BlackBerry 10 smartphone launch now scheduled for Q1 of calendar 2013

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 28 Jun 2012 04:39 pm EDT

Well, we knew RIM wasn't going to be announcing BlackBerry 10 devices were ahead of schedule at this point but there was still some hope they would at the very least be on track with their previously noted timeline of late 2012. Alas, their results for the first quarter of the 2013 fiscal year have now confirmed a delay of BlackBerry 10 until Q1 of calendar 2013. At this point, RIM needs to be setting the timelines and actually keeping them not going back and readjusting them. We're about to hop into the Q1 Fiscal 2013 results conference call here shortly so, we'll get to hear more from RIM CEO Thorstein Heins.

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BlackBerry 10 smartphone launch now scheduled for Q1 of calendar 2013



They are buying time before they can sell themselves, restructure, or go private. In any case, the chance we will ever see BB10 has gotten so effing slim.

I do not think we will ever see a BB10 device.
Now it might be time to abandon ship, even if we hate it.
Sorry for crackberry crew, the future looks so doomed.

I agree. I'm sick to death of RIM pissing around and generally trashing the company and ignoring loyal customer. BB, you have a good product and great customers. But, you just can't help yourself, can you? Ok. It's time to look at Android. RIM is about to get a giant f u from their customes.

Android, Windows 8, even iPhone. Anybody but these clowns. This is the last straw. Fat Mike should choke on one of his Dove bars for how he drove this company into the ditch. F U fat boy!

I completely agree. Customers who want to purchase a BB10 device in 2013 should get an incentive for patiently waiting. Something along the lines of this:

1. Preregister for purchase online or at Bestbuy radioshack attention Verizon etc.

2. Purchase must be made within 30 days of official bb10 launch to qualify.

3. Receive 25% or $100 off of purchase (whatever is reasonable)

The registration dates will be from today until one month before launch.

Just something to show that they are committed to serving blackberry users....what ever makes it right.

Dear Canadians,

We have to SUPPORT RIM UNTIL THE VERY END. RIM has become the symbol of pride to every Canadian. I am a Canadian and I don't care if other companys are better than us in technology. I just care that our jobs in Canada depend on this company. If RIM stays alive then we will prosper as a nation. It's not about being faithful to a brand anymore. It's about being loyal to the Canadian flag. Backberry has become our flag of pride. If Blackberry dies, a BIG part of Canada will die too. I will be ashamed to be a Canadian if Blackberry goes under. Everyone in the world will think Canada is a technological ill country. They will think that Canada is not prosperous and we will not benefit from trade with them. I will support Blackberry to the very end. Now is the time to show RIM our support. My current phone is a Blackberry, and my next phone is still going to be a Blackberry.

Loyal Canadian

So you are saying I think that you need to give your head a shake. I am a Canadian and I will support RIM to the end but if they do go under it isn't the end of Canada's reputation.

So your entire country depends on this company? You are just now starting to worry? Should have been worried over a year ago as they fell asleep at the wheel. To Little To Late

So your entire country depends on this company? You are just now starting to worry? Should have been worried over a year ago as they fell asleep at the wheel. To Little To Late

I think this seals RIM's fate as an independent company. I believe they HAD to get BB10 out for the Holidays, and now that is sunk. There is an extremely high chance RIM won't survive long enough to get BB10 out the door. If the Mobile Space were a Little League Baseball game, they would have "Mercy Rule'd" RIM buy now.
Starting to also feel that BB10 is vaporware, anyway.

Terrible. News.... For RIM and for me. I was so looking forward to BB10 phone this fall, but I won't wait any longer....

Looks like I'll be sporting a Windows8 phone this fall

Bye bye RIM

+1. I too am tired of waiting, ive already been through this let down with the Playbook launch and its not happening again. Looks like I'll be looking at other options once my contract expires this fall. It's been a pleasure doing business with you RIM, it's unfortunate that it had to end this way but you've left me no choice.

+1 I've held on long enough and I've been delayed for far too long. I'll keep the playbook just to see what BB10 looks like (if it comes out at all). But I'm probably going to jump on the Windows 8 ship (phone and tablet) by the holiday season.

RIM is a billion dollar company. It may suck having to wait, but they will survive. When it finally does come out, it will have to be great!

...and it will be way behind the 8 ball as the iPhone and Windows 8 will have sucked in so many potential buyers between the back to school period and the holiday season, BOTH of which RIM will miss.

RIM should've caved in months ago knowing this delay would happen. They should've realized they could still be a major hardware player in the mobile space while slowly developing BB10 into perfection. Nokia is not a windows only platform neither is HTC or Samsung...RIM should've accepted from the start they can't compete right now, it would have been better to run and fight another day rather than see them getting pounded into the ground.

Not good imo

Plenty of people holding out upgrading waiting for BB10 - this will mean reduced revenue for that Q but moved to later Q.

Is this the final sweep out of bad news or the last rites?

right, and now those people are gonna move on to something else. Thats why I always thought BB10 should have been out months ago.

I agree with you. There were a lot of people, judging from comments on this very forum, that were holding off getting BB7 devices as RIM indicated that BB10 devices were happening at the end of this year. I wonder how many of them are willing to, realistically, wait until March (or later most likely) for BB10 to come out.

i am not going to hold off till jumping ship to the iPhone in october.... i simply cannot wait that long specially now that im rocking a basic Symbian phone as my daily driver.

I can't hold off any longer. I also have been waiting for BB10 and this delay has certainly put the nail in the coffin. Come October I will be looking into an iPhone 5. I will miss blackberry but I am left without options except moving on. Hasta la vista Blackberry.

