How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked or Bricked BlackBerry

CrackBerry explains how to restore a Nuked BlackBerry

Nuked BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Dec 2007 01:02 pm EST

Good Afternoon Class! I’ve been a bit slack in my BlackBerry 101 lectures as of late – I blame the Smartphone Round Robin, all the Contests we’ve been running on the site and the busy Holiday Season. My apologies! This will be the last 101 lecture of the year… but we’ll be back in 2008 bigger and better than ever.

Today’s lecture isn’t really a “newbie” topic, but it’s one that I wanted to cover because in the past three weeks I’ve gone through it half a dozen times and that is Reloading the Operating System on a BlackBerry that’s totally “Nuked”. I’m not sure if nuked is the technically appropriate word for it (I also use one that starts with an F and ends in an ED and has a CK in the middle), but it is how I refer to a BlackBerry that is stuck in a permanent reboot cycle and is completely, completely unusable. With a Nuked Berry, essentially the device turns on (red LED comes on for a few seconds), then you see the white screen with the hourglass of death, and then the display shuts off, the device shuts off, a few seconds go by and then it starts up and does the same thing again and again and again (it’ll do it for hours if you let it).

Over the past year I have arrived at this Nuked Berry scenario a few different ways: from installing a BlackBerry theme that wasn’t appropriate for my device/OS version; from installing beta software that was majorily glitchy; and one time during an OS upgrade the installation failed (I think I had too many apps installed and the device ran out of memory when trying to reload the backed-up apps). And while a “battery pull” works for solving most of little glitches that may occur when using your BlackBerry from day to day, that’s not the case with a Nuked BlackBerry.

The GOOD NEWS is that this problem likely won't affect you unless you're out and about looking for trouble and you can always fix a Nuked Berry (at least from my experience!). You just need to know a couple of little tricks and have 45 minutes of free time…

The Nuked Berry Problem

The fundamental problem with the Nuked Berry scenario is that because the device is stuck in a permanent reboot sequence or loop, when you attach it your computer via USB cable it simply connects and disconnects over and over and over again (you’ll just keep hearing that USB detected/unplugged noise) as the BlackBerry turns on/off. This makes using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to reload your OS impossible as the device is only detected for a couple of seconds before the device shuts off (and is now undetected).

Nuked Berry
My Nuked Berry...just a second before the display shuts off
and the device reboots itself, again and again and again

With pulling your BlackBerry’s battery doing nothing to solve the problem and it being impossible to establish a link to your desktop, at this point if you called your carrier for support there’s a chance they’ll tell you your BlackBerry is broken and that it’s time for a new one. To me that’s not a bad thing (what’s better than getting a new BlackBerry?!), but it’s not the CrackBerry way! Let's fix it!


Before reloading the operating system on a Nuked BlackBerry, you need to make sure you have taken care of some basics:

  • you are using a Windows Computer
  • have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed
  • have the BlackBerry Operating System you want to install/reload onto your Nuked BlackBerry installed

You can download the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager from the website, and you can find the latest Operating System available for your device from our BlackBerry OS superpage.

Keep in mind that during this process you don’t necessarily have to reload the same version of the OS that’s currently running on your Nuked BlackBerry. With the example I’m going through today, I’m actually going to revert to a slightly older operating system. There was an OSv4.3.1 Beta for the Curve I got my hands on way back when. Well, it turns out it had a slight glitch that made it want to occasionally reboot the phone when I answered incoming calls (which I was living with ok), but after Nuking my Berry while testing some software a friend of mine was working on, I decided to take the opportunity to revert back to the very stable OSv4.2.2. To accomplish this, on my computer I first open Control Panel > Add/Remove Software and uninstalled the current Operating System for the 8300 Curve. From there I went to AT&T’s website and downloaded and installed OSv4.2.2.

And now for the disclaimer, aka Bad News. With the process I’m going through here, any 3rd party applications you have installed on your BlackBerry will be lost. This install gives you a clean slate, which is a heck of a lot better than a Nuked Berry. So once you’re up to speed, you will have to install all your favorite apps once again.

The following process doesn't just work for Nuked BlackBerrys. You can also use it to clean the slate/reload/update the OS on a BlackBerry that's in fine working order.

How to Reload the OS on a Nuked BlackBerry

Step #1: Make sure your BlackBerry IS NOT connected to your computer. Locate and Open the App Loader application. You won't have a shortcut to this program on your start menu. You need to locate it manually. Open your file browser, go to your C Drive (operating system drive) and navigate your way through the folders to Program Files > Common Files >Research In Motion > AppLoader.  Once you are in the AppLoader directory, double click on the Loader application shortcut. Once Loader opens, you can click Next  and then proceed to Step #2. As you may have noticed, we skip Desktop Manager altogether.

AppLoader Directory
Step 1: Browse your way into the AppLoader Directory, and Open the Loader Application

Loader Homescreen
The Loader Homescreen. You can Click Next to Continue

Loader Screen - Com 1
After you click next, Loader Waits for you to Connect the Device.
Proceed to Step #2

Step #2: We need to connect the BlackBerry to the Computer via USB cable. But here's where the tricky part comes in with the Nuked BlackBerry. Do you see in the image above where it says COM1? What we want to do is plug in the BlackBerry, and when COM1 switches to say USB-PIN:UNKNOWN we immediately click Next. This catches the BlackBerry and takes it out of the constant reboot cycle and allows you to then reload the Operating System.

Tip: The USB-PIN:UNKNOWN option will display for a few seconds when the BlackBerry is first connected/flashing its LED in red. With a Nuked BlackBerry,  That occurs when the device is in the initial start-up part of it's reboot sequence. The easiest way to get that to happen (vs. waiting for that step in the reboot sequence where you have a tenth of a second to hit Next before you lose your chance) is to simply pull the battery from the BlackBerry. With the battery pulled, connect the BlackBerry to the USB connector and as SOON as you see USB-PIN:UNKNOWN hit Next. You have to be quick still, but using this method you are in control of the timing. From there you can put the battery back in and battery cover back on (Make Sure you install the battery or else when the OS update is completing and the device disconnects from the computer to reboot, it will lose the power provided by the USB connection and you will get an error and have to do it all over again!).

** If you don't get it right the first time, try again (unplug from USB, pull battery, connect and hit Next while USB-PIN:Unknown is showing). You have to be fast and the timing is key, so it may take you three or four tries.  

Connect Your BlackBerry via USB. Click NEXT as Soon as USB:UNKNOWN Appears


Battery Out
Tip: With Battery Out, Connect BlackBerry to USB.
This will give you more control in nailing the timing of
connecting Next while USB:UNKOWN displays

Step #3: With your BlackBerry now out of the permanent reboot sequence, you are essentially in the clear and well on your way to having your BlackBerry up and running again. Choose the options you want to install on your BlackBerry (BrickBreaker, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Maps, etc.), click next, then approve the installation by clicking "Finish." Sit back and relax while the BlackBerry does its thing. It'll take some time and go through a number of screens but eventually you will reach my favorite "The loading operation was successful" screen. Your BlackBerry will reboot itself at this point and it will take a LONG time to reboot (10 - 15 minutes or so). You can unplug it from the USB (it's not connected while rebooting) and just continue to sit back and wait. Get scared, but not too will eventually boot up.

OS Installation Options
Select the OS options you want to install

Approve OS install
Approve the Operating System Installalation Options

Sit Back and Relax
Sit back and relax and let the installer do its thing

Installation Complete!
Installation Complete! Just sit back and let your BlackBerry Reboot

Step #4: That's it! You are done. Brand New BlackBerry. With your BlackBerry no longer Nuked, you can run through the Set Up Wizard (set the date/time/fonts, etc.) and from there you WILL NOW BE ABLE TO connect to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. Hopefully you occasionally back up your data and can now use Desktop Manager's restore function to load up your backed up data. If not, hopefully you have your contacts all synced to Outlook so you can reload your Address book from there. Once that's done, it's time to install all your favorite apps again! I'd recommend starting with the Launcher (visit on your BlackBerry's browser to download it!). Happy BlackBerrying!

Desktop Manager Reload
At least in this case I KNEW I was putting some risky software onto my BlackBerry
so before installing did a backup of my data. Once I un-nuked my BlackBerry
I was able to relatively quickly get back to where I was before.


That's all folks! This is one of those lessons that I hope you don't need to use, but if you ever do find yourself with a Nuked BlackBerry I hope this lesson gets you back up and running quickly. There are some alterantives to this method as well, including some third-party apps like BBSAK (see another tutorial here). And if you're still stuck, the CrackBerry Forums are only a click away!

