BlackBerry 10.1 OS now available in Australia

By Michelle Haag on 16 May 2013 09:27 pm EDT

That's right Australians, you should now be able to download and install the BlackBerry 10.1 update on your BlackBerry Z10! As announced earlier this week at the BlackBerry Live 2013 keynote, the update is rolling out around the world, with many people already seeing the update on their devices. Keep reading to see what changes and updates you can expect to find in this new version of BlackBerry 10, and be sure to let us know in the comments below if you're seeing the update down under.

BlackBerry® 10.1 OS now available in Australia

The new BlackBerry® 10.1 Operating System (OS) is now available for download by BlackBerry Z10 smartphone customers in Australia. The BlackBerry 10 update includes new features for the BlackBerry Hub alongside updates to notifications, cursor control and camera.

How to download the operating system update
To update your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone to BlackBerry 10.1, look for the alert in the notifications section of the BlackBerry Hub. You can also check for software updates through the settings menu by visiting the software updates section. The download will happen in the background, so your information remains safe. However, as always, we recommend you have a current backup of your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone readily available. For more information on how to update your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, visit

New BlackBerry 10.1 OS features include:

BlackBerry Hub

The BlackBerry Hub lets you access all your messages and notifications in one place. With BlackBerry 10.1, the BlackBerry Hub supports PIN to PIN messages for direct communication between BlackBerry smartphones. Plus, improved attachment support in the BlackBerry Hub makes it easier to view emails which have been sent as attachments to other messages.


Your BlackBerry 10 smartphone keeps you connected to the people who matter to you with BBM, text messages, personal and work email, social networks and more. With BlackBerry 10.1, you can personalise the notifications for your accounts and contacts so you always know what is happening around you. Customise ringtones, vibration and the LED light by contact or by account for more personalised notifications.

Fine Cursor Control

BlackBerry 10.1 makes it easier and more accurate to pinpoint exactly where you want to type. Tap once to bring up the cursor. Grab the blue circle and drag it around to place it exactly where you need it. Tap either side of the circle to move left or right by just one character. It’s easy to move around with speed and precision.


BlackBerry 10 lets you create the perfect shot by moving parts of your picture backwards and forwards in time with Time Shift mode. BlackBerry 10.1 adds an HDR shooting mode for beautiful images in tricky lighting conditions. A standard image takes a picture at one exposure level. Where you have high contrast between light and dark areas of the photo, fine details can be lost. High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode takes multiple pictures at different exposure levels and layers them automatically to produce a single photo that combines the best of the dark and light areas.

Lots more to discover: You’ll find lots of new improvements across the BlackBerry 10 OS like landscape support for the calendar, easier international dialing, improved red eye reduction in the picture editor and much more. The first step to discovering these new features is to update your BlackBerry 10 software.


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BlackBerry 10.1 OS now available in Australia


After you guys and girls do the update/upgrade I would restart it again then go to BB World and manually check for updates for your Apps, I had about 13 updates to my Apps after the upgrade a few days ago. Take care.

By the way we just had an earthquake here north of Toronto Ontario Canada. 9:45 am May 17 my whole house was shaking.. but all seems okay now.

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I just downloaded this from rogers

I heard if u update u lose your side loaded apps which I still have
Btw the earthquake was barely noticeable here in mississauga

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I don't have any side loaded apps so I would not be able to tell you. I have some on my Playbook but have not bothered on my Z10.

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If your phone is unlocked just get a Vodafone sim or O2 works as well. EE will probably be the last horse and that means tmobile and orange too.
I put a Voda sim in mine and the notification came up straight away

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Heins also said a dozen times that the q10 would be released in the US in May, and that the playbook would upgrade to bb10, so their credibility isn't exactly high right now...

Never miss an opportunity to shit on BlackBerry, do you? Do you have any CONCLUSIVE evidence that the Q10 will not be released in the US by May end, either for business or general customers? Same for BB10 on the PB. Got any conclusive evidence it ain't coming?

I'm not shitting on anything, just stating the facts. If you want to ignore what's happening and what was said Tuesday, then be a typical fanboy and bury your head in the sand...

First of all, I was never talking about "business" customers. Second, Heins had said many times that the q10 would "be available at carriers" by the end of may. No one can walk into a T-Mobile store and buy a q10 (before June). And T-Mobile had already revealed that they're having inventory problems (blackberry probably never supplied them). A corporate custom can't call and order one. They first have to full out a form, then a business agent will get back to them within 10 days to continue the order. Not exactly what I consider "available". Call T-Mobile and attempt to order one if you don't believe me. And of you consider a January launch, but unavailability until June a good execution, then you are a true fanboy my friend.

