How To Use BlackBerry Messenger's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By Trevor on 30 Oct 2007 02:37 am EDT

Good Morning Class! CrackBerry Kevin here and I hope you're ready for a little change up. The next three BlackBerry 101 lectures will each be conducted by a different guest professor!! Due to my participation in the Smartphone Experts 1st Annual Smartphone Round Robin, I will be without BlackBerry for the better part of a month (while I experience the AT&T Tilt, Treo 680, and Apple iPhone) and therefore will be unfit to adequately cover any BlackBerry 101 topics (since I'm not allowed to use a BlackBerry again until week four!!!).

It's going to be a tough month to get through, especially considering the non-RIM devices I'm going to use will be without BlackBerry Messenger, which is almost strictly a BlackBerry thing (non-Berry devices running BlackBerry Connect can receive BB Messenger/PIN messages - they just can't send them)! Therefore, I thought a lecture covering the Basics of BlackBerry Messenger would make a fitting topic for Lecture 8. And our guest lecturer is no stranger to the BlackBerry or to as he is one our CrackBerry Forum Moderators and has dealt on many occassions with the topic at hand... Welcome to BlackBerry 101 Trevor! Get Crack'n!

What is BlackBerry Messenger?

BlackBerry Messenger is simply an instant messaging program for BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry communication. It allows two people with BlackBerrys to chat in real time anywhere in the world so long as they have data service. With BlackBerry Messenger there is no per message charge like there is with SMS; messages are sent through RIM servers similar to email messages.

Where can I find BlackBerry Messenger?

BlackBerry Messenger comes preloaded on most new devices. If your device does not have the program preloaded, you can download it at To install BlackBerry Messenger, connect your device to your PC and install it using Application Loader in Desktop Manger.

How do I add contacts in BlackBerry Messenger?

There are two methods of adding contacts in BlackBerry Messenger. One is via PIN and the other is via email. A PIN is an eight digit alpha-numeric code that is assigned to every BlackBerry device. You can find your own PIN code by going to Options>Status>PIN on your BlackBerry device. If you are requesting a contact by email, you simply need an email address associated with their device.

How To Use BlackBerry Messenger

Method 1—Requesting by PIN

First, you will have to open up BlackBerry Messenger. In the drop down menu, select ‘Add a Contact.’ You will be asked to enter an Email or PIN. Enter the PIN of the person you are requesting. Older devices may bring you to the address book to add a contact. You may either choose the contact from your list, or highlight [Use Once], press menu and select either Email or PIN.You will be prompted to enter a personal message if you choose and press ok. At this point the contact will be added to the Pending group in BlackBerry Messenger until they accept you.

How To Use BlackBerry Messenger
How To Use BlackBerry Messenger
How To Use BlackBerry Messenger

Method 2—Requesting by Email

Requesting a contact by email is the almost same process as requesting by PIN. The only difference is instead of clicking ‘Request by PIN’ you click ‘Request by Email.’

Can I create groups to organize my contacts?

Yes, BlackBerry Messenger will allow you to create groups of contacts. For example, perhaps you would like to have a group for family members and a group for work contacts. With BlackBerry Messenger open, click the trackball and select ‘Add Group.’ Here you can enter the name for your new group. Now that you have created your groups, you need to organize your contacts. Highlight a contact’s name in BlackBerry Messenger and click the trackball; select move. A menu will allow you to select the group where the contact should go. Select the group and press enter. The contact will now be listed under that group.

How To Use BlackBerry Messenger

How do I change my screen name in BlackBerry Messenger?

Similar to other instant messaging programs, BlackBerry Messenger allows you to customize the way you appear in other people’s contact lists. With BlackBerry Messenger open, click the trackball and select ‘Edit My Info.’ Here you can select a name for yourself.

How To Use BlackBerry Messenger

How to I change my status?

Most people are not available to talk all the time. You can let your contacts know when you are available by changing your status is BlackBerry Messenger. With BlackBerry Messenger open, click the track ball and select ‘Available.’ Here you can set your status to available or away and type a custom message.

How To Use BlackBerry Messenger

How do I send a message?

To send a message within BlackBerry Messenger, click on a contacts name and select ‘Start Conversation.’ You may start typing your message. To send it simply press enter. Pressing escape will exit you from the conversation but will not end it. This is helpful if you have multiple conversations at once. When you are finished chatting, click the trackball and select ‘End Conversation.’

