BlackBerry 10 was officially launched 1 year ago today

Missed it last year? You can re-live the excitement by watching the unveiling again!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2014 08:53 am EST

At this moment, a year ago today, Adam, Bla1ze, Marcus and I were on the ground in New York City, putting the finishing touches on CrackBerry's BlackBerry Z10 Review and getting ready to leave our hotel for the Pier 36 venue where BlackBerry 10 would be officially unveiled to the world. The unveiling wouldn't be contained to just NYC, however. For the BIG BANG, BlackBerry coordinated a global launch event with Toronto, London, Paris, Johnnesburg and Dubai also included in the launch day extravaganza. 

I was feeling both sick and extremely excited. Excited as all hell for the launch. And a little sick as I just found out that my ponytail was going to get chopped off in front of thousands of people as one of the pre-show warm-up acts (in case you forgot, I went on a haircut strike while waiting for BB10 to get released. And it turned out to be in front of millions of people since CNBC decided to air it live). 

The BlackBerry 10 launch event itself went smoothly, and I think overall was well received by both attendees and the press. The interest of the world was definitely THERE. I know for CrackBerry, we hit an all-time traffic record for a single day. Even our keynote live blog had over 150,000 people tuning in live, which is pretty insane.

Looking back at the last 365 days, it's crazy how much has happened since then. Lots of good things, and arguably, plenty of more bad things.

Whether by coincidence or an intentional decision, it's interesting that on this anniversary week of the BlackBerry 10 launch that OS 10.2.1 has been officially unveiled. Looking at my Z30 and Q10 running 10.2.1, I can't help but wonder if we'd be in a different state right now if these would have been the devices and OS available immediately after the January 30th launch.

As my friend Antoine (superfly_FR) said to me recently, 10.2.1 feels like what BlackBerry 10 was meant to be from day one. 10.2.1 really is BLACKBERRY 10. And with all the excitement on CrackBerry this week surrounding the release, it feels like we are re-living the launch of BlackBerry 10 all over again.

And here I thought 2014 could prove to be a boring year for BlackBerry. Not even a month into the year new, I've been proven wrong. 

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BlackBerry 10 was officially launched 1 year ago today


If BlackBerry had started working on BB 10 earlier then they started yes BB 10 at launch would have been what how 10.2.1 is!

I f and If we look back at the Z10 with the buggy 10.0 OS vs the current Z30 with the current 10.2.1 OS and Google App access BlackBerry and THOR would of had a consumer product meeting the immediate consumer needs but today we have a strong focused enterprise prosumer management team who have now a great mobile strategy and product offering ! I guess BlackBerry did require a one year more ...but hey its never to late i say ....Go Chen and the great BlackBerry Canadian & Global Team !!

They acquired QNX in 2010 and developed the PlayBook OS. So ya they had time to start or enough time to start working on it earlier. Just saying as I wish the company well and like a lot of us wished they had done a lot of things differently in the past so they could have avoided where they are in the market share, shares down, public perception and etc

I'm with you. New upgrade is fabulous and it can only keep getting better..

Posted via CB10 using my Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

BlackBerry is about software and phones. The PlayBook was just an experiment. That being said if both the phones and the PlayBook was running the new 10.2.1 back then, BlackBerry could of been sitting pretty good right now. Goes to show how critical it is to hit release dates! And have the software people expect

Posted via CB10

I agree. Also, it's not just about software always either. Arrogantly saying that "meh, you don't need more power because the OS doesn't need it" is really what demonstrates how they felt about the PB. In my view, that thinking is what kills a great product (the PB couldn't get BB10 because of it). They can't aim for a phone-a-year scheme... they need these phones to last to boost subscribers first.

Software-wise, I feel like at 10.1 we had a pretty good product. 10.2.1 is pretty awesome, but I wouldn't go as far as saying THIS IS BB10 FOR REAL. Sideloading wasn't for everyone, but also, having the in-device installation of .APKs is more of a Plan B (the app gap didn't narrow as much as expected). Personally, I'm still trying to avoid too many android apps.

I avoid the android apps too. Prefer native. Kingsoft Office is the only Android app I run. It's a patch for features lacking in Docs to Go. I'm increasingly turning to Note Master by Hx-cellent Inc., however, as a one stop "on the go" text editor/note app. It's software designed "to keep you moving" ;0)

10.2.1 features look great, 10.2 would have been a good start for BB 10, imo. 10.1 too limited (and buggy).

