BlackBerry 10 is on track with carriers

BlackBerry 10 is on track with carriers
By James Richardson on 25 Sep 2012 12:00 pm EDT

BlackBerry Jam Americas is happening as I write this. Thorsten Heins is on stage and taking BlackBerry 10. One thing that has just given us at Team CrackBerry a lift is that he said that BlackBerry 10 is on track and that carrier entries start next month.

With many BlackBerry users disheartened with the new OS being delayed until Q1 2013 we can at least now sit back and relax knowing it is all systems go and the various carriers around the world are getting familiar with BlackBerry 10.

Perfect news. More as we get it.....

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BlackBerry 10 is on track with carriers


On track like OS 2.1?

So where is it Mr.Heins? Could have released it today which would have made perfect sense. But alas another let down as usual..

If I'm not mistaken nobody ever promised you to release OS 2.1 today. So why bashing?

You know, with "friends" like you RIM doesn't need any enemies....

I'm curious what's the big deal. So what the little update is a little late? How about just wait for the new os in jan and move on with life. You are either a sad little angry itard thats trying to forget apple was a year and half late with ios6 and its a complete fail "imaps" just to name 1 part or are you a droidtard still living at home living off the parents, still waiting for jellybean to release 8 months late, oops I'm sorry still no jelly bean my bad but you can have ics refreshed.

If they price it the same as the iphone it will fail. Has to be much less for anyone to consider switching to an unproven ecosystem. Especially for someone who previously purchased apps on another platform.

Would you switch to BB if you had $600 of apps on another platform i doubt it!

iphone is a joke - nothing but a marketing thing. Too many un-knowledgeable isheep out there who keep drinking the apple is great koolaid and look like idiots.

If someone has invested $600 in apps they will not switch, no mater what. RIM needs to retain as many BB users as possible.

There are enough non smart phone users for RIM to target without looking for switchers.

I think retaining/growing the enterprise users is the key challenge.

its obvious now you do live at home with the parents. With your mentally you must live in very sad sad little world. Ha you base your dibble comment on product loyalty, here is a little info 85% of consumers will drop any product when every they want its called "choice" but mainly they just follow the popularity trend that's it plan and simple. Oh one more thing most people have jobs which gives them a disposable income.

So with your line of thinking iphone and android should have never come out because people were already heavily invested in palm and blackberry, guess that line of thinking couldn't be more wrong eh. In honesty I feel sorry for you as you post dribble on here it just show how pathedic you real are where can I donate for the disability that haunts you.

No one spends 600$for apps well maybe Kevin does but typically users spend between 50-200$ 600 is a little much no?