BlackBerry 10 smartphone launch now scheduled for Q1 of calendar 2013

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 28 Jun 2012 04:39 pm EDT

Well, we knew RIM wasn't going to be announcing BlackBerry 10 devices were ahead of schedule at this point but there was still some hope they would at the very least be on track with their previously noted timeline of late 2012. Alas, their results for the first quarter of the 2013 fiscal year have now confirmed a delay of BlackBerry 10 until Q1 of calendar 2013. At this point, RIM needs to be setting the timelines and actually keeping them not going back and readjusting them. We're about to hop into the Q1 Fiscal 2013 results conference call here shortly so, we'll get to hear more from RIM CEO Thorstein Heins.

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BlackBerry 10 smartphone launch now scheduled for Q1 of calendar 2013



If these are the comments from readers it's easy to guess what the press coverage of this news will be like. I'm a BB fan and honestly hope RIM come out with a kick-ass BB10 product that turns their fortunes around, but do I believe that it's going to happen? No. RIM might continue to exist but BlackBerry smartphones will disappear. I hope I'm wrong.

This is absolutely pathetic. What a bunch of incompetent lazy bums. I thought Thor was going to do a better job than previous guys but he doesn't seem to be knowing anything better. I was waiting so eagerly for BB10 but I give up. May be canadian companies can't compete in this fast paced mobile space, only good for competing in commodity.

Missing the Christmas season is a really bad move by RIM. With iPhone 5 and Windows 8 slated for release during the holiday season, RIM will be out of the game, I am afraid, for good.

As for me, I am seriously considering the Windows phone for Christmas.

RIM has been out of the game for the past three years. Todays bleak news was the last nail in the coffin.

Okay, so which other phone can create a hotshot that the PlayBook can actually use? If I am forced by RIM to purchase a competitor's phone, then I won't get all the benefits of bridging. I love the bridge feature, but I also need a current phone. What to do, what to do?

I'm the most angry about the fact that NO ONE LEAKED THAT IT WAS GOING TO BE SO DELAYED!

I was mentally prepared for an October or November launch, then I got excited when I read that BB10 was ahead of schedule and might land in September. Luckily, I have a 9900, a 9810, and a PlayBook that are keeping me happy. But to think that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day will probably all pass without us getting BB10 makes it seem so far away. And honestly, we probably won't see the fully qwerty N-Series until Summer 2013, the way things with RIM continue to go.

I think RIM should release the white 9900 in the U.S. It isn't sold here, but it would look nice and fresh on the shelves. I also kind of think RIM should go private, the way Best Buy looks to be doing. Half the "drama" is the analysts and plummeting stock price stories.

I'm annoyed about the delay, but nowhere near annoyed enough to get an Android, iPhone or even look at WP7.

I'm the most angry about the fact that NO ONE LEAKED THAT IT WAS GOING TO BE SO DELAYED!

Hahahaha VERY good point.

Or they were working hard NOT to leak that news.

It's no longer drama, they have serious core problems, their shipments have fallen by more than 30%! RIM is in serious trouble, I will continue to support them and maybe even pick up a Bold 9900 come this fall to support them. But it might be too late by the time they release BB 10 to do their company any good. 5000 job cut is already a disaster, by the time BB 10 is released, RIM will consist of a skeleton crew. I wish them the best of luck!

I have been a long time Blackberry user....but my 9900 has been acting Playbook backlight has been flashing on and we have to wait for new devices and new OS. I think this may be the final nail in the coffin. If I after all these years is thinking about leaving...what are the newer users thinking??? Not a good move on RIM's part.

This is an absolute fiasco. I was hoping that the new phone would be here soon and I could upgrade in the Fall. I'm not going to stay with RIM anymore with its lackluster application support and constant broken promises. This news has doomed Research In Motion.

It's so sad to see that the date has been pushed back! :(

At least my contract on my 9930 expires in February. Maybe the first BB10 device will come out around then. :)

I'm a huge BB fan and I think I've had enough. I've spent over $120 in App World purchases on my Playbook alone but that isn't enough to stop me from switching platforms. RIM keeps making promises and never delivers on any of them. My contract is up in October and I was going to wait to compare the iPhone 5 and the BB10 all-touch phone, but I guess that's impossible. I'm done with Blackberry. I guess I'm getting an iPhone 5 then.

