How to Install a Media Card into your BlackBerry's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2007 03:52 am EDT

Happy Tuesday Class! And Welcome to Lecture 6 in's BlackBerry 101 Series. Today we're going to take a look at something that's simple if you know the process but can be a complete pain-in-the-butt if you are trying to figure it out for the first time (trust me, I learned the hard way), and that is installing a microSD / microSDHC media card into your BlackBerry. This past week I actually ran into three new-to-BlackBerry users who were having a heck of a time getting their media cards installed, so I figured this would be a good lecture topic to cover asap!

* Update: March 18th, 2010 - Check out the video below for an updated walk through of how to install your MicroSD Memory Card and SIM card into a whole bunch of BlackBerry Smartphone device models, including the Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Storm2, Storm 9530, 8830, 8530, 8520, Curve 8320, 8310, 8300, Pearl Flip 8230, 8220 and Pearl 8100, 8130, and 8120 *


Memory/Media cards have become a top-selling accessory for mobile phones, especially now that the capacity of microSDHC cards has hit and surpassed the 4 gig mark. To turn your BlackBerry into a Media device a microSDHC card is a must have, and is likely to be one of the first accessories you buy for your BlackBerry.

Breaking away from BlackBerry 101 tradition, and in keeping with the Media theme, this lecture is less about reading and more about looking and listening (lots of pictures and even a movie!). Let's get started!

Which BlackBerrys Are Compatible?
The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 was the first BlackBerry to offer support for MicroSD cards. In addition to the Pearl, the BlackBerry 8800 series and BlackBerry Curve series also accept MicroSD cards. If you're running an older BlackBerry, you are unfortunately out of luck.

If you're wondering about the difference between microSD and microSDHC, here's the scoop: Visually they look the same (they are both tiny!), but microSD cards only go up to 2 gigabytes of storage space, while the microSDHC (HC stands for high capacity) formatted cards go up from there (4GB and 6GB are now available, and they'll keep coming out bigger and bigger up to the 32GB mark).

While all of the microSD-equipped BlackBerrys currently on the market support up to the 4GB card with no problems for the most part, it's not quite clearly stated anywhere (that I can find anyways - make comments to this post if you know more) exactly how high up the memory food chain the microSDHC support goes. The BlackBerry 8820 and new devices should be able to handle all the way up to the massive 32GB card when it comes out, but whether or not a first generation BlackBerry Pearl will be able to climb that high I'm not quite sure. You'll want to check in with the CrackBerry forums from time to time to see the scoop as bigger cards hit the market.

I whipped up a "One Cut, No Excuses" video that guides you through the process of installing a SanDisk 4 GB microSDHC card into both a BlackBerry 8830 and BlackBerry Curve. The video is just over 3 minutes long. Take a watch!

If videos are not your thing, the following is a step-by-step, picture by picture walkthrough of the installation process on an AT&T BlackBerry 8300 Curve (click the images for a larger view):

Step 1: Buy a microSD Card

Step 2: Remove the Battery Cover from your BlackBerry

Step 3: If required to access the microSD card slot,
remove the battery from your BlackBerry

Step 4: Locate the microSD Card holder. Note the Lock and Unlock
markings on the casing and the directions that the arrows point

Step 5:Unlock by sliding the door/clasp to the Left

Step 6: Open the hatch!

Step 7: Note the pins on the microSD card and the corresponding
pins in the BlackBerry. You'll want to arrange the card so these touch

Step 8: Carefully slide the card into the slots on the trap door

Step 9: Make sure the card is fully inserted

Step 10: Close the Hatch!

Step 11: Slide the door to the Right to 'Lock' it shut

Step 12: Inspect your handywork! The job is done

Step 13: If necessary, put your battery back in

Step 14: Put your battery cover back on

Step 15: If it's the first time inserting a Memory Card into your BlackBerry
you will see a little pop up that says 'Memory Card Detected'.
From there, head to your Options Screen

Step 16: Click on the Media Card link

Step 17: Adjust your Media Card Settings-
* Media Card Support should be on
*Mass Storage Mode Support should be on
*Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected can be
changed from 'Prompt' to 'Yes'

That's IT!!!! 

