BlackBerry 10 'will be available across the U.S. in a few short weeks'

Verizon Z10
By Adam Zeis on 27 Feb 2013 02:06 pm EST

Still impatiently waiting for the BlackBerry Z10 to arrive in the U.S., @BlackBerry gave fans in the states a heads up today that BlackBerry 10 will indeed be landing on US soil soon. In a Tweet from the official account, BlackBerry stated that "BlackBerry 10 will be available across the U.S. in a few short weeks". While an official date didn't come along with it, it does stay on par with a mid to late March launch for the U.S. carriers.

The Tweet also linked off to a landing page where US users can now register for updates with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon for the latest news on the BlackBerry Z10. 

Register for BlackBerry 10 updates at AT&T
Register for BlackBerry 10 updates at T-Mobile
Register for BlackBerry 10 updates at Verizon 

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BlackBerry 10 'will be available across the U.S. in a few short weeks'


Exactly my sentiment. Tell me something I didn't already know. Few short weeks? I guess this depends on perspective...when you already have a Z10 its short, when you don't, it is terribly long. C'mon TeamBlackBerry, you can do better than this.

As of today, I am considering to wait for the 2nd gen of BB10 phones or several updates. I've read so much about the phone that as of today the pros still outweigh the cons but some of the cons need to be ironed out before I upgrade from my 9900. I hope that the Galaxy S4 doesn't come out before BB10 in the states, that might end up biting a chunk of BB10 sales, and in the USA it hasn't been much to begin with!

That was my worry. Samsung is dropping the Galaxy S4 on March 14th, that's 3 weeks from now. Who knows what few short weeks mean in numbers, but I hope it means less than 3 weeks because once GS4 drops, that's going to be very bad for Z10 launch in the U.S.

Sammy will announce the S4 on the 14th, it will not be in stores that day. So there is still hope unless they have an ace up their sleeve like announce and real see the same day or a week later.

True, but Samsung will give a definite launch date unlike BlackBerry. There won't be a guessing and predicting game with the Galaxy S4.

Actually it's horrible planning by BlackBerry. They should have planned better by , I don't know, maybe having carriers test it before announcing the phone. You can't put the blame on the carriers.

Carriers have been testing the phone since the end of 2012. I still don't see how that's the fault of BlackBerry.

^This^. People don't realize that Blackberry wouldn't intentionally hold back their devices in one of the most important markets in the world. To think so would be naive. Blackberry wouldn't say they would want to make money later rather than sooner.

I'm sure every other new phone takes about the same amount of time for carrier testing, but you don't see Samsung and Apple not giving a definite launch date. So goes to prove that BlackBerry had terrible BB10 launch plan

Then how do you explain the phones being available from the beginning of January for carrier testing? The UK had them available for January 30 and many Canadian carriers on Feb 5. They each announce their launch dates independent of BlackBerry and delivered. I'd say it is pretty obvious that the US carriers dropped the ball. This is clear for anyone who actually read the announcements when released. Rogers had announced pre-orders in December. BlackBerry had stated in early December that the phones were in the hands of 50 carriers in early December and yet some US carriers were giving release dates in late March???

Depending on the carriers and the country, there are regulations that new phones must meet, for example the FCC in U.S. The carrier testing depends on the carrier right? BlackBerry is not new to the smartphone game, they already know the average amount of time it takes for U.S. carriers for testing. So again, BlackBerry dropped the ball. Unless you are insisting that U.S. carriers deliberately delayed the carrier testing...

No Blackberry didn't drop the ball. Why punish the rest of the world because US carriers are painfully slow. I have had a device from our UK office since Feb 4th. It was said at launch that the release would be up to the individual carriers.

Well technically BlackBerry did delay BB10 for over a year. Why punish the rest of the world? Because if Z10 isn't successful in U.S., then this might be the end of BlackBerry, and I would hate to see that.

I'll disagree. They'd be slaughtered in the USA.

They'd report sales including the USA and the uninformed wouldn't care about how long it was available. All people would see is average sales, a first version OS that needs updates and a army of consumers whining endlessly about missing apps. Now suddenly, you'd be hearing stories of consumers returning devices to retail stores.

Seems better to me to just let the OS settle in and the "missing" apps show up before the USA launch.

You do make a valid point, but I really have to wonder why consumers don't also bitch about the lack of integration on Android, stability, security, and inconsistent UI designs.

