How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked or Bricked BlackBerry

CrackBerry explains how to restore a Nuked BlackBerry

Nuked BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Dec 2007 01:02 pm EST

Good Afternoon Class! I’ve been a bit slack in my BlackBerry 101 lectures as of late – I blame the Smartphone Round Robin, all the Contests we’ve been running on the site and the busy Holiday Season. My apologies! This will be the last 101 lecture of the year… but we’ll be back in 2008 bigger and better than ever.

Today’s lecture isn’t really a “newbie” topic, but it’s one that I wanted to cover because in the past three weeks I’ve gone through it half a dozen times and that is Reloading the Operating System on a BlackBerry that’s totally “Nuked”. I’m not sure if nuked is the technically appropriate word for it (I also use one that starts with an F and ends in an ED and has a CK in the middle), but it is how I refer to a BlackBerry that is stuck in a permanent reboot cycle and is completely, completely unusable. With a Nuked Berry, essentially the device turns on (red LED comes on for a few seconds), then you see the white screen with the hourglass of death, and then the display shuts off, the device shuts off, a few seconds go by and then it starts up and does the same thing again and again and again (it’ll do it for hours if you let it).

Over the past year I have arrived at this Nuked Berry scenario a few different ways: from installing a BlackBerry theme that wasn’t appropriate for my device/OS version; from installing beta software that was majorily glitchy; and one time during an OS upgrade the installation failed (I think I had too many apps installed and the device ran out of memory when trying to reload the backed-up apps). And while a “battery pull” works for solving most of little glitches that may occur when using your BlackBerry from day to day, that’s not the case with a Nuked BlackBerry.

The GOOD NEWS is that this problem likely won't affect you unless you're out and about looking for trouble and you can always fix a Nuked Berry (at least from my experience!). You just need to know a couple of little tricks and have 45 minutes of free time…

The Nuked Berry Problem

The fundamental problem with the Nuked Berry scenario is that because the device is stuck in a permanent reboot sequence or loop, when you attach it your computer via USB cable it simply connects and disconnects over and over and over again (you’ll just keep hearing that USB detected/unplugged noise) as the BlackBerry turns on/off. This makes using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to reload your OS impossible as the device is only detected for a couple of seconds before the device shuts off (and is now undetected).

Nuked Berry
My Nuked Berry...just a second before the display shuts off
and the device reboots itself, again and again and again

With pulling your BlackBerry’s battery doing nothing to solve the problem and it being impossible to establish a link to your desktop, at this point if you called your carrier for support there’s a chance they’ll tell you your BlackBerry is broken and that it’s time for a new one. To me that’s not a bad thing (what’s better than getting a new BlackBerry?!), but it’s not the CrackBerry way! Let's fix it!


Before reloading the operating system on a Nuked BlackBerry, you need to make sure you have taken care of some basics:

  • you are using a Windows Computer
  • have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed
  • have the BlackBerry Operating System you want to install/reload onto your Nuked BlackBerry installed

You can download the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager from the website, and you can find the latest Operating System available for your device from our BlackBerry OS superpage.

Keep in mind that during this process you don’t necessarily have to reload the same version of the OS that’s currently running on your Nuked BlackBerry. With the example I’m going through today, I’m actually going to revert to a slightly older operating system. There was an OSv4.3.1 Beta for the Curve I got my hands on way back when. Well, it turns out it had a slight glitch that made it want to occasionally reboot the phone when I answered incoming calls (which I was living with ok), but after Nuking my Berry while testing some software a friend of mine was working on, I decided to take the opportunity to revert back to the very stable OSv4.2.2. To accomplish this, on my computer I first open Control Panel > Add/Remove Software and uninstalled the current Operating System for the 8300 Curve. From there I went to AT&T’s website and downloaded and installed OSv4.2.2.

And now for the disclaimer, aka Bad News. With the process I’m going through here, any 3rd party applications you have installed on your BlackBerry will be lost. This install gives you a clean slate, which is a heck of a lot better than a Nuked Berry. So once you’re up to speed, you will have to install all your favorite apps once again.

The following process doesn't just work for Nuked BlackBerrys. You can also use it to clean the slate/reload/update the OS on a BlackBerry that's in fine working order.

How to Reload the OS on a Nuked BlackBerry

Step #1: Make sure your BlackBerry IS NOT connected to your computer. Locate and Open the App Loader application. You won't have a shortcut to this program on your start menu. You need to locate it manually. Open your file browser, go to your C Drive (operating system drive) and navigate your way through the folders to Program Files > Common Files >Research In Motion > AppLoader.  Once you are in the AppLoader directory, double click on the Loader application shortcut. Once Loader opens, you can click Next  and then proceed to Step #2. As you may have noticed, we skip Desktop Manager altogether.

AppLoader Directory
Step 1: Browse your way into the AppLoader Directory, and Open the Loader Application

Loader Homescreen
The Loader Homescreen. You can Click Next to Continue

Loader Screen - Com 1
After you click next, Loader Waits for you to Connect the Device.
Proceed to Step #2

Step #2: We need to connect the BlackBerry to the Computer via USB cable. But here's where the tricky part comes in with the Nuked BlackBerry. Do you see in the image above where it says COM1? What we want to do is plug in the BlackBerry, and when COM1 switches to say USB-PIN:UNKNOWN we immediately click Next. This catches the BlackBerry and takes it out of the constant reboot cycle and allows you to then reload the Operating System.

Tip: The USB-PIN:UNKNOWN option will display for a few seconds when the BlackBerry is first connected/flashing its LED in red. With a Nuked BlackBerry,  That occurs when the device is in the initial start-up part of it's reboot sequence. The easiest way to get that to happen (vs. waiting for that step in the reboot sequence where you have a tenth of a second to hit Next before you lose your chance) is to simply pull the battery from the BlackBerry. With the battery pulled, connect the BlackBerry to the USB connector and as SOON as you see USB-PIN:UNKNOWN hit Next. You have to be quick still, but using this method you are in control of the timing. From there you can put the battery back in and battery cover back on (Make Sure you install the battery or else when the OS update is completing and the device disconnects from the computer to reboot, it will lose the power provided by the USB connection and you will get an error and have to do it all over again!).

** If you don't get it right the first time, try again (unplug from USB, pull battery, connect and hit Next while USB-PIN:Unknown is showing). You have to be fast and the timing is key, so it may take you three or four tries.  

Connect Your BlackBerry via USB. Click NEXT as Soon as USB:UNKNOWN Appears


Battery Out
Tip: With Battery Out, Connect BlackBerry to USB.
This will give you more control in nailing the timing of
connecting Next while USB:UNKOWN displays

Step #3: With your BlackBerry now out of the permanent reboot sequence, you are essentially in the clear and well on your way to having your BlackBerry up and running again. Choose the options you want to install on your BlackBerry (BrickBreaker, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Maps, etc.), click next, then approve the installation by clicking "Finish." Sit back and relax while the BlackBerry does its thing. It'll take some time and go through a number of screens but eventually you will reach my favorite "The loading operation was successful" screen. Your BlackBerry will reboot itself at this point and it will take a LONG time to reboot (10 - 15 minutes or so). You can unplug it from the USB (it's not connected while rebooting) and just continue to sit back and wait. Get scared, but not too will eventually boot up.

OS Installation Options
Select the OS options you want to install

Approve OS install
Approve the Operating System Installalation Options

Sit Back and Relax
Sit back and relax and let the installer do its thing

Installation Complete!
Installation Complete! Just sit back and let your BlackBerry Reboot

Step #4: That's it! You are done. Brand New BlackBerry. With your BlackBerry no longer Nuked, you can run through the Set Up Wizard (set the date/time/fonts, etc.) and from there you WILL NOW BE ABLE TO connect to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. Hopefully you occasionally back up your data and can now use Desktop Manager's restore function to load up your backed up data. If not, hopefully you have your contacts all synced to Outlook so you can reload your Address book from there. Once that's done, it's time to install all your favorite apps again! I'd recommend starting with the Launcher (visit on your BlackBerry's browser to download it!). Happy BlackBerrying!

Desktop Manager Reload
At least in this case I KNEW I was putting some risky software onto my BlackBerry
so before installing did a backup of my data. Once I un-nuked my BlackBerry
I was able to relatively quickly get back to where I was before.


That's all folks! This is one of those lessons that I hope you don't need to use, but if you ever do find yourself with a Nuked BlackBerry I hope this lesson gets you back up and running quickly. There are some alterantives to this method as well, including some third-party apps like BBSAK (see another tutorial here). And if you're still stuck, the CrackBerry Forums are only a click away!

