BlackBerry 10 users are productive first and gamers second

Apps vs Games
By James Richardson on 25 Mar 2014 10:39 am EDT

I for one am a BlackBerry 10 user as productivity is key for me. It appears that the majority of CrackBerry readers are too looking at the recent poll we ran asking What's most important to you - apps or games?

With just short of 74% of voters selecting the Apps category over Games it seems that we are indeed smartphone users that need to get stuff done. Sure, there's always going to be a market for gaming but I suspect if the same poll was run on the likes of iOS or Android the results could be quite different. 

With BlackBerry striving to regain lost enterprise business over the last few years these results are pretty encouraging if you ask me. In terms of users wanting apps to make their life easier for both work and play, plus combined with the security aspect, along with the choice of hardware keyboard or virtual - BlackBerry 10 has a lot going for it. 

Thinking about the subject personally once again, I love games on my BlackBerry, as I'm sure you've seen in the hundreds of videos. That said, looking at both my Q10 and Z30 my Games folders are on my third home screen - everything else is all about apps. 

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BlackBerry 10 users are productive first and gamers second


I wonder how many regulars actually count time spent here as productivity lol... I think the very few that are REALLY productive don't care about crackberry, OS leaks or Powertools. They use their devices for PHONE calls and emails, GPS and some Internet search.

That said, for me it's not between games and being productive. There is a wide array of "semi productive" users in between as which I would count myself and probably most of the users here, more or less some of which have clearly too much time on their hands, yet claiming themselves being "productive".

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Too much time on our hands? Ha, it's because we're already done with our work, thanks to BlackBerry!

Who's up for a game?

I play few games on my Z10, but only because of the enormous battery drain.

If I had a Z30 (with its amazing battery) I would definitely be much more of a phone gamer.

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True for myself as well but I work in IT and almost every BlackBerry I've owned except for my 5 BB10 Z10 devices have always been on BES.

PS: Q10 from new work comes next week super stoked!

However I'd LIVE to see corporate users or users never used this in a corporate setting nor ever tied to BES to see how this skews expecially when defining the definition of Productive ;)

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

That's why I get upset when we have Movie Maker type apps but a poor Contacts app. Time was wasted on gimmicky stuff.

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I agree about how Contacts app, but I wouldn't knock the Movie Maker app as it is tremendously useful and powerful as video editing software (on a mobile device, at least). I actually wish more apps were built like it.

I second that! I want more power apps on BB10, and the movie maker app is important to the platform. I want to see a lot more power apps, but I believe we need to have 32 GB of built-in storage and 4 GB of RAM to encourage more sophisticated productivity apps.
However, games that take advantage of the BB10 experience and the Z10/Z30 hardware must also be applauded.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

A "sophisticated" app shouldn't need so much RAM to function properly.

Contacts app is a huge turn off and BlackBerry seriously needs to address this.

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What is it about the Contact app you don't like. I know I don't like that some contacts aren't sorted properly - I assume because they aren't connected to an external source like Google or Facebook. What don't you like about it?

For me, it's the defects. Duplicated contacts. Photos that vanish. Contact cards that inexplicably link or merge data even though the people unrelated. With a good bug beating, I'd love it but it's really glitchy right now. After the garbage that is BlackBerry Link, this is my least favorite part of the BlackBerry 10 experience

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For me it's that Facebook sucked in my "contacts"... If I want to contact them I'll go to FB and message them... ugh. It filled my contact app with garbage contacts.

@RubberChicken76 - Oh gosh yes, this happened on the Z10 and still happens on my Z30. Even my BBM contacts got merged with someone who had a different number, the pictures got crossed and I couldn't figure out which contact was who. Don't get me started on BBL mate, I wanna bust that thing to bits for upgrading itself last October and then automatically deleting my photo's from my trip to Vancouver. No one from Blackberry has gotten back to me on how to retrieve my lost photo's from the phone/device Camera folder. I was right in the middle of synching when BBL was "updating" itself in the process.

Assuming you are using Windows, try downloading and using an application called Recuva (Google it, it's from Piriform and free), install it, and make sure your phone is plugged in and you can see the drives to your phone (as in SD card and internal storage) and run a scan on it. Just make sure to go to options in Recuva and select deep scanning mode and have it scan the phone's drive where the pictures were saved to. Results depends on how long it has been and the overall file integrity. If you have done a security wipe on the internal storage and that is where the pictures were saved, then they're pretty much gone... Best of luck! I hope you find what you're looking for!