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How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked or Bricked BlackBerry



Hey Guys

Ok So i got my BB Bold nuked:( I accidentally pull out usb cable when updating. Now the screen is black but the led is flashing red twice. I have tried to apploader but the problem is it gets to the moment when it loads the jvm and system software and then it stops. Progres bar is grey and nothing is happening. And one more thing i can't use JL-cmder couse i'm on a 64bit os (windows 7) and if that helps i can install XP or vista 32 bit i that can help.

So anyone knows what i can do now?

Thank you

Ok i am new to this and my first thing is to make sure when you are going through the screens to make sure you READ. i was mad that there was something wrong with my Blackberry storm only had it a week well less then that but i unlocked it and put leaked OS .90 on it People i don't think its the os that is the issue its if you mess with it at all before or after download it will do this i had to download the real os for it and i didn't notice this but it says on one of the screens if you want to downgrade or keep it how it is. You don't want to keep it how it is that is why you are having the problem. Downgrade and you will pass that second step were people are seeing unable to connect to device. He is right that it takes a long time for it to boot back up the first boot i am still holding god i hope this works. IT WORKED

my blackberry makes it through

"load jvm system software"

but then as it is on

"wait for device initialization"

an error occurs.

what do i do now?

i'm really scared because it's my sister's blackberry that i was having issues with, not mine. please help!

Is it giving you the error cannot connect to device? make sure you are down grading and not staying with the same OS that is on your phone.

it never says cannot connect to the device . but it never giver me usb-pin:unknown .. it always detects the pin .. this is the problam ..

and after that i tried to procede with that . it worked and i was able to update my phone's os . but at the end the reboot problam remains . bcause it never gave me usb-pin:unknown ..

but i am installing the same os which is on my phone .

so is it nessory to downgrade the os??

Is it giving you the error cannot connect to device? make sure you are down grading and not staying with the same OS that is on your phone.

Finally after 2 day of trying, I revived my blackberry 8310. My blackberry went dead after trying to upgrade to 4.5. Black screen, blinking red LED. What I do is use Jl_cmder to wipe (several wipe, plug blackberry without battery as I type "blackberry" in jl_cmder). Remove DM. Remove all my usb cable except for BB cable. Run apploader from command prompt with option "/NoJVM". And when in apploader I connect my blackberry in the first screen (without battery), quickly click next to go to the communication port selection and click next again as the unknown pin selection appear. Put in my battery as I select the application to load (basic only). And start the upgrade (OS If this is success you will see a progress bar during load JVM step. In my previous try there is no progress bar and I just wait till there is a check in the load JVM step and stuck in "wait for device initialization".
After the upgrade I use apploader again to install all the other application I left behind. Still don't know what went wrong in the previous attempt but hopefully this will help other who suffer the same problem. Oh one other thing, I use Windows 7 so I guess your windows OS doesn't really matter and I use black market BB so getting OS from your carrier doesn't matter.

contrary to what others said.. your suggestions worked. i just had to go get a new blackberry from device support this morning but the replacement did not have the v4. upgrade... and when i went to upgrade CRASH.... i thought i was going to have to go back again and sit all day to get yet another replacement... you have saved me much time and foul language

thank you so much for your help


I get through the entire process up to where the loader application says the operation was successful. But after that my BB just goes into the same reboot loop that it was in before. My problem was caused by the latest Yahoo Upgrade.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anybody know how to fix this or am I going to have to get a new BB Curve? Thanks!

I tried the above steps with my new Storm 9500 but to no avail :(

The phone is stuck in a "re-boot loop". The red light comes on, then the black screen with the hourglass, then the white screen then all of a sudden I get a tiny message saying "Reset - Unable to reset" then it re-boots once again and keeps going in this cycle till I pull the battery out!

I follow the instructions above, everything looks good. Phone has stopped re-booting, and it all looks like its going to work. HOWEVER, when the app loader initializes the handset, the re-boot loop starts all over again and the app loader tells me its "unable to complete the operation" with another message underneath saying "unable to reconnect to the device during a multi stage load operation!" BUMMER!

I guess I gotta take the phone back to where I bought it from.


Geoffro - Australia

I was smart and just kinda started clicking stuff when i installed the desktop manager on my 8310....and then it was blank and would not start......this page right here alone took me through step by step with how and what to do...sadly i lost all my contacts but i got my blackberry back..THANK YOU!!!


I can start the Application Wizard. In the "Updating your device", the first step (Load JVM and system software) is working, but at the second step "Wait for device initialization", my BB still do his reset (Red light and hourglass), so the Application Wizard can not continue. What can I do ?

Thank you.

I found several other locations on the web that had instructions to save my brand new 8320 curve after I had "Device Error 317" appear when trying to update the OS. The step by step instructions here helped me to retore what I thought was going to be a doorstop.

Thank you so very much for the detailed information!

I have an unlocked BB Curve 8310 branded AT&T. I am on the Fido network and have just activated a BIS account. In the process of doing this I noticed that when I updated my OS from the BB site my PIN changed to FFFFFFFF. So I found this site. Downloaded the Desktop Manager from Fido. Downloaded the new OS from Rogers (there isnt one from Fido). Followed the instructions to the letter. Results: Reset to factory default AT&T setup, PIN FFFFFFFF. So I uninstalled Desktop Manager and the OS. I deleted the registry keys, I removed every mention of RIM from my computer and booted. Downloaded and installed again. Followed the directions to the letter. Result: Reset to factory default AT&T setup, PIN FFFFFFFF. What am I doing wrong. Please someone help me.

It took a couple of trials before I grasp the fact that you just selct the known USB listed and it will automatically go to unknown USB. The rest is just smooth sailing. User should be made well aware that the reboot will take a while, just be patient.

Thanks a million!!!

Somehow my Sprint 8330 went into the reboot-cycle-of-death mid upgrading my OS to 4.5.

Glad I had noticed this BB101 lecture earlier (not that I ever thought it would apply to me!) It worked like a charm.

when i tried doing that. after i clicked next. my connection wnt through but it wont show any applications i can load. so i cant load my original OS 4.3 how do i fix this problem. i tried downloading 4.5 onto my computer and see if desktop manager found it but it wont show any applications to download nor any OS's i can use to reboot my phone

Wow Thank you!It WORKED! Thanx to previously playing with phones like the PPC6700 and searching so many sites, I remembered when I got my Pearl8130. Ive upgraded it several times and never had this from a correct setup. Weird how it crashed but I sure am glad guys like you are doin what you do. Thanks again!

i've gotten to the updating your device window on the application loader wizard. unfortunately its just on Load JVM and system software. its done erasing the data, but now 3/4 way through the loading system software it just moves one bar up then back one bar.

Since I just spent the last 9 hours fixing my Blackberry Pearl 8110, I hope to spare someone else the headache that I had.

First off, this guide works wonders. Kevin is a genius.

Second, if you have a BB Pearl 8110, this probably happened to you because you tried to update the device software from version 4.3 to version 4.5. Version 4.5 is a deathtrap, don't use it.

Problem #1: the "you don't have the correct software for your device" error. There are 2 types of software for your blackberry: the desktop manager software and the handheld software (aka the device software). You have to download BOTH. If you are getting this error, you haven't downloaded the handheld/device software.

Problem #2: It says something like "Could not connect during a multi-step connection operation" or something. If you have a BlackBerry Pearl 8110, DO NOT try to install version 4.5 of the handheld/device software. If you install version 4.3, it won't give you this error and everything will work just fine.

Hope this helps someone.

all you have is 2 red blinks every couple of seconds and THAT's it! No white reboot screen. Kevin I tried all the suggestions in the forums and can't get it up and running.

If anyone can offer some help I'd appreciate it!


same situation as above, nuked berry 8310 , two red light blinks no white screen, and when used the method to reinstall os, stuck on initiation, wont go ahead, twice error message said failed to communicate.

pls help


hey, i fixed my curve 8310 with the red brand up north! i used windows xp rather than windows 7, it took me 2 tries but yeah it worked.. soo glad.

thanz a dozen Kevin!!!

keep up the good work

Im making the procces step by step as you described there, the thing is when the erasing apps procces is complete, the apploader waits for the device to initialize again, then the loop begins again and it says theres a problem due to the blackberry not beeing connected to the computer. What can i Do plz help me out im driving crazy without my phone.

Hey kevin.. thank you so much for the post.. took me a while to get it down but worked like a charm!! i thought all was lost for a second there!!