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How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked or Bricked BlackBerry



This saved my BB!! Absolutely perfect step by step instructions. Just follow all the instructions and you cant go wrong.
As for all those who are commenting bout the USB pin not coming up as unknown- my phone usb came up and I simply clicked next. Despite it NOT displaying unknown, the steps still worked and I managed to successfully install the software on my phone.

Also in response to the comments regarding regarding the apploader displaying the message to say there is no available software, you MUST download the software that you wish to install on your device from: ";jsessionid=4CCDDC...
Then simply follow the instructions above.

You cant go wrong :)

My situation takes a different turn.

I take out the battery from my Blackberry Curve 8530, which is in Reboot-Purgatory. I run the AppLoader program. I click Next to get to the Communications Port screen, which has nothing in its drop-down list. Once I plug the USB from the computer into my BB, after a couple of seconds the option USB-PIN: XXXXXXXX (my BB pin) appears as the only drop-down option, and not UNKNOWN.

So I click Next, and instead of what the dude in the video says will happen, up pops a dialogue box, asking me to enter my Device Password (which a friend of mine said is 1234, and the default value on most phones). I type 1234 and click Next. From there, nothing happens, except the Back and Next buttons are greyed out. After about a minute or two or five, the same dialogue box appears, asking me to enter the Device Password with (1/10) attempts left. No matter what i type in as a password, the next dialogue box always says (1/10) attempts left. So, it doesn't even allow me to screw up 10 times so I can wipe out my BB and be able to use it again.

Any suggestions, besides stomping it to death? Sorry, i am utterly frustrated. Maybe someone needs to reboot me as well.

so my connection box stays blank...i tried taking the battery out but its gives no option at all..the box just stays blank

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These instructions were easy to follow and is working like a charm so far. I had problems with the downloaded OS. Received an error "Setup could not initialize ..." when I tried to install it. Come to find out, Chrome did not download the whole file. I jumped to Fire Fox, re-downloaded the OS and so far, it has been smooth sailing. I have been typing this out while my 8530 has been rebooting and let me tell you .......... my "Welcome" setup wizard screen just popped up! It is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a couple of days. Kudos to ya!

I really need help , i can find the PIN : UNKNOWN at the apploader. however , it fails to connect. It stucks at "Connecting the device ARM" for around 5 minutes and disconnects. someone please advise, BTW , the PIN:UNKNOWN stays. it doesnt run away as stated in the guide.

i finally manage to get ove reconnecton problem but after all i cant turn on my bb8110.
please help
and process of instaling is too short

You are awesome. I had only had my phone for a month and 2 days when it stopped working. Sprint could not help me after over an hour on phone I followed your instructions it took me maybe 10 minutes.Thanks again for saving me from having to purchase a new phone.

I've tried this over and over and it just won't work. My 8530 will not connect to my computer without the battery in, but when I put the battery in the phone, the com port reads USB-PIN: *my pin number* instead of USB-PIN: Unknown and the process fails. Does anyone know how to fix this or should I just get another new phone?

Hi All,
Just wondering whether anyone did come up with a solution to the device simply rebooting itself at the 'waiting for device initialization' phase. Any help much appreciated.

I need help as well. Everything works out fine up until I select my UNKNOWN device. It takes me to a screen where the message is The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. I would really like to know what I should do about this or if there is something I missed, so that I can get this problem resolved soon. Thanks so much. Looking forward to your response.

That's fairly easy to fix. All you need to do is to go on to and download and install the software for your device. If you can't find the software from your carrier make sure you delete the Vendor.xml file in the AppLoader folder before you start. if you come up with a solution to the phone rebooting when waiting for the device initialisation let me know. Hope this helps.

That was very helpful, thank you and I was able to get the correct software. Now I have another problem. When it begins to reload, it loads the JVM and system software fine, but the part where it says wait for device initialization is when it goes bad. The Led light on my phone (curve 8330) comes on and after a few seconds the loader box on the computer says unable to reconnect to the device during multistage load operation. Please help (again :D) I feel like I'm too close to getting this fixed to not make it all the way. Again, looking forward to some much needed help!

Alas, this time I am unable to assist as I have the same problem. I have tried heaps of different things including changing the version of Desktop Manager and Device Software, changing when i put the battery back in, trying it without the Desktop manager installed, trying with/without sim and memory card. All to no avail. Hence i have come to the conclusion that my phone is irreparably damaged. If you happen to come up with a solution to this problem please let me know asap.

Hey i have a blackberry 8900 and i've tried everything there is a x on the batter whenever i plug it in, and it wont boot, i tried everything and all i get is reconnecting to jvm

What do i do when i get to step 2 of the app loader where it says com1 in the usb connection instructions and it doesn't say that on my screen. my pin # automatically pops up? please help!

Thanks... I had nuked my berry... but thanks to your tutorial I could reset it. and without spending 500 bucks. Thanks a lot man!!!

It feels GR8 to watch ur BB reload for 10 mins after this process is completed..... Thanks buddy U saved my trip to the BB store.

Looks like BB has got some good tricks up their sleeves cause majority of BB owners would not want to do things themselves.

Kevin, THANK YOU SO MUCH! my BlackBerry died or "nuked" today, and I was bereft!

I'm pretty pc illiterate too, but after a little digging, found your 101, managed to download the NEW os for my Bold, and the advice worked like a dream!

I can't thank you enough for explaining in PLAIN ENGLISH how to do this.. will you marry me? x


how can you do all of these steps with the new version of the Blackberry Desktop?
I couldnt find the app loader on the new version of desktop thanks

Hi, I'm trying to recover a bb 8230 i follow the steps but in the step "wait for device initialization" the bb show no battery screen and not continue, i try again with the battery put but nothing different happen.. have any idea what's wrong?? maybe is me but i need some ligth here, the trouble is show the led red never star up or show another thing if you can help me thanks!! and sorry my bad english!!

I have tried this over and over again, tried re-installing os and desktop manager, i have got it all up to 'reconnecting jmv' when i go through the desktop manager way of doing it, When doing it as shown on here i get as far as initializing your phone as it goes no further, both ways stop because 'unable to reconnect to your device. I have been ripping my hair out for weeks as have not owned this phone a month (Which is a bold 9000 incase it helps in anyway). I have been through alot of sites with no luck, i found this one and thought was all going well. I had the red flashin light to start, and now i have a steady red light with 'reload software 507' and my pc will not connect to my phone through usb. It is driving me mad, please can someone help me. Thanks.

Mine keeps asking for a pin, because I have a password on my phone. I can't turn it off because i can't get my phone to come on...

Is this why it has a problem initializing???

wow, I have been working with computers since '76 and have just had the worst time EVER!!! thanks for this tidbit, i am in the process of rebuilding my cracker as i type. thanks again for this VERY USEFUL guide.

This was great help! My 2 month old Bold 9780 wanted to get thrown into the wall after an email settings update. But after a while cuddling, it was fresh as new!

Wow!!!! Thank you for this!!!
Besides bringing my blackberry bold 9700 back from the dead, I still have all the data I thought i'd lost!!! Apps are gone, contacts, sms and memos, BUT all the images, songs, voice notes are still there! Even my email is set up.
*Please note I never ever did a back up in my life!*
I dont know what happened. I had already prepared myself to seeing that all the data was gone but no! It was so surprising and exciting!
Again, thank you.

After upgrading a few apps on my 9330 I rebooted only to discover it was perpetual. I was devistated, helpless and heartbroken. Then, even though it was 1:30 in the morning, the sun began to shine! Crackberry, as if I had any doubt, had the solution! The hardest part was finding the OS on verizon's site. After that it was a breeze. Followed the instructions on the video, waited for the last reboot and BAM, a brand new blackberry curve 3g! Thank you guys!

Can someone please help me my blackberry Torch(9800) wont stop rebooting I keep trying this method and every time i connect it to my computer it keeps giving me USB:PIN(with my own pin) and not USB:PIN UNKNOWN

Man, I tried this but when I get to the next screen to choose the apps, there's nothing it and says "The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have Blackberry Service Update Software for the device that you have connect to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator."

