BlackBerry 10.1 is bringing plenty of changes - Here's some of what we're seeing

BlackBerry 10.1 will be the next major update to the BlackBerry 10 platform

By Bla1ze on 17 Apr 2013 08:44 pm EDT

Now that the BlackBerry 10.1C SDK OS ( OS has landed for developers, we're getting a small look at some of the changes that will make their way to BlackBerry 10.1 as a whole. As mentioned previously, the 10.1C SDK OS ( is suggested to only be used by developers as it's not a full OS and will not really satisfy the needs of the everyday consumer. With that small disclaimer out of the way, there is already an ongoing list in the CrackBerry Forums of folks sharing what has changed. Some of the stuff was already known to be coming with BlackBerry 10.1 while some of it wasn't really mentioned before. It's far from a complete list and of course, some of it may only be for testing purposes but in any case, have a look at what has been spotted:

No doubt, that's only a small portion of what has really changed but it's a start. If you've spotted something new or are just curious about what's going on, then drop by the forums or drop some comments below.

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BlackBerry 10.1 is bringing plenty of changes - Here's some of what we're seeing



I agree it is a good list, on iOS this would have been considered a major update, with apple advertising HDR or something. Surprised how good of an update this is.

This is good news. Especially the select all for broadcast messages. I know a lot of people will be glad and so will I from the threads

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I hope they get this on the stress test Z10 and test a broadcast message to everyone :D hahaha that would be epic

Haha I bet Kevin & Bla1ze wish this came a few weeks ago B4 they did their BBM 10 Stress Test.

Poor bla1ze had to manually select hundreds of contacts to test sending out a broadcast msg lol

Are you kidding me? HDR, better performance in low light, and all those of updates are underwhelming ? And having all these within 3 month of original release, while they also probably working on performance improvement , power optimization and other features that they don't talk about, at the same time getting Q10 to market, and updating developers tools and API, it is a lot of work dude, you seem know nothing about software

Is this the best you could come up with? Are you short on BlackBerry stock? Worried about good news coming out of BlackBerry?

No, just a very appropriate comment to your comment about the underwhelming. What did you expect... a telaporter built in?

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Any sign of the old blackberry Os style sound profiles? Or even any more customization to the sounds?

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I certainly hope these are included! Hate "upgrading" (to BB10) and losing many features we have come to know and love with older BB OS versions.

Any news on when the "notification" in the hub will be back for those of us that lost it after the first update?

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Hoping they add the coupon code generation feature soon for devs so we can actually use that coupon redemption function in BB World.

Just wait for the attacks. No mention of email synchronization beyond 30 days.

For me it's just meh.

Sounds profiles would be nice. Updated Android runtime would be nice.

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Yeah sound profiles that are customized based on whether or not it is in the holster. Miss this a lot because I have it vibrate only when in holster and normal the rest of the time.

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One of the product managers said on twitter that sync beyond 30 days is coming to 10.1. I wouldn't take these updates as the sole updates coming when 10.1 is released.

Didn't you read that the list isn't exhaustive? As at right now, nobody knows for sure what will be in the final change log.

Now that email and sms are not using BIS servers I don't see why they don't do that. Is consumer beware regarding their data limits and send / received data amounts. But BlackBerry should add a feature for BES admins to control email/sms size limits on BES devices as the company pays for those.

While the list looks good it can be better. Hopefully the email sync comes up later on down the list. Overall, optimistic.

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I was thinking we will get Android runtime updated to pave Skype and Viber. That is what I'm waiting for.

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Don't tease us like that! Just mean. Hahaha.
I do believe BlackBerry announced a few weeks ago that the Android runtime software would not be updated for a couple of months yet.

Yeah that would be great.
It would also be awsome it it showed up in the Hub, just above the calendar. Something like you have "5 tasks today"...

Agreed. Some people will be happy, some people will still complain. Such is the nature of the beast.

Yep. And many don't understand how the ups process works. There are likely many unmentioned features ( as confirmed by this thread) and more will come before final consumer release.

Happy as I am with the Z10, now that I've had it for a couple months I see many things missing. Those things i'm looking forward to seeing in the next update. When people ask me about this phone I am completely honest about the good and bad. While it has surpassed iPhone in many regards, it's missing some key elements from OS6 and OS7. That's my gripe.

