BlackBerry 10 smartphone (RFH121LW) now certified for Bluetooth 4.0

By Bla1ze on 24 Oct 2012 02:58 am EDT

Here's a little bit of random news that we're still digging into for you all to take in. Back on October 19th, a BlackBerry 10 smartphone was certified for Bluetooth 4.0. The application was submitted back in August for the device labeled "RFH121LW" and at the time it was running on OS

Now we know RIM has since updated BlackBerry 10 given the fact that the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha's are running OS and even higher internally but that particular model number isn't showing up anywhere else really. In other words, we're not 100% sure as to what device this may be other than to say it's running BlackBerry 10, it's a smartphone and it has Bluetooth 4.0 certification.

We'll keep digging for you all but in the mean time, any thoughts on which device it may be exactly? London / Laguna are the easy guesses of course. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums.  Thanks, samab!

Source: Bluetooth SIG

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BlackBerry 10 smartphone (RFH121LW) now certified for Bluetooth 4.0


Well the big guy did say RIM would not compete on pure specs alone, but he didnt say that BB10 was going to have any 2nd rate specs ! Looks like going to have some kick@$$ specs at release :)

The man that never sleeps... Thanks Bla1ze! I would think it's the Aristo but with this being tested in October, I'm guessing (and hoping!) it's really the London/Laguna and/or Nevada.

I don't remember seeing Bluetooth 4.0 in the leaked L-series specs. So this would be a great sign that those specs were bogus and we will see something more like the A-series specs from the get-go

This better be on all the BB10 phones!

Would this have any advantages to the music bridge if they both used Bluetooth 4.0? In terms of distance.

Thanks Bla1ze!

If I've read my specs correctly, the most important benefit to BT4 is power management. BT4 allows the radios to stay in a low-power state that only uses something like 20% of what BT3.x does.

The Pebble smartwatch depends on BT4, for instance, because it's communicating with a host phone on a fairly constant basis, but manages to do so without draining the phone as quickly as it would if it were on an older BT standard.

Oh Bla1ze! You provide such useful info. If only you'd take time to learn how to write. It would help you so much.

Learn to write?? Are you touched?

I'm not a native English speaker but I can clearly understand what Bla1ze writes.

"are you touched" lol. Sorry I thought my wife was the only one that said that. I had to ask her what it meant the 1st time she said it.

And I too have never had trouble understanding what Bla1ze writes, at 3 in the am. I agree we gotta give him a little credit here where it's due.

Thanks Bla1ze.

Mummy2 is always throwing jabs at Bla1ze. My guess is your a psycho stalker chick for which he never gave the time of day.

Now run along and be creepy somewhere else ;)

If the carriers are testing the L series now, does this mean they can't upgrade the phones to bt4 without needing to go through testing again? How does this work exactly? Logic tells me that they could upgrade the phone without going through testing as long as it isn't a massive change but the logical answer isn't always the right one and that's why I'm asking.

I think Rim is pulling a fast one on everyone that thinks they know what phone is really coming out. It will be nothing like the DEV's out in the wild already. The specs will exceed everyone's expectations and then some.

They will Zig instead of Zag like everyone is expecting. L series has not truly been seen. ;)

The problem is they've zagged sooo many times...

They are def due for a huge ZIG!!!


on a side note, I used to smoke huge ZIG ZAGS. haha

Considering how the vaulted secrets of Apples new products apparently aren't so secret, it would be amazing if RIM is executing a real campaign of disinformation to truly wow the masses upon launch. However, with the costs associated with such a campaign of disinformation to produce fake leaked internal memos, slides, marketing material, let alone actual fake hardware, it very unlikely no?

Actually, it would be far easier for RIM to be stealthy than it would be for Apple. Apple is under a microscope. Sadly, with RIM, nobody's paying attention.

I would love for RIM to throw a shocker out in January so I can stand by and watch all the jaws drop lol

Black Sheep by Choice :-)

Apple leaks always come from employees at Foxconn and Samsung plants. It wouldn't be hard to make fake slides and memos. Simply some new text/pictures and "leak" it.

Only phone people have seen is the DEV versions. The actual final hardware has never truly been seen. Even the mexico one that was leaked wasn't a final version..

RIM is full aware what phones are out there and what they NEED to leapfrog them. They say it's not a spec race but the experience. While true, they are not the stupid to make a lack luster phone either.