How To Use BlackBerry Messenger
How To Use BlackBerry Messenger

New BlackBerry Messenger Features

All of the screenshots in this lecture are coming from the installation of BlackBerry Messenger I have running on my BlackBerry 7250. With newer versions of BlackBerry Messenger running on the latest generation of BlackBerry devices, during a conversation you also have the ability to Send a File and Send a Voice Note. Sending a File makes for a handy way to share pictures instantly, while the Send a Voice Note utility allows you to quickly record a message from within the BlackBerry Messenger application and easily send it. It's like leaving a voicemail for the other person but with the benefit that neither party has to use airtime (and it's much quicker than having to dial in to listen to voicemail!).

Where can I find some BlackBerry Messenger buddies?

You have come to the right place. is home to thousands of BlackBerry addicts just like you. If you would like to test out BlackBerry Messenger, check out Don’t forget, you have to be a registered member to post your PIN. If you haven’t done it, go register!

My question wasn’t answered here, I still need help.

If you still have a question about BlackBerry Messenger, post your question in the CrackBerry Forums.

Thanks for the lecture Trevor, that was awesome and I greatly appreciate it. I know there are many CrackBerry Newbies who will appreciate it as well. You know, the more I think about BlackBerry Messenger, the more I realize how BRILLIANT Research in Motion was to include it on their device and as part of their service offering. Once you begin using BlackBerry Messenger as an everyday vehicle of communication, it's not something you will ever want to give up as it means abandoning all of your other BlackBerry Messenger contacts. It practically ensures that once you're a BlackBerry User, You're Going to Remain a BlackBerry User!

Next week we will have another BlackBerry 101 guest professor, and the lecture will address the topic of 3rd Party Applications on your BlackBerry. You won't want to miss it!

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Reader comments

How To Use BlackBerry Messenger


"I'm going to use will be without BlackBerry Messenger, which is strictly a BlackBerry thing!"

This kinda a half truth, for example the new AT&T Tilt (or any BlackBerry Connect enable device) can recieve PIN messages, just has no capability to send them, utilizing the BlackBerry Connect Software.

You must have sent messages as SMS by accident. PIN messages go though the data network. They do not go through as cellular data. There is no way for them to even keep track of your total number of PIN messages sent aside from MB count.

Blackberry "voicenote" can only be record and send as MMS which incur a per messege charge, and you cannot save it to you BB, here is a work around with blackberry messenger.

Add yourself to the blackberry messenger contact list with your own pin number.

Start a conversations with yourself.

Click the menu and select SEND VOICE NOTE.

When you receive the voicenote in .amr format, you now have the option to PLAY - SAVE - CANCEL

Could anyone clarify this for me:

a.BB Messenger ( carrier AT&T) is NOT consider SMS, but as
regular email so there will not be any SMS charge,

b. Can I send MMS(or pics) using BB messenger?

c. Is there any charge if my BB messenger buddy is international for example I am in US, he/ she in Japan/ Hong Kong/ Irelend/ Russia?


Hi I have had BB for three months now, and have had no problems, two weeks ago my mother who has a BB in Venezuela (south america), and a friend in Miami, started to show in my contact list in italic letters of the BB MSN and when they write to me I receive it (I live in Spain), but when I write to her back she is not getting my messages, we have both checked our status and we are available, when I write the check mark appears next to my messages but the I don't get the "D" of delivered or the "R" of receive.

I really dont know what to do, I have gone to diferent forums here on internet and none show anyone elsa who is having this problem...

Can anyone help me????????????????

i communicate with blackberries in the philippines using bbm every day, with heavy usage, and no cost...

i love bbm, except when msgs are delayed. and i must say, it happens often.

When you receive a message on messenger, how do you set a tone or notification when a message is received.

Whats Your PIN, Little Girl,Whats your pin
Give it to me little girl and I'll text you there...

Sorry, I couldnt help it

Well, first... Hello to everyone and this is my first time using a blackberry phone and I'm loving it already!
First of all, I'm deployed in Iraq and there's no way of working the data plans around here right? Second, I bought an unlocked blackberry 8320, would the data blackberry package AT&T plan work when i get home in US? Third, I'll be home in another year. I'll be going in this website more often to learn how to use my phone. I'm psyched about this! Can you guys help me?!

thank you,

Hi, Kat. I am happy to say my son just got home this weekend. How are you doing? If you need anything, please give me a holler.

Hi Kat, I'm a "Newbie" myself and lovin it. Welcome

I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing.

Pls. take care and hurry home safely.

