A BlackBerry 10 Slider - Should one exist?

By Bla1ze on 1 Aug 2013 10:46 pm EDT

Remember back when the BlackBerry Torch was announced? It was a good time. The device was quite successful for BlackBerry and although the Torch name sort of took a turn from being a slider into a complete touch screen device, there is still plenty of folks out there who would like to see that form factor make a return to the BlackBerry line-up with some amped up specs and the BlackBerry 10 OS.

"I could only dream of a BB10 slider..." Toodeurep, CB Member

What you see above is nothing more than a concept image made by Alex Hong. I want to make that clear because recently this image and his other concept images have made their rounds on the internet and when that happens things get muddled up. The images are not that of a real device but their existence creates interesting conversation and that's exactly what's happening in the CrackBerry Forums.

"While many would argue this is a niche market, I think BBRY should put this on their roadmap for early 2014" Cesare21, CB Member

With claims of a slider being spotted, folks are now debating the pros and cons of the slider form factor. Was it ever really good to be begin with? Would a slider help diversify the portfolio? Is there even a desire for such a device to exist? All questions being discussed. Personally, I didn't like the Torch slider form factor in the beginning but the design did grow on me somewhat and eventually I loved it.

"I would definitely buy that. All my phones have been sliders for a long time. And portrait sliders seem better to me. As long as there isn't a balance problem. Lactose, CB Member

Honestly, I don't see the need for a slider these days but that's just my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions (NSFW). With that being the case, what's your opinion? Should BlackBerry be working on BlackBerry 10 slider? Should they be building something awesome like the BlackBerry Blade?

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A BlackBerry 10 Slider - Should one exist?



With z10 specs, amoled screen, q10 battery, and a very reasonable price range. It would sell imo.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

It should have decent specs. Doesn't need to outclass everything that's out there. The snobs who prefer their touchscreen slates will find negative things to say about it. But it's a form factor no other smartphone maker owns. BlackBerry should own it like it owns the physical keyboard form factor.

BlackBerry must plow money into software development and marketing. The OS has to take off or everything is for naught. Development of a slider will have to wait a few quarters. In other words, a slider might never be developed and would never be the savior of the company.

A diverse set of products would not be a bad strategy. Which is why I thought 86ing BB10 from the PlayBook was a terrible idea.

Why do you BBRY fanbois want the company to die on the altar of fragmentation so your own unique 'niche' needs can be met?

Can't you just buy a multi thousand dollar Porsche phone and be done with it? Gah!

Posted via CB10

True true, I haven't even thought of this. And I'll question myself instead, will I really need a slider phone?
Rather keep BlackBerry defragmented.


So long as they keep the resolution the same as the Z10 there will be no app fragmentation. I would totally buy it.

The fragmentation and harm would come from carrier confusion, the more models they have out there then the smaller the orders are liable to be for all bb10 devices as they would be more wary of having a lot of stock of left over if a particular form factor wasn't at all popular except with a tiny vocal minority.

Funny you should say that when a vocal majority think the Q5 has no place in established markets, yet carriers in some of those markets choose to offer it.

Always up for a slider, polish the body give it some looks and you get the best of both worlds!

Posted via Z10 & CB10

No - This is if they are going to make a Z10 or A10 sized device with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

Yes - If they are not making any of the devices I just suggested.

Now that they seem to be moving onto larger devices, I would not be at all surprised if they went with a larger qwerty model over a slider, you would still be able to keep the device thin enough for market expectations, there would be no compromises on the keyboard and you would remove a potential area that could cause returns by not having the sliding mechanism at all.

That would be my dream device. Don't get me wrong I love my Z but damn sometimes I just miss the feel of those keys.

Posted via CB10

Shit, considering how much I miss my 9900 keyboard now that I'm using a Z10, I think a slider with a large enough screen would fit my needs nicely.

Diversity is good, but it would have to be something really striking like the other concept device I saw. Otherwise, people will just roll their eyes.

Posted via CB10

Horizontal or portrait? I'm thinking horizontal. If I slide out that keyboard at all, I would want it to be huuuuge!

A BB10 slider would be in a class of its own and therefore would not need to be overspecced. BlackBerry could possibly make some good margins from it.

Please run out and purchase 4,000,000 Q10s this quarter. This phone is also unique and is not trying to win a spec war.

Your support of the Q10 with this purchase would be an excellent proof of concept for the slider phone you want to see manufactured.

Posted via CB10

I bet a lot of people are. A friend of mine rocks a red 9800 and swears by it. But it's been failing lately. The lack of a slider is the only thing that's prevented her from upgrading to BB10.

I hope BlackBerry comes out with a slider sooner than later.

