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By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2008 12:35 pm EDT

One of the most common questions upon getting a new BlackBerry device is “How do I download and install ringtones.”  Well here is a step-by-step lesson that will take you from the start to finish of downloading your own ringtones and editing your profiles for your device. We've focused the tutorial around's Awesome FREE Ringtone Gallery. I hope to make it easier to understand the different ways you can download or create your own ringtones, and also how to edit your profiles and notifications for your calls, emails, sms etc.

Downloading Ringtones

Many sites have made this extremely easy for BlackBerry devices.  Since we can utilize tones in the MP3 format, there is no need to pay for tones or convert them in any way.  Any MP3 format file may be used as a ringtone on your device.  To start downloading, head over to the Ringtone page.  Here you may browse through multiple categories/genres of ringtones and find one that you like best.  I chose the newly added “Thundercats Opener” (one of my favorite shows).  First off, make sure you are logged in to (if not, click “login” in the upper right corner of the page).  For this part, we will walk through using a custom ringtone for the device’s default call ringtone.  We will download a ringtone and have it sent straight to the device.

We start by selecting the ringtone to download, after clicking on it you will be brought to the details page.  Click “Email Ringtone”.

Email Ringtone

The next page will allow you to enter the address to email the tone.  This should be an email address associated with your device, as you will receive a link to download the tone through your mobile browser.

You will receive an email on your device with a link to download the tone.  Open the email, highlight the URL and select “Get Link”.  Alternatively, if you cannot click the link in the email (depending on your email viewer, 3rd party apps etc.) you may highlight the URL, copy it and paste it into your mobile browser.

Note - if for some reason you do not receive an email from (and the site says it has been sent), check your junk folder. If that doesn't work, you may want to try sending the ringtone to another address (your gmail or hotmail) and forwarding to your BlackBerry from there.

A page will open in your browser and ask you if you want to open or save the item – choose “Save”.  You will be presented with an option to choose where to place your file.  You may put it on your device in the ringtones folder, however the best option to conserve device memory would be to save it on a memory card if you have one.

A download screen will appear.  When the file shows “completed” exit your browser and return to the home screen.

Setting the Ringtone (Editing Profiles)

Next we will set the new tone as the default ringtone for the Loud profile.  From the home screen, select the “Profiles” icon and scroll to “Advanced”.  Then highlight loud, hit the menu key and select “Edit”.


We are now in the edit screen for all of the alerts associated with the Loud profile of the device.  For this instance we are only setting the ringtone, so scroll down to “Phone” and select it.  From here, we have the option for “Out Of Holster” and “In Holster”.  These are two often confused options.  “Out of Holster” means the device is not in a holster, or case, or any sort totally naked.  “In Holster” means the device is in a holster or case – covered.  When the device is ‘In Holster”, a small magnet in the case signals the device for a different lot of settings.  (Not all cases have magnet that will signal the device).  So you can pick and choose to have the device louder when in the holster, or simply vibrate.  The choice is yours.  For now we will set the “Out of Holster” tone.  Scroll to Tune and select it.  You will be presented with a list of all the tones on your phone.  Scroll until you locate the new tone (usually alphabetically) and select it.


Your ringtone is now selected.  A few more things to make sure everything is good to go.

Next to “Out of Holster” there are four options.  Choose one depending on how you would like your phone to ring.

  • None: Silent – no tone at all
  • Tone: Device will alert based on volume/profile settings
  • Vibrate: Device will vibrate but have no sound
  • Vibrate + Tone: Device will vibrate before sounding the alert tone

For this instance we select “Tone” which will cause the device to ring an audible alert with no vibration.  Set the “Volume” for the tone (High, Medium or Low).  Set the Repeat Notification to either “LED Flashing” or “None”.  From here, press menu button and select “Save”.  Your new ringtone is installed and ready to go!

To add the tone for other profiles (quiet, normal etc.)  Take the same steps, only edit the profiles for your liking, perhaps changing the volume, vibration etc.  These steps are the same for all the alert settings on the device.  SMS, MMS, Email etc.  Simply edit the profile you wish to change and go through the same steps to set the chosen alert.

Installing Ringtones From The Desktop (PC)

There are two ways to do this – either through the supplied Roxio Media Manager, or by simply dragging the file to your device if you have mass storage mode enabled.  For Media Manager, we can start with the same steps as when downloading a ringtone from the mobile device, however this time instead of “Email Ringtone”, select “Download Now!”.  Save the MP3 file to your desktop (or any folder you choose).  Open The Desktop Manager and load the Media Manager.

