How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked or Bricked BlackBerry

CrackBerry explains how to restore a Nuked BlackBerry

Nuked BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Dec 2007 01:02 pm EST

Good Afternoon Class! I’ve been a bit slack in my BlackBerry 101 lectures as of late – I blame the Smartphone Round Robin, all the Contests we’ve been running on the site and the busy Holiday Season. My apologies! This will be the last 101 lecture of the year… but we’ll be back in 2008 bigger and better than ever.

Today’s lecture isn’t really a “newbie” topic, but it’s one that I wanted to cover because in the past three weeks I’ve gone through it half a dozen times and that is Reloading the Operating System on a BlackBerry that’s totally “Nuked”. I’m not sure if nuked is the technically appropriate word for it (I also use one that starts with an F and ends in an ED and has a CK in the middle), but it is how I refer to a BlackBerry that is stuck in a permanent reboot cycle and is completely, completely unusable. With a Nuked Berry, essentially the device turns on (red LED comes on for a few seconds), then you see the white screen with the hourglass of death, and then the display shuts off, the device shuts off, a few seconds go by and then it starts up and does the same thing again and again and again (it’ll do it for hours if you let it).

Over the past year I have arrived at this Nuked Berry scenario a few different ways: from installing a BlackBerry theme that wasn’t appropriate for my device/OS version; from installing beta software that was majorily glitchy; and one time during an OS upgrade the installation failed (I think I had too many apps installed and the device ran out of memory when trying to reload the backed-up apps). And while a “battery pull” works for solving most of little glitches that may occur when using your BlackBerry from day to day, that’s not the case with a Nuked BlackBerry.

The GOOD NEWS is that this problem likely won't affect you unless you're out and about looking for trouble and you can always fix a Nuked Berry (at least from my experience!). You just need to know a couple of little tricks and have 45 minutes of free time…

The Nuked Berry Problem

The fundamental problem with the Nuked Berry scenario is that because the device is stuck in a permanent reboot sequence or loop, when you attach it your computer via USB cable it simply connects and disconnects over and over and over again (you’ll just keep hearing that USB detected/unplugged noise) as the BlackBerry turns on/off. This makes using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to reload your OS impossible as the device is only detected for a couple of seconds before the device shuts off (and is now undetected).

Nuked Berry
My Nuked Berry...just a second before the display shuts off
and the device reboots itself, again and again and again

With pulling your BlackBerry’s battery doing nothing to solve the problem and it being impossible to establish a link to your desktop, at this point if you called your carrier for support there’s a chance they’ll tell you your BlackBerry is broken and that it’s time for a new one. To me that’s not a bad thing (what’s better than getting a new BlackBerry?!), but it’s not the CrackBerry way! Let's fix it!


Before reloading the operating system on a Nuked BlackBerry, you need to make sure you have taken care of some basics:

  • you are using a Windows Computer
  • have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed
  • have the BlackBerry Operating System you want to install/reload onto your Nuked BlackBerry installed

You can download the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager from the website, and you can find the latest Operating System available for your device from our BlackBerry OS superpage.

Keep in mind that during this process you don’t necessarily have to reload the same version of the OS that’s currently running on your Nuked BlackBerry. With the example I’m going through today, I’m actually going to revert to a slightly older operating system. There was an OSv4.3.1 Beta for the Curve I got my hands on way back when. Well, it turns out it had a slight glitch that made it want to occasionally reboot the phone when I answered incoming calls (which I was living with ok), but after Nuking my Berry while testing some software a friend of mine was working on, I decided to take the opportunity to revert back to the very stable OSv4.2.2. To accomplish this, on my computer I first open Control Panel > Add/Remove Software and uninstalled the current Operating System for the 8300 Curve. From there I went to AT&T’s website and downloaded and installed OSv4.2.2.

And now for the disclaimer, aka Bad News. With the process I’m going through here, any 3rd party applications you have installed on your BlackBerry will be lost. This install gives you a clean slate, which is a heck of a lot better than a Nuked Berry. So once you’re up to speed, you will have to install all your favorite apps once again.

The following process doesn't just work for Nuked BlackBerrys. You can also use it to clean the slate/reload/update the OS on a BlackBerry that's in fine working order.

How to Reload the OS on a Nuked BlackBerry

Step #1: Make sure your BlackBerry IS NOT connected to your computer. Locate and Open the App Loader application. You won't have a shortcut to this program on your start menu. You need to locate it manually. Open your file browser, go to your C Drive (operating system drive) and navigate your way through the folders to Program Files > Common Files >Research In Motion > AppLoader.  Once you are in the AppLoader directory, double click on the Loader application shortcut. Once Loader opens, you can click Next  and then proceed to Step #2. As you may have noticed, we skip Desktop Manager altogether.

AppLoader Directory
Step 1: Browse your way into the AppLoader Directory, and Open the Loader Application

Loader Homescreen
The Loader Homescreen. You can Click Next to Continue

Loader Screen - Com 1
After you click next, Loader Waits for you to Connect the Device.
Proceed to Step #2

Step #2: We need to connect the BlackBerry to the Computer via USB cable. But here's where the tricky part comes in with the Nuked BlackBerry. Do you see in the image above where it says COM1? What we want to do is plug in the BlackBerry, and when COM1 switches to say USB-PIN:UNKNOWN we immediately click Next. This catches the BlackBerry and takes it out of the constant reboot cycle and allows you to then reload the Operating System.

Tip: The USB-PIN:UNKNOWN option will display for a few seconds when the BlackBerry is first connected/flashing its LED in red. With a Nuked BlackBerry,  That occurs when the device is in the initial start-up part of it's reboot sequence. The easiest way to get that to happen (vs. waiting for that step in the reboot sequence where you have a tenth of a second to hit Next before you lose your chance) is to simply pull the battery from the BlackBerry. With the battery pulled, connect the BlackBerry to the USB connector and as SOON as you see USB-PIN:UNKNOWN hit Next. You have to be quick still, but using this method you are in control of the timing. From there you can put the battery back in and battery cover back on (Make Sure you install the battery or else when the OS update is completing and the device disconnects from the computer to reboot, it will lose the power provided by the USB connection and you will get an error and have to do it all over again!).

** If you don't get it right the first time, try again (unplug from USB, pull battery, connect and hit Next while USB-PIN:Unknown is showing). You have to be fast and the timing is key, so it may take you three or four tries.  

Connect Your BlackBerry via USB. Click NEXT as Soon as USB:UNKNOWN Appears


Battery Out
Tip: With Battery Out, Connect BlackBerry to USB.
This will give you more control in nailing the timing of
connecting Next while USB:UNKOWN displays

Step #3: With your BlackBerry now out of the permanent reboot sequence, you are essentially in the clear and well on your way to having your BlackBerry up and running again. Choose the options you want to install on your BlackBerry (BrickBreaker, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Maps, etc.), click next, then approve the installation by clicking "Finish." Sit back and relax while the BlackBerry does its thing. It'll take some time and go through a number of screens but eventually you will reach my favorite "The loading operation was successful" screen. Your BlackBerry will reboot itself at this point and it will take a LONG time to reboot (10 - 15 minutes or so). You can unplug it from the USB (it's not connected while rebooting) and just continue to sit back and wait. Get scared, but not too will eventually boot up.

OS Installation Options
Select the OS options you want to install

Approve OS install
Approve the Operating System Installalation Options

Sit Back and Relax
Sit back and relax and let the installer do its thing

Installation Complete!
Installation Complete! Just sit back and let your BlackBerry Reboot

Step #4: That's it! You are done. Brand New BlackBerry. With your BlackBerry no longer Nuked, you can run through the Set Up Wizard (set the date/time/fonts, etc.) and from there you WILL NOW BE ABLE TO connect to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. Hopefully you occasionally back up your data and can now use Desktop Manager's restore function to load up your backed up data. If not, hopefully you have your contacts all synced to Outlook so you can reload your Address book from there. Once that's done, it's time to install all your favorite apps again! I'd recommend starting with the Launcher (visit on your BlackBerry's browser to download it!). Happy BlackBerrying!

