How to Setup your BlackBerry to Sync with Outlook's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By Duvi on 4 May 2009 01:36 pm EDT

School is in session once again ladies and gents!  Today's lesson will be on "How to Setup your BlackBerry to Sync with Outlook." 

I see this question come up quite a few times and I also see that this could have saved a lot of people from having to start from scratch with their contacts, notes, calendars and tasks. 

I'm using a Bold on 5.0, but this shouldn't matter for all those with 4.2 or better. 

For the desktop manager, I'm using 4.6.  The desktop manager may be slightly different depending on your version, but once you have 4.5 or better you shouldn't see too much variation. 

What you'll need to get started: Your BlackBerry device, BlackBerry Desktop Manager and a USB cable.

1 - Connect your BlackBerry to the Desktop Manager

While the desktop manager is running, connect your BlackBerry to the PC using the USB.  You should see an error message stating "No applications configured for synchronization" if you haven't already set anything to sync.


Desktop Manager Not Configured!

2 - Set up which parts of Outlook to sync

Okay clicking okay (and entering your password if one exists), click Synchronize.  Now click synchronization under the configuration tab and then select Synchronization.


Sync Options In BBDM!

If you a password exists on your device, you may be asked to input it once again.  For this example, I will choose Contacts only, but you also have the option to the calendar, memo pad and tasks.  Keep in mind you can choose to sync with Yahoo! as well.  For Google, you would need to use Google Sync.  

Check off the radio for Address Book and you will be asked to from the available desktop applications.  Highlight Outlook and then select "Next"

Outlook Sync Selection!

The next screen is where you can choose 'Two Way Sync' / 'One Way Sync from the BlackBerry to Outlook' / 'One Way Sync from Outlook to the BlackBerry.'  I usually choose Two sync as it will merge data from both your device and Outlook (safest option).

Sync Options For Directional Sync!

After you choose, hit Next.  On this screen, you would select the Outlook profile you'd like to sync, majority of us only have Outlook, but some may have business contacts and personal contacts in which they don't mix.  After choosing your profile, hit Next and then click Finish after getting to the Congratulations screen.  You can choose to sync more items or click OK if you're done.

3- Synchronizing your data

I usually unplug my berry at the main screen in Desktop Manager for five (5) seconds and then plug it back up.  You will then be asked for your password if one exists.


Device Password Screen!

You will now see the synchronization screen bring up a new screen if there are any changes to be made with your Address book, Calendar, Memo pad or Tasks.  You can choose to Accept or Decline the changes.

Final Options For Sync!

After your synchronization is done, you can check both Outlook and BlackBerry for the changes.  Once you see the additions/deletions, you have successfully set your BlackBerry up to Sync.  Yay!

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Reader comments

How to Setup your BlackBerry to Sync with Outlook


How about finally releasing a solution for the mac that actually works??
Am I really the only one, stupid enough to fall for the pocketmac scam?

RIM should stop urinating up our backs and provide the same opportunities for mac users that they do for windows "users".

You know what happened to the Dodos? Well. thats whats going to happen to RIM if they dont realise that the win97 era is over.

Releasing the storm OS in the pre-alpha phase that it is in, is a mockery. Just like making a app store unavailable for allmost the entire world. Thanks a lot for nothing!

Install windows in a partition or vitual app if you have to. Otherwise you won't be able to do upgrades to the OS or do any of the cool outlook sync features available to PC users. Also I don't think I have ever had a successful sync with any of the BB sync programs. I always seem to loose my contacts or duplicate them or something. I'd say it's useless and knowing RIM, your probably never going to get any support for it. They're too busy catering to their larger market, BES with windows.


Yeah, right. Buying and installing an entire overprized and completely useless operating system, that will hog half my harddrive and expose my hard work to hackers and viri, is not anything near a solution.

RIM provides a mac syncing software with their product, but it does not work!
I have never had any problems with my mac, but I have entered a world of pain with the storm.

If they could at least have the dignity to issue a warning saying that they under no circumstance, whatsoever would support anything but the lousiest OS on earth (you can quote me on that), I would be understanding.

I guess thats why the iphone sells and the storm does not....

you bought a Mac. Live with it. As a percentage, Mac users are a dust mote in the business world. RIM has higher priorities than Macs.

I am living well with my mac. The blackberry is the problem.
RIM dont have high priorities, they have bad support. Two things you should never get confused.
The storm is a 1:1 rip-off of the iphone. Too bad they got everything wrong.

