BlackBerry 10 retail app runs new users through the basics

By Simon Sage on 6 Feb 2013 01:15 am EST

During this morning's Rogers launch event for the BlackBerry Z10, we got to check out some of the in-store units that were running on a special demo mode. You'll only ever see this running in a retail environment, but it says volume about how BlackBerry intends to approach new users.

All of the major spotlight features have their own dedicated interactive demos, including Hub, Peek, TimeShift, BBM Video Calling, and other key features. Casual shoppers are incredibly fickle, so this initial experience is massively important. Though most of us have done our homework, know the software features and know why we're getting what we're getting, a demo environment like this is a perfect place for those that are just testing the waters. Good luck finding another phone on the store shelf that has an equally tailored first-time experience. 

Any readers in sales that are digging the app? Shoppers, do you think an app like this could help convince hesitant friends to pick up a Z10? 

Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 retail app runs new users through the basics


First :)
I hope it will compensate for all lousy sales rep who don't know anything about the phone

Next time your in a store try one. Then you will see what all the complaining is about.

I have my Z10 but the demo I tried was terrible and for non blackberry users would not help sway them towards buying a Z10.

yeah i've seen some of the demo's messed up already at the rogers store. went to four difference ones to see is anyone can get pass the retail code for disabling the demo mode. no such luck but in that time noticed the cracked out z10s :(

Ah, that explains what I toyed with at the Telus store today. They were so nice as to have an unchained demo model that I could actually flip around and freely hold in my hand. Feels great in the hand, super light (I prefer my phones heavier though). Too bad I didn't figure out how to exit the app because I really wanted to dig through the settings menu and see what customization options I would have :D Coming from a Torch where I use the physical keyboard, 99.5% of the time, the virtual keyboard still takes a little getting used to, but the flick up feature solves the problems with one-handed typing.

Oh, the back of the phone has an evaluation unit sticker on it. Good job on RIM seeding these devices, because nothing is worse than trying to evaluate the phone you will have for the next 2+ years based on a non-functional piece of plastic (for the non-techie consumer)!

The Telus store in the mall near me had a sign out front, but I could only see a dummy unit inside in the middle of a row of Android phones and maybe one other BB. The Bell store across the corridor had a small sign in a display window and a big iPhone 5 sign on a stand in the centre of the entry. Couldn't take a better look as it was closing time. Nothing visible at the Fido kiosk.

You can enable this mode on the Z10. It's under settings > display > advanced > retail mode display. Unfortunately also requires a "Retail Code" so haven't tried it :(

When I got my Z10 last Friday the display unit for the Z10 hadn't been fully put together. At 9am when the store opened ;D

wow, is this true? the demo's are all password protected and no one knows the password. i'm assuming this word anyways?

I have never been a fan of Blackberry OS but they seem to have cracked the model this time with Z10. The Demo looks cool and sleek and can compete with Windows Phone. It is still some where behind iOS and Android I think.

Totally agree...its a complete pain and could actually put people off buying. Its buggy and limits the fun of trying out the phone in store. Why does Simon Sage keep saying how "great" the demo mode is when its not even working properly?? People will just move on to demo the Android and Window phones if its unresponsive to the touch.

Blackberry's new entry will surely cause an uproar in the smartphone market. It's like the alpha male getting back in shape.

My daughter and I played with a z10 in demo mode at my local FutureShop. None of the try me functions worked and it turned her right off the phone. I agree fully that a demo mode is a thing to have but there should be NO way out of it. (where's the vaunted blackberry security?) and it needs to be bulletproof. Unfortunately there are lots of iFanatics/Andopes out there who delight in making competitive phone demo units unusable (I use the derogatory term only for the substitute of their fanbase who go out of their way to malign the competition ). Come on BB, you can do better!

I was at Scarborough Town Centre mall earlier (for non-local folks, it's a mall in Greater Toronto Area, Canada) and went to Rogers store. They had 1 BlackBerry Z10 on demo tied to theft-protection wire.

Z10 was running on some demo-video/loop. A guy was trying to play with the device but was unable to (because phone was set to some demo loop) and asked Rogers rep to help.

Rogers rep said "No, our policy is to set on demo loop. They are not confident about their product to allow unlocked usage. Sorry, I can't do anything."

Really?! WTF?!

I think the demo-loop is great. But it doesn't allow user to play with the device. So, my suggestion is:

1. Either have the "demo" running on a different display (maybe an LCD monitor behind showing how to use the BB 10 device)
2. Place actual, physical "stickers" or " boards" behind the device with illustrations on how to use basic swiping gestuires.

The problem with Z10 are the retailers. Kids that want you to buy what they use. The Z10 has sold well in the UK, and I will soon have mine here in Canada. It will be up to the users to demonstrate the phones for others. Canadian Retailers are owned by Apple and Samsung so to speak.

I tried out the Z10 at a Roger's store in Kingston, ON. I loved the feel of the device, but I actually needed help from the Rep to get the demo mode started - it showed to swipe up, so I swiped up. After repeated fails, the Rep came over and swiped up and it activated the demo. My mistake was I was swiping from the bezel (???)... I did not like the demo mode at all. It was boring and seemed improperly sized or something. I'd much rather use the actual OS (something Apple does...).

Saw the demo at a Telus store in Vancouver, BC. The demo was OK, but pretty confusing since there are things in the "hub" which typically not there and it can't really be linear. There really isn't much POS material around the store and they only have the Black version.

I think they should have the standard OS working with perhaps a demo screen saver after X minutes of inactivity. They should just have the OS and the slew of apps that works with it (Angry Bird Star Wars, etc.).

The demo actually turned me off of buying a Z10. I was in 4 stores yesterday and not one demo was working properly. The lazy ass sales people were of no help, it was like whatever to them. I am keeping my Bold 9900 a little longer.

Damn complainers. There is a way to disable it, actually, two ways:

Password: instoredemo
Or hit the voice icon, then swipe up.