When media manager options, select the “Folders” tab to view the files on your PC.

Scroll to the folder containing the downloaded ringtone (in the case “Desktop”) and select it.  Now in the bottom left pane, scroll to your ringtones folders on the device (or on the memory card, depending on your choice) and select it.

Now simply click “Copy Down” and you will be prompted on how you want to convert the file.

Select “Convert for Optimal Playback” and click ok.  The file will transfer to your device.  Your ringtone is now installed and you’re ready to go.

Perhaps the easiest way to get ringtones onto your device is to have a memory card installed and enable Mass Storage Mode.  To do this, install a memory card into your device.  Go to Options > Media Card.  Here you need to enable Mass Storage Mode by changing the option to “On” & also change “Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected” to Yes.

Now when you connect you device to your PC a dialog will pop up and ask you what you’d like to do.  Select “Open A Folder to View Files” and you’re memory card will display all the folders on it.

Navigate to the BlackBerry folder: 

Navigate to the ringtones folder:

Now simply drag the ringtone you downloaded from your PC into the ringtones folder.

And that’s it!  The ringtone is ready to go!

Now, if you choose to remove any ringtones, you can do so by navigating to your ringtones folder on your PC.  Simply delete the files from the folder and they will be gone.  You will need to do a battery pull in order to remove them from your list of ringtones however.

Take the steps above to set the tone for your alert for each profile.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to edit all your profiles at once, so if you plan on using more than one (Loud for home, Quiet for work etc.) you will have to edit them each one by one to change the tones, volume, vibration etc.

This method also works for any MP3 files you have on your PC.  You can download them from other sites, or maybe just rip them from your own CD collection (its hard to find a good Tesla tune online these days).

That’s basically all there is to getting custom ringtones on your device - either by downloading them directly to the device, or loading them from a PC via Media Manager or Mass Storage Mode.  These steps apply to choosing and setting a tone for phone, emails, sms, mms, alarms, calendars etc.

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Reader comments

How to Download and Install Ringtones on your BlackBerry


If you are like me and use your blackberry as an mp3 player also, you can use ringtones right out of your music player, just make sure you do not delete them.


So I have the 7130, my cousin has an 8703 and my buddy has the 7100, none of these have memory cards, can we get MP3 ringtones on there too? I know I can e-mail them via, etc., but can i do it via the USB cable and desktop manager?

there is an easy way to set all the ringtones at once...if you go to the media player on the curve, pearl or 8800 series and go to ringtones and then go to my ringtones scroll to the tone you want hit menu and click set as phone tune, that'll change all profiles to that tune.

I have always been able to download ringtones, however for the last couple of weeks, instead of coming up open or save the ringtones just start playing and in the menu, there isn't anyway of storing as a ringtone. I have the 8310 and have even changed out BBs but still doesn't follow through properly.

Any thoughts???????????????

I have had the same problems with you, I'm lost. Did you ever figure out how to get the open/save option?

Thank you

-send to email to blackberry
-select & copy the url
-go to browser and paste url then enter
-next option will come up -save

Hope this helps!

I have emailed the ringtones i want and i am not able to highlight them to copy the url so i can set them up . Any help would be great ,Thanks Carl

It says I have to do a "battery pull" in order to delete the ringtone. What does that mean? Does pulling the battery reset the ringtone list so the ringtones I delete won't show up anymore?

Also, I would assume I can transfer ringtones via bluetooth as well right?

...sorry, new to BB's

I keep getting the error message on my berry that the file size of the mp3 is too large and it won't let me download it.
Any ideas?

Thanks for yet again bailing me out of the fog of confusion through which I could not escape and from which no other blackberry site offered even the least bit of help! A good hacker would do all blackberry owners a great service by automatically redirecting all how-to inquiries from straight to your site. You rock!

I get how to change the ringtone on my BB (Pearl 8100), but I can't seem to get individually selected contacts to have a different ringtone than the phone profiles. I can set individual ringtones for specific contacts and then when they call, it uses the active profiles ringtone even when there is an exception that provides direction otherwise. Any help?

like on some of my previous phones, many of my contacts had unique ringers so i could identify who was calling without looking at the phone. i have a new curve from verizon, and am curious to know how this can be done.


did you ever figure this out?
i just got my curve, and i don't know how to do this either.
please let me know if you learned......thanks!

