BlackBerry 10 Review - 2014 Edition

CrackBerry's review of BlackBerry 10, now that is has been updated to version 10.2.1, which brings the ability to install Android apps directly and more!

BlackBerry 10.2.1
By Adam Zeis on 28 Feb 2014 10:13 am EST

When BlackBerry 10 was first introduced on the BlackBerry Z10, there were some noticeable things missing that just should have been there from the start. For longtime BlackBerry users moving from BlackBerry OS 7 to BlackBerry 10, some big functions seem to have been kicked to the curb — including (but not limited to) bedside mode, custom notifications for contacts, level 1 notifications, and deleting messages server-side.  Updates to BlackBerry 10 added in many features that were mysteriously missing from the start, but there was still a ways to go to get things where they needed to be and to have a solid mobile OS.

The first major update was with OS 10.1. This brought along many tweaks and fixes and included updates for native apps like Twitter and Facebook as well as more technical additions like simple password, gestures for messages and better e-mail synchronization options. It was a great update and arrived just six months after the launch of BB10, but it still left users wanting more.

Then came OS 10.2 — the most feature-packed update yet. This one came with all kinds of new features and was arguably what BB10 should have been when it launched nine months earlier. OS 10.2 offered up new features like lock screen previews, instant preview and reply, priority hub, camera updates, the Android Jelly Bean runtime, multiple alarms within the clock app and much, much more. (See our master change log for the full list of updates).

OS 10.2 was widely adopted by many carriers across the globe, but some decided to skip 10.2 in favor of OS 10.2.1 — an update that would bring along even more new features. Starting on January 28th, 2014 BlackBerry began their global rollout of OS 10.2.1 to carriers across the globe.

So let's dive into OS 10.2.1, which we'll just refer to as BlackBerry 10 here, and see all of the greatness that makes it tick.

Getting started with BlackBerry 10 is easy. You can start your setup without a data connection. Previously you needed to have an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection in order to start the setup process on a new BlackBerry 10 device, but now you can actually use a simplified setup process that will allow you to start using the device even if no data connection is present. You can return to finish the setup when you have data, and after 5 days you will be required to establish a data connection in order to complete the setup.

If you haven’t used OS 10.2.1 before (or BlackBerry 10 in general) you’ll also find an on-device tutorial that will walk you through the basics of navigating the OS and using gestures.


Home Screen and BlackBerry Hub

The BlackBerry Hub can be accessed by swiping up and to the right from anywhere in the OS, or from the BlackBerry Hub icon. The Hub is no doubt the main component of BlackBerry 10, so having two options for quick access isn’t a bad thing. Most people will swipe their way into the Hub, but others may prefer to have an icon instead, or use both.

Apps are laid out as icons across the home screen. There are also permanent icons for phone, camera and search along the bottom of the screen. These cannot be changed, however you can move around any apps icons as you’d like. To move an icon, simply tap and hold until it begins to “jump”, then move it where you'd like. You can also delete apps from this action by tapping the X on the jumping icon. Note that some built-in apps cannot be deleted.

Navigating around BlackBerry 10 is done through a series of gestures — swipe up & to the right to get the Hub, right and left to scroll through your home screens. Within an application you can swipe up from the bottom bezel to close the app or down from the top to access the settings and other items.

Apps are minimized to Active Frames — smaller windows that display relevant information for the app. These Active Frames are organized by the most recently used and can be fully closed by tapping on the X. A small set of apps are called headless apps and will still continue to function in the background, even when closed. Other apps that are not headless will need to be left open in an Active Frame in order to work in the background.

In the Hub you’ll find all of your accounts and inboxes — e-mail, SMS, phone calls, Twitter, Facebook etc. There is also a box for notifications (alerts or third-party apps) and the Priority Inbox, making it easy to find the most important messages in your inbox.


The Priority Hub learns what conversations are important to you and displays them accordingly with a highlight bar in the Hub. You can change the settings for the Priority Hub to perform for your needs. Tapping and holding a message will allow you to add it to the Priority Hub as well and there is also a view for only Priority Hub messages. The Priority Hub also learns as you flag or unflag messages and will tweak itself over time to only offer what you classify as priority e-mails.

With the pinch filter gesture in the BlackBerry Hub, you can choose to instantly filter messages to either Priority Hub, Unread, Flagged, Drafts, Meeting Invites, Sent Messages or Level 1 alerts. Pinch to activate the filter, pinch again to return to the main Hub view. This is a very cool addition that adds to the speed of getting things done within the OS. Rather than jumping through menus or tapping to get what you need, you can simply pinch to view the specified filter in less than a second. This setting for this can be changed within the Displays and Actions menu.

While viewing e-mails, there is an overlay on messages with arrows for next and previous message, allowing you to easily navigate through rather than having to close each one, go back the Hub and open the next. The overlay can also be disabled from the Displays and Actions if it gets in your way, but we found it a very welcome feature that probably should have been there before. Alternatively, you can jump to next and previous messages by swiping to the right from within a message, then upwards or downwards before releasing your finger. You can also now pinch to zoom on text if an e-mail message has text that is too small to read. The text will reformat to the entire width of your display so you can easily read the message.  

Want to quickly find attachments? You can do that easily by tapping the attachment icon in the Hub, then you’ll see a listing of all the attachments from your messages in one place. From here you can use the share icon to share them as needed. Sharing is much improved as well. The OS will learn to which services you share most and will suggest them first when you use the share menu.


One of the big things that was missed from BB7 was choosing to delete messages on the handheld only, the mail server or both. In OS 10.2.1 this option makes a return and can be toggled within the Displays and Actions menu in the Hub setting. Also added to the Hub has quick access to the dial pad from the Calls view within the BlackBerry Hub. 

When composing an e-mail there is also an icon to the right of the subject field for instantly adding attachments. Support for distribution lists has also been added. 

TIP: You can still swipe 5 times from the top right corner of the display to reset the BlackBerry Hub.

Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry Hub


Menus & Action Bar

Most major options are tucked away on the left side, which is viewable by tapping an icon in the bottom-left. More advanced options and settings are tucked behind the top pane, which is accessed by swiping down from the top. A contextual menu is often available by long-pressing on an item.

When composing messages (such as an SMS or e-mail)  the action bar for the app floats on top of the keyboard making it easier to attach files or access formatting options. In landscape mode the button labels will be hidden, however tapping and holding on a button will display the label. Whatever actions don’t show up here are viewable by tapping the three dots in the bottom-right, usually called the overflow menu. 


