BlackBerry 10.1 now arriving for Canadian BlackBerry Z10 owners

By Bla1ze on 14 May 2013 10:28 am EDT

As announced at BlackBerry Live 2013, BlackBerry 10.1 is now available for the BlackBerry Z10 officially and if you're in Canada, you're in luck. It looks as though Bell, TELUS and Rogers have already started their roll out of the software update all at once - yes, all at once. That's pretty awesome! The BlackBerry 10.1 update brings plenty of changes to the BlackBerry Z10 but here's a short list of folks should be seeing in the update:

  • Personalize your Notifications - BlackBerry 10.1 allows you to set up personalized notifications for your contacts and accounts. Customize ringtones, vibrations and the LED light for calls or message from each of your friends, family or colleagues. You can also set up a different notification for different accounts (such as for different email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Click to call - You can now click on a phone number in an email or BBM message to call the number or copy and paste it right onto the dialer screen in the phone app.
  • Better cursor control - BlackBerry 10.1 offers better cursor control making it easier to accurately place the cursor and select text. Just tap once to bring up the cursor control, grab the blue circle and drag it around to the insertion point that you want. Improved visual feedback lets you know where you’re pointing. You can also tap either side of the circle to move forward or backward one character at a time.
  • Improved picture capturing - BlackBerry 10.1 adds an HDR (high dynamic range) shooting mode for taking beautiful images in tricky lighting conditions. High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode takes multiple pictures at different exposure levels and layers them automatically to produce a single photo that combines the best of the dark and light areas. It also includes improved red eye and golden eye reduction in the picture editor.

Right now, we've only confirmed Bell, TELUS and Rogers but if you're on any of the other small carriers and seeing the update, be sure to let others know in the comments or hop into the CrackBerry BlackBerry Z10 forums.

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BlackBerry 10.1 now arriving for Canadian BlackBerry Z10 owners



Confirmed available for Rogers. I'm pleasantly surprised at how quick Rogers pushed the update.

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Downloaded and installed from Rogers Toronto. Took a while but Works great...

After you do this check out your Installed apps in BB world for updates. I had about 11 that offered updates after the upgrade.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Seriously Lebanon is getting this before NYC, Chicago Detroit, LA, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco... US carriers and BB are clearly in the midst of a very antagonistic pissing match. Unfortunately the US Consumer is caught in the middle.

IT'S YOUR CARRIER!!!!! Call your carrier and complain. Clearly, other carriers are sitting on their asses and waiting.

just updated on lebanon but nothong changed skype still away and no hdr where is the changes and is it abot leaks or what blackberry everyday going backword

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Ugh! This is when I hate being in the U.S. What Version is it anyway?

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10

Are you guys running before updating? I am but I'm not seeing the update here in Vancouver with Rogers.

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Damn, I'm out of country (from Canada) and the data roaming fees for a D/L that size will cost a fortune. Perhaps I'll try via WIFI. Glad to see 10.1 available on Bell. Woot!

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Any word on when those of us in the US might be getting the 10.1 update? Or is this the "coming soon" pass the blame between the carrier and BlackBerry circle we are going to go through for a month or more as we did for the Z10 and now the Q10 release date. I don't mean to sound bitter, but I love my Z10 and would love an official update for it...but if it isn't here by next week I am going to install the leak and be happy.

I confirm, available in the UK on Vodafone ! here. Direct update from latest official

Eheh, good day ;)

On Bell in Alberta, Canada. Downloading right now, 120 MB, but I was running a leaked version of 10.1 prior to the update.

Will it be global or only for Canada today, if so, any date for other countries ? Just tried with mobistar in Belgium, no update :( Waiting... waiting... waiting ...

Has anyone notice that the hyperlink at the bottom of Bla1ze's story labeled "Discuss the BlackBerry Z10 10.1 update" actually goes to the Q10 forum?

Go to settings hit software update and then check for updates. Voila. It's little over 300 Meg. So wifi.

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Holy! Sasktel?? They finally woke up and getting the update out this soon? That's awesome. Now its time to upgrade to the BB10!!

I had the update almost within 20 minutes of it being officially announced.... o2 UK!

Z10 or Q10? That is the question!

Rogers Canada
Downloaded and installed.
It took about 1 hour for the whole process, mostly for the install phase.

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I'm already seeing it on Sasktel too :) This makes me very happy because SaskTel didn't bother pushing out the last update...

I already have the leak os telus offer the 1720... do you think its better to downgrade

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Leaks could always be higher than official, since they're...leaks. Could be beta, developer etc. 1762 is working great for me, and the 3.4.4 Instagram loads and runs on it too.

I am in the Greater Boston Area with my STL100-2 running with a Vodafone Germany SIM.
No sign of 10.1 being available for that combination yet.