Desktop Manager Reload
At least in this case I KNEW I was putting some risky software onto my BlackBerry
so before installing did a backup of my data. Once I un-nuked my BlackBerry
I was able to relatively quickly get back to where I was before.


That's all folks! This is one of those lessons that I hope you don't need to use, but if you ever do find yourself with a Nuked BlackBerry I hope this lesson gets you back up and running quickly. There are some alterantives to this method as well, including some third-party apps like BBSAK (see another tutorial here). And if you're still stuck, the CrackBerry Forums are only a click away!

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How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked or Bricked BlackBerry



Since I've killed my Curve about 5 times now this is an awesome guide to have handy the main thing to remember is to reinsert the battery or else you will have to repeat the steps over and that can be disheartning for some and then they move onto the next option of calling their carrier, which we all know can some times be a battle and a half...I know after the first time I did it, I did it 3 times then made the call and then while on hold it booted up, so i just hung up the phone lol.

And I wouldn't worry so much about the "lack of" BB 101's at this point Kevin, with all the other things going on around here theirs more then enough to keep us users occupied I'm sure everyone would agree with me on this one :)

This is by far the best way to restore your BB ever!!!!

I was in the process of updating my OS to v4.5 and when DM deleted all the files off my BB i droped my BB of the arm of the chair and it got disconnected, so my BB wouldn't turn on or nothing just a black screen with a flashing Red light that is all...

So far it loooks like this is working (still in the process of installing the new os onto my BB) im pertty sure its going to work and i owe it all to this guide.

Thanks a Million!!!!!!

I had the same problem. I tried to update to 4.5, and it fatally quit. I've gone without a Berry for over a month, and it's sucked. I'm attempting to fix it now. Hopefully all goes well. Thanks for the great guide Kevin.

I had the same prblem as you, i was trying to upload the latest system softwsre to my BlackBerry 8320 and my hand disconnect the cable accidently, the bb went off and the screen stays black and the red light flashes 3 times, i followed the steps KEVIN gave and it help me out very good, i was using Desktop Software 4.7 and it keep sticking on (LOADING JVM SYSTEM SOFTWARE)So i use a next pc with Desktop Manager 4.3 and it worked 100%

IF anyone need help contact me

My phone isn't even rebooting at all so the connection isn't showing ANYTHING at all and the light just keeps flashing. Its driving me crazy, I've already been without it for 24 hours. Can someone please help me figure out what is going on? Why isn't it letting me choose a connection?

when i get to PIN: UNKNOWN, i click it and it goes to COM3 and then says unable to connect the device...i got this phone yesterday....whats the deal???

Hello, love what you've done here and I've tried it several times but it doesn't seem to work for me.

I suppose I should mention that I haven't been able to by-pass the desktop manager in step one because there isn't a folder called Apploader. (But, I have been able to follow all the other steps. How important is it to by-pass it?)

I noticed in other install instructions that deleting the vendor.xml document is important but again I can't find it. Any chance you could update this for desktop manager v4.7 or explain why it has installed differently on my computer? (FYI also tried v4.3 & v4.5 both with and without media manager with no luck.)


I agree with this statement. I, too, could not find Apploader and had to go through Desktop Manager. Having said that, I was still able to follow the rest of the steps, and everything worked out splendidly! Really saved my bacon!

Note that AppLoader isn't under c:\Program Files\Research in Motion, it is under c:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion

When I get to the part where you plug in your blackberry, it doesnt say COM1 it says COM3, and then when i hit next it says that the blackberry does not have device software for the connection. any ideas on what to do now?

I've googled the shit out of this problem.

I don't know if you ever found a solution for that. I have OS 4.5 installed on my PC and when I go to re-install the OS through APPLOADER it says that I don't have the OS 4.5 Installed, although it clearly is (as I can see it in INSTALL/REMOVE PROGRAMS in control panel of my PC)

this is total crap, and my BB is rendered useless with a '507 ERROR'.

If you have any tips, hats off to you!


you need to download an os from your service provider, and you need to click next when you see the "usb-pin:unknown"

I know this happened to you a long time ago but did you ever fix it cos this is happening to mine now.

I know this happened to you a long time ago but did you ever fix it cos this is happening to mine now.

I did it till step #3 but once I´m there I could not find any program to install, what can i do, so I could not install anything

Where I could find this programas, if they don't appear by default?


( wait for device initialization ) does not continue and it gets m the message ( application loader was not able to connect to your device. Please reconnect your device, enter the password, if required, and click Retry. ) Someone help me please!

so can you use this method as a way to switch from an At&T locked pearl to T-mobile, if you have the t-Mobile version of the Blackberry OS. or do you have to have the phone unlocked frist

This would be used when things go wrong, a typical instal of an OS goes fine, no matter if it's an AT&T os to T-Mobile or vice versa, typically you will not have this trouble in upgrading OS'es not even if th device is locked/unlocked it makes no difference, this is a guide for installs that have gone "bad" in hopes to correct the bad install, this method will normally work.

I hope I don't have to do this anytime soon, but it is nice to know that clear and concise indstructions are available.

I have about 500 BB's that I support and there are different ways to get the devices back up and running. The way described here is one of the best ways. Another way is to wipe everything off the computer as well, not recommended but it does work. Delete all Desktop Manager Software (through Add/Remove Programs) which includes the OS as well as the Handheld software. Next, go into C:\Program Files and delete the Research in Motion folder. Next, go into the Registry and find the Research in Motion keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER_SOFTWARE and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE, (do make sure to make a copy of your Registry first though), delete from both areas. Reboot the computer. Reinstall the OS and Handheld software from either your service provider or from If you are able, BACKUP THE DEVICE!!! From my experience, this works great.

Thanks for posting this, I just brought my 8700c back from the dead and it works perfect again. My lesson learned was not to mess around with it too much.Thanks

So....let me get this straight...besides the term "nuked" another word for a dead Blackberry is freckled?????LOL/JK Happy Holidays, thanks for all you do. Maggie

I have watched your video, read a lot of forums and still can't seem to get anywhere with my Bold.

I've tried to wipe it out completely, no 507 error msg. I've tried how to reboot a nuked berry, no success.

I so don't want to give up. The 5.0 update froze it up. It will show the bb loading bar and go to AT&T World Phone orange screen, then I'll get a solid white screen... but no error msg, no hour glass, no computer connection icons.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the software on my computer and rebooted my computer.

If you have time, please help. I really don't want to give up.

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the great guide but I have a problem. In the Application Loader Wizard, nothing appears in the field after "Connection:" and "Detect communication port" checkbox is grayed out. Still, I connect my device but instead of showing USB-PIN:UNKNOWN, it shows USB-PIN:<My Pin>. When I click next, the list under "Application Name" is empty except a message saying: "The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator." What should I do in this case? Thank you very much for your help in advance Kevin.

I was experimenting with my Berry last month and well you know what experimenting means, it crashed and the device went dead.

I restored the berry with same method described by Kevin
This method is the best, and works.

Argh... Woke up yesterday and my Pearl was nuked.. I'm pointing the bony finger of blame at the Google Sync software... My Pearl was out of warranty, so I ordered a Curve. Then I found this "how-to"... I swear I've tried this procedure a dozen times, it just doesn't want to work for me... The BB refuses to get out of the reboot cycle when I get to the "Wait for device initialization" phase in the App Loader... Any more tips? I'm assuming I'm messing up during the USB Unknown part.

