow... I always wish you could do this. I bet you are one of the very few who knew about this option.


MY tour does not have this option. My storm 2 does. WHy not the tour.


This is a 5.0 only feature, so unless you're running a leak you're tour wouldn't have it.


i'm not seeing this option?


One thing that I hate about the time range option is that it doesn't have an additional setting for what to do when charging during that time. It goes straight to display clock. I would prefer the do nothing option. So basically I have to do this manually, when I leave for work I change the option to do nothing when charging or change the profile option for bedside mode. I have two charging cradles, so I have to adjust this depending the time of day. Not much work, but still I have to do this twice a day for my optimal setting.


I'm one of the users who swears by this feature. I have it set a certain profile when I've entered bedside mode and not only that, this makes my phone act as my most favourite alarm clock!


seting it up, just a little spelling error besides that great article


I have no such app on my 8330 curve. Please include what models this is for and what OS!!


In the top of the article it clearly states "This feature was first introduced on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and is on all devices featuring version 4.6 > software."


My G/F and I both have the charging pods and use this feature every night! We are turning into a Crackberry Couple;)


I have been using the Bedside feature on my Bold 9000 since I got it and I love it. I love that you can turn the led off yet leave it so if you get a call you'll still hear it. Genius.


Has some issues like it keeps going into bed side mode after you exit out of it when charging, display of the when setting alarm is terrible looking, compared to yours and is glitchy, etc...


You're OS is a leak so you can't be mad that it doesn't work.


I never said i was, i was just letting people know of the issue so they can be resolved


So can I upgrade my OS to allow this feature on my Curve 8320? I ugraded the OS to 4.6. I'm really trying to squeeze all the life out of this, it was a big purchase and I'm not to fond of dropping half a grand on something that will likely need replacement in under 24 months.


My Blackberry Bold doesn't have the option to change the sound profile type under Bedside Mode Options, any idea why its displayed in this video but my phone doesn't have the option? is that a feature only available on the Bold 9700?


Under "Clock Options" ... "When charging:" What does "Dismiss Clock Automatically (YES or NO)" do?


When you unplug the charger...

Choosing YES automatically closes the clock app, and NO leaves the clock open.


What a helpful video!!!!!!!!!!! I been wondering what exactly does this feature does.

I love this site!!!


I have been using it for a while. I use the desktop cradle. It goes into bedside mode. Just allows calls from contacts, but MultiAlarm still wakes me up.


How do you set it to receive calls from contacts only? Is that done automatically in phone calls only profile?


These are horrible instructions. I have BB Curve 8330 and it doesn't look like I have that option. The video doesn't even say which model to look for it, what "clock app" he's talking about or anything to clear it up. Look at all the comments - you are confusing a whole lot of people. Please do better next time.


If you read the article right below the video on the blog page, it states what you are asking for.
Here is a copy of it, the very first sentence in the write up....
One of the most forgotten features in the BlackBerry OS has to be Bedside Mode. This feature was first introduced on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and is on all devices featuring version 4.6 > software.


didn't realize there was a time range setting ... hadn't looked at it that closely ... just set it up to "phone calls only" profile and then manually set it to bedside mode at night, because otherwise the blinking blue light (which, thanks to BerryBuzz, is text messages) would keep me up all night long! lol


I just set my alarm,turn my phone off and it automatically turns on when the alarm goes off.I've never used bedside mode because I'm such a heavy sleeper I wouldn't wake up if I heard the phone ring anyways!


Take note Crack berry nation, bedside mode insinuates that you charge your phone while you sleep!


This is a great feature that I started to use on my 9000 & now use it on my 9700. Combined with a charging dock is one many reasons why my BB is never more then 3ft away from me 24/7 365 days a year.


Is there a way to not display the clock in bedside mode? I just want the screen to go black like it would normally. Currently after it enters bedside mode I just hit end before putting the phone down on the nightstand.


i would like to know this also. i like my blackberry to be completely off when i sleep, except for phone calls.


Can someone tell me what is this Gmail icon Kevin has on his Bold? Is this standard Gmail app or something else...


i have the desktop charger at home and now use my tour in bedside mode for my alarm clock. now the my tour is the first and last thing i see for the day.


Bedside Mode and Standby Mode were two features that I didn't even know about untill I was wowed by all the other things my Bold does. But I use them both every single day! The bedside just depends on which dock it's charging on (desk or bedroom) and standby helps with battery life. Who can complain about that.


please stop smacking your lips in between each sentence.. it's annoying...

ps, thanks for the info


Wish there was some way to make the dimmed screen dimmer. I threw away my alarm clock after getting the charger stand for my Storm. Have not missed that stupid alarm clock. I love bedside mode!