If you go to your address book, and highlight that person's name (eg, roll your tracker onto that name, but not select it) and hit your application button, one of the options is "Add Custom Ring Tone". (For some reason if you click on that contact instead of just rolling onto it, and hit your application button, this is not one of the options)

I love this option too and it all the time! Hope I explained it ok...

i don't have the pearl I have the 8830we but if you go to your profiles and select the name of the person and then "edit" you can select a new ringtone for each person

hi, sorry guys, kinda a nub here.
I tried sending it to my email on the blackberry, but the URL in the email isn't a link, just normal text.
Is there a setting somewhere that i can change to allow links?

Mine does the same thing. I have the Pearl.
While the ringtone is playing, I hit the application button (button to the left of the trackball)and it gives you the options menu to save the file. You can mute the ringtone while it's playing by pressing the top silver button on top of your phone while you are doing this.

Your lecture is THE BEST!! I'm so have NO idea how lost i was till NOW! do you get old tones off your phone? i tried delete on the phone but didnt disappear, and i dont know how to access from the device manager to delete one or two of them?

I tried sending it to my email on the blackberry, but the URL in the email isn't a link, just normal text.
Is there a setting somewhere that i can change to allow links?

YOU KNOW WHEN IT SAYS.... alternatively, if you cannot select the link in the email (depending on your email viewer, 3rd party apps etc.) you may highlight the URL, copy it and paste it into your mobile browser.

I transfered a song from itunes to my curve, it will play in the ringtones applicaion but when i set it as the phone tone, it will not play at all.

I transfered a song from itunes to my curve, it will play in the ringtones applicaion but when i set it as the phone tone, it will not play at all.

I have a curve and am having the same problem, did you ever find out how to solve it? Maybe im doing something wrong, i dont know. Thanks.

Need some help, I am new to blackberry and installed my ringtone, but i can barely hear the ring. I have the settings to loud, but it is still very low volume when my phone rings.



I followed everything above and it is not working. I saved them to the media card and it shows them on the media manager but when I go to scroll through the selections there is only the factory pre loaded sounds to to choose from. Any suggestions?

I downloaded a rintone for my wife, she called and it works. A few minutes later her sister called and the same ringtone sounded for her. My father called and the same ringtone went. Does anyone know why this may happen? I didn't apply it to anyone elses phone number...Thanks

i have the pearl, it is great and i love it...i have the ringtones down fine! however, i can not figure out how to change my sms alert tones from the preloaded to custom....someone help! my email is! much love to all you blackberry users out there! thanks

scroll to the ringtone setting in the top right hand corner ,(the little speaker thingy) click on it then scroll down to the advanced settings pick your profile loud, soft ect. when you click on that it should come up sms tone click on that and a little file should appear on the top of the list named up click on it and it should give you the options . pick where your tones are saved in the device and then pick your tone

I down loaded ring tone to my blackberry 7100i and try to load it to my phone an d a error sign come up saiding Http//error 406 not acceptable. Details come up Audoi\mpeg.
can some one help me.

I have downloaded several ringtones from cracberry. The first few worked great, however, i must have changed a setting or something and the ringtones are not working as links, just normal text. what do i need to change to get this to work again.

ok I'm new to my blackberry and not very tech savey so if anyone can help PLEASE and Thank you.
I get the email sent to my phone but there is no link to open. I need someone that can walk me through this please I want to like this phone curve 8330 b ut it seems like so much more steps than what I'm used too!

Hi guys,

So I'm new to the Blackberry world (I just got my Curve last weekend). Reading this tutorial did help, but when I walked through it using the e-mail option, it DID successfully e-mail to my Blackberry, however, it only shows up as normal text. So, I used the "ALTERNATIVELY" option, selected the link, opened my browser, and pasted the .mp3 extension. (this is the only link that shows up). There's a long link and then immediately next to it, the same thing enclosed in <(crackberrymp3linksameasabove>. I received an error on my browser as soon as I clicked "Go", and this is what it says: "The protocol specified is not supported by the handheld. Please try a different URL."

I don't understand why this isn't working. I've changed the browser configurations to support all formats, and I can connect to the internet otherwise (that's not a problem, but it is pretty slow). Can somebody please, please please help me with this?