I tried all the steps here and i get the download successful BUT my berry then gets the white screen with the hour glass and then it starts to reboot and dats it! can someone help here please

Hi all...
i need some help, i have a nuked berry... and thought this was too easy and i could do it myself but it seems i'm not so smart to handle it... and i think i have the most dumb problem of all.. but still i have hopes for it.. so here it goes...
i follow every step but when i get to the app loader wizard it says that i don't have the device software... even though i downloaded from my carrier's website (movistar venezuela)... so i think i'm not pretty clear about what to do with it so when i get to that point, the wizards shows all of the applications... if someone can help me I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT... BEFORE I GET A HEART ATTACK!!!

So I was updating my storm to .109 and in the middle of the update my phone, my laptop overheated and shut down. My storm was bricked and my heart stopped. Luckily these steps helped me out and I got my storm back up and running but it won't let me change the themes. It's all white with little black stick figure drawings for icons and when i go into change the themes, it has Precision Zen and None but it won't let me change it to Precision>!?!?

I totally nuked my Storm while installing firmware and I'm trying to resuscitate it. Unfortunately, it's not working. AppLoader keeps failing halfway due to Storm rebooting whenever the battery's in. JL Cmder also refuses to wipe due to connection issues. I'm really at my wits end.

Will this be the time to switch to Bold? I hope not.

Thanks a alot i thought i was going to die i was not able to fix my blackberry. great research. your the best. your my life saver......

i've gotten to the loading applications screen... it has been running for over 30 minutes now... should it take this long or is it frozen? help...

first of all greetings from Germany. I nuked my BB STORM because my PC hubg up when reflashing the device. I found no solution and was prepared you spend a lot of money to let the device reflashed at the factory or somewhere else.
Then a fellow-forumner of a German Blackberry forun gave the link to this side.
I was going through some little confusions and try-and-errors but now my STORM is quite as new (and my reflexes are somewhat better :=)



I am having trouble getting this to work on my 8320. The only thing I haven't tried is using an older OS during this process. Can anyone tell me where to find an old OS for Tmobile 8320?

The app loader works fine and everything seems to be going well until the wait for device initialization part of the process. While the loader is trying to reconnect to jvm the blackberry goes into the reboot cycle and ends up not being able to recconect so the process just ends and brings up a screen saying that it cant finish. any ideas why this is happening? how can i make it work?

This is the best guide to redo a BB OS! I had the two red lights after OS upgrade gone bad. I tried your guide and the 1st time it didn't work. I think I waited too long putting in my password and selecting options. I tried it again entering password in faster and not selecting extra options. After trying other BB help websites for 8 hours this is the only thing to fix my BB. Thanks so much! You saved me the hassle of trying to find a service center and waiting for it to get repaired.

Please help. After "Updating Your Device" screen comes up, it will "Load JVM and system software" then it goes to "Wait for device initialization". At that point I can hear the BB connect and disconnect from my computer. I then get the message "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." Is there anything else I could try. Thank you for your time.

^^^^ what you need to do is put your batter in as soon as its in the first step of load jvm, i think its called "erasing old applications"

that worked for me at least

When I'm in step #3 there's no list displayed, for some reason it doesn't work! I do all the steps as told, I take care to click next when the USB-PIN:UNKNOWN option is displayed, but there's no list displayed. So I can't go ahead and do the following steps! help please!

When I'm in step #3 there's no list displayed, for some reason it doesn't work! I do all the steps as told, I take care to click next when the USB-PIN:UNKNOWN option is displayed, but there's no list displayed. So I can't go ahead and do the following steps! help please!

I have some photos I was hoping I could get back without erasing them first. I'm caught in the reboot loop. They're photos of my son in his first year and I never did a backup (I know I know).
Any help is great, I just want the photos.

Hi I've spilled tea on my bb. I was told to wait. I did 2.5 weeks. Still no life. So with the application 205 error I've attempted your plan here. But the App Loader does recognize the bb and all the apps are still there, but it still says unable to connect to device.


I can barely stand being without my 8100

First off, I give this Kevin guy kudos for a very well-written set of instructions. Although his instructions did not fix my 8130's problem, due to their clarity, I was able to know exactly where the next obstacle lied.

I followed all the steps up to "waiting for device initialization"; that's when the rebooting loop began again!! The application loader software waited about two minutes for the handheld the calm the f-k down, but it did not. Then this message appeared on my computer, "unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation".

So, my guess is, the app loader software managed to prevent the handheld from entering into the god-damned loop only long enough to perform the app loader's first step. Somewhere between the first and the second steps, the app loader lost its abililty to keep the handheld in check. The handheld returned to its freakin' loop again......

Mr. Kevin, what do you say?

When I go to redo my device, the App Loader stops at Load JVM and System Software.
:( I need help badly!
Running on a Pearl 8100.

Reading through the replies, it seems as though several people are having the same problem (during the upload of the new os, the blackberry kicks back to the reboot cycle).

Has anyone found a solution to this? I have a Pearl 8100, have tried using the latest desktop software and v4.3, I have also attempted to load os v4.5, and The BB continues to kick back into reboot cycle after Wait for Device Initialization.

Please respond if you can help! I'm sure it would be appreciated by all.

Thank you!

Great information. How come can answer all our questions and fix our problems and RIM can't?
They should just give the link to crackberry and not even bother putting a users manual in the box!
Keep up the great work. For those of us that are not "techies" you have no idea how much we appreciate the nerd factor!
Calm winds and following seas.
Captain Howie

my bb bold is completely dead? how do i bring it back to life? there's no power or anything. obviously can't connect to pc since it's not picking it up. no white screen either. it had the constant red led of death, until i pulled the battery then nothing. att is sending me another one, but wanted to see if there was anything i could do until then.

It appears to be working from what I thought would be an endless cycle of shit, you stories however when someone is frustrated and looking for a quik fix is a little less interested in your side topics and discussions, it actually frustrates you even more...its like get to the fucking point already, no offense. But again, thanks for the hlp this worked great.

It appears to be working from what I thought would be an endless cycle of shit, you stories however when someone is frustrated and looking for a quik fix is a little less interested in your side topics and discussions, it actually frustrates you even more...its like get to the fucking point already, no offense. But again, thanks for the hlp this worked great.

It appears to be working from what I thought would be an endless cycle of shit, you stories however when someone is frustrated and looking for a quik fix is a little less interested in your side topics and discussions, it actually frustrates you even more...its like get to the fucking point already, no offense. But again, thanks for the hlp this worked great.

I ran through this procedure and when I got to the initializing device it went back to the white/black screen cycle, so I spent two hours on the phone with bb support and they had me run through the exact same process only to fail again at the reinitializing step. So they were not able to fix it either. So unless someone knows how to get past that point my only option is to get a new phone.

My blackberry isn't recognized at all by the laptop... just blink blink pause on my LED... can someone help me please???

i have the same problem with mine its shows the same error USB device not recognised even after following the above mentioned procedures..
please help

Dear All,

Did anybody tried to upgrade the unlocked Storm 9500.

I have the one which was previously locked to Vodaphone Germany. Since I am fed up with OS v4.7.0.78, please advise weather it is possible upgrade to the newer version 122???

Will my BB accept my Qtel (Qatar) sim card again???

I got a BB7250 and YEP it's nuked! It does the reboot over and over with the blinking light. I've got dsktp mgr 4.7 and os sw 4.1.0. I try reloading the sw and it passes the "load JVM and system software" stage BUT when it gets to the "wait for device initialization" part, it comes up with an error saying "unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." What gives?????

I even tried this with dsktp mgr 4.3 and same prob. It's a verizon so the os sw I downloaded is the right one and current. What's up? Is there anything else I can try?

Got this off Ebay in this condition.... So don't what previous owner did to F this up.

Any info. would help! Thx...

Hey I tried this because my blackberry was doing his exact thing but when the loader gets to the "Waiting for device initialization" the BB 8100 starts it reboot process and the load process dies and I get an error message that says "Unable to reconnect to the device during multi-stage load you have anymore drastic measures to try????I mean it is at the point of Hammer Time if I can not get it to work... will a magnet on the bios work??

I followed all the steps and they worked beautifully, till the load process, and the exact same thing as Richard Fowler mentioned has happened. The message is "unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation"

Does this mean the end of the road. Help!!!

Thanks......I got the dreaded "app error 205 reset" and on Easter Sunday installing a leaked OS hybrids (not sure what I did wrong.......but you saved me from heading to Verizon store on Monday for a replacement). Thanks again!!!