I use bedside mode and love it. One problem I have is that I set my LED to on but it does not flash when a new message is received. I can't figure out why this is. I have a storm 2 with the official OS. I also set it to phone only, radio on and dim screen. Any help would be great. Thanks.


...is default set to have LED for only phone calls. You'll have to go in and manually change (in the profile for Phone Calls Only) which LEDs you want to display. Hope this helps.


Surly bedside mode is going to put excessive use on the LCD?


Maybe, but the LCD can take it. Battery life won't go down either, because of the assumption that it is charging whenever it goes into bedside mode anyhow...


Hey can some tell this guy when he makes a video to stop "smacking" his gums when he speaks !!!!

xxDruMMer BoYxx

hi,,...lol...hey do u mind if u send me that wallpaper you had on the phone...thatd be awesome...Thanks in advance..


I use bedside mode a lot. One of the best features is that the alarm bypasses password security to allow dismiss or sleep without having to enter a password when the alarm goes off. It would be nice if RIM added a feature to change the color of the clock. For example I would like to be able to set the color to red for night use. It would also be nice if multiple alarms could be set that would still retain the password bypass feature (password bypass is not possible with Adornis Mutliple Alarm or BBSmart Alarm Pro).


I've never seen that charging station before. does it use the little metal piece on the bottom left corner as a connector?


I LURRRRRRRRRVE BEDSIDE MODE!!!! I hate when I forget to put it on before I fall asleep and wake in the middle of the night to pulsating light in my bedroom.


You have to go into the clock app and hit enter bedside mode every time?

I see if you hit enter and then close out the program, it will run in the background. Sucks to have to go into the clock app every time.

Maybe quicklaunch will have a shortcut for the clock. As of now I do not see one there.



OK my bad just watched the video to keep it in bedside when charging.


I love bedside mode and use it every times I was out of home. It's one of the features that I swear by. And like the others, no body told you about them when you buy a BlackBerry.


I've been setting the bedside mode manually every night and then disabling it in the morning.

I knew there had to be an easier way.



I use it every night! I can use my BB as a desk clock and sleep without be waken up by sms/mail... Love it!


See you learn something new EVERYDAY and it gave me one of those "Aha" moments! Thank You Keep the tips coming!!


Guess I will break the news. 5.0.144 now avaiable to for Bell mobility on its Blackberry Bold 9000. Enjoy!


I didn't know this feature existed! I just learned something new again!
Love learning more about my wonderful phone!
Thanks for sharing!


Wondering if its smart to charge the BB everynight ?

Some days my battery isn't even close to being ready to charge .

Does it hurt the battery life ?


for all that do not know... The mute button at the top of your phone, doubles as your standby mode key. Standby mode locks your keyboard, puts your phone to sleep by blacking out your screen and saves on battery. Your phone still receives all notifications, but is the best pocket dialing protection ever. It also does not require a password or combo key unlock. All you have to do is press the mute key again to bring the phone out of standby mode.

This is one of my fav features!


Was so happy with the cool glow from the dock, I love my BB


Cool little video. I never messed with the bedside mode on my 8520. I was so used to the 8320. Thanks for the informative video.


I knew the option was on the phone but didn't see the need for it but now I do, Thank you!


Thanks, my wife wasn't happy last night when my BB Bold 9700 started chirping after we entered bedside mode, now the problem is fixed!


Have the screen dim option set, but the screen goes black and I can't see the clock in bedside mode. There is no option to have the backlight stay on continuously. Is there.


I've used this ever since I got my first Storm a year ago and experimented with it until everything was set up. Nothing like plugging my Storm2 into a computer and watching the clock activate.


I got a Storm2 charging pod for Christmas. It's made for a terrific bedside clock (love the old-school flip-clock look).

However, I wish there was a way to configure the Right Side Convenience Key in bedside mode to act as a snooze... Or I could just get up when the alarm goes off!


i second "dkqip". i have the screen set to dim in bedside mode which it does. however, it goes blank after 30 sec cause thats what i have the main screen settings at. is there any way to allow bedside mode to stay on but dim? i have the storm 9530.



Figured it out. In the clock> options set> When Charging: Enter Bedside Mode. Then set Dismiss Clock > No. Most importantly the phone must be charging. Now your clock will show and the screen will not go black. I bet he mentions this in the video ;)


Thanks dkqip! it works!!!