We need you here.

I live in Newfoundland
does anyone know if Aliant (bell) would charge for bb messenger if i had just the 15$ unlimited email plan?.
this includes no internet access other than receiving emails....

This is my question exactly. Did you ever get an answer??? I would rally like to know this before I actually sign up for messenger service

"With BlackBerry Messenger open, click the trackball or track wheel and select ‘Edit My Info.'

- I don't know if this depends on the phone you have or if it's a misprint, but on my BB8320 you have to hit the application button to bring up the menu with the 'Edit My Info' option.

When you PING someone it is to get the attention of who you are texting ...You PING and the phone sounds again

hiii added my friends pin n she added mine but on both our messngers it says pending..
wat do we do? do we have to talk to the service provideR?

I am having the same issues. My cousin and I added eachother and it still shows as pending. My cousin has tmobile and I have verizon.

i am with t-mobile while a friend is with att, we added eacho others pins, but all we see is the pin in the pending group. how do we confirm..etc

I can't figure out my PIN. I went to options and status and all it says "available". I also tried sending an e-mail from my phone that says "mypin" without the quotes and it didn't give me my PIN. I have a curve and I just got it a few weeks ago... is there some other way of finding out my PIN?

Thansk for this lecture. It really answer most of the questions I had. if i may bother you qucikly just for my knowledge. why when we add a newcontact i get email from RIM somtheinf saying not to delete the email. it alwasy mentions that this email is used to send information ove the server? any once gaing thankyou very help full info. I just added this page to may favorites!!

u have to go to OPTIONS, not in blackberry messenger but on the main menu. then go to status and it is listed there.

hey it's easy to txtmsg non Blackberry folks(there are still some out there) but is there a "chat" Blackberry program for this ? sometimes i ave MULTiple threads going and i don"t want to get confuzed/wrong message wrong person...
seems counterintuitve for all txtmsge to be mixed in with emails etc. in the "messages" there a way to keep emails JUST in their own email boxes ? am finging txtmsgs get LOST in all the eamil in the "messages" box...

My message logs are automatically sent to my email as well as in the "Blackberry Messenger" icon.

Is there anyway to not have them show up in my message/email?


On the select address page, scroll up to [Use Once] then, instead of clicking the trackball, press the menu button. You should now have the option to request by PIN.

I don't have a data plan along with my BB, just an email plan but I do have access to Wifi pretty much everywhere around me. Can I use this program using data over Wifi instead of using my text?

Great article. I think I will try it now but first I have to get my friend to try it too so we can message back and forth rather than leaving messages on voice mail. It sounds like a great application

Hello,I was curious about the messenger thing too. And thankfully I found the answer here. And I got my pin.So I guess I'm ready to make buddiez!

great article and almost answered all my questions, however on my 8310 curve, when adding a contact it goes straight to email and doesnt even give me the option to add a pin

I find that when I use messenger it eats my memory up and no matter how many conversations I end or how many histories I clear it still depletes my memory so far as to my blackberry automatically deleting my SMS messages and phone logs.

How do I stop it from doing this?

i deleted the push to talk off of my handheld is this the reason i do not get a notifaction when i am having a conversation with bb messenger?

Could you please help me! I have the Blackberry Pearl 8130. When I first got the phone everything was erasing by itself. So I took it back to Cellular South and the data person there deleted stuff he figured I wouldn't use. And now that I want Blackberry Messenger added back to my phone it can't be added. We have tried going to, they sent me an url to go to and add some program but that didnt work either. And today when I left the store he still didn't find out how to add it back on there. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME??

When you send a message...there is a checkmark beside it to verify that it went through...there is also a tiny "D" that appears...and then after some time there is a tiny "R" that appears... I'm just wondering if anyone knows what that means?

checkmark means sent...D is delivered...R is read...
If it's just a checkmark you see, they are probably on the phone and the message will show a D once they are off the call...It will then show an R once they've actually viewed the message.

I was just wondering..Is there anyway as of yet to intergrate Blackberry Messanger onto, lets say the LG-Voyager ? I love the voyager but miss my blackberry IM. I am torn...Verizon needs to make an "IN" Messanger in which you can Message or IM anyone on the VZ network for free in the manner that the Blackberry Messanger works.

I am figuring out most things just from using BB Messenger but since there is this real time interaction with another user -- can see when they have read a message, can see when they ar typing etc., I'm curious about what exactly it means when there is a clock on the face icon of one of my BB buddies. Does this mean they have turned off their device?