> Blackberry Not Connected to Computer, Battery Removed
> Open App Loader, Click Next
> On Communication Port Selection Page, it'll say COM1 when your Berry is not plugged in. Plug in your Berry, as SOON as it switches to USB:UNKNOWN click next. It has to say that - if it changes to saying your PIN or something else it's too late.
> As long as you click while it's on that should be good to go.

yeah, that's right. USB-PIN:UNKNOWN. same thing, my mistake.

if you click next while that appears you should be good to go on taking the phone out of the loop. has it worked for you yet? may take a few tries to get the timing right, but thats it. should work.

That's as far as I get and nothing happens. Still the same hourgalss. I followed all the instructions, please help.

What do i do when i get to the communication port selection page and it doesnt have com1 in the box? also when i do connect my phone it shows my pin#.

Download device software from blackberry , reinstall it in your PC and start new process as described in the lesson . It will work .. i had the same problem and it is fixed now .

Where you able to get it to work past the wait for initilization part, because im trying to do that on my blackberry right now and it is doing what yours did? Thanks!

I owned my BB 8830 for about 3 hours and nuked it. I knew there had to be a solution other than calling Sprint but was worried had to short it like the Linksys WRT54g router I bricked and revived. THANKS for the lecture!

As always thank you. This lecture is particularly helpful. I've had my 8820 for a few months. No problems, but I like the idea of being prepared. AT&T actually bundles the App Loader with the current OS for download. I don't know if this is true for other carriers. Of course the Desktop Software is then needed in order to restore a previous back up. Very helpful!

Happy Holidays

I don't know how I can thank you- I thought I had to get a new phone all over again and you know how freaking expensive blackberry's are (even on ebay)

thank you so much! merry christmas!

My 8310 is nuked and I was just about to start the procedure above, when I realised I can't download the device software from the BB page because my IP address is from China.

Does anyone know of an alternative way of getting the device software for the 8310 Curve?

Boy, am I glad I didn't see this fix soon enough! Then I wouldn't have upgraded to the Pearl that I now have. Now that I have, with your help, fixed my other BB, I can't tell my wife that I now have two working BB's! Sell it? or give it to my wife? Which one would sustain less me?

Wednesday night I was downloading "In Hand" from Handango when all of a sudden it went on "infinite reboot". I pulled the battery and put it back in, but continued. I went to Blackberry forums and posted a HELP advice. Then went to Sprint and emailed support, then went to bed. Early in the morning the Forum had the same solution you have and examples of other people with the same problem downloading the same app. form Handango. I then decided to have Sprint fix it since it was new. Walked out with a New Berry. I'm going to save this info just in case it happens again after the warranty expires. Thank you so much. When I got home I checked my emails before I restored my Berry and Sprint Support suggested to go to a Sprint store, since my phone was still under warranty. Thank you again.

Thanks for the lecture. Luckily i read it before my BB "nuked". I am from Ukraine and I got my bb 8700r this monday from my uncle from Canada. It was a bit difficult to start using the device normally, 'cos I was able to use only mobile phones (siemens, samsung, nokia 6230i). Another problem was that in Ukraine the BB appeared recently and is really expensive. Nokia smartphones are the most popular here, so i didn't have any information about BB. Today my experiments paused 'cos my blackberry nuked when i tried to download the soft (smth like dictaphone) from your site. Hope I'll find a service center in Kiev to repair it.
It's a pity that there is very little FREE software 'cos i don't want to pay for smth that i can find free or cheaper (i bougt my Vista Ultimate in a market for 5$ (25grn). Why?
But for sure i'm already a Blackberry Fan!

This just aint working for me. I've tried so many times. I click when it says unknown and go thru the install options. I get past the "load JVM and system software" bit but after the "wait for device initialization" the loop starts again and after a while i just get an error msg. maybe my 8800 is really bricked?

so whats the problem?

I am still having the same problem after trying several time. Did you ever get it to work?

Where you able to ever get your blackberry to go past the initialization part? cause mine is doing it to me right now Thanks!

I've tried this about 5 times now and it will just not work! I'm doing exactly as per instructions but still nothing. All is fine then the loot just starts again when waiting for device initialization. Maybe my 8800 is actually bricked?

so what going on?

Doesn't work for me either. I've tried it a couple of times. Gone through all the steps (with the wireless turned off), and then when I do finally switch on the wireless again, the reboot cycles begins again.


Thanks very muck crackberry that solution did work and it was a life saver thank you very much for the problem solver.

My roommate dropped her pearl in the toilet. I took it apart and dried it out, when we started it up it went all blinky red light and wouldn't startup.

I reloaded the OS and charged up the battery and ta-da it works fine. Even better actually b/c she never upgrades her OS.

I have followed the process several times and everything looks right. After pressing next when I see the unknown the device stops rebooting and runs the erasing applications, Loading system software, and then it reboots and continues to reboot. Then during waiting for device initialization, it reads recoonecting to jvm but it continues to reboot. Any additional suggestions? Thanks you. David

did you find a solution to this problem because this is exactley what is happening to me when I try and reload?



Hi guys! I was experiencing the same problem, my berry still recicle booting when it was expected to start. I was loading version v4.5 for device and v4.6 Desktop Manager. I tried several times but I got the same result in the end.
So I decided to download a previous version of the Device Software (v4.3), also available in the download page of Blackberry for my carrier (Personal - Argentina). I remember it was actually the original version of my Pearl. I started again but with this previous version and.... it WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more reciclyng! I really hope this will help. My phone is a Pearl 8110.-

yup, same for me......I installed ver 4.5 and still got the on and off red light. installed v4.3 and it works. thanks.

I have exactly same problem. BB 8110, Telecom Personal, Argentina. Tried upgrading to 4.5 firmware revision. Thanks to these comments, I'm going back to 4.3 and see what happens. Thanks!

am sijad right now am from uae.
i have baught one blackberry pearl from uk and which is linked to tmobile, which is not working over here.when am inserting my sim card, my bb showing that " invalid sim card" please tell me what i need to do to operate my bb here.
here ther is only one mobile company, which providing bb services. its ETISALAT
could u plz gimme some advice to operate my bb pearl 8100 here
am looking forward for your kind reply
plz mail to me my id is
best raegrds

Hi, I have a blackberry 8830 and I'm trying to install the 8300 v4.2 OS. I'm following all the steps but the OS doesn't install. when I connect the USB cable shows connecting with jvm at the bottom of the loader screen then change to, connecting to (intel) and the last one connecting to(ARM). the LED turns off and the loader shows cannot connect with the device. Im doing it right or Wrong?
I need to know exactly when I need to put the battery back

I'm a newbie, I was trying to upload a new Theme into my 8703e, all of a sudden the BlackBerry went blank and went in to the "Re-boot Cycle" described in the document.
I realized that somehow the OS in the unit had got uninstalled or something.
Followed the steps described and it worked like clock-work.

Thanks again !!!!!!

This works great! My blackbery 7250 was completely dead! would not even power on, i followed these directions and it worked! Verizon nor blackberry supoort could help me. Thank you!

Ok well basically i had been doing a load of research trying to find a way to get my BB up again i followed the instructions to the point of it now sits with the hour glass going and going and going has been for a while now but im guessing it is getting things ready again where as before it wasn't this long.