Just face it mate: Windows was yesterday and RIM is going bye-bye. Even the business world is moving on.

It's really a shame that you're general attitude seems so hateful and trollish about this. Have you ever heard that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?

Perhaps if more MAC users go together and petitioned RIM with some good solid feedback (instead of OMFG it SUXXORZ!!1) you might be able to get some issues fixed.

Of course a few of the MAC users I know that also have blackberries have their sync stuff working just fine. Perhaps you should investigate a bit more before just dismissing it.

And as for RIM going bye bye, you may want to check a few stories above this one to read that the Curve 83xx surpassed the iPhone in Q1 sales. That gave RIM 3 phones in the top 5.

Thanks for the excellent breakdown on how to marry up my blackberry with outlook. I have the desktop manager software but the instructions that came with it are as clear as mud. Now my blackberry and my computer are happily joined at the hip.

At home, no. At work then yes. But only because the BB syncs with outlook, which is connected to exchange, which updates the web access to outlook. And that would only happen if you had access to a machine that had Outlook with exchange setup anyways and at that point it becomes mute. Either hook up to the BES or pretend your a Mac user and curse your lack of support!

This is great, I use outlook to sync my BB all the time and I thought I take a second to share my unusual setup.

I have a Blackberry Storm and I work with a company that has a BES and uses Outlook 2000. I really wanted my info to sync with Outlook at work but I didn't want to be on the BES as I don't like the idea of my employer monitoring my usage because I also use it for development work.

I sync my bb via the desktop like this.

-Calendar - One way sync to device - so that I can keep my appointments separate from work.
-Todo's - Sync - because I don't use it outside of work and who cares if I have a todo that says "get dog food".
-Contacts - One way sync to device - so that I keep my personal contacts personal but I also have a lot of contact info I have to add to work people so this works out good. I use our switch board number in the smart dialing feature so that I only have the extensions in my contacts. When I call a co-worker it first dials the switchboard, waits 3 secs and then auto dials the extension. It also looks on my phone because who doesn't hate long dialing strings in their contact book. yuk.
-Notes - Sync - same reason as todo list

The other thing that I use is the Outlook redirector. At first I thought that this would only sync my emails when I was at my desk but I was WRONG! It does it over the air and it's just like having a BES email account. It uses an encription that it sends to RIM and pushes it to my phone. I can also have it turn off when I have my BB in the cradle at work so I don't get duplicate emails all day. And when I sync my email, it moves them around on the device and marks ones I've read as read. It also makes it's own email folder on my device and when I reply, uses my signature and sends from my company address. i.e. Redirector ROCKS if you don't want to be on the BES and it feels just like a normal email account you'd setup with POP or IMAP. It's what truely tied it all together for me. To get Outlook Redirector you might have to reinstall the desktop and choose it as your email option and then you have to leave your PC logged in at all times. I usual lock my screen so this wasn't even an issue for me. Also you need admin rights to your work PC so this might all be for naught.

Now I said I had Outlook 2000 at work and this is because my IT dept is afraid of change. To get Outlook 2000 to work with my newer Blackberry is a challenge but doable. Unfortunately RIM removed support for Outlook 2000 in all desktop versions past 4.2 SP2 so I have an older version of the desktop but it does everything I need so no big deal. To get it to work you have to first install the 4.7 device drivers (downloaded from RIM) which is not the same thing as the Desktop. It's the drivers SANS desktop. Then copy the RimUSB.sys from c:\windows\system32\drivers into a backup folder. Then install the 4.2 SP2 desktop and before rebooting, you need to copy the RimUSB.sys driver file back to the windows driver directory. Then reboot. And when you sync up it will detect your newer BB no problem. Phew see what I mean about challenging.

The only draw back is that if you want to update your BB os you'll have to reinstall the newer version of the desktop and redo the previous steps again. Or don't use your work computer to test BETA OS's... Yeah RIGHT!

I synchronize with ACT!, but my wife synchronizes with Outlook. We both use the CompanionLink software, because (as I understand it) the native sync you have described brings over all calendar entries. We just want out forward-looking calendar entries on the BB, otherwise the history takes up all the memory. CompanionLink does that very nicely.

I use Lotus Notes at work and Outlook at home. Is there a way to sync both calendars on my BB, but keep the calendar entries seperate on my PC?

