BlackBerry 10 Rumor of the Day: 3D Virtual Keyboard to make touchscreen typing amazing?!

3D Virtual Keyboard
By Bla1ze on 14 Feb 2012 05:24 pm EST

We've been hearing plenty of rumors surrounding BlackBerry 10 for a while now. As a matter of fact, they've been swirling about since before BlackBerry 10 even had an official name really and as we get deeper into things, we'll likely hear some that end up being true and some that are just way off base. That's just how it works. One place you're sure to hear a lot of rumors is near Waterloo, home of RIM and with that being the case we were sent the above image to get a look at. Along with it, came a note:

Saw this guy beside me with what looks like a BB10 phone. The top has the sloping feature similar to the photo that was published on your site today. It was fully touch screen. The headphone jack which caught me off guard was top middle similar location to the lock button on the bold 9900 - dead centre middle. U can sorta see a chrome bezel feature and to me it looks similar to the bold 97xx series

Now, we're not entirely too sure what the image may be. For all we know it could be a BlackBerry 10 device in testing or could just simply be some other device, it's hard to tell from the image. But it inadvertantly relates to another rumor that has popped up today surrounding RIM's keyboard design as they move to more touch-based devices.

N4BB posted some interesting information today, mentioning that RIM was working towards a new 3D virtual keyboard. One that would possibly be built by TAT using Cascades and would feature something called ‘vibration feedback' akin to that of haptic feedback. In addition to that, they noted that BlackBerry 10 would be built mostly using TAT's Cascades as well, something which we've only seen small portions of thus far but will be seeing more of as time goes on.

Now, back to image for above for a second. N4BB also stated their sources have confirmed there is BlackBerry 10 devices out there being tested. And those devices out there are unmarked, similar looking to a Samsung Galaxy S II but otherwise looking like the BlackBerry London as seen previously. Makes you wonder about that image up top.

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BlackBerry 10 Rumor of the Day: 3D Virtual Keyboard to make touchscreen typing amazing?!


they can always just sell a keyboard add on that works on touch screens, kinda like sony ericsson did 10 years ago.

Then it would be similar to iPhone. I hope RIM still keep their signature physical keyboard phones too.

They should have a virtual full-size keyboard that projects onto the surface of the desk like a hologram.

When I hear 3D virtual keyboard thats what I think of. I believe that the technology exists already in a standalone unit form. It would be something if they could shrink that and use the horsepower of QNX to make it a reality. I remember those concept videos that came out months ago that showed a totally integrated BB world with the phone making desks and tables an interactive screen....

Now if RIM was to combine some cutting edge hardware with the truly nextgen OS....POW! That would be a gamechanger.

What is this 3D virtual keyboard? The link is down already.
Who would make a 3D display only to have the virtual keyboard portion appear 3D?

I have a feeling that it's one of the next gen BB gimmicky names like SurePress....

Can't they just stick with names everybody use, innovative names of existing functions does not make your product innovative

To all the posters above and below who are confused by "3D keyboard", what is meant by that is it'll have a 3D look using cascades effects. N4BB mentioned the 3D effects in the Scrapbook app on Playbook as an example. So let's not be setting ourselves up for disappointment by imagining 3D keyboards as projected keyboards.

Ohh trust me I have no illusions that the new phone will have that. I just think it would be pretty neat to work on a system like that. After all we are talking about leaping over others and not getting caught in an awkward part of that movement lol.

Having a screen to touch with no buttons is hard enough...Now they are taking the touch completely away? am I the only one that thinks this idea JUS sounds cool but would really jus be worse then touch screen? This is an apple feature...its cool and serves no purpose BUT the kids will eat it up and you will make sales, So I say its a cool added feature to show off and that's it kinda like the 3D camera phone

Whatever feature that can make them standout. #3 spot needs to be filled, they need to capitalize and keep in mind what productive people will do that makes iOS and google poop in their pants!!! TAT is going to kill the phone game

3d virtual keyboard hmmm now that's innovative. that plus the touch
bezel and new OS is something that will make them stand out and
who knows how many surprised await us.

Anyone remember the last time they spoke of haptic feedback? We ended up with the disaster that was surepress. While I agree they need to innovate and do something unique to set them apart, going down a path that burned them so badly and arguably started the image problems they have now is not the best path..

SurePress was an excellent idea and I enjoyed using it on my Storm2.