An experiment? People actually use this "experiment " every single day, and depended on BlackBerry to update it, which was another broken promise...great job BlackBerry...

Posted Via Z10

I wish our playbooks could be upgraded to run BlackBerry 10..all were missing is memory... I'd be using it all the time if it had bb10 on it.

Posted via CB10

He was a very uncomfortable looking Kevin, like a cornered cat, was my impression watching it live. Like he'd been told 5 min before about the haircut. I had assumed then that he was going to do it as a CrackBerry event.

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Exciting times ahead maybe. I will jump for joy when some of the key apps I need come on board natively and work, ie Barclays UK, SugarSync, Sonos, Spotify. My BB10 wish list.

the latest version of sugar sync works flawlessly. Though it may not be native it works and works well, heck I even run it on my playbook, and it syncs all my files without flaw.

OS10.2.1 is great... much like the PB, BBRY seems to release things a year too early. Had the PB been released a year later with at least the current version of the OS, it certainly may have gained more traction in the marketplace. Plus, I think the PB "fiasco" caused some BBRY users to avoid BB10 (or BBRY altogether). Don't get me wrong, I love my PlayBook, but it certainly is much more polished with the latest OS than it was when it was first released (ala BB10).

Here is to a prosperous year for BlackBerry in 2014...

Posted via CB10

Of course hindsight is 20/20, but looking back I think the Playbook was misplaced as a separately marketed standalone device. It worked BEST as a BBOS partner and should have been twinned with sales of BBOS phones to continue to give them lift until BB10 was rolled out. Buy a BBOS phone free on contract and get this tab for $150 or $200, (whatever break even to small loss would have been). Who knows?

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Pus_zled very insightful! That would have been a great idea! I hope BlackBerry is reading this!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

The PlayBook was actually ahead of its time. It was a companion product to the phone rather than a standalone unit. I find it tedious to setup separate emails and other apps where everything duplicated. Furthermore I only need to worry about one source of truth when I lose my device. Also bbm is tied to the device so having standalone bbm makes little sense. Having all important data and apps on one central device but bridged to a bigger device is exactly what I would like to see on an iPad. People laughed at BlackBerry for not having a standalone email and bbm system. I applauded it.

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Boy oh boy I wish it all went better than it did. Seems like BlackBerry could have should have done a better job marketing it.

Onwards and upwards with John Chen!

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Polish and marketing are two of the big reasons why BBRY is in its current position. Hopefully Chen will right the QNX powered ship...

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BB10 is just coming into stride. No sense advertising until it's fully ready. Perhaps with the latest release, and month to iron out a few bugs BlackBerry can start. My z30 now, I can honestly say is the best device on the market. Filling the App gap was crucial, otherwise no matter what you say, how good the OS was, and the built in functionality, the conversations ended with......yes nice but you have no apps.

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No kidding! Neither Android nor iOS, even in their beginnings, were polishing their OS this often...

In 1 year I have had the pleasure of watching BB10 mature. Also the transition from a z10 to a z30 was leaps and bounds in the right direction. Now with the latest release, the App gap is filled. Sure a few Google Apps may not work, there are plenty of alternatives. I have not found one of the big names that doesn't work flawlessly. Anyhow, there is no doubt I am holding the premiere device in the world, and few even know that. So I truly have an exclusive device! Now for 10.3. Also a great thanks to all the hard working employees at BlackBerry!

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Ya exactly it was great watching and using my z10 mature over the course of the year through the updates. Very cool to see the improvements with the OS, existing features, new features and etc.

I remember this very well. It was quite an exciting moment... And I remember when Alicia Keys came out on stage; my thoughts were 'Why the hell would they choose her?? She won't last.' Sure enough, she didn't last.

Can't wait to try that out.. when AT&T finally releases 10.2 for my Z10. Looks like a whole lot of sweet new features that will be fun to try out.

Posted via the incredible BlackBerry Z10

What I have to give to Thor is that he got the product out; working and secure, on Jan 30, 2013. That was his MO ... he couldn't miss that deadline.

BlackBerry has been working on adding all the bells and whistles since - that's for sure ... but I don't think they would have made it this far had they held the product back another year to add all the features that we have in our hands today with 10.2.1

Actually he didn't. We had to wait nearly five months in the states for the Q and at least two for the Z. Killed Al the marketing buzz and capital from the rollout.

Posted via CB10

Yup US carriers should be ashamed and shipped off first class to hades.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

So true...tons of advertising and waiting for the advertized product.

