BlackBerry 10 should launch on October 10th...

BB10 / 10 / 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 May 2012 10:50 pm EDT

As we discussed on today's CrackBerry Podcast, something just feels *right* about an October 10th launch date for BlackBerry 10. Over the years we've mainly observed BlackBerry launch new phones in a staggered roll out across carriers and countries, but how great would it be to see a coordinated global launch happen. With a new CEO, COO and CMO running Research In Motion these days, I think it would be a significant signal to the world that this is a NEW BlackBerry.

And if RIM did have to pick a date to target "later this year" for a global launch, I can't think of a better one thn October 10th. BB10 on 10 / 10. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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BlackBerry 10 should launch on October 10th...


Launch or Beta?
Feel like since dev alpha is out and about you should be able to use your Playbook as a Dev Alpha device...
That is the end result right?
Wheres my damned beta and a half download?

edit: insert explicatives here

I really think they need to rethink the name blackberry 10...

They are trying so hard to set this new OS apart.. it's something completely different, something fresh, something new.. but the naming convention will lead the uninformed (and lets face it, most of the U.S. general public chooses to be uninformed about Blackberry theses days ) that is is just another iteration of the blackberry OS.

When they weren't able to secure BBX, why just fall back into old patterns? Why not try something new.. I would like to see them come out at launch saying Blackberry 10 was an internal code name, and it's launching as "QNX Mobile" or "Blackberry Fusion OS" or anything that sounds new and cutting edge..

Agree 1000% This was my first reaction to BB10. It just donesn't convey "new" to consumers that don't read blackberry blogs.

I hope the new CMO will change the name before launch. People don't really know QNX either. although I think it's cool, RIM is really free to name the OS anything they like.

Taking a cue from iOS they could just call it qOS. Another benefit of a new name is they could go back to 1.0 convention which also says new. I just can't see BB10 1.0?

Come on CMO earn your money.

I still stand by my original suggestion to use the term BBNX......combines both BB and QNX and could be pronounced like BBNeXt for the next generation/elvolution of BlackBerry.

Wao,I really like the way you put it bbnext it sounds new it sounds cool, can you send this to the rim ceo

I agree with you. BlackBerry XT, for qnx technology also sounds catchy. And it could cover revisions past 10, like v11, 12, etc. Business entities do not own copyrights to common acronyms like this either, so it should be safe. Can someone please forward these suggestions to RIM?

Merge BBOS and it BBQ. I am totally serious. If Ice Cream Sandwich and Droid, etc. work, why not BBQ?

It does have a nice ring to it. Yet my anxiety for this launch overtakes me......and it seems soooooo far away. So excited!! Can't wait for bb10!!!!!

BB 10 should have come out 10/10/10. RIM would have still been a mobile powerhouse instead of trying to catch iOS and Android.

Mobile processors in 10 weren`t powerful enough to run QNX, so as nice as it is to muse what could have been, it was not possible. QNX has way more upside headroom to grow in mobile computing capabilities as mobile processors get more powerful and power sipping. Your phone will become your computer that you take with you wherever you go, plug in to a full screen monitor with an HDMI and bluetooth keyboard for full PC-like user interface + drop it in a dock to enable full power computing. Unplug, stick it in you pocket and off you go.

Agree, it seems like an eternity, and I guess it has been really. Iphone will be close to five years old and this will be the first real competitor OS from RIM to iPhone 1.

I think this editorial is a mistake, however, since if 10/10 comes and goes RIM will be accused of missing a deadline they never came up with!

Hey, when I posted this idea months ago I said RIM could have it for free lol not you Kevin haha. Next you'll be writing a post about my idea that they should use the New CEO's catch phrase in the launch and launch on 10/10 with major rock concerts in 10 cities around the world to show that RIM is really ready to Rock and Roll this!

It's all good though, the sooner RIM can get the new Platform finished and out the door the better!

Or July 10!

Just in time for summer, right before my birthday, earlier than September, and it's 7/10 so moving on from BB7 to BB10.

My birthday is in July too. Although both these dates are too soon. I would rather have a nicely polished device over a rushed one.

Mine's July 3. I was supposed to be born July 4th but my mom's doctor was going out of town and they induced labor. I'm cool with that. I always had an awesome 2 day birthday bash. First was presents and friends and family. 2nd day was Fireworks with friends and family. Ahhh the memories.