Within BlackBerry 10 there are various settings to help better the user experience. Under the settings menu you will find options for everything ranging from account setup to password to display. Here you can dive into customizing your device through various settings. All of your fonts, screen brightness, network connections, language options and notifications are found here.

The customizable Quick Settings menu is perhaps the biggest asset. The Quick Settings menu can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the home screen. This menu can be changed up to display only the settings you need within the menu, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Alarm, Brightness, Flashlight and others. You can add and remove items as needed and even change up the order in which they appear on the list. Also included in Quick Settings is a native Data Monitor utility that shows battery, CPU, memory and storage for the device. Users on BES10 can also switch between Personal and Work spaces directly from the Quick Settings Menu.


This is a huge step for BlackBerry 10 and one of the things that we would have loved to see from the start. The dropdown menu isn’t set to a specific set of items, rather you can totally personalize it to make it your own. You only need to show the items that you actually use and can simply hide the rest. Plus, you can reorder them as you see fit.



Search is available from the home screen, and lets you quickly access everything you need to. On QWERTY devices like the Q10 and Q5, you can just start typing and it will initiate a search. Categories of search includes all sorts of on-device data, like contacts, calendar, and e-mail, as well as web searches and app-enabled searches. There are customization options available, so you can pick and choose which search engines are offered in the universal search.

One of the more recent additions is Quick Actions, which allow users to launch directly into a task by typing. For example, you could type “tweet”, followed by a status update, and an option will pop up to send the tweet out right away.


Lock Screen

The lock screen on BlackBerry 10 provides relevant information at a glance, including the time, alarms, battery life, network signal and also notification previews. You can view a shortened version of notifications for e-mail, SMS, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and other apps without having to unlock the device. To view the full notification in the app, simply tap the alert to open it.

To wake up the device when locked, swipe from the bottom bezel to the top in one motion. This will bring the device to the home screen (if not using a password) or to the unlock screen where you can enter your password. There is also a camera shortcut on the lock screen. Tapping and holding the icon will bring you directly to the camera app so you can snap a quick photo without having to fully unlock your device.



The BlackBerry 10 keyboard comes in two varieties — a virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10 & Z30 and also a physical keyboard on the BlackBerry Q10 & Q5. The physical keyboard is pretty straightforward and will be familiar to most users. You can change a few things like he word prediction settings, but beyond that there isn’t much to fiddle with.

The virtual keyboard however allows for a great deal of customization in order to get it to work better for you. You can change options such as word prediction, keypress popup and even set it to use multiple languages at once. You can choose to use word prediction and have popups in a column or “on-letter” view. As you type, the OS will predict what word you are typing and offer suggestions, which you can then simply swipe up to add to your current text. To delete a word, you can simply swipe from right to left on the keyboard, repeat to remove more words.


Both keyboards learn as you type, adjusting to your style and common words. Little tweaks like adding period after a double space and easy access to special characters are nice touches as well.

The copy/paste menu appears when tapping & holding on a word. Holding longer selects the entire sentence, while holding for an extended period selects an entire paragraph. You can adjust the selection by dragging the blue anchor points to the start and end of the selection. On QWERTY devices you can perform a “running shift” by holding the shift key and dragging the circle to your end point.

The copy/paste menu is a bit clunky at times, but after the few few times you use it, it really does get better. The issues we had were mostly with trying to select text, but once you get the hang of it you should be good to go.

Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 keyboard


Contacts & Phone

The phone app features a call screen where you can swipe left to answer or right to ignore a call. As you swipe to one side or the other, the banner color changes to green or red respectively. There are also icons for when you can’t answer a call that let you send a BBM, SMS or e-mail to the current caller. There are preset messages you can send and also the option for a personalized message. The OS determines the best way to reply to the caller (e-mail, SMS or BBM).

BlackBerry 10 features BlackBerry Natural Sound which makes BBM Voice and Video chats more natural and realistic. BlackBerry claims that voice calls over BBM using Natural Sound are even more clear than HD voice, and we’re tempted to agree. Also supported is “wideband” audio, known as HD voice. The carrier-dependent feature requires both you and the other party to have handsets enabled for HD voice. An icon will display on the call screen when HD voice is active. 

As always, the contacts app lets users link together information across multiple accounts, including Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Contacts can be marked as favorites for quick access, or grouped together for added convenience. 

Top 10 tips for BlackBerry 10 contacts



The calendar on BlackBerry 10 provides you information at a glance in agenda, daily, weekly or monthly views. It supports multiple calendars so you can easily view what you need, when you need it. You can change up some settings for default reminder times, calendar colors, meeting duration and more. Tapping into an event will show you all relevant info including times, dates, location, attendees and reminders.

Calendar alerts also give you an "I will be late option" to send a e-mail to meeting attendees with a notice that you're running late. 

Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 calendar



One great feature of BlackBerry 10 is “Instant Previews” for notifications. These popup messages allow you to receive a short toast message for certain notifications (namely SMS, e-mail, Twitter and BBM) when new items arrive. A small popup banner will display on the top of the screen and you can either tap to read the message or tap the X to dismiss. These popups will show no matter where you are in the OS, so you can always view them. There are a few settings you can tweak up within the notifications to enable or disable specific alerts, or choosing to have Instant Previews for only priority contacts.


BBM and SMS messages also feature instant reply, allowing you to respond to a message right from the popup notification. Tap the arrow, then enter your message and send without ever leaving the app you’re in.

Calendar notifications also allow you to tell your contacts if you’re running late. When an alert pops up, simply tap the “I Will Be Late” icon, drag the slider to indicate how late you’ll be, then send an e-mail to attendees.



The BlackBerry 10 browser is one of the best on any mobile platform. It’s a straightforward experience when it comes down to it, but it does have a few options that can be tweaked to better the browsing experience.

The BB10 browser has a Reader mode for easy reading of web pages, incognito mode for private browsing and also supports Flash. In addition to saving bookmarks to the browser, you can also add them as home screen icons for easy access. There is also an option to save web pages for later viewing, even if offline or without a data connection.

When using landscape mode the address bar with automatically hide when you scroll down a page and reappear when you scroll back up. This works the same in Reader mode now as well. You can also tap and hold the back button to view your current history.