I've noticed that on one of my BB buddies as well and the name is italicized...what does that mean????

Hello... just dropped by to ask some question.. does anyone know, how to add icons for blackberry messenger and where can i collect that such of icon.. and how actually the icon appears on the "my status" or "edit my info"? cause i see some of my contact status appears on icons like "blackberry icon", "clouds", "umbrella", etc. Pls reply me soon!.. thx anyone

to whoever is saying "we added each others and they say pending" Only one person needs to request, that solves this problem once the other accepts.

when you are in a chat room with a few other people, why is there an "et al" on the end of someone elses nickname?

what does et al mean?

I am having the same problem that's been mentioned here before...I have Verizon and my friend has AT& shows he's still pending, but he's already accepted the invite. Any thoughts/ideas? Has anyone gotten a resolution?

PIN 317FD12A

I was wondering if you were ever able to solve the problem with your requested contacts on the BB Messenger that just remained pending forever. Something similar happened to me. I used to have two people in my list who I used to speak to and suddenly they stopped receiving my messenges, so I deleted them from my contact list and then added them again. They have received my request to add as a contact and accepted, but they are still on my pending list. I would appreciate any help on's pretty annoying.



So I have send a request for someone to be added in my messenger and it says that the request is pending on my Blackberry, but nothing is being received on the other phone. I've followed your instructions but something doesn't seem to be working? How do I fix this?


I'm tyring to send pics from my BB pearl 8110. I've got data service but I can't send anything. I tried to send it SMS but nothing. I haven't this phone long so I'm just learning.

Hope you can help me out.....Thanks....Rick

i feel the tutorial shows you how to request someone which is perfect! but how do i add them! so i have friends who have requested me but how do i accept them! i dont see a link, i know this may seem like a stupid question i just dont understand!
PLEASEEE helpp!!
they have been in my pending list for a good two weeks i havent figured it out please help!


ok so my mom and i got each others pins and tried to add each other and everything but its not sending us the request
someone help me understand why this is not working. do i need a data package to use blackberry messenger??

THANK YOU whoever helps me (:



Thanks. I got a follow-on question: is there a PC-Blackberry messenger link? so that a person on a cell could IM someone on a PC and continue to avoid the charges incurred in SMS and other IMs?

for anyone that is having trouble with their "pending contacts" try turning off your phone and then back on again!

I have ATT, and my friend has Verizon, and we've been trying to get both our BB messengers to work, however we're both still pending with each other.

Is this because we have different carriers? Or is there a way to get it to work?

It works grate for me. I’m base in NY and presently in Turks and Caicos for several months and BBM works grate. Using it every day all day. Sending voice notes, pictures, files. All works like a charm and all free. AT&T service.

Okay, I'm in need of some help. I'm pretty familiar with blackberry messenger and for the first time i'm stuck and in need an answer, ASAP !! I've said some things to my partner that i shouldnt have through blackberry messenger.Is there anyway i could prevent him from seeing it? On my phone it says that the message has been delivered, but he has not yet recieved it.. If i simply close the conversation (which i have already done) would that mean the conversation is closed on his blackberry as well? does it work like deleting a contact? where it's deleted in both parties? what do you think? should i delete him and re-add him so that the conversation doesnt appear on his phone? wake up to a new friend request... HELP MEE PLEASEEEE.. it's killin` me.

i figured out how to add contacts but it never sends them the request to add me...i need some pointers on what the trick is! Thanks!!

I got an email request from my sister to be her friend, but there wasn't anything in the email for me to click on to accept or decline her request....What do I do?

Do I get charge for BB managers.... I know it is not sms and not a msg charge, but dont I get charge for the data MB portion.....unless I have unlimited data plan....


I changed my alert tone to notify me when I get a new BB messenger message but I still get no audible alert when I receive a message. Any suggestions? My wife's BB is the same. We both of the 8320. Thanks to whoever can help.

dispite the fact that I adjusted my alerts and put most of them from mute to low, i still do not here the notifications.

This is frustrating - I cannot seem to set a tone notification for BB txts. Tried setting a tone in Profiles--Advanced, but so far no success. I must be missing something.

I saw this asked above but did not see an answer. How do you change your icon beside your name - say I do not want the smiley face but would rather like a Texas Longhorn icon. Can that be done and if so, how?