Yeah...I'm sad, but I think this is me...I'm looking at Windows Mobile and Android offerings as we 9650 is just plain not going to last that long.


ya my bold 9900 is driving me nuts. Needs a fresh install so it will stop freezing all the time. But last time I did that it bricked and took RIM 6 weeks to give ma new one. Im ready for an upgrade. I was goona hold out for BB10 but now what the hell do I do. Probably go over to imore and see whats going on with the iphone 5.

Very bad RIM. Very bad. They have been basically lying the past few weeks/months about BB10 being available "later this year". RIM management, new and old, completely suck!!!

I think they have hit some huge technical snags. Huge. I get that they can't release a half baked product but wow - this is just terrible news for RIMs fuiture and those 5000 people getting turfed.

I have a feeling this company will go private. It can be had for nothing now - maybe its all "part of the plan".

That would be a good plan: Announce the delay, buy it out and release BB10 in September afterwords, to see the value of the company surge.
But I do not think this is going to be the case.
They have been basically lying all this time with the release date, I do not think they woke up this morning only to realise that BB10 could not make it in 2012.
What are developers going to do now?

I'm making myself that question. I have a BB10 Alpha Dev unit, have 2 apps ready to be launched. But after this, I can't wait any longer.

Sad news everyone :(

Let the trolling begin.

Yes this sucks, not gonna lie.

But what is worst?

Releasing a handset that fails to impress because of missing features?
Releasing a handset atfer the competition's top sellers has had a few months but a handset that is complete and on par or above the competition?

I'm glad you are looking at the bright side ..... Alas the company may be gone before BB10 ever has a chance to hit the market

On Par is no going to win back customers for RIM, and above the competition is looking more and more to not be within their capabilities.

Trolling? Seriously? At this point all the trolls are looking like evangelists. I don't know how to react. At this point it has been made very difficult to believe that they will survive. I mean think about it. Even a guy like me who bought the style (THE STYLE!!!!) to continue to support a company I believe in. At this time what can I buy to support my beloved Blackberry? There's nothing available to buy.

I mean I can understand a year but two to put a new phone on the market? I'M PISSED!!!!!! No I'm not jumping ship. This is the phone that I love but if they are going to cease to exist then shouldn't I start looking at phones that I can "settle" for?

This really sucks.

:-( Neither option is good enough right now. I don't know what else they can do. I also know that either of these options will spell the end in the USA, at least...

Like the first realease of the iPhone not having copy/paste? didn't do that much long term damage - just get a MVP out there and build on it

Game, set and match for RIM to be honest. WP8, Jelly Bean ready androids, IP5 are 100% going to go after the crucial back to schoool/holiday season sales and after that anyone else can have the scraps. RIM needs a product to come at the same time to even have a chance. At this point only the diehards will hold out for BB10

Make the world a better place. Recycle your apples.

Well....I'm a die-hard and I don't hold out much hope. I'll be going SGS3 in Aug. with my upgrade. Maybe next Aug. RIM will have their shit together or will be a vivid memory
(sniffle sniffle)

BB10 is vaporware to keep you fools hanging around. When we get close to 2013 they'll push it to 2014. don't need to be an insulting jerk.....Just don't say anything and relish in the fact that you got your wish....

My BB10 is on the desk here.

Looks real enough to me.

Based on what Thorsten said, they're expanding the eco-system to keep pace and don't want to release until the full package is ready.

Oh forget this. WTF! I give up on RIM. I cant wait that long. I was gonna switch back to BB10 when my contract was up at the end of the year but forget it. I'm sticking with Android.

I've been on Android for a while now, and I have to say I miss my BB Keyboard. Considering they weren't going to release a keyboarded device until the end of this year or the beginning of next... NOW they won't even launch a device until next year! WTF....

I was REALLY REALLY waiting for the next BB device, and was going to buy it unlocked around Nov. or Dec., because I want to upgrade once a year, and the Galaxy Note 2 will be out by then (I have the Note 1, and I love it!).

This makes me SO sad and ANGRY at RIM! They're failing and I don't know how... There are so many things they could do. They should be investing MORE money into programmers and engineers rather than trying to scale back to save money right now. This is a crucial point in their comeback, and what are they doing? Trying to save a couple of bucks!

This is the Spanish economy in Canada! Keeping their high execs on high payroll and retirement funds and making up for it by firing people. They figure by the time they go, they'll also be on retirement or something like that.

Sorry RIM. I will NOT wait for your 2013 launch of your FIRST BB10 device. So long forever :( Maybe 2013 winter you'll have something that competes.

I even wonder if those stupid dumbasses at RIM even bother to look at what their customers are saying in these forums? Hey RIM! Hear the breeze blowing by you? That's the money from your former smart customer base blowing by you and into Apple and Androids pockets!

FWIW, I use my iPod Touch for many things lately using my TMO BB 9900 as a mobile hotspot. However, the email capabilities of my BB are so superior that I won't give it up. On a BES and need to be in constant email contact.

I'm absolutely disgusted. I'm such a big RIM fan and I want the company to do so well but I'm really disgusted. I understand wanting to have your product absolutely ready. But if you know you're not going to deliver, then keep your mouth shut. Why can't they announce a time frame & actually stick to it?

My 9780 is 19 months old & I've been hanging onto it for dear life in hopes of getting a brand new BB10 come fall. My phone is on its last legs and no I do not want a BB7 device. I'm pissed. Looks like when my phone dies I'll have to go to another platform because BB10 won't be ready when they said it would.

Yup, I'm in the same boat. Love RIM, but enough is enough!!

I'd never go Android or apple, but a Win8 phone is sure looking good. Let's hope they don't get delayed *sigh*

I know exactly how you feel, I have the 9700 and have been out of contract since December. Galaxy S3 here I come whenever they're in stock.

I've been waiting patiently. Hopeful that RIM would keep their heads down and keep to their schedule.

But my 9800 is getting old. I'm due for an upgrade and contract renewal. I was willing to wait to bear with it until October. But next year? I don't think I can do that. Not trying to troll, I was really hoping to see BB10, I love my blackberry.