What to Avoid Doing During the Installation Process

The key thing to not do when you are installing your media card is to lie it down flat in the BlackBerry and try and shut the hatch on top of it. You HAVE to slide the microSD card into the grooves on the opening/closing door. Once the card is in the grooves, only then can you swing the hatch closed and lock into place. What makes this an easily confusing process is that this is different from SIM card installation. With the SIM card, you line up the notched corner of the card/holder, lie it flat into the BlackBerry, and then close the door on top. While that works for SIM card installation, it'll break your media card.

Don't # 1: Do not open the hatch door and then try and lie
the media card flat in the slot. You have to slide the card into the
slots on the door.

Don't # 2: If you try and close the door over a card that was layed
flat in the slot (and not inserted into the grooves on the case)
you'll drive yourself crazy trying to get it closed and
likely wind up with a broken media card in the process.


That winds up this lecture. With your media card now installed, it's time to FILL'R UP with guess what? MEDIA! can help you there. Head on over to our free Ringtone Gallery and Wallpaper Gallery and start downloading! Get Crack'n! And we'll see you next Tuesday!

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Reader comments

How to Install a Media Card into your BlackBerry


Super video.... the process for the Curve is identical for the Pearl, too - gotta take out the battery.

Thanks for another great lecture!!!

Thanks for the tips - was having a tough time figuring it out... have a 8830 and i keep getting the message - media card inserted that contains errors. To correct please use a disk-erroe checking utility on a computer.

What should I do next? I welcome your suggestions.


options > advanced options > media card> press the menu key, select format card. FYI this will erase anything u have on the card, should fix your prob tho


I have had my Pearl since around Christmas and I bought a memory card for it last week. Since then I haven't been able to find ANYTHING about exactly how to format a card....I just kept getting errors on my phone. I even called Alltel twice and they never knew either! Finally got it working thanks to reading this post haha thanks!


Thank you so much. I was afraid I'd have to buy a new memory card for my new blackberry! You saved me. The AT&T morons couldn't tell me how to fix the problem.

i try all the steps mentioned to format my card, butwhen i go into Advanced options i dont get an option for Media Cards only SIM Card. I thought it was the same so when i went under sim card i didnt get the options to fromat either.

Yes you can format to correct the issue, however, if you have data you dont want to lose or would take to long to transfer to your comp back to your BB, take the mem card out and then put it into the SD adapter. From there connect the card into you comp.

Open my computer and right click on the drive that your card is in. Click the properties from the popped up menu, tools, Error checking and check now, check both boxes and start.

This will fix your error msg and save your data, after finish running, just put the card back the way you took it out..

Happy hunting

i REALLY don't want to loose the information on my card. I followed your directions but when it is checking for errors it stops and a window saying "Windows was unable to complete the disk check" pops up. what should i do now?? i really want this to work!

Great explanation. If it had been available earlier, I wouldn't have stood around stupified trying to "close the lid" on my new 2GB card. Fortunately, I figured it out! Your lessons are a great help and serivce to the cracked community. Thx.

Just have to say thanks to your wonderful video of how to intall the microSD card into a Blackberry Curve. No way would I have figured it out on my own. The video was incredible. I watched it while I did the install. Perfect.

Error message in Media Card screen in Blackberry Curve after install;

"Media Card can not be read verify that the memory card is formatted."

When I format the card in the Blackberry, I get the message that the format failed.

What am I doing wrong?

I did follow yours instructions and walla it's working. It was so easy and this little step was driving my crazy.

OMG, my BlackBerry kept giving that same formatting failed error, and I tried the battery removal and restart! This worked perfectly! I'd even bought a new microSD card thinking that would fix it. What a simple fix, you're a genius!

I too had the stupid card has an error problem. I loaded the damn thing in a mac, then a pc, even plugged it in via USB. Nothing nada, nothing worked. Then I found this website and set the Media Card settings to what was said in the picture diagram. Result, nothing new. Then I saw a solution to a different problem, remove the battery. Well what the hell, why the hell not? I took out the battery put it back in and the frickin' thing worked. I spent easily 2 hours fooling around with this micro disk and was about 2 seconds from returning it.

If you have the disk error message. Set the Media Card settings as listed above and then remove the battery and reboot. I hope this helps you, cuz I was getting pretty pissed off...

I have followed all of the damn instructions listed inserting, settings, and pulling the damn battery out. Probably about 10 times now! I am beyond pist - and AT&T folks didn't even know what to tell me other than I must have had a bad card......

