BlackBerry 10 wish list: Push to talk baked into BBM

By Chris Umiastowski on 24 Jun 2013 11:03 am EDT

When I was a kid my dad bought me a toy Walkie Talkie set. They were always a blast to play with. The technology seemed so amazing back then. 

Fast forward a decade or so and I’d see people in coffee shops or around construction sites. They would be using push to talk (PTT) based on iDEN technology. I’m sure many of you remember Nextel in the US, or the Mike network in Canada, which was bought by Telus. 

PTT technology was and still is incredibly useful for people out in the field. It’s all about efficiency. If Joe needs to ask Bob if the electrician has arrived yet, he just asks, almost as if he was standing beside Bob.  No need to setup a call and wait for the call to be answered. 

In the early days of PPT there was no message persistence. If you weren’t there to hear what was being said you missed it. Too bad. But now that we have high speed WiFi and 4G networks, we’re seeing the emergence of some incredibly feature-rich applications on mobile devices.

Voxer is a great example. It’s available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Unfortunately it is not on the BlackBerry 10 platform yet. I don’t know if it ever will be. I installed it on my iPad recently after seeing friends and business partners starting to use it on their phones. I love that this app saves me time. When I need to ask someone a quick question, I send a quick PTT message. The guy on the other end either gets it right away, in real time, or the message is stored on the recipient’s client until he listens to it. If some back and forth chatter is required, it’s instant. 

A look at Voxer on WIndows Phone

PTT is not designed to replace a phone call. It’s suited for quick questions, answers, or relaying of information to get things done ... which brings me to BlackBerry.

One of the most popular communication tools for many BlackBerry users is BBM. This company single-handedly crafted the mobile instant messenger market. When we had slow radios that could hardly load mobile web pages they were still plenty fast for nearly-instant BBM conversations. BBM was built on the idea of instant communication.

So I’d like to add push to talk to my BlackBerry 10 wish list. I think it should be incorporated into BBM. I can see how this feature would bring a lot of value to different types of users. The typical field worker would benefit from it as he or she always has. And with the power of BES 10, it should be possible for an administrator to setup groups and deliver all kinds of advanced PTT features to enterprises directly over BBM. I also see a growing market for mobile entrepreneurs, consultants, or virtual teams who work together but in different locations. PTT is faster and more efficient than pretty much anything else. 

With BBM going cross platform, I think it’s going to be important for BlackBerry to keep innovating.  WhatsApp has 250 million active users compared to only 60 million BBM users. Many people are suggesting it’s already too late for BBM. Sure, they’ve added channels. That’s awesome. But why stop there? 

I think PTT built into BBM, in a cross platform environment, could be the ultimate instant communication tool for all mobile devices. I think it would absolutely rock.

What say you, CrackBerry nation?

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BlackBerry 10 wish list: Push to talk baked into BBM


You guys already said it, why stop innovating? And I know for sure when BBM goes cross platform it will definitely hit a 100million minimum!

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I agree. However, when BeepUs push to talk on BBM was available (I believe in 2011) it didn't seem to really catch on. Albeit was a third party app. I am just curious as to whether it is worth putting into BB 10 or are there other features that would be better concentrated on.

BB 10 Rocks the free world

Only about twenty or so people even knew about BeepUs, thank goodness. PTT is a good concept when used properly, but when a couple use it for conversation that are only 20 feet away from each other and in sight of each other in the same store shopping, then it is very annoying.

Excellent idea Chris.

+10^10th power!!

So excellent, in fact, I think you and Kevin should contact BlackBerry and put all of Crackberry's weight behind having them incorporate this in the future (if not ASAP), and understanding they need to hold true to their slogan of "Keep Moving" because that's what the competition will keep doing as well.

Yup.... I still remember using beepus on bbos.
Great app... Unfortunately not many fancy it...
And then there comes WeChat with even group PTT.
And our whole family was hooked with WeChat.

Technically that would be what WeChat has applied.
Yes it would be cool to have PTT on BBM.
One line that threw me off was your comparison between base for BBM and Whatsapp.
You're distinguishing between an exlcusively built-in app over one OS, to an open app that is available on virtually every platform.

