How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS)'s BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By Al Sacco on 16 Jul 2008 12:50 pm EDT

Research In Motion (RIM) is constantly developing and testing new software and applications for your BlackBerry.  Keeping up to date with the newest operating system (OS) software for your smartphone ensures that you have access to all the latest and greatest features and performance tweaks.  With the official release of BlackBerry OS v4.5 on the horizon—various beta, or test, versions of the software are already bouncing around the Web—we thought this would be a great time for a BlackBerry OS tutorial.

What follows is our step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your BlackBerry's OS, or install a different version, as well as how to prepare beforehand to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

To start a new operating system install, you'll need your BlackBerry, an Internet-connected PC, a USB cable and about an hour and half of free time—50 minutes or an hour for the upgrade process and 30 minutes or catch-up time afterwards.  Mac users beware: RIM doesn't currently offer the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software for Apple computers; however, industrious Mac owners running Parallels and who have a copy of Windows have been able to upgrade their BlackBerrys via Macs, though the process can be a bit clumsy.

If you've got all the necessary tools listed above, the BlackBerry OS install process should be a breeze.  Let's get started.

How to Install or Upgrade to a New BlackBerry Operating System

1) Download New BlackBerry OS Software

First things first, you'll want to download the new BlackBerry OS and save it to your PC.  To determine what OS version you're currently running, click the Options icon on your BlackBerry home screen and select About.  Your OS version will be listed as a series of numbers after a lowercase V (v4.2.2.184) on the first screen. You can also employ the Help Me screen shortcut to determine your current OS version by hitting ALT, SHIFT and the letter H.

Current BlackBerry Operatin System Software Version

To obtain the latest operating system for your BlackBerry device, first check your wireless carrier's website.  This is the best way to get official RIM OS software.  Your carrier may ask you to login to download the software, so you might need to create an online account if you haven't already done so.  Once logged in, locate the system upgrades section, check to see if there's an OS version that's more recent than the one you're currently running, and if so, download and save it to your PC's desktop.

Save the latest BBOS onto your Windows-powered computer

If you decide to download and install an unofficial version of the BlackBerry OS, you should beware that you're doing so at your own risk. Beta operating systems are not officially released for good reason: They're often full of bugs and could potentially void your warranty or worse, render your BlackBerry unusable. (Read, "How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked BlackBerry," if you ever find yourself with a bricked 'Berry. If you do decide to install unofficial software and it's from a carrier that isn't your own, you should be sure to ditch the software's vendor XML file before beginning installation. To do so, open your PC's Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > AppLoader and then delete the Vendor file, which is in XML format.  If you don't delete the other vendor's file, the software won't be able to install the software on your carrier-locked device. You can visit's OS4.5 Beta forum for discussion and help should you run into issues.

2) Download and Install the Latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software

Next you should ensure that your PC is running the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, which is v4.5. 

To check which version of Desktop Manager you currently have, you should launch the program via Windows Start menu > All Programs > BlackBerry > Desktop Manager. Then click the Help tab on the main screen and choose About BlackBerry Desktop Manager.  The software version will be listed on the General tab.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 4.5

If you're not running Desktop Manager v4.5, visit RIM's site and download and install the latest version of the software.

3) Prepare for New OS By Noting Apps, Services or Setting That Could be Affected

Installing a New BlackBerry OS will return some of your custom settings to the default options and may require you to log back into and unlock certain applications.  For instance, your font family, font style and size will revert to default settings after the OS install, so you may want to go into Options > Screen/Keyboard settings to make note of your custom settings.

Many third-party apps will also require you to reenter your user name and password, so you may want to make note of which apps require a login and make sure you've access to the necessary information.  For example, your Viigo RSS reader will prompt you for login information the first time you try to use it, as will Facebook for BlackBerry, your Twitter client and the Flickr app.  I also noticed that the color of my jazzy new CrackBerry launcher changed from orange to cyan…

It's a good idea to switch back to an official RIM theme if you're using a third-party option, at least at first, because some features of non-official themes won't work properly on the new OS.

And it's worth noting that applications are meant to run on specific OS version so they may not work at all after you upgrade.  The Freedom Universal Bluetooth Keyboard, which I reviewed for CrackBerry in May, functions along with an application that will only work on BlackBerry OS v4.0 through v4.2.

4) Open New BlackBerry OS and Begin Installation

After you've prepared for the changes that come along with a new BlackBerry OS, you'll want to begin the installation process.  First, close all related applications and services on your PC and launch the .exe file.  Choose Run and select the appropriate setup language.

The InstallShield Wizard for BlackBerry will then appear. You should click Next and then on the following screen choose the country in which you're currently located. Accept the terms of service and hit "Next" again.  When the install process is complete, the program will ask you if you want to start the BlackBerry Desktop software.  Fill in the check box next to this option and then hit "Finish."

Install OS4.5 onto your computer

When the Desktop Manager software opens, plug your device into the PC via USB cord.  (If for some reason, the desktop manager software does not launch after a few minutes, go to your Windows Start menu > All Programs > BlackBerry > Desktop Manager.) You'll then see a dialogue box that tells you it's searching for device application updates and a few seconds later another box will appear asking if you want to install the available upgrades. Click Update Now and a summary page will appear detailing the specific applications that will be affected.

From there, hit the Options tab beneath the Data Preservation and Device Backup heading and ensure that the Backup Device Data Automatically During the Installation Process box is checked. Then hit OK.

You can also click on the Advanced tab on the right side of the Desktop Manager screen to add or update applications that weren't included in the default list. For instance, if you deleted your BlackBerry Messenger app in the past but now want it back, you can hit Advanced and fill in the check box next to BlackBerry Messenger and the program will be installed along with your new OS.

Application Loader Updates Page

Finally, you should click Next again, and you'll see an Application Loader summary page that explains how your device will need to be wirelessly activated and registered with your carrier after the new OS is installed—don't fret, this should happen automatically—and provides a brief summary of the installation process.  Hit Finish, grab a frosty beverage and/or good book and sit back and relax while you're new OS is installed. As mentioned above, this may take awhile so don't worry if the progress bar seems to be sticking on the "Connecting to the Device" stage—one of the final steps in the upgrade process. 

Summary Page. Click Finish and let the Update begin!

If you're installing an operating system that's older than your current software, you'll want to download the OS to your PC and launch the .exe file just as described above.  But when you plug your device into your PC after opening the Desktop Manager, the app won't find any updates and you'll have to instigate the install process yourself. To do so, click the Application Loader icon on the Desktop Manager home screen and then click the Start box on the right side of the screen, beneath Update Applications. The software will then search for updates and won't be able to find any.  On the following screen, click the Advanced tab under Device Application Selection, make sure the list of applications on the next screen includes all programs you wish to include in the install and hit Next again. Choose to backup your application data on the following screen and hit Finish to begin the install.

You'll know your new OS is installed successfully when the Desktop Manager's Update Complete screen appears and your device's radio turns back on.  Shortly after the process finishes up, you should receive a message in you inbox to let you know your device is registered with your carrier's network. If you don't receive such a message, resend your device's e-mail service books.  You can send service books in two ways, using either your BlackBerry itself or your carrier's BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) page.  To send service books via BlackBerry, open your E-Mail Settings/Set-Up Internet E-mail icon, log in if prompted, and click Service Books option under the Settings heading. On the following page, send the books by hitting Service Books again.