What do I do? Cuz I don't see any apps to add.

i have a bb curve 8530 that is nuked. when i start the apploader, with the bb not connected, i dont get COM1, its just blank. also, when the bb is plugged in and the battery is out i get my PIN automatically. UNKNOWN never appears. i am using the original bb usb cable. i've watched closely and attempted several times. any help is greatly appreciated!

i really need help i had a upgrade for a theme app i upgraded it and my phone rebooted and ever since then it wont do anything its just turning on then frezzes wont let me press anything or connect to the laptop , it isnt white or says error its just not doing anything i have tried to do this step by step but when it gets to the stage 3 on ur instruction i cant press next all of it is greyed out :/ plz help me

Please, Please...In need of desperate help!!! I have a 507 message. I downloaded the new software , following all the steps to reinstall, but I do not get a COM 1 connection or USB UNKNOWN PIN, NOTHING. Please I'm desperate...I read all the comments reinstalled my DM but i can't get a connect to reinstall my OS 5. Any help is soo appreciated!

try going to Start->Control Panel->system->device manager(hardware tab)-> and see if you have a yellow triangle next to black berry device. if so click on that to update driver and try again

My gosh this really saved my life. Water damage indicator was slightly pink so T-Mobile wouldn't replace it. Figures seeing as it only had a month left on the warranty anyway. I was in a panic trying to figure out how to fix my phone. This really saved my life. HUGE thanks to Kevin, I didn't have to go and spent 200 bucks to replace this.
Excellent help and just remember that you don't have to plug the USB in to download the Operating System. Only problem I had and was easily fixed by some helpful people.
Totally not computer savvy on a windows computer. This was easy to follow and the step by step processes were spelled out.
Thanks again!

a simple awesome article even for a beginner. I have always read articles from CrackBerry but never signed up till today. My cousin freaked out after he got an error 523 and woallay i came across your step-by step guide and his BB 9700 was up and running in an hours time.
Saved him CA $80 :)

Thanks KM !!

I've followed the instructions to the letter trying to sort my 8520 and the app loader never shows the option "USB-PIN: UNKNOWN" it always automatically come up with "USB-PIN and then the pin" any help would be appreciated.


This process worked great.. all the steps for reloading apps worked out nice on my curve 8530. Sadly after it was successful I noticed my screen was still blank white... been waiting for 10 mins now and nothing, bb screen is now black so im assuming its done rebooting, but when i touch any key it shows white screen again :(. Any ideas? Could be damaged solder pts i read about in another thread perhaps?

Hello! My mom has recently received a BB 8520 Curve from her office. It worked well until on the display was shown "Reload Software : 507". I tried doing everything you said in the lecture, except that at the beginning it doesn't show "COM1" from the Step #2. When it changes to USB - PIN: Unknown I quickly click on the Next button, and then in the Device Application Selection it shows: The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BB Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider of system administrator". I also downloaded again the software from the website, but still not working. Any ideas? Please help me. Thanks.

I spent literally this whole evening attempting every single suggestion I found on the net for reloading my blackberry's software, none worked. Your suggestion worked first try.... THANK YOU.

Please help...
I have a BB bold 9780 and have gone through the reboot steps. It works up to the point after I click on next with the USB-PIN:UNKNOWN - However it then says ...

The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have Blackberry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or administrator.

I do have the BB software installed version 'Blackberry Desktop Software version 6' Any ideas would be appreciated

Do a google search for BlackBerry OS/your carrier name, and download the latest OS from your carrier. Then install the OS on your computer. Desktop Manager will detect it and automatically pull it up after USB-PIN:UNKNOWN

Hey there,
thanks for those really nice "lectures" ;)
Before I knew how to fix a nuked berry, I gave mine 9700 to the store where I got it from. It took them two weeks and I got a new battery.. However, since then I can't watch videos on my blackberry or listen to music. This weekend I have a windows pc and want to fix this. Do I have to go through this procedure or do you recon a simple OS update/reinstallation will fix this (currently running 5.1)?

thanks, again!

Great article!!! A co-worker of mine just got app error 523 on her 9630 and was bricked. Followed the instructions posted here, and although she had not backed up and lost her contacts, she is now up and running!

P.S. I work support for a major regional cellular carrier, and I solve more problems with Crackberry than our knowledge base!!!!

Hi there.

Thanks for the tutorial...
I can't seem to follow all the steps thought because when i connected my BB into the laptop, it automatically detected the PIN... didnt give me the PIN UNKNOWN option so i can click it..

What do I do now?

I was having the problem where the Pin Unknown was not showing up so I started the loader with my 9650 unplugged without the battery in. Then I plugged the usb cable in and got the unknown. Hope that helps.

My BB 8520 is saying reload softwar 522, when I try the above steps I get: the blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or System administrator.

So I tried downloading OS but it's not showing up even after I restarted my pc.

Also when I plug my phone in, it doesn't come up as pin:unkown, it comes up with my pin. At no point does it say pin unknown. I've tried everything I can find, I'm just not sure what to do now. Anyone have a solution?

Thanks :)

Hi Kevin,
brilliant page, having a lil bit of trouble with my install, have got the correct device and desktop software, getting to the part of the install that states 'wait for device initiaallisation' when it states

Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation.

other than that the red flashing sequence is now a solid red light on. Any hints? i have 2 blackberry bold 9000 pearls that i cannot live without!! really need some help - of course this has happened after they ranoutt of waranty :-) Came about when i was switching batteries between the two.
Any hel would be grateully appreciated.

This totally worked and as a result, I am in love with you!

Thank you so much for posting this info.

For those who are having trouble, read the instructions carefully. I am willing to bet you are skipping a step. Most likely the BB operating system that needs to be loaded on your PC prior to starting the process. I only say that because I missed it the first time around and it took me forever to find the download. Pretty pathetic Friday night-but now my BB is having a brand new phone!
K Dawg

i had my blackberry useless, it was in a loop and always showed same message: App Err 200 Reset. After one week trying to recover my data, i decided to reinstall OS and fortunately i got this page and voilá, in a matter of just 30 minutes i had my blackberry running again and working like a brand new. The only thing that was a little difficult was searching the OS, which should be downloaded using the operator, and just entering some personal information. But once i downloaded the OS, it was just a matter of click and go! Congratulations!

I'm attempting to do this tutorial. When I get to the launch screen on the wizard, it won't allow me to click "next", it doesn't advance to the next screen....any tips??? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

ive tried this a few times and i get to the point about the USB-PIN:Unknown. When i get there, it says PIN: then my pin number, i dont know why.

Also, when i click next, it comes up with the app screen, and there are no apps, languages etc. and says i should add something.

Whats going on?

hi! i got my blackberry curve 8520 nuked yesterday, and i tried to follow those step, but i dont have any OS on my pc. and i stuck on step #3 . where can i download it? can you give me a link to download it? tq before, please reply ASAP :))

My issue is once its time for the app loader to Initialize the device...It goes right back to connect/disconnect cycle and the apploader cannot continue. could the problem actually be my USB port/wires/connector Inside the phone? it is definitely not the computer or the chord.

i followed everything step by step but when getting to the point where it should say com1 it just comes up blank with no options and when i plug it in and it says usb:unknown and i click next it says it cannot connect
would really appreciate some help, have been trying for hours with no luck :'(

Torch 9800...has been successfully restored on the first trial following the written and video instructions.
Thank you so much and it has been very helpful after my BB has tried booting more than 100 times today....

You are excellent and i restored the contacts and others from Desktop Manager and the BB Protect onto the third party applications one by one.

Hey, i have the problem of "Reload 552". I tried the above steps, but just when i connect the BB to the USB, it shows my PIN, without showing even for a second the words, COM1 or UNKNOWN! so, thats why after hitting next, it does not show my Apps and thus my BB is still not fixed!! any cures?? pls help!!

mine it shows my pin number, then it goes to the apps windows, then starts the process and when re-initiating it goes again to the "reload software: 507" message on my display. help, pleeeeeeease

Excellent Instruction. Worked perfectly for me. Thank you very much.

A small trick, before I connected my BB device for the re-installation process, I dislodged my MicroSD card =D, then, re-inserted it after I finished, and guess what?!! I had all my pictures back.

i've watched the video & read through the steps. my bb9300 has a device password (10 characters long). as per the video i take the battery out, select unknown pin then get the "enter device password" the red light turns off, i lose connection. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Hi ive been trying to fix my blackberry bold 9700 for a few months now. i have all the software downloaded onto my computer. when it starts up with the wizzard there is no connection on the usb port on your example it says com1 i can click the next button once ive connected my device but it doesent say pin unknown. then once i get onto applications i cant click the next button to finnish the update. please help its driving me mad

I have a curve 9300 and the led blinks 3 times in intervals, i tried to load the software like it says here and when it gets to the rebooting part it says "it can't read the blackberry JVM and the led it's still blinking" the worst part is that it's new i just took it out of the box i need help!!