A fun little trick comes by way of the 'back' arrow key at the bottom or the address bar. If you hold down on or swipe upward on it quickly, it will offer you a quick look at your browser history allowing you to re-visit any of them should wish.

Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 browser



BBM has long been one of BlackBerry’s top apps, and that’s true more now than ever before since BBM has gone cross platform to Android and iOS, and soon to Windows Phone as well. Now BlackBerry users can chat with contacts who may not necessarily be on a BlackBerry device. You’ll find the usual set of tools here: invite contacts, edit your profile, groups and settings.

BBM instant previews can be enabled to popup an alert when a new BBM message arrives. You can reply to the message directly from the popup, or tap the X to dismiss it.

BBM groups are hugely productive. Users can be a part of multiple conversations within a group, share pictures which are displayed in a shared bucket with a commenting system. Shared calendars integrate directly with the on-device app, and a task list lets group members, add, assign, and mark items as done.

BBM Channels adds to the mix with a whole new social network for BBM users, allowing you to create a channel to share information to subscribers with the immediacy of BBM.  There are tons of brands on BBM Channels to follow and the service is growing bigger and bigger each day. Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to make a channel. Lots of everyday users are making channels to share themed content and engage in the comment section. Channel curators can open up hours for live BBM chat with subscribers, too.

BBM recently added the ability to share location through the Glympse network. This provides designated BBM buddies a limited amount of time during which they can track your specific GPS location. File transfers between users can now include Dropbox in the equation for easy access on a PC or elsewhere.



The built-in media player allows you to play back media stored on the device or SD card. Media (music and videos) can now be saved to a microSD card from BlackBerry World. BlackBerry 10.2.1 also supports exFAT with a MicroSDXC card.

FM radio is now available for the BlackBerry Z30, Q10 and Q5. You can listen to local FM stations without a network connection and it does not require a data plan, though you will need a wired headset to act as the antenna.



On the BlackBerry 10 camera you’ll find the usual set of goodies - you can take photos & video, use HDR mode, enable/disable the flash and change camera modes. Perhaps one of the coolest features is the Time Shift mode which allows you to take photos and then shift them — meaning you can scroll forward or back a few seconds to find that perfect moment in your photo.


After snapping a photo you can drag open the thumbnail right in the camera app to view it. You also have the option to share photos from here. Story Maker is a built-in app that will let you add photos and videos and automatically create a short movie complete with music and titles. On top of all that, you can also edit photos using the built-in photo editor. It allows for adjusting colors, cropping images, adding frames and more. Plus, if video is more your thing it also works as a video editor as well allowing you to adjust video length, colors and more.

Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 Camera


BlackBerry Safeguard

The BlackBerry security features have been collectively dubbed BlackBerry Safeguard. There are basic password options for locking your device such as a simple numeric PIN password as well as Picture Password — a combination of a number placed to a specific point on an image. BlackBerry Safeguard also allows you to remotely backup data on your device, you can also use the web portal to locate, lock or wipe a device if lost or stolen.


There are various native apps built into the BlackBerry 10 OS. These include calendar, contacts, phone, BBM, weather, clock, file manager, browser and more. Each app has various settings that can be changed so things can be made to your liking. For example, within the clock app you can now set multiple alarms. Bedside mode allows you to dim the clock display and disable alerts, though you can choose to allow phone calls and notifications to chime when in Bedside mode. The weather app now allows you to see the local weather, tapping the weather icon will give you more details.

Find out more on these apps in our BlackBerry 10 help guides.


Android Apps

BlackBerry 10 has one feature that is perhaps the best of them all: the ability to install Android applications OTA (over-the-air) directly from the device. Previously you could run Android apps (APK files) by sideloading them on the device. This required the use of a computer and a bit of know-how to get them installed however. Now, you can easily load up these APK files directly on the device, be it in the browser, file manager, e-mail, Dropbox, etc., without having to use a computer or a sideloading process.

There are also a few on-device third-party app stores that make finding compatible Android applications quick and easy.

We’ve laid out quite a few tutorials on loading up APK files OTA on your device as well, so check them out here:


BlackBerry Link

BlackBerry Link is the desktop PC client for BB10, and it handles all of the usual stuff, like backing up device data and syncing multimedia.  Files can be synchronized over the local Wi-Fi network, eliminating the need to plug in over USB. One of the fancier features of BlackBerry Link is that it includes the ability to offer remote file access to your device. Designate your shared folders, turn on permissions on the device, and you’ve got your own personal little cloud. Link doesn’t even have to be running in order for this to work.



BlackBerry 10 has really grown up since its launch last year. The Hub has had some fine-tuning with priority markers and pinch-to-filter. The app ecosystem has grown a bunch, not only thanks to plenty of native app development, but also being able to directly tap parts of the Android ecosystem. BBM going cross-platform ensures you’re always going to be in touch with the important people in your life.

At this point, BlackBerry 10 is far and above what it was when it initially launched and is now a joy to use. Is there room for improvement? Always. But BlackBerry is continually improving the OS and it's now more robust then ever. Be sure to take a look at our changelog to see specific details about what’s new and drop a comment below telling us about your favorite BlackBerry 10 feature!

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This article is by Adam Zeis with contributions from Simon Sage and Bla1ze.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 Review - 2014 Edition



This should be sent to all cell phone stores to educate the staff. Great job breaking down the OS.

I like BB10...and that's all that matters to me.

Unfortunately the staff have already made up there minds. They need to directly reach the consumer.

Posted via CB10

Then slam the door with an octa-core core phone line up with 10.3 at the end of the year.

 CB10 

Fully Agree.
Too many people have been brain washed believing you need super high specs to enjoy your smart phone experience. They also do not understand that Android cannot utilize such high specs, its a waist of hardware.

If BBRY can come out with a 64-Bit Octa-Core monster powered by BB10;3, the only OS that can utilize such power properly, this would surely convert many onto the BB10 platform. Looking forward to the Z50.

So tell me more... I wouldn't mind knowing, what you meant by Android not being able to utilize all of its hardware power....

Posted via CB10

Android might be able to UTILISE all that processing power but it doesn't mean it's OPTIMISED for it. What I mean is that even though the GS4 had all that processing power it still lagged and stuttered like a day old Galaxy Ace!!!

Yeah I'd be interested too in some facts why android is not able to utilize eg. 8 cores.

Can't beat a Q10 keyboard!

Just thought I'd correct you on one point, multi core support.