Close out the Desktop Manager, disconnect your BlackBerry and you're good.

Done - OS Successfully Updated!!!


- If you use any BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) accounts, you likely want to resend your e-mail service books even if you're device was automatically reregistered. This ensures that you're taking advantage of any related tweaks that may have been included in the software update.

- Immediately following your upgrade, you'll be prompted to log back into a number of applications but some you'll need to manually open to enter your account information.  If you have a media card installed, you'll also be asked whether or not you want to turn your BlackBerry's mass storage mode on, regardless of your previous settings. You'll also be asked if you want to run through the BlackBerry Setup Wizard.

- If you're on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) you should check in with an IT representative before attempting to upgrade your smartphone's handheld software, because some IT policies can block or partially block a new OS install.

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How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS)



Very nice tutorial...
now... is this for any blackberry? I have a curve 8300 and would love to download an official version of OS 4.5... Is this tutorial only applies to certain models?


Hey there URUTUM,

This tutorial is not restricted to specific BlackBerry models, so you can use it to help install a new OS on your Curve 8300.

Good luck!


Class is now in session! Thanks to AS for posting this! I think this will eliminate a lot of confusion when ATT finally gets around to releasing the OS upgrade.

This will help out so many people who have never done this. This is a frequent question asked here on the forum. thanks alot!

Great Tutorial! Does anyone know when 4.5 will be released for Verizon Curve 8330? Not the Beta Version , the Final version


I've been asking how to do this forever.. thanks for the info. Im new to this BB world so this is still tricky for me.. i've tried this before, but deleting the vendor file is what gets me all the time.. i don't know how to find it. but now w/ this.. hopefully i will.

Thanks again!

I am actually a new BES admin, and I was wondering what I would have to do after the new OS install to reconnect to my Blackberry server... Thanks!!

Hi Ken,

You should just have to perform another enterprise activation, but you'll need to know your password. If you don't, ask your BES admin to create one...wait, you are a BES admin, right? Create your own password and do an enterprise activation on the device, and you should be all set.


Why doesn't RIM get it together for us Mac users? I'd love to get all the new stuff and update my addresses etc., but I can't. Maybe that's one of the reasons so many people are starting to get iPhones over BB's.

I will be getting the Blackberry Bold as my first smart phone. I'm a mac user and I will only be a casual blackberry user-- using GPS, internet connection, text msg and talk on the phone. I'm wondering what is this desktop manager thing and do I have to have this in order for the blackberry to work????

I went to AT&T and they told me it comes with the software that goes with Mac.
I'm completely new to this can someone give me some information pls???

Thanks! has been an awesome website for me to learn about blackberries!

I'm not a MAC user but like you I am a casual bb user - I get my work email and all my other email on it, but I mostly use it for social reasons.

Yes you do want to install the desktop manager thing when you get your bb - other people probably use it to do lots of complicated things I don't know about, but I use it to back up my data. Like most people, I have a huge contacts/address book and don't want to lose that info. You can back up saved messages and stuff too.

If I install the desktop manager after using my BB for some time, will my data (contacts, pics, music) be erased? Thx

I currently have unlocked T-mobile branded 8320 running on Rogers network. Do I install OS 4.5 from T-mobile or can I use the one from Rogers (including deleting the vendor file)? It's where I'm a bit confused on. I've done the OS 4.5 beta installation (but switched back to 4.2 due to lags and a couple of minor problems) so I know how to do it for the official version of the OS.

Hey dliffers,

I'm not sure about a BES upgrade tutorial. Upgrading BES is more complicated than upgrading a handheld OS and the process can be dependent on an organization's specific infrastructure. I'll have to check with CrackBerry Kevin on that one...


Love Crackberry! You guys are the best with the 101's. Being a Verizon customer...I am waiting for the OS. But regarding desktop manager: I have a macbook pro and installed VM Fusion and run windows xp on that. Since it is only a virtual environment it doesn't effect your mac functions. So I installed the latest desktop manager and have been using it without any problems. (I prefer VM fusion to parallels) So unlike bootcamp I could be using my mac and when I want to install a new program on my bb I just open up vm fusion go to desktop manager and plug in my bb. no prob!
Now..regarding contacts - I finally got a great method for getting them into your bb. Yes it costs...but it's the price of RIM not being responsive to the mac world. and I was just thrilled to get them on my new curve. I am an Entourage user - so I use Entourage Contact CSV Importer ($15) to export my contacts to a csv file. Then I import these into gmail. Then I user GooSync to sync gmail contacts to my bb. Goosync is $40 - but as a frustrated mac bb user - I have now found it is worth it. GooSync does have a way to import contacts without gmail - but I haven't got that working yet.
Forgive the length and not putting on the forum - but you asked. So I hope this helps.

I downloaded the lastest blackberry desktop manager, now when i try to open application loader in comes up with a error box saying something like cant open application loader because you are using a dail up connection. does anyone have any ideas.

You have no clue how much it helped me (and all the responses to it also). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

it says to me There is an XML error on line 2.. please someone help me get rid of this so i can finally install this to my phone. please i have Vista so its email adddress is please someone be so kind...

Hi shownuff,

First of all, take a deeeep breath. Everything's going to be just fine. ;)

I described the process of removing the XML file in the tutorial, but I'm using a Windows XP machine. Perhaps the process is different if you're running Vista? For the record, here's how to remove the vendor XML file on an XP machine:

1) Open your PC's Program Files, which are usually found the C drive.

2) Open your Common Files (within Program Files)

3) Open the Research In Motion file (within Common Files)

4) Open AppLoader (within Research In Motion)

5) Scroll through the AppLoader folder until you find a file called "Vendor," that's in XML format. The file will likely look like a document with a picture of the earth on it and the text next to the image will look like this:

XML document
14 KB

Highlight the file and delete it.

Hope that helps...


Hey guys,

I downloaded a version of the 4.5 OS and I installed it on my computer, but the desktop manager doesn't ever recognize it as an update. I'm using Desktop Manager v4.5.

Any Suggestions??


Usually that means you didn't delete the vendor.xml file. Read through the tutorial again and make sure to do that part and it should recognize the update.

Thanks, that worked. Now it says that that I have an "error 1012" when I try to provision it. Looks like I may have to go back to 4.2.2 if you don't have anymore suggestions.


My 8310 has currently, and AT&T's only update shown is to Is this worth doing, or do I need to download software directly from RIM?
My desktop manager is 4.3. Should I go to 4.5 or leave alone for now?

I have T-mobile, and I just called them about the 4.5, and they said that they don't have it available because R&D said it wasn't working good with the t-mo system. Maybe that's why AT&T don't have it available, but I would suggest you call and ask them about it. Because if you download it, and it messes up your phone, it's going to void your warrenty.

BlackBerry handheld OS 4.5 is not officially available yet from any major U.S. carriers--at least that I know of. That's why you can't find it on AT&T's site. I would, however, recommend upgrading to v4.2.2.312.

You could also do some digging to find v4.5 for the 8310, but you should beware that if you decide to install a beta OS, you're risking your warranty and could potentially damage your device.

