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Create Custom BlackBerry Ringtones Using Your RIM Desktop Manager Software's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By Al Sacco on 3 Jun 2008 10:27 am EDT

* * Update - This tutorial may not work on newer versions of BlackBerry Desktop Manager **

Sick and tired of hanging around the CrackBerry Ringtones corner to see if that new favorite song has been added?  Well, patience is a virtue, but when it comes to BlackBerry ringtones your days of waiting are over.  That's because creating your own custom ringtones from CDs, DRM-free iTunes tracks and other audio files really couldn't be simpler.  All you need is your desktop computer, a recent version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software with Roxio Media Manager, space on your BlackBerry or media card and a few spare minutes to learn the creation process.

Our custom BlackBerry ringtones tutorial will have you cranking out ringtones like it was your job in no time. From there, check out our ringtones installation tutorial to learn how to transfer the new tones to your BlackBerry. After that, you can add your coolest creations to's Free user-contributed ringtone library so other members can enjoy them!

Connect BlackBerry to Computer; Launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software

Using the standard USB sync cord or a comparable cable, connect your BlackBerry to your computer and close any windows that may appear asking you if you want to open folders on your device.

Then launch your BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.  If you haven't installed the desktop manager, insert the user tools disc that came with your BlackBerry or visit RIM's site for a free download. 

Launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If you use a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), enter your password to connect to your messaging system or close the mail client prompt. (Note: Depending on your BES IT policies, you may be unable to install new ringtones.)  If you're a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) user, close any mail client prompts that may appear.

Launch Roxio Media Manager and Open Audio File in Quick Sound Editor

Ensure that your device is connected to the Desktop Manager and launch the Roxio Media Manager component from the Desktop Manager home screen by clicking the icon made of a flower and a music note.  When the program opens, your screen will be split in two horizontally so there's a top and bottom field.

Inside Roxio Media Manager

Next, locate the audio file you want to edit to create your custom ringtone. If the file is on a CD, insert the disc into your hard drive and then hit the "Import Digital Media" button in the top left corner of the application screen.  From the dropdown menu, click "Import Audio," which will launch the Roxio Media Import function in a new window. A new dropdown menu will appear in the Media Import window.  Select the name of your disc drive from that dropdown and the track listings and related information will appear on the left side. Then select the track you want to edit by highlighting the track name, set your Capture Settings to MP3 (HighMAT compliant) and the Save Files to field to "Desktop."  Click Import Now to import the track to you desktop.  When the file is imported, close the Roxio Media Import Window.

Import Your Media using Roxio Media Import

If the file you wish to edit for your custom ringtone is already stored on your computer's hard drive, click on the Folders tab at the top left of  Media Manager main screen, which can be found next to three other tabs labeled My Media, My Media Space and My Devices.  Then use the folder tree on the top left of the screen to locate the file you want to use for your ringtone. (Note: You can edit files stored in your iTunes library as long as they're not protected with digital rights management [DRM] technology. The vast majority of music purchased through Apple's iTunes Store is protected with DRM, but your CD collection or music bought from other Web retailers like AmazonMP3 is good to go.)

Select the file you need for your ringtone—you'll know it's selected when an orange outline appears around the file—open the File dropdown menu in the upper-left-hand corner and click Edit with Quick Sound Editor.

Create Custom BlackBerry Ringtone by Setting Start and End Point

To make sure you've accessed the correct audio file, click the Quick Sound Editor's Preview button—found in the center of the screen.  If the file is correct, choose where you want your ringtone to begin by hitting Start Point in the appropriate spot and then set your End Point where you want the ringtone to finish.  You can even set your tone to fade in or out by tweaking the Fade settings.  And the Quick Sound Editor's Clean, Enhance and Equalizer functions all let you enhance your ringer's quality and sound levels.

Select Your Start and End Points with Quick Sound Editor

If you want to reset Start or End Points or any other audio settings, simply hit the Revert button.

