BlackBerry 10 Story Maker videos appear online

By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2012 11:38 am EST

Story Maker is rumored to be a built-in video editor/creation tool for BlackBerry 10. The app will let you create quick videos using media already on your device - just add images, videos and/or music and render away. Story Maker will prove useful for making videos or slideshows to share after a big trip, creating something unique for that special someone or even for a great office presentation on the fly.

While we haven't seen too much on it before, some videos have turned up on YouTube that were supposedly made using the actual Story Maker app on BB10. They're pretty simple, but they do give us a good look at just what can be done using the app. I'm for one am pretty excited to try Story Maker out for myself - I can just see all the cute cat videos already. Keep reading to check out the second creation.

Source: bbin  Via: N4BB 

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BlackBerry 10 Story Maker videos appear online


+1 - If the video & pics are from a BB10 device, this is looking damn good. The editing features seem decent though regardless of where the footage came from. #BB10

I can't remember the last time I used StoryMaker and now I can't wait to use it again.

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

AGAIN TECH COMPANIES HAVE ALOT TO LEARN FROM NOKIA,,,, NOKIA HAS THIS ALREADY... Silent Film Maker. Make a Movie that looks like the 1920's 50s 60s 70s

@ 1:21 we can see the device!
So yes seems to be movies and pictures from the Z10 itself
Great Improvement for the camera!

This could change the way I do a MAJOR part of my job, and help me out in some VERY big ways. Holy Crap. I'm so freakin' sold!!!

The camera must be very good to produce those high-q photos! Love it! I'm already sold w/ the Z10's design & BB10's OS, but the cam's making me want it moooore!

looks great to me!!! judging from the two videos I see you can have multiple pictures on the same frame. I'm wondering if you can also have multiple videos running at the same time in their own section... just a thought... good stuff anyway!