As far as the Desktop Manager software goes, I'd upgrade to v4.5 before installing a new OS, but that's just me--I like to use the latest software. You should be alright using 4.3 if you'd rather not upgrade.


Will reinstallation unlock my BB to any other network?
My BB is currently locked with SMART Telecomunnications..
I would like to use it to other network, is this possible?
Thanks in advance for the advise guys...

If you blackberry itunes media sync is changes the look of the research in motion folder
I now have a blackberry folder and media sync folder.
I cannot seem to locate the vendor.xml file anywhere now

I know where is used to be because i already have the beta 4.5 installed but now want the offical
any help?

Does this work with vista? I downloaded every thing per the instructions and(yes I did delete the vendor xml ) but when I plug my BB in it starts to start check for updates and nothing happens. I tried to go to device properties and it says I have a error communicating. And when I go to application loader it does even show th 4.3 that I'm running on my BB. Can any one help.

I cant for the life of me get the new OS to show up on the App Loader. Ive done everything, deleting the vendor document and all. Not working, can someone help me please.

I think I read this lecture over and over again, I guess I am not understanding or just want to be comfortable before I do this.
Okay so I checked US cellular's website and the latest OS software is V4.3.0.170, Which I am currently running V4.3.0.97, Is that the same thing? Confused there. And I see other people talking about higher upgrade like the 4.5? does that mean US Cellular is not offering this upgrade at the moment?
And If I currently have the lastest do I need to still save it on PC?

And does is matter what OS software im using, is it okay to upgrade to the lastest 4.5 desktop manager software?
Sorry for the long post

Just to clear up one more thing. When talking about the OS 4.5 and the 4.5 desktop manager software are 2 different programs right? I know it sounds like a stupid question but yea I'm confused. Wish I had like a protocol training class available for more hands on

sooooo i know i am exposing myself as a legit newbie here, it's just that i love my b-baby so much i have trepidation about messing with it too much. all the "you're gonna brick it!" warnings are making me paranoid. so here's my q....
i have a curve 8310 from AT&T. they do not have an official version of the v4.5 OS available. there IS an official version on the RIM website. i downloaded it without issue and even deleted the vendor file (way easy, thanks for the tutorial). sooo...i'm cool to update my Curve right? the desktop manager is all i need to download, right? the desktop manager on RIM website is all i need, right? do i need something else specific to my smartphone model (curve 8310?) can i update now or have i missed something? it won't be a lovely little burgundy doorstop, right?? RIGHT???
also, where can i find info on using the desktop manager? i wanted to have my calendar and contacts on my desktop but i'm new to b-berry and have never used it before.
i know i listed myself as a Crack Addict, which implies a certain level of skill and experience, but i intended it as an indicator of my unending obsession with this device. i am so cracked out, i just can't put down the pipe. the crackberry pipe. stay in school, kids.
thanks in advance for the help.

K-Bunny...were you able to successfully upgrade to OS4.5 on your AT&T 8310? I have the same device and would like to upgrade but like you, I have some concern about messing it up. Where on the RIM site did you download OS 4.5?


sooooo i know i am exposing myself as a legit newbie here, it's just that i love my b-baby so much i have trepidation about messing with it too much. all the "you're gonna brick it!" warnings are making me paranoid. so here's my q....
i have a curve 8310 from AT&T. they do not have an official version of the v4.5 OS available. there IS an official version on the RIM website. i downloaded it without issue and even deleted the vendor file (way easy, thanks for the tutorial). sooo...i'm cool to update my Curve right? the desktop manager is all i need to download, right? the desktop manager on RIM website is all i need, right? do i need something else specific to my smartphone model (curve 8310?) can i update now or have i missed something? it won't be a lovely little burgundy doorstop, right?? RIGHT???
also, where can i find info on using the desktop manager? i wanted to have my calendar and contacts on my desktop but i'm new to b-berry and have never used it before.
i know i listed myself as a Crack Addict, which implies a certain level of skill and experience, but i intended it as an indicator of my unending obsession with this device. i am so cracked out, i just can't put down the pipe. the crackberry pipe. stay in school, kids.
thanks in advance for the help.


yeah, I know it took me forever to cave and not wait for AT&T to get their rear ends in gear and come out with there OS 4.5. This is an awesome tutorial.

I am a very happy Crack(berry) Head! WOOT

By the way did I forget to say THANK YOU =)

I was able to install the DM 4.5, but i can't get my BB OS to upgrade... it just stays at 4.2. i have the 8310. can anyone help? thanks a lot!!

my dm tells me that i hve os 4.5 installed for my 8800 but my phone tells my i still hve 4.2.1 anyone no what to do

I installed the 4.5 software twice now and my desktop manager doesn't seem to pick it up or something. It tells me there's no updates required for my device and shows I still have OS 4.2. This is for my 8100 Pearl. Please help! I'm extremely frustrated!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your very clearly-written directions for upgrading the operating system.

Thanks. :)

this is a great tutorial. for those concerned about being unfamiliar with BB-specifics, worry not. as long as your basically tech-literate, you'll be fine. i just finished up my TMobile (using the OS 4.5 Orange UK download) 8320 update. this tutorial covered all the important points.

i would emphasize the removal of the .xml file. this needs to be done before you open DM, after you install OS software. you can search your hard drives for "vendor.xml" if you're not sure where it would be. on my search, only one came up. i deleted it and the install went smoothly from there.

also, the update takes awhile once you've completed the steps, and you're waiting... about 30 min to an 1 hour. it's long but worth it! be patient.

Off the top of your head, can anyone help with this?

I DL the correct OS version and run it according to the steps above, but when the installer closes and automatically opens Desktop Manager, the following does not happen:

"You'll then see a dialogue box that tells you it's searching for device application updates and a few seconds later another box will appear asking if you want to install the available upgrades."

I've deleted vendor.xml, and one thing that is different is that windows has to re-recognize the phone and it says "found new hardware."

Any thoughts?

Many thanks,


I just downloaded the 4.5 OS and it seems to be working just fine. However it seems that I no longer have the EVDO logo in the corner it just has 1x, any ideas? thanks

Thanks for the great help forrum. I was told by another member here and I just wanted to confirm this by others but the new BB OS can have up to 8 GB media card. Please tell me it's so. Thanks

I just upgraded my Verizon 8130 pearl to 8130AMEA_PBr4.5.0_rel90_PL3.2.0.48_A4.5.0.66 with no problems at all. The new OS seems a little quicker and uses less memory with the same apps loaded.

I did everything that was asked of me.
1) downloaded BB handheld software update
2) downloaded BB desktop software update

I am now stuck o number 4. I plugged in my BB as instructed but there was no dialogue box that appeared. It did say it was "checking device for application updates" and then nothing. So I double-clicked on Application loader and clicked update but when I got to the Update Summary screen, it only said "no software update is required for your device."

By the way, my BB was at v4.2. I downloaded v4.5.

Am I missing something? Please help?