(Curve 8320, running OS 4.5)

Setup two profiles, One for work and one for home. At work select the work profile to sync with and it won't bring over your home ones. At home I'd just leave it to sync to default which if you set to home, not an issue. Now the only way I know of to make profiles is to register a new email so if you can't register a work email , then try making a fake email address in your BB but do it manually. This will make the profile for you, but not sync any where.

I'm in the Marine Corps and use outlook almost religously. I use a blackberry storm and have my email redirected to a personal email account. But short of emailing contacts,meetings or to do's to my self or manually inputting them i dont have a way to sync the two. NMCI(the military computer people) will not let us install any new programs so there is no way i can use DM on my work computer. Is there any other way to sync the two without physically connecting them??

I'm not sure if you can get a remote version of DM on a usb stick (or even on your blackberry) which you can then just load up on your work computer without installing it.

The DoD killed USB access a few months ago.So even if you could install the software to your PC you wouldn't be able to connect to the phone.

Do you have access to another computer (i.e., personal) with Outlook and BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed?

Our computers at work are locked down too. One work-around is to create a "personal folder" file in Outlook on your work computer. Copy all of your Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks into that personal folder. Then, copy the personal folder file to your personal computer (via memory stick, web server, infrared, Ad Hoc wireless network, e-mail, etc.). Open the personal folder file in Outlook on your personal computer and copy the Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks. Now run BlackBerry desktop manager to synchronize.

I've left out many details, but some experimenting should get you there.

You could even get creative and make scripts to automate the process. "AutoHotKey" is a great free scripting utility.

Now, if you don't have access to another computer, you could try to "export" your Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks to a file from Outlook and then e-mail that file to your BlackBerry. This may or may not be faster than e-mailing each item to yourself. If you are lucky, the BlackBerry might accept all the entries at once in vCard, iCalendar, or vCalendar formats (I don't know.). Otherwise, you'll need to copy and paste the data from a text file.

And even though copying and pasting is a pain, it's more than those people with an iPhone can do!

Bob G.

PS: Thanks for your service to our country.

For about 15 yrs I have been using Palm Desktop for contacts and calander and now I have a blackberry pearl and can sync the C & C to the Blackberry. Any help out there?

As a Mac User I struggled for quite some time with a reliable sync to my Blackberry. The Missing Sync and PocketMac failed badly leaving my contacts and calendars completely screwed up.
I then heard about the new "The Missing Sync" version and after some hesitation I finally downloaded it and wow .... not one single problem anymore. It can even sync via Bluetooth. Adressbook incl. pics and Tasks, Calendars, even iTunes Playlists. Good thing they have the 14 days Trial as I wouldn't have been willing to buy before try.
So I suggest for all the struggled people to give it a try. Don't worry you can backup your data first. For me it worked like a charme while their older versions really sucks. Now whenever I get close to my Mac I have an automatic sync :)

Hope that helps.

I have been getting an error message every time I try to sync my outlook since installed Facebook 1.5. I had changed my default calendar back to outlook and still had problems for DAYS! This post helped me so so much!

It says it has synced to blackberry and to outlook. It shows the changes being made, but when I check outlook and the bb nothing has changed?. I unplugged it tried it several times and nothing???

There is a much easier way to do all this and its OTA as well. You will need a Gmail account that is set up on your BB, next you need to download Google's Outlook sync to sync up your outlook mail with your Gmail account. Next you will need to download Google sync for your BB. Once this is all done and set up, you can put appointments on your phone, Outlook or your Gmail account and they will all sync up OTA.

Ok I synchronized with Outlook: Calender, and Addressbook the first time I got my Storm.
I wanted to move over my data from my personal folder (#1).
Since then I setup a Blackberry ( with a different userID (#2).
SO now I dont want to sync and not effect #1 with data from #2.
How do I sync #2 ONLY my calender, address contents, emails, into Outlook without changing the #1?


I wanted to back up my work address book to Outlook but I'm getting this error message:
"Synchronization is currently unavailable because the application is configured for wireless synchronization. Desktop synchronization for the above application will be disabled."

We use Lotus Notes at the office...


The Outlook sync capability is not that hot anyway. Connection via bluetooth is very dodgy.....need to click connect 3,5,6 or more times just to make the connection. Then the sync is prone to stopping halfway though.
Not all items are synced properly (yes, I have it configured properly).
It's an all-or-nothing sync. You cannot choose which items to sync and which to ignore. That to me is a basic necessity.

The BB desktop manager and the sync application are the most buggy and un-user friendly apps I work with on a regular basis.

