How to Upgrade Your BlackBerry Device Software Using Wireless Update

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2010 03:01 pm EDT

Most users know that you can easily update your device software by downloading the OS to a PC and using the Application Loader. With some official OS updates, the option to use the Wireless Update will be under Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update. When an update is available, a Wireless Update icon will also be pushed to your device homescreen alerting you of the upgrade, and you will be able to download and install the software over the air (OTA) to your device. The process is fairly simple yet can be very time consuming. The first part of the process involves downloading the software to the device. During this download you may continue to use the device. For the second part of the process, you will install the update and will not be able to use the device at all. This part of the installation can take up to 2 hours to complete. I was lucky and it only took me about an hour total from start to finish. If you're looking to upgrade via the Wireless Update feature, take a look at the video above for a look at how it all works. I did a little editing to get it under ten minutes so it may seem a little jumpy (and hopefully not too boring, but hey its a boring process) but all the key components are there to guide you so you can get the upgrade done without a hitch.

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How to Upgrade Your BlackBerry Device Software Using Wireless Update


I hope you are perfect enz, cause to post that comment I would think you would have to be. Next time keep your dumb comments to yourself.

I did all that the steps in the video said to, but once my request to download the new version had been submitted, instead of downloading it gave me an error message: "update request failed. Try again later or update using blackberry desktop manager on your computer." --Tried that....doesn't work. It will say I have an update once i'm in my desktop manager and then once I click it it says there are no more updates....yet nothing has been updated on my blackberry. That annoying little icon that blackberry sent to our phones telling us we have an update is STILL on my home screen. GRRRR. Sometimes I hate this thing.

Can anyone tell me what the freak I'm supposed to do??

I received the same error message "update request failed" while trying to update my blackberry torch 9810 and I would like to know the solution to this problem. Also I'd like to know the minimum application free storage space that is required to embark on this update from 7.0 to 7.1 OS.

Great job Adam, alot of people may be skeptical in doing these sort of things OTA, but you guys help give the confidence lol.. just awesome. keep up the good work

This is not english class people. They make fun of themselves with their grammar in the pod casts. Stop mentioning it. I am sick of see what people think of the post and all we get is stuff about their grammar.

T-Mobile customer here, and no updates ever for my Curve. I know they aren't carrying the 8900 anymore, so I guess the chances of new OS are slim to none.

I feel the same way too with my 8520 with T-Mobile...I hope this wont be a case where they want us to buy a whole new phone just to get the upgraded OS!

For those of us with the 9530 on VZW, this is quite useless information. =) But good to keep in mind when your NE2 is up.

I have an AT&T blackberry bold 9000, does anyone know how much the wireless update costs? I want to know before I actually download it.

anything. Two coworkers have AT&T one with a 9000 and the other with a 8900 and i did the "wireless update" for them because neither know how; it took about 1/2 an hour, I was impressed. Just hit options, advanced> to wireles update in your Berry, simple. it will back up and everything.

I don't understand why people find this so difficult ... I have updated my OS wireless since I first discovered it ... I do it when I go to bed ... Just as I go to bed I back up my phone just incase . Turn it on silent and update it by pressing the button ...its easy and I personally have never had any problems ... When I get up I open everything just to check and its all fine ...

Its not hard at all ... Its a pure pleasure I think and hassle free ...

For verizon wireless customers. Don't download this update. There are many known issues and your phone won't work properly. My phone is useless untill they fix it :(

Can anyone please tell me when was the last time they were able to make this work? I know VZ pulled the plug with the Curves 8330 model Im currently operating on v is this the latest version available for this model?
Thank you .

It helped to watch, I am now in the process of downloading the Storm 2 upgraded from Verizon. :) Thanks!

My wireless upgrade does not work... I know there is a newer version than my available but when i tried advanced options its telling me no upgrades available?!

Is the version you're currently running an official version, or was it a "leak" of some sort you obtained someplace other than your service provider? OTA updates seem to typically work only if you're upgrading an official version for that carrier.

Was your comment aimed to me? If so, it is the 'OEM' of the phone when I received it. On CB, a while back it was announced Vodafone UK released an official release (a newer version) to which the wireless update did not discover. Does that clear things up?

I keep trying to download the update and its still at 0%. It keeps saying that its waiting to connect to the server and I don't know how long I should wait. I did a battery pull and I keep on resuming the download but its still at 0% and not progressing at all. Help!

I'm running version which has been on since I bought it from the shop and its not telling me that there is an update available

I started the download on my 8350i using the desktop manager 6.0 at 9:00 pm, it's now 2:47am est. and only 291 modules of 361 modules loaded. using AT&T high speed internet