BlackBerry 101: Configure Your BlackBerry as an IP Modem Using Desktop Manager

BlackBerry 101
By Michael Hepples on 3 Nov 2009 11:17 am EST

This 101 comes courtesy of probigeorge11 and michaelwpg. 

Alright children, settle down, class is now in session. As of the update to version 5.0.1, we now have the ability to configure our BlackBerry as an IP Modem for tethering. Today's lesson will be based around how to set up your BlackBerry as an IP Modem, using the new version of Desktop Manager, referred to as DM for the purposes of this lesson.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: *Tethering is a service offered by your carrier. Tethering without a tethering plan can incur large costs. Make sure you consult with your carrier before using your BlackBerry as a modem*

We will attempt to make this as simple and straightforward as possible, walking through step by step.

What you will need for this tutorial:

  • BlackBerry (to state the obvious)
  • Desktop Manager version 5.0.1 (or higher, depending on when you are reading this)
  • USB Cable

*We experienced mixed results on leaked software compatibility

Step One (Setup):

Use your USB cable to connect your device to your PC. Start up DM and ensure that your device is recognized as connected. If you are connected, and running the correct version of DM, your main screen should look like this:

Tether With DM

Step Two (Let's Get Configured!):

Click the icon labelled "Configure as IP Modem", which will take you to the next screen, where the real work will begin. On this screen, you will see two options. On the left, you have the Connection Settings, on the right, the Connect to the Internet option. Let's click the Connection Settings, and start configuring.

Tether With DM

Step Three (Configuration and Connection) :

Having clicked the button labelled "Connection Settings" you will now have a pop up window on your screen where you will enter the settings to configure your IP connection. Under "Connection Profile", you will find a drop down menu with a list of possible carriers. Choose whichever is applicable to you. You also have the option to configure a Custom Profile. If you wish to leave the connection open and close DM, check the box at the bottom of the window labelled "Keep an IP Modem connection open after the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is closed"

*If you are using an unlocked phone on a different carrier, this will default to the original carrier profile

If you are simply going to tether on your carrier's tethering plan, choose the appropriate network and click "OK". Consult your carrier for various information relating to usernames and passwords for the various types of access.

Tether With DM

Now that you have configured the profile you wish to use for your IP connection, the next step is to connect. Let's click on "Connect to the Internet" to connect. When you click the button to connect, you will be prompted with a warning regarding the use of your device as a modem, and the fees associated with it. Since you have already consulted your carrier and set up a tethering plan, we will click "Continue".

Tether With DM

Desktop Manager will now open a connection to the internet via your BlackBerry. The window will display the active connection in the bottom left, and the Connection window will be overlayed with a display of time connected, and data sent and received, with a total at the bottom.

Tether With DM


Tether With DM

Click the Disconnect button to end your session.

You have now configured your BlackBerry for use as an IP Modem! Enjoy!

Reader comments

BlackBerry 101: Configure Your BlackBerry as an IP Modem Using Desktop Manager


How is your software different then normal tethering?

We do not have connection limits, no tethering fees, no proxy settings, up to DSL speeds and works with almost every internet based piece of software without modification.

Does one NEED to have a tethering plan for this to work, or will it work similar to tetherberry where it uses the blackberry unlimited plan?

Tetherberry uses a different protocol to access the mobile network through your device. This method requires a tethering plan through your carrier.

When I first installed the DM update the icon was there but the next time I started DM the IP Modem Icon was no where to be found. Is this a carrier limitation, say Verizon?

I think it's a carrier issue. I'm not using any leaked software and had the same issue. I think Verizon is blocking because they charge for tethering.

I'm not too sure about this, but I did just notice that when you go to VZW to update to Storm 9530 software 5.0 they offer this warning:

"WARNING: If you currently use VZAM to tether your BlackBerry Storm, it will not work after this upgrade. Please click here to view step by step instructions for an alternate method or view KB article 04664."

