BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek Video

By Zach Gilbert on 1 May 2012 09:55 am EDT

While BlackBerry World 2012 and BlackBerry 10 Jam are fully underway today, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins took the stage this morning to show of the latest in BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10. I can't say how firkin' excited I am! During the BlackBerry World keynote, RIM showed off a quick demo of some of the amazing features of BlackBerry 10 -- the keyboard, camera and inbox. But don't sit here reading this take a look for yourself!

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BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek Video


Why the enthusiasm? Hate to blow your candle but have you not seen a smartphone in the past 2 years or any smartphone commercial? There's absolutely nothing wowing or new to the smartphone market.

Yes, it's new for RIM...but ask anyone who owns any other smartphone who don't go on this site...I think they won't be too impressed.

Unless they are marketing it as a cheap handset, I don't see how this can possibly help them win over customers.

I seen this video and had to come back to CrackBerry (since I switched to Android) and say DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! I'm very impressed. When Blackberry 10 comes out I might have to make my journey back to BB :) Good Job RIM!

I'm going to be having nightmares, daydreams and fantasies for months to come. Give it to me now!!! Can't wait.

This is probably the first implementation of predictive texts that actually looks like it could save time. i have never used it on the Playbook since by the time I locate the word I am typing on the top row, I could have just typed it already. The way they have done this, when i go to ht my next letter, where my finger is already going, I do not have to change my motion to pick the predicted word. All teh predicted words are under the next letter they would use, so if you were going for that letter and its correct, you swipe up, if not move to next letter till your matched.

Brilliant and yes, I hope they have it protected.

And when do we get that predictive text on the Pb? I'm with you in not having used it much because of having to move off the keyboard.

Both that predictive text and the phone answering are beautiful uses of gesturing and I can't wait to see more.

I have one year from today for my 9850 contract to expire for upgrade ... I can't wait to see what comes next.

Brilliant, yes. Innovative, yes! RIM is showings they can lead the industry. They're not a bunch if tired old farts -- not yesterday's news. Even some haters are liking what they saw from the evolution of BB10. Let's not forget that RIM can and will do a great deal more before launch, and I'm sure they held some things back so we don't see them being cloned by BB10's launch.

The BB10 ecosystem is growing nicely too. By launch, they may have as many as 50,000 quality apps. Maybe more! App World has grown from 50,000 apps in January to 99,500 apps today. That's 100% growth in 4 months! Incredible! Who said BlackBerry is dead?

Swype is dragging your fingers across the keyboard making a word. What they are showing is predictive text on another level.

but how is it even possible...all she really typed was need t m s, etc....

how can anything possibly guess the entire message from the word "need" looks very concepty...and not a very feasible it included in the os on the demo unite?

"Need Tyler"
"Need to meet up"
"need to make something"

....I mean...this sort of predictive text seems like it's bound to make funny mistakes and get things wrong 70% of the time...

and that's really it...all they showed off was just a predictive text system that seems too good to be true...

the message hub UI seems rather outdated and far behind its competitors already

there's really nothing there that its competitors haven't done last year...

and the "all account" thing looks really messed's like a cluster of stuffs with calendar events mingled with messages...

This is very not reassuring....

I'm convinced that even if a Blackberry had the ability to transport you in time, you would still have nothing positive to say.

I'm not sure where you see anything "outdated". The message system looks more than adequate and the ui seems effortless overall...and no love for the camera? You're really not seeing anything here to get excited about?

The 4S had nothing to go on but glorified voice recognition, but you're saying this isn't reassuring? Come on, man. Get a grip and stop drinking the haterade.

Haaahahahaha..... you nailed it buddy. I'm sure if Apple attached an old rotary dial onto an i(diot)Phone, he'd say it was the latest and greatest of bleeding edge technology. But you have to feel sorry for him really, he's so far behind he thinks he's in front (typical Appdroid) and now that he's had a glimpse of what's in store with BB10, he's starting to realize he's hopelessly outdated and woefully misinformed. Face it Jack, Apple and Android just became techno-relics. It sucks to be you, doesn't it Jack?