One of the most underrated features ever to be put on a phone, thanks to the sloppy introduction in the first version.

I'll go as far as DEMAND SurePress return to touchscreen models with an on/off option. The weak processor and terribly outdated OS is what killed the Storm. Not SurePress.

I agree. After owning a S2, having OS7 (or even OS6 would have been an improvement) and the new processors, Surepress has the potential to be much better.

I liked SureType on my S2 at first. But it got annoying after awhile. I much prefer the touchscreen on my 9850 without it. If they do bring back something like SureType, it must have a way to be disabled.

If BB loses the real keyboard I don't know what ill do. I can handle it on the Playbook but I still love my keyboard on the Torch and 9900. The new widget screen looks like a Windows phone. Blech. Stick with what is good RIM. Please.

Come on you guys. Think of a Phone that looks like this!

Sometime I wish RIM Employees would lose their phones at bars. :(

Too bad they probably have BlackBerry protect. D:

lol who cares about bb protect i just wanna have one of these in my hands i could care less if its been remote wiped

This can't be a BlackBerry. I mean, I've heard that we have a lack of Apps, but come on! This guys is making notes on a piece of paper!!! BlackBerry at least has a notepad...

I kid.

They don't have bills in your world?

He obviously used the non-existant tip calculator app and is paying his bill.

Would you mind specifying what you mean by "3D virtual keyboard"? Do you just mean 3D graphics for the keys? Will the screen change its height to be bumpy and similar to that of the 9900 (which would be totally awesome!)? Will the keyboard project elsewhere? What do you mean?

The rumours are driving mean nuts. I'm going to make my own BB10 phone just to quell the nervous twitch I've developed. I have plenty of cardboard,tape and some pipe cleaners I've been saving since kindergarden that I could use as a antenna. Sure it won't be LTE or 4g but I'll be wearing those 3D glasses they give you at the theater when I use it. I'll be the first to have a BB10 in the another excellent idea.

Wait, so what exactly does 3D keyboard mean? Does it mean a graphically nice looking, hardware accelerated keyboard? Or are we talking full on 3D like the Nintendo 3DS?

BB10 phones need the virtual's only a matter of time until someone does it, it should be RIM. And I think it would be a cool useful feature.

Then a virtual screen.

It's JUST A RUMOR and nothing more. Likely things will change. Getting all worked up about it won't make a difference, it won't speed it up or make time go faster. If you have WAY TOO MUCH EXPECTATIONS for a smartphone or phone in general, or tablet, or computer, then maybe you shouldn't have a phone/computer/tablet at all.

We're making rumor flour up in this mill!
Can't wait for release either way

9930 + Playbook 64gb

RIM needs to always have a phone with physical keyboard and a phone without physical keyboard.

blackberry fans love to type with a physical keyboard, you type twice as fast and you never have errors while typing.

I have to agree with you there. I haven't had a physical keyboard since my pearl. I have had the Storm1 and 2 and now the Torch, and while I can type pretty fast on them- I am nowhere near as accurate as I was on the Pearl. I will probably get the first BB10 that comes out but if they come out with one with physical keyboard after that- I will be moving on to that.
Can't wait!!!

now BB user can't defend their BB by saying "i love the physical keyboard. there's nothing like pyhsical Keyboard". Love it.

We love our crackberries down here in South Africa . It's the best smartphone ever . It's not all lost so don't worry guys the iphone is so overrated I'm regretting every cent I spent on it . I have gone bek to using my old Bold 9700.

Bold 9700

Is it just me or does it seem like there's a blue light emanating from the top left part of the phones frame, where the lock button traditionally used to be...

N4BB says they're talking about the 3D visuals done by TAT. I have virtually no expertise on this, however I assume that means that the keyboard could "look" more real and potentially have 3D effects and physics to help it achieve a more real look, feel and sound. At the end of the day, you're still just typing on a piece of glass though.

If that pic is accurate and there is an ACTUAL working phone as opposed to just an artist sketch, I'll take that as great news! Now, they should have plenty of time to tweek out the bugs for a summer release!

I am old and prefer real keys. Try typing on a touchscreen when there is any moisture on it at all- not easy. In light rain- impossible. I hope they make a couple BB10 devices in the 9900/9930 format. 3D keyboard does nothing for me.

I think its an iPhone 4 with black case? I dont see it looking like a BlackBerry phone. It's totally a size of an iPhone 4 unless i really saw blackberry logo on the phone.