Hi everyone, got a unlocked BB 8100 with O2 software (v4.2.1.107) and I want to change it to AT&T because of the multilingual interface and I want to use it with AT&T. Downloaded everything from RIM. Desktop 4.5 and the appropiate software (v4.2.1.154) which I want to be installed on my BB. Desktop does not do any updating - no software to update. Tried 1000 times. Followed the thread here. I am running WinXP. Tried to delete that XML file. Under Program files - Common files there is .. nothing! So how should I delete that thing? The procedure sounds easier than it is. Any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance!

OK ... could manage to delete that XML file and now I could install different languages but still it won't let me install the AT&T software as described before. Heeelp!! :)

Dumb question time.

I'm about to get my phone unlocked will this OS mess that up in any way?.

New to blackberry and 8800 series so bear with me please.


Dumb question time.

I'm about to get my phone unlocked will this OS mess that up in any way?.

New to blackberry and 8800 series so bear with me please.


HELP! i was installing the OS Update then me being stupid knocked over my phone during mid install and now nothing will turn on. just a blinking red light. ive taken out battery and everything. obviously since the phone wont turn on i cant connect to desktop manager to re-install. so is there ANYTHIGN i can do to get the phone to turn on a sync??

One question about the O.S one has the media player and the other doesn't which one should i download? also can i download the media player later on if i need to?

Thanks again.

One final thing this won't mess my unlocked phone up will it once i get the code for it?


Does anyone when ATT will be releasing the NEW OS 4.5 for the BB Curve 8310....? if they have released it, please let me know where???

hi, I am Jason. I have the 8300 curve and DESPERATLY want the video feature, I had video rec/ mms on my razor which is a far less intellegent phone.

I followed the tutorial to the letter ( it is VERY good thank you), and when I plug my BB in it does not show the 4.5 ( or 4.6 witch I have) upgrade down load option to me. All it shows is my bejeweled program. Am I doing something wrong?

I am fairly comp savvy but I am not a hack by any means. Can anyone help with a sudgestion please?

Thank you so much for the instructions. I just upgraded and everything went smoothly. I'm really enjoying the new features (i.e. youtube, email, etc.)

This tutorial is amazing!

I have had my 'Berry for two days on Orange (LOVE it btw) and I'm currently on v4.3.0.105 - reading all the comments above, is it worth me trying to download v4.5 or should I should stay as I am for now? Any hep/advice would be gratefully received as I am a total newbie at this - but getting better the more I surf this site! Crackberry is the best! x

My BB was stuck on the white screen with the message 545. I reloaded 4.2.2 and everything was good. I finally got back to my AT&T home screen. But when I put my sim card in it first said searching for network and then it said "No Service". I when into the sim card folder and my number was displayed. In the network folder nothing was displayed. Did I do something wrong?

Will it work to download new blackberry verison 4.5 for my T-Mobile Blackberry 8700g? I tried to upgrade OS and I was failed. I dont know it is failed because it is not accept with 8700g? I want newer verison for my blackberry for better service and apps etc.


okay i downloaded the file and installed it on my computer but when opening up my device manager it says its searching for new updates but never allows it to install itself what am i doing wrong?

my current for my curve 8310 is v4.2.2.170 is this the lastest version or is there a better one? anyone who has a answer please let me know it would be much appreciated

My blackberry curve is ridiculous. So, It crashed, and i've been looking all over this site to find how to fix it. And What I needed to do, was first install a new OS. So, I download the OS I need from And then I go to open it and install it to my device.

but it says "unable to install InstallShield Wizard scripting runtime".

And I have no idea what this means.


I cannot believe you tools spend this much time to install a new os. With the iPhone you just connect to your computer, run itunes, click update and then unplug your phone once completed.

No searching no deleting the vendor file, no OMG please help, just simplicity. If computer programmers are smart and good at what they do, them the product works without having to be a computer genius or an IT person.

You might want to update the instructions to include removing any ram cards.

My updates failed until I removed my mini sd card from my Bold's reader (the extra startup time checking the card being the sticky wicket as near as I can tell)

I am a BES admin and just got my new 8330. I had to get the new OS...just had to. Sprint is almost always behind the times so I had to do one from another carrier. My old BB was so old that there were no updates from the time I got it to the time I tossed it. This was my first OS update and I wollowed the TUT. My PC is Vista and everything was done inside an hour. So far the only thing I have had to do was set my background again (and I am cerainly not complaining as this is) and as mentioned in the TUT, re-sign-in to my accounts like viigo. I've been told there are compatability issues with Sprint Radio, but I don't use it so I'm not concerned.

I've done everything so far, downloaded the EastAsia. v4.5 software on my comp
also the new 4.5 Blackberry Desktop manager too.

I pretty much have everything up to the beginning of Step 4.
when i click update now, nothing pops up, it says that i dont have anything to update.




"1) Open your PC's Program Files, which are usually found the C drive.

2) Open your Common Files (within Program Files)

3) Open the Research In Motion file (within Common Files)

4) Open AppLoader (within Research In Motion)

5) Scroll through the AppLoader folder until you find a file called "Vendor," that's in XML format. The file will likely look like a document with a picture of the earth on it and the text next to the image will look like this:"

IDK, how to get there.
i really want to have this new OS.

so please, i need help.

Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have tried this guide several times now, without success. I downloaded and installed the device installation file, but when I start desktop manager and application loader, I don't have the option for the update. Yes, I have deleted the vendor.xml file prior to starting desktop manager. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm having lots of problems installing 4.5 when i called t-mobile they said that t-mobile can not run 4.5 because they have not updated to 4.5 is this true or are they wrong and if so how do I do it

Ok im about to upgrade by 8320 from 4.2 to 4.5.
I went to BB webpage and found rogers 8320 4.5.
Should i still delete the XML?
Has anyone upgrade yet?

Ok did it last nite and everything went ok.
New fetures are cool and i did delete XML file.
Did a backup after i finished installing 4.5OS.
Was this a good idea?
Would like to hear feed back.

Great directions on the OS update, I've got one glitch I can't work out though. I have the Empower e-mail viewer on my blackberry but since I updated to 4.5 it isn't working. It still shows in the application list and I've tried installing the free trial to see if that would kick start it but nothing. Any ideas?

THANKS!! im having the SAME problem as everyone else, and thats enough of an irritation, but to make it worse, i spent 15 minutes scrolling through the blog, to find no help whatsoever...anyone???

My home computer is on the fritz, and I'm trying to install using work computer. I keep getting that "please log in as administrator...". Any idea on how to bypass this so I can finally get v4.5.

I followed the instructions to the tee and everytime I delete the vendor file and try to upgrade the OS, the vendor file reappears. Can anyone help?

Very nice & detailed tutorial. I followed those steps but got "A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. Please try again." message. After that, the Desktop Manager no longer recognizes and asks me if I want to upgrade to the new OS (my BB device has OS 4.2) after it spends the time searching for device application updates. The Desktop Manager happily runs OS 4.5 while connecting to my BB runing on OS 4.2 and it didn't even ask if I want to install the new upgrade. What am I missing? Any ideas?

Short version of my comment: Thanks for the great information. The tutorial was very helpful!

Long version / explanation of my problem:
Yesterday I started to get this error message anytime I tried using my Text Message application: Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException.

After a lot of google'ing and trouble shooting I found that the problem could have occurred from 2 sources. A) a Yahoo Go! application I recently deleted...or B) a different 3rd party application called Beyond411 I installed. (Formally Berry411).