No one really complains that their iPhone can be jailbroken in 5 minutes, or that it has Wi-Fi connectivity issues, or that the UI interface hasn't kept up with the times. And why in this post-Palm world can it not multitask as I do at home and at work? Most of all, why isn't Apple honest with its consumers? They don't tell you the clock speed of the processor or how much RAM you're actually paying for? What are they afraid of? Comparisons with the competition?

Of course, BlackBerry does have its fair share of complaints, but openness and honesty is important so consumers can make informed decisions for themselves.

US carriers see more $$$ in Android and iPhone and have little desire to get the Z10 out. RIM is hoping that sales in the UK, Canada, and other countries will get US carriers to come on board stronger. TMO looks like they'll be the first top carrier to sell the Z10. Stop blaming BlackBerry. Press the carriers. Sign up for updates so they can see a demand.

You don't seriously beleive that bullshit do you? Yes it is carrier decisions but it isn't sue to testing. That's the biggest crock of shit out there. They don't want the Z10 before the Q10 is ready, or before they have definitive date for the Q10 so if someone comes in and wants a blackberry they can say wait for the Q10.

Rumours has it that the carriers has committed to Apple on purchasing xxx millions of phone and they cannot return the IPhones back to Apple. To make matters worst, sales of the IPhone 5 is slow and the carriers has a lot of stock to get rid of. For this reason the carriers are holding back launching the Z10 as it will canabolze the iPhone 5 sales.

I agree more than anyone could understand. Samsung is guilty of the same specs and numbers game that Apple has been playing for years. Faster processor, add a gpu, more ram, redesigned exterior, same tired OS but with a little more varnish on it. Blackberry and Windows Phone are the only ones to bring anything new to the table. Sure there are concepts for Ubuntu and Firefox based phones but are either of those really that much different from Android. For that matter, iOS, QNX and the rest are all unix-like OS based. Hell, with WP8 being based on its predecessors it is based off a unix-like os as well. I'm all for it but I'm sick of everyone claiming they are so much different when at the heart they are all the same. At least Blackberry is trying something completely different. (End rant)


And by delivering a nearly bulletproof device.

I am ok with the features and apps available on OS7 but what I'm NOT ok with is how often it slows down and crashes. Same story with the PlayBook.

Above all I just want a truly reliable device from BlackBerry. I don't think I'm asking for too much.


Uh, not sure what you mean by bulletproof. All of my friends that I can think of right now with Samsung phones have different bugs with them. One, his Samsung GS3's GPS antenna doesn't seem to work right. Most of them have to restart the phone every now and then because random features will just stop working correctly and the phone will get slow after a while. But I'm sure that's probably the fault of one or more of their apps that might have a memory leak. But still, I wouldn't call it "bulletproof." I've seen my friends' GS3 and Note have many different issues, including crashes while they're trying to do something. Funny when it happens while I'm around, I can see their panic since they know I'm a Blackberry person and not an Android person, lol. But so far I've been good and haven't given them a hard time over it...

Out of a hundred million + devices there's definitely going to be a few lemons out there. Neither the iPhone or Galaxy devices are flawless but to get to one-hundred million plus phones you have to be doing something right other than name brand apps . I'm not about unlimited apps or the highest possible specs, I just appreciate a smooth, uninterrupted experience with what ever OS I have. The last flawless BB I had was a 9700. I moved on to a 9800, then the 9810 and a PB 16gb wifi. NONE of those three devices worked properly for more than a day.

Yeah, that's exactly what I said a few weeks ago.

Samsung S4 launch before BlackBerry's Z10 in USA may devastate BB10's chances of gaining further traction in the USA market.

Perhaps the USA mobile carriers were madly lab testing Samsung S4 as priority over BlackBerry Z10?

Also, the Samsung S4 has [fort] "Knox" software which supposedly brings Enterprise smartphone security closer to BlackBerry's, thus S4 is also aimed at the Enterprise market.

Word. Exactly what we heard at launch.... Nothing new in the last month. My birthday is march 18, maybe it will release by then haha. I'm hoping.

