BlackBerry 10.1 now available to developers for the Dev Alpha B, Dev Alpha C and BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 17 Apr 2013 04:54 pm EDT

Are you a developer who's still hanging onto a BlackBerry Dev Alpha B? Maybe a developer who's lucky enough to have a Dev Alpha C? Perhaps, you just simply have a BlackBerry Z10? If you fit into any of those areas, BlackBerry wants you to try out BlackBerry 10.1. Much like how they offered OS updates for the Dev Alpha devices previous, they're now offering BlackBerry 10.1 updates through their autoloader program that allows developers a chance to test their 10.1 apps on real devices.

In addition to that, the BlackBerry simulators have also been updated with the latest BlackBerry 10.1 OS ( and are available for download. If you're looking for the full details and release notes, you can check out the BlackBerry Dev Blog link below or you can check out the BlackBerry Dev Alpha software download page as well.  Remember kids, this is for developers -- should you run it on your Z10 you do so at your own risk and accept any issues that may arise from its use.

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BlackBerry 10.1 now available to developers for the Dev Alpha B, Dev Alpha C and BlackBerry Z10


If you don't have a DevAlpha device DO NOT install this version. This is not a full version of the OS!! You will only get email in the hub and a few of the basic applications. This is for developer testing only.

OK, for every non dev user here, DO NOT install this update, it's for devs only, the os is limited and doesn't have all features, so you don't want it.

Hope this gets the primary issues affecting the Z10. Looking forward to it!

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Would like to try it simply to see if it fixes the reboot issue. I average about 2 a day.... yesterday 4 times.

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My Verizon Z rarely reboots and battery life is quite good. I've had maybe four unsolicited reboots since I received it on release day.

Should be available after the Q10 launch, and will probably follow into the different places as Q10's are released would be my thought. My scratch out the latter but in sure it won't be out before the Q10

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We need changed log for this. I'm so happy about this news. Hope to update my z10 to 10.1 asap...cheers

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The first time i installed my 32gb sandisk card, I got 1 random reboot. None since. 4 weeks

Black Tie Z10

Hopes are very high that Verizon will actually skip the update and jump straight to 10.1 update! Let's do the prayers

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Those release notes dont really excite me regarding this update, lets hope there is more goodies in the bag :D

Agreed. Kinda disappointing. Usually has more goodies than indicated tho. And will likely be an upto 10.1 before final release.

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Oh the disappointment people are about to have when they load this dev build on their daily phone... hope you don't want half the features your phone can currently do... this is a developer build and BlackBerry purposely removes stuff to prevent regular people from using it.

Not sure if the Z10 has the same stuff removed as the DA-B (because I am a dev and I am not even going to put it on my Z10) but the DA-B has no social networks, no file manager, no media, no storybook, and no universal search

I see we Can paste in dialer, but Is it T9 in it. When we start typing, are contacts coming....??

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Why would you open the dialer to look at contacts. You could either use universal search or when you open the phone app the default tab is contacts so you'd have to leave your contacts tab to go to the dialer tab to then look for contacts? That doesn't make sense.

For those who have installed it or about to do so, Please do endeavor to update us on the features and pre loaded apps the current full OS has that this one doesn't.

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Will wipe your phone, suggest backing up with Link (however not sure if Link has support to 10.1 to restore your data). If you are worried don't install until other try.

There is nothing in this build that is news worthy... except if you are really excited to test the Custom Picker API on Cascades on a real device and not just the Dev C simulator... Oh am I alone here, lol ::dunno::

So what about PIN to PIN, wasn't that a potential reinstatement in the 10.1.X release?

Other than that, restore my bluetooth volume control on the phone and I'll be set for a little while.

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Ya if this was like the playbook where I just install ota where it doesn't wipe your device I would but I have a few android apps sideloaded and I don't wanna redo. The biggest being Instagram which will cease to work cuz ill be signed out
So ill pass this time

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I just noticed that I got a extra Z10 so ill try to install it on that one and see how it works and what new I get and ill report it here all the new updates I'll notice

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I am waiting for the ability to change the number of vibrations and vibrating twice before the sound begins. Also in/out of holster profile settings. The customization of the browser home screen could use some work as well and the ability to minimize the address bar on the bottom.

I have OS on my T-Mobile Z10. Have had it now for three weeks with no issues; no reboots; battery lasting all day. Not sure why VZW has not updated theirs.

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My battery gets drained in about 3 - 4 hours max with moderate use. I have the one from T-Mobile and I currently have version installed on my Z10.

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Do not put this on a bell z10...i got incompatible firmware and had to find another autoloader...thought id bricked my phone for a bit there

This is great news, I have been waiting for new update on my Z10. And looks like is almost here, I won't taken the risk and download it now, but I will as soon as is available for Z10,

Thanks crackberry for info

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Put this on Mt rogers Z10. Did a backup first and restore from Link seems to be fine.

Media apps are missing so no easy photo or music player or even file manager, but with third party filers I should be ok in the meantime as the required Web browser, BBM and accounts in hub all appear to be working. App world seems fine as well.

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I gave it a shot on the verizon model. It works so far. I am just missing the pictures, video, story maker, clock and youtube apps. Anybody know how to get them?

Actually its more apps too. Nothing too crucial to me, there are similar ones in the app store. Maybe just the clock because it can run in the background.

متى راح ينزل التحديث ل z10 صراحه في اخطاء لازم تتعدل بهالتحديث وياليت ينزلونه باسرع وقت

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No clock and alarm, no Facebook, no universal search. Phone don't ring with phone call... don't install this for everyday use....

I'm a tech-savvy non-developer and I loaded and am running the leaked OS Z10STL100-4/ on my Verizon phone. It's zippy and fairly stable. I've only had 2 random restarts. The main thing i noticed is battery performance is better and that was a main complaint from VZW owners. The first thing I did was backup using BlackBerry Link then closed Link. I ran the autoloader then using BlackBerry Link again I did a Restore From Backup..It restored my apps excluding the sideloaded ones you have to do those again.