BlackBerry 10.1 Gold SDK now available for developers

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By Adam Zeis on 22 Mar 2013 10:11 am EDT

If you're a developer looking to do some coding this weekend you're in luck. The 10.1 Gold SDK has been made available for download so you can get your crazy code on. This update includes new features that support both the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. Version 10.1 includes support for keyboard devices, Cascades profiler, asset selection and much more. You can check out the full list of updates here. Head to the link below to download now and get to making some awesome apps!

Download the 10.1 Gold SDK

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BlackBerry 10.1 Gold SDK now available for developers


congrats, do you want a spam cookie to go with that? Especially for not contributing to the post?

I hope OS10.1 comes out soon

Does any of this mean apps will be able to run in the background or have access to BBM contacts for color LED apps?

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I did read that first and it doesn't appear to point towards background apps but I don't understand it all either. I was hoping maybe someone who does understand it could translate.

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My apologies then. I remember reading somewhere on the forums that 10.1 will not have the ability to run background apps or more commonly known as headless apps. The feature is coming according to a few devs on the forums but no time frame sadly.

beautiful! blackberry keeps on moving and crackberry is always here to capture it! I am hoping to see quite a few changes in 10.1, especially being able to run the apps in the background, along with a speedier keyboard/screen transition from landscape to portrait, i noticed that my torch 9850 rotates a little faster so Im hoping this is included!

There's lots of new stuff in there to improve apps.

But no there isn't an updated android runtime. That will come with BB10.1 on our phones.

And sadly still no background apps.

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Recently switched to BBZ10 from an iPhone, how many weeks or how soon does BlackBerry release the final version of the SDK? Apple usually releases after a week from it's Gold Master iOS version.

Im not a programmer so i dont really understand the list. However i know the current native apps that use the cascade will have more improvement.

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Yeah, I wonder how far in advance they give developers a chance to update their apps before the update hits users... Hopefully no more than 4 weeks meaning the Q10 and 10.1 for the Z10 may be ready by end of April.

Blackberry Emulator is a pain. It takes forever to load and highly frustrating. Why do they have to use VMWare? VMWare for OSX is not even free. I heard it is easy to develop for BB10. What am I doing wrong?

> What am I doing wrong?
Well, not having a device. I never use emulator (on iOS or BB10) always using a proper device. I was lucky to get devices offered from RIM. Sadly, if you are serious about dev on BB10, you'll need to get your hands on a device.


I am not very technical, was wondering if any devs can please explain this: "Message transactions - A new class, MessageTransaction, has been added that represents a discrete message or conversation transaction in the message service."

Does this mean that devs can now integrate their own tab in the hub?

Great to hear it is now gold, been using the Beta since February. From what I have seen, headless apps (meaning ones that run with out being launched) and Android 4.0 is not in 10.1... sorry for any who were hoping. However 10.1 does add some other nice features as well as the obvious Q10 support. And its full support with custom keyboard shortcuts ::happy dance::

I already have added Q10 support for Dive Plan (BFB approved), Random Stories, and my newest game Visual Connection.

Important question is how long is it usually after the SDK is released that the OS actually get released? Anyone know?!?

My educated guess would be about a month, considering it was in Beta for about 2 months already. Also, rumor has it that the Q10 will be out end of April so it needs to be before that. If you look at the release of 10.0, that was Gold mid December and the phone was out end of January. (Plus if you consider that the last 2 weeks of December everyone goes on holiday, it was about a month).

Some Android ports are very well done. I would not black list all Android ports as there are many good and useful ones. I'd rather have them.

I'm annoyed that we can't change the duration or frequency of vibrating. Or use keyboard vibration.

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