3/14 for me! I really believe the Verizon is running the show here. As the largest carrier and the one with the exclusive on the white Z 10 I also think they have right to first launch. Lets not forget the CDMA version just came out of FCC. They can't do anything without that approval. I am on VZW so i hope its soon. It also has always been March since Jan 30. We were never promised or no one said anything about "before March" My 2 Centavos

March 14 for me too! I was hoping I could gift myself a Z10. Since I want white I may have to jump over from AT&T to VZW. (Not thrilled to pay more though). I've been holding out on my upgrade since last May waiting for the Z10 here in the US. Hopefully BB will run a new blast of ads with a release date once it's set since any Super Bowl push now seemed so long ago..


I can't wait to pick up an iPhone Killer. I heard all about them. They are the most popular phone in the world today.
And I am going to line up because I heard that they sell out very quick !!!


Thanks BlackBerry!

Come on, give the some credit. Originally since launch they have said, "coming weeks". Now they are saying "a few short weeks". Completely different, lol.

Saying what? That it would be out in March in the US? That is correct.

I can't wait to get my hands on it, switched my wife's upgrade to my line just so I can get it in March instead of May. I hope it was worth it!!

Good 'ol stupidlamebehindthepack Sprint. Sprint....why?!? Sigh.

I am falling in love with that Q10 though. Maybe Sprint will announce a date for it when the Z10 drops. If that happens, I MIGHT not dump them like an ugly girlfriend and shack up with Verizon or ATT.

My plan analyzer on their website says my account has never used more than 1.5 GB in a month. Apparently I have no need for unlimited when I can get 2GB on Verizon for less money. Maybe you should check and see what your data needs really are. I was surprised by mine

I hit over 5 on my 9930 consistently & my wife uses 20-24gb every month on her Note 2. I know some won't believe that but she constantly streams netflix & youtube out here on the road. Leaving Sprint isn't an option for me, even if they stopped selling BB altogether I would jump ship to another platform bbefore paying more for less with Verizon or ATT

No they don't have any kind of cap on the unlimited data plan. I've had a few Verizon salesman try to sell me a phone/plan & when tell them how much data the wife uses they laugh in disbelief until I show them her usage, I personally don't see how people are getting by on 5gb with these big screen entertainment phones, I don't go crazy on my 9930 & we all know its no entertainment phone & I creep over 5gb every month. I do use Sprint telenav a lot so that's probably where most of my usage comes from. Why would a Verizon or ATT user care about a Netflix App if they can't use it?

At least you're aware of your needs. Too many people (I was guilty myself) have no concept of their actual consumption. It's just like the spec wars. People want more cores, more memory, more megapixles, more everything without understanding what is useful as anything more than a 'whip it out and measure it' bragging chip. Truth is most people don't need unlimited data but they like the idea that they aren't being 'held back'. To me, it's not worth the crappy reception and slow data speeds just to overpay for something I under use. If T-Mo had better reception at my plant, I'd consider their unlimited plan if only because it would be roughly the same as what I plan to spend at VZW

I currently have an unlimited data plan on VZW and never use more that .5 (1/2) a GB ....... BUT I will be damned if I give it up. Plus i want to see how much i use on a Z10.

Unfortunatly, from my understanding, unless you purchase the Z10 full price VZ is making everyone give up their unlimited plans for shared plans.

I've already moved on. I really tried to wait, but I've had a upgrade available since last May, and after being disappointed in November, then disappointed in January, I gave up. Hopefully there will be an amazing new blackberry available in 2 years.

I was almost like you. I've had my upgrade available since October, and thought about switching to Android, but I decided to hold off. I haven't been waiting quite as long as you, but man do I need a new phone. The 9700 was not ready for BB6, and my phone is SLOW.

I had my upgrade since October as well, but I used it on a GS III to try something new. I wish I waited like you lol. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but I just can't wait to sell this thing and move back to BlackBerry.

I've had my upgrade since November but I've been fighting the urge to blow it on a phone I probably may not enjoy compared to this new OS

Team Blackberry!

