BlackBerry 10 users have downloaded 2.5 Million Android apps thanks to Snap

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2014 12:29 am EDT

I went through the process of wiping my device tonight and due to that, I had to download Snap once again. At the time I did it, the Red Light of Love site was down and all that was coming up for me was cached pages. In those cached pages, I noticed an announcement James Muir, Developer of Snap had made.

According to his stats available through Snap, the app that lets BlackBerry 10 users download Android apps, BlackBerry 10 users have now downloaded more than 2.5 Million Android apps. Needless to say, that's a TON of apps downloaded when you consider Snap itself isn't an official tool nor is it available in BlackBerry World.

Unfortunately, the statistics don't go beyond that to tell us which were the top apps downloaded or anything like that but instead, it's noted 'a major update to Snap is underway and is coming along very nicely.'

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BlackBerry 10 users have downloaded 2.5 Million Android apps thanks to Snap


I'd like to see the featured categories of Google Play, plus ability to find more apps by same dev as whatever you're looking at.

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2.5m downloads is literally nothing. Not sure why this is even news. It's embarrassing.

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For a tool that is unsanctioned by BlackBerry and involves the sideloading process that detractors say is too difficult, I'd say it's an impressive number.

I've downloaded a few apps with it myself that have been helpful for business, but overall looking through the Android app selection, I haven't seen where I'm really missing out on a lot.

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Same here
I am not sure what I am missing out on. A few key titled that run well in my device and I side loaded some apps which I needed. I have Google Maps but never use it because I find the native Maps better for driving in Canada.

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Side loading Snap is the most difficult way to access Android apps on BB10. Therefore the total number of Android apps loaded when you add Mobile1 and Amazon store must be 10X that number - which is very good.

It also shows you that the number of apps is not as important to BlackBerry users - because they are too busy to be playing with apps all day.

I have HBO Go, Zedge and Taskmanager on my Zed 30 through Snap - which I prefer over the others.

Don't need or have time to be playing around with these all day.

Android apps on 10.2.1 run great and good to hear Chen talking this up the other day. This will help sales to consumers.

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If there are say 7 million BB10 devices, you would expect that to be a much higher number. I guess more people are using the Amazon Store than bothering to figure out how to load SNAP.

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I think the problem is that most people have no idea snap, amazon app store, mobile one even exists. How else other than Crackberry would they know how to load an android app. Even if they do know snap exists how many people are skilled enough to install it. I know it's not that hard but some people just don't want to learn how. I know in my case I don't want to be bothered loading it on my phone again. Google Chrome, finding the add on, turning on developer mode, etc.... nahhhhh.

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98% of BlackBerry users have no idea what Snap is. CB community really isn't representative of my mom's skills with adding extensions to Chrome and typing in IP adresses to load a non official Google store.

Bit she did have enough skills to pull her credit card to buy a Nexus phone.

2.5 millons is huge considering the steps needed to do it and the low BlackBerry sales. This completely validates BlackBerry 's strategy to enable an emulator in the OS

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My boss, she doesn't even use BBM on her BlackBerry legacy device. Just syncs her emails and calls.

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

I liked Mobogenie a bit more than 1Mobile, but I feel safer using Snap and Amazon Appstore.

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Amazon myself to try apps. However I'd be hard pressed to name 2 android apps that remain on my awesome BlackBerry device.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Very bad bad news for developers. No wonder there is only little independent developers in BlackBerry world.

Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808

I would go native over Android.
But if there's no native option, I'd go for android. Runtime is an option if there's no native apps available.
And most big names app devs refused to build for BlackBerry. But if every devs build it equally on other platforms, the numbers could be lower.

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Very true. Even big names have noticed their apps running on BlackBerry. The latest HSBC bank app states in its disclaimer something against the lines of they are not liable for device running their app such as iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, and BlackBerry. I know that wasn't there in previous releases

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Honestly I'd buy native apps over downloading free android ones. It's all about them being there. I've also already bought more apps than I did on android. On android I bought 0 apps while on BlackBerry 10 I bought 15+

I've probably spent the most on iOS though. That's only because I had gift cards.