Not when there are 3 other systems out there right now that all have some good features and are up to date. I don't know if I can keep the faith any more.

This is the same for me (although my contract runs a month longer), and I imagine a lot of BB users. I would love to stay on BB but I need a larger screen as my eyesight isn't great, and as a teacher I need to stay up to date with phone technology to be able to use it within lessons.

RIM have let us down badly by delaying BB10 for so long. It's sad to see how this company has fallen in the 2 years I've had my phone (well, nearly 2 years). Of course, they do still dominate the 'entry level' smartphone market with kids due to BBM and the price of the phones. Don't think we'll see a change in that for a year or two. Wonder if that could tide the company over until BB10 impacts? (if it does)

Using mobile phones in lessons is a massive part of education now. I can't teach kids using a BB running OS6 when they all have Iphones and Androids

This is probably the worst thing RIM could have done. I don't know if there's much hope at this point. BB10 better knocK my freaking socks off.

This is just crap I probably won't be around when BB 10 comes out. Loyalty to a brand only goes but so far

I agree that loyalty can only go so far. I have been with RIM ever since the 957 with the monochrome screen and have been loyal ever since. With this meaning that it could be another 9 months or so before we see BB10, I think a change might be near. Very sad....

Loyalty by definition means to be loyal, like in your wedding vows? You know for better or for worse, in sickness and in health...... You know loyal!!

An extra 3 months isnt such a deal breaker people. If you want to go then go. I will wait and see. Not cause i am loyal but because BB work for me plain and simple. You know what makes my PB so special, because my phone can be my keyboard and mouse. Do you know why my 9900 is the nuts, because it has the best keyboard ever. Neither are broke and whats not broke i dont need to fix.

Yes there is newer tech coming but once its here BB10 will be the newer tech coming.....

You know what makes BB so great security. The future of android isnt so clear with google tightening the reigns. Ios is in need of a change so run out and get you ip5. Then apple will flip the script, drop a new os and your stuck for 2 yrs. Wp8- no offence its windows, do you know how many "security" updates their pc software gets. How do we know that this will be different.

Nope my BB works. I dont change my car ever time there is a new one out, so as disappointed as i am lets wait and see.

The sad thing is I can't bring myself to change platforms. I will never be an Apple or Android user, so I'm stuck using a Bold 9900 that's last in everything except security (which doesn't matter to me),and email. You call that being Bold? RIM needs to tighten up and soon.

I didn't marry them - I bought their phones.

And security will only get you so far. Even law enforcement (here in the U.S.) is dropping the BB in favor of BYOD.

It's over.

Even though I am still on contract till 2014 on my beautiful Bold 9900.. This really comes as a blow. It has always been known that they are fighting the hardest fight, but these things are not exactly encouraging for customers. Why stick with uncertainty when there are other options readily available...

I will keep waiting, I have to anyways..

In the words of David Chappelle while acting as Prince "Game.......blouses......" (For Android and Apple). RIM is done.

Here's the thing... RIM will be fine selling low-end devices to countries without iPhones and LTE to worry about. BlackBerry use will continue to grow in the same countries it grew in last year and this one. BlackBerry 10 HAS to hit a home run with North America if it wants to keep up with iPhones and Android handsets. Even with the delay, which is what, only one more quarter than planned, RIM will still sell BlackBerry handsets. Just sucks for all of who have been holding out.

Apple seems to always deliver on their objectives, why can't RIM? I really hope that going forward, RIM can plan better. No more releasing BlackBerry 7 and then planning for an entirely new operating system within the next year. Poor Curve owners, especially. Many people buying Curves aren't tech enthusiasts/geeks like most of us here, and they don't realize that by buying the 9330, they are stuck with BlackBerry 6 for two more years, while at the beginning of next year, their BlackBerry-using peers will be using an entirely new OS. Sorry, sort of went off on a tangent.

Boo, RIM. For YOUR sake, please wow us with BlackBerry 10.

I do not think they will grow so much ... at least from my POV, here in my country.

Here in Brazil, RIM has had moderate success in selling the Curve 8520 at a price reasonably low last year. But the other phone companies realized the preference of who was buying the Curve 8520 and, soon Samsung, LG, Nokia and others were prepared and launched phones with keyboards and connectivity with Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live Messenger, which is what most of those who bought the 8520 wanted. After that, I no longer see many people with the 8520 as I saw in the street a few months ago.

But this is not the biggest problem here. RIM has a big problem here in Brazil. Their cell phones are expensive, and because phone-line contracts can not last longer than a year here in Brazil, the subsidies turn out to be small. With this, the price of mobile phones as the Bold 9900 are almost $ 1,400, which is ridiculous, since it costs more than any other Smartphone (iPhone, Galaxy SIII) sold here.

I do not see a great future for RIM here in my country, although it still may have some appeal in the corporate world. For common users, I don't think RIM may have some success to the long term, even with BB10 (if it ever is released) here in Brazil.

All electronics are equally overpriced in Brazil.

RIM stayed sleeping at the wheel for far too long.

At this point I think that RIM will be bought before the end of the year and we'll never get to see BB10 as a final product.

They are, but not as much as RIM's products.

Just an example, the Bold 9900 is available, with no contract, for R$ 2.399,00 (US$1155). That's more expensive that the iPhone 4S, the Galaxy SIII... the list goes on, but just to make a point: The Bold 9900, a phone with more than one year of life is sold more expensive than a phone launched two months ago.

That's a problem. The justification that the BBM and internet / email from RIM is cheaper is just not valid, when the low-end RIM smartphone (Curve) costs the same price as a mid-end smartphone or even a high-end smartphone.

Anyone else ever going to ever believe a deadline RIM will set? They've never met one in the past 3 years. What a joke - new CEO didn't do anything, can't blame Mike and Jim anymore, the whole company from ground up is a shit hole.