Finish and Save Your New Custom BlackBerry Ringtone

Once you've placed your Start and End point where you want them, hit Preview again to listen to your ringtone.  When you're satisfied, hit the Save As button to save the ringtone to a BlackBerry Ringtones file on your computer so it can be edited again or mixed in the future.  Then hit the Create Ringtone button and save it directly to your BlackBerry's media card or to your computer to be transferred at a later time.

Voila!  You've got a customer ringtone for your CrackBerry!  If you chose to save the tone to your computer, check out the second half of our How to Download and Install Ringtones on your BlackBerry tutorial.




This was very helpful and seems simple to do.


Let me save you some time...not all Desktop Managers contain the Edit that you need. I have not found any help in this discussion, just people telling you to keep trying.

I think AS should maybe add to the tutorial and try to help end all of this frustration. I am having the same problem as 50% of the people trying this "simple" procedure and it's not because we are "doing something wrong". It seems that some versions have the Edit feature needed and some just don't?!?! Pointing us to a 4.2 or 4.3(or whatever) download that has the Edit needed would be cool.


I couldn't seem to locate the "edit" function on desktop manager either, but what works for me is Windows Movie Maker.

I imported a song to movie maker and dragged it to the audio section. Trimmed the beginning and end so the clip was a section that I could use as a ringer, and once it was done I dragged the ringer over to the Media Manager on Desktop Manager. I wound up putting it in the "sounds" folder, but I can still assign it as a ringtone.


If you use windows movie maker, how do you save the file and upload so that it can be used on the blackberry. I have save a file somewhere on my comp, but I don't know what to do next


I was just using the software that came with my old Razr to create the ringtones and then save them to a ringtone folder in my docs.


Not sure why everyone is making this into something more confusing than it really is. Desktop Manager isn't needed, nor is Roxio. I'm sure a quick run through a site like would yield many results for programs that allow you to take a snippet of a song and save it as an mp3, perhaps more simply than Roxio.

I use a great program called Virtual DJ (you can get a demo that lasts 20 days), buy it, or however else you might want to get a copy. It's really easy to take parts of songs, loop them, remix them, etc.

From there I just drag and drop the MP3's I've created into my BB folder named, aptly, "Ringtones".

There you go. You've created your own ringtone, quite easily.

BONUS: Using Winamp and a program called Streamripper, you can record streaming online radio stations. Press "start", walk away, and the songs are saved by artist name and title. No need to search for songs. Just find a station you like and let the programs do the rest. Some stations separate the tracks better than others, but for the purpose of creating ringtones at least you'll have the song.

Hope this helps.

Al Sacco


You are correct, there are many different programs you can use to create ringtones for your BlackBerry or other mobile device. However, the value of this particular tutorial is in the fact that you don't need to download any third-party apps to make custom tones. Most BlackBerry users already have the Desktop Manager installed on their computers, and creating ringtones using a piece of software you're already familiar with should, in theory, be easier than learning how to use new software--though I must say, I didn't expect so many folks to have issues with Roxio.

I've used an app called Audacity to create ringtones in the past, but overall, I think the BlackBerry Desktop Manager process is quicker and less tedious.



Hey, can I get this software online? I had the CD that came with my old Razr, but its hiding somewhere and it's not comming out.

Al Sacco

There's a link to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager download page in the fourth paragraph of the post.



Kudos to RIM for not backing down, NO government should have such power can you say '1984'.....


Sweet thanks for the lesson Prof. Sacco


Sweet thanks for the lesson Prof. Sacco


I have the same problem, no QSE and no "Save as" either. It seems like this version of Roxio Media Creator 9 doesn't allow for editing. Bummer.


Ok, am I the only one that cannot do this. I have the right version of Desktop Manager software, I've followed all the steps, but when selecting the file (ring tone) I want to edit, the drop down on the top left corner only shows Import Photos or Import Audio.

Could any one show some light on the subject?



Al Sacco

Hi Adrian,

Make sure you're on the the Media Manager screen (screenshot 2) and not the Media Import screen (screenshot 3) when you try to click the "drop down on the top left corner"--you should be trying click the File tab.

