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BlackBerry 10 smartphones finally launch on ShopBlackBerry for Canada

BlackBerry smartphones
By Joseph Keller on 31 Mar 2014 09:28 am EDT

BlackBerry has announced that starting today, customers will be able to purchased unlocked GSM versions of a number of BlackBerry 10 smartphones directly from the company's Canadian store The available devices are the BlackBerry Z30, Z10, Q10, and Q5. These devices are compatible with Canadian LTE and 4G networks.

Press release:

BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Now Available On in Canada

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 31, 2014) - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced that beginning later today, customers in Canada will be able to purchase SIM-unlocked GSM models of the BlackBerry® Z30, BlackBerry® Z10, BlackBerry® Q10 and BlackBerry® Q5 smartphones directly from BlackBerry on the site for Canada at

All the BlackBerry® 10 smartphones available on the site will be compatible with GSM-based 4G LTE and 4G networks in Canada, as well as other countries around the world with carriers who operate supported GSM networks. also has an assortment of accessories for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry OS models. Customers will find a variety of carrying solutions, chargers and audio peripherals available for purchase.

The BlackBerry 10 smartphones are also available from leading wireless carriers and retailers in Canada.




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Just 550CAD, that's a great deal!
We have to pay way more in europa :(

Since 2010 


I bought mine from shop blackberry USA last week for 499.00 USA, which is about the same after exchange.

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Sorry. I'm in Canada. Forgot to mention that.

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You could also buy them contract free in Wind or Mobilicity, although you may need to unlock them. The Q5 is $199, Z10 I think $299. These work on AWS as well as GSM.

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The Q5 is $150 from Koodo with no contract, and it'd cost you about $20 to get it unlocked ;-)

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No 9900? Damn.

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It's great news! I've been waiting for them to be available at the Canadian shopblackberry website for a while. I hope that this will be the continuing trend to make BB devices available online.


You can get them delivered to Canada fro the US. Bought my sta100-5 Z30 last week.

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Waiting for french availibility !

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Black z30 out of stock.. and no white one available...

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Hmm good news for the company, bad for us

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When is the price?

 Slicing using my 


Hope you don't have to deal with what we did her in the states

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On back order, will ship out week of April 7th



That's great news, and a possible indication of where BlackBerry plans to go in the future with hardware sales with all of this political nonsense with carriers.

Btw, welcome Joseph! Now who are you? Lol

Edward in Toronto

Is it just me or wasn't this news a few weeks ago?


It's just you

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Edward in Toronto

Ok, I guess I'll have to stop playing with the time machine when I'm drinking :)

Robert F Kennedy

A couple of weeks ago it was the US, now Canada.

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Sold out.

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How many were offered? Why are they sold out so quickly?

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Obviously not enough ;)

And why is the Q5 more than the Z10?! The Q5 is under $200 in stores but $349 on here haha


Oh this is great. It's about time. I plan on sticking with BlackBerry but not my carrier this year. This will help.


Nice. Now break free of carriers for OS updates and you have a truly independent platform.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry


You would hope that is the case but I am not so sure. I have the employee purchase plan unlocked Q10 and I did not get the software update notification until it was released to Verizon and my phone is on Bell. I had to buy a Rogers sim and use wifi to get my update, now I have the current Rogers version not the current Bell version and I continually get software update notifications that will not download.

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BlackBerry will never be free of carriers, at least not until all devices are connected via a world wide Wi-Fi or a satellite based network.

This is good for anyone that wants a BlackBerry already.... As most people buying from carriers or their authorized dealers (brick & mortar and online) is how they buy. BlackBerry providing a way for people to buy outside of carriers, just reduces a carriers impression of the BlackBerry brand. So the next BlackBerry device is going to find even fewer carrier's interested in devoting space to what they see as a non seller for them.

Dang if the do and dang if they don't. It's tough on the bottom.

Fiddle Deedee

Very well put. That is very similar to what I have been thinking.

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It's kind of difficult to imagine the carriers being able to give even less support than they do now. I don't think they lose anything with this move. Now they can develop ads that point potential customers to this one easily accessible point of sale where the product won't be shat on, minimized, ridiculed, and otherwise actively discouraged by the sales agent.