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I only have the Amazon App Store on my Q10 and only downloaded a couple of Android apps (that I rarely use). The only hole for me was instagram, but iGrann solved that perfectly and I'm more than happy with BB native apps. And I've honestly found that a lot of Android apps either don't run at all or are sluggish and buggy. Some are fine, but many are not.

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It's actually not bad for the developers because ultimately having all these Android apps will get more people using BB10. And once people are on BB10 they will always prefer native BB10 over an Android app. Blackberry needs to have some kind of deal with Google and show Android apps along with Blackberry app in the app store.

Most of the apps I download are just the updated versions of waze, skype and others which are "available " in BBW but not updated for a long time...

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I gotta say man for me it's a money thing I'm not paying a dollar or two for Instagram. While I appreciate dude making the app I also appreciate me working 60 hours a week that money. If it's a good app that I will use daily and is great I'll pay the developer

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Why don't blackberry officially support this tool?

Why don't blackberry make its device OFFICIALLY support dual OS support (bb10 and android)?

It's probably easier said than done.

Using Q10 with 10.3

Unnecessarily rude. I think all BlackBerry users much prefer the speed and efficiency of native apps, but truth is, not everything needed is available. I have a few android apps among my many, many native, or at least ported, apps. But only those I can't get in BlackBerry World. That says something - neither Android nor Apple can offer that kind of flexibility. It's good for the future of the platform.

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Well said @HighFlight88.

I'm 100% fine with filling out missing BlackBerry native apps with Android versions through Snap or Amazon, 1Mobile, etc. We have all heard about people who have passed over BlackBerry precisely because of the lack of specific apps.

You would think that having the Android option would end the "app gap" talk but you still have the "Android Skum"-type talk who are SO biased for BlackBerry apps ONLY that they would rather have the app limitations over an Android option that would help to draw more users to our platform. Sure, it would be nice to have all native versions of EVERY app out there, but we don't, and we have waited long enough for native versions to make it to BlackBerry that didn't. If YOU don't want to use the Android versions, don't, but the belittling talk toward people who do choose to use them as childish, etc. is REALLY getting old. Get over it.

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The more people use android apps, the less native apps we gonna get.

Android apps perform poorly.

This is a good sample of catch 22.

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You're making some generalizations.

Refer yourself to the blog article yesterday about devs. BB10 needs users. Period. Whatever it takes in the short term. Once the numbers are there BBRY can offer devs incentives for native apps.

The real catch-22 is you only want native apps, there's not enough native apps, without more apps there's not enough users, without more users devs won't make more apps.

It's not the time for BBRY to be picking & choosing.

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If snap was installable OTA somehow, the figures would be much more.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

So are the app stores for Android and iOS. It's not a situation unique to BlackBerry.

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Snap has replaced BBW for me. I do get native bb10 apps when possible but most of the time it's not possible.

I'd say I run 90/10 Android/BlackBerry apps.

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Maybe Google should mention these 2.5 million more downloads of Android apps and their next earnings report... Whether they're unofficial or not, it does say something about the Android app ecosystem I think.

In connection to Kevin's postings on BB10 app developers, I wonder if those developers would have liked to have a share of these 2.5 million downloads/2.5 million lost opportunities... :-/

I really appreciate the effort made to develop Snap!

Personally I check BlackBerry World first for the native app I need/want, if it's not there Snap is my second stop.

All my paid apps are from BlackBerry World, I don't have 100's of paid apps but those I do have are Berry good!

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I had PayByPhone from Snap, but once the dev ported it to BB World I deleted the Snap version and re-installed from BB World. I want the devs to see those BB World downloads!

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Shouldn't a dev see on what OS an actively used installation of his app is running??? For my understanding he should have a different OS on his list than Android... or he just sees some sort of term describing the "Android runtime" on BB, or so...

if he can't differentiate between a BlackBerry installation and an real Android installation then it's bad...