I think another consideration here is loss of traction with enterprise environments. Would you now bet your reputation on backing a BB10 release? A new, updated "Playbook 4G" device?

Personally I can't see myself recommending RIM solutions to my clients for the time being, Until they show they can either perform or not, I can't see recommending the deployment of RIM solutions for at least the next six-twelve months until this plays out.

I was thinking the same thing. This just extends the BB7 lame-duck period and, aside from being a devastating blow to RIM's loyal consumer customers, it puts enterprises in awkward position. If IT is being pressured into deploying mobile solutions, which include a mobile app strategy in addition to just phones, how can they not be tempted to adopt iOS or Android? They don't want to develop on the already obsolete BB7, but their procurement cycles and strategic initiatives might not let them hold out for BB10.

Wow. I may be headed out, too. I just love my BB, but pushing out the date even further???? They have got to get their act together. We loyalists will only wait so long. I really don't want to leave, but I've been eligible for an upgrade for 3 months & had decided I will wait until the end of the year, but now I'm rethinking it.

I am getting a Galaxy s3 this weekend. My torch is not working very well and I was willing to wait for the new phone to come out. Sorry RIM I played the waiting game since the release of the playbook and it is always promises and promises.

I finally got around to buying a Treo. . .and Palm promptly abandoned that line for the Pre.

Well, I did finally get around to getting a Pre. . . .and HP took that out in back and shot it in the head.

So I bought my brand shiny new BB9930 a few months ago.

Now, the question is: what company would you all like me to go out and destroy next? I'll be taking bids. . . .

Apple. Say what you want to say about them, but they release their products on time and support them with OS upgrades for 2 years. NO ONE ELSE can say that.

not only this but they announce a product and it's available withing a few weeks, and pre-order same day

"Well, I did finally get around to getting a Pre. . . .and HP took that out in back and shot it in the head."

I LOL'd!!!

That is too funny!

I'm satisfied with my 9930, and as long as it keeps working I'm good, but if I were due for an upgrade now I wouldn't wait around for BB10. It makes no sense.

I don't think they will make it for Q1 either, apparently the integration is a challenge.

Ahhh I give up.

This is VERY not good. This means that it could be another 9 months or so before we see a BB10 device. I don't know that RIM can survive this. By that time, the iPhone 5 will be out, with talk about iPhone 6 heating up, not to mention what the other manufacturers will do over the next nine months or so. Sad....

Awful news. Well, hope for the best, but expect the worst. RIM is going to be way behind the game, with Surface and Nexus getting a head start, not to mention a new iphone and WP8 devices.

I'm sorry, but RIM is done. By the time they come with bb 10, people are gonna ask "They still make blackberries?" I tried waiting for Q4 because that's when I'm due for an upgrade. But it's evident that they can't produce. IPhone 5 and other Androids would be out and be better options. I got burnt with my playbook. They still don't update this sh!t to something better. Give us OS10 before the phone launch then....We all know what's happening. Rim will sell it's business and bb10 would be forgotten. I'm so disappointed .

With news like this, how are developers suppose to be excited about bb10... Yeah I am sure the apps will come flooding in now... smh

Wow now that is a shocker! Ive been waiting for bb10 for the longest time and was getting very excited it was almost august..i have the torch 9860, the playbook, keyboard, and even the bluetooth visor mount.

Missing the back to school season and the christmas season is going to hurt this company hard. They have nothing to release this yeear. Im sorry but i believethis would be the last straw for me..if i like the windows phone 8 coming out this year. Ill have to jump ship. Not sure i can wait half a year more..

Ive tried to support this Canadian company as much as i could..but in the end they are waaaay out of the league.

BEST OF LUCK RIMM!!! BEST OF LUCK CRACKBERRY NATION..lets hope this is just a dream for us or a really late april fools joke.

Please dont call me troll. This is the only site i go on for my tech news.


I'd be very surprised if RIM survives until the BB10 phones finally make it too market. Very said.

Q1 calendar year or Canadian Fiscal year?
My Bold 9900 will do me for now but seeing the android phones I've seen recently do look good to me (I came from an HTC Desire when the Bold came out). I am losing faith now and the extra £5 a month I pay for BIS is not looking as good value as it once did. I want to be positive but realistically I think this delay will cost them. Could they be wanting to drive the share price down so much they can go private on the cheap?!

I believe he meant calendar 1q but to be clear it is RIM's quarters that are different... Not Canada's. Canadian companies can set their own fiscal quarters just like US companies can.

So, the analyst's rumors were right. They bought all these companies, and they haven't been able to put all the stuff together.

I'll stick to my 9900 until it dies.

lol, i knew it, RIM is famous of delaying practically everything... and its dying. rim fanboy will defend and keeps on waiting until it finally die :D

The delay could have been anticipated because it is also driven by hardware delays: just look at 28nm chip production issues, that makes most of the recent tablets use either a crapy tegra 3 (with 5 cortex A9, where hardly more than 1 is used... and then can't be pushed higer than 1.3 GHz) or 45nm omap 4. So fighting for 28nm chips right now is asking to buy at a high price these. Waiting is wiser but may lead to produce a LTE playbook with todays chips (omap 4460 or omap4470) as it will compete with the other announced tablets based on the same "low" specs, to generate new incomes. Just hope that the playbook stocks are most or less flushed to do so. The announcement on 16GB can bring hope there.

Are you on crack?!
The Snapdragon S4 is on a 32nm process, has LTE integrated, a capable GPU core and is currently shipping in high end phones like the HTC One X and Galaxy S III. Why couldn't RIM have used that?

The story of 'LTE chips not being available' was a bare-faced lie by RIM.

