BlackBerry 10 will bring a redesigned BlackBerry App World, here is what it may look like

By Bla1ze on 27 Jun 2012 04:20 am EDT
BlackBerry App World

With BlackBerry 10 information starting to leak out in greater capacity, we're seeing bits and pieces of RIM's next generation operating system come to light. As we already know, there is a complete overhaul of the UI happening so it only makes sense that BlackBerry App World would be included with that overhaul. Afterall, App World will be a focus point for when BlackBerry 10 launches. The above image (and the ones below) from BlackBerryOS are purported to be some of the possible changes coming to App World and while they certainly do look appealing, there is still plenty of time for RIM to change things up before release. In the meantime though, what do you all think?

Source: BBOS

BlackBerry App World
BlackBerry App World

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BlackBerry 10 will bring a redesigned BlackBerry App World, here is what it may look like


It's greyscaled for image purposes (not what it's going to look like) and everything being leaked is again, not what the actual OS is going to look like.

It indeed is you. This is contemporary and not overly jazzy and cheesy. You want flashing lights and fireworks?
I mean what then do you think of BBOS? WP7? WP8?
Is it because the greyscales image is not giving away anything about colours?

Don't take what you see literally. This obviously hasn't been themed at all and is just a mock-up with placeholders and generic washed-out colors so that you know it's not the finished product

I like a simple theme, something clean and minimalistic which happily, is what I've seen so far on the BB10 UI. Would you prefer skeuomorphism?

For the time being, NO incentives to stay aboard. HOARD everything until LATER ON/SOME TIME in the year or when BB10 comes out? WAKE UP RIM, time is running out real fast and dependable customers are not sitting around to see what happens. They are dawning life jackets and jumping for Samsung/iPhone lifeboats. Mutiny on the RIM ship????

Why are you so tired of me, do you track everyone that comments? Piss off and get a life, you know it's the truth thats hurting you so bad.

Sorry sweetheart. Our CrackBerry asses hurt from dealing with constant shit from either whiney babies with terrible grammar, or other trollfags who come here from other sites (which none of us have still figured out why).

All these leaks are exciting. While I love my white 9900, I can't wait to be standing on line on release day for a BB10 device!

+1,i still love my torch and my playbook, never regretted getting either of them even through this RIM rough patch (which they WILL get through), but mind you i would drop the torch in a heartbeat for a.................... you guessed it a BB10 device :)

Every developer being interviewed about RIM says BBOS 10 is the way forward and RIM finally gets it. Quit bitching.

Go take some grade five ESL lessons and let the adults have a decent discussion. Moron. Maybe the short, yellow bus will wait for you this time. Don't forget your helmet.

But it is okay if Apple is tight lipped about their new iPhone, right? Honestly, I don't feel like RIM can win regardless of what they do.. people bitch if they don't release details... they bitch if RIM releases details to early... they bitch if RIM doesn't release the phone soon enough.. when will it end?

ps. I think what you don't realize is that people get tired of the constant RIM bashing/bitching... if you don't like their product or how they operate, so long... don't let the door hit you.

Mock-up or not, App World in both the BBOS and Playbook are terrible and needs complete redo! I open the app and it feels like there are only about a dozen or so apps available. Nothing entices me to come back tomorrow, or drill deeper and find something else I might like , just a very shallow experience i guess.

I agree. I like the recommended apps that they are showing in this "new" app world but to make it really great recommend apps that aren't as popular so it doesn't seem like their are only 10 apps in app world.

Exactly, everyone knows about the Angry Birds and Cut the Ropes of the world. I want recommendations for apps that I may have never heard of until I see them in that section.

Personally I wonder how hard it would be to make the featured apps list a live, shuffling banner. That way they will not list the apps 90% of people downloaded, let's face it you don't to App World to see the apps you already have, that is already in My World, plus it gives the small-time developer an equal-ish crack of the whip too.

Thinking one of the keys to accomplish similar will be the BBM integration / NFC exchanges of App Lists - that's pretty cool. I know when I cross paths with a fellow BB road warrior, one of the things we do is Crack open AppWorld to MyWorld and talk about apps that make life/business easier.

I think this will be pretty cool, but I know what you and others mean with the same handful of apps always upfront.

BB10 come on!

What would be cool is that App World be built to analyze your existing apps, the top 10/25 apps, and new apps... and give you a more personalized "display" of apps that it thinks you might be interested in. Maybe have a setting that allows you to pick a range (ie.. only free, from free to 5/10/20 dollars, etc) of apps that are displayed.

My thoughts exactly, I like the trending apps idea but I would love to eventually see a "recommended for you" section

Dont know about anybody else but im liking how all this new layout is going to look clean, fresh and simple to use. JUST HURRY UP RIM

I've performed searches on Android and BlackBerry, both suck as far as search function goes. I find it takes way too much time to locate apps by their function. Without sites such as Crackberry where others find and App they love or a review by tbe staff, i have no idea what's available. Which is bad for business if App Stores don't have superior search capabilities.
The larger App stores get the more imperative that browsing them is may easier.


I completely agree. The search function in App World is almost useless. It is seriously the worst searc function I have ever used anywhere. iOS's App Store on the other hand has a pretty impressive search function. It's fast and smart and makes finding apps easier.