Better than Oct. 10, which is to late. It'll be 5 days after the release of the iphone 5 - ya know, oct 5 - one year after the death of the apple savior.

The only thing that would make that sound better would have been
BB10 on 10/10/2010 ;)

BTW I won't loose sleep if it's released B4 10/10/2012 ;)

10/10/10 reminds me of the Skymim release on 11/11/11 and the Beijing Olympics on 8/8/8. 10/10 would still be a good date though considering that it's BB 10.

That would be an awesome launch date.

I do have an idea for RIM to help push sales of existing phones. Inventory is not moving, and a write off is expected. Why not price the phones at something like $250 (a non-carrier subsidized price) and offer them a $200 coupon for Blackberry accessories when they upgrade to a BB10 phone. These numbers are just for discussion purposes but it could push sales of their existing inventory and stop the earnIngs bleed.

This is a great idea.
World wide sales are still great but in U.S. something like this is a good idea. it wont be for everyone but would suit many.

I love my Bold and believe it has big advantages so I have gotten two droid and two iP conversions recently. I'm just going to keep supporting RIM because I love their stuff.

Agreed ! If you want to move inventory sell the damn things for a couple hundred less.

And 10/11 is my birthday so call me excited.

I was hoping that I would have my new phone (if I get one) before my business trip the weekend before my birthday so that I could show it off but whatever gets the device in my hands is fine with me.

I will be just over a year into my 2 year contract but I have 15 phones so 1 of my renewals might be used. :)

Going to be an expensive week for this family as my wife is due for a new phone now but she is waiting for a something new.

Not only will they be in business but they will thrive after BB10. Before the proposed BB10, RIM did not have a fair competitor to Android and iPhone, now they will!
Here in New York City MANY folk (especially those in business)use BB's. For example, EVERY runway/photo model walks around with a BB in front of her waiting for her next interview.

So they will thrive? Thats a fact? Oh so runway models will save BB? LOL Time to remove the blinders and look to see whats really going on. I swear some of you are in such denial its amusing.

No they will be for sale after next earning report cause there valuation (money they worth including EVERYTHING) is EQUAL to the value of the equity exactly.

So shareholder won't agree with RIMM to spend that money on a launch that CAN fail. Cause for making a launch they need more money their Net Tangible Assets.

Each day it's worst for Rimm the value shares decline so the value of the company (The credit they can have or the price they can ask to sell themselves is lowering everyday, so it's add pressure) .

10/10 sounds nice. My upgrade is at the end of January/13 so that gives RIM 3 months to work the inevitable bugs out and bring out a headset in the Bold form factor (hopefully).

This sounds great!
I have been waiting for BB10 as a companion to my PB, bought on day of release. (Even better, the BB10 shown in BB World Orlando looks like a mini-PET for a PB).
The better the sooner. RIM needs all the GOOD press they can receive :)
Ever better, if RIM can pull this off, they will have a jump-start for their last quarter and Holiday sales.

Ill take it.. my contract is up at the end of october. But we always get phones a few weeks later in canada so its not an issue.

I was hoping by the tweet that this was a confirmed date, but some of the random things that Kevin has come up with seem to work out so.........
Here's crossed fingers for BB10 on 10/10/12. :)

10 am in each time zone... My original comment was more on the flippant side, but this can be done. They work with all retailers to begin a controlled rollout starting at 10 am in the first time zone that hits on 10/10/2012.. and then continue to roll out BB10 device sales each hour until all time zones have have hit 10 am.

10:10am would be better!!

Also, 10/10 works well for those countries that do it properly & put the day before the month ;)

... and it should launch on all (at least most) carriers on that date. Not 10/10 on AT&T then 12/5 on Verizon etc.

Kevin, 10 10 sounds stellar! Only problem with that is it would be soooo much better if they could release it sometime before summer ends.

Sounds like a good idea. However, I feel that we've just created a monster here and if RIM decide to keep in with a Tuesday release then the negative posters here will be calling for the death of RIM for failing 'yet again.'

This company makes no sense at all. "Let's take our time with BB10 to get specs up to par with devices that have been out for years already, and lets make many different phones like the Bold, Torch, Storm, Pearl, Curve, Pearl Flip, where do we stop. Oh and let's release a touch phone first because we've been failing at touch devices for years and maybe we'll be lucky now, screw the loyal customers who like physical keyboard devices, make them wait even longer with their buggy BB7/BB6/older phones."