@bruvvapete2 I'm just curious what your gripes are? I'm not trying to be a prick, just wanted your opinion, I haven't used Os6 at all, just wanna know! Cheers.

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This phone came out barely 2 months ago and is already updating at a massive rate! Kudos to BlackBerry for their work, this is great!!

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I hope they fixed self reboot problem. I lost an hour of work drafting an email the last time it happened. I plan to contact Att tomorrow.

Starting to worry about BlackBerry hardware quality.

Looking forward to text pick tool improvements. The current one is barely tolerable.

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> Looking forward to text pick tool improvements.
> The current one is barely tolerable.

This is exactly what I was afraid of, BlackBerry leaving out the Track Button which was far superior, for both text selection, and navigation too.

Everytime I voiced concern BlackBerry leaving out Track Button before BB10 launch, the BB fans who claim to have seen the pre-launch BB10 alpha/beta builds (and presumably signed the NDA's), kept saying, "It is just as good; just you wait!".

Now, we are hearing of inferior text selection due to lack of Track Button.

Please bring back the Track Button!

I want trackpad too! It improves text editing by 100x! And that's what BlackBerry should be all about. Keep moving (faster!). Lack of trackpad prevents you from 'moving'!

Bring it back as a toast box on the right side of the screen above the keyboard, or hell, just make it a 3rd secondary character page for the keyboard (hit ?123 and then instead of &% make it & / % / [] or a T or something to signifiy the trackpad) no extra space required, and better performance for a small software update. We already know QNX can handle a pointer, it supports bluetooth mice.

it can lock right now with the power button without the update. Button presses don't work unless I hit the power button, or swipe up, however it doesn't ask me for my password until the timer has gone

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This is good stuff. How soon some tend to forget the growth of the past. BlackBerry continued to work on and improve the os's on our legacy devices month after month, year after year. We can expect the same with BB10. It just amazes me as people complain and define BB10 by what it can do now. I, for one, really love my Z10 as is. Would I like more? Hell yeah! But I will not throw the baby out with the bath water. :)

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Hub refresh button doesn't do anything, should be fixed, peep this
If email sync is set to manual it should load emails just by u pressing refresh in the hub, that would make perfect sense

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These new features look great. But does anyone know if the bug with outgoing smtp emails will be fixed with the upcoming update??

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Really? Darn I'm with Fido in Canada and I don't think we got that smtp update yet lol. Still having the issue

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I thought I am the only one with this issue. I have 1 yahoo email 1 gmail and 2 business emails based on yahoo.
Gmail works fine, however the other 3 emails causing smtp issue probably 2-3 times a day
I hate typing the password 10 times a day.
Oh by the way I am on AT&T with latest osl the issue is NOT RESOLVED !!!

You guys should check out the autoloader posted for the upgrade in the forums, it works for all stl versions, just backup on link then open the autoloader and it will do the upgrade,then you just restore via link,if it have any sideloaded apps you will have to do that over though

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They did sort of... You can customize it for individual apps, but when I tried doing it for phone calls the option wasn't there.

How about side loading, is it still available? I have some programs that I constantly use but isn't available yet on BlackBerry 10.

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I hope they fix the issue when you put your phone on bedtime mode the volume of the alarm depends on the last volume setting you had your phone and the brightness of the clock on bedside mode depends on your screen brightness, I like my screen brightness at 50% and I like my bedside brightness at 0%I have to change it ever night and when I am in a word document and minimize it to BBM someone I can't type to them cause it still shows up in the word document I was just working with that's it but overall I LOVE my Z10

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All this time I thought all we were getting was pin msg and hdr. That's quite a list there hope fully there's is more they haven't shown

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Very glad to hear the Text Picker has been improved! It was pretty bad. Tons of people are going to be super excited about the Forever email syncing, too. Thanks to Bla1ze and Kris for posting the details so quickly!

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I hope they fix
-my Google apps calendar participants.
- better viewing of tiff email attachments. Right now I can only view page 1
-speedier viewing of pictures the thumb nails take forever to load especially from other apps like picstory

via CB10 on ZED10

And a couple of "nice to have's" would be: 1) Hourly chime feature, 2) EQ presets with the music app, and 3) Notification pop-ups feature. All in all, I've been rocking my Z10 for a fortnight now and I have to give it to blackberry, they hit this milestone way out of the park! Still a raving fan and looking forward for future updates.