Watched this video after my 5th Blackberry Torch crashed on me in 6 months. HELLA easy and could have saved me so much travel time back n forth to the support center. Just follow the directions exactly how its told and your back up and running in 30 minutes. Works AWESOME for the Torch OS6.


I have a BB 9000.. I don't know, is it nucked or what, I just have a blank white screen, with nothing on it: no error code, no hourglass, nothing.
If I connect it to my PC, it is recogniced correct by Desktop Manager, by BBSAK, by Apploader. I updated many times, normally by Manager, as nuked by Apploader. The update process gone every time fine, but after that I just have the blank white screen again, nothing else. I wipped, restored, tryed everything, but without any result: blanc white screen....
Please, can somebody help me and give a tip?
Ps... sorry for my poor english

my BB 9900 just got nuked now and i have tried this method several times on different BB's i have owned over the years and it has worked, but it is refusing to work in my BB 9900. can someone please help me. it usually stops at the "connecting to boot ROM" stage.

i think its my USB connection that is having some serious issues because i just installed DM and 9900 update on a different PC and apploader worked like a charm..:D:):eek:

Kevin and anyone who can help

- Thank you for the clear instructions. I have used this method to bring back to life my Pearl, Bold 9700. I bought a Torch 9800 couple of weeks back and the problem I face is at Step 1 itself. I've read most of the posts and could not find anyone who is having a problem at Step 1 itself.

As in, when I pull out the battery and connect it, App Loader does not recognize the device and I'm unable to go to the screen where I get the "Unknown Pin" due to which the device is dead as a brick. When I put the battery in nothing happens, not even the Red LED. Could this be an issue of a dead battery? The battery appears to be new with the Blackberry logo and stuff. I've also confirmed that my USB port is not the issue as I am able to connect my Bold in the same USB Port without any issues.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

This saved me once again when this morning by 9800 was in a reboot loop. Pulled it off the charging cradle and boom, no BB. Don't know why it happened.

This article is a MUST READ for any BB owner.

will it work with my 8220?
i have tried it three times but still my berry wont 'wake up'
it's still restarting again again and again
i really need a help and i really do

Is there any way to retrieve the Contacts data from a "Nuked" Blackberry Storm?

Through a series of mishaps the backups are gone & I really need to get back the data directly from the Blackberry. Are there any reputable retrieval services if needed?

im have a Blackberry Torch 9800 it does'nt boot. When i turn it on it just show the blackberry loading and it automaticaly shutdown and restart alone. i already follow all the direction shown above but it does'nt work. After the device initialization, it reconnects to JVM. but my device cant reconnect. what should i do? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loaded The Toronto Sun new 2.0 app and it nuked my Torch 9800, thanks for this guide!

FYI, if you check on list previous apps, it will load all the apps you had before....well actually those apps are still there on your device, but your Blackberry won't delete them and you will still have them after your Blackberry reboots.

Of course I unchecked The Toronto Sun app!!!

Can anybody tell me why i can't select a connection or COM port in the Communication Port Selection Screen on neither my laptop or pc?

I have tried this several times and I have a problem once the Application Loader gets to the second step - it completes the first step "Load JVM and System Software" successfully and then on the next step "Wait For Device Initialization", after some time, the following message displays:

"Application Loader was unable to connect with your device. Please re-connect your device, enter password, if required, and click Retry."

I click Retry but the same problem re-occurs.

I would really appreciate any help anyone might be able to give - I worry of course that it means by BB is more than just 'Nuked'!

Simon, it happened to me as well and this is what I did to resolve it.

disconnect the usb and remove the battery. plug in the usb (you will hear a reconnection sound). at this point the BB desktop manager automatically pops up. I immediately plugged the battery in and click retry on the Loader dialogue box. Voila. Hope it helps.

Posted by khoda Thursday, Dec 23, 2010 279 days ago
My BB 8520 is nuked I am stuck in Step 2 , more than 50 times I have tried it but I receive a new window "Device application selection"the message "the blackberry desktop software does not have Blackberry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer." without any where to go but the Cancel button . Plz any help

-- SAME PROBLEM.. Need help :(

Thank you soo much!!! it works, and it feels good to bring berry back to life! Greatly appreciate your work.

thumbs up for this post! my torch kept rebooting because of a voice recognition app I had downloaded ! thankfully I didn't have to wipe and re-install the OS.... just deleted the 2 apps that I DL'd!

Having same issue as gr8one: The problem I face is at Step 1 itself. I've read most of the posts and could not find anyone who is having a problem at Step 1 itself.

As in, when I pull out the battery and connect it, App Loader does not recognize the device and I'm unable to go to the screen where I get the "Unknown Pin" due to which the device is dead as a brick. When I put the battery in nothing happens, not even the Red LED. Could this be an issue of a dead battery? The battery appears to be new with the Blackberry logo and stuff. I've also confirmed that my USB port is not the issue as I am able to connect my Bold in the same USB Port without any issues.

Any suggestions?

i have tried many ways but nothing happened. My BB 8100 is in off mode and conscientiously blinking red light. But sometime it give full red light and get connected with PC. but whenever i tried to go for apploader its says say no device.

i am sorry i have to say this. I am still somehow (i rly don't know why) a blackberry fanboy :P
but it's a complete joke this still happens to business phones in the year 2011...

i just got my BB 9900 last week and got this JVM Error 517 this morning, im trying your fix but i cant get the apploader file on Windows 7. Can anyone perhaps help or direct me to where i can locate it to try this resolution.
Thank you in advance

YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! Thanks so much!
This didn't work for me at first because I had not installed the Handheld software, and I was getting the "OS does not exist" error on step 2. BUT as soon as I figured it out, perfect!!

Thanks again, you saved me plenty of time, money and frustration.

I followed the video I download blackberry desktop manager and download OS 7 for my Torch 9860 however, when I connect my phone to my computer it says I do not have the right software.


I tried this, and when I start up the Loader.exe file it says COM3, my battery is out, I plug it in to my usb attached to my PC and it'll read pin:unknown, Ill click next, but as soon as I click next it says that it didnt read it (and that sound comes when you disconnect)

Any Help? PLEASEE?

For those who see no available applications to be installed, and therefore cant do anything but click "Add" on step 2, i found that i had to get the right software for my mobile operator off of the blackberry site. it hasnt really done me much good, as i now have the password error, despite my blackberry being password free... will let you know if i crack it!


When I connect my BB to my PC after first clicking next the ApptLoader actually recognizes my PIN and displays it. I click next but then there are no available applications to load in the application loader wizard. It gives me the option to add items to load but I do not know what they would be called or where they would be located on my PC.

OK so I was able to fix it. If you have a bold 9900 this might work for you. I downloaded the new OS7 from I then went to the website and followed the links to update my software. I clicked on the button labelled "check for updates". It then opened up a window asking for me to select a device. I connected my JVM 517 error BB and quickly (and I mean quickly) clicked OK when the PIN was recognized. The new OS was installed successfully and I restored my latest backup using the desktop manager. Good as new now. Hope this helps anyone.


I believe that my Blackberry is 'nuked' but after following the suggestions and downloading a new O.S etc., I can't seem to get it to work.

When I launch the App Loader and fire-up the Loader file, instead of having the COM1 or USB-PIN:UNKNOWN on the drop down bar, the program recognises my PIN number immediately.

After completing this process and Blackberry Desktop is launched, I get an error message saying that it cannot communicate with the device.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me? I'm currently in China, teaching for the year so I'm unable to return the phone back to England where I purchased it from.

Thanks in advance!


i am trying this on my bold 9700 it works up to the point where i select my os to install but then my phone cuts of and it disconnects? plz help!!

I have a blackberry 9530 storm. i brought it to be reinstalled three times already and it still goes back to the white screen. is there anything else that i can do

hi everyone
i have a bold 9780, when not trying to install the os software i have a error message 561, when i try to use app loader, bbsak or blackberry desk top manager it goes into a constant reboot, that is when it is plugged into the usb.
plz heeeeeeeelp

My blackberry 8530 recently bricked itself. Found this tutorial and it is working great once again! Thanks Crackberry!