Want to say THANK YOU!! I just did a re-load of the 4.2.2 os in my 8310 Curve, with 100% success. Followed your recommended procedure step by step. No surprises thanks to your well done lesson. I had updated the device with the v4.5(AT&T). Video record worked well; however I lost Brickbreaker and had some issues with MMS. Not really happy with the 4.5 and very happy to be back with the 4.2.2..

I just tried to upgrade my device, Bold's, software. The device's operating system and all other software were deleted. As the process was coming to an end my desktop software gave a message that it couldn't complete the operation because it could no longer connect to the device. My Bold needed to be restarted, but after restarting, even by taking out battery, the screen shows a small circle with a line through it. Inside the circle is a window with a circle, square, and triangle. Underneath the circle it reads, "Reload Software: 507". Does anyone know how to get the desktop software to find device so I can get it to reload the software? Many thanks to anyone who can help me get past my huge mistake.

Hi Kevin,
Need your advise I have a BB 8900 and it currently shows the APP ERROR 200 RESET everytime and when I reset it just goes back. I tried your "Nuked" remedy but after step 2 all I get is a screen in the PC that says there is no soft ware.
Please advise what I should do.

That trick to remove battery and re-insert after starting the reload of the OS is awesome. My BB is back on!

how do i fix my blackberry pearl 8110?

my phoned died yesterday and then when i looked at it the white hourglass screen came up.
i then looked online in a few places and did a software update but then the update didnt finish.

now my blackberry is just a black screen and a red blinking light. nothing will work i tried JL CMDER but i cant wipe because the blackberry wont connect.

what do i do?

i believe its "nuked" but i cant do anything mentioned above because blackberry wont stay connected long enough,

Seriously the guy who posted at the top of this comments sections was right.

To get past the wait for device intialization you need to use the 4.3 device manager from the BB site. You must also use the older 4.3 Phone OS from your carrier. I Tried the new OS for with my 8110 along with the new device 4.5 and beta 5.0 device manager with no luck.

What I do wonder is if I could load the new phone OS (ver4.5)
using the old device manager 4.3. Someone should give this a try besides me.

My guess is the problem lies with the new device manager and not so much with the new OS.

Good luck

BTW I did not have to do any funny tricks to get this to work. (Battery removal, etc...)

Just follow the intial instructions from the article but be sure to use the older boot loader and possibly the older OS'es.

Well it took me a while to figure out that the 4.3 was the software thats was need and also the original BB OS. I am glad to know that i could help out someone, But i must say thanks to kevin for the Forum,


Where did u get the 4.3 phone OS, i have the device initialization problem, i have try with os 4.2 but it didn't work for me

after i click USB PIN: UNKNOWN

am i the only one that being asked for a password with seven chances to figure it out???

im tried my pin.
i tried my phone password.
im abotu to cry.
someone please help?

i have a blackberry bold...i bought it 4 months ago and it has barely anything on it! (i have the reload software 552 message)

I think I am supposed to have the following:
Calendar - All
Calendar Options

I do not have the Calendar and what is strange is Calendar - All does not show any records but I was able to sync with Google so there are appointments in my blackberry.

It will not sync with Outlook and I think this is the reason. Can this restore bring back the calendar database?

I did a restore / upgrade but nothing yet.

I am not sure if I am supposed to have the Calendar database in the list. What I do know is I copied a backup of the "Calendar - All" with 1.2k and when it was finished it showed 0 on the blackberry. I even copied the device "Calendar - All" back to the PC and it was 0k. I am not sure but I didn't loose any of my google calendar events. I am stumped.

I just used this system to restore my apparently nuked Pearl Flip. It worked like a charm. I think the problem arose from an incorrectly upgraded OS. Thanks so much.

I was on .132 and all was working fine. I had downloaded the Youtube app and I kept getting a Java error when I would attempt to login. I uninstalled it and my 9350 rebooted, and rebooted, and rebooted and rebooted...

The process to reload the OS (.132) was so simple. Now I have a clean install with all the media I had previously.


i just got a new 8900 and decided to be experimental and install and totally bricked my phone. thanks to your awesome guide i was able to resurrect it! thank you so much!

i have a blackberry pearl 8130 and i followed the steps but when i click next (with the phone disconnected), there are no options for the connection ports ie, no COM1 or USB-PIN:UNKNOWN. The LED on my phone turns on and off once about 5 seconds or so.

Also, my phone shows the "--No Application Linked---" error message.

Thank you guys.

Took my time about 15 mins to setup and voila, got my Storm working again. Thanks you guys at Crackberry are superb.

Hi All,

I tried to do the instructions on how to un-nuked my BB8320. but unfortunately same thing happen after several steps.I get past the "load JVM and system software" but after the "wait for device initialization" i just get an error msg saying that "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." so what's the problem with my BB8320? Is there anyone out there who could help me fix my BB.? I really need help!!!!


you are the only ONE to have got the RIGHT answer in all the net!!!!!

But you have forgot smtg:

Delete the vendor.xml file located in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader (this step is necessary any time an OS is installed from a different carrier than what is branded on the BB.)

otherwise no suxxess!!!
take care and


Every time i try this it does not work.

Whenever the download gets the the actual installation, it stops and says a fatal error has occurred and it says device communication error.

I'm on a Storm 9530.

Im a newbie to this, but I have followed the steps correctly only to be faced with a problem at about step 3!

When I select next on USBPIN:UNKNOWN after a few seconds it fails and switches back to COM1

What do i do?

Please help!



my blackberry blinks its red led light 2 times and pauses for a couple of seconds and then blinks its red led twice again and repeats. how can i fix my blackberry curve? ive tried reloading the operation systems but the computer does not detect the blackberry because the blackberry does not turn on. help anyone? my email is thanks

I had no problem finding each step. The only problem that I am having is instead of saying Com 1 it says Com 3, plus when I try to add the files it says that there arent any?!?!?!?!?!? PLEASE someone help me ASAP! This is the only phone that I have, and with a 4 month old and being a single parent I REALLY need a phone! lol

man your a f***in life saver. if it wasn't for this i would have still currently be going crazy not knowing a single thing trying to recover my bb. i just wanted to leave a comment and show my appreciation to whomever this may be. THANK YOU! oh so very much.

--->> LAZEE

I have been nuked before and Sprint said my phone was DOA. They were not going to be able to replace my phone until a week later. Then I started researching and found this awesome website! Your details were awesome and it fixed my phone and gave me the opportunity to walk into Sprint and tell there techs that I wanted my $55 back because I fixed it myself when they failed to.

That was months ago, now, I think the nuking has been updated. I can't get my phone to stay in the "USB PIN: Unknown." I am able to get the UNKNOWN, but then it switches screens over to "USB PIN: 0."

Then it goes through up to the Updating Device and then when it gets to the "Waiting for device intialization," it looses it.

I have done this a few times successfully, but this time it appears it really is DOA.

Any suggestions? Great site, love it!!

ok so on step three, this is where i get stuck. i select my operating system, approve my operating system, but the "updating device" stage never works for me. First it will go through and say "erasing applications", then it will begin the first step which is "load JVM and system software". EVERYTIME it does this, the green loading bar at the bottom will stop at about 85% and just stay there. what can i do to make it finish the process?

I am having the same problem "unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation" for the 1000th time have fully charged the battery I assume? because it keeps goin through the loop I have no Idea if its charging or not, Have disconected all my usbs so I am only using 1 port for my 8800. Does all the right things till it gets to intialisation part then just goes back in to the loop again. Is this totally bricked. it is very close to being dropped from a great height. Have spent days doing this. Please any help, am I doing something wrong. I have used all the dms still all the same thing, I am using 4.3 at the present time and the o2 4.2. I have tried this on 2 pc's still always the same thing. cant get by reconecting JVM.

I've had my bold for like a week and it is stuck on the endless rebooting! when I get to add the aplications I want it tells me that my desktop software doesn't hace any blackberry device software, and I've installed the sooftware like 5 times! please help!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU, i was feeling like I threw my money away, just got my Bold back, thank you!!!!!!!1

Not sure if anyone can help with this blackberry handset, I have tried the wipe by following step by step guide (found on this site), as suggested. I had this phone off a friend and am not sure what he had done to cause the current state.
I am currently using the desktop manager with the os versions:

When I load 4.2.1 it seems to work, its installs and then after the install it reboots a few times (this doesn’t seem correct??) and then an error code of 543 appears (seems to be the os file I have). It will then not leave this error screen (until battery removed).