I just received my company´s new blackberry, and there is no way I can use the blackberry messenger. I tried to install it from the blackberry site, but I got a message saying that my blackberry can´t admit the Blackberry messenger software. I supposed my company blocked it. Is there a way I can actually crack it?

why do numbers not highlight themselves in messenger on the storm like the curve? its was nice to get a number in messenger on the curve, place the cursor over it and hit send. Will the storm not do this??????

i had used the rename contact option to change the name of one of my contacts but now just want to use whatever
nickname they choose but it will not me clear the field how can i fix this?

Has anyone figured out the "Pending" problem yet? I tried to add 3 different people but I get nothing back to my BB from them saying they've accepted, so they are still in my pending.

Ok I may have a DUD in the system OR I could be THE DUD...BUT EVERY time I use my messenger it takes forever to get a response from someone...I have the biggest delay. Sometimes i know they are talking to me so i send two messages to make theres pop up! Does this even make sense haha Thanks!

There times when I am messaging someone on blackberry and I will get a notification that they sent a message, but when i bring it up its clear and no message there. Any suggestions?

Hey, alright so i'm actually pretty good with electronics, and can normally figure everything out by myself.. but i've tried everything trying to add people to my contact list on blackberry messenger and it's not working. When i click add a contact it takes me to my address book, then i click use once and it does not give me a pin option, it only gives me an email option.. what would i do in this case? If i know only the pin and not the email?

My hubby told me that in order for me to use BB messenger I have to have my personal email set up on the generic "personal email setup" on my BB. This kind of irritates me, as I use gmail and the gmail app instead of the "messages" thing that shows up on my home screen. Any way to get around this setup?

This article covers most of the basics - except one thing I had trouble with and had to figure out on my own - how to Add a Contact, yet Messenger keeps opening Address book.

You have to add a contact in your address book with the PIN# and / or eMail fields filled out FIRST.
THEN when you try and add a contact from BB Messenger, when you highlight that contact, the options available to you when you hit the menu key will NOW include both by PIN or eMail.

Really, really counter-intuative... I had to friggin Google this myself, and usually I'm pretty damn good at figuring stuff out.

Anyhow, if anyone is having problems with this particular issue- trying to add a contact from Messenger, but you keep going in circles with the address book opening (or that window that says "*Empty*") - try adding the PIN# or eMail to the contact your trying to establish, in your addresss book first.
Then go back to BB Messenger and try adding.

That seemed to do it for me.
But sort of underscores the real need for a total OS and GUI overhaul methinks, RIM?!
Seriously, menu-driven navigation you have to tunnel through is SO 1998.

jst had a bb an my messager isnt wrkin ?? ive luked on the site an im doin exactly wah it says 2 do , im addin a contact an its pendin BT my contacts aint gettin the message 2 accept me ??


I tried to add a few different people but all it says is they're still pending..
can anyone help me out w/ this???

I have use the bbm a few times and until the person you added approves your "adding them" it shows as "pending" but should show as a "normal Friend" once they approve you . I am Not sure what version you are using I am not using the new one but the one that came on my phone.

Is it possible to have a different alert for each BBM contact? I went through the whole, create a new profile & exception and all that. It works for everything else but the BBM.

I recently got a new Blackberry True and had my IT department synch it up for me, however my old blackberry contains all of contact's pin numbers for BB Messenger, how do I obtain a list of those pin numbers or do I have to send new Blackberyy Messenger invites to all contacts?

Also I do understnad I need to send them my new pin but can I get a list of those pin numbers (contacts) from my old BB?

ANyone know?


I just uploaded the new bbmessenger 5.0 for my tour and now i cannot send my location to anyone. is there a way to fix this? i was able to send my location without fail using my previous version.

Hello there , my name is Sharif. I am having prob using WI-FI with my BB 8520.I am connected to WI-FI network , but still i cannot use browser. All settings are normal.I dont know wat to do.Please help. U can send me an e-mail at :

I was told by a person with my carrier (sprint)that you could use blackberry messenger overseas even if your phone service is suppended. Is this true?

Is there a way to recall a Blackberry Message that I've sent to one of my Blackberry Messenger buddies that hasn't been read yet?

can someone be able to help me??? I just bought this phone and would like to know how i can use this cell phone with T-Mobile carrier... my SIM card already in the device, but not been able to change the old number for my number...

please help...

I don't think the 8830 is compatible with the GSM networks that T-mobile and AT&T use in the USA. If you're in the US, you are out of luck. If in Europe, you should be okay.