I think now that Blackberry actually has a great touch screen experience, a slider would truly be 'best of both worlds'. Earlier it was just a great KB experience mixed with a not so great touch screen experience. Besides Ive been missing my physical keyboard lately.

I concur, i would love the best of both worlds; but, the package has to be sleek and sexy. Lovin' my Z10 until that happens ! :)

Posted via CB10

Well I did really love my 9800. Now I don't know, I'm quite used to typing on my Z. I think if, when closed, it worked exactly like the Z10, but had that optional keyboard if you wanted it, that would be the best of both worlds.

So long as it wasn't overly big and ugly.

Posted via CB10

Came from the 9810. Would be a slider immediately, as long as it had Q10-like battery life. Slimness not required; my phone is not an anorexic supermodel.

Posted via CB10 on Z10


The Style was never given a chance. Launched with a limited radio and low specs. Done right this phone would have been a winner.

Same as you do on the Q10 720x720 screen and a full qwerty.

As long as there are people working dirty jobs with their hands the flip has a use. Not everyone is looking for a candy bar the size of a note with octocore processors and 2 hour battery life.

Lol I think this was probably one of BlackBerry least successful deuces. Let it stay dead when some fails hard there are a hundred different reasons why and changing a few doesn't change much.

It only failed because BlackBerry didn't put any effort into it. It launched with a commercial about some dude selling shoes.

I would buy one. It would be a smart move to make one of the first 5 new devices. 6 in total this year. One being the OS7 device and 3 are out as the Z10, Q10 and Q5. And with the A10 due to come out this fall/winter (spring/summer in the USA lol) one 1 device left........ could/ should it be a slider? Or something different? What does BlackBerry have in mind? Who knows....... but it will be awesome!


Posted via CB10 on my Rogers LTE MAX Q10 and LTE Z10 in Toronto

Waiting for a slider was the only reason I hesitated from picking up Z10 back in February. Slider is the best of both worlds. Big screen and keyboard.

Posted via CB10

That would be awesome BlackBerry 10. Larger screen size, and the keypad make it same with Q10's keypad.

Posted via CB10

I know one thing my wife would be first in line to get one...give it some great looks lots of power and it would never stay on the shelf in stores.....

Posted via CB10

My wife would also be all over this type of device. I Also wonder in the poll at the top how many voters that said they would buy this phone have previously had a slider.

Posted via CB10

Me for one.... had the 9800 and the 9810.. loved it! I have a Z10 now, and it's hard to flip the words with long fingernails, and I have to use a stylus. Would love to see this slider come out as soon as possible.

Just like the torch, I would eventually never use the physical keyboard. The Z10 was a very simple and natural transition (being my first 'all touch' smartphone). I'll never go back to physical keys. Ever.
This phone is so amazing.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

The Torch 9800 series models were top end heavy when the keyboard was exposed. That was the only knock against the form factor. Construction with lightweight materials could remedy that.

I miss my Torch form factor. Give it a good sized screen, decent sized keyboard and updated specs and it will sell.

Posted via CB10

I miss my torch. It was a good phone as I could type out a long message with ease with the keyboard or send a quick reply with the onscreen one. If a slider came out I would get one.

Posted via CB10

Loved my torch. Was really amazing device. And probably the most durable slider ever made by any company.

Having said that I think it's pretty pointless for a bb10 slider right now when the Z and the Q have troubles being absorbed.

As a BlackBerry fanatic I would love it. As a shareholder I d say DONT even dare to think about it...

Posted via CB10

I came from a Torch 9810, and I'm so used to the keyboard on the Z10 now that I don't need to go back to a qwerty. If only there would be an OS Update with keyboard shortcuts for the Z10, it would be perfect. ( if you don't know, on the Z10, you can pop up the keyboard anytime by swiping up with two fingers. Problem is, it does nothing. If you're on the home screen, once the keyboard is up, you can't DO Anything with it. Make it so that you can do a universal search, like big did on my 9810, and I'll be elated!!)

Posted via CB10

I would have loved a BB10 slider, coming from the 9810. I miss the keyboard shortcuts on my Z10, and if they would be implemented, I would be totally happy and not need/buy a slider.


Posted via CB10

Best of both worlds, full screen and slider. Why not throw in the the menu track pad and back buttons.
Make the keyboard a bit wider than the 9810.
That would be very satisfying.

Posted via CB10

I had the 9800 torch and absolutely loved it, the perfect BlackBerry 10 phone would be a slider because it gives you the screen size but also a qwerty keyboard, best of both worlds

Posted via CB10

I don't see the point!! Z10 touch keyboard is the best among all.. besides it will be too long to handle in one hand!!!