WP8, being based on the NT kernel can support and fully utilise a 64-core processor, so it's not just the BB10 platform that can utilise multi core processors properly.

Neither BB10 or WP8 require that much processing power to run anyway so most of it would go to waste without multi threaded apps.

My only constructive criticism is that Adam should have put a little bit more energy into his voice on this video. Sound a little too laid back and even boring. Specially if you were a non-blackberry user looking to find out about the latest bb10 OS update. Just saying.

Completely agree. Store staff needs more training in the features of BlackBerry products rather than simply repeating rumours about the future of the company.

Posted with my awesome Z30

No complaints on the functionality. For me its almost complete. But can BB make its UI "beautiful and modern"? Fonts, theme, colors, resizeable icons.....

That potentially reduces stability. And there are more pressing needs at the moment, BBM features, contact management, Link, etc.

Yes, it would be nice, but keep it on the to-do list for later.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The only improvement that could help I see is getting fonts and styles that are more beautiful. The Qwerty board is dynamite! BB10 is awesome!

Could not agree more. Hope the updated OS and new devices will convince people BB10 should be here to stay.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I agree!

I went to the AT&T Store the other day and when a rep at the store saw my BlackBerry Z10 he said he, "almost felt sorry for me."

I explained why I chose BlackBerry 10 over my Samsung Galaxy S3 and an iPhone and you could see his reluctant agreement with my statements. His follow up comment was, "People that rely on communication tend to really like BlackBerry."

I don't get where he was trying to go with that statement. Maybe it's just me but I thought the main purpose of phones were to communicate.

Posted via CB10

"The copy/paste menu appears when tapping & holding on a word. Holding longer selects the entire sentence, while holding for an extended period selects an entire paragraph."

I'm pretty educated in the functionality of BB10, but this is new to me. There needs to be a tips and tricks guide to BB10 that is broken down by "beginner" "intermediate" and "advanced".

Posted via my Z10

For some reason, every cell phone store i went to and asked for BlackBerry device, they always tried to deviate my attention away from a BlackBerry smartphone to other none BlackBerry smartphone.

Posted via CB10

I almost not upgrade because of this reason. If not for the quick settings I will not upgrade. I hope they can make it an option. The old call screen is so BlackBerry! So unique. Its adds some personality to BB.

Yes options! Give us the choice if we want dark themes, change the answering call and etc.

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

It's quite funny they changed the screen because people were confused on how to answer a call. Yet they introduced new demos on 10.2.1 during the setup screen on how to use certain aspects of the phone.
Me thinks we can say permanently goodbye to the old call screen. Unfortunately it's one of the unique features I'm going to miss when i either buy a new BlackBerry phone or am forced to upgrade from 10.2.0.

I found the old call answer screen awkward to one hand answer on the z30, I could hit the bar with my thumb but I could rarely get the bar all the way to the bottom to answer the call. I agree it looked better but the new one works better.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

I agree, this one is better and less effort to answer, reject or send a call reply.

.1925 bangingest version, so frickin' good. Zeddy approves.

The new call screen for me is more efficient though less original..but I agree with the option for 1 or the other.

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

I hated the old call screen. Why? It didn't work. If you didn't swipe down perfectly, you could not pick up the call. I lost many calls because of this. When it did work, it took 3 or more swipes. Many people complained about this which is why it was changed I suspect. Since the new call screen, one swipe works every time. I love the new call screen because it works.

I love the new call screen, it is more reliable and looks smooth.

I dislike the floating menu bar because it takes up too much of the screen when texting.

Posted via CB10

I liked the old call screen and never had an issue with answering but I also like the new one since you don't have to reach as much. I say make it an option, the more customization the better.

Posted via CB10

You can hide the floating menu bar if you prefer, there's an option for that, cheers!

Posted via CB10

Yes, when you think how long it took for BBOS to mature, just amazing how they got BB10 to this place. Not to mention some of the cool features not available on other OSes.

Great read.
BB10 today definitely needs a visual overhaul with light/dark themes all over the phone with better space usage. It usually places much less item and information than an iOS screen; which is way smaller.
I want more elegance and better usage of screen and Hub.
Oh and the new call screen is really not cool. It's extremely boring.

+1 it looks to much like ios. Needs it's own image and I'm not talking about through an app!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Great guide. Should give a note of caution though. Deleting multiple emails in the Hub will not give you the option to delete on Hub only. It will automatically default to delete on Hub and server. I found this out the hard way. A big no -no for BES users.

In legacy os when you choose to delete all its only on the phone, the server would stay intact, a think this should be addressed immediately

Posted via CB10

I understand where you guys are coming from, however I really like that it deletes from the server. I don't mind being able to access everything I leave in my inbox from my phone. If it gets to be too much I just put them in a different folder

Posted via CB10

Excellent article thanks so much will forward this to all BB users I know. Especially those that haven't or can't update their OS, to hold on a bit longer.
Love the way you incorporated gif into the article!

Really good information, as the last comment says, this information should be sent to store because this os y way better that ios and android

Love my BBZ10

I find the priority hub very inconsistent. Only emails from BlackBerry seem to stay marked as a priority, any contacts I set as priority disappear after a period of time.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

You'll put in a lot of effort on BlackBerry's behalf. I commend you guys. Great job!

Posted via CB10 running on Z10STL100-1/

Great article! BlackBerry 10 keeps getting better and better... iOS seems so outdated compare to it...

Nice article... One addition you didn't mention is the awesome addition of REAL speed dial in 10.2.1 which was sorely missing from the Q series devices.

An excellent read. Thanks very much. Someone suggested you place this article somewhere on Crackberry where it is easily accessible. I totally agree as it will really help anyone new to the platform.

Not sure if everyone is aware but there is a bug, which I've already reported to support and there's a dev task assigned, that when you select more than 1 email to delete, the prompt it not given (I have mine set to prompt). It will delete these from handheld and server without an option. If you didn't want them deleted, go to your Deleted Items in Outlook and move them to another subfolder (because if you move them back into Inbox they're back on your BB).

It's been that way since Pre OS 10 systems. It is not new, nor is it a bug. It is working as designed as far as how the previous OS's worked and current OS's.

At this rate, I'm excited to see what's in store in 2015 for BB10's third year of life which arguably is the generation when iOS (4.0) in 2010 and Android (Jelly Bean) in 2012 took off in their respective life cycles.