Dude...step away from the "Crack" pipe. Android and iPhones are hardly far behind. BlackBerry has been tripping all over itself trying to get up to speed with the other two because they were too arrogant and complacent to update what they felt was good enough.

I'm no BB hater and am hoping that the new devices and BB10 are actually going to be be solid and up to date so I can switch back to the platform. For now, This is just a concept preview...hardly enough to make anyone be more than excited for BB10.

Comments like these don't do anything but further the flame war between platforms. iPhone/Android/BB all serve a different purpose form different people. I don't think Apple is spending an inordinate amount of time worrying that BB will put them under...I just hope BB gives them a solid run for their money

First: I don't go to any of the other mobile phone sites and spread disinformation, misinformation and negative spin, like certain people do on this site. So if I want to have some fun at a Trolls expense, then I am well within my rights and if the trolls don't like it that's too F'n bad for them.

Second: please, please, please do not defend the trolls. It's bad enough that I must endure their drivel as it is.

She isn't just typing m, she's hitting the next letter and if the word she wants is over that letter, than she "throws" that word up to her email.
And if you don't think this type of predictive text is possible, then you haven't typed on a playbook since before 2.0

@JackKennedy: Look at the video again. it didn't predict an entire message, it gives suggestions of commonly used words that follow a word you type. Once "need" was typed, it suggested common words that may follow that word. That is very possible. Further, unlike the predictive text of iPhone and others that cause countless typos, this method shows suggestions and if you want to use them, you simply swipe the word up into your message. A much better way of doing it now. This is similar to the way OS6 does predictive text, but a better select option since there is no track pad to scroll with.

As far as the one inbox, it's called options. Some folks like it, some don't. This feature is also resident on OS6 where if you select inbox it brings up all texts, e-mails, and alert type messages in one space. The Playbook does that as well. You most likely can select one inbox at a time still, so again, it's just about options.

Oh, finally, just to have some fun, that last statement should read "This is not very reassuring." I am a terrible typist and I make those mistakes and typos all the time, so when i can point them out, it's a bonus for me. Ha ha ha.

Honestly, your comments tell me you have not used a Blackberry product in some time. Which is fine. It also seems from most of your comments that you're not a fan of Blackberry, which is fine too. I always find it fascinating when people who deem something as irrelevant are always up on the latest and greatest happenings of something they supposedly could care less about. Anyway, keep up the comments as it always makes me look at things again and reevaluate.

Though a limited look, BB10 looks promising. I actually like the mini-playbook look and feel to a device, myself. I love my BB keyboard, but touchscreen seems to be the way everything is going. You have to give the people what they want. They can come up with a QWERTY device later if need be.

Well said. I definitely agree with you in that BB10 looks very promising. Excited to see what else RIM has in store. Gotta love innovative ideas and concepts that come to fruition. It forces everyone to step up or get left behind. In the end it's great for the consumer.

They already have a good approximation of this keyboard now. I typed this message with only 33 taps.

I just counted the above and it would have taken 100 keystrokes on a laptop. That's a 300% improvement and this is just on PlayBook OS 2.0.1.

I notice that the predictions of the PlayBook almost always pops out within 3 letters (most often with 1 or 2) and about 1/3 the time it will get the next word all by itself without any keystroke being pressed. As a touch typist, it takes a bit of time to get the hang of it and to learn to look at the predictions instead of just the keyboard but once you learn it, I can go as fast or faster than on my Thinkpad with a real keyboard and I can type 60 wpm.

BB10 is not just predicting, it's continually learning your choices as you type. BB10 also puts the predicted word above the keys, so it is easier to reach -- an evolution of what's on the PlayBook. Very cool!

Jack u must b d ultimate anti-BB crusader!! This must b a pay$ng job for u!!! I swear if this was an iPhone or Android display you'd b pissing your urself with excitement and blaring all manner of colourful epithets like amazing, awesome..u get d gist!