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Carriers are actually harming Blackberry brand. I have heard several stories where people wanted to buy Blackberry phones but were bombarded with bad news about Blackberry (Dying company, horrible phone etc.) Selling devices online gives Blackberry a chance to come back. It actually shields its brand. Blackberry fans no longer have to go through abuse from carriers. In fact, now they have power to bargain with their carriers.



Posted from the Awesomeness of My Z10 10.2.1


Cool and thumbs up!!!

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Awesome! About time! This is likely how I'll be getting my next BlackBerry.

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No white z30 :(

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I have the Z30, and it's great !!

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"Finally" is right. When I was trying to get my Z30, I couldn't buy one online and eventually got one that I could use with Koodo from a Telus store. All the carriers always tried to talk me out of getting a BlackBerry. No wonder BlackBerry sales were so low with all the carriers trying to dissuade people from looking at BlackBerry, even when no one was asking for their opinion on the matter. At least now that the BB10 phones can be purchased online, customers can avoid having to deal with the sales people at the carrier stores who hate BlackBerry and only promote Samsung.

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Most likely government regulation and red tape.



I hope when new devices are available they go on the shop the same day

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Konrad Andree Nordvik

Excellent news let's hope this will be expanded to include those countries that don't have local BlackBerry suppliers.

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The shipping says international express, so I think the product is still shipped out of the US, meaning surprise customs fees. Pretty sure it was like this before...Remember the Z10 $200 black friday sale?


That will seriously suck b***s. They should mention that in the website instead of getting hit with a surprise custom fee to pay before you can receive you phone. I hope that's not the case for us Canadians.

Posted by my awesome Z10


I got mine shipped to Canada from the US last week. They send it FedEx so customs charges are included.
My Z30 was $499 USD then $25 GST, and $28 approx for shipping.
It was an STA100-5.

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This is great news!

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Yes! Finally I can buy my phones the way I want to, with no input from salespeople.

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bob beausoleil

Good move. These carriers are hurting BlackBerry. Was in a Source store ( bell cda) on Saturday asked about the z30 -- they don't carry it no BlackBerry's on display had to get from back room and sales girl bad mouthed BlackBerry claiming no service and pushed Android. No one needs that kind of support. Advertise and sell direct.

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Perfect. Definitely buying next device this way.

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Good prices too, an unlocked Z10 for 299 isnt bad


Good for BlackBerrry, they should have done this months ago. If you don't get carrier sales support, then go direct.


Awesome, now to get the word out!
Love cut-throating the carriers!


Out of stock Q10 and Z30.


Damn... this should have been done a while ago

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John Kastanes

Chen knows what needs to be done.



I hate that they exclude the Q5 out of every photo, I own it and it's a major step up from my old Curve 9360. What's so bad about it?

Posted from the exquisite white BlackBerry Q5


The Q5 is not excluded on the site. $349.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


$499 for a Q10? What the hell is that. Ridiculous pricing like this is not going to help BlackBerry.

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I agree..499 is a bit expensive
Yes it's a very well built phone but still shouldn't cost that much, considering it came out more then 8 months ago.

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$399. For the Q10.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


That's USD pricing and not CAD. BTW Q10 is 440.41 not bad.

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Yeah just saw it too. My bad.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!



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Will this become available on their UK site?

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking


Already announced I believe.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


Really? I did a search and I can see no sign of it.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking


Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


This is going to be Good for us here or anyone out of Canada who could order via Blackberry online shopping.
And it is unlock. Thumb Up Blackberry!!


This is great news. Factory unlocked and reasonably priced. What a great combination.

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And this is where I will buy my next phone! Way to go Crackberry!

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BlackBerry -:)

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


Finally! Hopefully they'll do this for all future phone releases!

Posted via CB10 on my Z30


I want a Z30 for $299 LOL :)

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Nice, pointing in the direction of direct sales. More efficient, more margins, more control.
Waiting for this in Europe with enthusiasm.


By selling online plus the new phones coming out this year, by the end of the year we could be talking sales of 2-3 million phones?. Hey I can dream right?

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


The software updates are going to be done through a notification to your bbm, then over wifi from BlackBerry service center. I'm predicting.

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Hope new BBs will be available on this site shortly after launch.