I keep getting the media card format failed - what can I do now?

Needed help with the media card for an 8820. I had my SanDisk ready to return when I viewed the video instructions and was able to install it in a matter of seconds, thanks!!!!

Thanks for the instructions! Would have broken the clasp without your direction. couldn't find instructions for this on the User guide - thanks for helping us out!

i just got the curve and put some videos on my sd card but when i put it in the curve it says the card contains errors.
It says to correct this i need to use a disk error-checking utility on my computer. How should i go about doing this?


wow after i watched that i felt like i was retarded cause i was trying to lay it in there and put the top down lol thanx

how exactly can it break?.. cause i put it in my pearl and i tried to lay it down and just close it but now its not working in my other phone, although it doesn't look like there is anything wrong with it.

Does anyone know how to unlock a locked media card. when viewing media card options media card support is set to OFF and a small padlock is alongside.


I've the same problem too. If the lock is on, you are unable to switch it "on". Anybody please let me know how to unlock, it's driving me crazy!


I'm glad you have this video and step by step. I learned the hard way, but the one thing I noticed is my battery life is soaked up a lot more with the memory card. Is this right?

Currently the top is 8GB, but they should be able to handle the 16 and 32GB cards that are released later this year. It will require RIM to update the firmware. You can check your current firmware by (can't verify, synching)
Settings: About

BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.0 Up to 2GB
BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.1 Up to 4GB
BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.2 Up to 4GB
BlackBerry Device Software 4.3.0 Up to 8GB

I was able to get a 8GB SanDisc card from ebay for $69.90 shipped. There was one for $63 that did not include a card reader, but you'd have to search for sdhc because he didn't include sd in the listing. The phone that I received earlier in the week was shipped with the software. I guess that I have to use a Windows machine to update it.

There are 16GB and 32GB micro SDHC cards on the horizon. March for the 16GB, but I figure it's going to be about $180-200 (more than I paid for the phone), so I think I'll make do with the 8gb. That's still as big as the older iPhones. Besides, RIM will still have to update the software to recognize the 16GB and I don't know how long that will take. It's a bummer that it won't play my iTunes purchases, but I don't have that many because I prefer to buy the album most of the time. Just some singles...

Pretty hyped on the 3.5mm headphone port, now that I realize how much media I'll be able to fit on it! Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful in getting Missing Sync to synchronize playlists, but it still works manually. (getting an error after mis-sync, but disconnect and soft reset worked)

Oh, here's the link for that page:

I just upgraded to a Pearl and it looks nothing like this when I take the battery out (obviously since it's a thinner shape.) I can't find any directions on how I use my media card. Help!
And while I'm here, does anyone know why I can't download any photos or themes? In the directions it tells me to go to that application, click Menu and then Download....
I don't have an option that says Download....

I think your explanations are great!! I'm not a complete idiot...I did at one time put a picture on my media card & upload? it to my I have a bunch of pictures to put on my card & I can't figure out how I did it before...and ...I have never been able to put music on my 8100... everybody says there are sights to go to that will walk me through it..but to no avail...can you help me?
Thank you soooooooo much!!

I've downloaded music to my phone and now i want to delete it and get some new songs how can i clear my history and remove the songs?

just got a blackberry pearl 8100, and i also got a 1gb microsd media card. i put the card in, and i have the desktop manager installed on my computer. no matter what i do, i can't get music onto the card! in the media card options, i have tried all the combinations of yes, no, on, off, prompt, etc. and nothing works. there is a message on my phone that says "the media card is not available because mass storage mode is currently in use" and i've tried formating it on the blackberry itself, but that doesn't help. i can drag and drop a song onto the media card in the media manager, but then i go into my phone and it's not there... i've tried everything and nothing works!!!! could someone please give me a step by step instruction or something, i'm new to this phone, and i have no idea what anything means, i don't know about encryption codes or formatting or mass storage mode or anything, so simple words would be so helpful. also, i went into my computer, and tried clicking into the removable disk drive and it says there is no disk, and to insert one... so that doesn't help either! every time i open the desktop manager, it says "in order for message redierection to function properly a new encryption key will have to be generated." then it tells me to move my mouse around, so i do that, and it says "the computer does not know its message account address. either the messaging system is not configured properly or this messaging system is not supported" i don't know if this has anything to do with the music problem, but i thought i'd throw it out there.

i inserted the card properly and everything but the card wont read on my phone when the phone reboots itself its like nothing even happened, in options, media card options everything is turned to on, and i changed the option from prompt to yes. what can i do ????????