Dude... Chris got it right with comparing bbm to whatsapp.
Especially when bbm is going cross-platform, we need all the blows and whistles to attract everyone back or trying out the best instant messaging that blackberry is offering.
I foresee whatsapp popularity dropped insignificantly as proven by the bogus bbm app in playstore. 100k/day... That's overwhelming and whatsapp should be worried.

I think it would be a little to similar to the voice not feature. Maybe they could add some more features to the voice note function.

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This is all that's needed in my opinion. Push to talk is essentially instant broadcasting without delay. If there was a setting in Voice Notes that could be toggled to have notes instantly broadcast or to store them as a voice note message then that would solve this. Setting your availability to be BUSY or AWAY or AVAILABLE could toggle this ability. Busy would store them as messages to be listened to later. Away would announce them but store them also. Available could auto announce them...the user on the end leaving the message would know the status of the other party by their setting icon.

Sending voice notes over bbm are something that a lot of ppl don't really use when it was actually pretty useful over a bbm connection. You could have a staggered voice conversation before bbm voice ever came out. That era is behind us now but a formal PTT function would be a great feature to have.

Exactly ... the voice notes function is nice inside of BBM, but it's WAY too cumbersome to have a "getting things done" style conversation.  I just used Voxer this morning to finalize some document edits.  No wasted time.  Wonderful experience.

Couldn't the same end result as PTT be achieved with a combination of voice notes AND BBM voice? Try BBM voice first, if the other party doesn't answer in 2-3 rings (or whatever number indicates to you that they're not there,) leave them a voice note. Or would this take way too long?

PTT is push.  BBM Voice is like a phone call.  Calls require synchronous communications (both parties there at same time).  PTT via VoIP can store a message when user is not there (just like email) and be totally interactive when the other user is there.  It's the voice equivalent of an Instant message.  it needs to be THAT easy.

Not sure I understand the difference between what you describe here, and a voice note.

Voice note sent via BBM that is.

A combo of voice notes and bbm voice sounds very much like PTT service ala Voxer. Ex. Contact attempt made and no response, send a voice note... I will admit it is slightly more efficient and streamlined to have a dedicated service though

I see a lot of co-workers sending voice notes as a form of PTT communication via their Android devices. I know I've sent voice notes via BBM before BBM-Voice was initialized and it seemed fairly useful, aside from waiting for the voice note to download. And we did have 7250i's with PTT via Nextel back in 2007, so I remember the insta-comm greatness of that. Would love to see that feature come home to BBM as well.

Yup. I used to use it all the time with a friend in switzerland. It was a great way to have an overseas argument without getting interrupted. :-)

The latest BBM version has something almost similar. On the old devices, you can set the side button to activate sending a voice note. While in a BBM (text) chat, just press the button, say your stuff, and it sends. The other guy gets the note, and he can do the same to reply. Its not quite the same instant communication since it first records the message before sending it, but its not bad for quick conversations.

edit: ^^ what Adrian said.

I just want to have more BBM contacts with talk and video. So far I have one BlackBerry 10 friend.

I really hope BBM for Apple and Android have the video and talk features.

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I agree. But I also think there should be some premium BlackBerry to BlackBerry only feature. Cross platform chat and video gets their attention. And when they're not looking, WHAM! -you hit them in the head with PTT and something else as BlackBerry only features. That'll bring em running.

That's when I became a BlackBerry fan ,the ptt on nextel. I loved it. It would be so awesome if we get it now.

I remember my first BlackBerry was a PTT Telus mike. It worked awesome! Be great to have that functionality again!

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Had Nextel back in the day it was cool to reach friends, but now to give the office yet another means to track me down. Not so much.

Good idea but I wonder how many people will actually use the PTT option if it came to BBM. That being said, I'd like to see them fix the photo sharing option first to allow us to be able to upload multiple photos to Facebook. Currently, I'm only able to upload one photo at a time via the sharing option.

This is an excellent point. I tried doing that about 2 weeks ago and was really disappointed when I could only add 1 at a time. I was trying to upload about 10 pics and eventually just gave up because I got bored. Please fix this.

I suggested this for some of the same reasons Chris talked about, during the BBM voice beta , not only would it rock as Emergency Manager in the field, but families at the mall and amusement park and even the little lady trying to get a hold of me to answer a question or lend a hand while working in the yard, you should be able to set up multiple PTT groups and enable and disable them. BlackBerry would definitely be bringing it back with those features.