So here I am excited... ready to fix my NUKED blackberry that I bought 2 days ago. Everything seems so perfect! Except for the fact that my blackberry screen is black when I plug in the usb cord. Now of course when I'm not looking at the screen it will choose to reboot and the screen is lit up. Unfortunately it's only happened twice and it's random when it decides to actually do it. So I plug it in and wait... and hope that it lights up so I can catch it. I don't know what else to do. I feel lost and horrible. It's like my blackberry doesn't want to work. Is it normal for it to only reboot sometimes? Is there any way possible for me to get it to reboot? HELP please! Your guide is so helpful now if only my lovely blackberry would cooperate the whole world would be perfect!

...I recently inhereted a BB8700g from my uncle {TMobile}..I can insert my SIM card and it will work as a phone ....but anything else requires a password that he neglected to leave .....I'm not at all concerned about his data/apps ...but how can I reset the BB to factory defaults ...or access the rest of the machine .....I show 7 of 10 attempts still available
I hope this makes sense...I'll be back later

This is a great topic specific resource!!!!

So, I can connect right away with my bb, once it says USB: UNKNOWN, but! I don't see any applications after, it tells me I don't have anything on my device or whatnot, and all i can click is "add.." or cancel.. I tried clicking add and clicking what is in the blackberry folder, but it doesn't work. I was wondering, if i could still repair mine if i didn't have the software installed in my bb.. is this possible?

i woke this yesterday and mah phone had some kind of error message and it wouldnt work so i wiped and SCRUBED it! then reinstall the os and now all is good!!

i went through all the steps and managed to get to the part where you load all your applications however there are no applications to load. My list is empty and says... that the device that i connected does not have any software for that particular device. I downloaded the correct software for my device so im not sure why its not working... any suggestions?

I had that, you need to download the OS specific to your carrier as well as the Desktop manager. Install it on your PC and it will magically appear when you do the apploader.

I tried this on a 8100 but when it get to Device Application Selection - I cannot Add or Delete any applications. The application windows reads:

"The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have
Blackberry Device Software for the device that
you have connected to the computer. Contact
your wireless service provider or system administrator."

As it happens, my 8100 is within warranty and BT are replacing it tomorrow but I still wanted to get onto it and delete any personal stuff! Is there is a risk that once it goes back to BT other their 3rd party, someone can get to the information stored on the device?



tried this on my pearl 8130... didn't work at first but then figured out that you have to download the os from your service provider first... hope this helps

First I want to think you for a lecture well-done!

The Application Loader Wizard reads:
Unable to complete the loading operation. "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." I have a BB 8300. I was following the direction as stated in your lecture (which is GREAT by the way!) Am I doing something wrong here? Everything looked like it was going well until I noticed it said reconnecting to JVM. Also I am looking for the OS for this BB 8300, can you give me the website b/c I went to AT&T and I couldn't find any software for OS.

Sorry for posting twice, I do not know how to edit here.
First I want to think you for a lecture well-done!

The Application Loader Wizard reads:
Unable to complete the loading operation. "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." I have a BB 8300. I was following the direction as stated in your lecture (which is GREAT by the way!) Am I doing something wrong here? Everything looked like it was going well until I noticed it read "Reconnecting to JVM." Also I am looking for the OS for this BB 8300, can you give me the website b/c I went to AT&T and I couldn't find any software for OS. Do I need to delete the Vendor.xml file?

Guys make sure you are using the orginal USP cable that came with your black berry. It would not work until I hooked up my BB USP cable. ....FYI...

Great post! It help me to restore my BB. BIG THANKS!!

I was reading your post and this is the same problem I am having and wondering if you were about to find a solution? thanks,

I just wanted to point out that you need the SIM to be inserted so that this works, because I tried doing it dozens of times and it only worked when it put the SIM inside

You're a saint! Followed the step and was able to "CPR" my Blackberry back to life! We both thank you with the bottom of our "hard drives". Keep up the good work!

I connect the pearl and the led blinks red three times and then twice. It does not startup at all. I answered a call while charging it and now it doesn't work. Read your lecture but I just wait for the USB to come on but it doesn't. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have an 8703e that went into continuous reboot cycle after installing a theme. When I try this method it brings me to the stage where I would load or unload apps, but it says I have no system software and will not let me continue... anyone have any clues?

i followed the instructions, clicked next exactly when i should have, and ... okay nothing. well it worked, except that in the APP Loader, there are no apps to load. do i have to click add and navigate somewhere? this is killing me.

I have a nuked 8320, I have tried the above but the install process keeps failing at the waiting for device initialization phase, it goes back to constant reboot cycle, any thoughts?

I killed my berry and trying to reinstall the software. it will get to the "Wait for device initialition" then it says unable to reconnect to the device after a multi stage load. What do i do now?

This saved my Pearl from the hellish continuous reboot are my saviors! My BB got nuked when I was trying to install IM+ from Handango...has this happened to anyone else? I want a refund :(

A friend of mine gave ve me BB8707v which he got from Australia.... Vodafone.... I am currently using Maxis n Digi.... when I insert the SIM it won't recognise the SIM but it could read the phone no n subscriber.... network is active but the rest disable... what shall I do...

i've tried this over and over again and it still wont work i tried doing through the command promt and still nothing, i just just wanna know if i should go buy a new BB or if theres a miracle way to save my pearl!

after cyphering through multiple pages and trying to find out everything possible and complaining to t mobile 3 or 4 times. i have finally un nuked my black berry pearl... thus i thank you and i felt compelled to inform non computer nerds that firefox makes this process a lil tougher to get into

Ok so I went on vacation and my beloved blackberry pearl got wet. So when I got back I quickly logged on to crackberry to see if it could be fixed. Luckily I found this informative lecture which I followed carefully and I thought I had fix my phone but now when I turn it on it goes through a long boot (white screen with hourglass) then it will finally pull up the default screen asking if I want to configure my phone now. But it will only say on for about a minute before it shuts back down and reboots or sometimes it will go back to the blinking red light.

Please help!!!! I miss my phone...


I go through the process with my Pearl and it gets to "unable to reconnect to the device after a multi stage load" then dies. all I have is a black screen and flashing red light. Is the a different problem? If so any ideas on a fix?

I have been trying for ages to halt the reboot cycle. I upgraded from 4.2 something to 4.3 and it worked first time, albeit I don't have the OS installation but its a start! At least it interupts the boot process now!

Thanks for the lecture! So simple once you have stopped the reboot cycle, the longest part was downloading the latest Desktop Manager and OS from blackberry's website.

Best of all I never had to speak to my useless carrier and I have a shiney new OS.

Anyone reading this BEFORE a problem - backup your phone NOW!

I tried to install IM+ because the official BB/MSN client just gave me "500 Internal Server Error" - Google "IM+" and "continuously reboots" and you will see that it quite often trashes your blackberry and you will need this lecture!!

My phone is dead with a 507 error message, I cannot get this or anything else to revive it, please help me!

This was a big help for me to fix an old 7290 I had laying around i was hopeing you could give me a hint on how to fix my 8800. It quit working one day not sure what happend i think one of my kids got a hold of it. The usb wouldn't work I got it fixed. Now the red light flashes and thats it no white screen no code (this was also happening before i fixed the usb). I can't get my pc to hook up to it but it will charge by pc and i have had a pearl usb fixed by the same guy so he knows what hes doing. If you know how to get into a BB that won't let the pc hook up and only flashes the red light please let me know. Thanks.

Thank the Lord for this site! And thanks for a really helpful, informative & easy to follow guide for un-scrambling my 'nuked' 8700! When I visited my service provider all I got was, "We can send it away, probably take about 5 - 7 days" (Typical British response!) Instead, came home, followed the screen instructions (removed Desktop Manager first as it was hampering installation of the OS) and within an hour was up and running again, reinstalled Desktop Manager, replaced lost data in my back-up and (almost) back to 100% content! (Give or take a couple of 3rd party programs) A small price to pay for a fully functioning 'berry!