I'm rocking my Storm 2 still and don't mind waiting another couple months. I'm more upset with Verizon that I'm not going to be able to enjoy my unlimited data package once I get my BB10. My PlayBook keeps my app and media hunger satisfied and I'm in no rush to jump ship. I wonder if this will push back the release of the next PlayBook as well? Have you guys tried this Kool-Aid? It's delicious!!!

They knew of the delay, that is why they're looking to licence BB10 or other strategic options for the company.

They should just add a calling functionality to PlayBook OS 2.0, load it on the Dev Alpha unit and sell it to the masses with the promise of a software upgrade when it's available. They've already said that the PB will be updated to BB10, at least this would make a lot of people happy in the interim. Forget the BES for now and just get something to market that people can buy.

Look Blackberry.... Its real simple, release BB10 on the playbook by end of summer. This will help promote BB10 on the device that should have received BB10 in the first place. You want to delay BB10 phones until Q1 2013, fine Continue working on BB10 phones but right now fix the issues with BB7. Release BBM for all carriers. By doing so you will be introducing BBM to people that don't use it and for those that are familiar with it will certainly go back to using it. Integrate Wikitude with the camera for BBM instead of opening the wikitude app then opening up the camera. There are many issues with BB7 right now that are hurting you also. The phones freeze almost all the time. The boot up time is ridiculous. Simple things that other carriers have already that BB7 doesn't' have must be addressed immediately. Like No active sync integration for email, contact, calendar and task. I'm sorry, but no one want to pay 45 dollars extra for a service to BES whether its through RIMM or the company they work for. Especially since the iPhone does this with out the extra charge. I had to traded my 9850 because it couldn't do active sync through the carrier. I loved that phone but..... once again, you know whats better for us right?.... Guess what, the iPhone does this and it only cost $30 dollars from the original package carrier plan. Also, your apps are a joke when compared to the same app being released on your competitors phones. Like what up with that bar code scanner, it doesn't even take you to a site to find out what the item is. And it integrates with BBM to do what exactly... I haven't a clue. neither did my friends on BBM. Instead You have to copy the damn code and paste it on the browser. The competitor does have this issue. Your pushing us for BB10 but neglecting BB7. You are your own worst enemy. Get Angry Birds and Netflix on BB7 phones now. Show the public something while they wait for BB10. If not, your gonna sink and sink bad. I would hate to see Apple or Google owning your intellectual property.

This is all rims fault for bringing on college student interns to build the os.

I'm so mad right now blackberry10 was gonna be a great device.'s over. I'm no fool. It's been real fellow crackers.

Well, this was not what I wanted to hear today,...nor next week. So, I'm goin gto give the Sammy GS III a try. I'm not willing to live with a make-believe '4G' device. I want and need an LTE device with a larger screen and since RIM can't deliver, I'm moving on. Next year is not in my timelime to upgrade to an LTE device.

My 9810 may be my last BB!


RIM is going to mis out on a ton of holiday sales and upgrades! I'm talking about make or break sales. JMD

I'm sorry to read this because RIM did basically invent the Smartphone industry & I remember when I got my first BB Phone. I've had 2 BB phones. I've had Windows phones, used iPhones, & now, an Android phone that I am pretty happy with.

I bought the PlayBook after really researching the best options & I only paid $75 out of pocket for it thanks to gift cards. I was excited to see what BB10 would bring to the table. I have to say, this has made my decision to get a Nexus Tablet easier. I am going to keep my PlayBook and use it till it dies and as soon as I can - I'm going to go full Android.

Kevin & CrackBerry Crew - You guys are an amazing team & I do hope that RIM can stay a float. because I've really enjoyed being a part of this community!


In thinking about everything we heard from Jim and Mike, they kept talking about how they're waiting on the chip before releasing the phone. Now what's the excuse? The OS will never be perfect. 2.0 isn't perfect for my PB but it was still released. It just seems like the inability or incompetence of the leadership team at RIM continues to drop the ball. I feel for the 5000 people who will be losing their jobs because management really screwed the pooch on this one.



I am SICK and TIRED of reading the comments and SEEING this shit being posted. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!


What a disappointment.! Another delay. The next question is: What is Rim doing to reward the loyalty of users who are willing to wait for BB 10? That answer should have been part of the conference call today.