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Been doing this on bbm with attach voice notes since before apple made their first blackberry imitation.

Also, voxer for Android works on bb10.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

This would be amazing. The hassles this would cut down on at my work place, wow! I need this now. Great idea.

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I think it would be awesome to incorporate PTT into BBM. BlackBerry get on it.

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I used to think those Nextel churps were so annoying. I don't need to hear your conversation blasted through your speaker phone. It was great for getting people's attention though. You could immediately tell if they were ignoring you, much like the delivered and read system on BBM.

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One of the best phones I ever owned was a Sanyo 2300 PTT on Bell's 10-4 service.

Thing didn't even have a camera on it! But that's ok because at best it would have been like 1.3 mega pixels lol!

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This is a pretty cool feature that I don't really see myself needing, but if I had it I might take advantage of it.

Zello used to be on all platforms including BBOS 5,6 and 7 and works exceptionally well. No Zello for BB10 however...push to talk would take bbm to new level. many companies use PTT to communicate on job sites or from an office to remote employees...

Awesome idea and they should take a serious look at this!!!

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I used to use Zello as well...they went by a different name at the time. The only issue I had was the battery drain. Other than that, it was great.

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That's very interesting so why isn't direct push to talk technology designed into bbm to facilitate that feature!? Why not!?

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This would be amazing. I know many courier, trucking and construction companies would jump on Blackberry immediately however it might not go well with the carriers. AT&T in the USA and Bell in Canada are charging a $5 - $15 per month charge to use there Push to talk service which works much better then voxer. I would probably order 200 Blackberry devices for my company if they had this working well through BBM

Rest assured the carriers are working féverishly to counter any loss of revenue resulting from wide spread free PTT. If wifi, Skype, Google voice, etc has taught them anything, its the inevitability of free alternatives to paid services. And the need to innovate new ways to fleece their customers. ;-)

Can we P L E A S E fix existing issues FIRST. Sync with icloud DOES NOT WORK. The Phone app is constantly dropping contacts making an incomplete contact list. There are bugs here that need addressing.

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Yes sure and with BBM coming soon to iOS and Android is the perfect timing for keep innovating!!

More power to BLACKBERRY and BB10

#BlackBerryBelieve #KeepMoving #BB10Army #BB10Freak #TeamBlackberry

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How about we just let BlackBerry get me my full bridge back along with some other priorities first. Then they can work on PTT. Voice note works well. Besides people like to text.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

This would be a great selling feature, having a native walkie talkie type of BBM. We need to forward this article to Blackberry and get them to push for this feature!

I agree! I used voxxer on a daily basis when I had an iPhone, and I would like something like that on my Z10! Integrating it into BBM would be a great move by Blackberry

Looks like I'm the minority here, couldn't care less about PTT. The biggest problem with it is that people don't know when this feature is and isn't appropriate to use. It used to piss me off to no end back in the day when I was out somewhere and next to me was someone having a full on conversation through PTT. If BB wants to add a useful feature that to my knowledge no one has implemented yet, only allow videos to be recorded in landscape regardless of device orientation. The only thing I hate more that PTT is videos in portrait orientation.

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That some people don't know when use is appropriate can also be said about texting and cell phone conversations too.

my text message sound is the old nextel 2-way sound. i would LOVE PTT on my future (stupid ass sprint) Q10. i had nextel back in the day. i have used some third party apps on my 9900, but nothing really works as good as that iDEN network did. i really hope to see it come back!

Absolutely! I use PTT at work and had to resort to sideloading Zello. A native BBM solution would be outstanding.

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I think this is a must for BBM, i have been hoping for Voxer but doesnt seem luke they care to even entertain the idea

no thanks, my phone calls are my business and the person on the other end of the phone. please keep it private, plus I hate having to listen to other ppl PTT conversation

If they did bring PTT to BBM I would suggest they also brought back the convenience key. I use to use PTT app on my 9700 years ago, & I found the LH convenience key to be invaluable. Using that key the app was awesome, without it, it really sucked

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Would LOVE to see this. With integrated PTT directly in BBM on the blackberry 10 platform i think they should also try allow use of the voice control button on the side of the phone as the PTT button. I am all for touch screen but i feel when it comes to PTT this would allow for the greatest user experience

Well Said Umi!! I totally agree. If BlackBerry wants to sell more phones and one again position themselves as the business leader in smartphones then they MUST supply PTT technology and put it on BBM. I could see businesses really pushing to get that feature on a secure BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry must do this, it is dumb not to..