I'd like to see a source for the "T-Mobile inventory problems" you're claiming. I'm not a fanboy, but when either "side" makes claims, and consistently takes a singular position without backing up these claims without sources, it bugs me. So post back with where you see that T-Mobile is reporting low inventory even for business customers.

My company called yesterday to place an order and that's what was said and that's what happened. We filled out a form and was told we'd hear back within ten days due to inventory issues.

You've got me all wrong here. I'm not a BlackBerry basher or hater. Quite the opposite. I want the q10, which I is an outstanding phone, but am angered by the January release and unavailability until June. And Heins himself went on a us media tour and said it would be available in May. We can fight about technicalities all we want, but a 5 month gap between launch and availability isn't a good thing, regardless of how good the product is.

Fair enough. If reality really is contrary to what the execs are saying, they should be made aware of it, or even called out for it (it they willingly mislead people.) They sure have a history of doing it (PlayBook and Skype,) but I thought the gravity of the situation would have dawned upon them by now.

You make it sound like 6 months when it's really closer to 4. Everyone knew the Q10 would be coming after the Z10. 4 months from announcement to distribution worldwide, for not one but two phone models (when has Apple done that?) for a company not nearly as capitalized as Apple or Samsung, is not nearly as bad as you're making it out to be. I'm not saying it's great -- but what's the alternative? Be unhappy as you want for the 4, 5, 6 months or for the rest of your life, but you sure sound like a basher, calling everyone who doesn't 'hear hear' you fanboys.

Ummm... do you people have no idea how the supply chain works? BlackBerry does not ACTUALLY ship devices, there is a company that does that. And your service provider and the inventory management company decide when they will receive and release the phones and updates, in part, that depends on when they finally order the phone and if they're willing to pay to get it sooner etc... Stop blaming Heinz/BB.

I have an unlocked phone in Australia and after I check on updates it tells me my phone is up to date. So not all Australians can get 10.1 yet

It's available on idea so if it hasn't come to Vodafone yet, it should be in soon hopefully in 24-72 hrs. Cheers.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

How about Nu Zealand......Vodafone and Telecom don't even sell the Z10 yet. Thank goodness for Parallel Imports.

Surely if the Aussies have it now that means us South Africans should get a flippin hint anytime soon. Need that darn Skype Boet!!!

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Its available in SA bra, I'm with cell c took sim out put Voda sim in checked for the update and got it..

Verizon wireless could use this like now. Yeah I hate having my Z10 freezing.

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

Agree with you but I have You should at least be on that. Verizon sucks. Not even close to updating. I have called them once per week for 4 weeks and they have no answer and no frigging clue. Verizon sucks.

You'll be many months behind everyone else on Verizon. The US will ALWAYS be last, but it will unfortunately be much worse on Verizon.

I heard from a anonymous source, who has a second cousin that has a ex in law, that has a son who delivers the newspaper to a person who has a cousin that spoke to an anonymous source from blackberry that the 10.1 update is coming soon.

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Is the 10.1 update network or model dependent? I'm using an unlocked model STL-100-2 on Philippine network.

Same here. I guess it will depend on the carrier. I cant wait to get the update. :)

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So far so good. Downloaded yesterday arv from Telstra. Still sussing out battery life though.

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Maybe because they want to test it on the rest of the world to make sure it's perfect for us :-)

Posted Via CB10 from Z10.

It's available on the Bell Network in Canada, although I can't seem to find the HDR function for the camera nor the notification for specific contacts - am I not looking in the right places, or could it be only half of 10.1?

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you can set individual notifications in the contacts app when you select a contact to edit, go to the very bottom of the contact

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went to settings ,checked for software updates and it was there,10.1.0273, 337mb,going to take a while but extremely happy, I don't have to wait.I'm with Bell.

Ok guys question. I got mines on t mobile when I was in the states but I'm living in Dominican Republic for now and in using it with a Claro sin card. Which update I will get!? The one for Claro or the one for T mobile?

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Surprised there are that many BlackBerry users left in oz!

Loving the Z10 after a brief flirtation with an S3.

Also still waiting on optus..

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Yes just got it in US on Verizon.

Yep it does feel got to type that. Just wish it would happen sooner than later. At least Verizon keeps the same MO and never disappoints. If you didn't have solid service, Ooh our relationship would be over.

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my phone is not tied to any carrier, but I'm using Vodafone network right now, and my phone also is using leaked OS How can I get my phone updated with the new OS, any suggestions?

AT&T user in the States rocking the ibfe 1762 leak and loving it without any issues. Been using leaks and hybrids for years on legacy devices and I must say the autoloaders are even easier. Glad to see leaks on BB10 until BBRY stops relying on carrier deployment. You may or may not brick your phone, but if you do, a reset brings it back to the state it was when you unboxed it.