Hi everyone and Happy New Year, I bought my blackberry last Christmas and all I ever did was make calls on it, I never knew it could do so much until I joined crackberry. My son just bought a new iphone and I was so impressed with it I was going to get one when my contract was up.....not any more. I love my bold 9000 and this site is amazing.....I hope everyone has a wonderful new year :)

can someone please help me please:)
I have a 8900 curve and when i try to add a contact to bb messenger it wont work, because i don't have the "use once" option or the a request by pin option. I click on add contact then i copy in the pin in the box that comes up but it thinks that its an email address and says i've typed in a wrong address. Can someone please help me??!! :)

Hi, this might seem a little weird, but i am from canada studying in mexico, and i just bought an unlocked 8120 pearl, and i have a data plan from Telcel. I can make calls fine, but none of the data things work.
I can use internet only through wifi, but windows live messenger gives me the message "! Service not enabled for this handheld" and facebook says "Could not connect because a data service is not available. Please try again later. If this continues, contact your service provider for support."
I contacted Telcel, and they said that there was nothing that they could do, that my phone was not completely unlocked, and i had to contact the company from which i bought the phone, or blackberry themselves.
I contacted the seller, and they said that there was nothing that they could do, that i needed to request a new PIN from my service provider, or to check this website and:
Please help me, I have no idea what to do, and Telcel is a complete rip-off, owned by the richest man in the world, and they want to sell me a new pearl for over $400.00.
Thank you

is there anyway i can move it to my main menu or homescreen, it takes forever to get to my messages!

please help! thanks!

is there anyway i can move it to my main menu or homescreen, it takes forever to get to my messages!

please help! thanks!


This is a great site. If you are having issues finding your PIN for BB messenger an easy way is to text yourself using:


and your Pin number will come up. I am with ATT and I have BB8320.

I hope this helps.

Catherine - go to the applications page and go to the BBM icon so that it is highlighted. Click the menu key and click on move, then use your trackball to move the BBM icon near the top of the list. The home screen only shows the first 5 icons on your list, so you have to put in near the top. Hope this helps you

Ok, I need some help with something. My friends keep sending me requests to join their group (which they are all talking and viewing what everyone else is saying together) but when I click on the request nothing happens. Why can I not join the group conversations, I have a BB Pearl 8110; do I need to call customer support. Please help, I've been trying to figure this thing out for a week now.

If you give somebody your pin number to bbm with, would they be able to find out your phone number just from having your bbm? Also, if you delete somebody off your contact list are you deleted off theirs?

When you give someone your pin number does it also give them access to your phone number? If you delete a bbm contact does it make it so they can no longer contact you?

ok this has happened too many times. I have added my friend on BBM and it says he is pending and then he adds me and his says its pending. I've deleted it and re added, and he has too. Its really annoying. PLEASE HELP

On the newest version of BBM (5.0.138), is there any way to set an alert to notify that a sent message was read like in ver. 4.6.0 , I am useing a Nextel 8350i and a Sprint 8330, Ive downloaded 5.0.138 on the 8330 but cant seem to find this feature anywhere.

Does anyone know where I can find the OTA link for the original version of BBM that came with OS4.5 for the Sprint 8330?

hi, i have a blackberry 8520, i have neva used a blackberry before and im findin it really difficult to use thhe messenger me and my sister hav the same fone and weve both tried to add eachotha several time but nothing comes through to either of us if any 1 can help me in any way i would b very gratful, but this 1 has really got me plz help!

hi guys,

I'm interested in making friends. May pls include me (M/29/India/Mumbai)in your friendlist. My PIN no- 22C063B3.

I'm sure this question has been asked and answered, but this is my first blackberry and I need to save some of these messages for legal purposes. How would I go about doing so.

Great lesson, thanks.
One question: Can I use the BB Messenger even if I do not have a monthly plan with a specified carrier? Meaning, can I put any pay-as-you-go sim card in my BB and still use the BB messenger?

hi there
i am using generic data plan but my native browser is still working.
i am having problems with my BBM.
its not working as i dont have typical bb data plan.
do i need to have bb data plan for using BBM or will it work on generic data plan, as i already mentioned that my native bb browser is working.
All my IM's are also not working like BBM, gtalk, yahoo messenger and windows live messenger, neither on generic data plan nor on wifi.
do i need to have bb data plan to use them too?????
cant they work on generic data plan?????
can anybody help me....

Okay so I got a Blackberry Bold 9900 today and I am trying to add my friend on BBM and when she sends me requests it says Authorization Pending. I'm very confused, so what do I do?