Thank you soo much...this is the only site that can help ppl like me who are blackberry retarted lol! Thanks a lot!

im new at the blackberry and ive tried sending it to my email on the blackberry, but the URL in the email isn't a link, just normal text and doesnt allow me to go to the URL doesnt even highlight it its not even a hyperlink for me to click on .I have the curve
What am I doing wrong please help!!!

ok i have a 8700c and im unable to load any ring tones on my phone. i have the desk top open but no roxio on the disk and running the latest update. im stuck

I've figured out the answer to those who have a problem with the URL not being a hyperlink. I just got the 8330 last night and had the same issue today:

What you need to do is go to your browser -> click on the BB icon on your phone -> scroll down to options -> select browser configuration -> make sure ALL options are checked off -> save changes and you are all set!! Hope this helps.

You godsend! I am so sick of hearing the loud obtrusive noise every-time I get a text message.. I was neck deep in the wrong settings.

Thank you!

I'd like to set individual ringtone IDs for people on my new Blackberry Curve 8330, but I can't seem to find the option for it. Any ideas?

Also, I just installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager today. It froze up, so I ended up canceling the installation and rebooting in order to try again. Now, I want to add a ringtone via the USB instructions here, but I don't seem to have Roxio Media Manager installed. Help, pretty please? :)

^ Go to the Blackberry website and download the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager WITH MEDIA MANAGER.

Install (it takes a LONG time with a lot of apparent 1 or 2 minute hangs, even on a fast computer).

Run Media Manager from the Start Menu.

It's that easy!

Newbie - I need to save the ringtone not use e-mail. I have Verizon 8830 and it takes forever to load the download page. Do I need to change settings or is there a special mobile version of the page. I get lots of pictures I do not want. thx

I have tried to send it to email. It says it has sent it but I am not getting any emails. I tried my gmail account and i set up a blackberry email too. Niether works.

im band spamkin new to blackberry and ive emailed 3 ringtones to my 8320 curve and my email just says unsupported media type in header. what do i need to do?

i've emailed a ringtone to me, but my email says, "unsupported media type in header". what does that mean and how do i get my ringtone??? HELP!!

Is there a way that I can customize the ringtones for when a specific person text messages me?? Right now I just have the same ringtone for any text message but if there is a way to customize by person that would be great!

I can't see the URL in my texts to download ringtones. I tried what was suggested from a 8330 user and I don't have the browser config option. Is there somewhere else that I can look to turn the URLs on?

Thank you!!

I have a Blackberry 8110 pearl and i couldnt get my ringtones to show up as URLs in my email buuutttt if you open your email from crackberry and just type in the URL that the ringtone is set as you can download it that way instead!

Some of the ringtones don't hav there url for u to upload that song on to the cellphone. I hav some that are not right in there so I thought it important to say that some of these ringtones hav another song in place of the one that was suppose to be the right one.
Long time downloader

If you have the song on CD or an mp3 you can create your own ringtone as well. I just created a Justice - D.A.N.C.E ringtone using mp3 editing software (Audacity). Then just used DM to transfer the file to my Curve.

I had a ringtone sent to my Blackberry Curve via email, but the message in my inbox does not show the URL. It says "Here is the URL for the ringtone:" but it is not there. I tried sending it again and the same thing happened. What should I do?

i have the blackberry pearl and my service is at&t. is there a way i can assign different ringtones to different contacts in my phone ? if so please let me know how ! thanks so much !!!

the ringtone sent to my phone, but when i go to get link there isnt button in the options to get link. how to do i get the link?

I have an 8100 and I followed the instructions from another forum on to get personalized ringtones. I have been able to set up several ringtones for specific people. The problem is, when you set them up by creating an 'exception' for a specific person (as the forum suggested) they override the 'active profile' and the bberry will ring with the personalized ringtone at the same volume level if that person calls, regardless of what you set the 'active profile' for. Example: if I select 'Quiet' as my 'active profile' when I am in a meeting and don't want my bberry to ring at all, it will still ring for any call from a specific person I set up an 'exception' for. Are the exceptions the problem? Is there a way to do a specific ringtone for one person without overriding the 'Quiet' or 'Vibrate' profiles when they are active?

hi, k ive selected a ringtone on crackberry and i got it sent to my blackberry. have the url in the email, but my plan doesnt include browser so i cant get on the internet. is there any way that i can transfer the ringtone from the email on my blackberry to the my blackberry some other way??? PLEASE HELP!

Everything on here worked and is Great. I have the 8310 Curve. And no problems. Next since I am new also is to download movies. SWEET!!!!!! ;-)

Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial. I'm new to BB and this tutorial made if very easy for me to download a ringtone to my Storm.