Just my 2 pesos.

Thanks. Can't fain for this. Sending a broadcast is a he'll of a job if you have more than 100 contacts lol

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How about delete original message text on reply to email?

What about allowing copied passwords to be pasted into account fields?

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I want to see them add landscape mode for most things esp. maps and the ability to type and send texts while docs are open. Its driving me nuts having to save and exit out of it every time i want to send a message to someone and then having to re-open it. I would also like to see the darker theme as in Q10 for battery optimization, faster reboot time, waaaaay better bridge functionality, and better integration between z10 and other devices(ie. Other phones, tv, printer, etc.). Sorry for the long winded comment. I know BlackBerry is working hard and the new OS hasnt been around for long but that is what i am hoping to see in the next little while.

The Z10 does not it benefit from a dark theme due to the lack of an AMOLED screen. Z10 screen is LCD, requires power to display black pixels.

This has been mentioned in multiple threads. I don't know why some people seem to have missed this fact. Dark theme might look cool but WILL NOT improve battery life on z10

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Wonder if we'll be able to run apps like BeBuzz without having to keep the app running in the background 24/7...

Not likely on this release. I don't believe the APKs for that have been released to developers yet.

But only one way to know for sure..... wait until the official release and try it ;)

we desperately need multiple alarm setting.
Also uploading page in the browser is very slow and the scripts are too small.

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I am surprised no one posted that earlier in the list. Would love to be done with the double mint twin ad in my contact list

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To sires: what is the autoloader.
I'm on tmobile and using v. my battery sucks.

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One feature I really miss is when I'm using the built-in media player. In the good 'ole days, pushing and holding the volume up/down keys caused the player to advance to the next/previous song. When I try it now, it just makes things louder.
I really dislike having to pull my phone out of my pocket every time I want to change songs.

This can be done. Settings then system volume then turn on the feature (music shortcut)

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You just made my night. I wonder how many other things the Z10 can do that I haven't discovered...

Yo zack how's your battery life on tmobile. I am also with tmobile. Battery drains about 10-15% when i sleep (7 hrs). Do u have abt the same as me?

Viber please come soon

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Thanks for the update! This is such a big update even though it is just many small things. BB10.1 hokayy

I like to see a quicker way to turn on and off desktop mode in the browser.

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could you kindly update the article please?
"APN editing is now enabled (Though this may remain carrier based)"
APN's or Access Point Names are present and specific to carriers via gateways on their GGSN's. Entering one of your own would never work because your smartphone, or any device using the wireless providers data connection would never be accepted by the GGSN (or whatever the gateway servers are not called in the LTE world), these are not interchangeable from carrier to carrier. Meaning you cannot put telus.isp on Rogers connected smartphone and expect your applications or other data transmission to work by actually using your chosen APN that is not already preset by your provider.

There where very few public ones back in the early dawn of GSM - I recall reading on ( of a particular APN used to get from Novell to work on feature phones by Ericsson ... actually Ericsson hosted it and it worked because it was preset from their factory for use on many GSM providers in the early roll-out. I personally used it on T18z, T28W and T36M but for the life of me I cannot find it any longer. Those days are long gone.

So to say "APN editing is now enabled [B](Though this may remain carrier based)[/B]" goes without saying. I think you really mean to say "APN editing is now enabled (though this may be restricted by carrier locked devices)" ??

When accessing Contacts, would be nice for the vKeyboard to auto appear,...after-all, you're there to search for a contact by name,....thus, you'll need to type in a name,...or at least a few letters of the name.

Great updates for 10.1 but like most others, u really need the custom profiles for sounds back, as well as some new tones that can be easily added. Currently on be buzz but a default blackberry one would be awesome as well.

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HDR Capture Failed.... most of the time, even if it takes the picture I don't see any quality different in dark pictures...

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What about taking pictures with lots of backlights with and without HDR? Do you notice any difference?

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Hi, just would like to know if by any chance will 10.1 include an update to adobe flash?? The current version is outdated running on my Z10 and I can't view my Nba league pass games like I was a month ago..

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Any news on landscape keyboard in BBM? I love using the landscape keyboard in SMS, but its a bit of a prick when I can't do the same in BBM...?