I don't usually like to go on a rant.....but honestly, if you can't go a few more weeks get an SIII or iphone 5......its a free country.....but don't come back and cry when you miss out on the following.....1) The BB10 Hub.(Awesome) 2) DNLA, HDMI capabilities. 3) Gaming using a gamepad on the Big Screen. 4) Computer Dock soon to be your phone will replace your laptop. 5) QNX stabilty, power, and security. 6) Fastest web browser and most compliant on the market.....yes even faster than your desktop. 7) A ton of Apps are going to be produced on HTML5....well guess what platform dominates that. ......feel free anyone to add to the list......In Canada, ask what the teenagers are discussing at the moment.....iphone 5 users are stating the z10 is better than the iphone, it is just missing some of the popular games. Well games are flowing in everyday. The z10 is awesome at gaming....and again you can easily put them on the big screen.....It is taking a run at the gaming console market, not the extreme hard core gamers, but not BB10 is mobile computing the way it shoud be.....I won't even mention how good BBM has become....Go ahead, buy an SIII, IV, iphone 5,6,7....101 and get on with your life.......just remember, their OS systems are truly behind, and they will have to start from the ground up to catch up. Even if Blackberry did ultimately fail, they are still ahead in this division bar none......I think they are on the road to a great recovery. Have a great day everyone.....for those in the patieint, you won't be sorry. If you can still find a cheap priced Playbook, grab one....BB10 will be on it soon and you can't go wrong.

I have questions though.

1.) Will Sprint get one? I know this is such a repetitive question, but between rumors about the iPhone to the FCC, I don't know what's true.

2.) Even if they don't carry it, will I be able to use a Verizon on Sprint, if I got it unlocked? Or would there be something standing in my way.

3) Does anyone want to trade an unmarked, unlocked GSM version fora CDMA one? I have one, but I have Sprint know. It sucks right now. I have a brand new device I can't use. If anyone is seriously interested, hit me up.

Let me make the attempt, someone correct me if I am wrong.

1.) Not sure

2.) I don't think you can unlock a Verizon one to use it on Sprint. Sprint activates the ESN (serial number) of the phone, and if the serial # doesn't belong to them they will not activate it. That is one great thing about GSM, pop in the sim on an unlocked and network compatible phone and you're golden.

3.) Good luck!

Question 1:
As of right now, they are only going to offer the Q series. Why? See here:

Question 2:
I don't think you can use a verizon device on the sprint network. Just to verify, give your carrier a call to confirm this.

Finally...a little something...but "a few short weeks" could be 2...could be 4....and it still hits the Q1 promise...I would assume longer than 2 because I would HOPE we would hear something form carries at LEAST 2 weeks in advance...but...only MORE time will tell...thanks for the update Adam!

I am on T Mobiles list for the email. I cannot wait. Can't upgrade yet but still going to work some kind of deal to get one. This 9300 is killing me.

They've been tweeting it is coming soon with the same landing page since the launch every few days. Getting ridiculous! Either give a date or stop!

Remember, these are short weeks, not regular-sized ones. Short weeks can be as little as 168 hours long. The longer type of week is almost a *million* seconds... obviously way bigger.

I dont know whats wrong with sprint but they are not taking this seriously and they have a lot of customers in their server that use blackberry........and they will move if they keep slacking around*

marketing geniuses - in other words.. they have no real idea when they can launch.. probably busy repackaging all the returned units from other markets so they can dump em on the US....

Sprint is so funny. The Q series pic on their BB10 landing page has the qwerty keyboard faded out. Can't they adjust the agreement with apple so they can offer the Z series like the rest of the competition? I have a feeling Sprint will lose customers over this restriction.

They need to start advertising heavy in the US to get people excited. the super bowl ad was the only ad that has aired in the US about Z10 since it launched...

A week is a week. Short or long is personal perception and currently my perception of a waiting week is very long. :-)

I signed up on AT&T's update page when it first was announced here at CrackBerry. Haven't received an update since signing up. TeamBlackBerry, tweet something when you actually have news!

"It's just over this dune."
"Nope, you said that three dunes ago ..."
(needless Spaceballs reference)

Getting very anxious waiting but can hold out a little bit longer. My 9780 is still going strong enough.

Wtf ever...Of course I'm going to grab it when its available, i even got some accessories in preparation...but spare me this coming soon bull at this point. Don't say anything without a solid date from at least one carrier from now on.


Vote with your money, if Sprint will not stock Z10 find a carrier that will. Sprint will be the one to lose. Oh and please instead of crying about how its too long and should I get an Android etc etc just F** off and buy one if thats what you want " stop crying"

Unless BlackBerry has invented a 4-day week I don't know about, the weeks before its release are standard in length.

And this phone CANNOT get here soon enough for me. I can't tether from my current phone (because I don't want to pay for it on a phone I am ditching in a month anyway), but it seems like the need to tether comes up every third minute for me these days.