What has RIMM been doing all this time? I love BlackBerry and really wanted to hear above all negative news that the BB10 be delivered on time. The other smartphone makers are able to deliver as promised. I'm starting to feel the even the Q1-2013 will be changed, its not the first time they have lied. Old and new management, still the same old RIMM.

this is sad. I mean really... why the whole (internal) restructuring, if the end result is the same? This sickens me. I can't believe that with all the talk and "pump up banter" (because at this point, that's all it was) and NOTHING is new. Same ol same ol. Way to go RIM.... and I'm a supporter. RIM thought they had bad press before. RIM just loaded a full mag of stupid/gonna die/the end for RIM/LOL told ya! into a 50 calibre hate rifle and gave it to the press to do with what they please. Where do you think it's going to end up pointing, and who can blame them now.... whatever

Anyone thats optimistic that RIM can make a complete turn around at this point is a complete fool.

Lets rock and roll this! LOL

He is right. They are have lost trust and it's hard to be optimistic about RIM's future. In fact RIM doesn't have any plan. I always stood up for unjustified criticism against RIM but now it deserves every bit of bashing.

JD is right. I did have faith until I read this. A 2012 launch still could have saved RIM. At some point one has to realize RIM is just like any other company you hear about on the news that has trouble and goes under or gets sold. People need to stop thinking its Apple and is going to rise from the ash like a phoenix.

Ok.. Count me in the Android bandwagon..I've had my bold 9700 for well over 2 yrs and have been avail for an upgrade 6 months ago. Ivebeen waiting for the bb10 devices now for too long. Sad to see what rim has become. My last 5 phones have been BBs and I've also convinced many of my friends and family over the years to get. BBs! I figured with the change in management things would change. Wishful thinking I guess. Does anyone here have any input on switching to android? I've always loved the keyboard on the BB, that's what's kept me with the blackberry platform.

What's wrong with the 9900?

I've only had mine a few months. I love the device. Or the replacement for the 9700 - also pretty good.

RIM's blunder was in announcing BB10 at all until they were close to being ready.

Total madness from Jim and Mike.

How to become billionaires and lose the lot.

Nothing wrong with the bold but it's definitely outdated. It can't do half the things ios or android can (and that's the truth)I was excited to see what rim was showing at bb world that's why I decided to wait for bb10. But I'm not willing to wait til 2013!! Besides, android is making great progress within the business community and will probably beat RIMM at the one market its dominated..

What can't it do, other than the more obvious stuff like games and video - which it does but on a small screen not as well.

And then there's the stuff the Bold does that many other devices don't. Like BBM, NFC, battery life, one hand operation, keyboard etc.

Android is making progress in the business community? Only with businesses that have no clue or need a dirt cheap solution.

The carriers are pushing Android but business needs a more stable infrastructure than Google can offer.

How about space for starters? Lags like crazy, when I try going to webpages 50% of the time I get the error "this Page is too big the browser must close."

Never seen that error. I love my 9930. If you're gonna have a Blackberry these days, a 9930 is the way to go. It's the only one that compete. Os 4-6 phones are the ones that are outdated and can't compete.

Let's be honest here... RIM has ZERO Cool Apps. (And i'm the last person in the world who thought I would complain about this.. I was never into APPS AT ALL!) But seeing all my friend's apps, games, etc on their iPhones and Android phones is definitely discomforting.. to be honest, I was such a believer in RIMM that earlier in the year when the stock was hovering around the $10 mark, I was actually truly encouraging people to buy the stock because I thought it was a STEAL! I thought once the BB10 rolled out, the stock would do very well! I guess I was WRONG AGAIN! RIMM has a history of delays, and lying to consumers. I was naive in thinking that with the current change in Management that would no longer be the case. How come time and time again RIM is the only company with Delays due to "Hardware / Chipset problems, availability, etc.." Samsung, HTC, Apple, No other major Company has these problems! I figured since they released the Dev Alpha earlier in the year + QNX Running on my Playbook that putting the two together would not take more than a few months (and we would see an August release.) WRONG AGAIN!

I ALWAYS hear that the Bold 9900 is outdated from Apple/Android fanboys but never once have they produced anything non-app related their device could do that my 9900 couldn't.

Not for a while.

They've got 2 billion in cash.

They could carry on for a few years without selling a single phone.

without tearing through their audited financials I can almost guarantee they would be broke within 6 months with no sales

Only if they did nothing.

They have huge expenses in the form of 16,000 employees, manufacturing costs etc.

If they don't have to buy any raw materials to make phones and just sent most of their staff home for a few months they'd last a long long time.

But it won't come to that.

They took another charge on the balance sheet in the form of a goodwill write off of $350 million. And I'd guess they have revalued inventory yet again on the balance sheet.

That's a pretty big part of the loss. They're taking a hit on the bad news so they're clear once BB10 is released.

as I understood their call, their cap ex expenditures are way down as well, means that as RIM sells inventory they are not spending to replace it - or spending on machines that would produce the phones that would replace them, trying to build up cash. I believe it means that they haven't started to produce the new hardware yet and when they do expect cash on hand to take that hit, so its good short term news but bad longer term. I am hoping Chris will speak about this when he does his usual great wrap up

I'd been holding out on an upgrade for bb10...good thing i pulled the trigger on the htc oneX....still will go back whenever rim decides to drop 10

This may be the nail in the coffin- at least for me. I've been a huge BBerry fan, and was holding out optimistically for a BB10 phone by the end of the year. I doubt I will hold out until 2013. Love my Playbook and bridge, but with Verizon's new data plans where you share data across devices it's not such a big deal to pay for 4G on an iPad or Android tablet. Good chance I switch to iPhone 5 or Samsung by year end.