If your audio file is selected, you'll see the option to Edit with Quick Sound Editor.

Hope that helps.



Correct, I'm on screenshot 2. When selcting the file, I click on the File Tab, but It doesnt give me the option to Edit with Quick Sound Editor on the drop down.

Al Sacco

Did you import the file you're trying to edit from an external source? The file you want to edit must be stored on your hard drive.

Can you see the "Edit with Quick Sound Editor" option in the File tab, but just can't click it because it's not available? That will happen if the file is stored in a location in which it can't be edited--on a CD, for instance.

If you don't see the "Edit with Quick Sound Editor" option at all, you're probably accessing the wrong tab.



The file is on my hard drive. I cannot see the "Edit with Quick Sound Editor" on the File tab.

Al Sacco

Uhhh, that link doesn't work...



What version of Desktop Manager do I need? I just got my device 2 days ago, so my software should be good. It's


I thought it might just be me, but no, there's no option to edit with the quick sound editor. I tried searching help, and there's no mention of QSE there at all, which alarmed me a little. I had a program called Ringtone Media Studio that worked fine on my old XP machine, but it's been hiccupping when I've tried using it with Vista, so I was really hoping this might be a fix.


THANKS!This is so easy to use. I did it the first time. I can't wait to get home and play with it. Too many eyes watching at work!


Does anybody know if the upcoming Desktop Manager will be using the Roxio Media Manager as well? This is very slow and non-useful on my existing computer.

Al Sacco

Leaked screenshots of BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.6 suggest it will indeed include Roxio Media Manager.

I'm not a big fan of Roxio, either--to say the least...

Followed the tutorial. Trying to edit MP3's on my harddrive.

Can't see File >> Edit with Quick Sound Editor". I see someone else is having the same issue.

I am using the latest desktop software off of Rim's site today.


I don't get that option from the file dropdown the "edit with quick sound editor". All I get is edit audio tags any help?


I do not even have the option as well. The only option I get is "edit auto tags". I would love to use this but I'm going to need more help!!!

Al Sacco

I'm really not sure what to tell you folks. As you can see from other comments on this post, the process has worked for some people. I've created countless ringtones using this exact process, and I just walked through it step by step to make sure I didn't leave anything out. As usual, it worked fine for me.

I mentioned a few possible issues above in response to another comment, so make sure you've tried all those suggestions. Also, try closing the Media Import screen if it's open before selecting your file and attempting to edit it.



I don't have the option for editing in the "Media Manager" either, neither in 4.2 or 4.3, 4.2 on the cd from AT&T in my 8310 box, and 4.3 downloaded from AT&T. I borrowed a coworkers cd from Verizon and it had 4.3 on it and includes the editing option.

Maybe you can download from verizon and try that?

CB Matt

Good Evening,
I received my new BB Curve 8320. I loaded the Desk Top Manager which came with the phone. This Roxio Media Manager takes a very long time to load. (30-45 Minutes) Could you please tell how I could correct this? I run normal Windows XP.


I first pick a song(i have the songs on my computer)make sure its orange around the border, then press the file drop down correct.All i get is edit audio tags now i have the verizon curve should i have 4.3 or 4.2 os?


This doesn't work. I go over and over the program and cannot find any option for edit with quick sound editor anywhere. What version of Desktop Manager are you using?

Al Sacco

I'm using BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.3.0.15, and I assure you the process does work. I've been using it to create ringtones for some time now.

You can see the Quick Sound Editor screen in the fourth screenshot...



Al, Thanks. I am downloading 4.3 right now. I was running 4.2.


I had to re download 43 from my verizon disk and it works my mistake it does work.

Grant Hatchett

Latest version 4.3 and no quick sound editor. hmmm weird.

grant hatchett

how bout a screen shot of the drop down menu with the qse option? im sure this works, ive just managed to find the one quirky little hangup like always. oh well. i think i am going to revert back to an abacus, haha


For some reason I dont have that editor in my file menu of Roxio when I select an MP3.

any ideas?


btw i'm running


this is a wonderful tutorial but I'm having some trouble.
When I go to my File dropdown menu I don't have an option for Edit with Quick Sound Editor

I just downloaded the desktop Manager about a month ago so guessing it's not that .. any ideas?