I then tried the newer os to see what the results would be, its started installing (on pc), on the phone before file transfer screen an error of 507 came up, then the file transfer window on the phone came up. Once the files have been loaded, I removed the usb as the phone is rebooting. The phone shows the hourglass and just reboots over and over again. It is in a constant loop.

I have also tried the Jl Cmder recently but now can’t get this to wipe the phone any more.

Does anyone know any way to help or is this just a phone that needs to be thrown in the bin? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, if you require more info/screen shots then please let me know. Is there any debug software that can give me a clue to why this isn’t installing or what is causing the errors?


after the apploader is started up and i click next, it tells me that the computer doesnt have the bb device software? i dont know what to do..please help!

Did the above instructions and I have the timing right... I cant get the Application Loader to connect to the phone. Once it stays "Connecting to the device (ARM)..." I get another screen saying this... "A connection to the device could not be established. Please ensure that the device is properly connected to the cradle or USB cable, and that the cradle or USB cable is connected securely to your computer. Also ensure that the device has completed any startup operations. Then run the Application Loader Wizard again."

:( Grrrr does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or do I even have any hope of recovering this Blackberry Bold 9000?

Please let me know

Thanks in advance!

i have everything going the right way except when i click next after getting USB-PIN:UNKNOWN there is nothing there are no applications for me to change or re-install or do whatever. all it says is "the blackberry desktop software does not have Blackberry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the your wireless service provider or system administrator"....... please helpp

My cel is a Blackberry storm 9530 and when I am in step 3 on "Device application selection" I don't see all those options you show on the picture up there.

The screen has this message:

" The BlackBerry Desktop Manager does not have
BlackBerry Device Software for the device that
you have connected to the computer. Contact
your wirelss service provider or system administrator."

I hope you can help me through this cuz I've been dealing with this for a while and I don't see any solution yet.

I'll really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.

I was almost done I think then the application loader reads, "fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. Please try again." I downloaded the proper OS for Blackberry Storm and Desktop Manager 4.7. IDK WHAT IS WRONG!?
Has this happen to anyone else?

"Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." also popped up when I was in the process of unnuking my phone. I was on the "Updating Your Device" screen. I had checkmarks on the steps "Load JVM and system software," and "Wait for device intitiaztion." MAN!!!

what if it goes through the whole process all the way untill it gets to read java configuration? mine seems to do that that then disconnects.
please tell me what to do :(

Hi everyone! I just went through this "nuked BB" exercise and I don't wish it upon anyone....HOWEVER, I wanted to add to this tutorial that in case you DON'T FIND the AppLoad Directory under Program Files/Research In Motion (like it was my case) trying looking for it under Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion. Besides that, EVERYTHING else worked like a charm!
Good Luck!

I have the 8900 Curve. I have been having a similar problem, with a few differences. I went to the BB Manager yesterday and did what T-mobile told me to do. I did keep on hearing the device connect and disconnect. I actually thought there was something wrong with the usb, but there wasn't. In the forums someone suggested my phone was nuked and refereed me here. This is the difference. I do not even get a hour glass. All I have is a Blackberry flashlight. Nothing on the screen but a white light. I did exactly what was stated but my computer recognized the PIN Number it did not state unknown and when it loaded up what I had on the phone it just showed the 3rd party apps. No OS, no different languages, nothing like that. But when I was over on the BB Manager earlier it did have those things listed. In any case I do what the screen states and it states everything was successfully installed and that's it. The phone is the same. A expensive flashlight. What is going on? Thanks in advance.

I have to try your prosedure, but my phone till same error 530, do you have the other tips????

I had a nuked blackberry too. I couldn't get the solution to work as noted for a couple of reasons: I had to ensure that I had the right version of the destop software and the handheld. I had to install, uninstall and reinstall several times until I got the correct combo. Then, the instructions to use the application loader on its own didn't work for me, so instead I used the application loader on the desktop and that got me out of the reboot do-loop. Finally, the desktop app couldn't find the software even though I tried pointing directly to the software. At somepoint, after hitting some keys, it found the software and I was on my way. I got most of the BB back to where it needed to be on my own, but for the final 25% ended up text chatting with the AT&T support. Regardless, I'm up and running. Amazing. Thanks Kevin, you saved my BB!

How to reload nuked blackbery worked like charm, thank you very very very very much Kevin, I was told that my phone needed to be replaced!

I have the same problem with my BOLD it went NUKED, how can i fix it? using thi steps.shown....all i did was upgraded my software with a limited upgraded that is shown here in page 5>>>

I'm not having much problems my app does register my bb but it ask for a password in to the phone. But i have no clue what that means

had to try this out thanx to the new facebook update that left me with the good ole 552 error on my 8900 but this guide fixed my problem in a jiffy, now all i have to do is set a profile that gets rid of the annoying led light :)

Which device software would I download if I bought my phone off Ebay unlocked, but the screen still says T-Mobile when I turn on the phone. I have the phone on a plan with Rogers, not a data plan just a pay as you go plan.

My initial problem was that a friend of mine dropped my BB (I have a Nextel 8350i BBCurve). Once he dropped it, all I got was a blank white screen with a greenish red blinking led. No hourglass, no reboots, no nothing. Just a blank white screen.

I read somewhere that if a battery pull fails (I tried one 1,000,000,000 times... no luck)to try re-installing the O.S., so I visited my favorite BB troubleshooting site,(this one, of course) and discovered this tutorial.

Sucessfully, I completed all the steps, and my new OS. I got all the same screens you have displayed above.

My problem...?

Still a blank white screen. No hourglass. No nothing. Not even the blinking led...

So what do I do now? I'm litterally losing my mind here...

i bough a black berry 8100 that accept the OS but fail to reboot when it reaches the stage that says "waiting for device initialization" on the App loader, its just keep on restarting

when i unplug it it keeps on giving me the device error message and reboot immediately after. can some one tell me how to get it back up plz

i bough a black berry 8100 that accept the OS but fail to reboot when it reaches the stage that says "waiting for device initialization" on the App loader, its just keep on restarting

when i unplug it it keeps on giving me the device error message and reboot immediately after. can some one tell me how to get it back up plz

I have the white screen and "app error 205" on it. I downloaded the pearl 8130 os. I followed all the instructions but when I got to step 2 - the loader screen said the desktop device did not have the sw for the device connected


My BB started slowing down alot and then basically stopped working. I never backed up any of my data and now when I try to take out the battery and turn it back on it won't verify the security softare... is there any way to backup the data still at this point? I have hundreds of contacts that I cannot lose!

Hi, my new BB storm 9530 is totally nuked when I tried to use MFI Multiloader to unlock it. Now it's frozen white screen saying "Device is in cal mode..."

I tried to follow this guide to restore the os, when it goes through the process "reconnecting to jvm..." it says unable to reconnect...

Please help to get my storm back.

Thanks veryyyyy much in advance.

I tried this method and had no success. My issue is slightly different than those I have seen posted. My Curve 8310 reboots, but when I plug it in with the usb cable, it stops rebooting. I can use it with no problems at all, as long as it is connected to the pc. I went to the AT&T store to see if maybe it was a battery problem. The sales guy there had a known good battery which we placed in my BB. No dice. Any help would be appreciated.

I miss my berry...

I followed every stap, but it wont work !!

I downloaded the leaked bbm 5.0 last sunday and it crashed my phone, I deleted it via DM, but still no results

When the screen with the update things arrives, there is none to choose ..
It says that there are no updates for my device

Another problem is, I don't know which version my BB 89xx is, I downloaded OS v4.6.1 but it doesn't works for some reason

What to do now? Do you know what i must do?
Please help me :(

So I'm new to the BlackBerry world, besides that I updated my BBM to the new 5.0, and my icon dissappered, so I looked in my app folder and it was in there, but it wouldnt open. So I was looking online about what to do, and since I didnt have a back up (rememeber I'm new) I read delete it, and reinstall it and then make a backup asap. So thats what I did and after I disconnected my blackberry from my laptop my internet icon is gone, and I keep getting this message "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. Please contact your service provider to enable the Browser on your device." Before this I was using my internet all the time. Hopefully theres someone out there that had this happen before and can help.


i used this lecture but no solution only f uc k ing red led light no solution i think......

no solution of my bb bold plz if u have then write here

I have the 507 error because I wiped the blackberry, but my DM was not recognizing it so I could not install the OS. I tried the Device Application Loader like this says but mine does not come up as PIN:Unknown or COM1, it shows the pin to my blackberry. When I get to where the applications show it has nothing, but I have the right OS installed on my computer. What should I do?