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Snap is an android app store made for bb10. It's not a port of play store hit a developer was able to get the play store to us via snap. But you have to side load Snap you can't just download it. But once you have it you can get the android apps you want and it will notify you of updates when you open it compared to downloading the apk for android apps and never knowing about an update. It's a great tool for when you need the app. Unfortunately though it doesn't support pay apps or some of the apps that require Google services. Like uber and urban spoon don't work. At least not for me. But I believe those are the only two I have encounter that don't work. Hope that works for ya

Finally posted from my BlackBerry Z30

Can't wait for an update. Really hoping for update queuing so we don't have to perform so many manual downloads and updates and button presses.

Failing that, at least clear the updated apps from the updates page so we know which ones are done.

Of course, happy to donate even more to the cause.

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People said their position, it's time for BlackBerry to see it and make the decision!

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A little trick:
Check the Google Play website from your PC. Open an app and towards top it tell you whether or not it's compatible. Google Play knows what device / runtime you're using.

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TYhe app may be compatible but still may not work because of of the way the developer checks for licensing. Once again I refer to VNC Viewer. $10.00 app. Downloads and installs fine, but will not run. Oddly enough though there was 1 runtime that it actually worked on so BB does some shady shit on the back end of its runtime.

Where there's a will, there's a way...

Speaks highly of the BlackBerry user base's level of technical skill... and, how crucial the CrackBerry forum has been for the BB10 experience.

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A fix for the Google play services issue would be great and being able to update snap without side loading too would be great for next version

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That fix wouldn't come from Snap. It would come from BlackBerry and/or Google.

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I used SideSwype to last update Snap over the air thus avoiding the need to connect to my PC. SideSwype allows you to sideload apps ota. Sideswype is not for the average user to figure out how to get it to work. I had to heavily depend on CB Forums to figure it myself. Lol. Thanks CB!

Curious where the dev got the stats from. Thought Snap talked to Google Play server directly without going through any other 3rd party server?

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API hits I assume. It's just the same as the online APK downloader, it has to hit an API to get the apps.

Request is still going through the snap app. It can keep the counter for the number of downloads. The app is simply getting the .apk file from the play store.

The one app I wanted, LoseIt, did not work. The developer isn't convinced yet of BB demand, so it is not available for BB10...

I find a lot of android apps are overly invasive.. some will not function unless permission is granted to your media card and other stuff that doesn't apply or has nothing to do with the app itself. Does anyone know why it is? Like, why would a weather app need access to my media card or camera? If given the choice I think native is the way to go but if u want an android app bad enough I guess there's really no choice but to grant all the permissions.

It's not a "tumah"

Problem is there are so many android ported apps on BlackBerry World now I find it hard to distinguish what is actually Native and what is just a port

Swipe down from the top, if it says "hide bar" or "show bar", that's Android port.

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We want to know BEFORE we DL.

BBWorld should list clearly, and allow us to sort out what is native and what is just Android crap.

If I wanted all those craps, I would have an Android device.


If someone switches from Android to BlackBerry is it possible to re-download the previously bought apps with Snap (same Google account)? And of course the free ones?

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Yes. Whethor they work is not is the question. I tried VNC Viewer, it loaded just fine, but cannot find the Google Licensing because of the lack of Play Services. Winamp Pro and the license file can be downloaded and installed just fine. It all depends on the method the app uses for licensing.

Arguably, BlackBerry is doing a good job of that themselves. Approving apps which are in clear violation of their own vendor rules isn't exactly the best.

The reviewers even encourage the flooding of junk apps by telling declined entries to change their app name to "App For" in order to process some crap app that's nothing but a App Generator app linking to some lame blog site to download an app for your PC of wtf it is they're trying to sell.

Even when GREAT apps get created by GREAT Native Devs they're often overshadowed by all the junk that filters in. On top of that, there's a viable argument that could be made that people aren't downloading apps that are available anyway. They're downloading things that AREN'T available in BBW.