I am looking forward to the day when some crafty folks start building hybrids for BB10 which will eliminate carrier bloatware particularly since we don't rely on service books any longer.

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Hey my pin is 333C2727 if it's not to much trouble can you shoot me a 1,2,3 on how to download a leak OS with an autoloader.

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Can't agree with u more. Been with leak 1762 since with no issue- on Celcom stl-2

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All the updates are available for download on crackberry. They are by phone ie. STL100-1 or STL100-2 or STL100-3 or -4. Works great. No bugs other than what you would get from carrier download. That BlackBerry needs to work out.

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Pretty amazed that Telstra approved this so quickly. Maybe a sign that z10 is selling well for Telstra which keeps the updates high on the priority list internally. That or telstra was frustrated at the number of users complaining of reboots, and pushed this to try and stem the complaints. Hopefully the former

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Hey guys I'm running the Z10 on Optus unlocked, I used an old Telstra sim I had an got the 10.1 update. Running great so far but the download took forever 1.3gb!!

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Hello BlackBerry 10.1 Update also available in India... just yesterday updated the same...

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Downloaded 10.1 on the Rogers network in Canada. Immediately downloaded Skype after that. Still playing around with it, but so far 10.1 is a definite improvement...very smooth.

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Check again, that's the "Software " version. Not the "OS".

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10

Telstra BlackBerry users... I know one BlackBerry Telstra user, and 3-4 Optus users.

Telstra is the only one to have the update pushed to them, and it was like 24 hours ago.

Blackberry Faithful - #TeamBlackBerry

It won't get pushed through. You need to go through your settings menu. I updated mine last night. Skype was the big winner for me.

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I have download, working good but some issue still happen like opening blackberry hub take longer especially after restart and a lot of application on blackberry world have in error, cant download most of application

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This is one sweet upgrade. I must say that BlackBerry really listened to their users and they improved what needed improving. I love the precision cursor control we now have. It is now the best out there among smartphones. Even the calculator got an upgrade. You can swipe to the left now for a full set of scientific keys. Wish the calculator had a CE (clear entry) button. Love PIN messaging - it's back! There is even improvements to the Music app, which now shows complete list of tracks in Albums, not just some of them.
File Manager lets me connect to my home PC via WiFi or cellular network when I enable BlackBerry Link - was this in 10.0? I don't recall. Viewing attached messages is awesome - needed that! I like the HDR support in the camera for those situations when there is a lot of highlights and shadow. Finally, one of my top needs was being able to click on phone numbers to dial, and to paste numbers into the dialer. Thank you, BBRY!

Nevertheless, I will continue to hound BBRY that Google multi-calendar support is still missing!! C'mon folks! This is a need not a want. I use Calendar Sync app now as a fix, but I constantly have to log into it. It doesn't remember logins. This is not a viable option - this feature should be built-in as it is too critical to overlook.

Have upgrade to new version but now blackberry world cannot be accessed. Is anyone else having this issue.

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No update as yet. I am with vodafone Australia and they don't support blackberry phones anymore so I dont like my chances of any updates whatsoever being pushed to phone as none have shown up previously. I tried the blackberry Australia website and no update there either. Supposedly you can update via link but there is no feature to update software on there either (I have the latest version of link installed). Only way I have ever been able to update is via BlackBerry Australia website, so guess I will have to wait till it shows up there, BUMMER!!!

As previously mentioned you just need to buy a $2 Telstra sim and put that in your phone to download the update, easy as :)

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Thanks mate. But why is it not possible to do any updates via link? It should also be available on the blackberry website as soon as it's released but not there yet, they must be behind the times if the carriers are pushing it through already. Surely you would think that the manufacturer would support the update first!!!

Might be a silly question but do you need to put credit on the $2 sim card, or just buy the sim card and use for updates?

Hi Kevin, well the telstra shop must have been having a lend of me as they wanted $30 for a sim starter pack. Not too bad as it is for 6 months but I believe if you leave your sim without credit for a while it becomes invalid???

Thanks for your help, so I take it I won't have to add more credit once it expires? I only want to use this sim purely for updates which it does over wifi so not using telstra data.

I would imagine that you couldn't use the sim card after it expired, as it would have no mobile connection and not push the update through, I am not 100% sure. Even if that is the case, you can just get another $2 sim, so worse case scenario you have to get a $2 sim every 6 months or a bit longer depending on when updates come, if you don't want to wait for Optus. Never add credit to the $2 sim, you don't need credit, just for it to be active, and there is of course no point adding credit to the $2 sim when it expires as it's a lot cheaper just to get another $2 sim as Telstra won't let you add $2 credit on a sim or anything even below $30 or so.