Posted via CB10

Wow, I think you may be brainwashed. Or your comment got lost in the Crackberry server-circa 2007 and accidently populated on this page 6 years later. A horizontal slider would be interesting though.

I have a government 9810 now that replaced a 9700 and from the day I got it I missed the Bold. Granted a BlackBerry 10 slider would be a slightly different beast, but they're just so unwieldy to me. My Q10 gives me all the BlackBerry love I need.

That said, I may not buy one but I'd never begrudge anyone the ability to get one. After all, I am a QWERTY diehard! So long as BlackBerry can make money on it, why not?

Posted via CB10

I would like one, but based on the market and torch sales. No, don't release one.

Posted from my Red Zed

Sliders normally add bulk to the device. Slim devices are the trend now a days, that is unless you are crazy about otterboxes

Posted via CB10

This is the truth that fans of the slider do not seem to want to acknowledge, if even Samsung who put out dozens of sizes of phones a year have not got near the form factor there is clearly a reason for that.

Coming from the 9810 I would have loved a slider. But now with the Z10 it turned me into a full screen convert. I would like to have a note sized BlackBerry.

Posted with the awesome Z10

I also came from a Torch to a Z10. Before I got the Z10 if you had offered me a BB10 slider I would've been all over it. However after using the Z10 keyboard, it is so good I honestly don't miss the actual qwerty keyboards of the past. I'm shocked that I feel that way but I type just as fast on the Z10.

.....which usually render's the keyboarding experience awkward. Now's the time for some interesting innovation from the Blackberry team.

My first BlackBerry was torch. I loved the compromise between media consumption (I had a normal phone before), and the keyboard. I was quite satisfied but there were two issues: loose screen, and often battery drain. Loose screen is a real threat for that phone, and the keyboard is unecessary as the keyboard on z10 is better.

Therefore I really don't think that should bother with another slider. It was good 2 years ago when BlackBerry was still ok brand and people wanted to compromise design for keyboard. Today though people who think that can't live without keyboard, and still want big screen, should just try the virtual keyboard, as it is better than the physical one.

I had a 9800 torch and at the time loved the phone. From there went to the 9860 torch full touch and now rocking flashy zed10. But if they produced the Blade with a 4.2" screen rocking great specs, I'd be all over that like a fat kid on a candy bar.. The Blade is a sexy sexy phone.... Not sure I'd by a zed10 slider tho..

Posted via CB10

More likely they are the people that can see that the audience is not really there for a slider and are not eager to see BB throw away money on a project at this time.

It appears you haven't read all the comments. The majority of CrackBerry readers think a slider is a good idea.

If BlackBerry were to "throw away money" right now it'd be on 5-inch touchscreen device with underwhelming specs.

A slider provides us with the best of both worlds in terms of keyboards. Perfect for fickle people like me! :P

Posted via CB10

I would be all over it. I loved my Torch. I am slowly getting used to my z10 and loving it. But I miss the keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Meh I prefer the z10 just as it is. The keyboard is so much better then my 9900. Faster... word predictions are sweet

Swordsmanship Channel: C000C9AF6

If they had the fit and finish of an iPhone I would consider. BlackBerry need better finish for the high end user

Posted via CB10

Wish my 9810 had had my 9900 KB!! CB had some incredible slider designs posted the year leading up to BB10

I doubt it will happen. Like the article, I could only dream of a slider phone. However, my preference is not limited to BlackBerry, any other platform that comes out with a sick slider? I'm there!

the way i see it, when it comes to speed yes its a lot better. but iOS still has more apps, people still making there apps ONLY for iOS devices and not BB10. the BB10 voice command could be improved alot more. theres so much that BB10 needs to improve on to surpass iOS. i love BB and i want it to succeed past iOS.

Of course people will buy a BlackBerry 10 slider, including myself. You pointed out the success of the form factor in your opening paragraph to answer the question asked later in the article. LoL. I still see a lot of people rocking the 9810 and even the 9800.

Posted via CB10

I would love a slider. The Torch was by far my favorite BlackBerry ever ( minus the dreaded spinning hour glass). If I could pack BB10 into it I would still be using it.

Posted via CB10

I've been reading Crackberry for years but I very rarely comment. I only comment on topics that I'm truly passionate about. This is one such topic.

Does a Backberry slider need to exist? The answer is a resounding "YES". For me, a slider is the perfect phone. The perfect mix between a physical keyboard & a full-size screen. If a device like this were to come to fruition, it'd be like the love-child of the Z10 & the Q10. It's the best of both worlds.