Thank you so very much this was fantastic and so easy to follow with the illustrations. You cannot go wrong it is cleary illustrated and works like a charm. I just wish I could boost up the volume way louder on ringtones but I guess not to be with this blackberry.

I just sent the ringtone to my phone from this site. When I opened my message, there was just the url in normal text. So I tried to highlight the text and save the lin but, this wasn't an option. I have a Curve 8300 from Verizon, does this matter?? Can anybody help?! Thanks so much!

I have had my BB curve for 3 days. Still trying to figure it out. tried using the verve bittersweet symphony as my tone and i followed the tutorial step for step 4 times. it is still ringing with the normal two tone ringer_bbpro_4. can't find the new ring tone saved in my ringtones or music or anywhere. HELP ME!!!

i cant figuring out how to get personal ringtones for my 9530 storm. i want this one tone for my g/f ...but not when im at a party and a friend calls haha

"If you are like me and use your blackberry as an mp3 player also, you can use ringtones right out of your music player, just make sure you do not delete them."

How do you do this - I've loads of music files in my BB Curve but blowed if I can work out how to make any of these files into a ring tone

We have followed all the instructions for downloading ringtones.. even went to browser to make sure everything was checked off.... it is STILL not using the ringtones.. even if it states in the system that a certain one is checked... we can't use a downloaded ringtone or even one already on the phone...

Please help!

I just got my curve and was told about crackberry so I went on and found a few rintones and the firsy few worked great i emailed tham and was able to retrive and save but the last two it wont highlight the link sent to me so I can save it..... can anyone help???

Thank you so much who ever wrote these step by step instructions. I have had my Blackberry Storm for over a week now, but just getting the chance to sit down and download the songs/ringtones/pictures/videos that I wanted and for messed around with it for the longest time. Finally decided to come on here to see if someone could help me. AND OFCOURSE YOU DID HELP guys are going in my fav websites....THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN1 :)

I got the email and saved the ringtone to my device (Curve 8330) but now I can't access it. (I have no idea how to "explore" or "search" file folders on a BB like you would with Windows.) The ringtone is not appearing in the list of preloaded ringtones. I tried to download again and save to the file folder with all the "sample" (preloaded) ringtones but I can't save to that folder.

Any ideas?

I've gotten successfully through this how to. I get the files onto my blackberry Cure 8330. I can even confirm they're there in the profile phone song list and in my media files.

However, The songs don't play as my ringtone. They default back to whichever BB ringtone I had on last. The songs in the media list say they're 0kb, even though when I download it the songs list as a file size. They're also unplayable as Unsupported File Types in the media player.

Thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

Your site was a great help with understanding how to use my blackberry. It has a lot more features then I knew about and your site helped me access them. If I wasn't addicted to my crackberry before, I am now!

OK - real stupid question. I emailed the ringtone to my work email address (the one used on my Curve), but did not receive it. I tried again to send it to "name" (I have service through verizon wireless) but also received nothing. What am I doing wrong?

i email my tone and save it but when i go 2 play it or set it as ringtone it says the media being played is of an unsupported format

what should i do???

Your site helped me with the ringtones on my Blackberry Curve...they downloaded beautifully. First thing every morning I used to Facebook now I Crackberry...I'm addicted! Thanks again for taking the time to put this site up.

This is the clearest, easiest set of directions I found for setting up the ringtones in my Blackberry....THANK YOU!!

I have downloaded some ringtones so all my contacts can have their own, but they arent listed as an option on the browse menu for ringer IDS. Why is this? They show up in My ringtones list, but that is the only place. Any suggestions?

-send to email to blackberry (I guess you could send it to any computer email account and just type the info later.)
-select & copy the url since it isn't directly linked
-go to browser and paste url then enter
-next option will come up -save

Hope this helps! I'm using a Blackberry Curve 8330.

I downloaded some ringtones, saved them but when I try to set them as my ringtone, it doesn't work. When I try to play them it throws up an error and says the media being played is of an unsupported format. How do I fix this so I can us my ringtones??

I was able to download all of the ringtones offered here (and helped myself to quite a few) and then followed the very helpful directions to install them as alerts and ringtones for my phone. However, the mp3s appear not to be supported by the 8330, so they don't actually play even when selected and properly installed. Any ideas about what the problem might be here? Are these simply incompatible with the 8330?