I can see where the confusion is. What I mean is 2013 - first year, 2014 - second, and 2015 - third.

BlackBerry 10 best OS! If only the world, and developers know of such great OS with great great potential.

Posted via CB10

Still the best OS on the market, and staying ahead to a surprising degree. Efficiency and productivity and sublime physical and onscreen keyboards. Still the best for email and handling of attachments. Improvements across the board since launch, including battery life. I hope BB can get BB10 into the hardware it deserves. A high end OS for high end devices. Please. Better and bigger screens, cameras and apps.

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to get 10.2.1 update from AT&T! And even more, can't wait to be able to buy Z30 or whatever other BlackBerry phone that comes out before that. ;D

Good update. Thank you!

My wish is for a new Z10 with better screen and battery life. I love this phone and plan to stick with it but I will need an upgrade in the year to come.

Posted via CB10

This is great: Yes, I agree with Batmark, it should be sent around to all carriers, but here's something that's within Mobile Nation's power:

Put this as a sticky on all your other Mobile Nations sites, and have the editor-in-chief of those sites mention this article as an important read for those who are critical of BB10 and haven't given BB10 a "fair shake".

What is the incentive for other Mobile Nations sites to do this? I don't know... you tell me... but I think anything that fosters inter-platform respect and interest is good for the mobile industry in general as well as for Mobile Nations (both business AND the overall "tone" of the community).

I for one have a lot of respect for the modern mobile OSes, although BlackBerry 10 is my "daily driver", all OSes have excellent features and it does Mobile Nations members a favour if they are knowledgeable about the various strengths of each platform, and one platform that doesn't get its due respect (one of two, I guess) is BB10.

Excellent suggestion...thorough knowledge of BB10 for the masses is an achilles eel of the new OS right now..the word is just not out there enough, and news of the refreshed versions of the OS. That knowledge can even be used to galvanize gr8r support and create more forceful consumer pressure esp on those carriers that continue to lag behind with getting the updates to consumers!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

What's screen previews from 10.2? It may just be that I don't call it that, but can someone explain?

Posted via CB10

Wow am I really the first to comment on the work that needs to go into blackberry link? Other then backing up the phone I have yet to have it complete a sync without causing some problem.
I tried to sync about 10GB of music to the SD card... is there an option to select where you want what to go? either way it failed twice the first time it made all the folders and moved about 200MB to the device memory, the second time it tried the SD card same result.

After that I manually copied the files, the next time I plugged into the computer it started to try to sync again, this time adding a _1 to all the files it copied over.

I use the mac version of the software, maybe that's the problem.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

Mac version is a bit neglected. I don't even hope to get a Linux version or to get it working on WINE. Anyone tried?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Well, since this post is about the OS, and not about BlackBerry Link, it's not odd that you're the first to go off topic in that direction. However, if you are gonna list deficiencies in Link, the big one, of course, is the continued lack of selective backup and restore at the individual db level, as the pre-10 Desktop software did/does.

How about BlackBerry posting these new futures through their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other major social media accounts they might be a part of. That would definitely help them a lot, at least that's my thought.


Everyone should read this who has a BlackBerry 10 device and those that don't. Everyone will learn something new from this. Thank you

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CB should come pre installed, imo. Very informative article, kudos to team crackberry and BlackBerry.

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Indeed a very comprehensive and very educational review. As has been said before, this should be the standard tutorial for all new clients and sales staff.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

It would be nice if twitter for BlackBerry OS 10 worked like the old BlackBerry OS 7 or for that matter any other platform like apple or android.

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Holy moly! This article was longer than I thought it would be! Great insight on OS progression - an essential reference for correcting the haters'!

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

Dear Team Crackberry. What is the hold up for sprint customers like me to receiver 10.2.1 OS, did you guys ever work something out with Sprint? Did you forget about Sprint users

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Hi I noticed the clock (Analog) face was black in the video? Mine is white. How do I switch to the black face like in the video? Is it possible to get the porsche design clock?

Thanks very much!

After a Year I still can NOT

* Block specific Numbers to stop Stalker and Marketing Idiots calling me
* Can NOT read S/Mime / GPG/PGP encrypted eMails on my Z10 without a BES Account.

BlackBerry keeps f*cking the private User Base. BlackBerry hates us because we don't bring enough Money to them. Well if BlackBerry will keep killing them self, they should go this Path further...

Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@

The simplest way to "block" such numbers for now is to assign them to a contact, e.g. "spam ignore", such that the ring volume is silent.

That gives the same effective result, and has the added benefit of annoying their machines a little more, since they have to ring the full amount before hanging up.

It's also kind of fun to review missed calls and see how many were spam.

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I wish the message pop up was smart enough to know if I'm already in the conversation and not pop up for that message. I hate carrying on a bbm convo with someone and getting a pop up for their every reply even while I have the convo open.

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Has anyone had a problem with the fact that BBM won´t post a picture within the conversation when in groups? I forced a few friends to try it out instead of Whatsapp, and my plan fell apart when all the jokes and constant pictures that are sent can't be seen in the conversation. They moved the chat back to Whatsapp.

Yeah, lack of in-convo pics, and the fact that BBM sends low rez versions of pics (the receiver has to manually choose to download a higher rez version), make using BBM hard to do if you have gotten used to Whatsapp.

Hopefully we'll see some changes soon.

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Picture sharing in MPCs is coming in the next BBM update you should use that instead of groups, groups shouldn't have in-line pics.

Via my LE Z10.

Still no official update from Verizon for my Q10. Work issued Dell crashes the phone repeatedly when trying to install the latest leak, stuck with 10.1. Nuts.

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Feature Request:

OS7 and earlier would allow for setting the volume of each notification separately. As it is, there is seemingly only master volume control. This would be a great addition to the next OS iteration.

That brings up another point. Different apps seem to have their own audio volume settings, but no way to lock then in so speakers don't get blown. Music is at one volume, calls at another and Maps' navigation voice usually comes blasting through at much higher levels, making my bluetooth speaker distort like crazy. The OS could manage these gain settings so they are transparent to the end user with every app playing at the same relative volume. Or, it could allow the user to select (and lock)the relative gain setting for the audio of each app. Either approach would be preferable to the current situation. This really needs to be addressed.

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I find reader mode covers all of my text reflow needs.

Wondering what situations you run into where reader mode just doesn't work out.