I loved my BB at the start. 1.4 years down the line, I cannot wait for the contract to end so that I can upgrade to an iPhone and be done with all the bugs in the RIM apps.

I have had my BB Curve from Verizon and the Device Manager has never seen Outlook. The choice is simply not there. What do I have to do for the Device Manager to see Outlook?

A work around that works very well for me is to create a Google account, have my Outlook synch with the Google calendar, and have my BB Curve 8330 to synch with the Google calendar. I have this set up to synch automatically every 2 hours and it works seamlessly.

I just updated to the new OS on 6/5/2009 to Since I did, the Calendar on the BB doesn't sync up to Outlook 2003 on my desktop running Vista32

It's odd that I lost all the appts in Outlook, but they are still in the BB. I have a few calendars, that I really don't want, and I think what has happened is that the NEW OS set some things up again as it finalized the install and I think I screwed something up as it syncs to 1 calendar, but not the one the BB defaults to.


I've got the same problem, previous calendar items are still on BB but won't sync with Outlook 2003 on new Win7 machine. It only syncs calendar items I have entered since I first synced with new computer. Did you ever find a solution?

I have my blackberry synchronized, but items inputted into my blackberry calendar will not synchronize into my outlook calendar.I want to synchronize with Windows Calendar and Windows Contacts which are in Windows Vista, but I don’t get that choice when I am configuring my I can do that?

I've tried to 2-way sync with yahoo is in my system, but I'm using gmail. I'm so confused, I don't know which email i'm on anymore. I transferred my email from my original email - which i've had for 15 years to go to gmail. i don't know how to get the gmail into the blackberry desktop thing - should i just go to the carrier to fix this for me?

I am trying to sync my 9530 w/outlook using BDM 5.0. I have multiple .pst files on my computer. Outlook.pst (my wifes) Outlook2.pst (mine). When setting up sycnronization for my phone the only .pst file that is allowed to be selected is outlook.pst. I need the outlook2.pst for my phone. How can I sync with the outlook.pst file?

Thank you for the assistance.

It will let m sync my address book but not my calendar. I went through the set up and it will let me set it up but whn i go to sync only the address book syncs. I see the address book changes on my phone but nothing with the calendar changes. if i go on phone i can only view yahoo and facebook calendars says nothing about outlook. what gives did i miss something? HELP PLEASE!

Thanks for the Blackberry 101 directions.

I have only had my new Curve 8900 for three months.Love every thing about it.

Until now I had not backed up my data, scary, after having been through quite a few phones in my time and always started from scratch.

After many hours of fumbling around I finally stumbled on to the crackberry site. 15 minutes later I am in sync with outlook. Couldn't be better.

Great job!

OK, so I get to step two of this article and I check off what I want to sync: address book, calendar etc., but there is no "next" button. The only buttons I can select are "OK" (which does nothing) "Cancel" and "Help" (which doesn't help). Any suggestions?

Great article, followed all of the instructions, however. My Bold went dead during a recent update download, I restored using a saved file. Not everything came back. No Downloads, games, and most importantly, no memos or tasks, even though I have synched a million times with my desktop Outlook. What am I doing wrong? Neither memos or tasks are in the 'applications' section where they were previously. please help me, thanks

I just got my first BB and having a blast trying to figure everything out. I was stuck on how to sync my contacts and calendar info and was everywhere out on the net to try and get some answers. was very clear and now everything is synched! is now on my Favorites and will come to again and again! Thanks!

Just got the Blackberry Curve, and I have an issue that hopefully is a simple fix. I set up the Blackberry to sync, and it does everything fine, except that it when it asks for permission to delete certain things and add certain things, it only allows me to accept or reject as a whole. Most of the items it wants to delete are things I want to keep, but since I reject it, it doesnt add the things I need added. Any thoughts? Thanks!

When I sync with Outlook, everything syncs fine except for notes. I have a Tour with Verizon's latest OS and the latest DM installed. When I configure DM to sync with notes, nothing changes on either the phone or Outlook while contacts,tasks and calendar sync fine. All are configured to sync both ways with Microsoft Outlook so I don't know why notes doesn't.

My hotmail account is configured via ms outlook but not sync i know that this is because it's imap mail but for sure there is a way anyone?

I am a convert from WM to the Bold 9700 (ATT). I followed the guidelines here and it will synch from the desktop to device but not the other way around despite having the two way synch set up. I have multiple emails (2 hotmail and 1 yahoo) set up that are synching and tasks as well. They are fine. It will also synch my address book but not the categories I set up on the device. Very frustrating. I deleted the CICAL per other recommendations on CB site but still doesnt work. GRRRRRR Help!