I am an old man with a new 'phone. Technology wants to leave me behind but my daughters say- No way! So they got me the BB- Curve-8300! WoW!! A whole new world of options.
Had a lot of fun downloading and transferring ring tones to my 8300. Thanks for the lecture!
I need help now to transfer photos from the BB-8300 to my PC. Help me to stay abreast. Have all my grand daughters' pics on my phone and I need to put them somewhere else.

I am an old man with a new 'phone. Technology wants to leave me behind but my daughters say- No way! So they got me the BB- Curve-8300! WoW!! A whole new world of options.
Had a lot of fun downloading and transferring ring tones to my 8300. Thanks for the lecture!
I need help now to transfer photos from the BB-8300 to my PC. Help me to stay abreast. Have all my grand daughters' pics on my phone and I need to put them somewhere else.

Hello All..
You all are so great on here btw!

I was wondering, can you address a ringtone for voicemail messages, I am so used to old phone playing a different song when I had a voice mail..and on my curve 8330 it plays the same as the ringtone.. confuses me... thank you for any help!

I went into the Media icon on my Curve and changed the ringtone to the one i downloaded on crackberry, it gave me a message that says, The media being played is of an unsupported format. Anyway to cure this problem so i can use the ringtones i downloaded.

Hi all, Can someone tell me if there is a way to assign contacts their own ring tones. I can't figure it out. I finally just got entering and syncing my calendar & contacts down, now I want to assign ring tones. HELP!!!! Why are they making these things sooo confusing. Oh Yeah, I have a BB Curve 8330

I can chose a ring tone and e-mail it to my phone, but when i click on the link it takes me to a crackberry site or when i click on the link to save, it does the same thing. I have gotten ring tones and wallpapers before and never had any problems, so i don't know what is happening!! I have the Blackberry 8350i....Anyone have any suggestions?

i got my pearl 8100 as a hand me down and i was wondering do i need some kind of blackberry software on my pc to get the mp3 to my phone via a usb? thanks.

I have the Curve 8330. I followed the tutorial to get new ringtones. I thought I did everything right, but it is still ringing with the old tone. What gices?

I have downloaded ringtones on here and also on I've downloaded them correctly, howwever when I go to the folder where they are located and try to open them, it says unsupported format and 0.0KB. Anyone else have this problem and know what to do about it?

I have downloaded some ringtones to my blackberry. Everything seems to be ok and it looks like it is going into the correct ringtone folder but when I go to look in the folder for the file there is nothing there. Not sure why this is. At the time of downloading I see the others that I have tried to download and they are all sitting there with a time of '0' beside them unlike the others which have so many seconds depending on the length. Any ideas where I am going wrong.

Brand new to the BB world. Trying to download a ringtone - got to the part where it's in my email on my device, but do not know how to highlight it to get to the "Get Link" step.

Any help would be great!


It downloads and it's showing up in my ringtone bucket, BUT it won't play when I click on the song, is there something I'm not getting right?

I recently emailed and saved a ring tone to my Blackberry Bold (and saved it to my media card). I want to assign this ring tone to a specific caller. When I tried to edit this person's profile ("custom ring tone") and the list of all ring tones appeared, the ring tone I just saved did not appear on the list. Can this be done and how?

I downloaded a few ringtones from this site and they work perfectly for the main ringtone but I can not get them to be customed for an individual contact. I have followed the normal procedure but when they call it still is the main ringtone. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

i sent an email to my blackberry storm and it shows the link it just wont let me open the link. it did before.. why wont it down load to my blackberry??

I am having the same problem won't give me the link and there is not an option to get link...HELP! I want new ringtones!

Okay, I figured out how to change ringtones for friends, and I have close to 100 ringtones stored on my memory card that I would love to put to good use. I am a former BB Storm user and switched from verizon to sprint and ended up with the curve 8330. How on earth do I set individual ringtones to people when they text me? I see where you can set sms as a specific ringtone, but I want personalized tones for individuals!!?? Is this possible with the 8330? If not, its kinda lame to keep all these ringtones.


I have a storm as above, with above problem, I can get the ringtone emailed to my blackberry OK. But it not a hypelink just plain text. I noticed another member said to go to browser>menu button> options>browser config and turn everything off. OK have done that what do I do next - turn off device as ringtones in emails are still text or do I need to download those ring tones again ??

I dont really want to go through my PC rigmaroll to get a ringtone.

Also didnt see in 101 sessions, how to correct this as it seems by threads in this space to be a common occurance - could something be added to the 101 page/advice?