I really can't believe what is going on, I'm due an upgrade and have been holding out like many people on here. The problem with RIM is they never deliver when they say they are going to. I don't like iphones, android or windows phones but what do they expect people to do. These people are delivering eye catching products when they say they are going to. I love my playbook but again we are still awaiting for developers to come over and support it but the fact that RIM can't and don't deliver must be a real worry for those companies who want their creations to be cross platform but have to go with what the majority of consumers are going for or lose out. I've loved every BB I've ever had but there comes a time when you're tying yourself into a 24mth contract and what's the sensible choice, OS7 is already obsolete. I've been really looking forward to BB10 but my loyalty is running thin. :(

You're lucky, in Canada to get a real discount on a phone you have to lock yourself up in a 36 month contract. I see people saying oh get a 9900. But who in their right mind would lock themselves up in a 3 year term with a BB7 device at this point in the game.

RIM really let down their old faithfuls. It so disappointing and sickening.

Yikes! A 3 year contract? Getting an OS 7 device definitely doesn't make sense. I'm a Blackberry supporter but it's pointless to do that.

RIM management can go and fornicate thyselves. They are by far the biggest waste of oxygen this planet has ever seen.

I am so disappointed right now. I have been waiting so patiently for BB10 phones. I have fought so many Apple people on the benefits of blackberry. This is a slap in the face. RIM just gave them ammunition. My contract is long past and I don't know that I can wait another 8+ months for the next product. I don't want another OS7 phone..

Thorsten Heinz; You Have Failed!

Why not?

My 9900 is a terrific device. Great keyboard. Decent browser. Internet speed is good.

I don't play a lot of games, but I get terrific battery life and need something that will make phone calls.

Unless you're into watching huge amounts of video or playing games all day BB7 phones are fine.

The truth is RIM messed up big time when they pre-announced BB10 and made everyone think their BB6 (at the time) phones were useless. They were complete idiots. Jim and Mike will go down in history as people who knew how to make a billion, but didn't know how to hold onto the money.

The rule in this game is don't over promise and under deliver.

My Torch 9810 has been a great phone but it was dated almost upon release. This should have been the phone RIM released at the time of the Torch 9800. My Torch 9810 is now showing its wear. I use my phone a ton in a tough environment. My battery life is diminishing, Screen is freezing and because updates are carrier driven and not direct from RIM I have OS 7.0 not 7.1 (Another Disappointment). If I am to spend Hundreds of dollars on a new phone I want it to be just that "new" not more of the same. BB10 was sounding New and exciting but why should I wait so long for more disappointment. Am I suppose to trust Mr Heinz now?

So download 7.1 - there's a link from the CrackBerry site. I have 7.1 on my Bold even though my carrier hasn't released it yet.

Hate to be heretical, but the truth is that all smart phones are basically the same. They're small computing devices that allow you to run a few apps or use internet services and if you're lucky make a phone call.

For all the hype in the end most can do the same things to one degree or another. They may be more or less usable.

RIM has a problem that Skype and Netflix aren't available for their devices so if you need those apps get a different phone.

A lot of eggs on the face or RIM's "new" leadership...a lot of us loyalists and even past users were starting to believe (again) that they could at least set a reasonable timeline and actually keep's a sickening blow!!

However bad this news is, it is really unimportant.

At some point RIM will release BB10, along with the new eco-system referred to by Thorsten.

The really big news in that conference call was the fact he said you'd be able to choose what cloud service you wanted to use. Sounds pretty damn impressive to me.

Apple entered the market with iPhone and grew from zero to number 1.

Google entered the market with Android and grew from zero to number 1.

There's absolutely no reason at all that RIM couldn't get back into the market in 2013 with a full package and deliver.

The delay is a pain, but RIM has so much cash they could survive for years.

You can already choose "cloud" based services like drop box and box on the PlayBook, I don't think he meant you can use Itunes or Google Play, nor the new services Microsoft will build into Win8. The fragmented stores RIM are already using aren't an answer.

This is a far more mature smart phone world than Apple jumped into 5 years ago. Like them or not - and I know most of you don't - Apple completely redefined (along with Google and Android) what a smart phone is and does. Now these 3 (Microsoft, Apple and Google) are tying this all together into one system you can use anywhere you go.

I listened to the question Thorsten was asked about they would compete with these services - and I don't think he answered the question (that one, and others).

To quote Darth Vader at the end of Revenge of the Sith: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I held off on upgrading my phone believing that RIM would come through this year. Unless they can come up with some slam dunk reason for me to keep waiting, I can't see myself holding out, on the what is now a slim chance, they'll release BB10 in Q1 2013.

my 9900 was dying and i just bought the ONE X 3 weeks ago...give me a call when bb10 comes out.....maybe i'll try one.....i was on bb since day one

Wow. I can't believe it is going to take RIM a couple years to get a new phone and OS to market. It really is no wonder they have died on the vine.

Unless....they are trying to screw a bunch of consumers into buying current models only to deliver BB10 before the end of the year....which isn't going to happen.

I think RIM just want to give itself a lead time so that they don't have to put more delay again and again. I think 1 quarter 2013 is the latest. They could release within the next three to four months.

Even though my contract is due to expire in Sept 2012, I will be holding on. Early 2013 was always my expected launch date for BB10 and my only other option would be Windows. Android is too closely intregrated to Google for my liking and I definately do not want an iPhone.
Last year there were very confident predictions and expectations in the media that Apple's all new iPhone 5 would be launched in October, but it didn't happen. Apple can get away with that, RIM can't.

"Apple can get away with that"

Not really. Apple is desperately trying to maintain it's relevancy. They stand to lose big if they fail.

But Google has won big in the courts recently and Apple isn't making much headway.

And only Samsung is doing well with Android. The rest aren't doing anywhere near as well because the price pressure Thorsten referred to is coming from Samsung.

There's an almighty big market still out their for smart phones and the big players want it all.

October was the medias date for the new iPhone not Apples. That's the difference. The problem here is RIM have missed their own date not one set for them by the media. Your argument is shortsighted and wrong. Face reality - RIM has noT delivered a product that they have announced on time for 3 years. That tests loyalty.