Because many games are easy to port to bb10 natively.

Since BlackBerry has native support for game engines like Unity, a dev who writes a game for the Unity engine simply needs to compile for BB10, and a native BB10 version of the game will be produced.

They can write once, and get native versions for Android, iOS, and BB10.

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Because we do use the games, but not all the time. I use apps all the freaking time, but I only use the game-apps when I'm in the bathroom or extremely bored at home lol

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Absolutely true...
And that's why they sales for bb10 are disappointing... since people nowadays want more games than productivity and efficiency!
Just my view... nothing against BB10... I love my z10 :)

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That might explain why people are clamoring to get iPhones from work, even though it cannot send multiple attachments of different types in a single email, especially anything other than pictures.

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Same here..
I think actual hardcore BB fans are the reason BB is in this stage..
They refused to let BB change and keep saying everything in BB10 is fine..

I'm a mixed user, mostly apps I use be it information, entrainment, media messaging apps, i have a PlayStation Vita and use that for games, way better for games then any other mobile platform

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QNX being so quick on its toes and responsive. I can see it being a decent player in the gaming world.

100% true, I use mu Z10 for business everyday and i beat hard on it, so far it was able to take on everything I've thrown at it.
I've also downloaded many games on it, large ones too, batman, minion rush, real racing, mass effect etc etc
While these play perfect (and I'm pretty sure the Z30 does it even better)
I still mostly use it for productivity, it's nice to have the games know sometimes having a few minutes to kill is nice to do it in style!!!
Go BlackBerry

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I think this is a bit misleading, "productivity" is absolutely most important to me -- but I don't use anything beyond the BlackBerry provided applications (primarily the Hub, or possibly Twitter or something).

The only things I download (and tend to use beyond the core apps) are games. So I would rank "productivity" first, "games" second and "apps" a far, distant third (in lieu of other choices) :)

I'm a gamer and i really miss out because of my choice of phone but i wouldn't change my Z10 for the world (maybe Z30). The BlackBerry users seem to love their phones with a passion . That speaks volumes about how good BB10 must be!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

I don't even play games on it anymore. I just keep my poker app on it and maybe launch that once a month and play for no more than 10 minutes. Would really like if there was a voice assistant on par with siri and better maps. Thats the big thing I want right now

I have 6 or 7 games on my Q10 and I have yet to play them. I even paid $1.99 for 2 of them and haven't even opened them up.

what is inversly proportional is the folks selling these devices at carrier stores would poll exactly opposite.... there in lies the issues

This is why other people don't switch to a BlackBerry from an iPhone or Android phone, as they like to play games and have fun with their phones. Their mate shows them a cool app and get hooked. Plus with the lack of banking apps, betting apps, decent Facebook app, snap chat etc. My friends won't think about joining BlackBerry which is a shame.

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i dont play too many games but polls like this wont inspire game developers to release on BB10, so its a bit of a stupid poll in my book!

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Are you voicing your opinion as an android user?

But that just being besides the point. I don't think most folks here claiming to be oh so productive are actually what they are pretending.
Then, there are sales figures game developers go off of, I don't think any developer is using polls like this as a crucial reference, so I don't see any risk there at all.
And I think whoever owns a Z10 or Z30 is just as prone to gaming, and might more use of it if choices were there, as any other full touch screen smartphone user. The difference is, BlackBerry users do it with more style! :)

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That's part of what makes BlackBerry BlackBerry, if you want games, well, that's what the dark side is for

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Interestingly we lay claim to productivity, yet we don't have many of the major available productivity applications. This must change, if BlackBerry is to regain any of it's lost momentum.

Blackberry always.....

You would never know it from scanning the subject lines in the android apps forum as they mostly are about some game or other.

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And yet there are still plenty of games to entertain yourself with on the platform :)

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is any one having there contacts list freeze up on z10. i to use mine for business and this is very annoying considering i have to reboot to fix the problem.