Cool, will keep that in mind when the time comes. Thanks heaps for your replies, it is greatly appreciated.

On my unlocked Z10 with BT.I removed the sim and it popped up. I'm in UK. Als as I had installed a leaked version the up grade was only 95 megs.

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Indonesia Indosat already did 2 days ago. Version Z10STL100-1/
But battery life still a problem
Still missing my social feed at OS 7
Customised ring tone for BBM, message or group

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EE in the UK have confirmed that they are currently testing 10.1 with their branded apps to ensure that it works ok! They seem to have no explanation as to why they did no testing with the developer releases of 10.1 just as ever other developer would have done! It seems that EE do not trust the expertise of BlackBerry when it comes to BlackBerry handsets where as iOS updates are rolled out at their release because they are pushed out by Apple! I think this is certainly something that BlackBerry need to get on to instead of allowing their customer to be disadvantaged by the actions of a network partner!

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Os 10.1 ini saya coba dari kemarin dan ternyata lebih power full dibanding os lama. Browser leboh baik dan lebih respon.

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Ohhhh, Maaaaaate buy a telstra $2 sim as a few of us others have done, I am with vodafone and they don't support blackberry phones anymore but updating with telstra sim

Oh Thanks mate.. but it burns 20 calories to open the battery mate.. hahahahahaaak.. too hard,.. :(
brb to the shower and cry,...

I just downloaded and installed update from telstra which is 336mb, now it is downloading again but it is 2gb download, WTF???

I have a z10 unlocked which I bought from Singapore and I use a Vodafone sim card. Still no update. The device is stl 100-2. When will u get the update?????

Posted via CB10

yay yay yay!! OZ OZ OZ OI OI OI!!! i knew it, Telstra will break the record here in Australia.

unfortunately i can't experience the update as i'm running the .1762 OS.. but anyway, i'll tell all my Z10 friends to update to the new 10.1 OS just by popping in a Telstra SIM and update using wifi.


Hey people in the UK. Put in a vodafone pay as you go sim and all good, updated last night then just put my orange/ee sim back in wen done. Enjoy. Login 10.1

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I updated yesterday (UK) and now my Z10 is NOT as responsive. As I type there is a slight delay and very annoying. Loading Web pages takes a lot longer to load and sometimes I get fed up of waiting and come out of it. Oh... and I don't like the message telling me my recent apps are to the left. I find this annoying also. :0(

Posted via CB10

Mine did the same, give it time and it should work fine, as for the message telling you to swipe just swipe when asked and the message wont appear again.

That was a surprise! I had the update in Italy a few days ago before many other countries. That's unusual

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I'm on O2 UK and the update is available for download. I will update tonight when I return home.

Posted via CB10

Congratulations to Australia. Now just waiting the rest of the world's carriers to get with it and release.

Just so it gets announced on BlackBerry os has been released on EE in the UK

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Anyone know if it's also available on Optus? Tried to update mine, but nothing came up

Posted via CB10

Not yet, I'm on Optus as well. I put in a Telstra sim and the update came through. Running 10.1 now!! Good luck

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Thats all fine and dandy ,but when will tmobile allow us in the USA to enjoy the features that every other country seems to be enjoying

If you have a z10 and have icloud calender sync setup do not update as it will break your calender sync. Wait until the next minor update which will hopefully address this

Z10 on Telstra 10.1

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after updating on my Stl100-2 2G network option is gone.. now i have 4G/ 4G&3G /4G&3G&2G / 3G/ 3G&2G
im living in a country where 4G isnt available but 3G and 2G are ..before the update the option to choose 2G only.. i prefer that way because im always next to wifi and when i need any downloading if away from wifi i manually switch to 3G that way if im on 2G im using way less battery...

Got the update on Du Telecom- United Arab Emirates on 15th but whatsapp, is slower and unresponsive when on the HUB :( and Contacts are a bit slow too. But overall HAPPY and glad it came out so early.

I'm in canada and I have the official 10.1. It's the. 278 release but it's quite good, aside from the fact that it's pushing Facebook notifications to the hub even though the slider is off in settings. I have stopped syncing Facebook to my hub altogether until there is a fix. But the keyboard improvements are very good.

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I am using an STL001 in AUS and I'm not getting the update through OTA. I really hope BB Link will get me up to date. Otherwise I'll just have to go back to unofficial versions!!

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Updated it today UK your sticking with your promise blackberry keep up the good work need instagram now top job...

Posted via CB10

Hi all, I would like to know if the update is released per country? Or does it depend on the carrier?

Posted via CB10

Had downloaded and installed. Initially BlackBerry Hub went crazy and decided to just keep showing "Preparing BlackBerry Hub". Had to do a device wipe and it somewhat solved my issue.

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