Might be just what you need to get this to work?

Yes Verizon shuts this feature down one the new install of 5. DM runs. Anyone have a hack for this to turn it back on?

I'm on at&t running, as soon as I ran DM 5.0.1, I saw the icon, plugged in my device then poof! It was gone never to be seen again.

I too saw the IP Modem icon momentarily, but it disappeared after I entered my key store password. I suspect this is related to Verizon, as I am not running a leaked OS (now). Anyone have any ideas?

Here's what it says in DM Help:
Depending on your wireless service provider, you can use your BlackBerry® device as modem by connecting it to your computer using a USB cable. Using your device as modem allows you to connect to the Internet on your computer when you might not otherwise have access to the Internet.

You can use only one device as a modem with your computer at a time. If your device is associated with a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, contact your administrator to make sure that the appropriate IT policy is turned on to use this feature.

It could be a setting in BES. I am on BES, anyone having this problem who is NOT on BES?

How does this differ on AT&T from using an IPhone for the internet connection? Our IPhone doesn't get charged for using it as modem for our laptop. I use Tetherberry now and don't get charged.

to get it to work with Verizon on a windows operating system, go to documents and settings\all users\application data\research in motion\blackberry and open up ip_modem_configuration.xml in notepad or your favorite text editor and search for verizon and change "false" to true. Restart DM and it should work.

tried as suggested and it didn't change anything ;-(. think i'll stick to tetherberry anyway. Verizon get way too much of my money now....

i didnt have the application datta folder. i went my computer/c drive/program files/ research in motion/ blackberry and there isnt a ip_modem_configuration.xml

there is others saying configuation something one is an xml and i can open it but it doesnt say anything about verizon in it.

i have a problem i bought the new storm 2 blackberry but my my maps app does not workwith my phone and a few friend bought the phone and it doesnot work on therephone nether the same message come out it says "your current default service do not provide access to maps data" can any one help me with this thank you

I got the same error on my BB storm 2 on Verizon using Maps... but what I did sort of "fix it" is just go to Google on your Browser and download the free Google Maps for Blackberry app.. make sure you set all of the permissions to "allow" and it should work fine with your GPS. It took me a while to figure it out, but it works perfectly now, and very well too. The best GPS/maps app out there in my opinion... plus it's free!

After I restarted my computer and connected my BB to the DTM it wasn't. I know that Verizon charges for that feature so I'm assuming that since I'm with them and I'm not paying for that feature they removed it? IDK but it would've been cool to do this considering I already pay the $30/month to do everything else with my BB. Thanks Verizon for wanting more money....UGH!

What are the benefits are using DM vs the VZ Access Manager? I have never had problems connecting with the Access Manager. I have the tethering plan.

What are the speed limitations with this method.
I presently use the a dial-up connection to the modem and seem to be limited to 1.1mbps because of modem

Can't do it with Storm unlocked from Vodafone, when i query the modem it doesnt answer, anything to configure in the phone first? or the modem function is disabled for me? i can connect with a bold but i can't with the storm :S

I just got a Storm 2 and I am so glad I got the TetherBerry App while it was 50% off for only $25.. works perfectly and flawlessly, almost no setup. The best thing is, you don't have to get a Monthly Tethering Plan from Verizon. $25 for unlimited tethering is much more appealing than any monthly plan. Plus I use a Mac, and it works without problems with it.. go get TetherBerry if you want free tethering!

USCC charges $15 a month. They are able to tell when you have tethered. So I guess its no use to even purchase TetherBerry and also be charged. : (

someone needs to come up with an app that turns the blackberry wifi into a wireless router. Windows mobile has a program like this. Why not BB.

This is great information to have when I do need to use my bb as a modem. And worry about the $15 charge later.