I am having the same problem. Bought a new sealed Sandisk MircoSDHC 4GB. Installation went fine as per instructions. Turned on Verizon 8830 and it did not say it found card.

Settings are correct but bottom of screen says "Media Card cannot be read Verify that the memory card is formatted.

When I try to format it I get the message "Media Card Format Failed"

I looked to see the software version of my Blackberry and there is a long list. Which one needs to be at 4.2.2.
The ABOUT menu says V4.2.2.176 (Platform

I am having the same problems so not sure what I should be doing to correct the problem - what do I need to do? Thanks!

my memory card says the same...i would like to know what you di in order to fix it...please let me know...thank you...

I sat there stupefied for at least an hour.. then decided to google it. Apparently, that's the only smart thing I did. Once i put it in.. in less than a sec. I literally had a "wow" face.. even said it outloud. HAHA THANK YOU!

do you remember what you typed in
b/c my memory card thinks its in another phone
i did a master reset and now my card is locked
i can't view nor listen to anything
i would be very thankful if you could help me with this situation

email address:

Thank you thank you thank you.....I thought I was actually going to have to call tech support, I just couldn't figure out where to put it!1
You rock
Truly grateful


excellent help I was doing it wrong, didnt know it had to go thru door thanks!!!!! :) I almost broke my memory card

My pearl 8110 doesn't look like the two in the video. After reading the posts about people breaking their media cards or worse, I don't want to do it wrong. I don't see where it unlocks to insert the new card. Wish you had shown an example of putting a media card into a pearl 8110. Has anyone put one into this model? Once I get the battery out, where do I unlock it?

I looked for quite sometime as well...
then I went to T-moblie's support site.

If you phone is like mine, there is a little door on the side of the phone, you don't even need to remove the battery!

Look on the side, you will know it when you see it!

Good luck!

My son has a Blackberry Pearl that we bought him on EBay. We went to buy him a media card to put music on the phone and then noticed that the metal door is no longer on the phone. It has been a few months since he has had the phone so there is no returning it. Is there any other way to rig it so that the phone will recognize the media card is in there? Are there any stores that can replace this door?

Please let me know so I can get my son some music on his phone and off my back!!!!

I have the same problem with my daughters also bought on ebay. I would also like to have it fixed but what I did for now is cut a thin piece of card board the same shape as the media card and placed it over top. It works for now but it has giggled loose a few times. You just have to be careful and not make it too thick or too thin. Too thick interferes with the back of the unit, too thin it keeps coming loose. Just a suggestion for now I too want to get the darn thing fixed if possible. Cardboard from papertowel roll seemed to work the best.

I was worried I would mess it up but going over this site and following the instructions it worked like a breeze the first time.



Great installation tips. The problem is, once I put all the goodies on the card, I have no idea how to access the card on the blackberry itself. A few things show up that are on the device itself, but I can't find a shortcut; or even a long way, to get to all the stuff I put on the card. Any suggestions?

Well i had a DASH an it had serious problems i had 4 replacement in less then 30 days so they offered me a replacement that was supposed to be compatiable to the DASH which they gave me a BLACKBERRY 8800 which is not compatiable to the DASH now i have the BLACKBERRY 8800 it keeps on crashing and my media card keeps saying that my new card has an error to use a disk error-checking utility on a computer that the 1st BLACKBERRY now this is my 2ND one and this is become a problem cause this keeps on cutting off calls the screen would blackout like its off and end the calls. What should I do, please?

Thank you so much for your most helpful video regarding installing the media card in the Blackberry Curve. You have absolutely made my day. The world is a better place because of kind people like you!!!

I already installed a 1 gb card in my bb curve 8310 and now I want to replace it with a 4 gb HC. How do I keep the memory on the 1 gb card and transfer it to the new card I want to install?

So I already did that (placing the media card in), but my phone said "Media card cannot be read. Verify that the memory card is formatted." The options I have are: Format card, Enable USB Mass Storage, and Install Media Card, and none of them work. :S

The settings and everything is right and it worked for a little while and then it just said that.