The waiting was the hardest glad I did for my excellent Q10.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda S2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Kevin, I see your point of view.

On the other hand, I've enjoyed my Q10 since the day it was released in Canada.

If I had to wait until this week when 10.2.1 was released, I'd never know because I'd have another device from another manufacturer.

It's part of life as an early adopter. Either you want it now or you want it perfect. Hard to get both.

Posted via CB10

I feel like we early adopters have been beta testers. Had the phone not been released a year ago, we would not be at the point we are in the OS today.

I've filled out all the surveys I've been sent and the things that have been changed and added make me feel like they're really listening.

I've enjoyed my phone right from the start and with every update it's gotten better, sometimes feeling like a brand new device. I am happy to say that after a year, I am still in love with my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Well said, Cecil. I agree 100%. I got my Z10 at the AT&T launch last month and I'm very, very happy with my device.

Happy birthday BlackBerry 10!

Posted via the incredible BlackBerry Z10

Happy birthday BB10 your gonna be at the top this year as we can download android apps you are gonna attract more customers

Posted via CB10

I remember that day a year ago. I've been at the doctors waiting room, trying to keep up with the events on my Bold 9900 and my crappy cellular reception.
I got some glimpses, a BBM buddy sent me some additional pictures to keep me informed. Even though I wasn't there, at the event, it was a really exciting time. Especially since it was the very first time, we saw the actual Q10, not any prototypes on poor-quality pictures.

The first letdown for me were the release dates: Launching more or less directly in UK and Canada was great, but the rest? In Germany, first devices slowly hit roughly four to five weeks later, with decent avilability not until mid of March. Then of course the Q10, which should originally debut "shortly after" the Z10. This "shortly after" turned out to be late April or, for Germany, mid of May. I don't even want to talk about the US release dates there.

The second letdown was the actual state the Z10 got released, all coupled with lots of rebooting reports, even here on CB. IMO 10.0 wasn't really ready for the public and 10.1 should've been at very least the first public version of BB10.

Besides that it's great to see how BB10 matured during these 12 months. I just updated to 10.2.1 and don't understand why the most important BB10 update to date (quote BlackBerry) is just such a minor jump in version numbers. I think BlackBerry really did a good job on the OS's progress, even though there's still some room for improvement left. Especially the (sound) profile system needs some more work to be even comparable to the Legacy OS.

In any case, I'm excited to see what's up for this year with BlackBerry.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

As a BlackBerry fan that had continued to rock a Storm 2, while waiting for BlackBerry 10 to drop, this day last year was to have been the day I was going to shove my finger in the eyes of all those friends of mine who ridiculed me for not having an I-toy. The Z10 looked amazing and I was all set to hit the Verizon store that day to get my new super phone.
Alas, not here in the USA!!! I was the butt of jokes for sure then. But I held out hope and was finally rewarded March 28th ( my birthday also) and have never looked back. I loved my Z10 then, now with the latest OS, I love it even more. Good job BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

I had a great time at the launch. Kevin was cool enough to let me get a picture of him before the haircut. It was really a classy event. I was invited to the executive lunch that followed and had a chance to meet a few of the C-Levels after. RP, FB, and a few others...

They say one of the first emotions to fade into oblivion is pain. I'm certain I was disappointed with the original BB10, (even if I didn't discuss publicly), but with a new Z30 and OS update these memories are getting foggier and foggier. :)

Zee Z30 pozted thiz

I enjoy my z10! The media/other OS users would have you think bb10 is crap. I would say give it a try and it will win you over. I'm all for using and getting the best out of each OS. No point sticking to one when each is good!

From the mind of a mAnIaC

Did you get a haircut again Kevin? It was shown worldwide but the Reporters didn't have a clue who you were or what was the significance.

Posted via CB10

Had they introduced the Z30 with latest specs (despite the is doesn't need it) as the flagship and the Z10 and Q10 with a longer screen as the mid to lower end devices, I'm sure everything would have been received a whole lot different.

BlackBerry 4Life

Happy birthday BlackBerry 10!!
I love u for my life
Thx for being a friend for me
My love for BlackBerry 10 is everlasting

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday BlackBerry 10 for sure. Let's not forget that the PlayBook is the precursor to BlackBerry 10, and without it, BlackBerry 10 would not be what it is today.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Happy Birthday BB10, 10.2.1. is amazing , looking forward to have some great device in 2014 #loveBlackBerry

I have to admit, searching for reviews about the PlayBook led me to this site. I found my self coming back and reading about bb10, and getting excited for it.

