A Quick Look at BlackBerry Messenger Groups

By Adam Zeis on 18 Dec 2009 10:13 am EST

When groups first popped up with the release of BlackBerry Messenger 5.0, there was no documention about them at all, and everyone pretty much had to figure it out on their own. Over time, those that chose to use groups got a pretty good handle on everything. I for one love the functionality of the BlackBerry Messenger Groups (although I didn't at first) and use them every day. The ability to easily share photos, calendars and lists makes some of my daily tasks as well as communicating with family and friends much easier. Take a look at thie video above to get a better idea of what groups can do, and see if you've been missing out on any of the cool integration.



Do you have a link that would work on the mobile site?


has anyone knows how much we can add group members?


It says when you Add Member on the bottom will say Group Capacity: x / 30


Any other Storm 2 users having problems with the Group feature? After creating a Group, I am unable to view the Group Details. Just sits there and never opens...


My friends created a group to chat daily but every time I open the group and i hit the chat tab it tells me this message and I cannot get into the chat with them

uncaught exception: Invalid escape sequence, URI must be encoded.

Any idea why this happens?


I learned alot. looks very usefull. now if only my wife was organized enough to use it.


Wow, I can see this as a real productivity boost on a project, but then again all project resources would have to have a Blackberry... If the company isn't into the mobile game and buy the 'BB way of life', not gonna happen... But many thanks Adam, at least now I know how it works!

Shay D. Life

Yep, I'm a part of four different groups and it's been that way for awhile. I think it's great, kinda of like having a conference call.......but quiet.


when i joined a group it made my 9700 lag allot. not all the time but sometimes. It got to he point that I had to get out


We been going strong since the release of BBM 5. The group is blast. Memebers attending games post pics...chat with other fans during the game...have updates of the game when you are now where near TV or Radio.

Love the groups feature. Has vast uses on many levels.


The groups are just fantastic. My gf and I have a two-member group and we share calendar events, lists (movies to see, that kinda stuff) and of course the chat session which rolls on and on.


Awesome video! I had seen groups but had no idea all of these functions where part of it. I am hoping I can people at work to upgrade and try it out.


makes me wish i had more than 4 BBM contacts lol


LOL. Great Review! I only have 9 but aren't any that I would use these functions for.


how did he get the blackberry icon after him name?????
like "crackberry adam, then the logo"


What's your pin number? I can send it to you and you have to save it to your autotext. Then when you type in whatever you named it, it will appear.


Thank allot for the little tutorial on this. Fantastic job ;)
This will come in so handy now with our executive meetings.


What theme is that on the left BB?

Adam Zeis

Default Preceision theme on both devices.


When I think I know everything there is to know about my storm I learn something new...and useful. Thanks Adam


we should have a storm2 tips,and trix grp on bbm


how did you get that symbol by your name?


I had it before but lost it when i switched devices. My pin is 215BA924


Anyone looking for a way to share lists between 2 devices only, I'd recommend HoneyDew. I played with the BBM lists for a little bit, but I still like HoneyDew better. As I mentioned above, the only problem is that you can only share lists between two device.

Also, the shared calendar feature is cool, but if you share an event that is already in your default calendar, it will list the event twice if you have the "show all calendars" option selected. I think I just prefer to use the "invite attendee" option within a calendar entry.

John Yester

Nice Video Adam, Well done Sir


What twitter client is that Adam is using?


What weather app is Adam using in this video?


I believe is Berry Weather


Great info and demo! I am still new to BBM and working my way through it but I do see how it can be a useful app. How or were did you get the BB symbols to place after your user name? My PIN is 30CD194D. Thank you.


that blackberry symbol after his name is cool, how do i get that? pin: 3119C42A


i tried to add a member on the group but it just shows Joining "Group Name".... then Waiting for confirmation and showing a status bar. Its been like that for almost 10mins and still it hadn't add the contact i want to add. whats the problem? PIN: 21753A9C


just got a storm 2 a few days ago, runs fantastically...except i just joined a group, and whenever i go to the group chat, my keyboard wont show up on the screen. only way i can get it to show up is if i hit new chat in the menu, and it only lets me use standard keyboard at that point, no numbers or symbols and such. anybody else have this problem and/or a solution to it? PIN is 31692eb6