Thanks so much for any help


Ok I see what the problem is. Ive been running 4.2! Ive tried several times to update to 4.3 even before I read this about the ringtones. It never seems to download for me. I let it sit one day for about an hour and it never downloaded. Does anyone have any suggestions on what may be going on or a different way to upgrade to 4.3?


I couldn't find the QSE last night, but the Help area did mention it. Tonight I downloaded the latest version of Desktop Manager, and not only is QSE missing from the drop down, but it isn't mentioned in the help... How frustrating...


I don't have the option for editing in the "Media Manager" either, neither in 4.2 or 4.3, 4.2 on the cd from AT&T in my 8310 box, and 4.3 downloaded from AT&T. I borrowed a coworkers cd from Verizon and it had 4.3 on it and includes the editing option.

Maybe you can download from verizon and try that?


I would really like to make my own ringtones but i cant cant get the sound editor option to appear. im sure that i did everything right. Please help me!

Al Sacco

Some folks that had similar issues were able to resolve them by downloading v4.3 of the Desktop Manager Software. Are you using the latest version? If not, upgrade your software at RIM's software downloads page. (There's a link to this page in the fourth paragraph of the tutorial.)


Grant Htachett

Went and got 4.3, already had it, but thought, hey, maybe a new one would work. Nope, still not there. The chatter on here is slowing and im afraid a bunch of us are not going to get this figuired out. Please dont give up on us Al. Thanks

Al Sacco

Hi Grant,

Trust me, the last thing I want to do is "give up on you," as you put it. But I've walked through this process countless times and it works flawlessly for me. I've identified the exact version of the software I'm using (v4.3.0.15) and I've offered up a number of possible solutions in previous comments.

It's difficult to troubleshoot your problems when I can't see your specific processes and where you're going wrong.


Grant Hatchett

Al, i hope that the giving up on us part didnt sound like i was losing faith, or any type of shortcoming on your part at all. It was just a plea for you to continue using your expertise to help us get this thing figuired out. Im using media manager build 940b07s enu, and desktop manager ver. Maybe this will help, thanks again, and by the way great article.

Miss P

Another update-So, after i installed Blackberry Desktop Manager (BDM) version directly from the website of, i still had no edit with QSE option available to me. As you can see from my last post I ended up with another issue. I finally resolved it by doing some other research on "crackberry" and other websites. Back to the ringtones. I found a website called "zedge" (, you must register-its free too,you can create your own ringtones, text to speech ringtones, walpapers, themes screensavers, etc. I just used the site to create my own notification tone for my personal emails on the BB 8820. I then downloaded the tone to my desktop and transfered it to my phone using BDM. I just confirmed that it works by sending an email to my phone!!!!!


Al - I have the software version, and I can't see any option for quick sound editor. Is it possible that QSE was removed w/ the updated software version? Do you know where I can find a version for download? I'd be happy to send you a screen shot of what I'm seeing. I'd really like to be able to use this editor & any help is appreciated.

Miss P

I am having the same issue. Once the file is outlined in orange the option to edit with quick sound editor is not available, the option to edit audio tags is. I am trying to downlowd version 4.3 as I have the 8820 with desktop versoin i will update later

Miss P

Update-So i installed 4.3 and still no edit with QSE available, just edit with audio tags. After all of that i am now getting the following message "This message is used to carry data between the BlackBerry Handheld and an associated server. Please do not delete, move or respond to this message - it will be processed by the server." so far 276 of them!!!!
Too much trouble thus far and still not able to create ringtones!!!!

Miss P

Another update-So, after i installed Blackberry Desktop Manager (BDM) version directly from the website of, i still had no edit with QSE option available to me. As you can see from my last post I ended up with another issue. I finally resolved it by doing some other research on "crackberry" and other websites. Back to the ringtones. I found a website called "zedge" (, you must register-its free too,you can create your own ringtones, text to speech ringtones, walpapers, themes screensavers, etc. I just used the site to create my own notification tone for my personal emails on the BB 8820. I then downloaded the tone to my desktop and transfered it to my phone using BDM. I just confirmed that it works by sending an email to my phone!!!!!