Like many other folks before me I believe this feature could be utilized as an upgrade to voice notes! Hopefully we can get it 10.2!

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I definitely agree with this, I was in Korea for a year using a Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE and voxer was of great use. If PTT technology was incorporated into BBM it would be awesome especially with BBM going cross platform, it would help persuade other users to use BBM

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Text messages in bb10 should work far more like BBM. It should be a dedicated app, and the interface should be more structured. Please, BlackBerry.

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I agree and to some degree I kind of feel like this feature should have already been there. I'd like to see BB be more innovative and less reactionary in the future.

At&t users if older model blackberries, nearly all of their Android phones and the iPhone currently have access to enhanced put. Most Nokia and HTC handsets do as well. Most people do not know it and if they do, are not inclined to pay the additional five bucks a month for it. BlackBerry Has licensed the software from Kodiak networks years ago yet has always been slow as hell bringing it to their handsets in a splintered fashion and always late. The 9900 has it, yet the 9800 and the 9810 do not???? The 9000 should have had it, yet the 9700 does not. But why do the 88 and 84 series have it right out of the gate? Why did the iPhone get it before the Z10?? Lots of questions and no good answers. I use it constantly when I have it. I left my 9900 for the z10 just knowing it would be available soon as 10.1 hit. What do I get, a damned iPhone put announcement. Pissed but waiting before jumping ship!

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When I read a post like this from a Crackberry writer, I always wonder if they are trying to drum up Crackberry support so that Blackberry adds a new feature...... or is there a new feature in the works by Blackberry that they are trying to get the Crackberry community excited about.

If I knew they were adding this I'd just say so. Truth is I just see this as a really great opportunity for them to stand out, and writing this may light a fire under someone's ass to make it happen.

Push to talk will never take off as most think it will until it is widely available to the prepaid market as well. That is what drove the furor behind boost mobile and Nextel. It was available to everyone. They couldn't understand shit, bit they all had it!

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Here is a question what buttons would be used on Z10 or Q10 to utilize this function? Any suggestions?

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I'd want it done via touch screen.  I'd want a list of my contacts available just like in BBM, but beside each name is an icon for "press and talk".  It doesn't need to be a huge button like Voxer has.  Just easy to use.  Then when I click on a particular contact I can drill into PTT history and clear messages.  Pretty much just do what Voxer did.  They got it right.  Bake it into BBM, take it cross platform and dominate.

I would like to see the option where you could enable the "voice control" button as a PTT button when bbm is open... I am all about touch screen too but feel the option of a physical button would create a better user experience. especially if they plan on trying to market this to people on the go and construction. with touch screen you physically have to look at your screen, and make sure you have your finger in the right spot every time you have to use the PTT icon vs if you have a decent conversation on PTT with a physical button you will have the tactile feel and know that you are always in the right spot to press the PTT button and wont have to consistently be looking at the screen to align your finger to the icon. another great thing is this will not be affected by bight sunlight and perhaps the screen backlight could go black at the time and you could continue the conversation while saving the battery. I have never used apple or android but if possible allow them to use assignable physical keys where possible as well

Chris Uma I think I am with DeeJay on this one only because for people who are skilled workers that are working outside may not have the easy to go to touch screen and search for PTT. However, why not incorporate bith styles.

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Thanks privateeyes,
I agree, having both option available would be the best of both worlds.

I have been in the fire service for 8 years and a 911 dispatcher for 5, I have used my fair share of radios over the years with many different style of PTT buttons. I go by feel and not by sight when using PTT on radios and this is how they have been designed. This allows me to multi-task. I use a mouse or type while looking at the screen and have the other hand on the PTT Button while talking. I do this every day for a living.

I use Voxer to send quick messages back and forth when Texting isn't a viable option. I would love to see PTT built into BBM... would be brilliant.

Another cool feature of Voxer is I can set my Volume Down key to my PTT. Feels just like a walkie-talkie!