I have a Storm, upgraded to OS5 and been unable to use VZAM. (now they've posted a warning about it on SmithMicro). Cannot get it to show the IP Icon. I have completely uninstalled everything and redone to no avail. Are you using 501_b030_multilanguage.exe from BB or 5_1_.0.0_Release021_multilanguage.exe from SmithMicro (ala VZW)???

... weak. You put pretty much every window in the order I did two weeks ago. I am flattered I'm sure...


First to Map App......have you tried setting all the permissions to Allow for your map app. Go to Options, to Applications, to your map app, hit the menu key and go to edit permissions, hope that this might be of some help for your and your friends.

Regarding using tetherberry.......I have read other blogs how people have be penalized by Verizon....a $175 charge and disconnected from VZW services. I would advice that everyone look into this for themselves before just using this app....the long range cost could be very expensive.

Best regards to Bro. and Sis. Blackberry User.

blgsllmtim...Proud Storm User.

I have read some of these horror stories, also, about high dollar charges when not using a tethering plan and people getting their service cut off. I have yet to see any consistency in the stories and they all reek of fabricated scare tactics. I suspect strawmen accounts have been created by employees/representatives of the major carriers (plus some mischievous folks) to create the illusion of risk for reasonable use of one's data plan which the carriers are properly being reimbursed for.

Until I see a believable experience from someone with more than a few posts that just joined in the last week or so, I remain skeptical that tethering through one's existing paid data plan can even be detected, unless it is overly abused by the user.

I'm using and I'm seeing Sprint just fine. If not check C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\ip_modem_configuration.xml and make sure that you see it there. BTW I have also seen older versions of the ip_modem_configuration.xml file sit under personal profiles (same folder structure but instead of "all users" it would say your login name), if so delete that file and it will grab the one from "all users".


When I first looked for sprint, it was not there. Looking a second time, it was there. Still can not get it to connect with sprint.

does anyone know how to set your browser so it will work with the modem? my modem is working great but it only work's when i have my wireless connection going. if i disconnect from my wireless connection my blackberry won't work as a modem. with my blackberry connected and connecting my wireless connection with both of them going the blackberry work's great most of the internet traffic goes though my blackberry not my wireless connection... so does anyone know what i'm doing wrong? my blackberry is a 8700g from t-mobile with the os and my computer os system is window xp sp 3... so please help if you can..

The icon was in DM 5.0.1 the first time I launched it but as soon as I connected my Storm, the icon disappeared and hasn't returned. I don't need it since I have Tetherberry but it was strange to see DM removing that component. I am on VZ here in CA.

Can someone help me..I have deleted and re installed dm on my pc and using windows vista..for some reason the icon for IP is just not there. I am using a unlocked att 8900 curve for tmobile. Wanted to get online via using my bb. Any help with be grateful.

can anyonr tell me what im doing wrong? I am on the Sprint network and keep getting a hardware wont start error with my 8330.. thanks for any help.

I have the BB Desktop Manager 5.0.1. When it first downloaded it contained the tethering option. After connecting my BB, poof it was gone!!! What's the problem, is it my carrier, Verizon. Could I be doing something wrong.
I have the VZ Access Manager, but thought this BB program would be better. Any answers?

can you do this on nextel 8350i blackberry has anyone figured a way without haveing to use third party software yet

I've tried everything listed in the post - reinstalled DM, edited the XML doc (I'm on Rogers, shows up as "true"), even tried to fix it in registry editor (RAS doesn't exsist). It was on DM the first time I installed 5.0, but has since disappeared. Any help is appreciated.

I'm trying modem tethering out on a company machine but I'm getting "administrator access is required to configure the active profile IP modem settings" when I click the button. With an administrator account it works fine but with a locked down account not. I'm trying to find out where in the registry or on the machine it's trying to write something that isn't allowed. Funny thing is that it will let me pick the connection profile just fine but it doesn't come up until I try to connect.

I have DIGICEL in Haiti and I need to know how to get my curve 8520 to let me access the internet thru......i need to download modem com 6 but i need help because im lost with this/..