Google must pay him to troll here. Criticism is useful, if constructive. This is never constructive. It's just negative. Glass is not only always half empty, it's always nearly all gone... and the darn glass is too darn small!

Apple, Google and Microsoft just left to change their underwear.
BlackBerry is back and the rest have a lot of catching up to do!

You're after me, bud :) But I promise I won't buy the store's stock of BB10. I can share the love :D

This product will be hot! Yes, we are speculating how good this will be in 4 months, but RIM is advancing the UI paradigm. Apple and Google will acknowledge that, and they'll be wondering why else RIM has up their sleeves.

Seriously, Apple is becoming the old RIM. What new advances in usability have they come up with in the past 24 months (since the 3GS)? The iPhone 4S sold Siri and iCloud. Both were flops. The iPad 3 didn't even include Siri, and Apple acknowledges that Siri was beta. Really? iCloud is The iPad 3 is all about the retina display and faster CPU. Feels like Apple has run out of new ideas.

Not faster CPU, just a faster GPU. Same thing, faster graphics. Still, it doesn't provide a speed boost with cpu usage. Lol

Poor frapple. this a iphone commerical from 2010? totally unimpressed. A few years late and a million dollars short, sorry. Guess when my upgrade is due, I'll be getting an iphone 5S or 6. Thanks RIM for NOT being ahead of the curve (and NOT the Curve 8330)

LOL Hilarious! Everything new to BB10 is innovative and game changing. Things that cannot and are not done on any other devices! lol cute comment though, you go ahead and get your iPhone, the same iphone that hasn't really made any progress in innovation since it launched while us BlackBerry users move to a completely new innovative platform.

Your comment proves that like every other iFan out there, you aren't worried about the quality/productivity/innovation of new devices moving forward, but as long as it has pretty commercials and other people are using it, then you need to have it.

I love these types of comments.

Can you enlighten us what is innovative about it?

There's nothing here that android doesn't already have...not even in their latest os but their last os....

Love that you can speak your mind on these comments and it always comes back to being a troll or an apple boy, etc. I have a Bold 9930 and it's a great communication device, but multi media? C'mon folks, reality check. The OS 10 won't be available until October-November, just like the Bold 9900 series, it was dated before it was released. Nothing I've seen from OS 10 is revolutionary...just severely ordinary.

You won't be able to upgrade to an iPhone (anything), after seeing just this little glimpse of the BB10, Apple is getting out of the mobile device business because they know they are hopelessly outclassed by RIM's vastly superior hardware, software and innovation. Bye Bye Apple!

@leftypepper716; Funny thing is, I agree with you. It does resemble an iPhone commercial from 2010. But, other than cut and paste and Siri, what has the iPhone changed since then? It has done some cosmetic changes, but the phone is still the same device with more apps. So if that model has worked for the #1 selling phone in the US market, then why not borrow from that? If there is a Blackberry that can "only" do what an iPhone does, then it's still a winner. After all, the big knock on BB right now is what it "can't" do. So if it does what an iPhone or top level Android does, then it's a worthy competitor again. Heck if Apple could make an iPhone with BB level security, they would lock down the market, hands down. But they can't...but RIM can, so again, it's a win.

not really...if there is already iPhone...who would buy knockoff iPhones at the same price...and moreover...we don't even know what IM will work on it....if there's no whatsapp, then there's really very limited communication capabilities...

Playing keep up with Apple and Samsung and HTC is just keeping up. Sorry, but RIM seems to be headed to 4th place in device OS's. They needed a WOW device, but just ended up with a "ho hum" device.

Trolls will be trolls. Negativity, they'll never improve.

RIM is innovative, some of the others are starting to be behind. Also shows trolls don't have any sort of appreciation. Reality sucks and the truth hurts.

