BlackBerry 10 utility apps on sale for the holiday season

Ajani InfoTech
By James Richardson on 10 Dec 2013 08:47 am EST

A selection of BlackBerry 10 utility applications from Ajani InfoTech have now gone on sale for the Christmas period if you have previously shown an interest in them but been put off by the price. At the time of writing this there are five on offer but that number is set to rise, so as more become available we will add them to the list below. 

The applications vary in price but are all between half and a third of the normal price. In addition - most are 'Built for BlackBerry' which is always a big bonus.

On the run up to Christmas we seem to be getting almost overwhelmed with festive discounts. I suspect this is just the beginning. Bring 'em on!  

On offer at the moment from Ajani InfoTech: 

I don't think we have featured any of the above before so if you download one or more feel free to sound of in the comments with your thoughts. Thanks in advance. 

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BlackBerry 10 utility apps on sale for the holiday season


It appears to. Alas, I found out after purchasing. 99 cents sure aint the end of the world though. :)

So you can't record a private call without making it a speakerphone call for everyone around to hear. Excellent.

Hi, I am Rick from AjaniTech. In the current version , you would have to use the speaker while recording but we have sent a new version upgrade which will not require the speaker. Its currently under review on the portal, but as soon as it rolls out you would get the update. Also the new version upgrade will be FREE of cost. If interested you must buy it now cause in Jan we will price it at 1.99/2.99..

at least you've been able to enjoy all the other goodies.
I've gotten zilch for my 9900 *tear*

We have sent a new version for Z30 and stability. The issues faced by a few customers have been corrected as well. Hopefully the new version will be live by midnight.

Hi, you can check it out now. The latest version is built on BlackBerry Native and is compatible for Z30! Get it now before the offer ends :)

I downloaded Call Blocker and it installed OK on my Z10 (Rogers, Ontario).
Seems to require it to stay open to work.
Not sure just what it's blocking - it says "all calls", but implies it is only those from some mysterious blacklist.

Posted via CB10

Why does the call blocker require access to so much information on the device such as email and pin messages? Wish the application permissions were more detailed. For now, I'm not activating it.

Posted via CB10

Hi, its Rick from AjaniTech. The apps requires the permissions are for sharing the app link via messages and email. We are not collecting any private information from your device.

Hi, a new version of Call Recorder is on its way. If you faced any problems previously, they all will sorted now.

Lots of goodies in BlackBerry World these days.
Keep them coming BlackBerry...
Loving it.

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Thanks. Its our customers who inspire us to continue working for BlackBerry 10. Go Team BlackBerry! Go Team CrackBerry :)

Has anyone had a chance to try out Voice
Notes? I've been using Parrot, but I don’t like that I have to save after each recording. It would be nice to have an app that would activate from the side keys, record, and then go away. I can retrieve the recording later.

Posted via CB10

Completely useless in its current state. It blocks all or nothing based on the reviews. BUT I think that this is the same developer that unused call blocker on legacy devices and it was great. I think I'll buy it now for future development.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for appreciating the version of Call Blocker on the Legacy Devices. We are trying to implement the features and we hope that a new version will be rolled out very soon.

The call blocker blocks all or nothing. I'm really pi***d I paid for that. Some talk bout updates? I'm used to selecting individual numbers or 0845 etc

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