I have the v4.3 and I dont have the QSE either. I tried to download another version from the website to see if there was an update and still no luck.


This is my first time on site i love the info being giving can't wait to try it. thanks to u all.


I don't see any options to edit songs my self using the updated 4.5 dm

Ghost of Sparta

Like everyone else, I don't have the option to "Edit with Quicksound", yada yada. Great tutorial and very informative, but it's pretty clear that a healthy size group of people don't have something that's required. Who knows.


Ok someone, why is it i have QSE on my CD for DM but when i download 4.5 it's not there? Is this a program youre provider adds on? or did BlackBerry decied not to put it on. I personally like the fast short cut in DM since i'm there already doing stuff. I know there's lots of free one's but, QSE is nice to have


I think AS should maybe add to the tutorial and try to help end all of this frustration. I am having the same problem as 50% of the people trying this "simple" procedure and it's not because we are "doing something wrong". It seems that some versions have the Edit feature needed and some just don't?!?! Pointing us to a 4.2 or 4.3 download that has the Edit needed would be cool.


I do believe my version of Blackberry Media Manager does not have the Quick Sound Editor.


I am running the newest version (4.6) of media manager and there is no item in the file menu called quick sound editor. What am I missing. I have an AT&T 8310


I don't know what the heck the problem is, but i am part of the group of people that CANNOT find the QSE option. I have TMobile, Desktop Manager V4.6.0.12, and OS V4.5.0.81. I import the desired track to the desktop, then right click it in the Roxio window, and no QSE option, only that edit audio tags or something. Any help?


I don't have it either. It seems to have been removed with the new update. :(


This tutorial needs to be deleted or edited, because it appears newer versions of the desktop manager and media manager no longer have this capability.

Sure, I can download and use some other sound editing software, but I saw this and thought "hey, a nice easy way to use the 'official' tools..." instead, I wound up wasting a lot of time and pulling my hair out before realizing they removed the "quick sound editor." Oh well, not too big a deal, but it'd be nice to see a disclaimer at the top for users of the newer software (i.e. all new storm users).

Ms. BlackberryCream

I have had this BB Curve for 5 days and I'm still trying to figure two important things.
1. I have version 4.7 and there is no option for QSE. If I go to Media Manager Help, it gives me the instructions you did, but I found it under-Music Disc Creator. However, it doesn't tell you how to open that application.

2. Are there any available smiley faces for text messaging with this curve?
I'm coming from the Palm Treo (4 Years).....Help!!!!!

Ms. BlackberryCream

Hey there!
The directions as you have it are listed under Music CD Creator in Version 4.7's help screen.

But it doesn't tell you how to get there.

Also, are there any smiley faces for text messaging on this thing! I've only had it 5 days and I'm coming from a Palm Treo (4 years)!!!! HELP

Curt Pair

I have an 8900 T-Mobile curve. I'm not sure which software I'm running... however, I did search for updates in the Roxio program... I was told I'm up to date. I too can select the track with the orange box, but there is no option for the editing software/portion. Is this a feature that has been removed? Can anyone shed light on this? I've only had my curve since 2/13/09... I'd love to be able to do this...



Hi! Have been trying to find this "quick sound editor" and I coudldn't find it. I have a Curve 8320 and it seems that my desktop manager doesn't have it. How can I create my own ringtones for BBerry for free??
Thank you!


Good morning everyone. Just got a curve 8310. L0VE it! Made my custom ringtones, uploaded to my phone...assigned custom profiles, but when someone calls the ringtone doesn't play the whole 30 seconds. Only a little bit of it. Did anyone have a problem with this? Or anyone have a solution??? I am stumped....or stupid.
Plez help! Thank you.