Man, if your comment about why your 9900s are "so bad" gets any more detailed, I might faint. Instead of just saying they suck, provide DETAILS as to why.... My personal 9900 and my work 9930 absolutely ROCK!!

...I agree, if people are told to give reasons on why they like BB over other devices (and I always have several as we have both other devices in the family), then those who crap on BB's should have to explain just saying it 'sucks' makes them look a little foolish really...or they just 'don't'...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

Right on!

First world problems are such a drag... "My phone sucks because it just does!"

Insightful AND Interesting! I smell a non-fiction book contract in this man's future!

Disagree. October 10 could be too late. It should definitely be released before or within the same week of the iphone 5.

@mjgallaway torch and storm have since been combined into one (Torch) and RIM has all but dropped the pearl and pearl flip. So the Bold, Torch, and Curve is where they stop. and not trying to justify it, but the fact that android phones are old compared to android phones that were released in the same calendar year isn't the best argument. also, they're not screwing the loyal fanbase out of a phone. they've already stated (and it's been posted on cb ad nauseum) that a "traditional style" bb10 is in the works. did you ever think that maybe they want to get all the kinks out of the new OS while still attracting those who swear by the touch screen slab? all anyone can do is speculate until RIM decides to either: 1) leak info or 2) hold an official press conference . #i'mjustsayin

either way, I'd like to believe fearless leader on this one, but i've been a RIM stan for a while, and the best thing one can do for their sanity is just wait for an official announcement. even the best "inside sources" get it wrong. again #i'mjustsayin

#Thisisnttwitter #wrongwebsite

Anyways, the storm differs from the torch 9800 actually, 9800 has a slide out keyboard. i know they have the bb7 torch with no slider but that is basically the storm.

The point to my comments was not to be nit-picked but rather to prove that RIM should focus on a Bold type BB10 device and (if they feel it's necessary) a slider or an all-touch device. No reason for a million different models of phones.

Seems like you're also saying, the all touch device will be released first and then they'll be able to work out all the kinks by the time they release the bb10 bold device which the loyal customers want. Dumb way of looking at it actually and good thing you don't work for RIM because they won't release a device with tons of kinks in it and if they do, I'm sure the towel would be thrown in right after.

I just prepare myself for the worst since RIM is great at disappointing people.

"I know they have a bb7 torch with no slider but that is basically the storm"

...You have got to be kidding me. How in ANY way other than it being a touchscreen device is the 9850/60 'basically' the storm??

And to goabout the bb10 comments, RIM has said they're making a bold type bb10 device and obviously they're launching the all touch first. Did they go out on a limb like you're suggesting and say that there will be 5 different models of bb10 phones?
And no they're not holding back the qwerty device until the kinks are worked out- that may be a reason, but its because they need to win back North America, they realize that and obviously North America isn't craving a qwerty phone right now. They want an all touch device.

Also he's not saying they're releasing it with tons of kinks, its a GIVEN that ANY new device WILL have bugs. Its a given! He's saying by the time a qwerty device is ready, (approx 3months after inital launch, or so speculation says), all the bugs that come with launching a new os and new hardware will be worked out.
...And yeah, it makes sooo much sense that a company would give up right after they launch a new product when its obvious there will be some bugs in it. Good logic buddy.
If you're going to just hate on rim, go away dude..
And by the way, the 9900 is awesome.

why has no one mentioned 10/11/12...that seems like a cool date. I feel that, giving RIM's release history, we shouldn't throw dates around until at least September. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and not apply any more pressure to meet a date than the pressure they already feel inside of RIM. Thanks everyone.

But that would be the 9th day of the 8th month, bb10 will be released for the rest of the world...exactly the same problem as above. US has mm/dd, elsewhere has dd/mm. Thus it only works when month and day the same - 10/10.

I think October 10, 2012, would be an epic launch date! xD We have no idea when the iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple decides to call it: the New iPhone, iPhone 4S&M, iPhone 10, etc.) will be released, either. Sounds like it'll be very exciting, whichever fruit you choose to go with.