BlackBerry 10 Best OS on the planet and Z30 A match made in heaven no more android for me BB10 4 life

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Great Article! Nice overview of all the great features all of us in the US don't have (yet?).

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Thanks to the awesome Crackberry team for this updated review. It was sorely needed since the OS has matured quite a bit over the last 12 months. It has tools now to compete quite effectively with anything else out there. At launch, BB10 was complete but rough around the edges, especially in some areas. BlackBerry has since nicely filled those in with some rather unique touches. Pinch-to-filter in the hub is brilliant, for example. The more you use BB10.2.1, the more you will enjoy it.
Yes, there is much yet to be done. For instance, I want geofencing built in, but there is a very good app called OnLocation that does the trick for now. I hope the developer is reading this because he needs to make some small fixes to ensure things turn off and on correctly when entering and leaving a location. Because I find the feature so useful, it should be built into the OS.
The sharing of information between apps isn't as clean as it should be. I can't share mail except to Remember via flagging. That's not consistent. They should add the Share option to the Messaging Hub. Flagging can remain as is.
Anyway, CrackBerry Team - good job! I can sell this to my friends :)

Awesome review. 10.2.1 brought a lot features that make BB10 rock even more. Love my z10 it just keeps getting better and better with each update. Now to educate the ignorant sales reps on this.

I had to go to Rogers to get proximity sensor fixed and when I go to pick up my phone the sales rep said "nice to have your phone back". I said yes, the phone that you guys have me was a piece of garbage. He then said "maybe they should of gave a nice Samsung s3 and then you wouldn't go back to this old BlackBerry z10". Typical sales rep, i got ticked and answered back. "I don't think so, I have tried Android and I don't like it. He says why. I said 1st. Typing experience! can never go back to anything else. Android is a garbage typing experience. 2nd. The HUB a one place where all my messages are. I don't like opening up 10 different apps to see my messages. 3rd. Multitasking can't be beat on BlackBerry 10. The smoothness and gestures make the OS Efficient and easy to navigate and I'm one swipe away from what I want. I hate home buttons. 4th the speed and efficiency of handling emails and communication can't be beat on BB10 and lastly security! Android doesn't have any! He looked at me dumbfounded as I grabbed my phone and said have a goodnight and enjoy your laggy Android. The look on his face was priceless. He didn't know what to say.

BlackBerry 10 all the way!
Can't wait for 10.3

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Good for you!!!!! The sad thing is that it is management telling them to act this way. One carrier my sister went to became very frustrated with the sales staff and made that clear. The staff member whispered 'I am sorry but management is telling us to act this way'. She has not been seen in the store since.......I would recommend speaking to the manager when this happens. Maybe we should be out picketing these stores in a consolidated effort to end this nonsense!

Running on my Q10, and if the only thing BB added from this point on was the ability to create custom ring profiles (and delete the current ones), down to a granular level where I can specify how many vibrate repeats, volume per tone, and LED flash colors & flash rates (basically combining the abilities of OS 7.1 with BeBuzz), I'd be happy if they never did any thing else with it.

Adam great review, one for the power users is a choice Attachments or Hub Attachment in an email

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Awesome to see the progression of BB10, can't wait to see what is in store right around the corner. BlackBerry forever!

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We've heard the stories that the US carriers supposedly skipped 10.2 to go with 10.2.1, but as yet, they still haven't released 10.2.1 when it was said they were supposed to.

Well, except for a brief "oops" release from Verizon several weeks back.

So, what's up with that? Are they now waiting on 10.2.2 or 10.3? When does it stop?

This comment is more for my fellow US BlackBerry users who are still stuck on an old OS. I personally never waited on AT&T. No reason to with all the leaks. But, I understand that many just don't want to go that route, or can't.

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I am sending this to a few friends with Blackberries. They don't read forums, and could use a few of these tips. Nice write up.

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So when does OS 10.2 come to AT&T? Many of us have a BlackBerry OS 10 device and have only one update since release!

The carriers will kill BlackBerry if something is not done to force the releases.

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This is great! Now, if only T-Mobile USA would hurry up and release 10.2.1 for us BlackBerry owners, that would be even better. March is right around the corner T-Mobile, come on let's move it!

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I am sick and damn tired, of going into a office with a Blackberry and people taking the almighty piss mick or whatever you want to call, they sprout their supposedly mighty Apple and Androids, no matter if Blackberry farted Gold and pissed sliver, some people or companies have wrote off Blackberry and will not give this product a chance, I have told people many times I have had z10 since August I have not had one problem no even a tiny one, it has been rock solid, I have had an Android Galaxy i had to reload that OS 3 times, now if there is a pet peeve well it is the battery I just wish it was longer but other than that this phone is brilliant, it does what I needed to do and most importantly I am happy, now I am on which was updated today , it just adds more stability to this great phone,

Great article but one missed item NEVER TALKED ABOUT: BlackBerry Protect. Early on here, I had posted after the initial launch of BB10 of having the ability to retrieve critical backups OTA from the Protect website as in BBOS. The CrackBerry community had expressed it would come in 10.2 as this is sorely missed as I run 11 employees all with BB10 devices and BES exclusively, but need the BlackBerry Protect service in critical times on-the-fly to obtain those backups, that which is now in our cloud-based initiatives. BlackBerry Protect has little or no use at this point even with locations services on. I suppose as a small business owner and devoted to BlackBerry for life, I am acute at wanting ALL things BlackBerry. Great article/compendium.

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I agree, the lack of functionality (actually it's a REDUCTION in functionality from OS7) in Blackberry Protect caused me to lose 4+ months of information, contacts, notes, appts, etc. and caused me to leave BB for iOS since their Cloud backup actually BACKS UP things. This was a HUGE oversight and I agree that it's never talked about and I'm not sure why.

BB really disappointed me with the way they went about implementing all the stuff to attract iOS and Android users while disregarding what their core/power users loved about the phones. Hopefully they're going back to the phones we love w/ the transition back to the trackpad and such.

That is definitely an important feature that BlackBerry shouldn't ignore. Hopefully it will be added in OS 10.3

Nice looking article although I just skimmed it since I'm still using Q10SQN100-2/ and I may

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I may be "forced" to jump ship as American carriers are making it nearly impossible to upgrade and purchase a BlackBerry phone. I realize it's not impossible but the lack of support is VERY disheartening and frustrating!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Yeah I may end having to and I guess I should start downloading sachies also.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

This is a great article. I will note, however that while the option for server-side email deletion is there it doesn't actually do anything. Always worked with the BB 7 OS.