How about not phone gamers at all. That's a REAL blackberry user. The kids, girls, and Android apple crossover steeple are the game players. And also maybe gays

As always. Apple kia Starbucks Obama beats headphones are CrRApP

Delta Champion

It's BS like this why I can only laugh about most comments here that are coming from kids that need to grow up and get a life.

The non existent mods here should kick your ass.

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Not a kid.

Are you one of the aforementioned people? Or a supporter of the aforementioned items?

Games are first to you?

Delta Champion

More striking to me is that only 3% (!!) prefer games clearly over apps. Feel that should have been highlighted in the write-up, too.

Posted with my  Q10.

Everyone likes ganes and movies and music. They're just boasting their self importance by saying productivity comes first.... lol

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Unfortunately for me the 4 games I did use and love on my Q10 are not available on the Z30 but is on the Z10. Extremely annoying.

All the more reason that it would be nice if BlackBerry brought back the excellent contact and calendar syncing with Outlook that they used to have. Getting some major banks to make native apps for BB10 would also be a good thing. I get the feeling that somebody is asleep at the wheel over at BlackBerry when it comes to thinking through real world applications.

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Small business owners are not supported by BlackBerry apps. Where is square? PayPal? Payd? Product inventory and invoice apps?

I don't care about games, I DO care about my small business .

From my new z30


Invoicing / inventory, payment gateways, all that is sadly lacking on this platform. Not a big deal for enterprise, I guess, but small and medium size business need this stuff so much. Example:

They claim "Optimized for all platforms", where's BB?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Apps are productivity based in my mind, everything else falls in the games category (in my home and business anyway).

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I think the poll should have split productivity apps from for example social apps like Instagram. They're a lot of people who don't game but don't necessarily have tons of productivity type apps.

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I'd like to see more native apps all around. I don't play a lot of games but if you want to lure in more users this only business mindset has to go. I for one would like to see more media native like Netflix and Hulu. Amazon video as well. I don't use my phone for that stuff a lot but it would be nice to have the option. Not just an android port. If you want to snag younger users faster, the app selection has to be better balanced. Social apps, games and music are some areas I see lacking. Android substitutes are OK but we all know they don't always work and sometimes they don't work well.

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Guess what? If you update to 10.2.1 you'll find that Android apps work pretty well. Maybe it has something to do with the new Android Jellybean 4.4 runtime.

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For games and such, Android apps might be OK, but "pretty well" just isn't cutting it for me on many of them, especially with banking apps. BB needs to up its game.

4.4 is Kitkat

The runtime is 4.2.2, as far as I'm aware, and one of the Jelly Bean versions

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The only reason blackberry isn't doing well is because they got off the starting line last. Without innovation you'll die.

Apple brought out a phone with a great touch screen.

Google brought out a great, cheap phone with functionality almost matching the iPhone with the option of customisation.

Blackberry were still doing what they did best at the time...making phones with great qwerty experience.

Productivity doesn't make a phone to sale..... its innovation. And if you don't bring anything new to" wow" people, you ain't going to sale.

My friends switched from blackberry because of games on android. At the moment they don't even play games anymore on their phones.

5 years ago if blackberry had a phone with fancy games like those found on android and a decent touch experience like that of the iPhone, things would have been different.

I think what needs to be done is bring out a phone that is 2 years ahead of the competition. A phone with specs beating the Samsung s5 with Super SUPER Amoled screen, 40mp camera, a faster processor than that of the Samsung note 3. Truth be told, we don't need all those things.. but that's what would get people's attention. That's what would sale!

Plus I don't know about you guys but I prefer the Gmail app on android over the one on my z10 and BlackBerry is suppose to be bout productivity...yeah right. things need to change..blackberry should bring out all the bells and whistles they have in their arsenal. This company must survive!!!

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Blackberry could come out with the highest spec phone there is and it wouldn't change anything. They have an image problem that's been going on for years. This is what needs to change. Where are the advertisements and hypes about the new blackberry device that will be coming from Foxconn, where's the ads about the newest update to show off some of the new features? Additionally, them focusing on enterprise mostly isn't going to boost their consumer base. Although, I think enterprise is where they should focus since it's their strength. I think that they have lost the consumer market and I think they know this as well. They will have a fight on their hands just to remain strong in enterprise. I'm really waiting to see how Foxconn is going to market the blackberry devices, since they will essentially be responsible for the consumer market.