While I realize that, what is the point of posting negative comments if you don't like the product/company? Seems like a waste of your time doing it and my time reading it.

I understand that the new OS will not work with existing Bb devices. That will be a great disappointment to many of the loyal Bb users. They should find a workaround and make sure it's compatible with the Bold 9900/9930. As matter of fact, they should have put a dual core processor and at least 1gb of RAM on the bold. Then it would probably be compatible with the new Bb10. RIM engineers aren't too bright, are they?

(just to add to what I had just said)

.. why on earth would you release an OS that not only makes your older devices obsolete, but makes it incompatible with existing hardware?

Really if you would just do your research you wouldnt be asking this question and crying a damn river.

Back on topic. i just care about RIM to execute this correctly. i wish for an earlier release but it is what it is.

Because they already are obsolete. They should have put in more resources early on into BB10 to make the time between BB7 and BB10 much less.

Exactly. That turned out really badly for Apple, both times (when they went from OS 9 to OS X, and from PowerPC to making generic PCs in pretty cases.)

I don't see what is so cool about a release date if the product isn't fully cooked or if it misses major release schedules.

Many people get new phones before school and in November, I think RIM clearly misses both dates. 10/10 would be cool for iphone 10...but no one truly cares about B10 yet, when I say no one I mean the majority. Just release the phone so it can hit the most people and have the most hype and do it on time.

The last thing RIM needs is to release a phone after the school rush, after i5 and after samsung galaxy6

Sigh, I saw someone tweet that the launch date was October 10th and was befuddled as to why RIM would have announced the date today instead of yestesday as way to mitigate some of the criticism raised against RIM. Sadly, now I see it's just pure speculation and wishful thinking on the part of Crackberry.

I wish Crackberry didn't post something like this as all it's going to do is fan the fire of hate if the date turns out incorrect. Be prepared for the onslaught of RIM misses another deadline and continues to show us that they are incapable of meeting set targets.

In marketing Apple unofficially calls every product "the new _____" until the next one comes out. Then they call the next gen one "the new _____" until the next one comes out, and so on.

That would be good on 10/10/2012. I'll wait until BB 10 to release by 2012 and then decide the phone I'll be holding in the future

- Charles

It would of made more sense to release it in 2010 not 12 LOOL. I just want BB10 now! I really can't wait another 5 months 8-| and rim should start global launches

I personally think we would be lucky to get any BB10 device in our hands by Christmas 2012.

Hints in delays in BB10 launch is adding up:

~BB10 alpha devices running on modified PlayBook OS2.0 only handed to developers a few weeks ago early May 2012.

~Notice the "s" in Thorsten Heins's 29-May-2012 announcement of reference to "[Financial] quarters".

"...our financial performance will continue to be challenging for the next few quarters."

~Notice the "S" in "quarters". We are already looking at BB10 launch delay, folks.


Another way to read this is that even with a successful bb10 launch, RIM might not be able to make money right away. - Sweet apps for the fans

No...if BB10 launches in October, so the start of Q4 2012, RIM still has bad results to report for Q2 and Q3 in addition to the the now warned about Q1.
Just because they "only" gave the alpha devices at the beginning of May means nothing, just because the device ran modified OS2 doesn't mean RIM hasn't got BB10 working on other devices...

"just because the device ran modified OS2 doesn't mean RIM hasn't got BB10 working on other devices..."

So are you saying that you think RIM has OS2/BB10 working on other devices?

Yes, RIM clearly has BB10 working on final/near to final production hardware. BB10 won't be fully finished yet; it will be buggy and missing some features, but it exists. There's no benefit to showing it off early on the development device. They just need to make sure their apps work that's all.

It's about time! Hopefully this is an accurate date.. 10/10 seems like a sensible day to launch BB10. It's almost like RIM has this secret weapon and is just waiting for the right time to strike!

Nice marketing idea ... but can they afford it ?

I'd laugh if... iOS6 the 6/6 ? like 6/6/6 ? *scarry*
Sorry couldn't miss it :).

They need to do something grand like this.

I do have a suggestion for RIM : give people who own OS 7 devices a trade-in program for BB10! - Sweet apps for the fans

Ironically, when it comes out on the 10th of october this year, that marks the best date ever! First, it's my wife's birthday (probably should get her one of these as a present :D). Secondly, what better date to release BB10 rather than on the 10th day on the 10th month of the year.