I have never been a fan of apple, so I started to look more at android. But in my search I decided to go with the PlayBook. And loved it. (until it was stolen) I decided to get another tablet and bought a cheap android. I owned it for exactly 3 weeks. I hated it Android is a mess imo. So I was back to looking for a used PlayBook. And searching eBay I found myself looking at the z10's. Well now I'm the proud owner of a zed. And I love it. I to wonder if 10.2.1 was the os that was launch where blackberry would be now. But it is what it is and they have a great product to march up that hill with... good luck to blackberry in 2014. may we all be rocking the z11,q11. And z31 and q31 And the s11( slider) ;). In 2014

Posted via CB10

I agree with mnhockeycoach99 re marketing, even though that topic didn't get mentioned much in all of the sneering, "Why BlackBerry is Dead" articles from 2013. I was quite surprised that more of what were at the time considerable cash reserves were not spent on TV spots demonstrating the BB10 innovations. Rather than steer how BB10 was received, the company seemed to passively let others write the story.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10

Best multitasking
Best UI
Best Security
Tons of apps
Most useful apps baked in OS
QNX bulletproof reliability
TAT built UI
Best expandability
Personal perimeter is nsa proof.

Platform is only one year old!

Happy Birthday and thank you. Looking forward to more high end products!

Posted via CB10

It's been a really tough year but I really feel BlackBerry has made a great OS. It is my favorite by far as this point.

Posted via my Z30

Here we go again. I'm going to loose a workday again. Can't pass on watching those videos.

And what a year it was! Happy birthday BlackBerry 10, hope 2014 holds great things!

Posted via CB10

wow. it doesn't seem like its been a year already. in about 5months i will have had my Q for a year. Cant wait to see what 2014 brings to the BlackBerry10 OS.

It's amazing what the Blackberry team can do. Look at the changes from 10.0 to 10.1 to 10.2 to 10.2.1.

They have surpassed Apple by a mile.

Posted via CB10

Congratulations BB10.

Some so called tech journalists (ass wipes ) prayed for failure .

Guess what?!!!!! WE'RE STILL HERE!!!! CHUMPS!!!

BlackBerry...Get it done

Mr Chen...hire me if you dare.

Posted via CB10

It will still be an exciting year for BlackBerry. But just so different kind if excitement.

Posted via my BlackBerry PlayBook, yep, really. :)

I remember sitting watching the live webcast on my computer from BC. I set my alarm, made the coffee, lit the fireplace and waited for the launch. It was an exciting day for everyone that wanted to see BlackBerry blow the roof of the place. Still excited for BlackBerry and am grateful for the 10.2.1 rollout this week.

One year ago I never owned a BlackBerry, now I am on my third one and will never look back! Happy birthday to the Z10 and the support from everyone here at Crackberry for everything BlackBerry

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

I still remember having my 9900 and patiently waiting for T-mobile to release the Q10, and as soon as they did I went and snatched one up. It was a bit of a change and a shock for the first couple of days, but once I got used to it I never looked back. I am running a leak of and it is as if I have a new phone, I love BlackBerry and my Q10! I wouldn't trade it for the world! Keep on truckin' BlackBerry! And thanks for being such a valuable resource CB! i've been coming here for information since I first started with a 9700.

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10, and with the addition of 10.2.1 it's just that much sweeter.
The only change I would make on the hardware side is a bigger battery.

Congratulations BB10

Roll on BB10.5

When are we going to see an anniversary BlackBerry ? A BlackBerry L device named after Mike Lazaridis.

He may have got alot of things wrong with the direction of smartphones but we wouldn't be here talking about BlackBerry if it wasn't for him.

Posted via CB10

 Happy Birthday BlackBerry 10! May you have many, many more happy updates to come 

 Via Ze Ten 

I really loved that day. Honestly, I'm just as excited about my Z10 one year later. I've never had any issues and I promote it any chance I get. Happy Birthday BB10. You deserve to have many more.

Posted via CB10

Yes, BlackBerry 10 has grown a lot in one year. I am really excited to see just how much more we'll get from these powerful devices in the future! Goes to show that the future is unpredictable!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Happy Anniversary BB10! My birthday is Feb 13th and from what I'm hearing is Verizon should release 10.2.1 on the fourth so I'll be a happy camper come the first week of February!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

BlackBerry 10 is coming along just fine people! 10.2.1 brings so much to the table :).