And now my Rogers q10 just received the update. Nothing for my Bell Z30 yet. Any idea of what this beings?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Thanks for a very informative and educational review. I learned lots about my Z10. This is my first smartphone. The recent update is beautiful. This phone operates smoothly and seamlessly. It does everything I need it to do, feels good in the hand, and works intuitively for me. There are two iPhone 5s in the house and really, my Z10 is more than fine for me. The iphones have bbm on them. Aside from the obvious iTunes and iStuff that makes sense to stay with the Apple products, I find the 5s kind of gimmicky. Not my thing. I think the recent 10.3 update puts the Z10 back in the race, especially for business folks and for those who don't spend time playing with apps. The Z10 is excellent for communication and managing business needs. I'm enjoying my Z10 even more.

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Went to future to have a Blackberry replacement and was told it is a dead company. I almost slap the guys lucky for him that karate teaching me to control myself.


By the way an update notifications from Fido about OS

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Fantastic summary of the device family! Should have gotten something like this from BlackBerry at the start, and sales staff should definitely be educated on all these points. If a salesperson could show off a bit of this magic when demonstrating a phone, there's no doubt which one they'd choose.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Great article (and video), Adam! A nice refresher on all the sweet 10.2.1 updates & tweaks. I had loaded on my Q10 using one of your other CB articles as a guide, and it’s night and day vs. 10.1. Thanks, Adam, for all the time this article must have taken.


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>Nobody has it

Are you aware that there are countries outside the US?

>10.2.1 is pointless

Quick Settings and direct apk installing.

Via my LE Z10.

I've had since Vodafone UK pushed the update about 2 weeks ago.

BB10 is pointless? Where are you looking?

It's a stable and relatively mature OS.

Once BlackBerry return the full. BlackBerry Protect functionality, it'll be almost perfect.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm on Verizon and I still don't have 10.2.1.


Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I enjoy BB10, but when are the new fonts coming? I've been waiting, thought for sure they would have been added in an update by now. I know that's petty, but I still want them, or can anyone suggest an app for that? Thanks in advance.

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BlackBerry 10 should of had better apps at launch this would of sold so many on the platform. Hopefully with the ability to download android apps it will catch on!

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Okay. Honest question. When I upgraded to my Z10 I gave my old, beloved Bold 9900 to my sister. Now, at this price, I am thinking of buying her the Q5.

She is a very simple cell phone user - she basically just uses her phone to, well make phone calls, and for some texting of friends. No games or surfing the web. I am a little worried that she will not like the keyboard as much as the 9900. Do you think I should upgrade her?

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Maybe not then. But q10 may be better than q5, and its price has dropped. It's only 30% more than the q5. But how important is the keyboard for her? She might still like a z10 to watch video or make video calls.

Still way to go for blackberry, I advise blackberry to keep more focus on OS and it's performance with new features rather just bringing new devices back to back in the market, it is not good for the business.

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Thanks adam...great overview article. I am forwarding this to everyone to whom this will benefit.

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Guys, let me tell you something you seem to ignore through your articles. The very big problem of bb10 is that the lack of apps is still there !!! And this is crazy! Can you imagine that not a single important actor is developing a native app for bb10? Where is the original youtube? Maps?

And please don't tell me about android apps which are compatible with bb10. This is okay as an emergency solution. But not to attract customers.

I got a Q10 and I like it a lot. But, honestly, when I see how BBWorld is not progressing, I loose my illusions regarding the evolution of the os.

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This is so good. It should be sent to all BB10 users and place such info in all new BB10 phones when purchased. Many things I didn't even know or discover. Now my Z10 is even more wonderful. Thanks a lot!

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Blackberry needs to bring back customizable fonts and more theme and wall paper things like we had on BB7.

Making every blackberry unique!

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Team, it has been always good to see the how the evolution has happened. Its truly the meta morphosis of OS. Good work BB....u will surly rock. rgds,

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Great review Adam! I'm here in the US with my T- Mobile Z10 still on 10.1.0 .4200! A year later, And it's a month since this update was released! I don't know why these US carriers are so intimidated by BlackBerry and this latest update, oh that's right it's clearly the best OS around with this latest update! Lol Man! I'm itching for the 10.2.1 update! C'mon! T- Mobile push the update so I can really show all the Haters I encounter on a daily basis! Lol

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I used to work for BlackBerry. I was privy to the early versions of BlackBerry 10. I like where it is now and look forward to watching it grow.

One thing that always bugged me but I understood was the complaint over lack of features like in the old bbos

I just want to say one thing about that. It would have been great to release 10.2.1 on the first device but if that was attempted we could very well only be getting BlackBerry 10 devices now. This code was built from the ground up so everything had to be redone. There was no simple porting of code.

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What a nice article! Thanks to the Crackberry team for putting this together and keeping us up to date. Certainly, bb10 has come a long way. I enjoy using it very much. Still a lot to learn.

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This should have been the official from BlackBerry side.....

Adam....u should be the marketing head of BlackBerry.

via ZED 30

I think the OS is amazing, I ditched my Samsung and Iphone for my Q10. But I believe blackberry damaged it's reputation with all the bad phones they released prior to blackberry 10, and it's getting really hard to convince people that this OS is not the same as the old, and actually one of the best right now.

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Hey Adam great review still reading but stopped to try deleting an app. I get it to "jump" but I can't see the X you mention. Just a little garbage can in the upper right. What am I doing wrong? ;)

I know how the garbage can works. :) the description in the article says there is an X. @azeis this is not Android rotfl.

Great article Adam! This is my first BlackBerry and I'm now a customer for good! I love 10.2.1 and am excited for future updates!

OS on Verizon Z10

That photo with the Q10 keyboard on top of the Z10 virtual keyboard got me thinking. Use graphics to simulate the ridges on the Q10's keyboard on the Z10's virtual keys. I wonder if it's possible to take it up a notch by changing the lighting of the depressions using the GPU and gyroscope.

Great article! ..however an oversight in that there was no mention of the inbuilt 'Remember ' app.

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When does AT&T is going to let carriers to update ours Blackberries 10 to the latest 10.2.1 version? Someone from Crackberry said that we can wait until the end of February for the update, well we are on March, and guess what? I haven't updated my Z10.