Although I laugh a bit at some people waiting over night for a certain fruit manufacturer's phone (mainly because they've got a bad habit of being very similar to the previous version, just $600 more), but in this case, I think I might just have to think about doing the same.

Plus, I should be in the US from mid-october, so even if they don't do a worldwide launch on 10/10, then I could still be one of the first =D

Ok, maybe I'm a little over excited about BB10


Im a huge blackberry fan. As a matter of fact the only smartphones i had in the passed were all blackberries. Im glued to BBM, email and browsing the web. I simply love my 9860. Having said that.....

This launch date would destroy blackberry. iPhone 5 will be out around that time and not to mention the S3 is just around the corner for Canada at least. Already launched in 20+ countries. How does October 10th sound "right" because it sounds cool? What the heck? No one gives a crap about that at ALL. Whats wrong with you guys? People want a new smart phone right NOW. Its the perfect time since nothing really new is planned until September. I hate to say it but blackberry is going down the tubes and they are so delusional its not even funny....

Or if you're into numerical sequences it could be 08/10/12 . . I agree that 10/10 sounds cooler, but 08/10 would be sooner =)

Ha no problem, sometimes I get irrationally annoyed when the US forgets the rest of the world doesn't share its date system. Like film trailers when they don't bother to change it for the UK :p

Let us do a bit of analysis here.
Early May we saw a lot of leaks and sneak peaks. October 10 is exactly 5 months from that. For a company that is supposed to be working on nothing else and is giving developers test devices NOW that is too long.
Okay BB10 is clearly a lot of work but FIVE months? I would say by 10/10/12 the FIRST device should be available. This means the platform, BB10 should be unveiled about a month earlier alongside the first device, immediately opening up for pre-orders. By 10/10/12 people should be getting their devices, at the latest. 10/10/12 sounds nice but BB10 cant be launching on that date.

As cool as it would be for BB10 to be released on 10/10 I feel the date is a little too late. I think you need to hit the market when University starts up again in September. It needs to be launch at a time something is going on like back to school or Christmas time and December is just too far away. So October doesn't make sense other than it being 10/10. If I had my way I would get it to market for the summer, but that just won't happen.


I like these "opinion" type pieces,... but I am going to disagree with this one.

Oct 10 is very late.

Catching the back-to-school crowd would be a boost for them. They need the kids to start a buzz.

And second, they need to beat the new PCphone, Macphone, and droid phone. Having the best phone will take the excitement out of the other phones' release.

On a related note, THEY NEED TO CHANGE THE NAME. BB10 is not a cool name. QNX is better. Almost anything is better than continually adding numbers to a name. What next, BB14? Not cool. The next OS will be so different from BB7 that they need a COMPLETELY new name for it.

One of the *advantages* of a crisis is that it is conducive to major changes, like a new name for the OS.

Um. Like the *new* Ipad. ...They also stopped using numbers for the latest Ipad.

This is not the tenth version of the same Operating System! This is completely new and it needs a completely new name to indicate that.

Wow. . Yeah if I remember new ipad was pretty much reviled for its ''you've got to be kidding me that's the best name you could come up with''-ness. So you'd be really happy with newbb? =) is the next apple product new ipad 2 then?

btw . . before this gets too far I don't really disagree with you, I think QNX is much cooler, we just seem to have gotten locked up in one of those unfortunate downward spiraling reply vortices . . Truce? =) ;) :D

You must be Canadian too!

It seems that we agree that BB10 is not the best name, but it is probably the most widely accepted one.

I still vote that they should use this crisis to try something completely different,... but we can agree to disagree on that...

I’m a big fan of BB phones and tablet. I’ve used them exclusively since 2006, not even considering other brands or platforms.
I also like to play with numbers, but just for fun. When it comes to business only money numbers are relevant and for me this is all what counts.
The numbers BB10 & 10/10 might sound cool but 12/12 is even cooler for the end of our world. Yet I do not have a crystal ball and both events are very unlikely to happen without looking into it.
The competition does not sleep and they will not wait for RIM to wake up. There is no mercy out there. Fans are cruel and so is the competition. We’ve been all very patient waiting for things to happen in BB world. And a lot of us still are, including self.
It looks like all bets are on BB10 and this alone is not promising at all. I like to diversify the risks, but it’s only me, myself and I.
The BB world we know now should accelerate and expand in cosmic terms very, very, very fast not waiting for 10/10, even if it sounds cool, or 12/12 will be associated with RIM in history of business.