That's impressive.I love what RIM is doing with BB10,just hope the phones look a little better than the one in the vid

this has certainly built excitement for BB10 in my book....and i can't for the life of me understand why some people are saying this is an iPhone rip-off....nothing about that said iPhone to me besides the design of the device which is only an ALPHA device for developers and not the final design for BB10 phones. are the people who say these things bling, illiterate, or just that stupid? Im ready to see more BB10 content. Keep pushing RIM!!!

Wow - looks like an Iphone 4S...and every other Android out there. If you can't beat em, join em.

If you mean the physical phone that was used in the ad, than yes it is a generic slab, but that's not the point. The point is to show some of the features of the new OS like the awesome predictive type. Besides they are not going to show off the actual phone months prior to its release to showcase the new features of the OS.
I didn't think it was that hard to comprehend.


Yes, because that is what the consumer market has said they want. If you want to succeed in that market, give them what they want. You just said it yourself. Every other phone basically looks that way. There's a reason for that and it's working for everyone else, so why should RIM not follow?. People pick a phone now for features and apps more so than form. Slight differences are all that appear to be required.

Nothing near a Iphone or Android. Plus its a alpha unit! Please,.... its just a user unit for development. You think the next flagship is going to be released and shown with such limited UI! This is for devs to bring on the future of apps beyond what the norm is. I beleive the problem here is that people were hoping for a full disclosure of phone and OS. Come on,... RIM and BB10 a little smarter than that! Jealousy causes people to speak out of term and put up a defense. RIM is on the right path and geuss WHAT??? We all have to wait for what could be the greatest device released! Go have a beer! "Lets Rock and Roll This" LOL!

I think the design looks a litttlllee like iphone..... but WHOOO CAREESSSSSS!!!!!! IT'S AWESOMEEEE.... It's a good think i keep my bold 9700 in good shape to last until this new baby.... yeah!!!!

Adapt my friend...touch is already the future! It's a good thing our thoughts r for d most part just that...thoughts!!

ya no phones without keyboards ever sell.

How do these people even manage to walk and talk at the same time????

Very nice. Love where its heading...

Thor was fantastic, no crappy promises like the previous clowns. No leapfrogging, no 60 days, no BS.

First off the simplicity of the predictive type is genius. Especially since it has not been done before. Secondly, to the people commenting about how the phone looks exactly like an iPhone or an Android phone. They are not going to show their hand with the actually hardware. This ad was to demo some of the features of the new OS. How can people not get that? It is the same with the comments on the Alpha Device story, I was in shock at how many people thought that was the real deal.
I guess if you can't find something negative one is forced to reach a little deeper in to their bag of crap to find anything at all.

Crap now I have to figure out if I want to go back to a touchscreen phone.

Hopefully the keyboarded concept is released close to the release of the first BB10 phone.

Good thing I am on a corporate account. I can use the other people's upgrades. :)

I wish all the negatives would just GO AWAY!!!! The product looks amazing and I for one can't wait to get my grubby little paws on it!!!! LONG LIVE THE RIMPIRE!!!!

Nice phone... Just wish the final product looks nicer than a rubbery black slab with a huge bezel. Let's see some parts of those Crackberry BB10 design concepts make it through!!!! We need a SEXY phone, not just one that works well. It has to stand out in the line-up at the Phone Store!

It's funny to see the trolls on here kicking and screaming and complaining. Are these people paid to go on a fan site and complain? Why else would you goto a fan site if you were not a fan? RIM is showing off some very exciting stuff and this only an ALPHA device for developers and not the final design for BB10 phones. Can't wait to see the final product. RIM is not going to show their whole hand until closer to launch. More and more will WAKE UP!

Is this all RIM can come up with ? The BB 10 is going to be DOA, that's for sure !
Many of the speakers at the BB World just talk and talk about what RIM will achive in the future , " next year etc. " Do not trust any future however pleasant " ! RIM will fail.