Tim Troutman

Any idea of what to do if the quick sound editor won't open? I click on that and it just sits there and never opens. I've tried it on many different files.


Here's one for you. Installed the Blackberry software three days ago, used the sound edit two days ago without issue. Yesterday, the sound edit ability disappeared and can't seem to get it to reappear. VERY frustrated. Tempted to unintall and reinstall the software to see if it reappears. Maybe it's a Vista issue? Anyone had this problem?

tony bag o donuts

got my 8330 and it came with dm 4.5.
no option whatsoever to edit files....


I'm using Desktop Manager Ver and The Roxi build is Roxio Media Manager (Build 940B23B ENU). The Quick Sound Editor is not available on my version of Desktop Manager. Could you please post your Roxio Build? Although, to be totally honest, it wouldn't suprise me in the least to find out that certain carriers have had this ability removed from the program. They want us to buy our ringtones from them, not create our own.


I found all of these previous instructions and comments quite useless (sorry). Forget Roxio. The best and EASIEST instructions I found were at NOTE: Download the Audacity software first. Then download the Lame DLL ( Both are available free of charge. THEN follow the instructions as given on Mobility Site. I guarantee you will find this very user friendly.


I was pulling my hair, like many I could not find the edit options in Roxio. This is the best option I found, some neat formatting tools too. Thanks claymore!


so i tried going to the site above and it says I have to pay for the Audacity software program. Whats up with that? When i first opened up this tutorial i was so happy..thinking i was going to be able to make custom ringtones using my BB Desktop Mananger. What a waste of time i guess since i have v5.0.1 and not v4.3.0.15 where there is you can find the Quick Sound Editor button...So is there a way to creat your own ringtones? Can someone please help? Thank you so much...


After reading jose9110024's post, I went to the Audacity website. This is a direct quote from their home page:

"Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems."

Notice the word FREE in the first sentence.

And this from their "Downloads" tab: "Select your operating system to download the latest version of the free Audacity sound editor." Again, the word FREE.

Is the user on the right website?

Perhaps a re-visit will be more successful.


Impossible. Uninstalled and downloaded current Desktop Manager..... no such thing as the fabled creating of ringtones.


I cant make the ringtone because I try to do the whole import music thing and the only thing coming out is my webcam name...I dont get it


RE: Lecture #21 in Blackberry 101

After reading ALL of this thread, I strongly urge you (CB peeps) to edit the original article/post to include a disclaimer and acknowledge at the ***BEGINNING*** of the article, that this software has DIFFERENT versions that probably (even more so now as article is dated 6-3-08) DO NOT INCLUDE this feature!
I too, have a newly aquired(8-24-10) BB with the Blackberry Desktop Manager(ver 5.0) (copyright 2009) software on the bundled CD that I got last week from Radio Shack with new T-Mobile contract and free BB Curve 8520. My first BB...yeahME! lol!I Installed the sw and immediately noticed these differences in my Main Menu :
-screen shot of program in tutorial has icon for "E-mail Settings" Program... but my sw does NOT have this, instead I have "Synchronize Certificates".
-after opening up Media then Media Manager-
(Roxy Media Manager -Build 940B62F ENU, Technical support ID 710263386913 copyright Sonic Solutions) there is NO choice on any of the programs menus or selections for this "Quick Sound Editor Preview" - there IS a preview popup called QuickShow, but it is a player only... with NO editing features!ZIP,ZILCH,BUPKISS!
- I checked for updates and the verdict returned was "the software manager did not find updates for your application"

So, as far as making ringtones from this software, myself and others are SOL, and this tutorial means nadda, sadly.

I have so much to learn with this new toy - PLEASE help a newbie by warning upfront that there are version issues. This site is amazing though, and I appreciate every effort involved, THANKS Crackberry people :) You ROCK!


COMING FROM A BOLD 9000, I'm used to dragging and dropping files in and out of the desired folders on the older Desktop Software - it was so much easier...
I have an entire folder of custom ring tones I'd like to use on my Torch but i can't figure out how to drop them on the phone... HELP!


I always use to make free ringtones from my favorite songs