Can anyone assist?

I am trying to put custom ringtones in my address book but when I click Add Custom Ring Tone it goes to my ringtones. The ringtones I downloaded are in my media card - so how do I get to that to use them? When I tried to add them to my ringtones it said there wasn't enough room.

Yesterday I was messing around on the site and downloaded the Transformers ringtone. I was able to get it quick and easily. but today I tried downloading another ringtone and when the email was sent to my phone, When I clicked on the link it just brought me to this myspace app for the phone. Does anyone know whats going on and why does it not give me the option to save the tone to my phone today?????


I emailed myself some ringtones yesterday with no problem. Today, the links I am getting do not take me to the ringtone, they take me to the Crackberry homepage. Even though the name of the ringtone is in the URL. Anyone know what's up?

When I click on get link in the email on my blackberry curve it doesn't give me the option of opening or saving the link it automatically opens the link and takes me to the crackberry website. I've tried to copy and paste the link in my browser & save it but that isn't working either! Can someone please help!!

I emailed the ringtone, clicked on the URL and it took me back to How do I get to the ringtone?

I'm having the same problem. Down-loaded the new update on my Blackberry Flip & lost all my ringtones. Trying to replace them, but I also am being taken back to Need help!!!

I have a BB 8310 Curve and get this error message everytime I try to download my favorite ringtones...any advice? Thanks!

I downloaded one of the Christmas ringtones and it works, but I have to go in to each contact and make it the customized ringtone to get it to apply to anyone. How do I make it the default? It shows up as the one selected when I go to options/ring tones/phone and it is the ring tone already selected! Going crazy to figure it out!

I just got the 8330 Curve, and from this site, have figured out how to set custom ring tones per contact, and I have figured out how to set up groups/categories. But is there a way to set up a specific ring tone to a group/category without doing each contact separetly? Thanks!

Hello All and Happy New Year. It seems I'm having a common problem... I received email for the rington on my Blackberry Curve, however it doesn't come up as a link, only as text. and when I tried to copy and paste the URL, well, in short, it didn't work. I wasn't given an option to "click on link" on my blackberry.

What's the problem, or what am I doing incorrectly?


I was having the same problem and I just figured out how to get the ringtone saved to my ringtones.

Once you have the email on your phone.

Highlight the what was suppose to be a link, link and copy it.

Once it is copied go to your browser. Delete the http:/www. that is already there and replace it with what you copied by clicking paste. Once it is pasted click the go button and you will have the option to Open, Save, or Cancel click save and there you go!

Good Luck!

I just got a Blackberry Curve and I am really enjoying it. The only thing I miss from my old Hue phone is the ability to set ringtones as a "shuffle" so that a different one plays each time the phone rings. Can this be done on my Blackberry? Thanks

Hi All,
I downloaded a few ringtones from the crackberry and they showed up in my ringtone folder but would not play from the folder or as a set ringtone. The ringtones I previously had set suddenly came up not working and listed as invalid. I took
out the battery and repaced it and the preloaded ringtones started to work agian. does anyone know why this is happening ?

Im new to this website and new to the blackberry world!! :) I followed all the instructions on here to download my ring tune, but this message came up "the requested page was too large to deliver to the device"......does that mean I need a memory card or more space?? HELP!!

HI! I just got my 'new to me' bb curve 8330 today. I read the tutorial on the ringtones and followed it to a t. But it didnt work. I try to play it and the media player says its an unsupported file. It seems the only media files I can play are .wma's from my memory card... Any Ideas????

I have sent multiple ringtones to my storm this past year and it worked fine, however, recently when I email a ringtone I liked I no longer am able to get the link and save it as a ringtone. I dont know what changed and why I can no longer do this. Does anyone have any ideas?

I went through all the steps necessary to change the ringtone to my "loud" profile with no problem. But when my phone ring it is still the same old ringer. Also when I am choosing the ringtone on my handheld the crackberry ringtones are silent...Can anyone please help me?

I've done everything as mentioned in the instructions but the ringtone will not play at all! Please help! I really would like to have this song as my ringtone.
I've tried a couple of different ones and none of them will play! Don't know what I'm doing wrong???

I have a message that says:

The media being played is of an unsupported format.

What does this mean and is there a way to fix it?