Hate to say it but... It's time to shut down the website too. It used to be fun come here, now it's painful. Even the name: "crackberry" has become a sad joke. It's all over. The fat lady is singing. The bloom is off the rose. RIM has one foot in the grave and the other foot is on a banana peel.

Your support of a company that is shitting all over it's loyal customers is quaint. When will you realise these people are pissed at RIM for failing to deliver again. Your blind support of anything RIM makes you out to be a clown with narrow vision.

Failing to deliver on time isn't shitting on its customers.. Putting out a product that isn't even remotely ready just to get it out is shitting on its customers.

I agree. Time to "close" the "door," even on this Cracberry website. Hey, you know what? All you guys are ok. Any problems I had w/ the phone, you guys were there for me. Thanks. You guys are ok. Take care out there, man.

That my friend is what BB10 is today. BB10 brings nothing new to the table that competitors OS's already have.

Apart from a RTOS that allows true multi-tasking, and can actually run iOS (unofficiall) and Android apps.

And by the sound of things will be able to interact with cloud services from multiple vendors.

maybe the hardware, but not the software. from what I've seen the os is a million miles ahead of the iOS, and by q1 '13 6.0 will still be out and it'll look how the nokia os looks now in comparison once bb10 comes out. They'll be comparing it so mango or tango or jenga...whatever will be out by then. Honestly the iOS looks really old compared to ice cream sangwich, windows phone 8, and bb10. That's why will be talked about next year. believe.

Ya know what? Say all you want about jumping ship and calling it quits. I STILL have a 8900 that I absolutely love. I have plenty of faith that my phone will make it to Q1 and when (not if) BB10 comes out I'll be ready and waiting. Don't get me wrong, this news is sad and sickening; but it doesn't change the fact that I do not want any other device. Forget Android (they don't ever make it a year) and forget iShit (I'm not a pretentious fuck). I'd love to own a BB10 phone when they come out, Im patient and I stay optimistic.

RIM will not be in business at the end of this year. Time for you to quit hating and move on to another platform. You trash other platforms but who's in jeopardy of becoming an extinct dinosaur today? Food for thought.

RIM has far more on their plate then just phones. Last time I checked they're still a BILLION dollar company with plenty of avenues on their map. You yourself needs to check the hating.

Game over for RIM. They're too small and on limited resources now to deal with the weight of digging themselves out of this. The next announcement you'll hear is either that the playbook is discontinued or they are splitting the company and selling off divisions.

Wow, my heart just sank to the pit of my stomach when I heard this. I've been a major supporter of BlackBerry but this delay leaves very little (and I mean very little!) room for any more optimism. Realistically, I find it very hard to see RIM succeeding in any way possible if this delay is true (and it seems so).

My contract won't end until next year anyway, but I was prepared to start a new one this year just to get BB10. Now I'm having second thoughts on whether to remain with BB at all now, given the instability of the company as it is. My next choice would be a WP8 but I really so love BB. Such a sad day... ):

A while back everybody wanted a RIM job. Now - you can't pay anybody to take a RIM job. What is this world coming to when RIM jobs just sit there hoping somebody will be desperate enough a accept a RIM job. Pathetic....

Maybe RIM should release the dev alpha to consumers and just call it BlackBerry Alpha.

Give it basic calling capability and update the software like the playbook. Tell consumers point blank that it's an alpha device and software updates will be incremental...

I would definitely go for that!

playbook is my first BB device, was hoping for BB10 phone by the holiday.
now i am looking forward to window phone when my contract end in December, and switch to window tablet as well.

PB OS2 was supposed to come out Summer 2011, then Fall 2011, then Nov 2011....then Feb 2012. BB10 supposed to come out 2012, now 2013. Seems every app on the PB gets announced, then delayed as well. This schtick is getting old. I'm audi 5000.

32GB Playbook with convertible case and charging dock, $200, any takers?
I will use the money to get a Nexus 7.

And everyone that figures the OS will be better with the delay, or that releasing a 'flawless' product later is better than releasing a buggy one now. Don't kid yourselves. Look at PB OS2, it got delayed a year basically and wtf for? Email and Calendar were added. I thought the delay would mean there would be no small issues and it would be perfect. Wrong. Still no folders for video sorting, attaching an image to an email is a complete joke as it opens the entire photo directory and you can't browse by folder, the web browser has no bookmark editing or sorting feature whatsoever, just simple stuff that is noticeable after 10 mins of use. I have zero hope for BB10 at this point.

"Over the past several weeks, RIM's software development teams have made major progress in the development of key features for the BlackBerry 10 platform; however, the integration of these features and the associated large volume of code into the platform has proven to be more time consuming than anticipated."

Seriously, you are just now figuring this out RIM?

I'm a die-hard BlackBerry fan with my 9650 which has been waiting for the BB10 to come out; but when it finally kicks the bucket if the BB10 is not out it will be between a Win8 or IPhone5 I'm sad to say.

This is proof that those demos of BB10 that were really just preset demo videos instead of an actual BB10 OS were used because there is no BB10 OS!

RIM is done. Not only will they miss the holiday sales but they also will be going up against the next batch of android phones and the iphone will be out in full swing. Unless they really put some beast of hardware in it will be another late outdated device from RIM.

It amazes me that a company such as RIM fails to listen to its fan base. They are stubborn and that attitude is killing them. Look at the comments from this post and all the other Crackberry posts - recently and in the past. Supporters are losing faith daily and now by the seconds. If they would just listen to how much we want RIM to success and the excitement for BB10, they would've made sure that it was launching on time.

RIM acts as if they don't care if we leave to the competition. RIM, open your eyes and see. People aren't caring about superb email and top secured devices anymore. Those days are done. So for RIM to delay this launch is deadly. Even if the device is superior to the competition, that doesn't guarantee that the thousands to millions that will leave BB because of this news will go back.