I'm calling bull crap on the excuses BlackBerry has given. So many stories "excuses " over the years no matter who is in charge (although Hienz is far more reliable than the old guard ) I remember vividly that the reason for the delay in BB10 was a processing chip, was that ever confirmed to be the case? We were also told that the reason for the delay was that carriers who are supposedly behind BB10 advised BBRY to delay the launch from the holiday season to Q1. The reason was that there would be no direct competition, at first I thought was bull but now I see during the "global" launch of BB10 there really isn't anything else coming out. So maybe the carriers were telling the truth, and if that's the case BBRY delay until the very end of Q1 clashes directly with Samsungs early Q2 release of the G4s which to me is a failed roll out of a product or another BBRY 1/2 truth, when in fact Q2 is more accurate.

I don't think that blaming it on the chipset was the wisest decision seeing as it has been available for more than a year now. If they had said that the chipset manufacturer didn't have enough produced for Blackberry to get their share then we'd have understood. I've been thinking about this since the specs were release but have kept my lips shut until now.

I remember at launch people writing about "no way" that a late March date would be acceptable to them and now it appears that mid to late March may be the actual date. Being an owner of a Playbook that has lived through rumors and vague implied promises and sticking with my 9800 this wait has been getting very old. I am wanting the Z10 but I am loosing the will power to keep waiting and waiting. I still wish there was a global provider offering an unlocked Z10 phone with a contract price. Adding to the frustration of this delay is watching the stock keep dropping and dropping. I wish some one would be bold enough to step out and give some hard facts to the american consumers concerning release dates and pricing. Being retired money is not as available as when I was working, so trying to buy one at full price is not a real option for me.

Of course, if they'd even tried to launch everywhere at the same time, and the demand was so great, and they couldn't keep up, then the cries would have been, "Well, they should have been prepared with more inventory!" and many of you would have been waiting just as long if not longer anyway. There's just no winning. They don't have the economies of scale of Samsung and Apple, remember, regardless of whose "fault" it is that they're not available in the U.S. yet. Good things come to those who wait.

Personally, I think BB just wants a running start at the majority of initial users calling it a "Zed-Ten".

"Personally, I think BB just wants a running start at the majority of initial users calling it a "Zed-Ten"


I love when people call it a "Zed10", in print, they change the spelling, isn't that proof positive it should just have the letter designation? Just saying cause I think it's funny not cause I care one way or the other.

I only spell it that way to accentuate the (correct) pronunciation. I pronounce it Zed when it's spelled Z too! (except in advertising constructions like E-Z)

I don't care either, tomato, tomahto, just trying to inject some levity to help the Systeme Internationale (metric) short weeks pass.

Boy, I'm sure glad I'm Canadian, and got my ZED10 on the 5th of February. Cause if I got lumped into the whiny bunch of sniveling bitches like the majority of you, I'd be pissed.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, It makes me sick to be a part of this community right now. You all sound like a bunch of entitled brats.

Put the blame on your fellow Americans. BlackBerry and their staff have been working day in and day out to make this happen for 2 and a half years, and you gotta wait 1-2 months longer than the markets that have kept the lights on a BlackBerry.


I Bleed Black & Berry

What do you mean? Most Americans are spoiled brats. Americans have mostly got everything first but sometimes they don't get it and they start whining. The fact is that most of the new products will get introduced somewhere else in the world before coming to the states. Amercian media is too much pro winners, like Apple and Samsung, basically pure hero worship. Everyone else is a loser. Look at how much bashing Blackberry and Nokia get in the US media. Blackberry did the right thing by starting in UK and Canada. I bet Nokia is thinking it should have done the same thing with Lumia 920. It's hard to win consumers in the states, I think they are too dazzled by iWin stuff. More and more products will continue to be introduced in the other parts of the world including Europe and Asia.

...hahaha, I like where your intent seemed aimed at.

Still, to say to put the blame on "your fellow Americans" was not called for. It is not Americans that RIM (rather BlackBerry) fell behind. As much as I care for my 9810 (personal), 9550 (work) and love my PlayBook (entertainment), blaming the fact that Americans all but abandoned BlackBerry is no one else's fault but BlackBerry's.

I agree with your sentiment and applaud BlackBerry for their efforts in this incredible undertaking. That cannot be taken away from them, but the fact is that they fell behind all on their own.