Over the weekend I deleted Yahoo Go...but had no problems. Last week I installed Beyond411 and had no problems. In short, yesterday...RANDOMLY, I got started getting that error message. I tried my ole trusty battery pull. (And for those of you who don't know or really does help your memory if you do it about once a week. I know, why would such an elaborate piece of technology require such a rudimentary step? Beats me. I'm still trying to figure out why people love Dancing With the Stars so much.)

Anyhow, after the batt pull it worked for a few minutes but soon after...same prob. I then tried a soft reset (left ALT, right SHIFT, and DEL.) Same result. Worked for a bit then back to google madness. Later in the day I found an old thread stated a problem with Beyond411 (formally Berry411) directly connected to the error message I was receiving. So, I uninstalled it. But still the problem remained.

I knew my last resort was going to be a reinstall of my OS. didn't WORK! Kidding...with this tutorial I found all the info / help I needed. Since I knew it was going to take around 1.5hrs to do...I rented Hell Boy 2 (I give it 2 out of 5 stars. Entertaining...but in true big budget Hollywood fashion...there were a lot of cheesy parts. Did he REALLY need to run with that baby for so long?)

Note...the download of the RIM OS 4.5v is about 23megs. You don't need your BB plugged in for this process. (To you geeks out there...I appreciate the 'duh' or sigh of disappointment.) Also - MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR BB 1ST.

In the 2am-ish...I had a fresh new (upgraded) OS...which even came with a new Video Camera feature. Wooo hooo. Something new to eat up my memory. (Since it was so late I made a quick 8sec Blair Witch like video from my bed. Mmmmm...scary.)

OH...and since I failed to mention it above and this info might be helpful: I believe when I 'recently' deleted one of the applications from my a flaw / bug, it also deleted some of the necessary JAVA components. After all my trouble shooting throughout the day...nothing was going to fix it except a reinstall of the OS or upgraded OS (Which I did). *One thought though...if I knew which deleted application caused the original problem...MAYBE a reinstall of that may have helped. Unless someone else can comment / found that as a solution...I'll be watching my reruns of Jerry Springer and Emmit Smith dancing with super flexible hot chicks.



I broke the usb out of my 8300. Can I install the new OS with blue tooth of will I have to repair my usb first?

I storm has been crashing, but it only happens if I let the screen go dark then try to re-wake it. I would like to uninstall and reinstall the os. How can I do that?

im some what a noob but hey.. i downloaded the 4.5.97 but i could never find the vender file in the RIM folder so i had to use a nice program called crackmem to remove the question is why couldnt i ever find the file and why wasnt there ever a apploader folder or anything like that? the other question is what elts is there to do to this blackberry to maybe send pictures besides typig those annoying prefixe's after the number? and last but not least..GREAT TUTORIL EXEPT FOR ME TRYING TO FIND THE FILE GREAT JOB PPL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

also i used the 4.5 on my blackberry curve for sprint

I've currently got on my storm and I have downloaded the newest It wont recognize that I have it or let me upgrade in anyway.vendor file has been deleted.

I have the same issue. I have deleted the Vender.xml file several times, still can not resolve?

Can anyone help use/ have a solution to this problem?




the instructions were simple and easy to follow. I cant believe how blackberry could have released this the way they did. To me the 83 build is what should have come out.

Now my cellphone is acting the way it should. Thank you.

Hi guys, I'm just update my 8310 to os 4.5.69,the instalation is done but -'m lost my ‪ messenger and I can't to install ‪ messenger the error said no the new versionm
Please help me...

Thank you so much for this 101 on how to update the blackberry. I have an 8800 that was running and upgraded it to (official carrier provided release) It upgraded perfectly! Just noticing that the newer OS is a bit sluggish when trying to use the trackball to move around, otherwise it is working. Now I think i'll try the new that was released.

Thanks again!
I'm very new to the whole blackberry community.

so i've downloaded the 4.5 update to my computer
and now the desktop manager isn't recognizing it.
i've already removed the vendor file.
what do i do now?

While I was instaling 4.5 to my Blackberry Curve It said it couldn't re-connect to my Blackberry and on my phone it says 507. HELPPP

Thanks for the tutorial... I wouldn't have tried the update without reading this! Just finished doing it to my Storm 9530 - quick and worked fine!

Jim D

didnt work for me i click on the new os then press next and it says no update needed i think im going to wait for the official relaese

I made the upgrade of my BB curve 8310 and everything ok except that i dont see the email settings icon on the main menu, so im unable to send my services books from the BB. I log to the opers page which is and log in and all ok, i send the services books form there, take out the battery start again and the books dont arrive. The phone is in EDGE and registered in the network.

Sombody have an idea about whats happening????

I just updated the OS from 4.2 to 4.5 (I used AT&T site) and followed the tutorial exactly. Everything went exactly as you explained with the exception that now I am unable to delete email from my bb device (curve 8310) Please help!!
email me at for response. soon

i have know clue on how to upgrade my 8700g i want to make it better its runing on a 4.1 software can i be help out i have a mac computer the emac its pretty old but i appreciate if i can help thanks

i have know clue on how to upgrade my 8700g i want to make it better its runing on a 4.1 software can i be help out i have a mac computer the emac its pretty old but i appreciate if i can help thanks

Thanks for the tutorial. Just finished upgrading (less than an hour) to and everything went great. Didn't even have to re-set email or send service books or anything. All the connections to my laptop were re-established without a hitch. Connections to my other bluetooth enabled devices re-connected, as well. The overall performance, including keyboard accuracy and response, seems much better than it was. So, all-in-all I'm very happy to have received an OS update for my 9530. Cheers to the new Crackberry Storm OS!

i am a sprint customer and i have 4.5 on my curve now. trying to delete the XML file and load 4.6 but every time i plug my BB the old 4.5 pops back up and i get no update msg. help

I downloaded the 4.5 last night and my phone is working better I would say. It's nice to be able to reccord video's and watch things like youtube. It was a little tricky to find the 4.5 for the device but once I did it went fairly smooth. The how too on this site helped a lot, I wouldn't of been able to do it with the the help on here!
Thanks! crackberry!

ive seen all sorts of things on this website what i want to know is will this work for the 8100 blackberry pearl?. please someone reply!!!!. i called t-mobiles blackberry specialists and they said it will mess my phone up. are they right?. or do you guys really have a patch for the blackberry 8100?. please i got queation marks hanging all over me!!!!. HHEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi tanx for the post
i wold like to know if i wold do this upgraet wil i be able to download and use the sling player for blackberry
on my sprint curve 8330? right now with the v.4.3 the sling website dosent let me download it let along be able to use it
tanx again and please reply cuse im going nuts trying to download slingplayer for my blackberry 8330 (sprint)

Hey guys,

I am new at this (if you didn't notice), and I can't seem to find the link to upgrade my storm to the newest, and safest, software.

Can anyone help me?


i downloaded for my bb storm on verizon. i loaded the installer and completed everything. when i plugged in my storm, it said there was stuff to be downloaded, so i went to upgrade now, however it only said AOL instant messenger. when i went to the upgrade window it said no software update is required for your device. i even went as far as to go to Device software options>browse> and then i found the folder marked .85. it said there was no software again. is there a new protocol for the storm?