Just got the 9700 Bold today. Thanks to you and some other helpful souls I am running at full tilt with no muss and no fuss. Outlook synced, all software updated, connected to my home network, paired with my car, etc. THANK YOU for making our lives simpler.

I have followed your very clear instuctions....but still cannot get contacts to synch. Calendar, tasks, notes all synch. I am using a BlackBerry Bold and running Outlook on a PC. Please help.

I tried this on my blackberry 9700 and it says it synced everyhting but nothing came across. What is up with this phone?

I synced with Outlook successfully for several months after purchase. Now, I have this message. It may be because people's pictures are loading from F-book. Also, I am unable to delete messages on my handheld. I have checked all settings on BB "messages" and reset the sync as you explained so well above.


I'm new to Blackberry, have 8520 curve. All going well except when I try to set up synch, Outlook isn't shown as one of the options to sync with - any ideas please?

These instructions all look great, but do they apply if your using MS Outlook 2000? I've also read that Desktop V5 doesn't support 2000 and I'd have to go back to 4.2SP2 - anyone aware of where this can be downloaded from? Thanks

Thanks for the info. I've been typing stuff into my calendar & Curve for months now. I'm not sure what took me so long to check this forum out for this since I check it out for everything else! Now Outlook & Curve are friends.

Thanks for your detailed instructions on how to sync Outlook to the Blackberry!! I was about to lose my mind until I found this forum. Thank you so much for taking the time to help people like myself who rely on forums such as this to find the clear and simple directions such as you provided. You made my night! Thanks again ~

I am so frustrated! I have had my blackberry curve a year and have yet to use any calendar other than the calendar on the phone itself because I cannot get any calendar which will sync. When I follow the instruction listed above I do not get outlook as a choice. I don't even care what calendar it is! I just want to be able to use a calendar on my work pc which will sync with my curve. I am operating in Windows Vista. Can't somebody help me!!!!????

I have my BB successfully linked to my computer. I have the calendar set up to sync both ways: device to computer and computer to device because I set up app'ts on both. However, when I sync, it wants to delete older items from my Outlook and I don't want it to. My only option however, is to "reject" and then it doesn't syn the additions. Is there a way to change this setting? I don't want it to delete any calendar info when syncing.
Thanks for the help.

I am unable to sync my Storm 2 with my new copy of Outlook 2010. I get an error message saying that I must declare Outlook to be my default mail client, but it already is. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I have "successfully" loaded my contacts and calendar on the 9550. How do I find them? I have checked every under every possible icon on the screen and cannot find Outlook.
Larry H

I think I followed the above steps 101 for sync Outlook but still won't read my calendar in my outlook. What's strange is that it picked up a few of my calendar events but not all.

Must have missed someting.

Maybe you have a 001 course.

Any thoughts.

This was happening to me too. All my old Palm appointments were in Outlook but not showing up in my BB. I first went to Calendar options then General options, under here I found Keep appointments was set to only 90 days so I changed to "keep Forever". I then synced my BB and I got something that said, "old data needs to be synced and a few possible duplications might occur"..or something like that. Once I did that, it told me that 1500 + calendar entries were going to be ADDED to my BB device, in which I said, "AGREE". I hope this helps you.

I have followed all these steps and appear to have done them correctly, however, all my contacts moved FROM my device and are now in Outlook and NOT on my device. I have a gmail account and so will I need to install the Google sync that was mentioned in the article?

Thank you all for your generosity and help.


Thanks for the info. The only problem is that "Outlook" is not part of the list on the "select a desktop application". I am at this stage using the Office 2010 Beta version and I have a Blackberry 8900 Curve. Can you please advise?

I'm trying to find an easy solution to a problem I encountered at the school where I work. I spent several hours last week setting up meeting dates for the rest of the school year on the Now Up to Date calendar on the secretary's Mac for the "Master Calendar." When I returned a few days later to input several more dates, I saw to my horror that all my work had vanished! I also put most of the dates on my Curve 8900. So I'm wondering if it's possible to sync my BB calendar with the Mac at school. My desktop manager is on my home computer, a Toshiba. Please help, someone! I'm just sick at the thought of spending another few hours putting all those dates back in the school computer.

Hi. I am having a problem with the Organizer settings in DM6. Everytime I launch it, it resets the Organizer sync preferences. Any ideas.