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I run with MTS in Winnipeg, only 344mb! Lol.
Curious, do most ppl dl it OTA, or better to plug into desktop and do that way via link?

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The leak is newer. 1762 vs today's update which is. 1720. Might be worth having the official then the leak though.

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I am on Vodafone in the UK too. I click on the update button, but after the wheel spins for a bit I get a page telling me what the new features are, but it does not seem to have installed. When I then check the current version it is still on Did you get yours to successfully install?

I went from or whatever it was. I take it when you checked for updates there was no install button at the bottom?

Posted Using CB10 - Z10 "-2" on the Vodafone UK Network

Got it! Telus in BC. Done! Thanks CB for the notification! Liking what I see!

Posted by my awesome Z10

It's available on my Bell Z10 with a Koodo SIM. It won't let me download over cellular, so I have to wait until I'm back on WiFi

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Hmm. Now to decide if I downgrade to or stay with the leaked

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I am downloading the update in the UAE also, it seems that they rolled the update to several countries at the same time, Cheers

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Downloaded and installed. File sharing on my home PC works every bit as well as I had hoped. Had to restart BlackBerry Link to make it work, but I can stream vids perfectly over WiFi.

The green keyboard hints are a little weird.

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Any News for dominican republic user. Claro Dominicana???

I installed the leaks Last saturday and was the same My question is, I have to make a downgrade fiesta and later try to install the official versión???

Please Help me ASAP

Posted via CB10

Still can't easily click a phone number in browser to initiate call, but at least you can paste into dialler now!

Oh, that's awesome, eh? Now I'm gonna chug a little maple syrup in celebration....wait a minute....I'm an American! D@mn you elude me again!

Is the bottom bar (phone, search, camera) slightly taller now? I have had Z10 since february and never had an issue of accidentally clicking "search" when I meant to swipe between panels, but happened to me a few times today after updating.

I've got the new update. It's looks cool specially the green words when typing. Facebook is again not working... hope they fix is quicker then the last time when my fb was down for a few day's. anyway like the update!

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It seem that the 10.1 update for a STL100-2 unlocked phone is available via BlackBerry Link. Just backed up the Z10 and now loading the device software again - something big is downloading... stay tuned.

Had a 343 mb update which downloaded and installed. On 100% it started downloading another update of 2Gb. Is this normal???

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I started off with the 343mb upgrade, it downloaded and installed just fine. As soon as it finished it started a 1gb download. So doesn't look like you're the only one. But I haven't finished the 1gb one yet. -> On Telus in Calgary

Anyone else having constant reminders that "my apps are too the right"
Like I know that already

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Updated (Rogers Ontario) and it took forever to load after the reboot and now is taking forever to load my hub.

Hope after this first go it will be fine!

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen

Downloaded and installed in Kitchener ON via Rogers. Cursor control for editing is a big improvement. Also tried the HDR camera but as it is a cloudy day it was difficult to see a major effect but the bright areas were slightly more subdued compared to a non-HDR photo of the same scene.

For some reason since I updated, there is a problem with BlackBerry world....none of my downloaded or available apps show up. I've rebooted repeatedly, no joy.

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Reboot (also you could just restore everything to factory reset, then upgrade to 10.1 sideload after if you do and done, much more smoothly. Been there done that.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Just downloaded n run on my device.

Absolutely worth e wait n now my Z10 looks much more expensive than the price lolz

Indonesia, STL100-1, OS
Carrier Telkomsel.

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Hi I am on Vodafone UK and have been running for a few weeks, just checked and an update is available so downloading now.

I'm on 3 UK but I had to stick an old Vodafone sim in to be offered the update. Seems smoother and text selection is way better. Can't wait for the next update!

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So, downloaded the update, which I was very excited for, but now a number of apps no longer work! Maps tries to load but kicks back to home screen, same for Poynt, and a few others that I got from BlackBerry world. What's up?

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I'm having the same issue with apps not launching. Had anyone solved this issue?

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what bullshit is this? im in toronto canada rogers z10 and i still dont have the notification for the update

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Awesome update. Love the green highlight on spelling correct and the peek into who sent an email by pulling down on the msg!!!!

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For those with Vidéotron(Qc,Canada) well its available today. / pour ceux sur Vidéotron, 10.1 est valable aujourd'hui

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I am starting to hate the us carriers. Verizon is ridiculous. They have knowingly kept from updating a defective version of the os. Already 4 different updates. They say they have to make sure the os is running well and that it won't cause more problems on the network. What bull.

I got the update today and I'm with Tbaytel in Thunder Bay. So far, I'm enjoying the improvements that have to added to BB10! Now I'm just wondering what kind of improvements and features Blackberry will add in 10.2.

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Does anyone know what version of android runtime is on this os I know they said it's supposed to be jelly bean or android 4.1 but what does the officials say

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