Now I'm sure there are counter-arguments (financial & otherwise) to be made, but from a aesthetic & uniqueness point if view, this device absolutely has to be made... like TODAY!

The torch was kindoff in between a full touch and a qwerty in size. Id like a slider that doesn't compromise the zed10 Form factor. If even possible at all who knows

Posted via CB10

No. Please no. Focus on what sells. No gambles.

My gf thinks I love my Z10 more than her... she's on to me.

I would say as a tech junkie I'd like it and I know my wife would trash her Z for one. For BlackBerry I'd be concerned that they Are developing too many products and the market may not support that many.

Presented by Dr. Emmett Brown on BlackBerry Z41

For me I think a:

-Z10 body (with a white bezel not just a white frame)
-Q10 keyboard
-whatever the current snapdragon processor is (this is just so they can compete in the "specs" war)
-2800mAh removable battery
-4.3" AMOLED screen
-8 or 12 megapix camera with a much better sensor (essentially THROW A BONE to those of us who use our phone's camera A LOT)

I think I've got the basics covered pretty well on that one.

Posted via CB10

How about dropping the sliding part from that shopping list and just do a qwerty with a much bigger screen instead, you'd have a much thinner device that was still probably smaller than an a10 and would have reduced mechanical concerns due to the lack of the slider mechanism.

I will always love my 9810. Such a solid phone. I dropped it on train tracks and the screen didn't even scratch!

I love my Z10, my mom got a few weeks ago a Q10, man the feel of those keys! I came from a 9810 for me that was just perfect, I can see people getting a slider, I don't know about the specs, sliders are another kind of beast, maybe it doesn't need much higher specs. In my case I would be between the A10 and the slider, tough decision for me, can't tell yet.

Posted via CB10

It's basically a Palm Pre (1-3). I loved the fact that I had the best of both worlds (touch screen and physical keyboard) as well as a full screen instead of half of one (like the Q10 or similar). If it is slim and built well I would love one but then again, adding a touch keyboard option (for portrait mode) would be needed. It's weird being in the browser/app/game in portrait and needing to use the keyboard. Specs could be the same but design/build quality would be most important with that IMO.

Absolutely agree. I'm a Z10 user and ex Pre3 user. God I loved that phone. The Z10 is great, and the KB is as good as a virtual KB can be, but my god I'm sick of autocorrect typos and no tactile feedback.

I want BB10. I want a keyboard. I want a full-sized screen. I need a BB10 slider.

The slider torch is the thickest BB ever made and it is weird. When you have such a good typing experience on the Z10, why make the new BB thicker just to accommodate the keyboard?

I don't think they should make a slider.. those are a thing of the past.. many have tried to concept a slider, but there is always something that isn't right about it.. top heavy, not comfortable.. just doesn't work.. BB10 is created for an all touch screen. They should keep it that way. BlackBerry needs to work on the ecosystem and software and not focus too much on the hardware..

if there is no slider, my next phone wont be a blackberry !!!
i wud prefer high end spec's but anything would do.
it has to be a full screen phone with a qwert pad !!!
else BB has lost me, used both the Z10 and the Q10, very nice phones i must say.
but im a slider kinda guy.

Absolutely this needs to exist. I have so many friends who mia their torch, a.d there are really no other portrait sliders on the market.

Posted via CB10

As much as I love the torch, and had it. Blackberry should be putting all their energy into pure touch screens the most

This should have been made before or instead of the Q, BB10 deserves a full screen to be fully appriciated

Posted via CB10

Back in the day I rocked the LG Chocolate - the first real music phone. I still have it and use it as an .mp3 player if I'm doing anything where I'd worry about my everyday phone getting damaged. I liked the slider idea, keeping the keyboard out of the way unless you need it. You have to make the mechanism tight and strong, and keep it slim ... and make sure even fat finger dudes can type on the top row of buttons! That done, I'd probably go that route again in the future.

I loved my torch! But now that I have the z10 I'm looking forward to the a10. I have gotten used to the all touch. Used to think I couldn't live without the keyboard. Now I don't know why I had to have it!

Posted via CB10

I want a keyboard without sacrificing so much screen real estate. Or perhaps, at the very least, a screen that does not have 1:1 dimensions.

Posted via CB10

I'd love to buy a slider. Two reasons I did not like BlackBerry Torch (and I suspect many others would share this)
1. The OS was not optimized for touch-screen. So, although we got bigger screen with Torch, it was just a bolt-on and hence it diminished the 'fun' of having a big screen + keyboard.

2. The keyboard was subpar. From distance, it looked same as any Bold's keyboard but actually, the keys had much less travel (and much less satisfying) click on key-press and hence the keyboard felt 'lacking' in experience.