Blackberry 8530

Hi, do you have to delete the "Vendor.xml" file which is in the apploader folder. ive looked at most other treads and its says that it must be deleted. wuld someone get back to me explaining to me what this file is and should i delete ir or not. thanks

I have followed the steps up until the device is connected but instead of coming up with all my apps after it has connected it says "the blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device that you have connected to the computer." HELP PLEASE! I downloaded the blackberry 9900 OS Software and ive already got the Blackberry Desktop Software! HELP HELP HELP PLEASE

my pin is not unknown there are numbers and when I click next this will show up "The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer

Hi Guys, thanks for all the info...can someone please please please please help me?
when i get into apploader, it always detects my pin, i never get the PIN:UNKOWN...i have a 9800 torch...please please please, i have been trying to sort this out for weeks now

when i get to step 3 i see no application name. it says "the black blackberry desktop does not have blackberry device service software for the device blah blah blah.."

nothing worked with the same problem, i have the bold 9700 and it keeps restarting and when the loading reaches probably the 25% it restarts by it self , do you have any answer? if you please

Hello, I have same problem with mi BB Bold 9700. I follow the steps and when the OS is installing it restarts a few seconds after that and now say "error 507". I tried install following the instructions a lot of times and it happens again.
I need help please!

You have no idea how much I love you guys right now, especially you Kevin. I called up 'technical support' with my provider and he told me that because I changed from an iPhone to a Blackberry, I have to go back into one of their shops and purchase a Blackberry specific SIM card because I apparently had an iPhone specific SIM (that doesn't exist). Then I called up the shop and asked, and apparently it's one large load of screw around to get me off the phone. I'm still going to take my phone in for a check up to make sure it's not glitchy, because all batches of good things can still produce a lemon. I'm in love with my Blackberry, and I'm so happy that I have it working again. Thanks a million.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!!!!!! So happy to have my phone back! I nuked my first blackberry by downloading a dodgy app and had to go and get a new one from my phone carrier as I thought there was no way of reversing the damage. This time as it is the second time I have nuked my phone I thought maybe I would find an answer somewhere and I found you!! It worked and I could not be happier. Thankyou once again! you have saved me from a lengthy argument with my phone carrier!

you sir are the nuts just fixed two old 8520 blowers was about to chuck em your hack done it bless brothva !!

Thank you for your beautiful and complete set of instructions.
I have a Curve 8520 with OS5.0, unfortunately deleted some file and was in trouble for quite some time.
I Followed everything u mentioned.
Downloaded Setup files from OSDOWNLOADS at Blackberry site.

I also tried downgrading to OS 4.0 and then upgrade, not good.


BUT I DIDNOT NEED TO WIPE CLEAN, was ready if required.

Thanks again buddy. will now post here most often

hey nothing works for me

i just plugged my bb with the battery pulled and ran the app loader then got the unknown pin and clicked next then it says "unable to connect"!!!

Hey man, tried your advice and, well, I'm kinda stuck.

In the part where you have to quickly click next after you plugged in the USB, I'm sure I'm clicking it fast enough. But after that, the USB suddenly disconnects then reconnects again, enabling me to click next again. If I click next, it says "A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. Please try again.", and If I don't, it goes on to the device application selection screen and "The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer" is written on the big box, yet I've downloaded the correct OS from the link you posted.

I'm not sure if its my laptop, the cable or just some crappy error, but I'm getting frustrated and I need help. Running on BB Bold 9900 btw, if this information is necessary.

Thanks in advance.


I followed the process.evrything went well until the updating part and the device initalization. Ii am stuck here as the loader tells me it cannot connect nd asks me to enter the PIN of my device.
Anybody can help? Tks

You are a Blackberry saver!! lol

This worked like a charm. Thank you!!

When I ran the Loader program and connected my BB, it wouldn't show up as PIN:UNKNOWN, instead, it repeatedly gave me my own pin and when I clicked next, I used to get the error "The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer". I noticed a few of the guys here were running into the same error but no one had a fix for it.

After doing some research and some more research, I found this fix which worked like a charm for me.. I hope this helps others having a similar problem.

To get to the device application selection (Step #3), I had to delete the "Vendor.xml" file in two places:

1) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\
2) C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\Blackberry\Loader XML\

Once deleted, I repeated the process again and it worked!! Note, step #2 still showed up as PIN:####### (my pin) instead of PIN:UNKNOWN but I was now able to get to step #3 successfully and the rest was history.

My blackberry 9900 just shows d red light.tried all I can,it's still not's actually fustratin me.pls som1 help me.plsssssssssss

Thanks so much for this post- EXACTLY what I needed, and NUKED is totally the appropriate term in my case. I was doing a typical update when the recent solar flares zapped my berry. It's been nuts ever since. Mine's the 9810 and it's working, but you should see its state. Not everything i accessible- can't see about half my icons, yet programs stll there. Some are fried though. All the icons i have left are the size of the ones at the very top. verrry small. It's JACKED.

Hi done all off the above but my 8520 just wont go past the device password screen is there a default password/pin so it will go to the apps screen choice screen as shown above please :S
P.s Deleted vender.xml files still no joy anymore help if any guys please email thanks :)

How do you reinstall the OS if the PIN is showing? Using loader I can see the apps currently installed, but the OS isn't listed.

I've got BB DS installed and the OS, but BBDS doesn't connect to the phone...

This is what i been looking for. A concise step by step. I have had to do this before but its been a while but it was a lot harder having to fumble through it trial and error. I have bookmarked this page for possible future reference. I thought I was going to have to resort to this a few days ago because of an app update i tried to install for Business Insider but I was able to save my bacon by doing a safe mode boot up and removing the app and reboot again normal

Thanks again

I need some help!! I have a Torch 9810 with the white screen of death. When I open up the Apploader it does not have COM1 in the field it is blank. And when I plug in the USB is has USB:(with my pin number) instead of the USB:UNKOWN. Any ideas?

Just landed for a work trip overseas, turned on my 9900 and boom... red light, hour glass, constant reboot. Tried to follow the post instructions (using Rogers/v7.0.0.585), but like the post above, it doesn't have COM1, the field is just blank. When I plug in, same, shows my PIN and when I click next, phone goes into reboot sequence and get some 'fatal error' message. In that the instructions above date back a while, it would be great to get an update for OS6/7 devices. Thanks!!

Worst advice ever. Didn't do anything for my problem as I see it has also done nothing for many of you. I may as well go to one of the brain tumor websites and describe the process of a craniectomy. Wasted a lot of time for naught. Peace out fellow crackheads.

This is a great post!!

However, I've tried all of this! but when I connect my BB 9900 unlocked from factory OEM; the apploader does show USB/PIN:unknown !! it just goes straing to show my pin and recognizes it! so it goes to (USB/PIN: mypin) inmediatetly!!

I tried to wipe it using everything the "javaloader" The "BBSAK" everything!

please!! HELPPPPP!!!!

thanks a lot!!

I've did all of this!!

when it gets to the point when it seems that its going to work and it says "reconnecting to JVM"

it says that the apploader is unable to connect to the device

what else can I do???

I'm having the exact same problem, getting the same point and it just keeps rebooting and can't connect. Anyone out there able to help would be great.

hey i am trying to do this, and have gotten the software for my device, but when i get to step 3 and i can pick and choose what i want, it says that my blackberry desktop doesnt have the device software for my bb which doesnt make sense since i downloaded and ran the 9360 software . .

any help ?

I know I am ridiculously late for posting to this thread but...
I LOVE my old BB Bold and when it crapped out I was devastated, I had honestly written it off for good but just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. Now that my super-cool (yes that was internet sarcasm you heard) smartphone has also taken a turn for the worse I brought my BB out again to try to fix it.
While this process didn't fix my problem entirely, it did make my BB stable enough to connect to Desktop Manager and a complete update/re install through there seems to have finally fixed the issue (that and a new battery). So thanks so much for posting this really easy to understand process! I am literally doing a little happy dance right now that my BB hasn't continued that horrid reboot cycle.
Thanks Again!

Having the same problem as few other people, gets to the JVM reconnecting then get the error that it can't connect to the device and the bold 9900 goes back into the reboot loop again. Is there any fix for this at all?

This was helpful to get the general idea on what the problem was with my boyfriends blackberry that he gave to me to see if I could fix it. My only comment is that I had problems since it's a blackberry and I run a mac computer the directions were a little off. I was unable to find the file when I went looking for it. Instead, I took the battery out and plugged in the blackberry torch ( already had blackberry desktop software installed) and let it come up. When it did it let me reload a version of blackberry software back on. It went ahead and reloaded the apps and when it got to the point of the loading process that was trying to restart the device, I put the battery back in ( with it still connected to the a computer) and let it finish. It completed the downloading and the phone was back to working order. Not saying this will work for everyone, but this is what worked for me since I didn't have a pc to use. Hope this helps anyone out there with a "nuked" blackberry.

