BlackBerry 101: Archiving apps in BlackBerry App World

By Joseph Holder on 14 Mar 2011 09:53 am EDT

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On a BlackBerry, everything runs in application memory; it's like the RAM (memory) in your home computer. As with any memory, there is a limit to just how much can fit, I have a few apps that I don't use all that often, but come in quite handy when needed.

FaceBook for BlackBerry would be one example. Since I use SocialScope, I don't really need the FaceBook app. There are a few reasons for keeping the app (it's an Official app, after all), but I don't need those features too often. That's why I use the Archive function of BlackBerry App World.

It's a pain in the hind end to download the FaceBook app every time I want to use it. Plus, downloading while I'm out and about eats up my data usage. Archiving the app uninstalls it from application memory and saves the installation files to the microSD card. Now, when I want to use FaceBook, I just install it using App World. I don't have to wait for it to download again because the installation files are already on my BlackBerry. I get all the benefits of having the app when I need it as well as freeing up memory for the next cool thing.

I could spend the next few paragraphs explaining in detail about how to use BlackBerry App World's archive feature, but that video up there does a much better job.

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BlackBerry 101: Archiving apps in BlackBerry App World


I tried archiving some app, twitter maybe, and it took forever. I could download and install twice in the time it took. And I have an unlimited data plan so it doesn't matter there either. It seems to me that it's a "Mostly Useless" feature.

Remember that archiving an app is the same as uninstalling it.  Were you to completely delete the app from your phone, it would take the same amount of time.  Archiving doesn't save you time when removing the application; it saves time when you want to install it again.  

Archiving would be useless and totally irrelevant if BlackBerrys would allow apps to be stored and executed from internal memory (not RAM and not microSD flash).

I have lost numerous archived apps for one reason or another due to some glitch. I've totally given up on archiving as it is grossly unreliable.

Also, why my device asks me to remove apps when low on memory rather than closing apps is beyond my understanding! It is a pathetic solution to a low memory situation.

Sorry, Joseph, I also meant to thank you for sharing this :) I'll give it another go and hope it works better than in the past; however, it doesn't fix the issue just eases the pain. See my previous post for the real fix!

Joseph, I want to compliment you on your video. So much nicer than reading the instructions. Clear, professional, easy.

As to the archiving; I was initially excited, but the comments bring up some legit concerns. Perhaps RIM will realize this would be an easy fix and act on it. The competitional pressure can only be a good thing for us. Most people just don't have the time or interest to invest a lot of effort in learning the fine points of an OS and device. RIM needs to make it easy for me to squeeze every drop of golden juice out of my device in order to keep me.

How to archive apps which are not showing up in blackberry app world my world? I have a few apps that I got from crackberry superstore and they do not show up in BB App world.

I own the Blackberry Bold 9700 model, and I am running into some trouble regarding the issue of "archiving" apps I've downloaded. You see, I've downloaded and installed several applications on my Blackberry, and have been warned (several times) by my Blackberry that my device memory is extremely low, and in some cases so low that it is unable to download and install the app I've chosen. Figuring this was a memory/space issue, I went out and bought an 8GB Micro SD card to replace my existing 2GB Micro SD card. However, I now realize that this is not the real problem. The Micro SD card merely stores things like pictures, songs, and ringtones. But it does NOT store my apps. Instead, I've learned that the Blackberry device memory itself stores all my apps.

After doing some research on your website and reading other people's forums re: this issue, I came across the action of "archiving" my apps, so that they are still on my device, but do not eat up all my device memory and are instead stored on the Micro SD card until I choose to reinstall them. I have followed all the necessary steps in attempt to archive certain apps I've downloaded using Blackberry App World. I went to My World, highlighted the app that I'd like to archive, and then pressed the menu button. On all the forums and tutorials (including the ones on your website), the option to "archive" is apparent. However, on my particular device, this option is NOT available. I do not see the word "archive" anywhere on the menu!

I would really appreciate some assistance with this matter, as I am constantly purchasing useless Micro SD cards and still having trouble with device memory and an overall slow-running device. I would just like to know how to archive an application on my Blackberry, even though the option to archive is not showing up on my device.

Any help/assistance regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks! :)