I was told to never put your IMEI out in the open. The curve you are using has it's IMEI exposed in the shots of the phone with battery out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is so much better than standing there in Circuit City being looked at as if I am mentally slower than the teen who helped me find the card.

i am struggling so much with this memory card!
that i really feel dumb !
everytime i try to insert the memory card into
the phone (Blackberry 8320) it just says
but everytime i try to FORMATTED it says that it fails,
i tried taking off the battery___
but its still doing the same thing___
can somebody HELP ME PLEASE !

I've done EXACTLY what the video shows & my Curve still doesn't see my 2GB Micro SDcard or recognize it.

What could be going on ???

What am I doing wrong? I have followed ALL of the steps listed above and it still says "MEDIA CARD FORMAT FAILED!" Please help - I love my Blackberry but this is driving me crazy!!

wow... i struggled trying to place it in the slow and close the door... one quick google found me this, and poof, 10 seconds later, i did it... I'll always turn to crackberry now... haha

I bought a 4GB SD card an installed. Everything seems to be working okay but I took picture before installing it an now my phone doesn't give me the option of saving those pictures to this SD card.

I just gotta say that I have had my Curve 8330 for about 3 weeks now and this site ahs provided immeasurable good advice and answers on cards included..

Thanks much for a great site..

D Cooper

I am a new-to-Blackberry user and I must say that I love the phone, because it is my first smartphone ever!! I have been trying to learn things the hard way, and so far, it's not going so well. So my best friend's mom told me about because she has a Blackberry also. I came to the website and saw your lectures and thought that it was exactly what I needed!! I'm soooo happy right now!! Thank you!

Wow thank you so much Kevin! I sat here for an hour yesterday trying to put the memory card in my curve with fear of breaking the metal piece.. I feel so dumb after watching this video!! Thank you!!!

i felt so dumb when i couldnt figure out how to get the card in my phone! i dont know why it was so hard to find...thanks so much!

I have put the Media Card in 100% correctly. I put it in before watching the video the same way the vid shows, then re-did it so maybe it would work. It wont. When I go to options, Adv. Options, Media Card--

Media Card Support: On
Encryption Mode: None
Mass Storage Mode Support: On
Auto Enable Mass Storage When Connected: Prompt (Yes)
A media card is not presently inserted in the device.


Did you get an answer to this problem yet? My BB curve 8330 is doing the same thing. I can't figure it out and I've seen no suggestions out here on this particular matter.

You saved me a trip to the AT&T Store. I couldn't get the card in whatsoever (was putting it in wrong the way your instructions said not to do). It took a little maneuvering to get it into the door but I got it and the card is installed and recognized. Thanks abunch for the very easy instructions.

We Use Alltel At Work And The Service is ( SORRY )

A Lot Of Dropped Calls The Calls Are Not Quality At All

We Need To Go Back To AT&T Alltel Service Is S O R R Y

Robbie Walker / Langdale Ford Co Valdosta Ga. 31601


Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate your help. I will come here first for all my Blackberry needs.

I downloaded the music onto the phone off of the comp. with no problems, I listened to a few songs to make sure it worked again with no problem. Now later, I can't get any of the songs to play. What happened and how do I fix this?

Hi, I'm a newbie with Blackberry.
I'm trying to import all my contacts from a sd card from my previous phone, Nikia N95. now I'm talking about that media card that slips into the side of my Bold, when I put it in the screen said media card removed. I have hundreds of contacts and unable to put it in one by one

I watched the video and agree with everyone. Thank you so much for the video and all the tips and tricks. I got my sd card installed and formatted without any problems. I changed the media settings as directed and everything seems fine.

Now I want to install an application that is too large for regular memory. Even with all the above it still says it's too large. How do I know if it's even trying to install to the SD card? It's a Blackberry spanish phrase book application and I would have expected it to be able to download. I have an 8GB sd card so it should fit easy.

Any suggestions?

i just recently got the blackberry 8100 and switched my microSD card from my old phone to my blackberry and all of the pictures I had on the card is no longer there. Is there anyway to get it back?

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet- Verizon Blackberries support different amounts of memory depending on the model:
Pearl 8130 8GB
Curve 8330 8GB
World Phone 8830 4GB
Storm 9530 tested for 16GB so far

I may have fried my micro card by laying it flat, however I have another one that is a larger capacity that I can use if this one is fried. When I took the back off I found it floating around..........LOL Probably NOT a good sign. Thanks to this lecture I will now be able to put the more expensive one in correctly. Thank you so much!