I have successfuly revived my BB 8830 verizone without any hitch. It is working now perfectly. Earlier i had deleted everything using crackutil. Thanks

i did everything but when i reached step 3 the application loader is not showin the new OS that i downloaded. It just says that it doesn't have the device software for my i'm stuck at step 3

just google (your service provider name) blackberry os
look for the files select your device download the os
remove the wrong one (uninstall) install the new one.

worked for me

Thank you verry much.
It worked great on my Bold 9900
Firts time it didnt work because i got the wrong os from somewere
Needed one from T-Mobile

with the wrong one i was getting a no software for this device found after connecting with the app loader

removed the wrong os with uninstaller and installed the good one on my comp and followed the guide again and BAM done

I've tried the above directions, and I successfully caught it and it is out of the loop, but I'm getting stuck at the Application Selection window. It says the Blackberry Desktop software does not have the Blackberry Device software. Though the device software shows up in my control panel listing of programs. Do you know where on my hard drive the device software might sit? I cannot even seem to search for it. I don't have enough knowledge to know about some of these preliminary steps and I think it is tripping me up. I appreciate your help.

I think I figured it out. When they say to have the OS from your carrier, they mean the original carrier you bought your phone from, not the current carrier your sim card works through.

omg desperately need help, i am on the applicator loader wizard and have clicked next however on the communication port selection screen and in the drop down option box there are no options so unfortunately i cant go onto the next screen.

does anybody know why?


@niome15: same happened to me, you won't see any port listed until you plug in your device. On mine, I never even saw the COM1, it displayed the USB setting right away.

i tried in my blackkberry 9000
but the message is coming like this"A connection to the device could not be established. Please ensure that the device is properly connected to the cradle or USB cable, and that the cradle or USB cable is connected securely to your computer. Also ensure that the device has completed any startup operations. Then run the Application Loader Wizard again."
i tried it 20 time s,but of no use.
so please help me to set up my blackberry


I do own a BB Bold 9780 and i do have a problem with that. Can anyone please help me out with this...
The thing is that "when i do connect my Bold 9780 both with the charger and with the cable, it just turns on A CROSSED X MARK UPON A EMPTY BATTERY SYMBOL ON THE DISPLAY SCREEN..i dont know what the hell is this upto...

Also, i happen to perform all the steps successfully following this article but when the final stage has come " UPDATING YOUR DEVICE...
LOAD JVM AND SYSTEM SOFTWARE....this step was successful.
WAIT FOR DEVICE INSTALLATION...when this step is half done then all of a sudden i get a msg displayed as " the Device is not connected, enter the password and retry again and finally i get a msg as Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation"...i tried this many a times but was in please could someone help me out from this...


My 9800 was in my pocket when I was hit by a wave and now seems to be nuked. All I get is the red light & occasionally a backlit key board.
I have been able to work through Step #1 & Step #2 (in step 2 when I connect the AppLoader recognizes my device PIN).
I have problems in Step #3. When I get to the Update Device screen of the AppLoader the program completes the first part (Erasing Application), it moves on to Loading System Software & seems to complete the 'wait for device initialization' sub-step; it then displays Reconnecting to JVM when it enters into a loop. The program \ device loose connection with the berry; I get a repeated error message "Application Loader was unable to connect with your device. Please reconnect & Retry." Occasionally in the Retry loop the loader asks for the device password that seems to be properly accepted. Unfortunately I seem to be stuck here.
I have tried restarting the whole process twice with no difference in result.
Any suggestions?

i woke up to my phone constantly looping in reset. i tried this method suggested, which worked at first, but then resetting loop started all over again. i do not receive any error messages - just phone starts to reset on its own within 10-30 seconds of hitting homescreen after reboot.
i was able to get into a security wipe and reload OS. but still it keeps resetting.
the problem is that tmobile says it will take 1 MONTH to get me a replacement phone by warranty program because out of inventory. i cannot wait a month. they gave me a regular 9-digit phone. not good enough. i need my berry.
can anyone suggest anything else to try and fix the phone? ive done the security wipe several times, reloaded with older OS and current OS.

Dear Admin.

Thanks for this solution but its not helping.

the apploader on connecting device says "the blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator"

there is an add option to add up application loader files (*.alx / *.ali).

Please help.

My BB-9780 was showing an error after start up which read as "Uncaught exception: java.lang.Error" which used to go after pressing OK.
It was since last 2 weeks, and i felt device had also gone slow since then.

Today morning i took a backup of contacts, calender and performed a wipeout. I had kept the device connected to my workstation to make sure battery does not goes while wipe-out.

After wipeout the actual problem started, the phone restarted with BlackBerry logo & progress-bar but It doesn't completes & get past about 2/3 or 3/4 rebooting and then it loops back and starts the booting process again.

I searched but there is no blackberry apploader in my system. also the OS which was in my device is not available online on page;jsessioni......

I bought this device with lots of hopes and it has helped me a lot. I won't be able to afford a new one.


my case is a bit different. I woke up and found out my Bold 9900 wont power up. It doesnt even show d red light or a glass screen. Its just DEAD. It doesnt charge, it doesnt connect with my pc. Pls who can help me out. If any one has a solution pls let him or her email d process to or thanks in advance

i woke up this morning and my phones screen was white, and it said APP ERROR 606. i tried to take the battery out, and then when it turned on again it was the same thing. Soo i came here and i tried to do this like 100 times, but firstly it doesn't show me this : USB-PIN:UNKNOWN. it shows me : USB-PIN:26C69AE6. what am i doing wrong? my battery is out, my blackberry USB is connected to the PC and the device. Can you please help me ???

I registered to this forum purely to say thank you! i just saved a hell of a lot of money all the way IN SOUTH AFRICA! say what!!? i was about to replace my phone due to the problem addressed here! Followed each step - must say it didn't go down as smoothly as i had hoped and the problem wasnt exactly the same but it worked for my phone! i am eternally grateful for this post! thank you! My life has been rescued! that is not an exaggeration at all mind you! i mean it! thanks again!

Hi Friend,
i have Blackberry Bold 9000.. My device is dead i try to reload software 4.6 i get the following error" Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." i try many times but i get the same error finally i install CrackMem, and wipe the device it's work for me . my life back to me..... thank you Kevin Michaluk and crackberry

Hello, my device is Curve 8520.

To everybody who have the problem with the "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" DOES NOT appear.

Although for many of you is evident (for me it wasn't), please note that after you start the AppLoader you press the first "Next" and you are waiting to the second screen where the communication port must show "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" before you do the whole process (remove battery, unplug usb, etc) this will help you gain some precious seconds.

Ok, now to the main issue. What I figured out with the hard way (I tried everything for many many hours), is that in order to make the trick work and show up the desirable "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" it must be the first time that you connect your blackberry to pc. After the Apploader and your pc recognize your phone and show your phone’s pin you have just lost your chance. In order to have another one uninstall both the blackberry os software and the desktop software restart your pc install them again and repeat the whole process all over from the beginning. After I did that, "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" appeared and everything worked smoothly ever since.

English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me if I am not understandable.

I have blackberry bold 9900. I have tried everything but it just won't work.
In my own case it does not say PIN:UNKNOWN rather it shows my precise PIN and also asks for my password.
But when it gets to the stage that say "Reconnecting to JVM" it stays there for a while and later come up with an error saying "application loader is unable to connect to your device.
pls help!

Hey, my bold 9900 is doing nothing at all but flashing a 1-3-1-3 pattern and when trying these steps COM1 doesn't appear in apploader, the dropdown menu is blank and the check-box is un-checkable. Help?

hi i tried to do all the thongs mentioned above but i dont seem to get my blackberry working... it fails to give me a list of application.

Had a problem to do this reset for my curve 8900 (with all the exact PIN showing), however reading few other posts an idea popped up - the computer knows your device PIN, and PERHAPS this is messing with everything!
So what I do:
1-3 as shown above and each time getting the reconnection issue + password requirement; and lets say cold sweat (cause the phone is with me for 5 days) + redoing it about 15 times I almost gave up and went to 'LETS WIPE THE PHONE WITH MASTER CONTROLLER', but then I remembered of PC in the room besides mine and did it again, only this time with just the file from AT&T Page (and of course there was that Common Files -> Research in Motion ->Apploader present there), and did those steps again, only this time, there was PIN UNKNOWN!
And then some cold sweat more when it didn't scream for passwords and reconnections, but it seemed that the bar of rebooting was stuck at the same place as when I first gave up on the phone, however that was only my overactive imagination and I got my delightful home screen back!