In short, both the big-touch-screen and keyboard were lacking. Touch screen was lacking because the underlying OS was not optimized for touch. The underlying OS still performed much better with track-pad, instead of touch. And the keyboard was compromised because they probably wanted to make it thinner. But in making it thinner, the feel of keyboard suffered.

Qwerty and fill touch are the 2 most popular (touch being far more popular) but that doesn't mean that variety shouldn't exist. I would love to see the flip style, slider, and slim/compact style (like pearl).

BlackBerry is prioritizing right now and that is a great thing. But in a perfect universe these types of varieties would exist for the few that actually want them.

BlackBerry is going after the money with the focus on full touch. However they are maintaining their current position in the qwerty market so they always have a form of steady revenue (say the full touch, Z10, wasn't selling the way it is) so the Q10 would at least let them make money for the short term.

However now with the Z10 sales going strong the Q10 is expected to bring in extra cash for BlackBerry. BlackBerry can then reinvest this extra cash into a long term investment plan that could involve getting future version of the OS coded while current development of the current OS continues (ex. Apple and Google are working on the next version of their OS, while still delivering those small updates like 4.3. BlackBerry was working on 10.1 MR and 10.2 at the same time and BlackBerry 11 probably isn't even being thought about yet.)

Having a slider might make sense down the road when BlackBerry is stable but for now they are focusing on maintaining a steady cash flow, cutting cost, and stabilizing the company (Thors 3 step plan)

Posted via CB10

Not sure where you've been but sales were borderline horrible for the Z10. The qwerty market is dying and for those that don't see it are naive. The qwerty market hasn't been producing 'stable' revenue and it sure won't be in the future. All I can say is I'm glad you're not in charge of my investments.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs to focus more on blowing up the market with one or two effective phones. All these potential models isn't working. Look at Samsung and Apple. They each stuck to one essential model, which blew all phones out of the market. I'd like to see them improve the phones, get more of the popular apps, and they could easily be on top again. Focus on fundamentals now.

Posted via CB10

Um, Samsung had one model? Have you seen their lineup? They are well known for having a ton of models, of throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Indeed the idea that Samsung only does the one model is quite amusing, they have even been linked with doing a new dual-screen flip phone and yet have still not gone near the slider form factor, but people somehow think there is demand for such a device.

I had the original Torch. It was great when it lasted. Less than two years before it crapped out, I guess that's the thing with moving parts. Never again.

No slider, no tablet, no mobile computing platform, no vision for the future. Will we even get 10.2?

Posted via CB10

I am not sure how no slider or no tablet somehow equates to no vision for the future, BB have a vision where they continue to grow the bb10 audience without spending money on projects that won't make them any money.

Please elaborate on the 'said' vision BB has to grow the BB10 audience, because up into this point I agree with New_Z10. There doesn't seem to be any substance just a bunch of repeated rhetoric and concepts. And BB10 appears to be losing its new car smell really fast.

i slider would sell well keep the Z10 screen size but super amoled, similar keyboard to the Q10, less bezel around the display, no lip in front plz, stereo speakers wont hurt and maybe a 10mp camera similar to the one in the moto x + Q10 bettery size or larger would be cool. its a nice balanced mix of high end and Z10 mid range specs + thrown in some stainless steel and carbon fiber like back cover ala Q1o

In a heartbeat...I went from a Nokia small pre-paid phone to researching my first smartphone. Hands down I chose BB Torch in April 2011.

As much as I've seen the videos for BB10 and how great it looks, and esp being off contract now with AT &T. I have played with the Z10 and Q10 extensively but just can't bring myself to have only glass nor even with the Q10 keyboard.

So for me, as of now my 9800 is still doing me just well with what I truly need to do and all the tasks...so I would so very gladly love ...be immensely please if a slider (call it T10 or S10) were to come out of Waterloooooo!

I'm not so sure when I hear people say niche, as I see many Torch phones around and many who have them seem also not to be in a great hurry until hopefully another comes out.

Although I have thought about at least trying the T-Mo and getting the Z10 and then upgrading 'when', wink wink...not if....I said 'when' the BB10 slider comes out.

Hey Universe....Hey Blackberry...Slider...Slider...Slider...Slider (the crowd goes wiiiiiiild).

Keep it moving y'all.

Would be really cool to make a slider that could upgrade an existing Z10 and give it more battery, buttons, speaker, etc..

Don't worry if it covers the camera lens, just slide it down to snap pics.

I'd buy that and many others would I'm sure.