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

It were really exciting days, my favorite song was "Devs, BlackBerry Is Going To Keep On Loving You" sung by Alex Saunders and the new devices looked really good.
I think for everyone and especially for Thor and his board it was frustrating to see that BB10 was not the success it seemed to be the first weeks after lunch, and a lot of mistakes were made. Seeing thing slide away was sad... but only because of this I was able to buy a (refurbished) Z10 for 200€. It´s a great device (could be a little big thicker with a bigger battery imo), and it is ridiculous how fast I can answer emails thank to the hub and the keyboard. I love it!

Happy Birthday BlackBerry 10, so proud of u :)

Thanks BlackBerry team, keep on the good work!

Posted via my BlackBerry Q10

Blackberry should have waited to launch their phones until 10.2.1 was ready. BB was already tarnished in the eyes of consumers and it made no sense to release a phone to a hostile consumer without the phone being ready for the big stage. Also, the Keep Moving advertising campaign would have been a lot more effective with the toast notification feature.

Happy birthday blackberry 10.

I feel we are part of a family now. The highs and Lows emotional stages we all share together makes it so heart warming.

Us as the loyal users have a duty to spread the word out and convert more public to this great product and help stabilize this company that is blackberry.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

And what an embarrassing launch it was with Thor leading it. It could have actually been great, but he is such a bad speaker he sucked the life out of the room. That and Alicia Keys being introduced. Still cringe over that debacle.

I left blackberry for 2 months now bc Verizon wouldn't update to 10.2. I have to say I don't know why I left. BlackBerry is the best phones on market. Period full stop. These new OS update is too smooth! It's good to be back! BlackBerry keep fighting!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

I love my BlackBerry q10, I was thinking about trading it for a LG g2, but I know I can't do it, I'm so use to the Smooth blackberry hub and multitasking

Posted via CB10

+1 vashawn! BB10 (especially bringing back some legacy features that were just outstanding and unique to BB) really makes my Q10 rock even louder! :-)

A battle is won but the war continues.....

Mr Chen will not be satisfied until all aspects of BlackBerry is firing on all cylinders.

Enterprise is bringing in new business. Not just existing customers.

QNX is the first for every car.

BBM is the number one messenger for all operating systems .

BlackBerry 10 devices are are obliterating the competition and gaining market share from all the competition.

None of this has happened.

Time to roll your sleeves up people..

BlackBerry...Get it done

Posted via CB10

I remember the launch myself, it's been an interesting year to say the least.

But wish I could join in the 10.2.1 update, stupid network of mine hasn't released it the ****s.

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday bb10. Love my z30 ABSOLUTELY the best phone on the market bar none.

Posted via CB10

After first having a Z10 and now Z30 running the latest leak. I can say the Z30 should have been the first device launched hands down along with 10.2 at least. If BlackBerry can find a another home for OS10 in 2014 the year can continue to get better.

Posted via CB10

The past year has been nothing but awesome, with BlackBerry 10 growing in leaps and bounds. I'm a proud owner of a black Blackberry Z10. Have been on the 10.2.1 leak since it came out last year and have been on almost every leak that came out before. I have put more BlackBerry 10 handsets on people than most sales people from carriers if BlackBerry shipped 100 handsets i would sell all of them in a month! Go BlackBerry, keep on Moving!

On my Z10

I'm really impressed with the 10.2.1 update! As a new user of BlackBerry, I rely on CB and the forum. I'm happy that I can install Netflix easily. Now my Z30 is truly my all-in-one work and personal device. Thanks, everyone! Happy anniversary, BlackBerry!

Posted by CB10 via Z30

I recall a friend in the mobile industry saying he didn't think BB10 was ready for launch but the consensus was time really wasn't on their side.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I've had my white Z10 since Feb. 5th and not a single problem. LOVE IT!

Guys, instead of complaining about coulda shoulda woulda... let's focus on the go forward.

I've got Netflix, Instagram, Candy Crush & several other Android apps on my phone and they are all working fine. I understand they are not able to generate notifications into the Hub... and I'm okay with that. I understand they might not be able to access my camera but I can take a picture, save it to my device memory and access the photo inside the Android app that way... and I'm okay with that. I understand there is a problem with getting paid Android apps... okay with that too.

BB10 keeps getting better. Congrats to BlackBerry for all this progress and keeping the faith. Congrats to Kevin and his team for running a kickass website & app, keeping us informed in real time.