Or if they really want to play catch-up they can release bb10 on 10/10 . . then surprise us with bb11 on 11/11 . . then shock the world with bb12 on 12/12 . . .

Personally I'd prefer July 10th, August 10th, or September 10th.

The "Osborne Effect" is killing RIM; we need BB10 out to fix it, because even if you are an Android or Apple junkie, BB provides real competition and real features.

Come on RIM!

Wow, a new date for people to fixate on. It's not fact and it doesn't even appear to be rumour.

But I think October is too late. Misses the Back to School Crowd, not to mention the new iPhone is more than likely to have launched by then. A Summer release would really hit the spot - though I don't think that's likely either. And I know we haven't got the new phones (obviously) and need images but showing the 9900 (soon to be old phones that aren't actually selling well for RIM) when talking about the new model, new OS rather takes the thrill out it...either no pics or new pics please! Even a concept rendering would be better.

It's not a rumour. It's just wishful thinking on Kevin's part that appears to be realistic given the circumstances. - Sweet apps for the fans

Nice, just for my birthday! I belive October is a good date for the release of Blackberry 10, I actually was expecting this to be near Christmast. October seems to be good, mainly beacuse is a month before Thanks Giving, which is an importante commercial date in USA, but has to be released with a very good commercial campaing showing that this is not the blackberry the world is used to.

If u want numeric symmetry, then 12/12/12 is much more likely. And just in time for the end of the world!

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

This question is more for the people who run this site but everyone chime in.

With RIM obviously hurting big time, and teetering on being sold off and or worse, I think this could seriously HURT BB10. Think about it, if you are a developer wouldn't you be very concerned with RIMs struggles? Why would you invest, people time and money into building apps for a platform that may have doubts on sustainability. This is RIMs biggest challenge, being a consumer based phone company and attracting people to their UI. They need apps to compete with the Apples and Androids of the world. Plain and simple. However before their OS didn't allow for content rich apps like on the other platforms, and now they have one (hopefully) but with things no doubt going to be worse before their are better and with RIM hurting so badly is it even smart for developers to invest time and money into these apps. If I were a developer, I would stick with my bread and butter (apple, android) at least until BB10 is established and the company is on better grounds.

What do you guys think. I feel this could potentially be a big issue for RIM. Convincing the masses to come to BB10 when I think internally it's going to be close to see if BB10 can compete given how far behind it is, and secondly (and more scary) if BlackBerry even makes it in it's current state.

@CrackberryKevin: While you can't scramble physical production (i.e: devices) so that BB10 devices won't probably show before the end of the year (sic), what about a Playbook BB10 OS pre-release (or call it candidate) ?

This site is more and more turning into some kind of religious sect. We have the worshipable objects in the forms of BB 9900, the Playbook etc. on the altar. The teacher , guru or headpriest is Kevin, preaching the glories of Blackberry and RIM to his dedicated disciples, the regular readers of!
BB10 is the Messiah coming to bless everybody and give them peace ond happiness but at the same time also to slay the demons in the form of iPhone and Android.
" All glories to Blackberry" !

I think October 10 would be too soon .. they need sufficient time to make sure that the phone and apps are 100% .. they can;t affiord to release a faulty phone this time or they will surely crumble ..

I'm patient .. I've been telling all my friends it will be released in December

That's would be more appropriate .. People have money .. and who wouldn't want a BB10 device as a gift

Kev what is that colored icons on the header?
Is it a theme? please if it is send me the link so i can download it

It honestly sucks that we cannot get it on our OS7 (BB 9900) phones because it's unfair. I have paid a lot of money for my 9900 and I deserve to have the new OS when it comes out. Why? Because the 9900 has a 1.2GHz processor and enough RAM to be able to run any platform in the market nowadays, and I don't think BB10 will be any different from them.

RIM keeps releasing new phones and completely ignoring the previous OS platforms, and that, in my opinion, is extremely unfair. You don't see Apple or Google release new iOS platforms only in new devices and ignoring the older ones, do you? Even the 3GS is still capable of running iOS 5.