I have a storm and the SD card is working fine (pictures, songs, etc. are all saving on to it when in the phone) However, when i take the sd card out and put it in my adapter to load on the pc, the pc doesnt seem to find it. It's as if the sdcard doesnt exist. I tried putting my old 1gb card in and that seems to read fine, but this 8gb that came w/ this phone wont seem to be picked up. Nor will it pick up any information if i just plug the phone in thru the USB cable. Any suggestions...please help!! thanks

I finally got a 4gb sdhc and I was wondering if there is a way to transfer my 1gb over to the 4gbcard? Will the ringtones still work properly? or should I save the ringtones to device then save to new card.

I went thru the instructions above. Everything looks great - until the end. My BB Curve seems to freeze after I go thru the last step (format Media card) nothing happens. I cannot scroll around the screen; cannot return to previous screen .... nothing. I have to remove the battery to shut the phone down. Any idea what's going on?

I got the card in, not problem, found the "format" prompt...and then the whole thing locks up...I've tried it like 6 times now, taking battery in & out, taking card in & out...

i have tried taking battery out several times and re-starting. each time i choose the "format card" prompt it locks up the phone til i take the battery out?????? HELP!!!

who knew! kept getting the formatting error. took out battery, put it back in, and voila! now i can listen to my jams! glad somebody referred me to this site!


i have a four gig card ion a pearl 8130 and when i used windows media player to drag and drop songs and pictures on the card it started giving me a error message. i have also installed 4.5 on the 8130. thanks for the reformatting steps i found in this section. i thought i would have to have a friend with an adapter format it for me. i love this whole website!

i have a blackberry curve and i bought a media card and the video was very helpful. but when everytime i insert the media card it says that it doesnt detect my card. i've inserted the card properly and its just not working. i really need some help.

i just got a bb 8320 it came wi a 8 gig media card it worked when i got it had to take it out went to put it back in said i need to format it so i did. the phone looked up and i had to take the batt. out what can i do to get it to work again..

Getting it in went great. Getting it out is the problem. (I feel as though I have accidentally set myself up for a Mae West joke, but that's actually how it went.)

why is it that everytime i install my micro sd memory card 2gb my blackberry starts to freeze?? n when i take it out its fine!!! what do i do???

Thank you very much. The video was wonderful. I don't have the book and did not realize the card had to slide into the metal part first, then close it. I was trying to close the metal piece over the card. Stupid me.

Just bought my daughter and I the blackberry curve last week. Memory chips came UPS today, and without this tutorial, I don't think that I could have installed them in as little of time as I did. Less than 5 minutes for both! I was both proud of myself, and grateful to you!!

Thanks Kevin, for taking the time to post this!

I also get the message below on my Blackberry Curve 8330. It has a 4GB SanDisk media card and I have a lot of music and pictures stored to it. One minute it worked just fine the next minute nothing. I removed my battery after trouble shooting with US Cellular to get me access back on the internet and that's when my card started acting up. It's inserted correctly but my phone just isn't reading it. Any Suggestions?

Media Card Support: On
Encryption Mode: None
Mass Storage Mode Support: On
Auto Enable Mass Storage When Connected: Prompt (Yes)
A media card is not presently inserted in the device.

I've had my Sandisk media card for about six months now, and my Blackberry has always read it perfectly- no problems at all. Now, it says "Media card cannot be read. Verify that the memory card is formatted."
I don't know how to format it, and I read that if you do format it, you'll lose everything on it.
Well, I have a LOT of stuff on it, and I don't want to lose it all! Can someone help me? Thanks!

There are instructions on the first page of comments section here for formatting or otherwise handling your problem.

Granted my eyesight isn't what it used to be, but I can't see where on my t-mobile pearl flip I'd put this sandisk.

Hi, I'm having problem with my media card (media card)I did all the necessary steps to insert the card. Unfortunate nothing happens. When I go to options, Adv. Options, Media Card--

Media Card Support: On
Encryption Mode: None
Mass Storage Mode Support: On
Auto Enable Mass Storage When Connected: Yes
A media card is not presently inserted in the device.

please advice.