Posted via CB10

I love blackberry z10 and loved from the beginning. Please BlackBerry make it good, damn good in order to show what a true business smartphone means.

Proudly Z10 owner !

The questions is: Is BlackBerry now going to put the marketing muscle behind BB10?

Posted via CB10

"Whether by coincidence or an intentional decision, it's interesting that on this anniversary week of the BlackBerry 10 launch that OS 10.2.1 has been officially unveiled. Looking at my Z30 and Q10 running 10.2.1, I can't help but wonder if we'd be in a different state right now if these would have been the devices and OS available immediately after the January 30th launch."

This. Exactly This!

I now own the phone having the capabilities that I expected from this phone when I purchased it a year ago.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10.10 WILL feel like what the original launch day SHOULD have been. We are no where close to the "intent" of BB10. We're just excited about the irony of the release, but have quite the path to travel down as of yet. I predict that in 3.5 years we will just finally scratch the surface of the new BB10. Only by that time will we re affirm an even stronger share in the constant emerging markets. So everyone relax and enjoy our growth for now, but breakthroughs are just around the corner.

Posted via CB10

I loved my Torch then, less than 2 weeks later I loved my Z10. I've never looked back. BlackBerry forever!!

Posted via CB10

I won my BlackBerry Z10 and was very thrilled. I. Don't think enough push was made to push BlackBerry to the top. How many winners were track to help with promotion. How many cook commercials were done. Right now it's not too late. 10.2 is a really big deal. Happy!

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday BlackBerry 10! I hold in my hands the finest communication device ever built- a stormtrooper colored Zed 10 in an otter box with an extended battery running OS 10.2.

I am convinced there is no better/more secure/more user friendly communication device on planet earth than A blackberry Z10,Q10,Q5 or Z30. The future of mobile communication is here, and it's name is BB10.....

The update was a fine anniversary present-10.2 takes these phones into an entirely new league of "amazingness".
Proud to own the best!
BlackBerry by choice,blackberry for life!!

Posted via CB10

I was at a wedding in Mexico on release day but my Z10 was pre-ordered and 3 days later I picked it up on the way home from the airport. It was the right choice then and its still the right device for me.

When I think back to 10.0 in February last year how did 10.2.1 it's night and day. Imagine if BlackBerry been able to launch BlackBerry 10 with the feature set of 10.2.1... but I like the direction the BlackBerry is heading!

Posted via CB10

Good update, but not perfect!

Bought my wife an Ipad for Christmas. Nice tablet, but my wife prefers her Playbook! I'm missing the multitasking and swipe features of the PB. The only reason you want an apple product is connectivity to other apple devices and the app store which is invaluable if you have non-core interests such as sailing and flying just to name two.

Got a chance to play a little with a Surface 2 which is a mutch better device than the Ipad Air in my opinion. Nice and responsive operating system and not to difficult to navigate for Windows users. Able to transfer picture quickly from my USB drive to the tablet without problems. I think the windows tablets are more of a competition than the apple!!

Back to OS 10.2.1 - still no fix for irritating calendar appointments with a max 30 snooze period and no snooze all option. Also the Remember app, does not scale properly when switching between portrait and landscape viewing options.

Keep up the good work.


Posted via CB10

I just read the post " BlackBerry 10 is now one, will it make two?". Sounds like a good idea for a bet, or at least a competition to challenge the BlackBerry nation. I vote yes.

Posted via CB10

I'm so glad we've been through this year. What an exciting achievement we can now state with devices in our hands, this 10.2.1 release - thanks for the quote Kevin *hug* - is really what BlackBerry10 is about.
We still have to help people with the learning curve but I'm 100% confident that this new opus will lead more current users to praise their experience into other's hands. Not only the features gap is shrinking but we start to have exclusive features that may make the real difference.

It's been a while I believe we should consider BlackBerry as a startup. A startup with - now - a polished OS and Back-end (BES10), 70millions+ customers and $billions in the bank.
Exciting part is that, with startup, we can feel as we are part of the story, for the worst and the best. The very best is yet to come, dear CrackBerrians ! I'm pretty sure - as fast as in the coming weeks - we'll have more to rejoice about, and it'll be in line with our greatest expectations.

Kudos to all of those who made their very best to make it real, warm thoughts for those who have been impacted by restructuring : Long life BlackBerry and CrackBerry !

And I love it. I never in my life. Have loved my phone after one year of use. Keep up the good work BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Since I have done update no android apps are working wht the hell type of update is this?

Posted via CB10