You know, I was really hoping to see the '10 device. I was going to decide between the next iPhone and the BB10 device (I use an iPod touch and a BB9650 as of now), and seeing the '10 previews settled me on the BlackBerry device. I've about had it with RIM's way of doing business. I like the BB concept a lot; despite all the junky hardware they handed me (it's a long story), I was willing to let RIM redeem themselves and get, if anything alse, a BB device that actually wasn't buggy and worked the way it should for me. Good luck on that, RIM. this fall, I'm going to let Apple unveil their next device and let them pitch their salespeak at me, and let myself get wowed. As for BB, maybe in the upcoming months, if their 9930s come down to about $10 or $20, I might upgrade, if I haven't totally become another "isheep" by then!

Give me a break !! The 9900/9930 is the best phone ever made by anyone !! If your going to wait for the 9930 to come down to $10 or $20, you gotta move on my Friend. BB is NOT for you.

Crackberry Kevin's hair is going to be real long!!

But I believe everything happens for a reason. Instead of ending the year with a new start, why not start the new year with a new beginning! I'd rather have to wait and for them to make BB10 the way it should be. Patience is the key. It's do or die!

And I'm happy about this because that's when my cell phone contact renewal is, so I won't be left out while every body else is enjoying their new sweet BB10s :D

Come on everyone, let's stand behind RIM !!! Stop all this negitivity and think positive ! I think the way the economy has been the last 5 years, we can all understand. RIM needs our support to get through this. I know I would be lost without my Blackberry Phone and Playbook, how about you? You MUST agree that RIM has been and is a CLASS ACT !! Please STOP saying your jumping ship, give me a break guys !! BB10 will come out in due time. Be patient.

money talks and BS walks, if you want to throw away you money at a company that beyond repair that's your prerogative but don't expect smarter people to follow your lead. No matter how much of a good cheer leader you are it will not stop the inevitable.

Hey everyone, BB7.1 isn't so bad !! Give RIM a break, for what they are going through to stay alive and they will !! I have faith in RIM.

I think Kevin should cut his hair and hopefully along the way to 1st qty of 2013, RIM could give him more constantly good news to keep his and our enthusiasm alive and of course to keep crackberry alive. Anyway, we could always find more review articles about themes and holsters until the q1 of 2013. My pray for RIM, crackberry and Kevin.

Well, I am as BES junkie. I need it to run my business. I tried iPhone and Android and it wasn't reliable. I gotta messages and appointments on my Bold darn near instantaneously where as on Android and iPhone it took minutes and sometimes not at all.

I was fully expecting to support RIM no matter what and buy a BB10 iPhone in the fall even if I needed it or not. But these results are beyond just a delay. 5000 staff gone ... ?

I guess I'll be going back to carrying two phones. My Bold 9900 for emails and calendar and then something else for the Canadian Tire and Timmies apps.

Mind you that's what I do now, Bold in my pocket and either my Playbook or my Acer A100 in my briefcase.

So I'll be awaiting until either BES stops being supported or my Bold dies before upgrading to a new phone. Maybe by then the BB10 will have proved itself or WP8 will be all that its hyped to be.

The staff are going because the previous management were in denial about the market and expanded staffing levels far too quickly.

11,000 is all they need to run their business. And those extra 5,000 are 30% of their staffing costs.

In the short term RIM has to sell at lower price points and so needs to cut back to retain its margins.

Had Jim B faced reality a couple of years ago, they'd never have allowed staffing levels to reach this high.

Why don't you run those apps on your BlackBerry?

Both apps I listed were just examples but neither run well when I tried them on my 9810 nor my 9900. Perhaps newer versions have been released since then that do work and fit the screen right?

What I find most interesting here is that everyone was going to wait for the "keyboard" enabled device. But when asked to wait have all started bitching. I want you ALL to go so RIM can annouce a dual device launch once your tied into you nice new 2yr contracts and i can lmmfao.

My other concern is that there was mentioned that the new BB10 platform will be targeted to the 1st time smartphone user (upgrading from feature phone) and from an existing user base which is us (upgrading from an older BB devices). They would not target to have some conversion from iOS, Android and Win phone users. Because? I feel that this BB10 platform is only playing catch up to other platforms and do not provide us a better os than the competitions have. If this is the case, then I have a question for myself, i.e. Why should I wait? For the sake of my loyal-ism to BB? I don't know anymore. I guess I should at least try another device while waiting then.

I've supported RIM for years and have long thought that the BB10 release in the Fall was make-it-or-break-it and sadly, very sadly, I think they just broke it. Going over a year without releasing an improved phone is too much. Releasing BB10 in 2013 is simply too late. This nearly brings a tear to my eye, because I know that it's all over. Not even I can wait anymore. :(

RIMM controls BlackBerry not RIM: sadly for users decisions are made for share price.

The recent WSJ editorial is interesting. The downward spiral began when BlackBerry stopped innovating and rested on its laurels. Now they imitate not innovate to play catch up.

Dear RIM,

FUCK YOU!! You have screwed me for the last time. All I have been doing for month is going around telling people 'don't buy an iphone, wait till fall when the new blackberry's come out, they are going to be awesome!'. You have made me look like a idiot! It's over!! I will not buy your phones and I hope you go under!!

Once again, just to be clear, FUCK YOU



Based on your comment, we don't think you needed any help looking like an idiot.

Once again, just to be clear, TAKE YOUR MEDS

CrackBerry nation

This is heartbreaking, it's akin to finding out that there's no Santa. I'll stay and upgrade to the 9900 from the 9360. Hopefully the 7.1 OS on the 9900 will be worth it.

Sad day for BB users. At this point I don't even know if RIM still has a future... And it's the first time I seriously start doubting it.