Thanks again!
(A CrackBerry convert)

You guys rule! I realy thought I broke my Curve. In one time straight back to the upgrade and took 4.5 in the process as well.


Greetings from the Netherlands.. (hehe, you know, the guys who are sending Italy and France back home from the European Championship.)

About soccer:
If it ain't Dutch, it isn't worth much :-)

Deleted all Desktop software from computer, then uploaded 4.3 software and doing all of the steps in the directions for my 8830 BB, however this is what I'm recieving.

"The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have
Blackberry Device Software for the device that
you have connected to the computer. Contact
your wireless service provider or system administrator."

Can someone steer me in the right direction?


well kk it tkes me all the way to the unkown part then i presss next and it says that the blackberry dkstop does not have blackberry decive software for the device that i have connected to the computer i dont get it!!!

for all those people that are getting the message in the apploader about the device not being the same etc.

you have to download 2 things first.

The latest device manager from

then you need to download the HANDSET file from your service provider!!!

once you have downloaded and installed these 2 without the usb being plugged in then follow the lecture.

My Pearl makes no attemps at rebooting, all I get is the alternating 3 then 2 red LED flashes, and nothing I've tried will make my PC recognize it. I've 'Google'd this to death, I can find others with the same problem, but I can't find ANYONE who's been able to do ANYTHING with it! I don't have a speck of warranty left, and AT&T hates me anyway; I've been using a GO Phone prepaid sim, and there's no BB support of any kind.

Please, if anyone knows how to fix it, please post back!!!

Worked beautifully on my BB8703e. The hard part was finding the OS on the Sprint website. What would we do without Google?

Thanks Kevin.

Thanks for the tips there, i just downloaded from the site. I was running before, and it was my first software update EVER, and it had to corrupt.

I got the white screen of death, and panicked. Then i navigated myself to, and it's all a walk in the park from there on.



Aside from some minor differences (my version of BBDM does not have a separate Apploader) in methodology, I was able to restore an ATT 8310 that was nuked (the official term) from BES. Cheers!

First, I want to say thanks to and the author of this tutorial! This has been a very helpful tutorial. However, I keep getting the error-- "unable to reconnect to the device after a multi stage load." After reading the replies, I've noticed that a lot of people have had the same error and have asked for assistance, but no one has replied as of yet. Has anyone found a way past this? I would love to share in the celebrations that some of you have been enjoying!!


I did everything, was extremely happy when the installation was successful, but halfway through the set up wizard the dreaded red light flashed, the white screen came on, and everything went out and back again. I dont understand why this is happening, I thought the OS would fix everything.... any suggestions?

Hey, this helped me out %100, Thank you so much....... my blackberry which i was about to throw in the bin, is now functioning perfectly, Thanks again.

First, thank you for the detailed instructions and for Crackberry; however, I keep getting the error-- "unable to reconnect to the device after a multi stage load." after following the instructions. Has ANYONE received a reply after posting "unable......load"?

Note: my little blackberry that could (not), a 7100t, the "Device Error: 373" "Reset" message displays during the running of Loader.

I have been saved The instructions were E-Z My girl will LOVE ME LONG time if you know what I mean ;> I had to remove all of the software. How I did. Failed password 10 times in a row. It took like 2 hours to remove scrap the phone but it worked thank you.

Id like to send a big thank you to whomever wrote these instructions, and a big thank you to Kevin for creating this site and posting the 101 tutorials!!!

I accidentally messed up an OS install on my phone and got the 205 error message, but this helped me get up and running like a champ again :)

Thanks again!

I wish there were a MAC users version of things - cause I almost panicked with my Curve tonight, but it wasn't quite nuked.


thank you so much.. i thought my blackberry died and almost freaked out.. this process worked like a charm.. thanks again... will goon to reading the other blackberry 101 articles on here :)

Yesterday about 2pm my blackberry just crashed...after your article my phone is now working properly. I'm kind of upset with my service provider because they couldn't help me they just tried to replace it through the mail. Plus I had to have a loaner because they don't have any in stock until next monday. So Thanks again.

I followed all the instructions and it said everything was successful but the problem I had with my phone was that none of the keys are working, and after doing the nuked instructions the keys still don't work but the bb powers up and says iuts receiving calls but you can't answer them cause when you press the answer key the phone dosen't do anything, anyone have any suggestions???

So will this process eliminate my unlock blackberry to display tmobile on screenshots (such as when i am launching the browser) instead of at&t? Also, when the 8820 boots up it still shows AT&T logo.

I grabbed my Girlfriends 8700r from her and said "hey you're still running the old O.S. I can upgrade that for u baby" and I proceeded to install 4.5. on to her 8700r. In my "I'm making my Baby's phone better and she will be so happy" dance I inadvertently pulled out the USB cord that was attached to the 8700 while the Desktop Manager was erasing the applications on the 8700. The Blackberry was DONE!!! Finished!!! It "Ceased to Exist"!! The computer refused to recognize it's Blackberryness!! Luckily I vaguely remembered seeing something on this site about a Blackberry being nuked and in a panic opened my computers web browser!!'s Kevin Michaluk, You have saved my relationship!!! GOD BLESS YA!!

wow... thanks for this post i was able to bring my baby back to life!!! I had a traumatic weekend going through all threads and this saved my baby's life... THANKS THANKS THANKS!!

more power...


I have a Mac and a brand new Curve (needed to be replaced after 2 weeks light use). No problem yet, but what if there should be one? Is there a fix possible? Thanks, DR

Ok here it is... I just purchased the BLackberry Curve 3310 from a wireless retailer, 3hours after use the screen turned blank and im getting a blinking red light that blinks twice.

Now i have downloaded the Desktop Manager v4.3 and also downloaded the Device software OS 4.2v which is standard for my blackberry

I have ran the application loader then clicked next, then waited for the USB-PIN UNKOWN and clicked next, then I selected the applications to put on my device, when i click finish the boot sequence begins Updating my Device. It proceeds to erase the applications and we it comes to "Loading system software" i don't see any status movement. I have waited for over 6 hours and still the same results.

okay so, i basically accidently deleted my blackberry messenger on my 8820.
how do i reinstall back? the same way as above?
i went to find the apploader but it;s not there!

omg im dying please help

it will be great if you would email me at

i just bricked(nuked) my BRAND NEW sprint 8830, trying to install 4.5

it had a different problem, not the constant reboot. but this guide helped me nonetheless, and i'm now on my way to de-bricking my blackberry.



"A fatel error has occured while updating your device's software. Please try again. Unspecified error encountered [J:0x00000005]" BB 8100 - I have completed the lecture steps meticulously as well as a wipe with "loader.exe /nojvm" to no avail. I am still 507. I tried JL Cmder as well. Err ... can unplugging the cable during the stage where people say, "don't bump the cable" be my fatal issue? The phone dropped from my desk and on the way to the floor the cable was jerked out.

Arg, me thinks me sees a $200 debit in me near future. I am using DM v4.6.0.12 and 8100_Pearl_4.2.1.107.exe.

I hate asking for help as I can usually read and fix most anything but HELP!

I also have the same problem with error message j:0x00000005.. could someone help me PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEE. Software loads about 80% and then i get the error message.

thank you so much!!!! you are genius for posting that topic!! i was getting jvb error 513 and i couldnt reset my bb cause i never did any back up. now by bb runs as new:))

so yes. i nuked my bb SOMEHOW... *it was either when i took the battery out, or when i was cleaning the trackball, but either way it was nuked when i turned it on* and i followed your step by step guide and when it booted up for 20 minutes or so it was still nuked! i double checked and the os is right and stuff. so is the DM version. what do i dooo?

so yes. i nuked my bb SOMEHOW... *it was either when i took the battery out, or when i was cleaning the trackball, but either way it was nuked when i turned it on* and i followed your step by step guide and when it booted up for 20 minutes or so it was still nuked! i double checked and the os is right and stuff. so is the DM version. what do i dooo?