I put my media card in my blackberry curve and it recognizes it on my phone but when I try to put music on it on my computer it says "please insert media card" even though I did and re did it twice! What should I do!?

This may have been covered before but I am new. I have the Curve 8330 and installed the media card but I noticed in the package a larger case that the is suppose to be used for the PC. My question is "How does that work"


I bought brand new BB 8330 Curve last week, installed 8GB MicroSDHC card from Palm Centro which played ALL video files on the card perfectly, only to discover BB 8330 will not play majority of videos on it.

I tried reformatting card from computer browser window as well as directly from BB. Have tried converting videos from various formats to various formats including MP4, 3GP, avi, etc to see if any of them will play in it reliably - but no. It seems to be almost random what it chooses to play or not, as videos converted to same format, some of them will play fine and many others BB says "An error has occurred attempting to play media" or gives no error message but just blinks kindof but never plays many of them.

Help? I tried going to store to try a different phone of same type, it too was very finicky, not at all reliable in playing file types it says it does. Major poor design at least.

But there hopefully is some way of converting any videos we have into something these limited BBs will reliably, always play well?

i did that on my curve 8900 it popped up on the screen saying media card inserted but wen i go into the memory it says media card status is unavailable until it is saved, i saved it but still it does not recognize it nor wen i plug it onto my pc it still isn't recognized. i cant even format it cause it fails an it is asking to verify that the memory card is formatted..... what to do?????

I just bought a new sd card ,my bb came with a one gig. And i feared that at inserting the new sd card i would loose some info,i searched around and had no luck all i kept reading was it's easy just pop it in and thats it. well i did loose info .Maybe you can add how to back up your files to the tutorial.which is very important.

I just bought a new sd card ,my bb came with a one gig. And i feared that at inserting the new sd card i would loose some info,i searched around and had no luck all i kept reading was it's easy just pop it in and thats it. well i did loose info .Maybe you can add how to back up your files to the tutorial.which is very important.

I thought it was just me!! I sat there for like half an hour trying to force the hatch shut; thought I was going to break it! I even went back to Target where I bought my card, and tried to get one of the tech guys to look at it with no success either. So glad I came upon this! I was about to take my phone back as I thought it was defective. Tutorial was very effective! :-)

tried formatting but no luck still pulled battery and put it back in but still nothing its a 8 gb sdhd know anything else

Being a senior and slowly being introduced to more advanced technology I've entered into the world of texting with a new Blackberry Smartphone. This site is absolutely invaluable for getting accurate information for the many questions I've have. Only been using this Blackberry for one week now and the info I've been able to get from this forum in incredible. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this information for some of us that are challenged when it comes to learning new technology.

I have just bought a 2gb media card (the 128mb card just wasn't enough) but when I try to format it (in the manner described in your wondrous lesson)it freezes up never to work again until I take the battery out and reboot, but the media card still is not formatted.
Do you have any clues??

i have a 8330 blackberry curve and i was wondering how to switch media card to a bigger gb and keep all my info on the smaller gb card? thanks booprose

lol I feel like such a spaz. I have been sitting her for an hour trying to get the dumb sd card into the slot by just pushing it in and locking the hinge. Never in this entire time has it crossed my mind that it fits into the hinge. My only excuse my old phone worked the opposite way where you just lay the card in and lock it closed. Thanks for this great tutorial!!

okay so every time i try to format my media card my phone always freezes and when i try to plug my media card into my computer it never loads whats wrong with it do i need a new one? how do i fix this problem?

I have the 83** model bb curve and i am so beyond frustrated with this device. I've been sitting here for at least an hour trying to format/install/ the SD card on the device to no avail. The same error messages continue to pop up: " Media card cannot be read. Verify that the memory card is formatted." and " Media Card Format Failed". I have taken the battery out, rebotted, and repeated the process more than once now. What else can I do( besides throw it out the window)?

thank you SO much, Kevin. I tried the Blackberry site first. Took me forever to figure out I had to remove the battery -- they didn't mention that! -- and the door stuff was incomprehensible. Took me 2 minutes with your video.

Phone don't read the mmc it just keep showing “A media card is not presently inserted in the device.“ Help m
e please

please advice.

Hey i have a bb 8520 and its not reading any memory cards.. When i insert one its says "Memory card can not be read due to fatal errors" i tried formatting the card using my card reader but still to no ASAP