- aBBuser

HP Veer like size slider and I'd die for it. It was one of the best device ever created, unfortunately killed by HP. And my wife's one died a few months ago and she is still trying to convince me to buy her another one. At least I hope she will like Q5 as a temporary solution. Z10 was too big for her, she wasn't able to open the phone using the gesture as she have a girl's thumb.

Posted via CB10

Do I wish they would roll out a BB10 slider? Absolutely! (with a caveat) If they were to roll out a slider, I would want it to be spec-comparable to their top end phones. The only disappointing thing about my 9810 is when it periodically heads out to lunch because it gets busy doing I don't know what. Other than that I really like the 9810 and that is still my daily driver for now. I'll get a BB10 phone soon and I'd love a slider option (though even if a slider comes, it won't come anytime soon I would imagine).

Here's the thing. When it comes to form factor it's all about tradeoffs. Bigger screen or keyboard. Longer battery life or thinner phone. Bigger screen or smaller phone. And on and on. For me, I'll take the tradeoff of a fatter phone if I don't have to choose between a bigger screen or a keyboard. The other great thing about a slider (if done properly) is that I could utilize the predictive typing of the onscreen keyboard when typing and still have the convenience of the keyboard shortcuts on the physical keyboard.

But that's me and I'm not necessarily representative of a large share of the mobile market or a large share of the Blackberry user base (I own a Playbook for Pete's sake).

I'm DREAMING of a BlackBerry slider! I love the big touch screen on my Torch, but there are many times I miss the real keyboard, and in winter I NEED a real keyboard. I think it would sell. I just hope Sprint carries it! If BB comes out with a Slider & Sprint doesn't carry it, that would be it. I would really think about switching carriers.

Minus a select few BBRY devouts there is virtually no market for a slider phone. Releasing one would just further cramp an already overloaded BBRY lineup. There is no reason why a telecommunications company needs to release so many devices.

Posted via CB10

Naaah. Bbry should focus on z10 and make it better. Forget competing with samsung and coming out with.different devices.

Stick with z10 and q10 and come out with better specs every year. Ib 5 years maybe they are back

STL 100-3 os

If you ask me (coming from Pre, Pre2, Veer and Pre3): " OF COURSE!" I would totally buy a BB10 slider. I love vertical sliders and underdog OSes :)

Posted via CB10

Bbry fans will never get it. Sliders are a waste of time. Sliders appeal to teenage girls. Aka hip tops.

Posted via CB10

Focus on A bigger q10 with monster specs and monster battery life, it would sell like hell!

Posted via CB10

Sorry, I'm not a fan of slider phones. My kids had them and while I'll admit those were not BlackBerrys, before a year was out, they typically slid into two pieces. Currently I'm using a Torch, but I don't like the keyboard at all. I much prefer my Tour keyboard for a a physical and LOVE my Z10 for the virtual. I thik a slider has too much potential for problems.

NOW, all that said, that Blade concept is wickedly sexy and I would be sorely tempted to turn my back on what I just said for that device. Call me a sicker for slick design.... sigh

Posted via CB10

While I still like the thought of a physical keyboard, I'm liking my Z10 just fine. The risk of the slider is that it is thick and bulky, not to mention adding back a bunch of moving parts that increase the risk of hardware failure. Ultimately, I think the shift needs to move away from physical qwerty.

Posted via CB10

When will it be obvious "full qwerty" is 15 years ago? At least this option gives you the full screen experience.

Posted via CB10

If the specs were right and the looks were cool, why not. I would get one and I am sure there are a lot of slider fans out there who would snap one up as soon as it is released...

I am willing to dish out full retail price on a BB10 Slider. I miss full keyboards so much but at this point cannot give up a big, beautiful touchscreen. When (and if) the day comes, my wallet will be opened up, ready for pre-orders.

Where's the vote, "I already have a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone but I think it would be a great addition to the lineup and many other people will buy it."

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

NO...NO...NO...ARE WE STUCK IN THE PAST OR WHAT!!!!! That's great, lets develop a slider so we can sell to the ten people here who want one. Great marketing strategy. Why don' t we just go back in time and reintroduce what they sold in 1997. Makes sense right..,duh???????!???!!!?

Theres over 10 people just on this comment section who would pay full price the day this phone is released. So does your comment have any sense???!!?!

Posted via CB10

BB cannot sell what they already have....now we need a slider...this is just fill because there is no good topic to discuss. wow..10 + 10 = great sales from the fanboys.

This is my ideal device. Best of both worlds QWERTY and BIG SCREEN. I would buy this on launch asap! I always use 2 blackberry's one for work and one for personal. Before BB10 it was a 9810 (whatever the silver one) and a 9900. Now the Z-10 and Q-10. I'd give up my Z-10 in a heart beat for a slider like above.