I was successful until Step 3 - device application selection. Once i get to this screen, it says no application software to choose from. I press the 'ADD" button but am not able to find any software! Not sure what has happened. Everything worked to this point.
Please help!!!

I've tried it 3 times. I keep coming to the multi-stage load operation ... and it fails right there. it keeps saying unable to reconnect.

What should i do ?
I am going crazy trying to figure out what im doing wrong.

I don't have an infinite reset, my screen is just white with a circle and a line through it and it says 507. i assume this is an error number 507, which is no OS present. I have tried numerous times to reset the software because it crashed while I was downloading the 4.5 OS update. Now I can't even get the DM to work because my InstallShield wizard keeps "getting interrupted". I don't know what that means but it won't work properly. I am going to keep trying to get my DM to work but if anybody has anymore suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. It's a T-mo 8320 Curve and it's great but I really want 4.5 and even when I tried to downgrade back to 4.2 it wouldn't.

this tutorial saved me i messed up my is blackberry but didnt tell her n when i found it i fixed it at the very moment n it works ps i am abut 13 years old n this is my first time i messed up on something with electronics

Thanks for the tutorial but I'm not prepared to go through all that crap on a 1 week old Blackberry. It died on me two days ago but fortunately taking the battery out for a minute got it going agin. It has gone again today - back to the shop - no messing about. I'm not prepared to put up with this on such an expensive piece of equipment. Sorry Blackberry you blew it.


Right when the Window says:
->Wait for device initilization.
Then my blackberry reboots & goes back into permanent reboot cycle.

There are many others that posted the same problem.
Any help here? Please post!


Anybody get a solution for the device reboot in the "wait for device initialization phase"? It's driving me crazy.

Im in the same boat as alot of others on here. I get pass the Load JVM and system software stage and then when it goes to Wait for device initalization in gives me an error. My BB 8820 orginally had the white screen with the hourglass but now its just two to three red flashes and nothing else. Ive been trying for days to fix this and nothing seems to work, if anyone knows how to get pass the Wait for device initalization screen please chime in.


The same thing happens to me.... Am so fed up of doing the same thing all over again and again......... Is there no solution for this.... So desperate ! ! ! ! ! !

why ohh why hasn't one person comment with an actual answer to this???
please... if you really have an answer to this post it.

one thing that i see is that the erase memory part of the process is not what it does since it didn't clear the memory of my BB having the BB-ipod-themed spinning pin wheel.

hello, I'm new here. I upgraded 8320 with AppLoader for a 4.5 version. And as for "Wait for device initialization" I just had to wait for 22minutes. It might be 30min, or 3hours for you maybe. Have you tried this? How long had you?

If that not helps, I wonder if in selecting what to instal on smartphone, we should choose less options, and it will be more space, and boot up will be faster. Just such thoughts, wishing you to suceed in this. Bye.

I'm freaking out!!! I have the common 507 error, but when i open the application loader, there's no option in the port connection, i mean, i don't get COM1, i get nothing! There's no option! Why??? What should i do???

Thank you so much, you saved my life! You are by far the best page about BB i've found, so detailed and explicit... Thanks!!

I cannot thank you enough. I had no idea what to do when I got the 547 Java script error yesterday. Verizon support was totally useless. Your page was so easy to follow and worked. THANK YOU!!!

The Blackberry was constantly rebooting like you've described, and now it's completely dead. It won't turn on at all, not even to the white screen with the hourglass. The LED blinks red, a total of five times, over and over again. It blinks three times, short pause, then two times, then long pause, and starts the cycle all over again. I've gone through your tutorial, and I can't even get the USB:PIN unknown because the device isn't turning on at all. It's completely charged, and I'm really at a loss, and very upset.

I have a Blackberry curve with T-Mobile, and of course their solution is to replace it.

Please help! :( You can email me directly at if you'd prefer, or IM with Gtalk at the same address.

I really appreciate any help someone can offer...

Dude! This freakin site is awesome! My phone crashed with the blinking hour glass of death and devastated me. I followed your simple instructions and was back up in no time. AT&T basically told me to use my insurance and suck it up. Blackberry pretty much told me the same. You saved me dude. Much love to the site.


I do this all the way up to the point were it says unknown and when i go up to the step were im supposed to choose the os system i cant find it all it says is The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have the black berry software for your device im gettinf frustrated because ive already downloaded 2 diff os softwares

First of all, thanks for the excellent lecture. Unfortunately, I too am among those who just can't get past the "Device Initialization" Stage. It's at this point that my BB 8320 starts rebooting over and over again. After a while, I just get the screen that tells me "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." If anyone has been able to resolve this issue, please share with the rest of us. Thanks!

had the same problem(I realize your post was a while ago but I'll throw it out anyway). I just closed the operation and started over again---1st- without the battery; 2nd- with the battery installed; 3rd- battery in and this time it continued to success. In conclusion: if at first you don't succeed..................

I'm sure i am using the latest desktop software and the latest O2 (UK) handheld software for my 8100. I am also sure i get the USB:UNKNOWN and hit next during that phase, it erases all and installs new software but when it gets to:

"Wait for device initilization", the computer makes usb connect/disconnect sounds and goes automatically in to reboot cycle again for about 10 times and it then states:

"Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation."

My blackberry went in to reboot cycle when the battery ran out once. I've been without a blackberry for 2 months now, some1 please help me!

error 205 then fails during other bits

please someone help im happy to do a full system wipe etc and then restore later
i have app error 205
i did everything, but also mine about 85% through the installation update it says could not be completed fatal error 0000000005 or 7 or whatever it is (same as others)

what can i do?

before i did this my phone didnt even have a white screen with an hour glass on it.
after the white screen appeared and so did the hourglass.
but thats it nothing else.
i tried it again but i got USB-PIN:2436D8B1 instead of USB-PIN: UNKNOWN.
what does that mean?

I had the same tthing happen to me. But after repeating the process a coouple times it worked.

When your pin comes up instead of unknown, just hit next and let it do its thing.

I scoured the web to find a way to revive my girlfriends BB before she found out I had inadvertently nuked it. Thanks so much for this wonderful and clear article - saved me from ending up in the garage!

I feel like a mad scientist (SP) I brought my BErry back to life. I actually used a couple of short cuts and deleted some memory and WAM BAM THANK YOU MAMM, WALA......



still having a problem with my 8120. tried both this and the "old skool" method. My port reads COM3 and never seems to change (I have the red blinking/black screen syndrome).

Am I completely fried. or do I need to just keep trying again and again?

I borrowed a coworkers old 8700 when my 8310 was stolen.
I just got the Bold 3 days ago and he just happen to ask for the 8700 back today.

I tried turning the 8700 on this morning and got the itty bitty "JUM Error 102" message smack dab in the middle of the screen.

OMFG! I searched for a solution all day. I had difficulties with your process on my Windows Vista laptop...dunno why. Once I tried in on my xp desktop and downloaded all the software needed from BB... it has finally come back to life!

YIPPEEEE!!! Thank you Kevin!!!! oxoxoxx

wow. I've been scouring the webz to find a place to fix my bb! I'm so glad. I've been using a *shudder* palm centro *shudders again* THANKS A BAJILLION!

I thought it's time to buy a new unit.

I followed this instruction to the dot and voila it's ALIVE!!!

I got an uncaught exception error while upgrading my OS and after that it's just the Red Lead indicator and nothing else.

I thought it's Bye2 time for my Pearl, but thanks to this it's HELLO Pearl in 4.5v...