This is coming from someone who looks forward to replacing his 9810 with a Z10 (maybe the 9550 too) and looking to see in what amazing way they will put BB10 onto my PlayBook.

Just saying cause it is a little offensive that you classify the majority of us into sniveling ---- i won't go there.

Enjoy your Z10, I know I will when i get my hands on it in a few short weeks.

Only question i have now is, will Verizon's LTE variant allow simultaneous talk & data... Since LTE in itself supports it, it will be weird if it some sometimes (when on LTE) and not others (when on CDMA2k).

I consider it all joy.

Speaking only for myself, it's not the extra wait, been waiting since they nixed the Storm3 (2-2-1/2). It's that we don't know for how long we are waiting.

i wish the screen expanded more to the edge. the z10 screen is small. to much room left not being used. :( ill still get it though just sayin

The "short weeks" are just the standard business days. To them it might be 21 days but the rest of us it could be May before it actually drops. I know they said March but when have they ever been on time?

A few short weeks means 2.5 weeks.
This is how I look at it
A few weeks means more than 2 weeks.
A couple weeks means 2 weeks.
The short is a 1/2 week. They are basically saying it's between a couple to a few.

I'm eligible for an upgrade on April 1st, so basically I'll only be waiting a week or so if it drops in late March. (I remember one screen posted here gave a T-Mobile date of March 27?)

That said, the camera on my 9810 doesn't work anymore, so I'll be quite pleased to just have one that does once my Z10 arrives.

and the wait continues while my wallets drains.................BB needs to steal the moment and that moment is fast disappearing for new convents in light of Samsung G4 and iPhone5 available to snatch anytime while we speculate on Z10 launch dates...

oh my god!! You all sound like 4 yr olds waiting for christmas morning!!! Oh just a sec, my Z10 is ringing - bye :)

I know Sprint is getting the new BlackBerry's, its just a matter of when they relase the Q, which might mean August or September knowing Sprints track record.

Non-specific Launch date is draining enthusiasm from "The Blackberry faithful" and that is unfortunate.. US Launch of Z10 has been handled pretty poorly and Q10 is a summer mystery. The longer this plays on the more opportunity i have to think.. "with iPhone5 I can factime with my family, mature apps, proven OS .. "

BTW I've delayed upgrade for a year on BB10 leaks and rumors..
I'm so pumped about the Z10. The United States launch seems like it's taking forever. I can't wait to show all the new features to my friends who own an iPhone. Copy the link above to get another peek of the BlackBerry Z10 features. Like my link to support BlackBerry because I'm trying to get the word out and build more hype for this great product and company. Let me know the best feature on the Z10 based on your point of view. TEAM BLACKBERRY

Get ready for an entirely new group to start whining and crying about what BB10 doesn't have.

At least they didn't say another month or 2, I will take this news. Do I think BB botched this, yes (I have the stock to prove it) but I just want the phone.

not in a hurry to pick up a blackberry z10 yet, first reasons is most of the app i use daily on my 9900 is still their and not currently on blackberry z10 yet, second reason is since im already waiting, i might try and consider the q10 also depending on which one is better for my usages.

I love blackberry but this passive aggressive stuff is crap. A fewweeks that means nothing. That's all subjectvie. Chances are bb doesn't really know when its launching so they can't say.

They said march we are about to begin you mean to tell me that the carriers wouldn't know by now when they will have it. There is only 31 days in March. And say whatever you want about their testing its not pike BlackBerry didn't know it takes them longer. Its well known testing is 8-12 weeks so earliest US carriers got phone was end of Decmber latest was end of January. Pets assume its in the middle. No way international carriers have two week testing. To then test it and approve then start preorders send to stores do training etc etc. BlackBerry gave the phones to the US carriers late. Bottom line.

It really boils down to 2 options if you live in the USA. I am on Verizon and want to stay with them. So You can wait for the Z10 or go with Iphone or Android. Period over and out. oh or WP

Too little, too late. Hate to be pessimistic but I doubt BB will even make a splash in the U.S. Seriously hope I'm wrong though.

Please just lie to me and keep telling me its coming next week, please, just lie to me, till it gets here, Thats all i need to get me through

i'm numb to all of these announcements.. would just like to get the phone already.. i have a feeling the next announcement will be

"so close, but just a little longer"

I was one of the first person to post on this story. I guess Mr. Zeiss got offended and remove my comment. I said Z10 isn't quite as good as the S3 and the S4 might come out in the U.S before the Z10. Hence low sales for BB10. I am rooting for BlackBerry but the first generation BB10 seems too outdated.

