BlackBerry 10 enterprise webcasts now available for your viewing pleasure

BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 23 Jan 2013 04:49 pm EST

If you're looking to learn a bit more about BlackBerry 10 in the enterprise space, there are some great webcasts at your disposal. Ready for on-demand viewing, the webcasts will keep you informed and up to date on all you need to know about enterprise and BlackBerry 10. There are a handful already available now with plenty more to come soon. You can start off with one of the webcasts below and check back for more in the coming weeks. They are free to view (you just need to sign up) and on-demand so you can view them when it fits your schedule.

The BlackBerry 10 Ready Program: Making the Transition Seamless
The Enterprise Security Capabilities of BlackBerry 10
Doing More, with Enterprise Applications and BlackBerry 10
The BlackBerry Enterprise Vision and Roadmap

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BlackBerry 10 enterprise webcasts now available for your viewing pleasure



What the heck are these guys thinking? Most of the current BES users are in these enviroments. This is going to take a huge chunk out of their revenues for the quarter. Instead of law firms, and brokerage houses being up and running in Feb./March - they may not be up until May/June - meaning their users will not purchase hardware until that time.

Someone explain why they did not release BES10 w/ HAE at the same time?

I guess this kind of goes along the lines of what some people have been hearing that BES10 was not going to be available till summer/May/June/etc. I guess they were originally only going to release BES10 when everything was done, but decided to release whatever they had to kick start some enterprises. Which is still good.

Depending on which service goes down, Impact to users in a non issue.

I must admit that I was surprised that there was no HA on this release but the more I investigated, the less it mattered and it's become a 'nice to have'

Do you not understand that BES 5 will be there until the new version is released in May/June so if you have HAE now, you will have it until the new version is released in May/June. So there will be nothing missed.

Yes - I understand my users can use their BB7/7.1 devices. But they can not use BB10 devices as BES10 does not yet support HAE. There is no sense in ordering 2-300 devices at a premium now, to collect dust, when they will likely be less expensive in several months when the HAE is available and tested.

I guess I wasn't entirely clear. I meant that law firms and brokerage houses that want to be up and running with BB10 with thousands of users who need 24/7 fall back reliability, will not be able to do so. This really harms RIM for the quarter. And possibly longer term, depending on how strong sales are from outside the corporate world.

My company just notified me that they will NOT be upgrading to the new BES software. So no more BlackBerry for me... :(

This is a huge shock. I honestly never saw it coming. Aparently there are so few insurance agents left for our comapny that use BB, that they don't see the need to spend thousands of dollars on the new software.

I've been rallying so hard on Crackberry for BB10 and now I will have to leave. What a bummer..

How does that stop you? You can still activate BB10 on your companies server like any other smartphone....activesync

That just gets you email. BES is like an always on VPN for your phone. Our co. went with the IBM Endpoint Manager ( ) for connecting iOS devices via VPN. All I can say is NO THANK YOU. You have to install the endpoint manager software then use it to download certificates to authenticate. That's where sanity ends. To actually connect you have to go into settings, then networks, and then VPN to turn the VPN on. And if you set it down for more than 5 minutes it disconnects and you have to go through the whole process again. With BES 10 you can manage your BB 10, Android, and iOS devices all in one place. Any company that isn't upgrading doesn't understand what they are losing out on.

WOW There is just SO MUCH MIS-INFORMATION here its NOT even funny.

1. BES10 announced in this article is WELL ahead of their release schedule by RIM. The original target was/is for MAY 2013 and that is FULL on BES a full blown production server with everything we'd expect and more in multi/single-domain environment!! Get the facts!

2. ActiveSync does NOT just give you email! Just because you linked an IBM article specific to iOS means jack! That ONLY talks about EndPoint Manager. IBM has gone from Lotus Traveller to EndPoint Manager and directly having licensed ActiveSync in Lotus Domino (for Notes or iOS/Android devices).
- ActiveSync allows for password policy, Email, Calendar, Contacts (including GAL), and for some mobile OS' Tasks/Notes in Outlook. There is a LOT more of what it supports and since you don't know the facts google search using "Microsoft ActiveSync features"

Do they not understand that it's a free upgrade? And for the remainder of the year it's free to convert your user licenses to BB10? In fact, that conversion allows you to flip them over to BB10 at your leisure while still being able to use BES5 until they do so - it's like a combo BES5/10 license. It makes no sense to use something else if you already have BES in place, and certainly can't be cheaper.

Clinto - For most every buisness that owns BES5, the upgrade to BES10 is free. No cost. Well, at least the software.

Thanks everybody for your responses. I am going to contact BlackBerry and get the specifics. My company doesn't screw around... If I don't come to them with a specific agenda along with advantages and pricing, they won't even waste their time thinking about it; it'll just be a NO.

Thanks For Giving Me Hope!

I think this conversation misses the point. The Z10 is aimed at competing with iPhone and Android top phones. If it's success hinges on BES 10, then it's a failure as none of these phones are on BES 10 either. Granted BES 10 might give Z10 a little push but RIM can't hang the Z10 hat on BES 10.

Let me explain kiddo. 1. RIM is not expecting or even hoping for this to sell as well as IP5 or the combination of all the android handsets out there. Thewy are hoping to take a samll chunk out of those markets and a bigger chunk in the long run as more folks adopt the platform.

RIM's focus remains business and productivity. Their revenue comes from licenses, and service. Over the last 18 months many large corporate and gov't accounts have gone to a MDM system allowing IP5s and in some rarer cases Androids, while maintaining the BES server for BBs. Most will maintain the legacy BES server for older BBs - while they phase into BB10 or IPs. However, since most large companies (law firms, brokerage houses, pharma,etc..) require a high availability environment, they will not be instituting BES10 for some time. As a result their users can not put a BB10 device on the system. As a result of that an increasing number of BB users will continue switching to supported devices - at this time mostly IP5. And with dwindling users, these companies and agencies will not purchase large stocks of BB10s. In some cases the user base may dwindle far enough that some companies and agencies decide to save money and no longer run a seperate BES server at all.

Bottom line is delays = money loss. Always. HAE is necessary, and RIM knows that their largest clients virtually all use it. This is sure to cost them at least in the first quarter. How the media and analysts perceive the sale through rate in the first quarter will effect RIM longer term.

I am not an IT guy, nor can I pretend to understand what the majority of you are talking about.

One thing did strike a chord with me though. 1magine mentioned that RIM is focusing on business and productivity, and that struck me as odd. I am in brand marketing, and there is no way that RIM will be successful if that is their sole focus. BB10 needs to transcend the business world and be relevant to a leisure, or general consumer, as well. Just like Apple did with the iPhone and iPad (only they started leisure and migrated to business).

People live blended lives. Work and leisure are somewhat seamless now and we look to technology to facilitate that experience. For example, I want a phone that I can use to bang out work emails, review documents, and catch up on episodes of Archer on Netflix when I have some down time (If you haven't seen Archer - watch it.).

This isn't intended to be a criticism of 1magine or anyone else who has posted here. I am a BB supporter and want them to succeed, but there will have to be a shift in RIM thinking and execution if that is going to happen.

I really think you are confused about what the current BES10 is. It really is MDM. Who cares about HAE for MDM? BES5 is a part of BES10 and that is already HAE. All you are doing is setting up email profiles for BB10 devices.

Enterprises will continue to adopt blackberry 10 and keep legacy blackberry devices. HAE and others aren't important. BEST 5/10 is an Mdm solution.

BES 10 replaces BES5 - you can support both. Take a good look at that video and you'll see a legacy device supported.