All I can say is Thank You sooo much. I followed the instructions to the letter and it worked as shown on the first try. My trusty old friend is back in action.

i tried reloading the OS exactly according to your steps.

it did show me the loading operation was successfull.

however my blackberry bold now shows me a white screen. what does that mean...what do i do ..please help
i have been without a phone since a week now :(

I applied to my bold, and it works fine. But I lost all my data and returned from a few months backup. After A few days bold was nuked again. This time I tried " alt + right shift + del " and it works fine. I tried battery replacement before but didn't work

It worked..for my black screen red light 8830!!! I will skip the long story but the short one is it worked...bad news I got so mad I bought another one..oh well..two bb's are better than one.
Thanks and Thanks again.

trying to restore my bb pearl. i have a password on my bb. so after clicking the next button when USB-PIN:UNKNOWN shows up. it goes to the enter password for device screen, i enter my lock/unlock password but nothing happens it stays on that page with the next button un-clickable, and my bb has a black screen and the led light flashes over and over. what to do? am i doing something wrong?

you seriously saved my life!!!!I just got a replacement storm and nuked it the first day and for the first time ever......i was so mad but now tat i got it all over with i learned a great deal and also saved my baby from eath thanks a million dude u got no idea wat a kick in the n*ts that felt like whe i nuked it....

hey im havin a problem with the 3rd step. my loader prompt doesnt show any apps for me to choose from. i did go to the blackberry website and downloaded wat i think was the right OS for my 8310 curve kuz it said something like blackberry curve 8310 tm software. idk if its right tho kuz any instructions i find arent very clear on how to download an OS from the site kuz it doesnt jst say "8310 curve OS "... any help please????

Not to seem redundant but this was so helpful that I had to show some appreciation.

Its so freakin easy to do. BB saver!!

Thank you for the absolutly wonderful write up on this! I had some issues that started when I was messing around with the services, yes my phone was working but now it was crashing for no reason. Ticking me off, So I went to wipe it. javaloader did the trick, too well, then I was lost, holy !@#$ it wasn't coming back with DM, thanks to my friend "Google" I found this write up and my phone is back up ! That was the longest 4 hours of my life!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post. I thought my beloved berry was doomed. After following your steps, I was able to restore my blackberry. Thanks

Just wanted to confirm that this has worked for me on my Storm 9500. I suspect it was caused by a bad beta version of Tether Berry.. grrr!


This worked! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as it says"USB unknown" you have to jam the usb connection in. And it worked!

thank you!

Interesting that I had to do several work-a-rounds to even get to that point. I did not use Desktop manager but rather the loader in the windows program. Hey all in all, only took me 5 hours. Damn RIMM!

CrackBerry people rock!

Tried this on several computers to no avail. As soon as white screen comes up a little box flashes by with two lines of something (too fast to read) bottom line highlighted black and the loop starts over again.


I have another Tour on the way, after a couple hours with Sprint and talking to 6or 7 people (disconnected or non returned calls to my landline) They walked me through " their way". I may try the above way again when I have more time. hhuumm for $300 maybe I'll keep it if I can fix it??

OMG! I could just kiss you right now, who ever you are!

my bb curve 8310 totally blacked out during an update and I followed the steps on your site and it was up and running in no time! Not to mention 10 times better than it worked before! Thank you so much! I love you! :-)

i've a blackberry curve 8310, it has been nuked... aal the steps are going properly but once the Loading starts it got disconnected in middle. an error comes & operation gets Stop.... please help what to do.

It's alive after being in coma for 3 days!!! You guys are amazing!! Thanks for this lecture... it really help us and no need to pay additional fee to make them revived from Death!!!! Cheers!!!! :)

After following the instructions above, my storm loads up and when it is reaches to the point where the verizon logo appears, it then says "turning off handheld and shuts off". You cant turn it back on unless you do another battery pull.

Please help

Dear Kevin Michaluk,

you saved my day. I killed my Curve and by chance found this artikel. After a second attempt it worked. This is to thank you as my provide has declared it to be defunct (as you mention).

Best wishes !


well ive done this and the apploader even opens but the problem is that my dads friend(who i bought this phone from) has put a password on it and theres no way of getting in touch with him as he lives abroad and my dad doesnt even have his number! so id there any "crackberry way" to skip this step? it has taken a long time for to finally get the bold and now this!
i dont any data that is already on the devise i just want it to be new... plus i have 5 tries left so what should i do!!!!

This thread definitely helped a LOT. I bricked my bb curve prior to this and now my tour, so I was familiar with the process. However I too got stuck on the download manager hanging at the point where it is supposed to install the ram. Finally I got off my MAC (running vista) and used my Vaio running Vista & downloaded the BB Tour 9630 software & the BB download manager 5.0. Needless to say it finally picked up and reinstalled the software OS 4.7 and then I was able to use my back-up file (I always back-up) and nowI am up and running. KUDOS 2 Kevin Michaluk :-)

(1) Install the Blackberry OS Software and run installer
(2) Follow instructions
(3) The loop of rebooting will stop only is there is software to upgrade or downgrade
(4) Once its done - It should take less than 10 mins to reboot.
(5) Some apps wont be inside so u need to manually install it using the Desktop Software.

Took me 22 hrs to master this but i had a backup - DO not sync cause it will backdate all the data (calender entries etc). Instead update your calender and sync first then do a back-up.

Apps like Fbook etc should go back to the factory version so you'll need to upgrade them.

If you get stuck at the multi-factor installation - remove the battery only relplace it once its at 75% then it wont reboot.

Thank you sooo much!

Singapore has no damm service centres and i was about to throw my storm away!!

If anyone needs help email me


Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!!

My BB was nuked. Someone pointed me here. This is my situation. Can anyone help me? The first time I went through the process all seemed fine until the very last step. After disconnecting and waiting for the BB to load I got a JVM error 102. So I tried to go through the process again.

This time at the end the device did the same as before. It was renuked. I tried several more times with the same results.

I removed both the device manager and desktop manager and restarted the computer. Then I installed the device manager and desktop manager and restarted the computer. I then tried the process again only to get the same results.

Do you have any other suggestions?

I've had a BB Curve 8310 for almost 1 1/2 years and I've never ran into this problem until today. I was apparently putting on a version of software that was not compatible with my phone.

I followed your instructions to the exact tee & WA-LA!
All of the folders/files you mentioned were in the exact folders you indicated (on my machine: OS MicVista).

Thanks Again! I know you posted this almost 2 years ago & apparently it's still needed :-)

This article is a godsend! My phone stopped responding out of the blue. One moment its powered on and the next moment, the LED is flashing rapidly (4 times i believe or 1, then 3 times) and the phone will not power on. I did everything this article said, and the battery charging picture popped up (the OS reload failed). After I let it charge for about 1 hour, I reran this process with tremendous success. Thanks!

It worked until I got to the part where I needed to add applications.

No applications showed up including the 4.6 system software.

What do I do now?

It saves me when I have issues with my phone. I have been trying to get rid of this Error 306 which I have been receiving since I used this MFLoader to wipe my phone 8310. I am reinstalling the software now for the 3rd time.


I followed the steps but it didn.t work for a Storm 9530. On reboot after the Verizon logo comes up it states that "Switching Device Off" and the screen goes blank. I am getting thoroughly peeved at what is at the moment, an expensive paper weight!

Just did the re-load as described, and all is re-set and functioning great. Excellent solution to the problem of constant re-booting (nuked BB). Restored a back-up with DM, and all back to normal.
Thanks for the great heads-up with this tutorial.

I did it with few tried..with error 507 and found that do min loading of the application...choose those required and load them...and whoohooo...i did it thx for the nice tips

After trying this and other solutions several times, my bb still hung (hour glass). Since some ppl also mentioned they have this problem, thought I would leave some additional tips that may help.

I couldn't successfully stop the loop with these steps, so I had to use the JL Commander to wipe out the OS. (just google "jl commander blackbery" and you'll see notes on how to use that, it's really easy). After the OS was wiped out, you get the 507 error meaning no OS is installed. You then use the Application Loader or Desktop Manager to reload the OS.

But even this didn't work for me. What ended up working, actually, was I used the JL commander to wipe out the OS, then reinstalled the OS using Loader, then unplugged the still-nuked bb from my computer. Keeping the battery in it, I let it sit for maybe 15-20 min, with the hour glass still going. Then magically, it started up and I went through the setup wizard.