Nobody can deny how successful the 98XX series torch's where. Besides those all touch 9860'S whitch I really didn't mind and still have as a back up..

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The only way that I would pay out my Z10 is by releasing a slider. I know a lot of people that won't upgrade to a BB10 device because they're waiting for a slider but if BlackBerry won't release one, they'll just move on and go with android or ios. Just saying BlackBerry, it might be a good idea to release one with a good battery of course.

I would buy one, I think it's a great idea.

I also think BlackBerry needs three flagships on equal footing, equally good hardware specs, so that one isn't any better, so it comes down to consumer preferencew. "Three awesome BlackBerry devices. Pick the one that's right for you."

I'd rather see a A10-sized Q10-like device. Problem with the slider form factor is the added thickness, but it could also sell well.

If it looks anything like the torch blade concept or slider blackberry 10 concept then yea it would definitely sell

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Bring out the A10 and have the slider called A5 little small then the Z10, same width but shorter to accommodate for the physical keyboard. I had a torch and never use the physical keyboard. Touch screen keyboard all the way.

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Oops wrong button. I think the number of people interested is even fewer than those who want a keyboard nowadays. I don't think it's worth the time, effort, and money for so few people. That's also the reason why it wasn't worth upgrading the PlayBook. There's no need to support something that so few people have and they weren't doing well in the tablet market anyway.

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You have no clue. Many people still prefer keyboards, its just they sacrifice it for a big screen. If BlackBerry can deliver a keyboard on a large screen it WILL be the flagship model. More so than the A10, which imo will flop.

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It doesn't need to be a slider paired with that larger screen though, if you got the balance of the device right you could have something similar in size to an a10 except including a q10's keyboard without needing the extra thickness and mechanical worries of having it be a slider.

It certainly makes sense for BlackBerry to bring a slider to market. There is still a niche in the smartphone market for a slider that has not been filled since the departure of the Torch 2. A niche that BlackBerry can't afford to lose. There are many people out there who love that big screen, but are loyal keyboard lovers. Right now, there is nothing on the market for those people. So BlackBerry, get it done!

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I miss my torch!! Would love a slider.
With specs the same if not higher than the z10 as I also love my z10 but wish I had proper keys some times.

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I sometimes still rather use my torch then my Z10... Hella yes! please make a BB10 slider! The Blade would by cray!

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Yes +100000. Slider is perrfect. Unless they can release a Q10 style phone with 4-4.5in screen

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These phones don't sell much any more. Just check out GfK stats for sliders and there is such small numbers that it isn't worth BlackBerry while investing in this. Even when the Torch series was around it wasn't the greatest.

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I was hoping for a slider as a BlackBerry 10 device (instead of the Q10) but now, stick with the phones which are on the market and don't fragment it unnecessarily.
Improve the good things which are there already - esp. improve the OS for the Q10!

Also, I want a nice solid phone but no brick :)

love my Q10 :)

I think a slider will be awesome, but it should be a landscape slider phone rather than portrait, because after moving from a torch to a Z10 I don't think I want to go back to tiny screens. The Z10 has the perfect screen size for me and if they make a portrait slider with a Z10 sized phone it'll be too long and uncomfortable to use.

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Bad idea i think z10 full touch phone and its keyboard so successful what is obsession of physical keyboard I don't understand

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Although I voted maybe in the poll, after reading some of the comments, I would have to say no to building a BB10 slider.

I think that for BlackBerry to get this unit near perfect, they would have to spend to much money on R&D, leading to fatal compromises in build quality, most evident in lack of hinge integrity and overall keyboard size and travel issues.

In my opinion, the best course of action is to build Qwerty keypad device, with a wider and longer screen ie a Q10 Max ideally rocking a 3.5 to 3.7 inch display and the almost perfect, Q10 keyboard.

I'm very interested in the form factor a la Nokia N950 but will not buy another Blackberry device for as long as BB10 remains as functionally limited as it is.

I love my 9810 because I get the best of all worlds, I get a thicker phone (usually seen as a negative, I have mans hands) that I can hold properly very thin phones feel uncomfortable to me particularly when on a long call as I often am. I get good screen size more than the Q10 size for looking for contacts and calendar appointments and the must for me a physical keyboard that actually types what I want it to without the need for the software to second guess the words, my 9810 slides to be smaller and its weight tells me I have it with me.

I would buy it if I could keep the large screen of the z10 and the device could be thin and not so heavy or bulky. Always loved the QWERTY keyboard and the beat of the virtual one. The only thing I'd ask is to have a better battery life than what's in my z10. Keep the performance of my z10 + the above and I'm in.