I'll try to be as short and detailed as possible, I have a T-mobile blackberry 8100 (pearl) which was currently running on t-mobile's current platform which is the v4.2 I installed the v4.5 from cingular removed the vendor xml file and updated my gf's phone first to the new platform and its running great, connected my phone to do the same thing and while in the middle of deleting and updating files, I accidentally shifted the usb cable and it aparently it disconnected from the computer, tried to reconnect it and only thing its doing now is the red light blinking and the computer's giving me an error message "USB device not recognised" the desktop manager's not recognising my phone and the phone's not even turning where do I from here..?is there a way to fix it..?make it up and running..?

When I open the application tool in the Blackberry Desktop Software I do not see the OS listed, even though I have installed it on my desktop. Anybody know why this is and what I need to do to install the friggin' upgrade?

I don't have a PC but I do have a MAC, so my download software I got with my storm doesn't load and I can't do hardly anything with my storm now... does anyone know what I can do to fix this and is it possibly free?

Hi I've downloaded DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide and map_2.00.37 for my BB 8310 Curve and I must say it's really a nice programm. The trial time is only 3 days... Does anyone know the serial number for it please?
Thank you for any help you will give me.

this is not a step by step downloading process, i have tried and tried to download the new software, all i want to be able to do is picture text. Also its downloading the 4.3 version not 4.5 that is needed....

Hi all

Im kind of new to all this stuff on here. Is it a good thing to update the os on the storm. I have only had mine for a few months. If so should I do it on here, call my carrie or check out the RIM site. Im not sure what to do. Plus im kind of chicken to do it I may mess it up LOL.

Thanks for your time :)

why can we just take the phone to get it up dated .i mean all this stuff just for something that makes a phone better .you got to be kidding me. my storm has bugs up the ass an sometimes i cant even text because the key pad doent want to press down .this blackberry storm is my 5 yes my 5 phone .what a pain in the ass.sometimes i feel like i got screw .dont get me wrong i love the phone but it lags an cant even make a phone call fuck .good bye an i know theres a lot of ppls like me because on the wall every one who has the storm say the same shit. goood bye feeeeel free toooooo leave c.

Ok so i am retarded and new to the storm and i have read this over and over again. I still can't seem to figure out how to install the new os i have the file on my desktop and have the newest version of desktop manager and backed up my storm but now what do i do Please help the retard Thanks..

New to BB. Have a BB Storm, unlcoked using it on the AT&T network.

Loaded new OS (.114) Browser disappeared.

Reregistered the thing, no joy!

Sent service book - No joy!.

I ideas?


And how do I get my Verizon number not to show up on the screen as my phone number?

Yes, I have it set to 3g/2g...



It finds my phone and then ask for m phones password, i dont have a password set on it besides my voice mall. i have no cule what the password could be, is there one set password? i need help so bad!!!! please and thanks

Hi, i recently update to the Storm's new .114 software but it lags way more than the 109 update.

Can anyone help me out in downgrading the OS before i throw my storm at the wall?

i installed the .109 update on my computer but when i search for updates in desktop manager it doesn't recognize it as an update because it's an older software.

pls shed some light.

Tried and didn't work :(... Everything is the same, and when I go to options>about I still have v4.6.0.162 when I tried getting 292

i need help. i have upgraded many times on many different blackberries and this is the second time this has happened to me . i tried to upgrade the os and after deleting the vendor file i opened dm and plugged in my storm. went to the app loader and nothing happens? i get the normal list as if i were going to install a program. i usually at the point of going to the app loader would be prompted to upgrade the core applications. any suggestions? anyone experience the same thing?

Heres the thing I'm ready to sign so far the download is on the DM under DM software it went straight on from the download site no hiccups what so ever, its also listed in my pc under C:\windows\prefect as 9530 AMEA_PBr4., somy question is what do I do now do I #1 delete it from DM #2 back up my entire phone .75 plus 3rd party apps included in one swoop this then being one folder located on the DM #3 reload the .113 from the download mirror onto the DM again #4 then upgrade the phone from the .113 folder which would then be installed will this work?

Hello I followed all of the instructions from the tutorial and I upgrade my 8330 curve ver 4.3 to ver 4.5. Everything went well and it seemed to work but on the last step when i went back to check the computer it said this message "Windows virtual memory minimum too low: your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size or your virtual memory paging file.During this process, memory requests for some applications may be denied." I clicked OK and then disconnected the curve from computer and the upgrade was finished. My question is will this effect the running of the os on my curve or is this a windows problem? My curve is running a little slower now that I have version 4.5, I just want to make sure that message didn't mess anything up. Also does anyone know why it might be running slower using 4.5 vs. the old 4.3?


I have a BB 8830 running OS version (Platform I'd like to upgrade it but I cannot find where on the website it is located. I can easily find the desktop software but nothing for the device.


Lately I've been having some challenges with my Bold messing up emails. Yesterday I upgraded the OS (with this awesome tut!), and it solved the problem.

Because I strongly suspected that the problem originated from Opera Mini (and because I am slightly nuts), I downloaded OM.

I definitely proved my point- the problem originated from OM. But since I just upgraded yesterday, I can't get my BB to "upgrade" again and solve the problem! I really don't want to wipe the hard drive, but I am afraid that might be my next step. Is it possible- and if so how- to force the BB to upgrade (or replace) the OS, without losing all my data?

i went to the site.. but it said that the update was for east asia... does it matter or should i wait on this one

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent tutorial. I downloaded version .113 of the Storm OS and installed it as per your instructions. No problems at all running the update and things are working fine under the new build.


How do we get the update?
PocketMac Sucks! and i'm sure it won't work, it doesn't do anything right.

On DM 4.7 it listed all the available OS and the one currently on the device ( preferred).

I already have the .174 installed on my 8900 and trying to upgrade to .206.
For some reason, when I choose to install the 206.
the DM told me there is no updates necessary for the device.
and it still keeping my .174.

Any suggestion?

Hi need help i'm bb storm from verizon of course running .75 i got the .112 for upgrade but i did everything to do it. delete vendor file but it doesn't see it to ungrade..( am i doing something wrong??)

please help!

Desktop Manager recognizes that I downloaded. I deleted the vendor file. I select it in the "Available Updates" page but when I hit "Next", nothing shows up to upgrade. The message is "No software updates are available for your device."

Where are we going wrong?

i am having the same exact problem so if you or anyone could help out if you figure it out let me know. Thanks!!!

I have downloaded the new OS yet when I try to run the app_loader file it is a DLL rather than the .EXE so my Vista comp will not let me open the file. I am frustrated and need someone who can walk me through babystep style.

Thank you.

I have downloaded the new OS yet when I try to run the app_loader file it is a DLL rather than the .EXE so my Vista comp will not let me open the file. I am frustrated and need someone who can walk me through babystep style.