This is a logical progression of BBM. While this may not be useful for the consumer, it would be beneficial for a few industries. Some I can see quick adoption in are construction, oil, security, and trucking, and couriers.

Many places where a handheld radio would benefit from this. It would not work in loud places where workers wear earplugs and ear pieces due to the limited sound level of a phone. If BlackBerry or another manufacturer were to make a Bluetooth earplug style speaker and earmuffs for a hardhat, there would be an even larger market for PTT.

This could be a larger market than people realize.

Push To Talk is dead... We shouldn't be going backwards. I can see it being launch on legacy devices like the 83xx Curves that are still regularly available in developing countries and do not get the Voice Call update of BBM. Further than that, its pointless. With Voicecalls now and BBM Video, What is the point of PTT? Even cross platform.... What good is that time wasted when BB has already stated that " In time, ALL features on BBM will be available to iOS and Android"? BeepUS NEVER caught on despite the push for it. Push To Talk should've been something BB introduced when BlackBerry was at its highest. Maybe for the launch of the first Bold or update Curves. Now?... No! Even BBM Video is VERY late to the game. Video calls were available 3/4yrs ago on my little cousin's My Touch. BlackBerry should push forward and AHEAD of the competition. Staying behind and going backwards isn't what i want to see from BlackBerry anymore. BB10 is a good start but I want them to innovate again... Not play catch up. BlackBerry has more than what it takes to do so and I look forward to that.

Just sideload voxer ppt. Get a debug token and install it on your 10. It has been working for me and my wife. It comes handy at times. Not something that will make much difference for me. Ppt is nothing new. Just fix the TOOLS that we have now then we can talk about TOYS.

Good idea. This app exists on other platforms and when BBM is released to others it would be another killer feature to have.

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I've been saying the same thing for years, would make a great addition for OS 10.2 or whichever version goes cross platform.

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I agree 100%. In the United States, push-to-talk was used by first responders in order to facilitate easy and quick one-to-many communications. In fact, AT&T is relaunching a service for iOS and Android based on push-to-talk and their expectation is that it'll bring in more revenue than either of us think it will. ;-)

My concern is whether BlackBerry's NextTel patent deal allows this and, if not, what the cost of licensing will be. Also, while I thought Voxer was cool initially, I found it to be annoying in its implementation. Frankly, push-to-talk is only cool if (a) others in your personal/enterprise network use it and (b) it uses a physical button to push. I know you think I'm just a BlackBerry crazy with the physical button bit, and I hope someone at BlackBerry proves me wrong, but think about how much fun those walkie talkies would have been if you had to navigate in and out of apps on a touchscreen device in order to take action with them.

I have been thankful the Mike phones have almost completely disappeared. There are too many people who have no thought to other people. They sit it on a restaurant table at full volume and act like they are entitled to do as they please because someone called them. It's bad enough when you hes

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I been saying this for years!, we want PTT integrated into BBM, come on BlackBerry!

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Think that bringing PTT to BlackBerry 10 is a great idea!
Work 9930 on Verizon has PTT enabled and works great.
Makes work more efficient since we don't have to wait for a voice call setup just to ask a simple question and also works well while communicating with staff at various locations using an established group channel.
Baking this right into BBM makes perfect sense to me.

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Just a point of information to those that feel their right to quiet is impacted by apps like voxer: The user can set voxer to headset as opposed to speaker so it's no more rude or noisy than those using a cell phone in public.

PPT is NOT dead, voice and video call can not replace it. it's so convenience that you do NOT have to be online. and most importantly you dont have to type.


With PTT and some sort of rugged BB10 device, i could see BlackBerry pushing even further into emergency services and construction site. While still keeping the image as 'Getting things done' or 'Keep Moving'. Personally, I wouldn't use this feature, but I think it would be beneficial to a lot of people. For search and rescues, and disaster situations (ie, Boston Bombing, or Natural Disasters.

BlackBerry FTW!

Oh please. Do you guys really think that BBM will threaten WhatsApp? Maybe a few years ago but BlackBerry now lacks the staff to launch a real challenge. Remember, BlackBerry is trying to do a million things whereas WhatsApp has just one focus so can excel.