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This is a great breakdown and I will referencing it once T-Mobile releases 10.2.1 to its BlackBerry users. I'm so excited to use this update. The features really do make and already great series that much more amazing.

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BB10 buggered the camera experience because you can no longer easily rename pictures you've taken ( like you easily could on the 9900 & earlier models ). The 9900 had a junk camera with the ability to rename pictures easily while the Q & Z10 have a fine camera WITHOUT the ability to easily rename the pictures - for those of us who used blackberry in the past FOR WORK this was a "high value ability" - Blackberry has made this much more difficult with the stupid way you have to go through the file manager - it's slow and a pain. It's NOT how business gets done.

I tried updated BlackBerry Link but craappp... I cannot sync calendar and I cannot back up..... I think BlackBerry 10 is crap phone or dumb phone, I I think crackberry need change to crapberry

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Pretty darn good job on this review Adam! Considering you are also an Android fan! Lol ;)

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when the update is going to be available for all BB users?its been a while since alot users including me waiting for it in vain. frustrating in the end!

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I don't have one BB10 feature that I love overall, as I love both my Z10 and the OS as a whole.

However, there is one feature from the old BBOS I sorely miss and that's adding text messaging contacts to BBM. I want BBM to manage my messaging whether it's from BBM or text messaging.

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There's a lot of areas where not everyone has the complete know how.

That's something that the writer always have to remember and should include more in depth detalle in the reviews.


I'm MongezaurioBerry

Nice review.

It's just too bad people don't want BB10. I wish Android had a BB10 style hub. It's about the only thing I miss.

The internet is still full of reviews of BB10 that haven't been updated to talk about the new features of 10.2.1.
It would be nice if all websites and bloggers did a follow up review of the new and improved OS.
It would also be nice if North American carriers would push out the updates to all their customers. One can dream...

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Put calendar in hub like email so I can add events quickly, and without launching calendar app.

« Posted via Z10 »

I notice on, you can't change background in display settings. The tab is dead. Anyone else have that problem?

Posted via CB10

If it wasn't for CrackBerry , a lot of us non technical users would not be aware of many of the changes. Thanks to all who contributed.

Posted via CB10

You mention "blackberry Safeguard" a feature that backs up the device data? Where do I find this?

Posted via CB10

For some reason my bbm no longer will open? I have a leaked 10. Something and it used to work for a while, even after downloading leaked OS.... any one else stopped working?

Posted via CB10

Holster profile is still missing...even though there are 3rd party apps that have that feature, it just doesn't act the same like it used to be in the legacy os.

Posted via CB10

My favourite feature is the instant action. I use it for everything from calls, messaging (txt, bbm, mail) to finding passwords , songs or files in a pinch, to voicing my thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

This is a beast of a feature and the one of the big reasons I would ditch zeddy (10)for some form of Q(10/5/20 . Zeddy initiates instant action after tapping the search function on the home screen whereas on a Q you can just start typing your instant action commands IMMEDIATELY! Just pick it up and start typing; That my friends, is cooking with gas :D

.1925 bangingest version, so frickin' good. Zeddy approves.

I found myself missing calls on the new version. When ever the phone rings, and I accidentally touch the screen, it goes mute.

I'm not sure what to make of this because I love and hate this feature. I have missed important calls because of this and I have also mute the phone calls by just one touch on the screen.

The instant reply feature should also have smiley.

When I send an email to a lot of people with "cc", only the 1st person name appears. In the hub, you'll think that you only sent that email to one person. The other people names don't show up.

I love the attachment option of reducing the size of the file you want to send. It's brilliant. The keep original, less than 300kb, less than 100kb depending on the file size is just brilliant.

I love the search button. It doubles as a command centre. Commands like typing "call tom" or "email mark" ...really sweet

The cursor when selecting or going to correct an alphabet needs improvement in the sense that if you want to select a word that is at the edge of the screen, you'll have to use the opposite side of the cursor to get it done. Naturally you'll use the left side if the word is on the left side but that won't make the cursor move completely to the word you want to correct. It's hard to explain but try getting the cursor to the front of the 1st alphabet you type on any screen. You'll get what I'm trying to say.

As for battery life, I have no complaints. I migrated from a nexus 5 and my z10 is on par with it. I get 4 hours of on screen time with my nexus 5 and my z10 does the same. The z10 charges faster as well. So no complaints in that department.

Plenty of things to love with the new update.. plenty...

For your info Internet access is expensive where I reside. Do you know that it cost about $10 to get 3GB plan on my blackberry. While for another other smart phones it would cost $40 for 3GB plan. Samsung and apple fan boys keep complaining about that. My BlackBerry rocks. Sometimes I have to do mobile hotspot for my friends lol.

Posted via CB10

Very well explained... I am very impressed with the BlackBerry 10 especially vd 2.1 version. Want to highlight that I was an android user & just moved to BlackBerry & can say that it's AMAZING!! Gestures, notification preview r really awesome. I feel it's an enough mature system.

Posted via CB10

It's pleasing how BB10 has mellowed since it's the start, I was surprised how many of the granular functionality etc from the legacy OS were missing! But the gap has been closed there for the most part. Since using BB10, starting at 10.2, thankfully maybe, it has been a good experience. Apps running in the background where necessary is a glaring deficiency I feel that is too long overdue! And maybe there's a gr8 reason that apps have to be minimized b4 they are closed, but it would be more efficient to just be able to close any app directly! The phone and contacts app I feel need more integration. For eg. it's unforgivable that you can't go in the phn app long press on a contact and not have an option to copy the phn# right away!! And in the dial pad, it would be good to c potential contacts once u strt typing #s! Those little things for eg can enhance efficiency, but a good a solid strt I feel for BB10!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

I'm in love with the update to BB10. I wished it would've had this functionality when I had my z10. Every company is making it hard to decide what I should upgrade to. Should I reunite with my first love BB, stick with my trusted Android, go back to Windows, or try an iPhone again. Each OS brings something I love to the table and maybe if BlackBerry can get more apps running in runtime that essentially will give me Android with my first smartphone. Decisions, decisions. This is a great place to be in as a consumer.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

For the overlay at the bottom right of a message to view the next/previous message, wouldn't those make more sense to be up and down rather than left and right?

Thanks for the review. I'm about halfway through so far. :)

I'm not sure if i have posted this or not... but i am going to say this again... after the recent bbm update... my service provider have fucked me over by blocking bbm voice service! I'm with Telkomsel Indonesia

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