Hi. I am having a problem with the Organizer settings in DM6. Everytime I launch it, it resets the Organizer sync preferences. Any ideas.


Hi. I am having a problem with the Organizer settings in DM6. Everytime I launch it, it resets the Organizer sync preferences. Any ideas.


I want to be able to reconcile my emails on my blackberry and my laptop (use Outlook to manage my email on my laptop). They will not synch through the blackberry desk top manager. any suggestions for a way to make this happen?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I am trying to sync my bosses phone to outlook and he is complaining that it takes too long each time (12 min.) Is there a way to have it only sync new items. For example, If there are (1000) contacts and I add (1) to the list the sync deletes all (1000) and adds (1001) after. Is there a way to have it just add (1) instead of deleting (1000) then reloading (1001)? Again, thanks for any help you can give.

All The Best,

-The Guy w/ 9 Fingers

all fine but what if Microsoft Outlook does not show up in the Address Book Setup as an application? I never can get past that point. Does Outlook need to be open?
Any tip is very much appreciated

Until now I've been suffering in silence and unsuccessfully toying with various settings to prevent BB OS from deleteing older Outlook Calender entries. All other synchronization features operate fine, but almost any Calendar entry that's more than 60 days old gets automatically deleted during the synchronization process. The only exception to this are those calendar entries that repeat and have future instances. How do if fix this? I need to maintain a history of appointments for up to 1 year. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this issue until well into my use of my Storm2, and now a lot of important historical data is lost. Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

I have set up my blackberry desktop to sync with Microsoft Outlook but all my calendar events are moved off my desktop and only on my blackberry. If anyone has a fix for this please let me know. My desktop is checked off to sync back and forth computer to blackberry.

hello everyone,

i just bought this BB torch and i am quite getting hold of it but the problem is that i use a Mac machine and couldn't find a way to sync or install my office mail on my phone which runs on every time i try to set up my office email it shows error can somebody please help me fixing this :(

I am having difficulty syncing my Outlook contacts to my BlackBerry. It says that the contacts are not installed on the phone, yet I have some of them in the folder.

Hello everyone

I have had my Blackberry Torch 9800 for some time now.

Our company does not have their own blackberry enterprise server.

It became extremely annoying to me to not be able to receive my meeting schedule remotely.

The only way the sync of calendar and contact would work was with cable connection to PC.
Mail through our OWA server worked fine.

I found a work around that got me sorted and able to sync contact, calendar etc. information.
As an added benefit it will also sync to all kind of other devices.
It also syncs other account types.

And it really is an open source solution (free)!
I have been using it for about 3 months now, with no problems.

It requires your PC to have a client loaded and a client on your device.

It basically makes use of cloud synchronisation architecture.
It keeps your device connected to you calendar and contacts remotely
It will also copy your media as you define to the cloud.

If you are the proud owner of additional portable devices it will also make sure that they are kept in sync with your cloud storage as well.

Google calendar sync provides a similar function. It is not as complete as this cloud architecture and it gave lots of errors with our company network that uses a proxy server.

Truthfully, this kept me using my blackberry.
I was about to go back to my old windows mobile phone that could sync everything with OWA.

Now in the days of tablet computing, keeping all your devices in sync with one cloud storage is a simple process.
It works on your normal data link, wireless network link, it will basically sync your cloud data with any connection available.

If you go to you will find all you need to be able to use your blackberry actively even if your company does not have a enterprise blackberry server.

As an added bonus, your data, files, contact will also be usable from any device that has an internet connection.

This cloud based service really did make it possible for me to be completely mobile while using my blackberry to keep all my schedules and contacts up to date.

I also recommended it to a few colleagues who used blackberries and other android devices.
It works very well with all the device types.

It really is a complete wireless sync for all your devices that will cost you nothing.

Enjoy your blackberry people!

ALL contacts on my BB9300 have been deleted after trying unsuccessfully for the past 2 months to sync my BB9300 to my new Mac Book Air. Can ANYONE help me, please!
Don't know what to do except to buy an iPhone. Does that make sense as a solution?

Hi ,Need Help Please..

Help me to setup outlook mails to my BOLD 9900, I tryed with all the inforamtion available , through exchange server but failed, Contacted my service provider and they advise me to do from hand set itself, their system no supporting,

Any One Please help,


I have set up a 2 way sync with my curve, but data will only transfer from outlook to my blackberry. I have so many events typed in on my phone but I can't transfer them to my desktop no matter what I try....