Dunno if this will be all right in the end, as when trying to connect to the original computer Desktop manager asked for Repairs/Updates again (where the issue begun).

I did it till step #3 but once I´m there I could not find any program to install, what can i do, so I could not install anything

tried doing this and just getting
A connection to the device could not be established. Please ensure that the device is properly connected to the cradle or USB cable, and that the cradle or USB cable is connected securely to your computer. Also ensure that the device has completed any startup operations. Then run the Application Loader Wizard again.
any ideas

tried doing this and just getting
A connection to the device could not be established. Please ensure that the device is properly connected to the cradle or USB cable, and that the cradle or USB cable is connected securely to your computer. Also ensure that the device has completed any startup operations. Then run the Application Loader Wizard again.
any ideas


when i plug my fone after remving the battery.. it never shows " USB-PIN:UNKNOWN ..

it always detects my pin..and then i followed all the steps but the problam is not solved..

please help me gttting this USB-PIN:UNKNOWN

then i read your comment which says i need to reinstall blackberry desktop software , i even did that but still its not shoping up the usb-pin:unknown ...

it always detects my pin

i am using windows 7 .. should i switch to xp ?

I'm freaking out!!! I have the common 507 error, but when i open the application loader, there's no option in the port connection, i mean, i don't get COM1, i get nothing! There's no option! Why??? What should i do???

Hi there Kevin,

what you explained here was of great help to me.
i use a very old handheld blackberry model, 8700g.

last week, all hell came down on me, when this handset of mine was on low battery, around 10% was left,and then i realized that i had forgotten to pick up my blackberry charger when leaving office, though it was in the middle of the week and i could have charged it the day after when i reached office again the net day, i thought of the numerous calls that i would have to make and receive, and that with the current battery life of 10% remaining, i would not last even 15 mins, so i decided to sacrifice the email service and put my GSM sim card in previous handset, make the calls from that handset and use the BB as a ready reference and number look up. That way the bettery back up might have lasted a longer time till i finished making all my calls. So un-mindfully i simply pulled the battery out, withoout TURNING OFF the power, took out the sim card, put the battery back in again, started making calls from the older handset after placing the sim card in it. after a while when i needed the BB for a particular number, i noticed the WHOLE SCREEN WAS WHITE with a small error message in the middle of it - JVN ERROR ***, RESET. on hitting the enter key, the bb would restart and come and stand on the same white screen again with the same message.

i paid a price for forgetting that the BB sets can charge through USB as well ( i had the USB cable at home in the drower beside me.).Now when i tried to connect the device to my computer the DESKTOP MANAGER was unable to detect the device.

i was at a point of losing all my contacts, notes, tasks, calender entries and saved messages.

i did a lot of online reading and finally went ahead with the JL_Cmder to look up the problem causing file part or something and then correct them. i am not that much technologically knowledged, and thus messed it up some where, as after the whole JL_Cmder thing was complete, that is, finding the error causing file and correcting it (failed - no change in the error screen on my device) and then a WIPE. At this point the JL_Cmder instructed to take a back-up of the contents of the BB device, which i tried, but the desktop manager failed to detect the device even then ( i use the desktop manager originally made for the 8700g handset.). So disheartened at myself and at my stupidity, i decided to let give up the info on the device. And after the device finished its FACTORY WIPE and REBOOTING another error screen came up - APP ERROR 205. i was so disheartened that i stopped all attempts to find a solution on it. And my search for some service on this old handset resulted in very little benefit as well. and so for the last one week u was using another handset with a very out dated Contacts database in its phone memory.

yesterday i was looking through various articles and found out that APP ERROR 205 is pretty much an ultimate signal towards a new re-installation of BB OS, in many cases the state of the handset was in similar conditions as mine. So following the links and all, i found your write up. and it worked excellently for me.
though while looking for the proper version of BB OS on the blackberry database, i had deliberately chosen an older version of OS than the one that was there on my handheld until i nuked it up.

i lost all my current contacts due to my own stupidity and inadequate presence of mind and thinking.
but i have the handheld working again.

Thanks a lot Kevin,
Carrier - Bharti Tele

Help, this blackberry curve belongs to my young son. It has a black screen and the red light flashes twice, pauses for 2 seconds and then repeats - but only when plugged into the wall or laptop.

I can get to stage 3 ( many attempts at hitting next ) but then the device application section is empty.

The blackberry desktop manager recognises the phone until I do steps 1 and 2 then it does not.

I am a complete technophobe are you able to give me simple instructions to follow?

I have tried hundreds of time to get my blackberry torch connect to my pc via Apploader, i followed the directions, after it appears the windows that says: USB-PIN; UNKNOWN, i click right away next, but unfortunately every time it says: Unable to connect to the device. Frrrrrrrustrated!!

I think I may love you, cause u solved all my probems. I owe u a lot, I thought I'd have to leave it somewhere to repair it and pay a not too small amount of money for it. So really thank you a lot

Me , my blackberry connect but when it say (connecting to the device (ARM)) it bug and it last for hours , please help ?? :)

i have tried this loads of times and the usb :unkown doesnt show up at all , nothing shows up or changes helppppp!

So, I've been following all your steps until it got to locating the file. I can't because it's different, I have Windows 8 and I can't fix the problem. I've looked it all up (this was the best I could find), and it all said about the Blackberry Desktop Manager, but I couldn't do that as you said because it kept connecting and then disconnecting :/ so I tried doing things similar, but to work for Windows 8, and it's just not working at all. I need help lol D:

When I plug up the blackberry to the computer WITHOUT the battery, nothing happens. App Loader is unable to detect the device without the battery. Now what?

I have a BB Torch 9800 and first off everytime I connect the usb it always gives me the phone pin not unknown and when i get to the next step it asks for the password but I have managed that too. The problem is at the final phase "wait for device initialization" .... it will not connect to phone and keeps telling me to retry. I am not having any luck here .... can someone please give me some advise as to what to try next??

Everytime I do this to restore an operating system on my nuked Blackberry Bold 9700, I never get the USB-PIN: UNKNOWN when I go through the steps in the application loader but always get USB-PIN: 25DC206C. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix this?

After three days and countless dead-ends including this one, un-nuking an 8520 was this simple

Step 1. go to the blackberry website
Step 2. Choose Update on the web (i know, i know the problem is LOADING an OS not UPDATING - do it anyway!)
Step 3. Done!
From 507 error to fully functioning device!!

Help please, I've followed all of the steps with no issue so far, but I get to step 3. and what comes up is nothing like what I see in the step.
Instead of being able to select what I would like to install I have nothing but a message saying "The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have Blackberry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator."

Any help would be great thanks, Its really urgent that I have my phone working as I'm waiting to hear about job interviews and my mobile is my main contact, I have no spare phone either :(
Thanks in advance x

I went through these process however when i get to the part where you conect the device to the usb and you click next (on step 2) it tells me that Blackberry desktop software doesnt have blackberry device software for the device :( ot doesnt give me the options to add the applications help

Hi, my BB bold 9900 just stoped working some days ago. when I remove and put the battery back a red LED just flashes and stays fix for a while and then go off and nothing happen. I've tryed this method but when I clic next as PIN: UNKNOWN appears the red LED just go off and the uploader ask me the password of the. I entered the password the clic next and nothing is happening! Please what can I do??
The BB desktop software reconises the phone but can't connect to

In my case mine never shows USB-PIN:UNKNOWN it is just blank and then the device and pin no matter what i've tried it ALWAYS gets stuck on reconnecting to JVM... device was left overnight to update over wifi and eneded up dead no image on screen at all unless there is no battery in it then sometimes i get the battery with a strike through it can hear it continuously connecting and d/c to pc with battery in also red light flashes on for about 5 secs when you hear it connect then nothing until it reconnects again.. even does the same thing on charger.. need help - its doing my head in!!!

I managed to get to the "Updating Your Device" part, but at some point while it's loading a message prompts and says that my device is not connected.

In the video, at this point there's a icon on the screen but mine just shows the blank white screen.


I am at the process where is have to connect my BB to the computer. As soon as I connect my BB it comes up with a pin and never say UNKNOWN. PLEASE HELP. How do i get it to say unknown. Ive took the battery out and tried this almost twenty times. What is going on!?