Have a feeling that will be added in a major update such as BB11 or BB12. That's not something for a .1 update.

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Attention BlackBerry!!! My Z10 is month old I do hope you will address the crash and boot issues. I had recorded 11 occasions, 3 on camera, 3 on twitter, 2 on browser, 2 on story maker, 1 on home screen. Version 10.1 should be solid build just like the PlayBook's 2.1 otherwise I will "return" my Z10 even though I love it I don't want to marry a device that keep crashing for 2 years. You should implement app crashing just like the BlackBerry World when crashes, it crashes but not the whole system. Thanks.

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Fresh OS built in 2 years with a polished finish and tremendous support/upgrades... BlackBerry just makes me proud for believing in them. Awesome work from crackberry for pushing the BlackBerry movement !

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Setting more than one alarm.

Display battery life in %.

These are some of the things i want...

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"Display battery life in %"

Go to "Settings...", "About", "Hardware".

Look at bottom of list.

Alternately, you can get the "WhoAmI" app, which will let you display different color LED's based on notification, and when minimized to the Home screen, will display the battery life % and whether unplugged or plugged in.

I'm also waiting for Japanese input. It's some Japanese people can't read romaji well and don't understand the Japanese haha

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Honestly I'm very shocked and pleased about the amount of the updates and how fast it was released,

BlackBerry is the best

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@Light_31- I am having the same problem with the Flash player not being up to date on certain sites. I posted it in a few different OS10 threads and on the BlackBerry Beta Zone site so hopefully we'll get an update soon. If you come across any threads like that make sure you post it too.

I'm glad BlackBerry is listening to us and addressing our concerns with these updates to OS10. They may not get everything at once but they're doing a great job so far.

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As far as I know, adobe has discontinued it on the mobile side, so we won't be getting updates to it, which blows.

Let's that again. Great news! Very good to see such updates coming out this quick. I would also love to have time alert in the Remember app plus Outlook notes sync on activesync. Yaay!!

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This is absolutely fantastic!!! Now, why wasn't this all included in the first release which was already delayed years!? Seriously. The HDR camera issue, e.g., would have been a big deal because a lot of critics complained about low lighting photos at launch. Also, some of the navigation updates would have quelled some of the other criticism that was at launch. I'm just sahjng...

Z10 is very good and I like it a lot. I just hear from other people (i.e., store salesman, articles, etc) that it's a good phone but nothing so great to have people switch. We need(ed) more positive press.

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When are we going to see vibrate on pings, video calls from dialer(without needing BBM or any app)? I know the latter might not even show

APN Editing always worked for me. (In the Philippines, STL100-1,
So did power button unlocking (Unless I'm mistaken on what it means?)

Having said that, love the text picker and dialer paste updates - Thank you BBRY!

Now, where is the due time in Remember? (My productivity probably has a 40% hit because of that not being there)
Headless apps so I can use project apps and task apps and bebuzz, etc?
More tones or ability to easily get new tones (because come on, the given tones are killing me)
Notification icons. Having the same notification bell show up in the Hub is kind of annoying.

I hope these guys make it in the final 10.1.

Hope they will look into sending text to caller when you are not able to pick up their call...and also flip downward to mute :-)

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so 10.1 will bring some really needed things, but also change loads of things we dont wnat changed, brilliant, and some stuff thats pointless, even more brilliant, this is actually going to make me start hating my Z10

this phone is going from bad to worse :(

APN editing is now enabled (Though this may remain carrier based) - YOU CAN ALREADY DO THIS I DO IT ALL THE TIME AS GOT UNLOCKED DEVICE


New help demos and walkthroughs after initial boot - HATE THESE AND ALWAYS TRYING TO SKIP THROUGH THEY NEEDS TO BE A SKIP OPTION NOT NEW ONES!!!

Easier to check for updates in BlackBerry World - WHEN WAS IT HARD TO PRESS APPS AND GAMES > CHECK FOR UPDATES?

Phone can be fully unlocked at lock screen now by the power button - NOT A GOOD THING I TAP THE POWER BUTTON TO WAKE THE SCREEN UP AND SEE THE TIME ETC - I DONT WANT IT TO UNLOCK

Calm down seriously, the last one is optional anyways. Also the background of the share menu being black or white, that is enough to make you hate your Z10 ... LOL

The APN thing may have been accessible to you but it is not to many users.