Just a few more notes: My 8310 cureve crashed and looped after I upgraded from 4.2 to 4.5 and switched to the under-the-sea-like theme. I'm never doing that again. Also, I tried several times to wipe out the OS, sometimes with and without deleting the Vendor.xml file. So I suggest trying the process with or without it. Even after it starts up again though, when I turn it on and off, it takes twice as long as it used to to boot up, but at least it works. Also, despite confirmation that the OS was wiped out several times, and reloading 4.2 several times. I still see the 4.5 installed on it.

Wanted to thank all those people out there who wrote these tutorials, made youtube clips, you name it, because they were super helpful. Only hope these tips helps someone out there because no one wants to have to buy a new bb just because of this!

Thanks for the tutorial! I nuked my wife's Pearl Flip trying to do an OS upgrade with the Desktop Manager... She has already decided to swap the Blackberry for what she calls "a real phone," but I was worried my carrier wouldn't accept a nuked phone in exchange (still under 2 weeks old). This saved my butt for sure! Thanks again.

this didn't help at all.....using windows vista, and it just keeps recyclying...guess the thing is completely fucked.

I was downgrading OS and in the middle of downgrade process I got an error that the downgrade cannot continue.
That reproduced non-bootable BB Bold.
Using this tutorial I was able to recover my Bold with ease.

Thank you,

i got the 507 "reload software" error. I have tried everything and now my storm is caught in a load up loop. the progress bar gets to equal to the blackberry button. stalls than shows a quick white screen that says file error and some other stuff. that the clock and starts all over again.

on the desktop the BM does not even see the "pin" for the device.

my local verizon store said they have never seen this before.

I was trying to switch the OS to 148 from 230.........

Help Help................

Hi, I have a Nextel 8350i using Boost. Here is what I had working on it: Native Blackberry Browser, Operamini, Blackberry Maps, Nimbuzz, Gmail, BB MMS, etc. The other day I was trying a new application called Turn Radio On. It did not seem like it was working so I deleted it even though the message said it was in use and did I still want to delete it. I deleted it. Also, I was trying to change my signal bar back from numbers to bars and may have hit the wrong keys before I hit Alt, NUMLL. Well, because of my carelessness, I cannot get on the internet, I cannot receive or send calls, mms, gmail, etc. Under Options, Advanced, Mobile Network it says Data Services On, Mobile Network 100316. Also under Advanced, in Host Routing Table it says No Entries. I am using Desktop Manager 4.7,but upgraded to 5, Nextel 8350i, Boost service, and until last night everything was working fine. Except for I could never get Shangmail to work. I made a very dumb mistake! I was wondering what to do next? Should I delete my service books and then reinstall them? I tried taking the battery out numerous times and even used quick pull a few times but all i get is the Wi-Fi signal logo. I hope to get this phone back to normal with the understanding that it is a tool to communicate with not a toy. If anyone can help thanks!

P.S. Already did master reset and wiped blackberry, but still did not get rid of red SOS in signal!

While performing a routine update on my BB Curve 8330 using Desktop Manager everything was running smoothly UNTIL it stopped and said "A fatal error has occured." I then looked at my BB and the screen was black with the LED blinking Red. I removed the battery...Nothing....

Now my phone will not even power on or be recognized by the computer or much less Desktop Manager. What do I do? Am I completely SOL?

Thanks alot. I thought my BB tour was done. I didn't understand the connection problem. It worked like a charm.

I was trying to downgrade my BB Storm to upgrade it again and then it became a papaer weight. Thanks for the solution.....

Tour croaked. I went to verizon store and they had no idea what to do, except to order a new phone. I decided to try for myself.

First tried using Desktop Manager (yes I had been backing up). No good.

Then tried what was listed here. It worked!!!! I am so happy. The crackberry team wins again!

Tour croaked. I went to verizon store and they had no idea what to do, except to order a new phone. I decided to try for myself.

First tried using Desktop Manager (yes I had been backing up). No good.

Then tried what was listed here. It worked!!!! I am so happy. The crackberry team wins again!

I need help.

I've followed the idiots guide to stopping my curve reboot looping connecting the phone with battery off to the pc and then clicking next when the pin unknown comes up. The screen then says connecting jvm (arm) and within a few seconds I hear the dreaded windows disconnecting sound and then I get that there must be a fault with the connection between my computer and the phone. I've tested the wire out with my storm and the connection isn't dropping out so I'm assuming it is the curve that is causing the fault. No matter how fast I am clicking next when the unknown pin thing comes up I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Please someone help me.

I got this curve as a replacement for my useless storm and for once it was a legitimate offering from my network that has caused the curve to fall over big style and now 3 hours later I'm without my beloved curve.

i keep seeing people ask about the hourglass screen after they are done setting it up i had the same problem. if you get the final step in the install that says it has installed. You just let it sit for a while and eventually it will load. i thought i did it wrong as well and left my phone there thinking it was hopeless

...on my Storm 9530. I am using Blackberry Desktop Manager v5.0 and the steps described will not work. I have tried it, and tried it and tried it and it will not get past Step #2. I never see Com port#1 on my "connection", it is just blank.

When I do hook up the Storm, battery pulled or not, it does read, "USB-PIN: UNKNOWN" but then asks for my phones password...that where it goes no further. Any ideas out there??? I could sure use the help. I was trying to load .323, my first 5.0 upgrade and I have deleted all older versions from my computer and emptied the recyle bin. The Wi-Fi is off and the computer is not connected to the net. I'm lost...

I did save older 4.7 versions on an external hard drive, just in case I need them. But I disconnect it when trying to perform this upgrade.

I downloaded the 4.5 os and after i press next when it detects my usb-pin on the app loader it does not detect any software to download on to my black berry. So i downloaded os 4.2 still same problem...does not detect the os. I am using a windows xp HP laptop if that means anything. Please respond soon

I'm stuck at the point where you open the App Loader. When I click on the Loader application shortcut that pops up fine, however, when I hit next the screen shows up but the drop-down menu is empty; COM1 doesn't appear, nothing appears. Is there a fix for this? Am I doing something wrong? Any help/direction would be GREATLY appreciated.

i had the same problem with my pearl. except it would load actually sit on the main screen for about five seconds or so then would reset, (it was a pearl 8100) i formated it and reput on the o,s this didn't work. after tinkering around with it i ended up popping out the cursor and cleaning it out and it ended up fixing it. i had the same symptoms on my phone as listed above^^

i put a password lock on my device, so when its done the CONNECT TO DEVICE section its says i "may need to enter the password on the device" which i just obvously do because its knucked.... is there a way of getting thorough this or am i done for????.... email me

Hi There..

I was trying to get rid of the 507 error, so i tried reloading the OS, But It Looked like it was frozen, so i disconnected my it doesn't turn on and there are no red lights....

this tutorial is helpful until the part where i have to quickly click next when COM...comes up but there are no options there for me...

Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

This is another reason to backup you blackberry frequently. Luckily I backed mine up a week ago. Then I upgraded through facebook to version 1.7. After it was complete, it said it had to reboot. Then it nuked my 8900.

Thank you Kevin, following your instructions, my berry came back to life. The reloading of the 3rd party apps took the longest. Most apps from blackberry appworld were archived, like the paid apps. But others were not there. But I have zona snap, so I know what applications were on my berry before the brick.

Now I have to find my Acura theme. Thanks again.

I want to thank you for this information. It was perfect. There were some steps I had to improvise on but all the pictures were great and the one thing I did do differently was so not a big deal. My husband hooked his phone to our herpes computer and downloaded music that was infected. His storm did not stand a chance. He is adamant about the computer not being the antecedent to the demise of his phone. I stated that it was a worm. But that is just me. Either way he will never say thank you. When men do not have toys they become boys.

i get to the dialog box for choosing COM port 1. my drop down menu doesnt have anything to choose from no com port 1 2 3 or anything. how do i fix this thanks

Thanks a lot for the information. Still valid for use with my Rogers Bold 9000. Useful when trying to change the radio that causes to constantly reboot. Thanks Again!!!

I havent seen this posted so here goes,

Whenever I am trying to reload the OS from a nuked BB, soon as I press Next at pin:UNKOWN, it seems like my bb loses power despite being plugged in + battery still in, the "Erases" on the first step, but then it turns on when I get to "Wait for device initialization" it turns back on and does the hourglass/off/redlight/hourglass etc.

Any ideas?

I thought I was going to have to throw the thing out and then I found this post and it worked like a are a life saver!!