App World needs some major search improvements to be competitive!

anything is better than the what they have currently with APP WORLD 3.0. The ideas are there, just the UI sucks.

I don't mind if it's re-done. Just make it load fast and ensure I don't have to reboot the phone like on my Torch9800 (bloody thing takes at least 5 minutes to reboot).

Rebooting after installing or upgrading an app is a thing of the past. Aside from OS updates, I've only had to restart the Playbook maybe 4 times in the year+ I've owned it.

Funnny thing is I just went into AppWorld and was prompted to install an update. After doing so a restart was required. After restarting the phone the Telus sign showed, faded and did so with the subsequent pressing of any button; my phone was basically a brick until I did a battery pull. I'm freaking lucky. We can't have these issues with BB10.

Yeah, I'm still on a VZW Bold 9650. I actually avoid browsing for apps on my phone because I don't want to have to waste 5 minutes on a restart just for taking a chance on an app. I can't wait to have that burden removed with BB10.

...PlayBooks don't have to be re-booted as he stated...yes teh phones still do, but usually on Apps that are either BBM connected or are a fairly signifigant reduce the 'reboot time' if you have multiple upgrades or app downloads, always select reboot later until you have finished.. close App World (it may then ask to reboot) and re open it, and hit the BB key, and select reboot now. Newer BB's don't take that long to reboot, it may seem like it, but my 9860 does the cycle in about 2 minutes (timed it)..and really what are you missing in 2 minutes?...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

I've tried the multi install then reboot. Quite a few times some apps have bricked my phone (actually needed to re-install the OS and all else) and it's at times hard to figure out which app caused the problem. I've become very leery of upgrading apps for that reason. Of the last two I updated one simply showed an error when I tried to launch it and the other just locked up my phone,causing a hard reboot and ultimately deletion of those apps (Angry Pigs and Angry Pigs Seasons... Or whatever it's called).

Devs can't have these issues with BB10.

If the OS crashed to the point of reloading it, reload it with the /nojvm tag to format and layout a new JVM filesystem. Mine had the same issue only... Last I recall... Once. Hasn't since.

Since clearing the clutter (everything but contacts, memopad, browser bookmarks, browser options, recent contacts, options, icon arrangement, bis data, bbm contacts/options, theme settings, servicebooks), my bold boots in 2 minutes or less.

That was the same with my 9700 when I had it. :D


The aap world I use is the best I have used after it was renewed. You wouldn't expect the get a good respond from the seach if you've entered the wrong word. If the app world is to be restructured, I know it will be better.
But who are these fellows from other os platform in this forum? What are they doing here? Have they ever used a BB before?

Not sure I like the "down arrow" + price as the buy icon. I get it what it does. Everyone on CrackBerry probably gets what it does. But I don't think everyone would instantly get it. Arrows are more typically associated with movement (scroll up/down, forward, back) and not with downloading.

I like the "+" and "Add Review". They should do the same for the buy button, graphic plus text describing the action.

They could make the Top Recommended have logic similar to what I've explained below, that way an app that is very well-liked but not well known doesn't get swamped by more-downloaded apps. Top Recommended should be based on the percent of users who recommend it, not on the total number of people who recommend an app.

For free apps they could rank like this(giving less weight to early reviews so the developer's friends can't easily skew the results - the modifier percents and numbers they apply to can be tweaked based on feedback):
if(tot_dl && tot_dl <=500)
rec_per=(0.6 * num_rec)/tot_dl
elseif(tot_dl >500 && tot_dl<=1000)
rec_per=(0.8 * num_rec)/tot_dl
elseif(tot_dl > 1000)

For paid apps the modifiers will apply to a lower quantity:
if(tot_dl && tot_dl <=50)
rec_per=(0.6 * num_rec)/tot_dl
elseif(tot_dl >50 && tot_dl<=100)
rec_per=(0.8 * num_rec)/tot_dl
elseif(tot_dl > 100)

They could have an "Up and Comers" section where apps are ranked based upon what percent of their total downloads have occurred in the last day/week/month (not sure what would work best). They could set it up so that when an app cracks the top 10 in popularity it won't be displayed in the Up and Comers section, or once an app has more than a certain number of downloads(10,000 or 50,000...the number should be tweaked based on feedback) it won't be displayed in the Up and Comers section.

Wondering if something like these last few comments aren't what we're seeing in the screens above?

"Top Grossing" "Trending", maybe other classifications we didn't get to see. Looks like a feed of apps using a variety of parameters.

I don't know exactly how developers get their apps into AppWorld, but it seems to me that there are too many completely "junk" apps in there - either apps with far too many bugs to be released, or apps which only work if you allow them to unnecessarily harvest all your personal data. I think there should be stricter rules on the standard of apps which make it into AppWorld - it should guarantee a basic level of quality. Perhaps these junk apps are tolerated simply because it makes the much-discussed "app gap" between the number of apps available to BB customers versus Android/iPhone customers appear less wide. I also hope the new version does something about removing the annoying spam comments appearing in the app reviews. Perhaps other users could be allowed to flag them (like comments in YouTube).