Got a new Blackberry Tour and tried to download ringtones off of Crackberry, but when I do I get a HTTP Error 400: Bad Request message which says "the server could not understand the page request, or was unable to process it for some reason. Please try loading a different page". If I click on "details" to see what that says, it just says "unknown host". I had the Blackberry 8800 and just got the Tour. I had previously downloaded ringtones off of Crackberry for my 8800 before with no problems. I'm not sure what the issue is now. I've searched for anyone with the same problems but didn't find any so if I missed it I apologize. If anyone could give me a not so technical (because I'm only a basic user) answer or some assistance, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

I recently downloaded the free ring tones and all the ring tones I selected downloaded fine, but one inparticular keeps giving me the message that it could not be sent to the email I provided and to double check it. I did that and it is the same email for all the others so why is this one not going

What about Mac users? I have downloaded songs onto my desktop and they are in my music folder but I can't get them as ringtones? Any help?

I am on "Setting the Ringtone (Editing Profiles)". I received the link, I downloaded it and everything worked great. But now I am trying to set it as the ringtone on my phone to use and it says to go to the "Profiles" icon and walks you through from there. Well, I can't find a "Profiles" icon anywhere on my phone! This phone is relatively new and I haven't messed with it much, but I can't for the life of me find this "Profiles" icon so I can set it as my ringtone. Please help! Oh, I have a BlackBerry Storm (don't remeber the exact number, but I think the one with the "50" in it, like 9050 or something.) Thank you SO much!!!

i just upgraded to the 9700 from a 9000. i cant get my old sms alerts to sound on my 9700. i set it up the right way and when i receive a sms the sound is the default cricket alert. i set uo the bbm alert and it works fine. i need help anyone!!!!!!

Great article - easy to follow. there was some discrepancy in what you show in the screenshot and what i have on my phone. i actually bypassed a step or two. But either way this was a great learning tool. I am sure i will be back again when i want to learn about something.

I can get the URL to come up when I email a ringtone... However once its downloaded and in my phone it doesn't seem to download right, like it wont show up in the ringtones file in Media, yet it shows up when selecting a ringtone via profiles.
If I select it, there is no sound.
Anyone else having this problem? Or does anyone know how to fix it? I would really appreciate it.

Open sms and msm messaging. Press the menu botton and go down to message alerts and it will say messages as the first option . Decide which choice you want to set a ringtone to and open one. The first option will say ringtone and if you click on that and scroll all the way up it will have al of your ringtones as an option. Click the one you want and save!

how do I add a ringtone to a person and how do I change/add a ringtone to BBM, SMS and Email - I have successfully downloaded the tunes I want - but cant seent to be able to find "set as SMS tone " etc = only can find "Set as Ringtone"

I have a Blackberry Curve 8530 and I've downloaded ringtones but they won't work on my crapberry.I've tried everything!!!!

I just upgraded from the Curve to a Storm2 and I want to set individual ring tones for some of my contacts. If I go to my phone contact list and highlight a contact and then hit the menu button I can choose "set ring tone" but that sets it for everyone...not just that contact. How do I set a ring tone for individuals? I did it on my old Curve but it does not work the same way on this Storm2.


This is all nice,,,but when I try to go to any ring tone or wallpaper the screen on my pc is blank.....xp pro os,,,,also the same for my Vista and 7 os pc's......what gives

You've gotta be kidding, do you realize how many steps that was? I have no idea how to do all of that. I just wanna find a song and assign it to my people as they call. This is crazy! How can i do this SIMPLY in a few minutes?

Hi ive had my BB for almost 2 years now and love it!! First when I set my phone up i used to recieve emails whenever i go on here to send a ringtone and now it dosnt let me know or i dont recieve an email,on my phone telling me what to do!! I did before but not anymore!! PLZ HELP!!!!!!

Have downloaded a ring tone from crackberry following the tutorial but when I go to play it I get an error playing message and tells me the formats not supported. Any help greatfully received.

i cant seem to download songs on the site anymore i can just hear the song but i can download wall papers thats it does anyone know why

Hey. I was wondering if there is anyway to preview each ringtone through BB Bold 9780 mobil internet. As the toutorial saids, I don't want to download and waist my data usage/time on garbage.

I am denied access to downloading all themes and ringtones to my desktop. I click download or email to my phone and a webpage saying "Access denied" "You are not authorized to access this page." will pop up. Can anyone please help me fix this?

when crackberry emails the ringtone to my phone, there's no URL to highlight and no prompt to 'save' it. i just click on the tune and it plays but i have no way to save it into my phone. what should I do?