Thank you.

downloaded the new storm OS twice and when my BBDM opens up and i connect phone it does not see the new OS to upload. what i do wrong

This 101 took in all the questions I had except for the wipe device stuff I keep reading about. When I use bbsfile scout to look around in my curve I find all kinds of folder and references to stuff I deleted or uninstalled many months and battery pull/ resets ago. Can I back up all my 3rd party stuff etc using device switch then install the new os version and then restore my programs with dev swtch and not have the deleted program/folder stuff for the things that I took off my bb after trying them out or replacing withbetter programs that I now see with bbsfile scout and regain sys space/memory?

I would really appreciate a little help, I have installed updates on my storm before but when I tried to download the newest os for the storm it does not find it, I have gone step by step using this 101 help but it can not find it, it comes up with the leaked .75 the verizon .75 and the .65 that came with the storm its not even showing all of the other leaked version for the storm please steer me in the right direction. Thanks.

I want to crack my reliance blackberry hanset to code to use it in a different CDMA network what shall I do can anyone tell me what should I do or suggest me which site I can download the crack software

I am having a problem updating my storm 9530....When i run the application loader no new software is found....I only see version .75 and a downgrade to .65......please help

I have the 8310 from AT&T. Will it automatically do it for me or will i have to do something? The Wireless activation?

I'm currently running os on my 8320, ive been trying to upgrade to .162/.161 since yesterday with absolutely no success. i followed the instructions in this tutorial to a T, however i keep getting a message that says im running the most recent os and dont need an plz!!!

hi, everytime i try to upgrade my OS, it is not listed under the Device application selection list. the only things listed are my themes and my apps (facebook, myspace, bank, google maps, etc.). does anyone know how i can get it to list my OS?? help!!

Hey When You Installed It Did It Say Anything About a Blackberry Service Subscription? If it did what do you do from there? Plz Help A B-Brother.

Hello fellas,

I downloaded the OS for BB 8330m from alltell and installed on my BB 8330m from MetroPCS, following the procedure everything goes smoothie, also I am planning to install BB messenger 5 on it if I find it of course.

Thanks for share!

i wne thru tmobiles website to udate my bb pearl 8100 and i also did the same thing for the bb main website. is there another way to find this update cuz i dont like the ancient look on this phone compared to the 8520

I updated my 8320 Curve, from a 4.2 ~ 4.5, now it wont stop rebooting, I did all the proper procedures using Desktop Manager v4.7. Now the phone wont stop rebooting when I put in My SIM Card, Everything else is working, but it all ends when I put in my SIM Card! HELP HELP PLEAZZZ!!!! :-(

I have the same problem...

4.2 works perfectly, 4.5 (I have tried several flavors of it) just keeps rebooting the phone upon installation (even with the SD card removed).

hey, i am also new to the bb world. i have a bb 8330m and its originally a sprint phone which i flashed to work with metro pcs. it currently has v4.5.0.131 (platform will doing this upgrade, give me any issues being the phone is flashed, and will i now be able to to use 3rd party apps that requires an internet connection, as i was not able to do this before.

What about Mac OSX? How do we install new versions on that? I know BB just released the Mac version of DM, but what about the deleting the vendor file?

I have a Blackberry 8900 Curve and I use a Macbook Pro with Blackberry Desktop for Mac version 1.0.0 (Build 89)

Will this install work with this desktop version?

I am a real newbie here and I think I get most of what I've read in this article(which is very well written and easy to follow by the way). The thing I can't figure out is where do I get one of these 5.0 beta versions?

I spoke to a Telus rep and was told that if you update from other than your own carrier, this would void your hardware warranty should anything go wrong.
So now you know the risk.
Telus says their release should be in about 2 weeks.

I've been following the directions from this posting, and all was going smoothly until my installation got hung at the step LOADING APPLICATIONS. After 30 min, I see no progress bar or activity. The first two steps (CONNECT TO DEVICE and BACKUP DATA) ran successfully. Any thoughts on how I can correct so that the install runs to completion? I had already deleted the vendor xml file as instructed. Thanks!

Hi, I tried to re-install my BB OS but all i can see on the right side of the update summary are "DOWNGRADE".... is this okay.... please advise

I think it is completely unacceptable to have to reenter registration data for third party apps every time one upgrades the operating system. I never had to do this on any of my other devices. This is a glitch RIM needs to address.

I had put a password on my cell, now I accidently entered my password incorrectly three different trys and now all my contacts are gone and cell went back to day one. Is there any way that I can retrieve my info. I lost all my work contacts and old friends, etc... I am hoping that it is saved somewhere and locked away in my cell. I have the Blackberry Red Curve. Thanks.

I would like to recommend something similar to the following be added:

- If you are using Google Sync, log out before starting the upgrade process. You'll get a notice that items in your calendar based off of Google will be deleted. You want this because if you don't, the upgrade process will make a backup of your calendar and when it restores, then you go to sync with Google, you'll have duplicate entries.

NOTE: The same is true if you connected your FB calendar to your BB calendar as well.

After you're finished upgrading to the latest version, make sure you go to Settings >> Advanced Options >> Default Services and change your default calendar to the one you want.

THEN, you can log into Google Sync and sync your calendars back up.

I hope this helps anyone who's had issues with duplicates and Google Sync in the past.

This was an awesome tut. I have the Sprint BB Tour 9630 and just upgraded to BB OS 5.0. The download instructions were clear.

Thank u

well i just ''uploaded'' to v4.5 i had v4.7 on the pc so the desktop manager was v4.7, but i wanted the video application cause we all know that the bb curve 8310 does not record video ¬¬ so... everything went just as you said it would, now i have the v4.5 on the phone but theres no desktop manager on my pc i just have the media sync cause i didn't erased it from the previous version (4.7)

i want the desktop manager what should i do?? what went wrong??
plz answer

have blackberry 8120. tried the latest firmware for orange UK
i got a fatal error?
so now im goign to try the firmware underneath that one

I went to the process of doing the version upgrade of my Curve 8900 from 4.5 to 5.0.

While I followed the process, it said only "Active Black Berry Subscribers are entitled to upgrade this software"

I am using unlocked 8900 curve in India on Vodafone.

Please advise.

I am Omkar from India ,I have purchased a pearl flip in unlocked condition 2 months back,it sports a .236 OS I want to update it to .259. is the installation procedure the same as mentioned above ? how should I deal with the carrier stuff since mine is an unlocked phone detects any carrier sim card. Secondly,when I try updating through desktop manager it says there is no need of software update so can I still install the new .259 OS.please help
Edit/Delete Message

I downloaded the OS, deleted the vendor file and followed the instructions exactly, but each time I open the blackberry manager the box that is supposed to come up after the application device dialog box never comes up. I have tried it more than 20 times. I have also tried to update it by checking for device updates, it finds the 5.0 OS, but when I select it, it says "no update required for the device". Please I need help ASAP.

PS: I'm using BB manager Version 5.0.1


hi, quick bb is currently disconnected on service, i was just wondering if i could still update it without having any service? thanx

Try searching your computer for another vendor.xml file and if you find one, delete it. I am using Windows 7 x64 and the new non-Verizon OS would not load. I did a search of my C: drive and found a second vendor.xml file in a sub-folder of my user folder. I deleted it as well and then the upgrade worked no problem.

i already got the new version of blacberry curve 8520 and i download it to my pc but i cant install it to my device,i tied to delet the vendor file and its not working too...can someone help me with this please...thx!