Can't THANK you enough Kevin! :-D

I must confess I am so in love with Kevin and his genius at the moment. After downloading 4.5, I got the blinky red light of death. After nearly having a heart attack when my precious McGee stared at me with a blank look on her face, and lots of swear words, my senses returned and I remembered reading this back when I first got my bb. It took a coouple of tries but it finally worked. Yay!!!

I got this same problem with loop restarting my BB - but when i connect it to pc via usb is OK. Maybe voltage is too small ? Any idea ? Thanks

If it wasn't for you, i would have thrown my bold into the wall and make sure it break into pieces. It wasn't easy getting the timing just right but thanks!

Did i skip over the answer, what about the "Wait for Device Initialation" n "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation".
There must be 20 of us waiting for the answer. Did anyone get it and not post it

I was having the same unable to initialize device error after erasing and loading system jvm on my 8130 pearl. I repeated the procedure at least 10 times to no avail.

I finally got it to work...

I followed the instructions above, but modified one piece. I took the battery out, and unplugged the usb cable from the perl. I then started the app loader. I then plugged in the usb cable. I then immediately plugged in the battery. I saw USB-PIN: UNKNOWN option. I let the device reboot again by itself so that the device changed back to COM1. When it rebooted, the COM1 changed to USB-PIN:xxyyyxxxyx where xxxyxyxyx was the PIN for my device. I then clicked next. Everything worked as above from that point on.

I hope that this may help someone else out. I seriously thought that I was going to have buy another blackberry.

1 addendum to the above message for the unable to initialize error.

I redid this with another nuked device and realized that I followed a slightly different method than written above:

- unplug usb
- remove battery
- start apploader
- plug in usb
- let device reboot
- when red light disappered, hold the power key until "white screen with a battery and a red line through it" appears.
- then plug in battery
- device will reboot
- then the USB-PIN:xcvcsddy option in the loader appears
- blackberry screen changes to a "507" error

Sorry, I didn't realize that the getting the no battery screen was the crucial step.

I tried doing it the method as described, but i never got the USB-PIN:xcvcsddy option in the loader to appear.Is there any other way of fixing this problem of not being able to initialize error?

used the add/remove applications in the DM instead of the update and that got me to the "multistage install error" which got me to the 507 error and then i just installed the update normally...took about 15 minutes to update

Guys, I've created a user exclusively to THANK YOU.
You Saved my Curve8900!!
I was about to thrash my nuked BB against the wall...I am not a savyy person in technology but even I could make it work again!!
Initially, I followed the original instructions in the post but it did not work for me. The apploader did not recognize the OS but then I read in one of the comments that I need to have the OS for my specific carrier (this is very important, otherwise it wont work!)
Once had the OS I followed these steps and MAGICALLY IT WORKED!!!!!
keep rocking

i laid my phone on a AC unit on a kinda hot day and it beeped once and shut when i goto turn it on the red light flashes and the hourglass pops up for about 10-15sec and it goes to a black screen with the red light back on and repeats it self until i take the battery out....
will this solve my problem?

I am also feeling a bit lost. I've reinstalled and wiped my curve a number of times. I've even tried using these instructions but it is still rebooting - damn that red light.

Maybe I am missing something. Can anyone tell me if these instructions are available using desktop manager v4.7? FYI I am using the desktop manager v4.7 and operating system on my 8310 curve?

Many thanks.

This worked for me a long time ago. then the GPS chip failed. I got a refurb from Rogers. Noticed they had the new handheld OS available. Went through the update, got a fatal error, device now just blinks red with no screen and this method on the site doesn't work for it no more. :( I hope they will do yet another swap!

I tried to download the patch for my Storm and my phone nuked. I followed the steps through the USB-PIN:UNKNOWN option. However, when I get to the next screen, its saying that "The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have Blackberry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator".


I have an 8310 Curve with AT&T and is nuked, i try the steps above but when it get to reconnecting to JMV i get the following error "unable to reconnect to the device after a multi stage load." Please help!!!!

Okay so after spending 22 hours yesterday on it straight, I have done everything possible but this and reinstalling the 4.3 OS.

Hope full this works. If it does, I'll be sure to post that it did. I'll also give your link to the forum that I have charted my efforts on.

By the way, I was able to see the PIN-USB: UNKNOWN and clicked okay and now it's loading the OS. IT takes a long time but I'll definitely post when I'm done.

Ok, after nuking my pearl.. twice.. I have encountered all 3 errors that I noticed above, and here are my solutions. well, what worked for me..

Error #1
"The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have
Blackberry Device Software for the device that
you have connected to the computer. Contact
your wireless service provider or system administrator."
-> you not only need to download the OS but you need to run it so it installs.. Or just run it instead of saving it.. But saving first makes it faster..

Error #2
"Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation."
-> You need to have the battery in BEFORE you start the load, you take it out to connect and get the USB-PIN:UNKNOWN message but before you start the load you need to put it back in.. I put mine in before I selected my applications..

Error #3
"A fatal error has occured while updating your device's software. Please try again. Unspecified error encountered [J:0x00000005]"
-> k this one made me want to cry.. took me 7 hours to figure this one out.. Not sure if it was this set of steps or another, but set your screen saver so it won't come on ever and close EVERYTHING on your computer.. even the instructions before you start the load.. And when you start to load DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!!! not even the mouse..

So now I need to go colour my hair.. I don't want to be gray at 25. Hope this helps..


Thanks i tryed step by step, and i get the same message as before "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation"

Basically, when i'm trying to connect to "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" it will not connect with no battery, so what i do is, put batter in cell phone first, then one second later connect usb cord, to phone then i can connect to "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" .... But what i'm thinking is maybe this is why i'm having the issue..

Please let me know your thoughts..

and if there may be any other solutions.


Thank you Scalver it worked! I was trying to figure out how I was going to find the time to take my Blackberry to a Sprint Store during lunch. Finding and following the lesson this morning was my last shot and I was about to give up when I saw error #3. your 7 hours of troubleshooting and posting the solution saved me headache and pain.

I'm trying to recover my blackberry 8310 it crashed while updating and lost connection with the desktop manager. Now all I get is a black screen and 2 quick red flashes. I was able to get the USB-PIN:Unkown but it is just sitting at Load JVM and system software for 20 minutes now. Just want to make sure I am giving it enough time.

I have the same issue netrattler posted. Brand new 8310 tried to upgrade to OS downloaded from AT&T section of blackberry site... now it's dead. I'm wondering if it's 'cause I'm running Windows 7 ?

Thanks man! I had a failure while upgrading my BB OS which left it unresponsive - and your tutorial worked to get it running again!

The only thing that was different (as of 12/08) is that there was no Loader application folder - instead I had to download the OS loader program from - but it worked the same from there (starting the program, and then plugging in the phone to catch it in the middle of a reboot loop).

Thanks so much man - I thought I was totally screwed and you saved me!

Last night I downloaded the latest OS v.4.5 for my Curve 8310 from AT&T (I made sure it was the right match). After downloading and installing, it started the DM and the upgrading process. Everything went smooth until, I guess, near the end of the upgrade when the phone begin turning itself on and off continually. Finally, a screen popped up "Unable to Complete the Loading Multi-Stage Process," or something like that. After that the telephone only cycles on and off with the red led light flashing. By the way, I have DM v. 4.7. This morning I found the article "Blackberry 101: How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked Blackberry" and followed the steps without success. The uploader only finishes the first two steps out of the four before quitting. The first step says "Load JVM and System Software" where it erases the applications and loads the system software. During this first step, the screen of the Curve is black. Then the loader starts the second step "Wait for Device Initialization" where is reconnecting to JVM, but after a while the phone and its screen begin the on and off sequence with the hourglass in the middle. After a few more minutes a screen in the computer comes up: "Unable to Complete the Loading Operation." Any ideas anyone???