This method needed a tweak in order for me to repair a client's blackberry. She was getting the "uncaught exception: index 4>=4" error message (purportedly a java error) and not even apploader could communicate with the device, at least not while the battery, SIM card and memory card were inserted into the back of it. The trick was to remove the battery, SIM card and memory card and THEN run apploader. Loader.exe was then able to communicate with the Blackberry up to the point where the OS was ready to load, at which point loader generated an error message that it could not communicate with the device. Inserting the battery at this point, and then waiting for the computer to recognize the device, then hitting retry several times at the error screen pushed Loader.exe past that point and the OS loaded. Once loaded and booted, I shut the blackberry down, removed the battery and inserted the SIM card, memory stick and battery and closed the panel. Then booted up into the desktop. Make sure that, before you do this, you download the newest version of the Desktop Manager and install it to the PC, so that apploader will install the newest OS version when you perform the repair. Performed on a Torch after being on the phone with technical support for over an hour. We were about to give up when I decided to see what would happen if I removed the battery.

Tried this process, was all the comments to try find a solution, and all I see is a lot of people with the same problem as me and NO suggestions as to a poster explained the problem best:
"Hey, my bold 9900 is doing nothing at all but flashing a 1-3-1-3 pattern and when trying these steps COM1 doesn't appear in apploader, the dropdown menu is blank and the check-box is un-checkable. Help?"

DOES ANYONE (KEVIN???) KNOW WHAT TO DO TO GET APPLOADER TO RECOGNIZE THE USB CONNECTION?! My Apploader doesn't recognize a connection and the process is dead in the water, "next" button is grayed out.
There are A LOT of people with this exact problem. I have followed instructions carefully, have the latest OS for my service provider saved and the latest Desktop Software version, removed battery, sim and memory cards, all to no avail. Also deleted both locations of the VENDOR file.
ANYONE OUT THERE WITH A SOLUTION? Would be very grateful...
Thanks in advance...

Exactly the same situation - computer and apploader both refuse to recognize the device. Wonder if this is particular to 9900 series and OS7? However, when I remove the battery and connect it via USB to the computer the 1-3 red flash starts, so there's connection in the wire - it's just not recognizing the BB.

PLEASE HELP ME! So, i did all that and when we needed to click next after it changed.. I was asked for a password.. Am i supposed to put mine? I put mine and it synced or I don't know, now it's ''RELOAD SOFTWARE 513'' HELP

l have blackberry 8520 it would load up half way and then jams l down loaded blackberry desktop software and when it says connect blackberry and pin comes up l clicked next but the loading up bar dissapeared and my screen went completly blank that was 2 days ago the wee red light flashies but nothing works l have tryed to do it all over again but when l connect the usb cable the blackberry desktop software does not bring up my blackberry as it asks me to connect device even thoe it is connected as l have removed the battiery and connected it up and led red light flashes away but the software just says please connect your device please help blackberry 8520

I tried everything you told me but when I connect my blackberry to the computer, instead of it saying USB-PIN-UNKNOWN it say's USB-PIN and than it puts my pin . What should I do in this case ???

when i already clicked the next button there was an error saying "A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. Please try again."

Dear Mr Kevin (ALL),
I'm currently trying (desperately) to unnuke my f**ked blackberry bold 9780, so I am trying to follow your steps on "101 lecture 12 how to reload operating system on a nuked blackbeery". When I connect the device it does not show USB-PIN: Unknown but rather it shows USB-PIN:27794601 (which is the PIN of the device) then when I click next, under Appication name it shows "The blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administator"


I know this is a really old article but I have a nuked bb 9810 followed all the steps but when it gets to "Wait for device initialization' Reconnecting to JVM I get an error - Application Loader was unable to connect to your device please reconnect your device and enter the password if required and click retry
I have done it with battery in, battery out and I am at my wits end! please help!

Hi can anyone help I downloaded the blackberry desktop software, and the os. and then opened app loader but there are no options in step 2 of the app loader basicall not COM 1 or any ports listed. HELP I can't live without my phone!

hey my blackberry 9700 software is not gonna install it's when i trying it's just showing blackberry and switch off and same like that again and again if need help can any body help me please

hey, need help. my blackberry have a password on it so i have to write the password and then click next,

when i do this, and click next, nothing happens. And i have to enter the password again and again and again and again... can someone help me PLEASE?

I reach to the point of "WAITING FOR DEVICE INITIALIZATION" then a PROMPT appear which says 'Application loader was unable to connect with your device. Please reconnect your device, or enter password if required, and click retry.'

Please help, I've been stuck here for a while already. It just goes back to this. :((

i'm facing the same problem, though i've the device manager n all of that, i can't find options in the connection tab of the app loader wizard, please help!

Mine BB its complety dead.I have try this and more and nothing happen only screening the red light and after he stops a batery on screen with a red line truth.I have tryed 3 batterys and nothing.

this one maybe a no brainer to you. but having some difficulties on it....
i never get COM1 to show up what do i have to do to fix that running win 7 pro 64bit

The steps provided work crisps and like magic.

My Curve 9300 died on me just this pm. Found this site followed the steps and voila!

1) BB Desktop Manager must be in place
2) Have the BB System u wanna install already installed on your computer before u even go to apploader

Then just follow the onscreen instructions!

Big Thanks and Kudos to the provider! Cheers!

What if STEP 3 says desktop software doesn't have BB device software for the device that you have connected to the computer. contact your wireless service provider.

Please let me know what to do on this?

Sooooo...has anyone found the solution to the fact that it doesnt come up as USB-PIN: Unknown and their pin pops right up and that step 3 says desktop software doesn't have BB device software for the device that you have connected to the computer. contact your wireless service provider.

Sorry for the late reply was in the field where internet connection is poor, i completely discarded this method of fixing my bb. What i did was to download my bb's OS (for 8520) and installed it on my desktop computer (which also has desktop manager), after the installation of the OS, i connected my bb and a message that reads "BLACKBERRY DESKTOP SOFTWARE CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE CONNECTED DEVICE..." then on that dialogue box click the update tab then follow the steps

I 'm trying to wipe and reinstall the OS on my BB9860. When I attempt to turn on my phone while connected to my PC (using the app loader) it keeps getting stuck at about 70% while loading, at this point the phone then disconnects and the PC can no longer see it. Is there any other way to do this?

I have a 8100 that keeps rebooting. l got as far as step 3 but could not complete step 3 as I got a message saying there are no system files in the bb desktop. I download OS version 4.5 package and installed it on my PC but it does not show the files as the example screen shot below step3 in your great article. What options do I have?
Thank you

I've had the same problem since a month ago, I guess. I happen to stumble upon this article a few days back. I was all the way through the process but it stops right at the "Wait for device initialization..." its almost at the end of the process, but I always get the error message that says, "it doesn't recognize the device, reconnect and if a password is required, enter it, reconnect and try again." How do I do this? I've been going back and forth with the process, but its been always a dead-end with the error message. I don't get the password thingy. A little help?

You are a genius. I tried and it worked.
I created the connection as you suggested, and while the connection was open, I launched the Desktop software and downloaded a new firmware on a dead BB

I want to appreciate the author and members of this forum that contributed to this post. It saved me from a scary nightmare. woke up today to see the dreaded JVM 517 error on my blackberry 9790 after dilly dallying a bit , I stumbled on this and bingo i got my phone functioning efficiently. Saving me time, money and the headache of buying a new phone(We don't have excellent warranty culture in my part of the world at the moment). Thank you once again. Gracias, Obrigado......

I followed the procedure but in the fourth step 'loading' java applications' of 'updating device' a pop-up is appearing which says connection to your device failed and suggest various options but none seems to be of help so far. I tried many times. Please save my berry.

Hello guys...i tried this for my torch 9810,this is the error message i got after the process cancelled at the second step while "reconnecting to jvm" (Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation.),although i don't know if i should say my device is nuked since it's not caught up in a loop reboot but shows white screen a little pass half way during the reboot process.PLS PLS,HELP SOLVE THIS.

Well I just went through all the steps to install a os on my BB 8310 and low n behold the thing is working fine now ! So for the ones involved in putting this together and working as it does thanks a million ! I was going to trash this phone or dissect it n see what makes it tick LOL. But thx again worked for me !!!!

Hey Anthzanio Anthony! What's your take? Leave a comment. I have a problem with my BB Bold 9790 that shows my following is disabled: sim, network, network subset, service provider and corporate. Please help.