Hi everyone of you find this page, I just upgraded my bold 9000 from 4.6 to 5.0 (not my carrier release but it did install), Found very stable and major increase in battery life, no problems so far but had to use bbsak to install 5.0, as previously stated remove the vendor xml, my upgrade took about 30 minutes, programs lost and needed reinstalling is bb messenger, bb app world, facebook and myspace, everything else transfered, make sure you back up first, although on installing it made its own back up and reinstalled all my messages and address book, I always come back to this page when upgrading.

v5.0.0.411 (platform
Crypto kernel v3.8.5.85

happy upgrading

To all those having a problem trying to get bb manager to see or install an update, BB manager will see the upgrade but not install it, no matter how many times you delete the vendor.xml file and make the system check for updates. you always get the message of either update not available or this version is not compatible with the phone, I had this yesterday and then scrawled all bb update website, eventually found another site saying you needed bbsak, I found after a while version 1.7 which I loaded on the machine, then told it to go to the install, in win 7 find it here

you have to set to show hidden files (when in c drive press the alt button and goto tools then folders then tab for files and show hidden files or you wont find it)

c - program (x86) (if you have 64 bit)- commion files - reasearch in motion - shared - loader files - (the update to which you want mine was 9000 east asia) - then choose the blackberry.alx file which is the actual alx needed by the program to update.

hope this helps everyone

I have a 9630 Tour. I'm trying to update to a 5.0, but it doesn't seem to work out. I followed all the steps and everything went well until I came to a part when I open Desktop Manager. It looks for updates, but doesn't seem to recognize 5.0 that I downloaded. It shows 4.7 and that's about it.

Help!! Please!!

dont know if it works on a tour but try bbsak and when it loads press load os, also remove vendor.xml. look above post for instructions

so im trying to upgrade my 8900 to im in progam files and under research in motion.. and cant find apploader to delete xml file... any ideas

So, here I am, happily updating, when the plug comes loose from my Curve. Of course, the entire installation failed and my Curve is now dead. Based on some other advice around Crackberry, I manage to wipe it and install the backup file that was saved during the installation. (I lost all of my 3rd party apps, but I have all of my contacts, etc.) But now, every time I try to install, I get an error message. The first one is, "To enjoy the latest functionality from the selected Blackberry Device Software Upgrade, You'll need an active Blackberry service subscription. visit to learn more about blackberry services." Lo and behold, the vendor.xml file has somehow reappeared. So I delete it, try reinstalling 5.0 again, and then I get, "No software update is required for your device." 5.0 is listed in DM under the application loader - it just won't LOAD!

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the OS to my computer. I've made sure I've removed previous versions under "Add/Remove Programs." I've tried both DM and the loader.exe file.

I didn't have any of these issues earlier when I tried to upgrade to 5.0 before the plug came out - everything ran smoothly. I've been struggling with this for over 2 hours. Please, please, PLEASE help!

If it makes you feel any better. I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Did you ever get an answer to this?

Thanks just updated my 9550 to .451 with your help and it went Flawlessly!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

I been tried 2 times to upgrade my strm2 from v5.0.0.320 to v5.0.0.436 and nothing happend I follow the process above and nothing changed there are something I miss, please any help is acepted.

i have a problem. i have already downloaded tha OS 5.0 blackberry desktop manager BUT after following these ssteps, im getting tha 4.6 version. can someone help me? what are the steps? thanks

This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the storm2,with 5.0 installed from verizon, I plug in to sync tonight and I get a box that says theres a new version out. So it starts the upgrade about 5pm...its now past 10pm and still locked up on the 'restore device data'. the very last step, and the progression bar has not moved in 5 freakin hours!! what the heck is going on? i cant use the phone, cant disconnect cuz it will brick my storm, so wtf do i do?

downloaded the new 5.0 os for my 9700 im using tmobile.. still nothing its say there is an update witch is the current verison im using i've tired these steps a million times i dont know if i missed some thing i cant get the new 5.0 os to register at all... need help!!!

NICE Tutorial !!!!! Easy to follow, was a breeze !!! Mine only took about 18-20 minutes total !!!!! THANKS !!!! Crackberry ROCKS !!!!!

I can't seem to get my app loader or DM to pick up my downloaded OS (i've tried it with 5.0.419, 5.0.533 and downloaded/unzipped several times to no avail). I was wondering does it have something to do with it not being an .alx or .ali file? I wiped my blackberry and tried blackberry swiss army knife 1.7 also no luck there. I went through all the processes on this manual as well as tried directly from the Application loader wizard and again I came up empty... It just seems that no programs will pick up the OS leaks even though they have been fully downloaded and the download process went through successfully each time and i have deleted the vendor file.. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

I was running 5.0 on my previous device, got a replacement and decided to switch over everything onto my replacement device. However, the OS didn't carry over as it errored out in the process. So no biggie to me, I just redownloaded the OS, however, I do not see vendor.xml file in the folder, no apploader...also when I tried using USB, desktop manager doesn't show a PIN. Umm what am I missing? How do I fix it? I would so like to run on a 5.0 again...SOS, please?

hi.. ive been having problems sending SMS with my bold9000 i went to custumer services and they said my phone may need a rboot of some sort or a new OS upgrade or software.. will this let me send SMS again? cuz they charge me $30 for it and i see i could do that my self.
*( i can recieve SMS but i cant reply them and if i switch the sim card to another phone i can send sms.. except o n my blackberry)

hi, for the past week i've been trying to update my blackberry bold 9000 to OS 5.0, i downloaded everything, but once i open up DM 5.0 and update it will only show OS 4.6
am i missing a step? can anyone help me? thanks

i need to upgrade my 9000 and 9700, ive downloaded both the new device OS's, now...can i simply install both , delete the vendor.xml and hope that when i plugin each BB one at a time it chooses the correct OS ? or do i need to install one, upgrade and then install the 2nd and upgrade ??

I don't think you can use BBSAK for installing leaked OS , you can wipe OS with and use to save 3rd party apps ,etc stuff like that

I am trying the install and on the 4 install, it is saying error...wants me to disconnect and wait 10 secs....and some other stuff I just keep hitting the retry button...haven't disconnected....what do I do? Any Ideas?

SO, I tried to do what it said on the error page....followed all directions...still got stuck on step 4....and now the manager won't let me do the upgrade at all. Will wait till I get some insight from someone! Please help! Thanks

Thanks for the great instructions...I don't have a data plan on my phone and I'm wondering if I can download the new OS without a data plan of if I download it will it mess up the phone? Thanks...

Hello every 1....

I have a un-locked blackberry storm. Every since i bought it my call logs have a problem. only missed calls gets logged and all my dialed and recived calls disappear / doesnt get logged. some 1 suggested to re-instal the OS. I have learnt how to do it but only worried that once the new OS is installed then will my phone get locked to the earlier provided again??

Or is there a differnt way of uploading the OS without locking it??

Or any way i can fix the problem without uploading??

I would check to make sure my phone options was set right first .Maybe thats why All calls not getting logged :/, push green receiver button> push BB menu(7 dots on it )>call logging and check settings if you havent yet.

The DM version is now 5.0.1 (downloading now)
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