The New Help Demos it states show up after initial boot ... how many times are you restoring your phone? It should not have much, if any, of an affect on you. The new demos and walk throughs will be a huge help to new users ... you need to remember the Z10 wasn't built specifically for you.

I'd like to see more customization AND grouped contacts! This update just identifies a lot of things that should have been present at release...

Love this 10.1 update, cant wait... btw, i wonder when will they have an update where in we can toggle between 2G & 3G network on the drop down menu when you slide down on the home screen? Having that will be a treat ain't it guys... just thought of sharing...

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I have been testing it since it was released, the auto correct has taken a step back words. I used structures the previous version corrected perfectly, this one refuses to suggest words the previous version would suggest with ease. It's has slowed my two finger typing a lot. The words suggested for flicking are still working fine.

However the auto correct now suggests sentences above letters and not just words.

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I hope they increase bbm picture size that damn square is the only thing I hate on my z10 none of my pictures fit I miss how my 9900 zoomed out perfectly sigh

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Greaaaat. guess i'll have some contacts to delete because I know they've been dying to spam me with useless broadcast BS. thanks 10.1 *rolleyes*

1. Headless apps
2. Landscape mode (esp. Maps and bbm typing)
3. Multiple alarms
4. Shaking or volume button to change songs
5. Darker themes (q10)
6. Multiple notification settings (not all the same)
7. Battery in percentage
8. HDR camera and panorama
9. Ability to text/pin/bbm while using docs2go
10. Native Skype, Netflix, Instagram

Does anyone know if it will have shortcut to go to the top of a webpage or an email, kinda like the tap on top from ios. I found myself missing this feature when I moved to BlackBerry. It really helps with long emails and long webpages and just wan to go to the top.

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The biggest improvement for me is input type="number" finally brings a proper numeric keyboard again (with a decimal point!) instead of a PIN keyboard. This is such great news for my app, being unable to bring up a numeric keyboard in a webworks app has been a huge complaint for lots of developers.

I wish they would change the lock screen. It's so ugly compared to other modern devices. why is it a "lightbox" looking popup? it should be it's own screen with PIN or Gesture unlocking IMO.

I would like the bridge fixed so I can text, bbm and email (especially attachments) from my playbook. I would also like remember to by more like BBOS and to sync with outlook, have time added to due dates and recurrences within remember.

What this really means is that those of us with Verizon will be seeing this update until next year. *smh*

Why is there a magnifying glass for correcting your typos that does not magnify? The idea of the little circle that helps to pinpoint where you want the cursor to be before you add or delete is to help by magnifying, not simply by putting a magnify glass like circle around the word and calling it a day. It would be great to see this changed.

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1. Headless apps
2. Landscape mode (esp. Maps and bbm typing)
3. Multiple alarms
4. Shaking or volume button to change songs
5. Darker themes (q10)
6. Multiple notification settings (not all the same)
7. Battery in percentage
8. HDR camera and panorama ( I refuse to pay for panorama app) other platforms have it built in the camera come on
9. Ability to text/pin/bbm while using docs2go
10. Native Skype, Netflix, Instagram,MagicJack,Viber
11. Larger BBM Display picture like old bbm versions (Squares Sucks) No Squares in the power circle !
12. Update to Jelly Bean 4.1 !
12. Fix 1 - 13 and Im happy Blackberry Keep Moving (y)!

11. Ability to send a text to someone without first having to add them as "an official contact"...just their number.

Hope my side loaded apps will continue to work. Instagram, Flipboard, BBC News, etc. If they don't I may pass on the update...

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I have never used a BB device before, only android. I am excited to see this company stepping it up on the updates and improvements this early. Looking forward to that delicious Q10!

Just curious... Since it seems you would have to be holding the device to "shake it", is there something that prevents one from just touching the screen?

Also need the ability to easily enter airplane mode. And also change notification to vibration with a swipe from the drop down

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Two significant updates since release. An excellent performance I would say. By the the end of the year the Z10 and Q10 will be truly awesome if this keeps up. Looking forward to the improved text editor as that did bug me.

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nice list of updates,wouldn't mind seeing panoramic mode added to the stock camera along with the HDR update.