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Check out Push-To-Talk on Wikipedia: and the Voxer entry:

PTT is a different user experience and a different user base - work teams that need instant coordination; BlackBerry would have to re-invent a lot of what Voxer already has. Would be great for use in Calgary as they try to recover from the flood damage in preparation for the Stampede in ten days. But would require a cross-platform version.

Enabling this on BBM would be a significant developer and marketing resource hog for BlackBerry. Better to test out Voxer's statement: "Katis said that the next steps for Voxer are to continue to improve the app, roll out functionality on other platforms and to create an enterprise-level product with additional features and administrative rights that can be used for governments, hospitals, corporations and other large organizations"

Sounds like a task for the BlackBerry Developer Relations team to work on.

(I had some experience with a previous client who offered PTT infrastructure services.)

I agree with all you mentioned and I have good news for you.I sideloaded voxer on my q10 and on my z10 and it works like a charm. I m using it a lot and it works perfect on both devices

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lets turn BBM/BBM Channels into the best Social e-Commerce Enterprise Brand messenger period, and BBM Intant would be awesome along with BBM Money

Great Chris

Parrot APP in Blackberry World is a great app, for voice notes and you can share very easily, works way better then the internal BB voice. But to have thru BBM would be real awesome. In the mean time try the recent upgraded Parrot App

I also would like to catlog and save my BBM Instant Voice push messages , eg if I were a lawyer or a medical professional etc...

Sure BB needs to innovate, but they must have the key feature apps so BBM Instant Voice is great for BBM . Yes , BBM channels with BBM Money is going to be great for Micro Enterprise and large Corporations to promote their brand. What BB needs to do is make it work well and efficient.

OMG!! It's such a genius idea!! It's so simple that it's been overlooked! Why not put a dedicated PTT button on the side (give the feel and impression of walkie talkie) and companies would buy it in the droves!! Professionals holding a blackberry in their hand all day!! Blackberry would get max exposure!!! Even build a slightly rugged model for constructors etc.

Seems an absolute no brainer!! So many reasons why it would be brilliant and no reason why I could be negative!! Go BB!!

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Great idea... Lets do this guys? i've used that. Give my BlackBerry Q10 some push to talk..

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We have to use that middle button for something? I never use it now.. if not what about dictaphone on the middle button between vol up and vol down?

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Eh. I remember Nextel phones and those annoying beeps followed by unnecessarily loud conversations. It was considered a "walkie talkie" in those days. I never cared for PTT back then. I can't see myself caring for it now. I feel that it died out for good reason. Granted, I can see the utility in having a two-way radio for first responders - police, fire department, EMS, etc etc etc. Unfortunately or fortunately, radios for communication already exist.

I think we realized, back then, what we should keep in mind today, PTT wasn't really all that necessary or that useful to the general public. I wouldn't want to see time spent on bringing this feature to BB. Just as others have mentioned, there is BBM and voice notes. Ping me or call me. If I'm not available, leave a message. What difference would it make compared to PTT?

"When I need to ask someone a quick question, I send a quick PTT message. The guy on the other end either gets it right away, in real time, or the message is stored on the recipient’s client until he listens to it. If some back and forth chatter is required, it’s instant."

So is a phone call and to a lesser extent email, texting, BBM!
When I need to ask someone a question, I.... them.
...text them. them.
...BBM them.

Then, imagine all the dumb messages we get if everyone had PTT. Well, I remember in NYC when just about everyone had PTT. Nextel was the low cost option back then so lots of people had it.
*beep beep* Bring me some milk.
*beep beep* I'm down stairs.
*beep beep* I'm comin around the corner now.

I don't want those days back. Please keep PTT on the shelf. If it does come, I'd keep it off, permanently.

KIRK TO SCOTTY.... come in...


I had the Star Trek Walkie Talkies... now if BBM goes to this... I'll have BBM Communicator

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That would be fantastic. A real potential "game changer" for BBRY especially since BBM will be cross platform.

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How hard can it be... auto record, auto send, auto receive and auto play. all "toggleable". Surely someone can make this happen?

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No one here have mentioned the need for equaliser in the music player, and its the inbuilt feature that a smartphone has,how cud u miss it BB. Neva expected this from you dear berry.

Atleast os 10 shud have all the features of os 7.1 n older... you are going down again. please provide updates n fixes faster

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