So true. The vendor rules are worthless right now. Trying 20 apps first to find a working/useful one is annoying.

I don't think that the Android CB app is better than the native app but it does work fine.

It might help developers if CB and or BBW gave out awards for the best apps.

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I always feel sorry for people who pay to download "app for" garbage when I read all their unhappy reviews. I feel as though they would leave the platform the soonest opportunity they can and really wished they had knowledge of Snap or Amazon.

It starts with another long list of new apps that are irrelevant for someone living in my region. Why I would have to scroll through a bunch of gps, radio, newspaper apps for regions I do not live in is a real puzzler. Why it's a turn off is clear.

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does this means that BlackBerry is definitely on the way out?

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

Snap is a pice of great work. And I don't think it hurt BlackBerry Developers. I personally use Snap for apps that aren't available in BlackBerry World. If i can get native app I am not going for android app. So no profit is lost for BlackBerry Devs.

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It's a pity that BlackBerry is lacking in terms of native apps. Not all Android apps work and when they do, some of them are sluggish. We just need more native BB10 apps.

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Excited to see what's coming in the update. I'll always prefer native apps, but if the only option is Android, I'll take it :)

Sadly, I don't like the big name native apps in BBW, sure they run better, but they never get updates on time.

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If I won't to use android apps I sell my BlackBerry device and buy an android device and believe me the apps run better.

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Ok...of course android apps run better on android duhhh BlackBerry apps run better on BlackBerry rather than on an android lol.

Such a stupid ignorant comment.

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Every one of his comments here have been negative. After 2 or 3 posts that are just negative, its not just opinion it's looking for attention. Expect a response

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I don't use snap love native and keeping it that way don't want android Skype and kayak are the only exception

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Blackberry shouldn't have allowed apk installs

This is purely showing how weak Blackberry is

As much as I would die for BB10, I think it should stand on it's ground and lure developers, focus on attracting customers etc


I wish developers would develop more native applications. I only prefer native ones, android is dead last. If only had a native app. Fark.

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I agree with you about speedtest. They had a Playbook app. I emailed them once and received no response

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I'm not sure if Speedtest offers something extra, but I've been using a link to that I added to my home screen from the browser and it does the trick.

Snap is great, it would be nice to get a "update all" option, though i'm not sure it's possible looking at the installation process for APKs

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I use native apps, they perform a lot better, or at least the good ones, I use snap for apps I can't get in BBW, and there are many I need for business, that are just not simply available on BBW. Do they perform as well as native?, no, but no alternative, unless I migrate to another OS.

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It means there were 2.5 million times when users have no native app to use.

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

Awesome. Snap is definitely useful. Don't get me wrong, as much as I would love to have all the apps that I downloaded available on BlackBerry World, it's just not happening.

Still I prefer native over Android ports but hey if they're not available on BlackBerry World, we find ways.

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So when is BlackBerry going to buy Snap and make it an official app for BB10?

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Yes you do. Search the forums. The installation process is down to 5 mins

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On one hand, I doubt the numbers, because I know that in my case the apps I've downloaded from Snap, I've downloaded multiple times due to phone swaps, wipes, etc. However that doesn't include all of the apps I've downloaded from Amazon, so the overall number of Android apps is probably more than the number of downloads I have with Snap.

I currently have 91 apps installed that either came with the phone, or are third party apps from BBW, according to what is listed in BBW. I also have 101 apps/games that are not currently installed, but are listed as available in BBW (apps I've previously installed and removed because I don't find them particularly useful. In addition to these apps, I have purchased one album and 56 movies. I have rented movies a couple of times from BBW.

Compare this to Snap downloads, which has 12 installed / 14 available, and no music, movies or games. Also compare it to Amazon, which has 10 installed / 0 available.

The real comparison though, is in $$ spent. I've spent no money on apps from Snap, minimal money (definitely less than $10) with Amazon, and well over $150 with BBW. Sure, I have many free apps, but I also have several apps costing $5 - $20.

