BlackBerry 10 screens show off BBM Video

BBM Video
By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2012 10:47 am EDT

Real or Fake?

Some more reported BlackBerry 10 images have popped up, this time at Nothing amazingly new is shown off in most of the shots (they are mostly in Thai ... at least I think it's Thai), but the one thing that does stand out in the settings screen is BBM Video.

We've suspected all along that the current incarnation of Video Chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook will be rolled into BBM Video, so this further confirms that just might hold true. We've heard a few details on a beefed-up BBM for BlackBerry 10 in the past and this just makes it that much more "we-want-it-now-able".

Hit the source for more images. Thanks @Kojita_

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BlackBerry 10 screens show off BBM Video


woo hoo BBM video, like you said adam this was already known but nice to see it as on option on the device also that TV icon, do you think that DLNA !!!

Remarkably easy, in fact, but this kind of setting screen is kind of mundane to hoax. Were I trying to cause a stir I'd try to fake Skype or something...

Its a fake!

1. Created by Xenon_art??

2. Look closely it looks like an image that is slapped on top of the phone

To me, the only part that looks truly doctored is the white lines where the pin number was showing on the other device pics, but I can see where you would be skeptical.

I like the BBM video and I agree that the credit card icon looks like nfc, which is cool too, but what is most interesting to me is on one of the other pics. It shows the memory space as 4.8 and then 16 gb and then SD is written underneath. Expandable memory, yes please!

why is no one questioning why "BBM Video" is the only icon written in English? smells funny to me


I logged in just to say this same comment!
This picture doesn't seem real to me!

It could be perhaps because its a trademark? U wouldnt write "blackberry" in the native language either. It would just be BlackBerry.

This could be a Thai developer phone. I have setup a BB for a Thai person and while many most menus/icons are in Thai, not all menus/icons are (my experience with OS6 device anyway).

yey...front camera, higher battery capability, responsive touch screen, new operating system.what a perfect device.can not wait for it and hope i will touch it soon...

I think they should make BBM Video available to use without wi-fi if it's possible. It would really set it apart from Facetime.

so saw this coming years ago when playbook was in beta i got to play with it inside RIM and make video calls one of my most used features on playbook for long distance chatting.

@CarGuy1368 knowing RIMS amazing compression algorythm its gotta be possible to do it over LTE/3g

I'm going to weigh in as well and say this just does not look legit. One thing I can't wrap around is that all these leaks are coming from afar? Italy and now Thailand? I thought the team in place for the majority of the UI was in Waterloo (aside from where TAT is located). How is it that this beta-esque build has reached so many people and it isn't even in a proper build yet as it has been reported.

Why is BBM Video in English? I'm sure there's a translation for video. Also the type is larger than the rest as if emphasising this particular feature in the Global Settings. The icons look clean, but I'm thinking these are settings or possible settings for someone's BB10 app.

I too agree they might be fake.
The BBM being in english and the rest in some other tongue
does not lend credibility to it at all.


I remember the first leaked picture of the porsche design I saw was in China, and it turned out to be correct!

However, Im intrigued by the fact that BBM Video is written in english, I still dont like this picture!

As I posted in similar comment further up:
This could be a Thai developer phone. I have setup a BB for a Thai person and while many most menus/icons are in Thai, not all menus/icons are (my experience with OS6 device anyway).

It seems the BBM from current BB phone OS and video chat from the PB OS are finally being put as one single app.. correct me if I am wrong.

According to a Thai friend of mine (who is not technologically inclined), a loose translation of those options would go something like this:
Save, Share, Date & Time, Update Software, Search, Location, BBM Video, Payment, Volume Controls

Only if you have BBM contacts. Everyone I know who had a BB phone now has gone to android or Iphone. That is the problem I have with my Playbook, I know no one who owns one to ever use the video chat.

I hope if they do have some type of Video Chat it will be across platform like the features of Skype and reelportal and Comwave.

I am Thai and the person saying "Volume Controls" is actually "Voice" Controls is accurate. I can't say this is real or fake. But usually Thailand wouldn't be the first place I expect to be the source of this type of update.

So I got the perfect idea for the first Blackberry 10 advertisement ... it goes like this:

Table with white table cloth .. Blackberry 10 Phone on the table by it self .. Camera zooms in to view BBM on the phone .. the phone opens a conversation and types by itself saying

"I bet you thought that it was not possible....."

Then phone initiates BBM Video chat and calls "Thorsten Heins" .. the video connects successfully and Mrs. Heins is seen smiling on the screen and says:

"Blackberry Messenger Just Got Better"

He Continues on smiling then the screen fades out and as it fades out "Blackberry 10" slowly emerges and fades out after by itself after