Devastated, wasn't expecting this. Was holding off buying a new phone until the new RIMS would hit the market, chances are I will not be waiting until next year as for all I care this might be another empty promises. Enough is enough.........!

Devastated, wasn't expecting this. Was holding off buying a new phone until the new RIMS would hit the market, chances are I will not be waiting until next year as for all I care this might be another empty promises. Enough is enough.........!

OK, ppl can say whatever they want.
I believe RIM and I really believe they'll not making the same mistakes again. If its for a better (and complete) device, then we wait.
No problem waiting, but when it comes out it needs to be perfect.
I just feel like waiting for Diablo3. Hands down, we waited a lot and now that its out, its amazing. Everything is there and better. I mean, if RIM makes us wait, but at the end delivers a great experience, like the one we have with BB7 (Diablo2) only much better (Diablo3): then I'll be truly happy.

I think this is the final nail in the coffin for RIM. They can't hold to a deadline, Apple with have the iPhone 5 later this year, Jelly Bean(OS4.1) will be here for Android in mid July, Windows 8 and all their intagration will be here lat this year, and RIM will release a device in Q1 of 2013 that will try and compete with what the compition has already released over 6 months ago once the tough decision I chose Apple, Android, or a Windows phone to replace my beloved BlackBerry...sad day...very sad day...I now know have everyone at Palm Central feels...

I lived through this with the PlayBook.. First saying they'd make 4q and then missing and saying 1q and missing again. By the time they release this, the hardware will be obsolete. I've been on BlackBerry since the original pagers and have two PlayBooks but I'm not holding my breath for BB10. This latest announcement tells me that RIM hasn't learned its lessons from the Storm/PlayBook fiascos and I suspect we'll be underimpressed by BB10 when it finally comes out. I'll hang on for a good LTE phone with a decent battery life but I'm no longer waiting for BB10. They can't even get 2.1 out the door on time.

I was hoping to have BB10 this year since I am eligible for an upgrade, but I don't know if I can wait until Q1 2013. I might as well get the Bold 9930.

After 10 years (!!!) of using many Blackberry devices I got last week a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android ... great device I do not regret the move at all ... a report like this only supports my decision ... RIM is really messed up ... I doubt they will survive until Q1 2013 ... good bye RIM ...

RIM is run out of options and they are dead. This is a sinking boat and suicidal machine.

They don’t know how to do business. They don’t know how to deal with customer. They think that they are from heaven. But they don’t realize that they are falling from heaven to sinkhole. 1000% it is not possible to come back, except GOD mercy on them.

I never again buy RIM products.

Though I am disappointed thoroughly with this delay, this was not part of my future handheld decision. From the point of view of someone who is looking for a smartphone, allow me to enlighten you. My family is evenly skewed, two with apple, two with android. I have been shopping around for a while. I have explored both and I do not enjoy the apple iOS system at all. I have found the Android OS to be fairly easy to manage once you play with it a little bit. I own a BlackBerry 9550 and though it is a bit buggy I still enjoy the OS. I have always been a messenger, email, text, phone. I do a very slight amount of surfing, not enough, not too little. Outside of having it in my palm already, I have decided to upgrade to the 9930. I can't wait. This thing looks amazing and even though my family switched, I find that I don't do enough surfing to validate a android. Games are good ON THE COMPUTER; they tend only to sap the battery on a phone. I can't wait to try the keyboard on the 9930. I send a lot ot texts, I have family who live overseas and the only way I have to comminicate is by email. I don't enjoy enough free time during the day to turn on the computer, so the phone is my only avenue for communication through messenging. I will stay with BlackBerry through it all. Even through the hard parts.

For this reason I will display my excitement for the 9930 in my future, and for remaining with BlackBerry! It might be a difficult wait but I wont be waiting with all of you, I will be happily typing along with my 9930.

Kind of figured that with all the bleek news lately, a little bit of optimism goes a long way. GO BLACKBERRY!!!

i never post on here, have been a loyal BB supporter like everyone else here, and BB is huge in south africa.
however...despite many people warning about this possibility, its unfortunately come true!
yet another delay, they are in serious trouble and BB10 wont save RIM, lets face it.
never thought i'd see the day, but cheers BB... going back to sony.
experia S on android ice cream sandwich - superb!
sad :(
but if the product can't be delivered, the price has to be paid!
2013 - WAY too late!