So BBW is the clear winner, IME. However, that I'm having to go outside of BBW to fill the app gap is an indictment on BlackBerry.

And the crazy thing is that there still remains a need for apps in my life. There are apps that tend to be more specific to industries that would make my life easier and more productive, but that simply aren't available, at any price.

So those claiming this is the end and BlackBerry is being killed by the Android apps need to step back and look at the money. BlackBerry is doing damage to their own platform by the lack of demand for their devices.

Message to BlackBerry:

Get apps that Are native and work well, tighten up what makes an app built for BlackBerry, advertise and create some demand for your phones, or become a software vendor.

But if your game is to stop making phones, quit stringing us along.

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Blackberry should consider making a app for this, as they intentionally made the BB10 to run Android, why make it half bake? They should go full throttle with this, maybe cut a deal with PlayStore.

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I just use "1 Mobile Market " it's an easy down load from the browser as it is a Apk file and doesn't need to be side loaded. And as far as apps it is pretty well the same as snap

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Please, not trolling here, but any malware yet from your favourite apk store? Anything suspicious?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If snap has downloaded 2.5 million apps, how many of those apps were deleted within a few minutes of being installed because they didn't work? I'd bet about 30% of the apps didn't work and were deleted immediately.

However, i'm 100% happy with snap and the android runtime on my Z30 as I now have the only two apps that I really needed, RBS Business Banking and HBOS banking app. Both work perfectly well on the Z30 monster screen.


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2.5 million? wonder how many ov those apps really worked and wonder how many blackberry10 apps have been downloaded maybe google and blackberry could insumway work together to give us bb10 users a better experiance that should certanly help the market but i guess ill just have to keep dreaming!! LOL im not botherd about apps but it would be nice for Blackberry to say well to all our loyal BB10 fans here are some apps you have asked us for and we are prepared to deliver

He is trying to get apps that work with a license, like Slingplayer, working.

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

Yep. I play Clash of Clans on my Z10 thanks to Snap. Nothing shuts up the windows phone d-bag like whipping out CoC on your blackberry. Hey windows fanboi... do you have this? oh you don't? and you never will? Well.. we do.

We have all kinds of things now. I get any apps that I want and for the most part they all work well. These people whining baffle me. Its like screaming that flashlight apps are bad because they use the flash from the camera. " If you want a flashlight use a real flashlight! we have to force blackberry to build a real purpose built flashlight into our phones!"

I mean seriously. If you don't like android apps... turn off the feature on your phone. This ability is literally the only reason I still have a blackberry...and I promise you if they took your silly advice and killed it... many of use would bail.

If you don't like it, turn it off and don't be so selfish. There are those of us who find the android runtime to be the best ever update to the blackberry 10 OS. Wise up!

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Snap Google client vs amazon app. I've downloaded more from amazon.
I still think snap is a handy tool though. Definitely some apps not available on amazon.

I can't believe it is only 2.5 mln, because I'm good for 1.000.000.

PS. For a free app that is only available via sideloading, the developer has put and is putting a lot of effort in the program. Thanks James.

Have a nice day.

Snap is not working fine on my z30. If I try to download a particular app, it will install an entire different app from the one being downloaded. Please I need a solution to that.

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Just imagine how many apps would be downloaded if we had a full android runtime or full Google Play Services to use and not limited version we have now?

When are u going to work to have working Magicjack app on BlackBerry 10? Snap the best to download android apps!!!

Posted via CB10

SNAP has been all the difference for me. And although I'd love to have these all in a working native version of BB10, I now have access to

-Instagram (which I use a ton of)
-The Score (which works better then the native BB10 version)
-The Chive (again works better then the native BB10 version)
-BellTV Fibe Remote (which is awesome! )
- Kijiji
-Official app of the Edmonton Oilers

Posted via CB10

Update! sweet, although it runs nicely, I would like to see a feature that allows us to automatically download correct version of apps for the appropriate runtime. Fingers crossed.