LOL I love that its been posted 10+ times that this is not a BB10 Device. It is an ALPHA BETA device for developers to get a SMALL glimpse of what is actually in BB10 and allow them to test their apps. It doesn't look like an iPhone, it looks like all touch screen slabs out there, but more than that, it looks EXACTLY like a PlayBook lol.

some people are just so funny! The same people who want RIM to succeed and move forward are the same people saying they want the same old physical keyboard without even touching the full touch

As a iPhone 4S and BB 9930 user, I have to say I love the direction that RIM is headed with BB10. Crossing fingers and hoping that everything comes to fruition. It's always a good thing to have a competitive RIM in the game.

Well, it looks nice. But, let's be real, everything this video shows can either be done on Android or iOS, actually both now that I think about it. That is, except for the incoming call screen. That was simply beautiful. Seriously, if the OS actually is that smooth and that beautiful throughout, BB10 will be a winner.

The predictive text keyboard though, in that presented functionality and layout wont succeed I'm sure. The vast majority of users wouldn't use it because the predictions aren't displayed in a uniform/consistent manner or position on screen. Even Android's stock keyboard is more consistent, and replacements like SwiftKey X really shine in predictive text capability and consistency.

This looks nice. The device looks like a mini-playbook to me. If they could cross that with the look of the current Bold, I think we'd have a winner. Just be "Bold" (pun intended) and offer the phone in say Black, White, Red and Purple (all the colors I've seen from RIM already on various devices) at launch. This is looking promising.

I'veu been sing the predictive text on the PlayBook since OS 2.0. And I (at first) was like how the tablet would know what I might type?? But after using it and seeing that it ACTUALLY works and helps you out with fast typing I have to say that Predictive Text is a great feature, only from BB! :P We have seen the Swipe thingy on Androids, but PT is nothing like that!

Go RIM :)

Looks good so far...getting with d competition is good. U can always try improving and uniquely tailor as time goes by..

....people don't seem to get that this is just a phone for developers! This is not a final design of a consumer model!

Did you notice the wireless HD video connection to the SmartTV in the very last scene? DNLA, I presume. I know DNLA is not new, but it will be a useful tool in a business setting.

+1! Mayb it's my eyes, but wasn't that a live screen with the caller?? I just like how she throws the words into the message with consummate ease!

Yes! I love it!!! Can't wait for all the new features to come! Keep up the good work RIM!

[Deadly duo - Playbook/Bold]

I love it and I KNOW this is just the Alpha device but I really hope they don't leave all that screen real estate on top and bottom. It made it look ugly having all that black/blank space there. I'd also like to see a High Def front facing cam like 3-5mp front facing cam. Most people are taking self pics alot more nowadays. Just my 2 cents, plus I think that would be something different the other manufacturers haven't done yet. I'd also like to see the 2 convenience keys make a comeback. Add to that a really nice dock for connecting via HDMI or charging and some nice armbands for active people that like to do extreme sports or go jogging/running. In addition, it would def be awesome if they added that new technology where if it gets wet it won't get ruined . Lastly, I'd like to see BBM integrated with video call feature in one rather than a separate app. I think they can do away with Skype altogether if they let other OS's use BBM and add video call thereby bringing more customers to BlackBerry slowly back and becoming more of a household name.

I forgot to add that since alot of people going away from digital cameras and depending more on their phones caemras they really need to make sure both camera and video are superb.

That phone sucks! It should be able to read my mind thru my bluetooth ear piece. RIM has not lived up to any level of expectations.

sigh, guess i just wait for another iphone. it does everything perfectly, without any data usage, or dropped calls, perfect at giving me massages, cooks my pasta to perfection, and anything else I need.

TSK TSK RIM. How dare you even waste our time.

I am excited about the OS but there is wayyy too much bezel on the top and bottom for my taste. Unless there was screen there but there isn't...really need to cut that out.

I'm in love with BlackBerry all over again!!! Can't wait for the final bb10 I can see them going for a 4.3 to 4.5 inch screen and where's Kevin, Adam, Blaze and Chris can we get a podcast on day 1 ?

Zodiac BBX (BB10)