Thanks i tryed step by step, and i get the same message as before "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation"

Basically, when i'm trying to connect to "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" it will not connect with no battery, so what i do is, put batter in cell phone first, then one second later connect usb cord, to phone then i can connect to "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" .... But what i'm thinking is maybe this is why i'm having the issue..

Please let me know your thoughts..

and if there may be any other solutions.


Pearl 8110 with ATT. \
I have read all 130+ postings and no one has the answers for this failure. One guy was close when he says you have to put the battery in before you start the load. This is similar to what Blackberry says on their web site with knowledge article KB04269 (detailed below) but none of these things have gotten me past the problem (yet). I have two laptops and 4 Pearls - so I borrowed a fully charged battery and followed all the steps with no resolution.

Unable to connect to the BlackBerry smartphone during a multistage loading operation

Doc ID : KB04269
Last Modified : 12-02-2008
Document Type : Support

BlackBerry® Desktop Software
BlackBerry smartphones
Windows® XP


The following error appears when Application Loader is used:

Unable to complete the loading operation. Unable to connect to the handheld during a multistage loading operation.


There are multiple causes for this issue.

1. There is insufficient power for the loading operation to complete on the BlackBerry smartphone.
2. The connection between the USB port of the BlackBerry smartphone and the computer's USB port is unsustainable.
3. The USB drivers failed to initialize during BlackBerry smartphone initialization.


Complete the following tasks:

1. Verify that the battery is inserted in the BlackBerry smartphone.
2. Verify that the battery is not faulty.
3. Turn off the Power Management option for the USB root hubs on the computer. For instructions, see the Additional Information section.
4. If a laptop computer is being used, make sure the computer is not connected to a docking station.
5. Make sure the BlackBerry smartphone is connected directly to the computer and not to a USB hub.
Disconnect all other USB devices (for instance, cameras) from the computer.
Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to another USB port on the computer.
6. Turn off antivirus or firewall programs that are running on the computer. Turn the programs on again once a connection to the BlackBerry smartphone is established.

Using all the procedures in this tutorial, I dropped the 4.5 OS load on my laptop and added 4.3 from ATT. The 4.3 version loaded fine and my Pearl is back to normal.

I think BlackBerry's explanation of the Multi-Stage load failure is perhaps good, but totally didn't apply to me. My unit just doesn't like 4.5. I even downloaded it a second time tried the entire install again and got the same results - so definately a 4.5 thing for me.

Same thing happened to me. 4.5 gave me the unable to connect error so I tried 4.3 and thank god it worked.
If it helps, I also used the att version.

i was upgrading my BOLD into latest version 190. during the process said fatal error and my bold displayed "reload software 507" then i foun dyour tutorial, and my bold back to normal...Thank you very are great!

Is amazing buddy, I nuked my phone 2 times on purpous to try this and it worked both times flawless now I am never worried about my phone when it is Fnucked, much appreciated!

This is sad, but to those of us whose phones cannot go past the "Unable to Reconnect During A Multi-Stage Load Operation" no matter what we try, I think that this is like when a person suffers a stroke. Some have minor strokes and are able to recoup completely, but others (like my dad) have serious strokes and never make it. Likewise, this lesson 12 works for some, but not for others. I have followed guidelines, read articles and hundreds of postings here and in other websites, have posted for help, but no one seems to have an answer that works, at least for my case. After two weeks of trying, I guess is time to accept the fact that my BB Curve is history...

I've gone through everything you've said to do and when I got to the Device Applications Selection, check off various applications, hit Next various times and always get the Invalid Configuration error, X The system software is not designed for the connected device (A:0x00000043). How do I get the PC to download the applications and allow me to get to the next step of finishing?

omg. this completly helped out me and my friend.
she had just gotten her blackberry not even 2 days ago, and it had crashed.

this step by step process saved her life. :)))

All of the steps you outlined worked. But at the end of the process I see a revolving Hour Glass. I am going to let it run but I am concern that this is not right. Am I good or not? Thanks.

All of the steps you outlined worked. But at the end of the process I see a revolving Hour Glass. I am going to let it run but I am concern that this is not right. Am I good or not? Thanks.

HI, my bb got nuked and ive been trying to reboot it several times but doesn't seem to work, every time i hit the next button when the pin is unknown it goes to the other step but the window says " the blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device that you have connected to the computer. contact your wireless service provider or system admin." ive downloaded different versions, newer and older and it happens over and over, do you think you can help me??

so on the 8110 its doing the loop but the screen is not coming on at all. Have anyone experienced this before? When I wait for it to connect I hit next so I can pick what applications and such on it and it goes through fine until it gets to one part. "Wait for device initialization" on this part is when the phone goes back in the loop process and I can not go any further. Is this phone totally dead or is there a fix Im not aware of for it

I have a Pearl 8100. It is my third Pearl, but the first to nuke. I downloaded the newest desktop manager, i did everything you said but my app loader wizard says COM4 instead of COM1 and it never gets to USB-PIN:Unknown at any point with the battery pulled or not. I have no idea what to do at this point and I just want to revive my Pearl.

Can someone help me out with this?

Hi Kevin,

I just want to thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for posting this lecture! I followed your instructions and now my Blackberry Curve 8310 is up and running again. Thanks again!

Quick question, in the requirements, it states that you need to have the OS on the desktop of your pc before going through the processes. I have tried to download off of blackberry and at&t's websites all morning long, and I can not figure out how to do this. Could someone please offer some suggestions? Most appreciated.

hi... i got the bb storm its a 9530 and i tried to install the new software and in the midle of the installation it frozed...and stayed all black like nuked and the usb cable got the lil noise like conect and its in rebot mode and wont let me do none help please...

When my blackberry got nuked it was because I overloaded it with downloads. This site was a huge help in fixing it but I just deleted the downloads using the application loader and my blackberry was juat fine, like new, untill I noticed that I didn't have my web brower icons anymore, I couldn't connect to the internet.I think I might have deleted something I wan't supposed to. So I was told to download my blackberry pearl system software again but it won't allow me. I get through all the steps but when I get to "Chose all applications to be added or deleted" and I hit next it tells me "Invalid Configuration- the application cannot be loaded because some required files are not available." I'm not sure what to do next, I appreciate any help. Thanks

Thx Kevin!
My BB died during a normal upgrading.
Used your "how to..." together with Read's "how to..."
And it's alive again!
Really don't know how to thank you.
It was my first dead BB, never want that to happen again!

At first I was thrown off by the "8300 series" label on the back and downloaded the wrong OS, then I saw the "BlackBerry 8310" label and this time it worked. Thanks so much!

Ok i get everything to work fine, except when it tries to reconnect to my curve after waiting for device inilazation it cant find the device again. Help please.


I'd like to buy you an adult beverage of your choice

I am completely new to this but a bit of a techno geek.
Just brave enough to try it and not good enough to figure out what to do to fix it.


i never get to see the screen where i pick the os options instead it says that no software for my device is available.....can anyone help me???????

When I connected my blackberry 7250 to the computer, nothing came up in the connection port selection. It was just blank. COM1 did not show up at all. Can someone please help me!!!!!!

I have tried this process a few times, and it STILL WILL NOT WORK! :(

I keep getting the white screen of death and the red light. Someone help!

I am freaking out. I followed the steps but it still will not work for me. any ideas as what to do?!?!!?

Thanks for this tutorial! It worked great on my bricked Bold! While installing a Beta OS, with Windows 7, things went terribly wrong. This step by step brought my Bold back to life!!