That's great for Android.. not BlackBerry... I still think it's a mistake for BlackBerry to allow users to download Android Apps.. it only hurts BlackBerry in the long run..

Wow. BlackBerry should make it even more easier to download Android apps.

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

The one BIG reason that there is not enough number of BlackBerry 10 users are sales rep

I have seen and heard that SO Many times that when someone goes to buy a bb10, they steer them to buy something else by saying blackberry is dead don't buy it.

This is a very big problem out there. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

Snap is awesome! With the ease of downloading my Android apps, I have fallen in love with my Z10 all over again. I can't believe it is a free bb10 app. Dev deserves some serious thanks. (He accepts donations)

Posted via CB10

Most of the android apps I 've downloaded are very clumsy to use or won't function at all.

Posted via CB10

That many android downloads and those companies/devlopers don't see a reason to make a native BB version?

Wow 2.5 million! BlackBerry really needs to come up with a viable solution for native apps. Don't get me wrong I used snap myself for a few apps that were not native. But there is still that feeling that I wish it was a native app!

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or Q10!

I love snap. It needs to be available via bbw, it need Auto update, and hub integration.

Android apps require faster load, ability to run in background to do push notifications. I'd like certain UI functions to look more in line with BlackBerry UI.

Like the text selection, and the prompts.

Posted via CB10

..maybe it was a good thing, but as I often do it, 30% of the apk are stable, the rest go bezerk or crash. Snap is a momentary way, expect better from BlackBerry 10.3

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This certainly indicates to me more developers and companies should recognize the Blackberry market potential and make us some built-for-Blackberry apps. This work-around BS to use Android apps is nice, but it's not ideal for me.

Snap is good, but not great. well at least its there. just don't like the idea, that after downloading some of the app, when try to open it, it would open for few secs and crash or will not work at all....

.... Snap and slap...

Only apps I want on BBW that aren't there yet so I downloaded the Android version are:

Chase app but that will soon be deleted since Bank of America came to BBW and I'm changing to it if it's at least as good as Chase.

Duckduckgo app. But I honestly use the browser for DDG searches anyway because the app doesn't run fast enough for my likings.

Ninja Fishing because I think that's an awesome game.

And that's it.

I'm gonna download a few more like Groupon and other sales, savings, lowest price apps if they can't be used via the browser.

The app "situation" is EXTREMELY overrated and exaggerated.

Posted via CB10

So, what's the best option for downloading Android apps? I have the Amazon Store but it's missing some apps unless Android actually doesn't have them. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

awesome!! can't wait to see it! this guy deserves plenty of awards for his outstanding work

Posted via CB10

SNAP app is great for me!! thanks very much for support Blackberry OS10
- Netflix
- Line
- Diez (sport news of my country)
- La Prensa (news of my country)
- Instagram

Awesome job!!

Thanks Alot

Honduras, Central America

Snap apps basically are the free ones. I am not sure you can purchase apps on Snap. I think this shows that the BB community is loyal to the BB phones and is happy that android apps can be installed to make the BB 10 a great phone. I know if I had to only rely on the few apps in BB World I may have given up by now (especially with the US carriers showing little support in providing updates) and been forced to buy another operating system phone. I think as more people become aware of Snap and Amazon and the other stores the apps volume will increase unless BB can increase the availability in their store.

I hate it when people say something is literally and it's not. Take for instance Ibimmer writing that 2.5m is literally nothing. 0 downloads would be literally nothing.

Posted via CB10

I use snap all the time. Even got a cpl friends who have z10 to sideload snap...... my Lloyds banking app was only on Android. So was my BT hotspot app..... plus a few others.....

Posted via CB10

I downloaded Snap to my Q10..i love it cause you can get da apps for free there! Great job! Only a dissapointment that Candy Crush Saga doesn't work on my Q10

Posted via CB10

I just prefer to have BlackBerry own apps instead of looking here and there to pick up apps from other platforms.

Do we have to make miracles to get an app!!!!

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