However, for me I think this is a tall order and I don't see feasibility of a decent slider coming out of BlackBerry. However, this is only my opinion.

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It's too fragile and the keyboard is usually sub-par, no wonder BlackBerry is only working on a cheap slider.
I just want a flip-top keyboard or a phone with a keyboard on one side and a touch screen on the other.

This idea would sell better then a Z10 and the Q10 combined! Different colors on Verizon, AT&T sprint!! And this phone would sell like crazy!

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If you consider Apple and Samsung don't offer slider, properly designed and reasonably priced BlackBerry slider could sell like hotcakes.

Thus BlackBerry will probably decide NOT to bring such device to the market.

I'm happy with my BlackBerry z10 but I think it would only be for people who can't get away from a qwerty keyboard but want a big screen

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I had a incredible business meeting last night using my Z10! And on my way To work this morning!
I was reading this post!! And everyone! Around me went CRAZY!!! just looking at this design! This design would be BB10 best seller!!

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This design would own north America!! Now everyone is asking me to see this post!!! ready to buy it!!! LoL!

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It's a good idea but I don't think BlackBerry will make money with this kind of produce !

The Strategy of BlackBerry should be to make a kind of ipod cheap price to sell for the young people : That the strategy of Apple and they do well every kids that I meet on the streets have an ipod touch and this young will be adult in the futur! The Z10 is to much expensive, the Q10 also, the Q5 is not that expensive but it has a physical keyboard !
The youngs wants a virtual keyboard !
BlackBerry have to do the same strategy then Apple to win the race !

Ipod nano, ipod, Iphone, ipad

BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5, something is missing ! The playbook is not on Bb10 bad strategy and playbook seems to die !

We have to do the Same strategy then Apple !

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I would totally buy a slider...the torch was a great phone. I'm a cell phone junkie an the torch was the longest I held any phone! I have long nails an the physical keyboard is what I used to type and i used the touch screen for anything else. I, in my opinion, think the slider makes for a longer lasting phone, as the keyboard and the screen gets used...i love my z10 an the voice to text option beside the space bar for my texting needs but i would looooove to have my keyboard back and not compromise my screen size...shoot..i was contemplating the a10 cuz of its screen size...a a10 -z10 slider just makes things perfect!!

Amongst all the iphones and androids! You'll always find a scuffed up! War beaten torch owner! who refuses to get rid of there torch! Torch owners love there phones! Frozen screen! Some buttons don't work!! LOL! And getting a new phone is not a option! A "T10"(BB10 torch) would sell like hot cakes! For sure!

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I had a meeting last night amongst. Iphones and androids! And my Z10 "ROCK THE HOUSE" last night I was truly impressed!! And proud to be a Z10 owner!

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I had a Torch and loved it because it gave me the screen size and I got to keep my buttons.

Then I upgraded to the Z10 and I haven't missed my buttons since. This phone makes typing so easy that i can't see the market for a slider.

Q10 and Z10. Keep it simple. I think sometimes people don't buy BlackBerry phones when they come out because they don't know what other one will be coming out. They're always waiting to see.

Apple doesn't have that problem because everyone knows there's only 1 phone coming out each year.

From my Z10 via CB10

I've had the full touch 9860 and the slider 9800 and 9810... the 9810 is the best of the 3 IMO... the only issue is the smaller keys than the 9900... i don't care how thick it is.. I'd just want A keyboard the size of the q10 and a screen the size of a z10 .... the fact that Samsung are making bigger and bigger phones and that they are extremely popular means for me that BlackBerry could easily get away with a bigger slider than the 9800 or 9810... if a customer dosnt want a thicker phone then they would buy a z10

A BB10 slider! Would bring all the torch zombies! Right back to life! I went from a 9800 to a 9900 to a Z10! And there's no going back for me! But? A slider! The size of a Z10!! would start a lot of trouble! In north america! For sure!

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Bring it!!!! As much as I love my Q10 and keyboard, I debated for so long between the Z10 and Q10 because of screen real estate. This is why I liked my Torch 9810. I would love the same for BB10!

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I'm still using my Torch9810 - and a BB10 slider is exactly what I'm waiting for. The Z10 is nice, and I'll move up to that if I have to - but I'd rather have a slider.

I'd get one if it slid on the long axis, not the short one like on the Torch. It would have to be pretty sleekly-designed as well, otherwise it'll end up being far too chunky. Good time to get TAT involved I think.

The torch has a very very strong following! A BB10 slider!! Is serious trouble for the competition! The idea alone! Makes people reach for their wallets! It would sell out around Christmas time! White ones! red ones! Are you kidding me!!!! It would change the game drastically!! Z10, Q10 ,T10!! Game over!!!

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