Sales are as fast as they can produce them.....did you not read the announcement that production is being increased. As for behind, I hardly think so. The balance between the OS and hardware is extremely efficient....the SIII and iphone 5 are behind.....PS you are hardly rooting for Blackberry.

"In a few short weeks"? Just as short as in "The Q10 will be available shortly after the Z10"? If that would be true, US customers have to be patient till June ;P

very sad the Samsung Galaxy s4 will be announced on MARCH 14th so how is blakberry planning to compete against that and im certain samsung isnt going to have anyone waiting for to long

After waiting for so long my attention has already wandered towards other phones including the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Another ho hum tickler.......a major shot it the foot for BB not releasing in the so sick of waiting, got an Iphone 5 ..sorry, maybe see ya in 2 years when my contract is up........if you re even still around then. Going the way of Palm?

Enjoy your iphone 5, us true Blackberry fans would wait longer if need be. A few weeks is nothing compared to the amount of time I have been waiting. I'm not saying I am happy with how long it has taken but I honestly wait longer if I had to. BBFL.

For all of those tired of waiting and threatening to go to another platform.......GO. Please. Go to their fan sites to complain and/or talk about how happy you are with that phone and how you hate blackberry.

US carriers has bought into Apple and Android, they have catered their networks around those functions. Blackberry is so high maitenance that they (us carriers) can't afford to lose with them.
So US carriers want to make sure this new platform won't cause them issues long-term.

Bold B

I don't usually like to go on a rant.....but honestly, if you can't go a few more weeks get an SIII or iphone 5......its a free country.....but don't come back and cry when you miss out on the following.....1) The BB10 Hub.(Awesome) 2) DNLA, HDMI capabilities. 3) Gaming using a gamepad on the Big Screen. 4) Computer Dock soon to be your phone will replace your laptop. 5) QNX stabilty, power, and security. 6) Fastest web browser and most compliant on the market.....yes even faster than your desktop. 7) A ton of Apps are going to be produced on HTML5....well guess what platform dominates that. ......feel free anyone to add to the list......In Canada, ask what the teenagers are discussing at the moment.....iphone 5 users are stating the z10 is better than the iphone, it is just missing some of the popular games. Well games are flowing in everyday. The z10 is awesome at gaming....and again you can easily put them on the big screen.....It is taking a run at the gaming console market, not the extreme hard core gamers, but not BB10 is mobile computing the way it shoud be.....I won't even mention how good BBM has become....Go ahead, buy an SIII, IV, iphone 5,6,7....101 and get on with your life.......just remember, their OS systems are truly behind, and they will have to start from the ground up to catch up. Even if Blackberry did ultimately fail, they are still ahead in this division bar none......I think they are on the road to a great recovery. Have a great day everyone.....for those in the patieint, you won't be sorry. If you can still find a cheap priced Playbook, grab one....BB10 will be on it soon and you can't go wrong.

Spoken like the ultimate homer. No way in hell is the Z10 better than the iphone, GS3, HTC one, Lumia 920, ect... Just because it's better than your previous Bold doesn't mean squat. Everything you mentioned that the Z10 can do can be done on every other flagship out there. The difference, ecosystem. There are so many things bass ackwards with BB10 at the moment. Proof? The front page of Crackberry has an article about how to text from your call log. You won't find anything as ridiculous as that on a site covering a different OS.

So true. It's almost condescending to the BlackBerry brand that crackberry is blowing up these small features on the front pages. SMH

I have another small statement.....why did Apple not hit $1000.00 per share like all the media stated it would.....why is it the share price continues to slide.....well the majority of Apple shares are held by large investment firms, companies etc. Not by individual investors. They spend a lot of time and energy looking after their money, it is them that will determine if the stock goes up or down......they know that Apple is the greatest marketing company in the world and it will still continue to sell products. But they also know Apple has fell behind, it is messing up in the corporate world, and you can only suppress this so long. They will continue to lessen their exposure as time goes on. I am not stating that Apple is in trouble, or they are headed towards financial ruin. I am stating that their days of sole dominance and extreme profit margins are much under pressure. The consumer is figuring this out.