Question: My tour got nuked and I was able to reload the stock .42 OS thanks to your instructions. Prior to getting nuked I had updated to the current .57 OS. Now that I'm back to .42, do I need to go through the standard update process to reload .57 before restoring my backed up data, or does restore of a full backup include the systems software/OS?


ive tryed and i says when i get almost to installing i apploader that theres no software for my phone sum one help ... hit me up and walk me through it ... like its wack ... 760 218 7029



PLEASE, I wanted to put a new os on my 8310 curve and everything was working fine until i came to a certain point then my DM didnt recognize my connection to the phone anymore. sooo.... I figure out how to fix that but now i have another problem. i downloaded a new DM the 4.3 version (i had 4.2) and i deleted the os 4.5 and re downloaded it but now when i go to install it the loader says i dont have applications to update. i went into my files and found it but it says theres a "XML error on line 1" so i just need to know how i can get the loader to recognize the os and load it to my phone ..... can anyone help me?? i tried everything thats been posted.

I have went through all steps and now i get an error message #507??? no operating system??? when i go through the steps i get to the 2nd part of the install and it says can not connect to device unplug and reconnect and enter password????


So tried to load the new OS following the steps above and I got past the Load JVM stage but then the device went back into the endless reboot and wouldn't get past the "wait for device initalization phase. I found the problem my Mirco SD was in the device. My bold had one in the side so I took it out and then the process worked.

So check your device for any SD or Micro memory cards before running thru this process. This worked for me and now my BB runs thru the process fine with no errors.

i removed the micro sd 2 days ago when this started happening.....i have now tried an older version but all i get is a grey screen with applications , mail, and so on but cant do anything. then tried again with the newest version and now it has a thing on the screen that means there is no o/s. :( VERY frustration!!!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! i attempted to update my blackberry with some apps from and my phone kept losing connection and after several tries, it just went to a white screen with black font and some options, but none of them worked. they all said error. (dont you hate that respons?) Anyhow, I searched and found this page and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU my blackberry is even better because now I have a video camera as one of my apps. I didnt expect that. Thanks again so much!

I have never been let down by a CrackBerry Post.
Always get the best information from here.

During a backup my phone nuked itself. Display read reload software: 507 with white screen of death. Googled the problem, found this site, followed the straight forward instructions and voila, my phone came back from the dead. You are absolutely awesome! My service company said I would not be able to do it myself and I would have to leave it with them for a couple of days with replacement a possibility. Guess they were wrong. Thanks for your tremendous site and easy to follow solutions. You are my new hero for the month.

Hi I have used this guide several times before and it was great I solved the problem quickly, but yesterday I had a wipe on my BB using BBSAK, then I uploaded the OS and when the device was rebooting It got nuked, I followed this guide hoping to solve the problem like alwasy but I have tried 4 times and it does not work..any idea what could be wrong?

So on thanksgiving, me, being an on call Cardiac Intensive Care Unit nurse decided to down load the BB App World onto my replacement BB Bold (the first one lost it's speaker). Silly me.... i wound up with a possessed BB that turned itself on and off. My kid brother got sick of my whining and pacing (and using his phone) did a search and came to this site. Nuked, i have to say, is a good word! It took about an hour but i now have a fully functioning (and fully updated BB). You are my HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im having trouble finding the blackberry operating system to download onto my computer on the at&t website. Could you give me instructions on how to get to it.

i have tryed and tryed and i cant get passed the first step is there anything else i can do before it hits the wall lol

This looks close to what I need, however, I have a Tour. Tried updating the OS over the air waves, not on the desktop. Also, neglected to backup my contact files(kiss of death!). First couple of days, I got the desktop view on my Tour except with a frozen screen and inoperative keys and roller ball. After numerous battery ins and outs, I have only the white screen, no hourglass, no on and off, just white screen. I don't care about the phone, just want my contact data. What's the process?


Hey...this is not working for me. I don't get the COM1 thing and then when it says PIN:UNKNOWN and I hit next I get this:

"The blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the decice that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator"

I have installed every single software for this stupid thing. I have the Media Sync and that does not recognize the thing. The desktop manager says: Before you begin, verify that your current BB device is connected to your computer.

This is driving me crazy. I don't know what to do. I have a BBS1 I think as it did not come with wireless.

Please help me fix this I will even pay you! My yahoo messenger is and my msn is

Please help!

All fine except that when I go to load the new files I get "The application is not compatible with your device and cannot be loaded" I have tried both and

Any suggestions?

Assuming you can find the "loader," the trick is to pull the battery and reinstall it. JUST after you reinstall it, it says "unknown". That's when you have to go to your CPU and click "Next".

I was using a mac & downloading the mac desktop manager and asked to download the most updated software so I did and thats when my bb 8350i crashed and I completely freaked out. Thankfully I found this AMAZING & EFFECTIVE forum. I got lost trying to find the apploader but once I read through other post and realized where it was hiding i was able to start the process. I had to try it 3 times before I actually got it to work.

thank you for all the help!

Thank you so very much for a wonderful, instructive, tech article that was so clear in its steps and specific in its instructions that I was able to understand the why behind each step and then I altered a step to make things easy for myself and after three attempts...voila! It worked like an amazing charm!

I store my Tour in an OtterBox Defender Series Case and did not :( want to remove my case...again, because prior to searching for your article I had already taken the iron maiden off to pull the battery in my novice attempt at fixing the problem. When I interpreted the momentary connectivity you wanted to achieve I realized that the battery out method could be duplicated by a simple three key reset, because my Tour was still responding to that command and it did indeed turn the LED indicator red momentarily.

The first two times I tried it, I was able to connect by clicking NEXT immediately when the USB option was indicated on the Loader button but I dilly-dallied too long within the menu system and the connectivity eventually was lost during the second step of the process.

The third time I wasted no time at all, clicking through the menus like Steve Austin (after his operation and rehabilitation time of course) with disregard for consequences, only trying to make it successfully through the entire sequence. It worked. Thanks. Happy Holidays Kevin Michaluk. You are the Man!

IT KEEPS TURNING OFF WHEN IT GETS TO THE APPS PART THE "net_rim_cldc.cod" it freezes than my phone turns off and turns back on and it never passes that part...what am i to do?!i got a curve 8350i boost

ok i made it threw everything but then got stuck at the white screen i went threw every page of comments and i dont see anyone that got that fixed!?!?

ok i made it threw everything but then got stuck at the white screen i went threw every page of comments and i dont see anyone that got that fixed!?!?

Really nice trick! but i still have a problem.. my blackberry haved a password and when I click "next" (USB PIN: UNKNOW)the next step is put the password, but the PIN number right up is USB PIN:0.. and it doesn't work.. please I really need your help.. :(

Hi. I'm trying to restore a Curve that I use as a backup phone. I currently use a Tour and I believe this is causing issue with the Loader (maybe... possibly?)because I get the following error msg -

"The blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the decice that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator"

I have downloaded the latest software Curve version from the VZW website but I continue to get the same error msg.

Any suggestions???

my blackberry stays connected for the JVM and System Software load but when that step finishes it goes back to the hourglass and the red light so when the device initialization finishes loading i get a pop up saying "Application loader was unable to connect with your device. Please re-connect your device, enter the password, if required, and click Retry."

please help i've been messing with this thing for about 3 hours and its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

my 8320 shuts down and reboots if I use the music player or use a ringtone for incoming calls, so I have to use the preloaded BB tune_calypso. I tried this method to reload a nuked BB and was able to reload the latest os but the problem remains, any suggestions.

When it gets to the part where it is loading up jvm right at the end it reads application loader was unable to connect to your device, enter password, if required and press retry.... HELP!

Well it dousnt work for me and my bold 9700, i did everything and everything went fine but the loading bar just stucks again on 75%..

alright well i made it through all the steps and it was all gravy. it completes it and i thought i was just goin to load but then it ends up goin back to the hour glass and the black screen with that damn red flashing light. can someone help me please? :(

i had to make an account just to thank you. i had this same problem and after following the instructions got my bb storm up and running again. Thanks again!!

Thanks..... my first blackberry, my first day and it nearly died on me. plugged it in and tried to do an update and it just froze? after that the screen of death but thanks to ur clear guide im backkkk!! wohooooo thanks you very much and God bless

I'm trying to revive several Nextel 8350i's that have the "reload software 507" error.
I have the latest BBDM installed and I'm running on XP. I see on the video that to get to the application loader, one must go to the c drive, program files, research in motion and then select application loader, the thing is on my pc it's installed not as a clickable icon or application but it reads as application loader.dll Does anyone know how to fix this to add the Nexte OS. Thanks.

ive done this whole process once and then when i unplug it and everything the hourglass just keeps turning and turning and turning. HELP!!!

i have the blackberry curve 8310