It's a great feature on OS 5. OS 4.6's bedside mode is not as useful, since the mode can't be automatically enabled when connecting the charger and it won't change profiles. Can't wait for an OS 5 upgrade for my 8350i.


Like other BB Apps, there are puzzling and poorly documented/undocumented options. For instance, what does "Dismiss Clock Automatically" mean? I've seen no difference in App behavior when it is set to Yes or No.


I use bedside mode at night. What really annoys me is that I cannot have it set to stay on the dimmed screen without going black without having to set it to always enter bedside mode when docked. I leave my blackberry docked when I'm home, therefore don't want it to be in bedside mode all the time!


my tour does not have time restriction option.


Dismiss automatically means that when the phone is removed from the charger, the clock disappeared automatically when the option is set on yes.

I don't have a charging cradle so I use my watch to stand the phone up while changing.


...is there something I'm doing wrong? When I plug it in, I get the 'entering bedside mode' message, the screen dims but then immediately brightens again and stays brightened all night - aargh! Anyone have any thoughts?


I *might* be wrong about this, but I think when you put the device into Bedside Mode when it's NOT on a charger, the screen dims and shows the clock continuously IF the room is completely dark, but if light hits the sensor then the screen goes blank. I've only just figured this out, and I'm not even sure if I'm right.
EDIT: Nope, I was mistaken. But that would be such a great feature.
(Curve 8900 OS 4.6x)


(Curve 8900 OS 4.6x)

I am having an issue. I followed the video and did everything the same that I could, yet my phone goes completely black and I can't see the clock after 20 sec or so.

The only fix is to go into "Screen/Keyboard" and turn OFF "automatically dim backlight." The problem with that is while the clock stays lit, so does the keyboard.


I love the bedside mode, but my 9000 Bold ( does not have the sound profile setting under Bedside Mode. Anyone know why? This is exactly what I need.


I would really like to have a charging pod for my BlackBerry because I use it as my primary alarm clock, and it's not very convenient when its in bedside mode but lying on my night stand. Every time i look over to see what time it is, I have to pick it up to look at it. Also, I have a Storm 2 and the charger doesn't like to go in smoothly so I have to fiddle around with it. Which I can't see it being good for the phone. So I would really like to have a charging pod.


Is there a way to get phone calls and text messages while in Bedside Mode? That how my teenager contacts me.


Seminary14: As long as you leave the "Disable Radio" setting on "off" and, if your you have a setting for changing the sound profile, leave that setting off as well, your phone will still receive phone calls and messages.

CPS646: If your phone carrier hasn't updated your phone to the 5.0 operating system, you won't have all of the options.


I did eerything along with the video but a lot of the options he had don't exist on my phone. I have a brand new phone??? Curve 8520 what am i doing wrong????


Can i get for my pearl 8100?


I'm wondering if it is good or bad or okay for the battery life of the phone. Because i just started using bedside mode and i barely have to charge every night. my battery lasts 1.5 or 2 days for sure.
Does anyone know about this if its okay to charge the phone all night and every night even if the battery is pretty much full?

SR Pierce

I was so excited to use the Blackberry as a night time clock/alarm clock. But the face would dim and brighten about every 30 seconds and then stay on bright. I called AT&T Blackberry support who then transferred me to RIM.
Answer: RIM stated that one is not to leave the phone on the charger past the time needed to fully charge the battery, as this will cause the battery life to decline. Bottom Line - it can not be used as an overnight digital clock. Same goes for folks who were upset that the screen "darkens" in bedside mode when not charging. Although it may seem otherwise, phone is not designed to replace an ordinary digital clock.

SR Pierce

I was so excited to use the Blackberry as a night time clock/alarm clock. But the face would dim and brighten about every 30 seconds and then stay on bright. I called AT&T Blackberry support who then transferred me to RIM.
Answer: RIM stated that one is not to leave the phone on the charger past the time needed to fully charge the battery, as this will cause the battery life to decline. Bottom Line - it can not be used as an overnight digital clock. Same goes for folks who were upset that the screen "darkens" in bedside mode when not charging. Although it may seem otherwise, phone is not designed to replace an ordinary digital clock.


I have been using my Tour in a charging cradle in bedside mode for a year and a half without any loss of battery life.


This is a great feature. at first it was not working but eventually i figured out that like a computer you may have to do a hard reset for the feature to work. once i took the battery out my settings were saved!!!!


I cannot believe I've been a crackberry addict for 5 years and just now figured out that Bedside Mode is exactly what I need at work to keep the ringer from annoying my office mates and keep the message light from annoying me.

Always something new and great.