BlackBerry 10 showing up in HTML5 tests, already ahead of Google's Chrome Beta

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 24 Mar 2012 06:43 pm EDT

As we know it, RIM has been pushing HTML5 for quite some time and one small tidbit we came across today, while small, seems to show that BlackBerry 10 will be one of the most HTML5 compatible operating systems out there. keeps track of all browsers tested using the platform and if you look under mobile, you'll see BlackBerry 10 listed with it already being more HTML5 compliant then Google's Chrome Beta for Android. We know -- it's not as exciting as getting some pictures of RIM's first BlackBerry 10 device but it's interesting to even see it now popping up in places. Makes me totally excited to see what RIM may unveil at BlackBerry World in Orlando, Florida come May. Thanks, Dave!

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BlackBerry 10 showing up in HTML5 tests, already ahead of Google's Chrome Beta


I'm staying patient, calm and positive regarding RIM's future.

Roll on BB10 (fingers and toes crossed, by the end of this year)

Love, BlackBerry STAN.

RIM better show off some BB10 devices at BlackBerry World if they wanna keep some nails out of their coffin.

I agree. They need to have a very strong presence this year. People have to repeatedly see impressive BlackBerry products, otherwise they won't change the direction their market share is going...

Showing off a BB10 device would kill a lot of BB7 device sales, wouldn't you agree? I think it's best to not show a device and have a major, blockbuster official launch.

Or if they do show a BB10 device , do it like the BB Blade pic . Just show different pics of different concepts of what they're designing . They would get feedback on which CrackBerry Nation likes best and know what to focus on !

I personally don't think RIM is in a 'Coffin' but they need to show off a nearly finished product or else many of us tech geeks and share holder will not be happy and I know RIM is smart enough to know that; They've been working on BB10 for 2 years they must have something by now.

I don't think they will. YIKES!

The reason for my belief is that RIM is giving app developers a prototype device running BB10 at the event. It would be odd to give developers prototype devices and for RIM to show something significantly different on stage. If I was a developer at the event I would be like "WTF! Give me that device in your hand so that I can be sure that my apps work properly on the near production device."

Disagree completely. one of RIM's problems is that they show stuff off too early. I'd personally hope for only development/BB10 OS talk, to entice developers, but no discussion of devices at all. I'm also hoping those prototype devices aren't anything like the final form factor (but of course, a near identical screen and specs as possible). If RIM can keep details under wrap, maybe the rumour mill will start spitting out stories every other day, and build excitment, just like with Apple.

A OS that Samsung Intel and others are working on its to take off from where MeeGoo left off once Nokia ditched to support Windows 7 devices instead. Samsung is merging their Bada OS into it also

Yeah, well if BlackBerry had the resources; it would he beating Tizen as well. It's still early enough though...

Good lookin. Take the #1 spot and have something to brag about!

Seriously though, we need a BB10 Bold. Keyboard, no slider pleeeeasseeeee.

I love Blackberry, but the Apps of iOS and the fact that my friends and family have iPhones pulled me away from BB. On the upside, BB10 will be amazing. I can see that, and the *only* thing that might bring me back is if the Apps show up on BB10. Should I upgrade to iPhone 5...or move to BB10? I will probably hold my upgrade that's coming this December.

Now, is BBM *that* important? Yes and no, but I already own a Playbook, and so does my father. I bought him one. BBM is coming to Playbook, so I may not even need the BB10 phone to communicate with my girlfriend and her family in Venezuela. I tend not to be home during the day anyway, but hell, chatting at home on WiFi is always a good solution!

RIM should guard the mystique of BB 10. There should definitely be a working OS or an emulator at BlackBerry World. But they should keep any prototype top secret. When they unveil the handsets this fall they should make it a huge event.

That would be risky because people could accuse them of not having anything ready. What people would be happy with is if they showed us a prototype and said that the official unveiling is in e.g august

I disagree. No prototypes. Just the emulator. I'm tired of seeing stuff well before a finished product. I'm one of those that will be all over the new bold but for now I'm extremely happy with my 9930. If RIM wants to play there cards right they will shoot for those who do not have smart phones. Eventually drop the price on blackberry 7 and cater the sales to those with dumb phones. This way they can become addicted to the best communication device and when they are ready to upgrade they will think blackberry first.

No devices unless they are shipping within a month or two. RIM loses a lot of hype by showing their hand and not releasing soon enough.

I totally agree even though RIM is garenteed sales they can't risk it BB10 is the second most antcipated and iphone 5 is number one of 2012

Considering how little fanfare and celebration the New Ipad has received compared to its previous incarnations (it's been out for one week, it's NOT sold out anywhere, and I've seen no huge lines or crowds around them at any stores, compared to previous releases), maybe the iPhone 5 won't have as much hype as previous iPhones if it doesn't signicantly differ from the previous couple releases? This would be a good chance for RIM to come out with something new and different.

Well, perhaps they should keep the final design of the new BB10 device under wraps. They should not be afraid to list a few of the industry leading specs. If they are giving developers alpha units in a block style shell, they should officially shoe off the OS there way. Because if they don't, we all know with thousands of dev alpha units out there, YouTube videos will be up the next day showing it for better or worse.

How does this compare to other Blackberry phones, Playbook, iPhone etc?
8900 OS5 - 1
9650 OS6 - 258 plus 3
Playbook OS2 - 354 plus 9

The 361 is pretty impressive

What sucks is that it will take a couple years to really see if the new bb10 device will take off.

Many people locked into a 2 or 3 year contract to get the iphone for cheap.

Contracts are expiring every day and most companies allow an upgrade after 1.5 to 2 years, even if you're in a 3 year contract.

my govt office doesnt support bb balance as the several upgrades required are not the ITs priorities yet. As a PB /9800 owner I have become less worried about the new BB phone. I have become more conviced that a 3g/4g PB is the most important issue for Rim. Why? Most govt and business don't want to install wifi. A 3g/4g PB is necessary to drive corporate sales and that will establish the new appverse that is so excellent on the PB, that has never been available for enterprise phones.

You think they'd rather pay exorbitant amounts of money to have capped/throttled wirless plans for 10's, 100's and thousands of employees? Why not just bridge through the phone that they're already paying for?

Slightly buggy, for me only when I swipe the menu down, sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't. But unstable? I haven't had a single issue with it being unstable.

I just saw some video of some BB10 Apps. The development device looks like a 5 inch playbook. Which in itself would be cool! I've been a BB devotee and will be moving to another carrier with a Torch 9810, but will be very eager to see and buy a BB10 device when they come out! Lots of companies have been on the ropes and come back. Chrysler is probably the greatest example. And how many sports teams have gone from first to worst to first? Have faith my friends BB will own mobile communications again!