This is awesome! Should I continue with my Z10 and wait until my contract expires in Sept and hopefully get a new touch whatever BB10 comes out or go with a Z30 now?


Same thing I've been contemplating

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Get the z30

Posted via CB10

Aljean Thein

The Z3 could probably be the only touch screen device this year to be release..

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Excellent move by BlackBerry!

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It would be great if they weren't out of stock on the z30

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Great! It's about time. Now time for US website.


Already available on US website.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


Nice! Hope the sell! Loving my Q10!

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Digital River (the company that does the order management for shop Blackberry) is a complete joke and scam



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Hey aren't you the guy who said BlackBerry isnt developing past 10.2.0 ?Aren't you mocked for that?

You have some solid cred. around this site LOL

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I don't agree with the "scam" part, but they definitely ARE a completely joke. Anyone who's dealt with them can probably tell you that.


The Z30 and white Q10 already out of stock? Or where they never in stock?

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Now the Z30 is out of stock on the US site too, thanks a lot Canada lol

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Oops. Sorry.

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About time! All BlackBerry's should be available direct ,unlocked and at the price they sell them to the carriers . Updates should be available on the BlackBerry website. After all if there is a bug it would affect BlackBerry's not other brands. Same as in the past if something goes wrong with BlackBerry software or hardware the carriers just blame BlackBerry so what's the difference ?

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Gregory Ryan

Digital river is terrible with inventory management. Every time someone simply adds an item to a "cart" it takes one out of inventory. Give them a few days to figure this out and it'll be in stock. Wish BlackBerry would run their own site!

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ATI nsider

The White Q10 and Z30 are already sold out off the site. I wonder how much stock BBRY had? They should allow for pre-Ordered as to when they replenish the stock.


Finally enough with BB getting Kicked around Carriers In Canada


Like the price of the Z10 but better would be 1 year earlier

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Why is it that the same phones are cheaper at than on the shopblackberry site?


The Z30 is actually cheaper on @ $550.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


That's the 100-5 compatible in Canada.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!


Z30 is $499 on and $510 on gsmnation. All the other models are cheaper on gsmnation and that shouldn't be. My point is no other retailer should be cheaper than

Good thing is that many people seem to want this Z30 since it's sold out. Its my phone of choice and the best BlackBerry ever built.


Z30 out of stock, Q10 white also out of stock :(

Abel Swanson

Too bad they are out of stock on Z30

Posted via CB10

Carey Mogdan

It still says ships to US addresses only. And congrats for charging $100 more than the US store for a Q10. I wonder if the big three (Rogers, Bell and Telus) will respond and drop the unsubsidized price to match the direct sale?


The Q10 is back to $499 on the US site again (as far as I can see anyway).


Why is z10 $50 less than Q5? And Q10 only $50 more than Q5 ?

Thought Q5 was meant to be more entry level....

Flicked out via Zed10


Should we not have a Web page of places you can buy the devices and how much? That would be a great place to compare?

Posted via CB10

timmy t

So If I have an unlocked Z10 from Bell and I want to switch carriers, do I have to change my OS to be the version for the new carrier?
If not, then why can't BBRY just provide a generic OS for these phones and they will work on whatever carrier you choose? I always update it through Wi-Fi anyway.


Just came from a Wind store and they told me they are dropping the BlackBerry phones and was also told that BlackBerry is no longer making phones.

Posted via CB10


Great news... Now, expand!

Posted via my BlackBerry*Q10, Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS


Good addition

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 OS CB10


Long overdue! Glad they finally made these available to us Canucks! :-)


Trying to get my wife the Z10... early bday gift. And the only bday gift...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


Holy shit.... FINALLY!

WTG BlackBerry! About time. :)


Thanks BB! This is LONG over due!

Wireless Gadget

Hmmm, a little too late. Should have done this in the beginning.

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Soon bad screen and camera really I hate it I need to broken this phone z30

Posted via CB10


It is really sucking phone wtf

Posted via CB10


So about time!

Posted Via my Kick @ss BlackBerry Z30

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Yug_on the rocks

I have a z30 its a rockstar among all models but the worts thing is that I am not getting bumper for it in market, apple is good among accesories, blackberry shud also think about for their market.

Posted via CB10


I've been a Blackberry user since day 1, I LOVE my Z30! Best phone out there if you want a true business communication device.