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What Apple did was not innovation it was revolutionary. They changed the mobile interface for the future. IBM was the innovators of the touchscreen phone. You're right about Android but I wouldn't consider "customization" innovation. To tell him the truth BlackBerry has been doing with BBOS way before Android. Android was nothing more but a copier. BlackBerry gave users that keypad for the best tactile typing experience ever. They were innovative because they bought the first true mobile device using push email and longer battery life. Also they bought us security. BB10 is BlackBerry's innovation now. They might not have the specs but specs are only used to make a device faster for browsing and navigation. BlackBerry did something innovative that no one else has done. They used an embedded OS made of less code (100,000 lines) that could run an OS smoothly without having to have all the up to date specs. The Z10 actually has the same specs as the iPhone 5 but what matters most than specs is the QNX software system inside. I'm actually proud what BlackBerry has done to the OS. They had to tear it down and build it back up into something new. But anyways the OP above me is right. The issue with BlackBerry is their image. It has nothing to do with innovation because when it comes to innovation BlackBerry is the "mobile tech innovator of the mobile world".

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Agreed, the specs are by no means poor or laggy (even after a year) the OS is well optimised and zippy and will continue to run buttery smooth on the current Z10 specs for quite some time to come.

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True for me too! But the Z30 as you said is amazing for gaming! Can't put this machine down!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I'm both. The long commute means that it serves both purposes of keeping connected for work, but also entertained. I find on the subway, a lot of people are surprised when they see me playing a game like Riptide or Dead space. Sometimes I think people assume incorrectly that BlackBerry's cannot play games at all

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I did load some games on my phone (Z10) just to see if it worked. Hooked up the HDMI cable to a 70" screen we have here in the office at lunch time and tried to play a racing game... I need a decent controller to make it work and from the reviews on AMZN there are NO decent high quality controlers that work with the Z10. All of them broke or had this or that issue.

So for games to be a hit, they need to have a high quality Bluetooth/NFC controller. Playing by tilting the phone just sucked.

Productivity. That's why I have a Q10. Communications and apps are key for me. Games every now and then. Not really a gamer. Don't have the time to invest in games unless I'm waiting prior to a meeting or lunch break.

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Blackberry devices are unreliable when comes to gaming. The graphics are poor :(
But must admit it first in productivity!!

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You mustn't haven't tried BB10 if you talking like that. I find the graphics to be excellent. Anyways BlackBerry has teamed up Unity so we'll see more 3D graphical made games in BBW.

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This is how BlackBerry should market. Show people how BlackBerry is first and foremost a productivity and professional device before being a gamers device. This could definitely win some people.

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It's well known that BlackBerry users get things done. Those things just happen to be important things most of the time. I'm not saying games are not important, but making all scheduled appointments that week might be more important to many.

Cheers. :)

I never played games before on mobile, but since BB10 I do. I'm quite impressed with the games on this platform and their value should not be underestimated.

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I would certainly game more on that beautiful screen (Z10) we're there more decent games avaialble...

I'm a new BlackBerry user but I'm also a gamer. I just don't like gaming on phones. They are not real games to me.

Q10 SQN100-3 PCCW Hong Kong (non-BIS)

I am all a out productivity. I have downloaded games but only to see what a 1.8 gigabyte game was all a out.
I want my BlackBerry to be a messaging monster... I love hearing from my friends who are on other platforms they cannot keep up with me when we are messaging.

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This is precisely right...I use BlackBerry z10 as a communication device and Playstation for gaming haha :D

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Games are nice. But the main reason most people get a BlackBerry is for productivity. I know I appreciate the ability to add attachments with ease to email and the ability to download any type of file I want from the Internet. I have to use my BlackBerry to download MP3s( for work) from the web browser because my iPad won't allow me to unless I use a thrid-party app.

I am a huge proponent of the productivity gains you can get with a BlackBerry. What actually enables the productivity is the quick, smooth and intuitive integration of the apps. For me, this is the HUB, email, calendar, browser and messaging.

I sometimes switch to a galaxy s4 but always, always come back to the Q10 and immediately breathe a Hugh sign of relief.

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No time for games. Productivity is key. When there is downtime I rather surf and read blogs. Knowledge is power... keep your games.

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