Per verizon rep, z10 training is next week, and will have more infor to realease after that. I am still thinking mid march.

It seems to me all the "whining" we Americans have been making may actually bode well for BlackBerry. It is a positive signal of high interest. The frustration is directly proportional to our anticipation.

I'm glad it was delayed. I was gun ho on getting a Z10 but after seeing a bunch of hands on videos I want nothing to do with it. Sure there is a lot to like but there is still a long way to go. Last I checked I'm not a lab rat.
The one that got off the hook

Thanks for the rant but I thought you got off the hook?

Here you go:

Congrats to all of you that finally get a Z10 when it finally gets released. But I'm waiting for the Q10. And I'm on Sprint. So double downer for me. My only sigh of relief is that I was told that Sprint will have its 4G LTE network being installed in my home area of Victorville, CA starting in May. And it will be completely up and running by end of June. So unless another carrier releases the Q10 before Sprint with a comparable plan and pricing that I have now, I'm pretty much playing the waiting game.

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It's amazing how many so called analyst posing as reliable tech experts were dogging this phone.
Nothing but negative articles after articles with misinformation. Praying for Blackberry down fall..
But one thing is so weird how they all speculated a late release from late march to april. Now it seems that there's truth to this. Wall Street was betting heavy against this company.Now all of sudden us carriers have to do extreme testing?? Hmmm I smell a rat ... But i am still waiting for the z10 and unfortunately due to their support for apple i have to leave sprint..

One of the more amusing threads to read in some time. As a "whiny American," I'm surprisingly non-plussed by all this. Thor's the man and he not only stopped the ship from going over the waterfall, but he's managed to actually get it to float upstream just a bit. Just a little. But THAT was quite amazing in and of itself.

I've ticked off other BB fans (of which I am one) that THIS (the negative-speak) is their advertising blitz. Aside from trying to just kill off BB (then RIM), when was the last time people actually spoke about a BB PRODUCT at all (beyond the Storm)? Much less one that hasn't come out, yet (yes, the states)? While I don't think BB is that clever (or insane), I've honestly never had so many people ask me (who are NOT BB users) what my thoughts were on the "new phone" that's been bandied about... I open with, "It's a new platform, gutsy, part Hail Mary, but w/a lot of potential if it's reasonably not buggy at v.1.0..." then list a few of its core features that are uniquely BB and different from iOS or Andro. Explaining the Hub is difficult until you have them go through their phones to check email (or whatever) from within some multi-paged app, then explain it's just a single stroke away on the Z10.

Definitely a conversation starter.

Then I look to the north, shake my fist at Thor, and demand a few duckets for my trouble doing HIS job. The following is an actual conversation that took place in a coffee shop. I was chatting w/a friend (on biz time, so our phones were on the table). My 9930 and his Lumia (don't know which enumeration).

Odd man: So...what do you think of the Z10? You plan to get it?
Me: Sure. I think it's a big step for BB, but they have to execute.
Odd man: You think it's any good?
Me: The complaints are surprisingly sparse, and most can be addressed w/software, which was not the case w/the Storm. It will likely put a spotlight on iOS and Android's age.
Odd man: I'm shorting them.
Me: That's nice. But this is the most ambitious phone they've ever released and even previously negative outlets are changing their tune. (THIS comment caught him off guard and that I made his brows furrow made me all giddy inside.)

Odd man looks to my friend and his phone...

"So... You work for Microsoft?" Because in his lurid world, nobody owns Lumias except Microsoft employees!

The Z10 will eventually arrive, just as it will be outdated by other phones in short order, and the cycle will repeat anew. If BB lives to keep fighting, that's really all I'm looking for. (And I like THIS direction far more than I did with the Wonder Twins.)

Instead of just telling us it is coming soon, how about some one get us a f*ing date already. Really getting tired of the waiting game. Knowing on Att it will be the last day of march at 11:59 pm.

Just talked to a Rep from Sprint, saying they will carry the Z10. Just not sure when, they expected around the same time as they pick up the Q10. Just saying.

I first heard of BB10/BBX 2years ago? Still not out yet in the US. I just heard of S4 a week ago and it's schedule for an April release. People wonder why one company is doing so well and the other is declining. I am a BB user as I have a 9800. BB fans need to be more open about how crappy of a job BB is doing. Maybe they'll start listening and get their act together.